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Default Re: How To Store Inflatables & Keep The Smell
After I buy some large plastic boxes from wherever, upon getting them home I give them a good wash (both box and lid) with water and detergent to get rid of that goo layer that seems to be on everything inside a shop, dry with a fresh clean dry towel, remove every piece of moisture possible. Then when completely dry, place inflatables in, and make sure lid is sealed tight to keep any dust or mould out. I live in a mixed climate that SYdney is, hot and humid during summer, dry and cold during winter, so I guess whatever I've done seemes to have worked successfully. With the actual inflatables, I also give them a clean before deflation and storing. It only takes one small spud of mould to grow into a problem, so I pretty much make sure everything is clean and dry before putting away.
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