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Default Re: Bunch O Balloons : Re-engineered Version 1
I had a new idea for reusing the tubes a few weeks ago. I had a bunch of those cheap one-way valves you get from various looner stores. I pushed out the bit that's supposed to prevent the air from escaping (and only works 10% of the time), pulled the tube through the hole and used some thick glue to seal the holes around it and keep the tube in place.
The plastic flaps on the end of the tubes are now hidden inside the valve and doesn't get in the way when you attach a balloon to it, unlike when I tried it with corks. It's also a lot easier to attach balloons on these.
Downside is of course that it can't hold on to balloons with a wider neck and I'm not sure they will stay on if you try to do blow to pops with them. I tried to inflate 8 11" balloons and it worked really well for that. Definitely a good solution if you're looking to use it for just inflating a bunch of balloons and tie them like usual.
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