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heliumsitr68 13-02-2022 01:15 AM

Who have you popped with ?
Who has participated ? Who's idea was it ? How did the topic come up ? Were clothes worn ? Did you or the other person get off ? Has it happened with the same person more than once ?

For me it's 3 different people . Most recently , it's been my friend and his wife . He's known of my fetish since 7th or 8th grade . I told him about it while we were talking about things that turn each other on . He eventually agreed to try it . We both were clothed at 1st but eventually it graduated to full nude . Both of us got off , me from watching him pop the balloons , and him from seeing how turned on I got . Years later , he helped me find my 1st fetish videos from and eventually his wife got into the act . Like him , the balloons don't turn her on 1/2 as much as watching me get aroused and climaxing while watching her ! The 3 of us "play" whenever we get together.

My 1st was the last person I'd have ever expected or thought of "that way" . It was a one time occurrence . She was my cousin ! I KNOW , TABOO ! 1st off , NO NUDITY OR CONTACT WHATSOEVER !! Those ideas never crossed either of our minds !! I spent part of the summer with her and my aunt during my early to mid-teens . She admitted to having a thing for balloons during an out of control game of truth or dare . I didn't believe her until she produced a bag of balloons hidden in her bedroom closet . several rounds later , I dared her to let me see her pop some. She changed into a swim suit and proceeded to blow up and ride several balloons until they popped . Afterwards , she told me to leave and closed her bedroom door behind me . I quickly went into the bathroom to "finish things". Afterwards , I went back to the living room and nervously waited . She emerged from her room back in "normal clothes" and with a grin said " "It never happened , don't ask , EVER ! " Seeing a real live person popping balloons in such a manner is what got me going . Up until then , it was either my private fantasies of others or seeing some random person popping balloons for no reason other than to discard them . It was shortly after this that I decided to tell my friend about my fetish which took it back to a "semi-normal" act .

PMN985 13-02-2022 01:29 AM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
Only with wives, gfs, once a friend who was involved in threesomes with my last wife and I. He thought it weird but fun.

heliumsitr68 13-02-2022 01:52 AM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
My friend said the same thing .

johnnyky27 13-02-2022 09:55 AM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
I've played with several different partners and more than once with each. The topic came up usually just talking about fetishes, once it was talking about phobias, which led to me admitting my balloon phobia turned into a fetish. Of course we'd both get off as the balloon play would become sexual etc..

The first time I played with someone else, I was a teen, not that long after my fetish started, she actually didn't know about my fetish (it took me a while to start telling partners). We were in her room, she had a left over bag of balloons from a party, we started blowing them up together, playing around with them and popping them. We ended up fooling around with each other afterwards, she did comment on how horny I was, but I didn't tell her the real reason.

loonerlee 13-02-2022 12:51 PM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
One person my girlfriend of 10 years.

Looner584 13-02-2022 01:13 PM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
After my teenage years only my girlfriends and now my fiance'. I would bring the topic up and ask them to try it. Most of them did .
Sometimes we were clothed and sometimes we were not. We usually both climaxed from both the play with the balloons and or watching eachother and sexual intercourse. Those that I shared it with seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

Before those years it was mostly just myself or my stepmom when she would join me in blowing up and popping them. She was the first female and adult to be accepting of and not judgemental of me and punish me or make me feel bad or weird about balloons. Of course we were clothed and there was nothing sexual that occurred. Just a lot of goofiness and busting balloons in multiple ways. This was a regular occurrence as I would blow up balloons multiple times a week and play with, sit on, and bust them so yes this occurred frequently. I honestly don't know if she enjoyed balloons secretly or not. I almost always got off with them in my room or bathroom in private after playing with and busting them in the living room. I will admit it was somewhat of a turn on to see her sit on, bounce on and pop balloons but I kept it hidden somehow. She made it a lot of fun by cheering me along, smiling, laughing and having fun busting them herself. There were a couple of girls that would come over occasionally and sometimes they would also join in busting the balloons. They never thought anything of it. Just found it to be fun.

Loonorm 13-02-2022 03:47 PM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
A woman with whom I went out with twice. The first date was a blind date, where we decided that a relationship would not work. No loss…. Fast forward a few years, and we ‘reconnected’ through a mutual friend. We talked for awhile, again decided that there was no reason to date, and left it there. But one thing did ‘pop’ up. I told her that she was a ‘fantasy girl’ of mine. She was puzzled, and I explained to her that since our first, and only date, that I had a few fantasies about her. She was, of course, curious about what it was, so I told her about it. Showed her some websites and photos, and it was ‘GAME ON!’. What an amazing night it was! A whole lot of balloon popping, with and without clothes and then mutual masterbation. Two consenting adults in their mid-50s living out a childhood fantasy! Haven’t spoken to her since…

niklooner 16-02-2022 05:56 PM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
I've burst balloons (in a naughty way) only with my girlfriend. At the beginning she has a little bit of fear, but now she is way more fearless! She has stomped and sitted on so many balloons in the last years! Also some spontaneous b2p when she want to blow more but the loon don't agree ahahah :rolleyes:

PMN985 16-02-2022 08:31 PM

Re: Who have you popped with ?

Originally Posted by niklooner (Post 80745)
I've burst balloons (in a naughty way) only with my girlfriend. At the beginning she has a little bit of fear, but now she is way more fearless! She has stomped and sitted on so many balloons in the last years! Also some spontaneous b2p when she want to blow more but the loon don't agree ahahah :rolleyes:

My wife loves the b2p as I am wary, she loves watching me get all ansy, I love it too.

Merciless indian Babe 07-03-2022 01:44 PM

Re: Who have you popped with ?
With my friend(also a wife of my husband) and Husband..

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