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Default Re: Definition of unhealthy masturbation.
Masturbation addiction or porn addiction is very real and can destroy one's life.

You should understand that masturbation stimulates your reward system and as such, it demotivates you and drains your energy so you feel "rewarded".

You need to look at masturbation for what it is and treat it as such. This means you need to place goals in your life, such as learning a skill, hitting the gym, getting a GF, a promotion at work, volunteering somewhere or starting a side business and once you reach a milestone in one of these goals, you feel pride in your work and reward yourself with masturbation.

If you masturbate because "i have nothing else to do" or to just pass the time, you'll get stuck in a loop that is similar to any other addiction. it'll get very similar to cocain, alcohol or any other addiction and you won't treat masturbation as a reward anymore, but as a goal.

you'll feel drained all the time, unmotivated, you won't have the will to advance in life and, while you'll do "fine", by having a basic income and enough food on the table, you won't have the will or energy to explore more challenges that life will bring, such as starting a business or writing a novel or anything really...

if you want to find out whether your brain has been screwed over, abstain from masturbation for 2 weeks. If by the 3rd or 4th day you just masturbated and asked yourself why the fuck did I do that, then you're definitely addicted and need to start changing the way you treat masturbation.

Is it healthy? in both cases, yes. But don't let it reign over you, you need to reign over it. Abstain for several weeks, train your willpower, and focus on accomplishing goals in your life, and then reward yourself with it.
Every person is different and while there are people who masturbate daily yet still accomplishes things in life, that doesn't mean that they are addicted. It all comes down to whether you're making it a priority or if it is taking valuable time and energy away from you.

I've been a porn addict for 3 years and it completely fucked me over. I couldn't focus on my studies, I didn't have the willpower to do anything productive. I was at home, alone, with a bunch of free time on my hand and always thought "let's have some easy pleasure". This is dangerous and you should never end up in this rabbit hole. Now I do it only when I accomplish a goal and my life has changed for the better.
The universe isn't forever. Neither is your life. Enjoy it.

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