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Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 11-12-2021, 07:42 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Who Knows ?

Nobody apart from my wife. I have no need for anybody else knowing.
Forum: Poppers 06-12-2021, 04:57 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Outdoor Popping

My jogging route runs through a tunnel where a narrow track railway earlier went under the motorway. It is a great place to blow up a balloon until it bursts. I just take a balloon with me when I go...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 10-11-2021, 04:41 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: What balloon sound turns you on most?

To me it is the sound of a balloon being blown up by mouth, and more as the balloon gets tighter and closer to its limit (the blowing sound changes along the inflation as you probably very well...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 03-11-2021, 04:32 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Nnn

I thought things like this belonged to the dark ages where people wore iron shirts, went for months without food or whipped themselves for hours daily. At least then the people practising it had a...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 07-09-2021, 05:50 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Balloons to try

If you like them both big and very tight you might try the Qualatex 18" stuffing balloons. They have quite a wide neck though, but they still look very nice when blown up "all the way" (until a...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 27-08-2021, 10:06 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Best way to blow balloons

It depends on what the balloons are meant for. If they are to be used as decoration I use a pump (mine is electric), because the balloons are prettier when blown up with dry air. For all other...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 13-08-2021, 05:20 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: TufTex 24" - Best replacement for Qualatex 24"

Which shop(s) are selling the ďrightĒ R24s? They seems like worth trying out. :)
Forum: Poppers 07-05-2021, 04:10 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Bunny ear balloons

Please read the Sticky post from Vicci in The Blue Room called Reminder: Nudity. (Posting #1)

It would be rather sad to get the forum closed down, and it cannot be that important to show ones...
Forum: Poppers 31-01-2021, 04:10 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Getting the loudest pop possible 💥 BANG!!!

Close to where I live there is a tunnel where a path runs under a motorway. Blowing to pop balloons there makes the loudest bangs. Belbal 14Ē and Q16 are among the best balloons for this. :)
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 29-12-2020, 05:06 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Your biggest Tuftex 17Ē


I would think about the same as you. The size is measured as the diameter of the balloon body at the widest place (and at a 90 degree angle to the line between mouthpiece and drip point. At...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 05-12-2020, 05:58 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Tuftex 14 inch crystals

I just bought some from JennyLoons in Germany. They deliver to many countries - UK included.


As far as I can judge their balloons as well...
Forum: Introductions 21-11-2020, 05:29 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Hello and welcome!

Hi and welcome.

To beome able to create new threads you need to have been in the forum for a while - as far I remember it is a week or two. In addition you also need to do some posting. Replying...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 20-11-2020, 06:05 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Your First Big Balloon

My first big balloon was a balloon sold as giant balloons in supermarkets. From its shape and size I guess they were Unique 15". At the time I thought these were absolutely huge balloons and the...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 28-10-2020, 06:17 AM
Replies: 9
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Looking for this kind of balloon


I used to buy the ‘Mexican 15 inch’ balloons from Kaboom, and I am quite sure that they were Unique balloons. You can get them in the webshop Jenny Loons:
Forum: Introductions 21-10-2020, 02:08 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: where are you from?

Hi Bill.

First Thank you for all you have done through the years. It has meant a lot to many looners Iím sure - it certainly has for me.
Global Looner Map sounds interesting. Do you have a link? ...
Forum: Poppers 10-10-2020, 05:53 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: tufftex 24 btp

You only have to inflate it once - just keep going. At some point you will notice a loud bang. Then you don't have to inflate it further - or any more times for that matter. :)

I know this is a...
Forum: Non-Poppers 26-08-2020, 06:06 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Phobics, which experiences made you fear balloon pops?


Even though I am only a former phobic I will tell how it happened to me:
The way my phobia started was rather trivial. My parents gave me a balloon to play with, and while I was playing...
Forum: Introductions 23-08-2020, 04:43 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Hello and welcome!

Hi Noxid.

Welcome to the ranks of "posters". I am Danish as well, and you are very welcome to write me. It seems like we have both somewhat similar background and also quite similar preferences...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 14-07-2020, 06:18 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Interesting question

If I didn't I don't think I would be in this forum.......

Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 03-07-2020, 02:37 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Popping in the woods

I think it is cool popping balloons in the woods. I have done this a lot when I was young, because I didnít have so much time alone at home, but after I moved away from home I havenít done it very...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 31-05-2020, 05:12 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Encountering Other Looners


I have never met another looner. Actually until recently I have been quite alone with my fetish. My wife is the only one who knows about it.

I think it would be really cool meeting a...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 19-05-2020, 03:15 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Balloons or the girl who play with balloons

To me it is the combination that has the greatest appeal. The fact that a woman is blowing up a balloon really big - and even better until it pops is a huge turn on.
It is best if she is doing it...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 08-05-2020, 02:46 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Need help identifying these balloons?

Belbal balloons are good quality balloons and very reliable. If you look at the photo in the page I linked to, you will see them having a nice neck. However the neck inflates easily even further...
Forum: Balloon Fetish Discussion 07-05-2020, 10:36 PM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Need help identifying these balloons?


They look very much like Belbal 14” balloons from their socalled Soap-series. They look and behave just like the normal Belbal 14”ers, just they have these very transparent colors - like soap...
Forum: Poppers 27-04-2020, 07:32 AM
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Posted By BallonBTP
Re: Hardcore vs Fun Popping Poll


As far as Iím concerned itís definitely the fun that appeals to me :)

There is so much potential for fun and excitement in balloons. How big will they get? Will the balloon take the next...
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