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Default Punchball balloons.
Hi All
Keeping to covid restrictions, we had an adult only fun time over Christmas, including blowing up 16" punch ball balloons and bouncing and bopping them at each other. They were the tough, thick latex type which blew up quite tight, not a lot of give. So with none bursting, we took a break for refreshments. After an hour or so we went back to find that most of them had deflated. After a struggle to untie the neck, we blew them back to rated size again. Fun then resumed for a while.
Later in the evening wanting to have another round of punch ball play, we discovered yet again they had deflated.
Are punch ball balloons really only for kids knowing that they are only a once only use and they don't survive more than the one session with kids play? And therefore although they are thick latex, the ring for the rubber band or neck (which wasn't inflated) may have minute pinholes in them and let's the air escape after a time.
What experiences have you had with punchball balloons?? It would be good to hear you're views.
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