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Default Re: Cool Hi-Fi or TV Gear
I like my audio sounding good, but I know it's possible to spend crazy money.

My speakers are some elderly 70 litre Vifa speakers, from back when the drivers were still being made in Denmark. They still sound amazing. Currently being driven by an otherwise fairly ordinary but recent Pioneer receiver.

On my PC, I have some Presonous 3.5 near-field monitor speakers. Super crisp and lots of punch, which is useful when making music.

For a screen, I currently have a Benq projector. I forget which one; it's one in the W series with 1080p native resolution. Gives me a nice 5 foot image on the wall. I'm less fussy about the pic than the sound as my eyesight is deteriorating with age but my hearing is not.

For portable audio, I love my Sony MDR-1AM2 headphones. Took me a while to find these and took some careful scouring of audio review sites, but so worth it. I usually use them with a Radsone Earstudio which is an audiophile Bluetooth receiver. Amazing little gadget.
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