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Default Re: Inflatable boats and rafts...anyone else like them as much as I do?
OMG I love Sevylors of that age too. I have a red white and blue K85 and it's my favorite one in my collection. The vinyl Sevy used in those days was so much softer and bouncier than anything made now, even at high pressures.

My second favorite is a Calpro 400 I found locally for $20 a few months ago. Just like the one in this old ad - Here It requires a subscription to view full size but you'll get the idea.

It has one massive soft chamber around the outside with no DIN chamber and it gets HUGE and stays soft for riding. It probably sat inflated in the sun for a while before I got it

I'll be posting my collection on the other thread which I completely forgot about lol

Originally Posted by craggy2012 View Post
Yeah I love old 80’s n early 90’s era inflatable dinghies. My favourite in my collection has to be the classic yellow Sevylor Caravelle K105- hell….. ya could easily have a party in that thing! followed by the Stansport Sea Clouds. Another oldie I’ve got is an 80’s era white Campari Sport two man. Dunno if it’s just me but they were physically sooo much bigger back then to what they are today. Even with the advent of the second DIN chamber for European products in the late 80’s, modern dinghies are still smaller in their main chamber depth to me……

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