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I've burst balloons that I find outside many times, like a balloon loose and blowing around.

The only time I've ever taken balloons outside with the intent of busting them though was when I was around 15. My parents used to play bingo at the beach in the evening while I would play on the arcades. This one night it was autumn and dark by the time we arrived and I was feeling really horny (like 15 year olds often do). They sold balloons in a shop on the beachfront so i bought a packet.

I took them to a nearby pavillion and started blowing them up, tying them off and bursting them by standing on them and squeezing them. I wanted to "play" but was too scared of being caught. I'm so glad I didnt do anything rude as I suddenly heard a voice. It was another guy around the same age. He asked me what I was doing. I was really embarrassed and just kind of blurted out "busting balloons". He asked why, and I didnt know what to say so kept quiet. "Can I have one" he asked. So me and this guy (I still remember his name, it was Mark) stood in this pavillion and together burst 50 balloons lol. I asked if he wanted to come and play on the arcades, but he just said "no I should get going" and he left. Very weird experience.
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