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Destroyer 18-06-2022 11:17 AM

Been asked to do a couple of popping shows - anyone know a good venue - cheap and london accessable... most people seem to have issues with neigbours. Or if someone has a decent size room -they would be welcome to watch in return for supplying venue!

lucas 09-07-2022 12:44 AM

Re: venue
Is this in the UK you are looking for a venue? Would love to hear more about any event you sort if you find a venue?

Londonj2014 09-07-2022 02:00 PM

Re: venue
What about a dungeon? Pm me

LoudPopper 10-07-2022 02:23 PM

Re: venue
Check craigslist for space. You can rent small spaces usually on there for a small fee per month. TBH with neighbors, I tend to just be honest with them and say that you may hear balloons popping from time to time. "It's part of my work..." (Remember, you don't have to tell them WHY they're popping.) Just say that you're letting them know this out of courtesy and ask what times are best to not be a disturbance. You can even ask, "I had a few balloons that I had to get rid of, did you hear that?" Then you can get a sense of how well the sound travels. In my experience, a couple minutes of muffled popping with some forewarning is far more tolerable than obnoxiously loud music for hours without warning.

Again, you'd be surprised how much a little forewarning and courtesy goes. I now have a house, and I still just do this for my next door neighbors, or neighbor who spends their whole day outside. Just go, "hey, I make balloon decorations as a side business, sometimes I have to pop them. If you hear that at any time, just giving you a heads up" They're usually fine.

When I lived in an apartment, I just let people know that I sometimes "have parties with friends and balloons" (or something similar) or "decorate on the side, and need to practice" and "I have to get rid of these balloons, it may be a little noisy for the next 20 min or so." They never thought twice about why the balloons were popping and things were fine the whole time. Saw someone in the supermarket after I moved out, and they asked "how's that balloon thing going for you?" Just said "Great!" and we continued on with our conversation without mentioning it again.

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