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Default Re: Favorite movies
As movies (including sequel): Jurassic Park, Fast and Furious, The godfather, Interstellar, Gangs of New York, Lord of war, The departed, 25th hour, Shutter Island, Titanic, Avatar, Deep impact, Forrest Gump, Ocean's eleven, Blood Diamond, Once upon a time in the West, Donnie Brasko, Drag me to hell, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, The gladiator, Bridge of spies, Sully, Snatch, The terminal, Sleepers, Django Unchained, Revenant, Body of lies, Catch me if you can, Pulp fiction, Cast Away, The Green Mile, Independence day, Armageddon etc, I love many others but I don't remember right now.
As tv series: Breaking bad, Spartacus, Gomorrah, Dr. House, Prison Break, My wife and kids etc
I recommend you to watch which you still haven't watched.
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