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I got a patch of lawn adjacent the concrete patio leveled and covered in sand and installed the 13-foot pool there. Put a rubber mat on the patio next to the pool for slip-free pool entry, and a rubber-wrapped concrete slab sunk in the pool as something to step onto. Two metal rails along the edge of the patio with a 36-inch opening between them (Spry girl is a little wider than that but easily squeezes through).

Next project was to build a sun shade out of poles and mesh. Looks pretty cool. Angled kinda like the backstop fence behind home plate at some baseball diamonds. I nice bit of work if I do say so myself! Between it and the neighbor's privacy fence, there are a few hours per day my little pool has just filtered and indirect sunlight, and Spry Girl can float there without burning (she's very white!).

The 13 foot pool, which actually measures somewhat less than that around the top, is large enough for a double air mattress with lots of room to spare. It's not big enough for two of them. But I can mostly sink an 18-pocket single while Spry Girl floats comfortable on a double.

As I'm being stingy on the aircon this year, we're really enjoying the pool. Wish I had the budget for a larger one.
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