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RLMI 29-11-2021 09:14 PM

Public mouth inflation
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Got these two beachballs today at the park on the weekend at a local community festival. They were being given out by staff. Looks to be mouth blown. Actually the ladies behind the counter were still blowing more up throughout my visit.

Didn't hear any pops though even as people were batting them around! Interesting to see massed mouth inflation, especially in a Covid world, but nobody seemed to care!

Seasidelad 02-12-2021 10:13 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Nice love seeing mouth inflations although usually when there’s giveaways they use an air compressor. I wonder if any were lying around at the end.

RLMI 04-12-2021 12:08 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Yes, usually a pump is used for any event-based inflation of balloons or inflatables, but on this occasion the staff were mouth blowing all the beach balls, and they were blown pretty full and tight too.

I didn't see any left behind towards the end. Went back to the general area today but the cleaners have definitely been through!

Pepertje90 05-12-2021 12:09 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Well, I did a public b2p with my swimring by accident at the beach a few years ago! The sun heatstretched the tube and I kept blowing it up because it was soft.. Then it became a bulge and suddenly popped �� I knew some people were laughing and clapping haha!

RLMI 07-12-2021 02:00 AM

Re: Public mouth inflation
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These beach balls were the ones being given out at a Sunday market a couple of weeks ago, by a local dance company. The balls were all being blown up by mouth by the lovely ladies at the counter.

They gave me 3 beachballs. By the time I got home, the purple one had no more breath condensation inside, as it may have been blown up earlier, but the yellow one still was fogged up inside. I posted a pic of the purple ball earlier.

Worth noting that both balls in the attached photo are the same 20inch diameter, but whoever blew up the purple one has blown a it up a lot bigger! It was like solid hard too.

Inflate Able 07-12-2021 11:50 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Too bad you don’t have any pictures of the lovely ladies blowing them up! That must have been quite an impressive sight!

RLMI 08-12-2021 02:28 AM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Unfortunately no pics, I guess for privacy reasons! They were blowing up the beach balls and giving them out at quite a quick rate, with about 3 or 4 people on the inflating team.

It was interesting to note that the inflation technique seemed to be to place the whole valve and valve stopper in the mouth, seal their lips around the base of the valve, allowing the teeth to bite open the safety flap, and then grip the ball with their teeth, so their hands were not holding the ball as it was being blown up.

Occasionally, you'd see the person pinch the safety flap with their hand, and place it up to their mouth, with only the edge of their lips touching the valve. This method probably spread less saliva onto the valve

condensatelover 03-01-2022 05:35 AM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Oh, do you have another pics of mouth inflated beachballs? Love the kind of condensation! Thank you!

puffy cheeks 05-02-2022 03:17 AM

Re: Public mouth inflation
i myself always blow up my inflatables with my moth covering the whole valve. helps get a good seal and makes it easier to blow

condensatelover 07-02-2022 09:52 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
RLMI, what did you do with beachballs you got?
As for me, I would disinfect the valve of yellow ball and inflate it more.
And then have a nice play with all of them :D

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