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heliumsitr68 05-12-2021 03:00 AM

Outdoor Popping
Has anyone else ever popped large amounts of balloons outdoors ? If so , how? , were you clothed or not ? and did it make you climax ?

Many years ago , my parents had a house out in the middle of nowhere. it was on a good sized lot and they owned the 10 acres of woods next to it . when they'd go away for the weekend and leave me home alone I'd go and get me a disposable helium tank and fill as many 11" balloons as possible. Then I'd undress and walk naked through the woods with the balloons while masturbating . Well , it wouldn't take long for all of the helium balloons to pop on branches and the like and not much more for me to do the same !

What are your experiences ??

Tracy 06-12-2021 12:18 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
I pop balloons outdoors pretty regularly, though I am careful to make sure people are not too close. (Not because I care about being seen doing it, but because I would not want to accidentally frighten someone who is pop-phobic.) I don't, ahem... "play" during my balloon-time and it would never occur to me to go out nude. But in warm weather I'll certainly be outside in a swimsuit or whatever during my balloon fun.

We have a lake house, and when the weather is calm the flat surface of the lake REALLY amplifies sounds. So it's fun to go right up to the banks and pop a big tight balloon. It sounds quite a bit louder! I'm probably pissing off the ducks... but then again they do get to living there rent free :)

heliumsitr68 06-12-2021 01:04 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
I was a lot younger, dumber and braver back then !! Besides , the woods were rather thick and no one was around for miles . I couldn't imagine trying it now !

BallonBTP 06-12-2021 04:57 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
My jogging route runs through a tunnel where a narrow track railway earlier went under the motorway. It is a great place to blow up a balloon until it bursts. I just take a balloon with me when I go jogging, and I don't do anything but blowing to pop the balloon inside the tunnel, but the bang is second to none. :)

AJK64 06-12-2021 11:25 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
I've burst balloons that I find outside many times, like a balloon loose and blowing around.

The only time I've ever taken balloons outside with the intent of busting them though was when I was around 15. My parents used to play bingo at the beach in the evening while I would play on the arcades. This one night it was autumn and dark by the time we arrived and I was feeling really horny (like 15 year olds often do). They sold balloons in a shop on the beachfront so i bought a packet.

I took them to a nearby pavillion and started blowing them up, tying them off and bursting them by standing on them and squeezing them. I wanted to "play" but was too scared of being caught. I'm so glad I didnt do anything rude as I suddenly heard a voice. It was another guy around the same age. He asked me what I was doing. I was really embarrassed and just kind of blurted out "busting balloons". He asked why, and I didnt know what to say so kept quiet. "Can I have one" he asked. So me and this guy (I still remember his name, it was Mark) stood in this pavillion and together burst 50 balloons lol. I asked if he wanted to come and play on the arcades, but he just said "no I should get going" and he left. Very weird experience.

Common Loon 07-12-2021 02:17 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
Paging @wildheart :D

Outdoors is where I got my start popping, back when I was much more phobic than I am now. Something about the wide open spaces makes the noise much less scary. Back then it was merely popping old, softened balloons into the trash barrel outdoors to dispose of them, but that was enough to get me "over the hump" of the phobia so that I could later experiment with popping indoors and in other situations.

A while back when I used to kayak more often on the lake in my neighborhood, I used to take balloons with me to use as flotation devices to store my stuff in case I tipped over (several inflated balloons tied to a waterproof bag with my keys and phone in it). It never happened, of course, but it did give me some balloons to pop after I got back to shore, lol!

TL39 07-12-2021 02:24 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
I've done it quite a fair bit, but that was because I used to work in events management way back when I was still a student. The company I worked for would help with event setup and clearing up, the latter of which involved popping any balloons that were left after everything was done.

We had a few tools for clearing balloons. Obvious ones were things like scissors, but we also had this box thing with open ends on both sides, 1 of which can pointed corners that folded inward. The general idea was that u would take a sting of connected balloons, like those u can find in arches or columns, and then basically pull them through the box, popping them very quickly. Saved a lot of time and effort.

LoudPop 07-12-2021 05:06 PM

Re: Outdoor Popping
As a teenager, I would walk around in the woods popping balloons all the time. It was very rural where I lived and not uncommon to here gunshots from hunters. I don't think my balloon popping drew any attention. My favorite was to BTP. Loved it when a balloon would get really big and tight. I would force another breath into it and the balloon would just get tighter and tighter each time not really expanding until BOOM!!! This often resulted in a similar explosion in my pants.

heliumsitr68 08-12-2021 12:14 AM

Re: Outdoor Popping
I think in my case it was the excitement of not knowing when the next balloon was going to pop or exactly how many were going to pop against one tree branch or bush . The possibility of getting caught was next to none.

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