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Default Re: Cool Hi-Fi or TV Gear
I have a few Sony Bravia FALD displays. I tried an OLED but returned it for two specific reasons:

1) Too small - it wasn't available larger than 65" and I ultimately ended up with a 75" that is better for the space
2) Too dark - there have been some improvements over the last year or so to increase the max nits, but at the time it wasn't a bright enough technology to be used in a well-lit room during the day

My audio setup has been a Pioneer SC-27 AVR (ICE Amps) w/ Klipsch reference speakers for front, center, and rear with an SBS sub. When I reduced my home footprint (moved from a large house to a condo), I boxed up all of the audio and put in a Sony Z9F soundbar with wireless rears. When we go back into a home where the main room will likely be a little larger, I will consider putting the AVR and speakers back in place.
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