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Default Re: Do you think they can hear me?
Originally Posted by Blown2Bits View Post
Maybe upgrading the windows could help if it is possible at all. I don't know if you own the place or if you are renting. It is not a good sign if U16 is already loud to hear outside since it is one of the balloons that are generally not as loud. Unique are generally one of the less loud brands, so almost any other would be louder.
Yes you are right. I then tried it again with a U15, which is a bit "quieter" than the U16. But you could still hear this balloon quite clearly outside.

The house is mine and it's basically solidly built. The windows are also perfectly adequate and serve their purpose. It would cost a lot of money to renew them (which of course would be possible). But it wouldn't be worth it I guess... just for the looning...

Originally Posted by aron_crow View Post
This sort of thing has always plagued my mind and I always worry how many people would hear just a pop from a small 12". My idea is that you should not try big and loud balloons in apartments, your neighbours (top and bottom as well) can probably hear a faint bang, may be more. Its ok if the bangs are 2-3 balloons, but anything more will be suspicious.

If you want to hide more sound, I know that having large and heavy curtains all around the room and in the house mask the noise very well. Sometimes the noise wont even escape the room. I'd recommend building a small soundproof room and having your fun there.
That's right - two or three balloons are certainly not a problem, but several in a row are certainly suspicious. Whenever my car is in front of the door, there is a bang in the house. the neighbors could see through that at some point

Building a small soundproof room is a great idea, but unfortunately it's not really feasible structurally. I can only try to get the window as soundproof as possible somehow. And if I'm really in a "crazy mood", I have to do it with something quieter like condoms or gloves. Pouring rain also offers an opportunity - then there will definitely be no one in the garden
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