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Mazilon 10-09-2017 02:42 PM

So from lurking a little it's become apparent that I'm not the only one here from tiny Singapore. I wonder if anyone's game for a meetup..

falzon 10-09-2017 04:00 PM

Re: Singapore
hey... sure... when will be a good time? still cannot pm you though

f0rp0rn1 13-09-2017 12:12 PM

Re: Singapore
Hey! Pardon the name,I didn't think I'd ever be posting. I'm from Singapore too

Steve_inflator 13-09-2017 03:53 PM

Re: Singapore
Singapore is only a few hours flight away for me too ;)

abb 16-09-2017 02:52 AM

Re: Singapore
Hi, I am a loner from Singapore too! I didn't expect that there were other looner here. I have been trying to get those big 17" balloons without ordering it from online but I can't find any. Do you guys know where to buy them?

f0rp0rn1 16-09-2017 08:47 AM

Re: Singapore
Hi abb, you can try Balloon Blasters in Pasarbella, The Grand Stand. They stock 16",24" and 30, but only sell them individually. If anyone else has sources please do share!

Mazilon 16-09-2017 04:44 PM

Re: Singapore
I know you prefer not ordering them online yourself, but I reguarly order bags of Q18 stuffers from a trusted seller on Taobao. I always get pretty fresh batches (it's really obvious with clear Qtexes if they are fresh, or if they have been sitting in a warehouse for years). I could always order some extra on your behalf, doesn't cost much to ship.

Casey88 17-09-2017 05:26 AM

Re: Singapore
im from Jakarta, Indonesia a short flight away :)

falzon 17-09-2017 06:46 AM

Re: Singapore
hahaha! nice... feel free to pm me! i would love to connect with you guys!

jnloon 26-09-2017 08:13 AM

Re: Singapore
And I thought we were a rare breed here...
Yeah I usually order mine online too and use a freight forwarder like ezbuy. The cost of buying locally can add up to quite a bit over time.

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