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Default Re: Inflatable Popping??
Originally Posted by TL39 View Post
If you're interested in popped inflatables I could ask if my friends might be willing to give or sell u the ones that have been popped after our year end party. For context these are all the inflatables every1 has contributed to the party:

Intex Dolphin (old grey version) x7
Intex Dolphin (new white version) x4
Intex Whale x3
Intex Shark (Purple) x3
Best Way Whale (Black) x1
PuffyPaws Wolf x4
PuffyPaws Sea Dragon x8
Fyaryuu (White) x12
Fyaryuu (Red) x11
IW Whale (5m black) x2
IW Whale (5m blue) x3

Full disclosure though, due to size constraints we probably won't inflate/use all of these at our party even though we will be bringing them to the place. The only ones I know are definitely being used as of this moment are 4 Fyaryuus (2 red and 2 white) and 2 Sea Dragons because they have been incorporated into 1 of our planned games.

Idea is for 3 teams of 2 each to have a sit pop race involving about 50 or so balloons. Whoever finishes first keeps their dragons intact, 2nd place has 1 dragon popped and last place has both popped. So thats definitely 3 popped dragons that we'll have, but I can't say which ones they will be XD
Whelp. Itís well past the end of the year. Did anything happen?
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