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Default Re: Definition of unhealthy masturbation.
Originally Posted by ChrisB View Post
*my perspective as a counselor whoís had to talk about this*

There isnít a set *this much is healthy or unhealthy* amount, it mostly depends on the way you feel about it as a person. If you can beat it once a day and still accomplish everything you need to in the same day and feel ok about yourself then it isnít a problem. The problem comes when your habits interfere with your responsibilities or relationships with other people. In general something is considered a psychological problem if
1.) It regularly causes you distress AND
2.) It interferes with your daily life or causes you to harm yourself
Unlike drugs this doesnít impact your physical health much, it is almost all psychological (makes people feel bad about themselves/may impact your sexual desires or performance).

The DSM-V for diagnosing psychological disorders does not have a section for masturbation right now. The only current thing considered a disorder is this with obsessive compulsive disorder (which would mean mentally you may think that you will die if you donít masturbate X times a day or something like that). If you have that then there are anxiety meds that can help with it, if you donít have that or the two things I listed above youíre probably fine. Overall I would say that masturbation is neutral (nor inherently good or bad), and it can have as much of a place in your life as you think it should.

Oh my god this the reply that I needed the most! Thank you!
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