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Well, I found someone to go to the pool with me, and to help Spry Girl through the ladies shower, so we made an unplanned trip to the pool. Mostly to check it out and do a dry run of getting Spry Girl there.

Ideally we'd let Spry Girl in through the gate rather than having her go through the building, as that's six doors too narrow for her, and a farther walk, but the gate is on the exposed, road side of the building. But with female help she can bring her shower chair with her, get help through the doors, not break the shower rules, and take rest breaks. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting to the pool with her this year without a third, female person to help.

It was late, we didn't stay long at all. Spry Girl tested the chaise lounges with a double air mattress on them. Makes too much noise for a public space, but there was hardly anyone there so she laid on it, anyway. She's so wide the mattress folds over the edges of the chair, putting additional pressure on it. I love it, but it wouldn't be inconspicuous if it popped, so we'll bring a narrower mattress next time.

The third person with us is just over 300 pounds, small enough to float in a 36 inch ring. More on than in, as she doesn't fit, and it just about sinks.

I got to use the air mattress, and so did Spry Girl.
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