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Default He blows my inflatables....
A story I wrote several years ago! I'm into balloons and inflatables, but this one is only inflatables...Let me know what you think!

I was going to the beach with my nice inflatable turtle and some swimrings. I checked the beach and saw a nice guy sitting alone on his towel. I think he was not older then 28. Blue eyes, blond hair and muscled. I spread my towel and looked around me. There weren't much inflatables, so I decided to blow up my donut first. I started blowing and the guy next to me looked and smiled. I kept blowing and blowing and the donut gets bigger and bigger. When it was almost inflated, I stopped, felt and thought it could get some bigger. I took the valve in my mouth and blow more and more. The guy was looking at me all the time. The donut was huge now. I put it under me and smiled to the guy. Then the guy said; That donut is really big. I smiled and said that I love to blow them up really big. He took of his sunglasses and now I could see a naughty look in his eyes. Me too he said, but I don't have any.inflatables. I took my turtle and said we could blow it up together. He didn't answer, he sat next to me suddenly, took the valve from the biggest airchamber and started to blow....
He started to blow the biggest airchambre en I took the other valve. I saw his eyes and something started to grow in my pants. We kept blowing and blowing and the turtle got huge, it was so overinflated he could pop every minute. We stopped blowing, put the valves back and went to the sea. The guys name was Justin, he said. Justin climbs at the turtle and I could see his dick growing. We talked about inflatables and he told me that he loves everything he can inflate. He said he accidentally blew up a whale once so big it popped. We laughed about it. I told him I had many more inflatables in my hotelroom. It was kind of an invite. He smiled and he said he would love to come and check.out my stuff later that evening. We kept floating for a while in the sea and at some point I took the valve from the turtle and started to blow it up more. Justin said he liked it when an inflatable gets blown to the max. For me, that was the reason to blow more, bigger, my cheeks were hurting but it doesn't mind. I blew, blew more, saw the turtle growing, I stopped, looked at Justins face and he said; 3 more blows. I blow the first time, I blew the second time and I felt the air pushing inside the turtle. Then, I took a deep breath and blew the third time. BOOM! Justin was floating in the sea now. He grapped the other part of the turtle en ripped it with his hands. He smiled at me and said; I can't wait to see your collection tonight :-)
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