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condensatelover 28-01-2022 09:12 PM

Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
I totally believe in ghosts. I even had a mysterious situation.
In Russia, there is a popular entertainment - making a contact with a "ghost".
I was sitting with my friends at my country house. Suddenly my friend said:
Let's summon "Pikovaya Dama".
Pikovaya Dama is a Russian mysterious character who had lost its children and is trying to find them.
To summon her (it???) you will need a dark place and a mirror and a crayon. Draw 13 stairs on the mirror and say 'Pikovaya Dama, pridi".
I was sure that nothing would happen. BIG MISTAKE. 5 minutes later objects started to fall down from shelves. We got scared as fuck and switched on the light. And my friend said:
"What the hell? Did anyone see that"
He said that he noticed a black silhouette behind the window. But now there was nothing.

Did you have some mysterious accidents? I'm really interested.

randomlooner316 28-01-2022 09:48 PM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
Once when I was in high school on a field trip with the History Club. First time was at a museum dedicated to Winston Churchill. They had a replica of his office in a roped off area. I walked up and touched the rope. I felt a cold shiver up and down my spine and heard a man talking. I couldn't understand what was being said and no one else was around.

LoonerHans 29-01-2022 02:40 AM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
There was some violent Poltergeist activity going on in my Grandparents home last year. Lasted for several weeks.

It seemed tht the spirit was targeting my grandpa. Things used to fall off from shelves. Water bottle used to fly and hit him on the back. TV remote used to fly and hit him on the head. Almost everything which can be thrown around. Even the wire attached to the TV would get detached on its own and God knows what was happening. Everything was getting attracted towards the TV while it was unplugged.

No such magnetic field created by that machine is strong enough to attract a bunch of keys kept 5 feet away. That's what I saw when luckily my brother captured it on camera.

According to my grandpa, u can't see when the objects are flying. It moves from A to B but u can't see the path. It is either A or B.

He didn't fear but he was frustrated. He's a peace loving man and never harmed anyone. At least everyone in the house was together and nobody was scared.

I did try to see the phenomenon via video call but strangely, it wasn't working. Strange stuffs which had no scientific explanation.

Some people from the science society did visit the house. But at such instances, nothing happened. They published an article saying mysterious movements of objects in a house in a local newspaper.

But personally I havent witnessed any Poltergeist or ghost activity and don't wanna lol. I better stay away from such stuff.

Tony 30-01-2022 07:24 AM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
Yes. Very basic but terrifying. I had a pair of scissors fly at me and change path to land in between my toes. There were several things of that nature, all these defying the laws of science. But as a man of science, I fear to mention it to those who will ridicule me.

To be honest, I struggle to believe what I saw, and yet watching items "fall" up the way, or when God is mentioned, is something I am yet to process despite much of it starting 8 years ago.

blaueFahne 30-01-2022 09:21 AM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
Generally speaking I'm an atheist, but I remember a strange thing that happened in elementary school. When I was in fourth grade, one day at noon I was walking on the covered bridge (connecting the teachers’ office building and classroom building) in the school and suddenly heard footsteps behind me, but I turned around and saw nobody at all. There are no other ways that lead to other places there.

AJK64 30-01-2022 11:14 AM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
I'm a staunch atheist too and so sceptical that I've got into arguments with believers through my entire life. I work in the sciences and I'm very rational.

However. In 2018, through the whole summer (8 weeks) me and my girlfriend would stay for 2 days every week at my boyfriends flat while he was away for work, to look after it for him. We witnessed some really odd events in his flat which seemed to be targeted at my girlfriend. She would leave her shoes in the living room at night and in the morning they would e moved to the middle of the room, and stacked with one shoe in the other in a kind of "L" shape if you get what I mean? Sometimes, at night the bed post (made of bronze) would vibrate and even bounce up and down on a few occasions waking us up. If you put your hand on the post you could feel it vibrating so fast it almost hummed. This would happen for around 5 minutes and then stop. But the weirdest incident was when we were eating dinner one evening in the kitchen. I placed my fork down mid meal and then couldnt find it when I went to pick it back up. We searched the table and floor before giving up and just getting me a new one. That night when we went to bed my girlfriend found the fork under her pillow. We know it was the one I lost as it still had bits of my food on it.

I've never experienced anything like this when there with my boyfriend, and my girlfriend has stayed there since without any incidents, so whatever it was seemed confined to just that summer.

condensatelover 30-01-2022 01:31 PM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
Wow, that is creepy. My skepticizm goes down...

randomlooner316 30-01-2022 05:59 PM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
Not a ghost story but one that makes me think something else was pulling the strings. This happened back in 2013.

I'm a big Disney fan (although my love for Disney fading but that's a different rant for a different day) and my best friend talking me into finally pulling the trigger and applying for my dream job with Disney. I filled out the online application and sent it back figuring that would be the end of things.

The next morning I check my email and see a message from Disney inviting me to fill out the 2nd application. I do it and send it back. They said I'd hear back one way or another within 7 days so I figured I had a week left before my hopes were dashed.

I had a dachshund at the time and I hadn't taken her for a walk yet so I went and did that. When I came back about half an hour later I had another email from Disney. Figuring it was the rejection email I opened it but it was an invitation to go to Orlando and have an in person interview on a day and time of my choice.

Within the hour I had plane tickets to Florida and booked a a 2 night stay at the Pop Century resort on Disney property (which I had never stayed at before but the same friend who got me to apply recommended it) for 2 weeks from that day. My plan was fly in the day before the interview and fly home the day after.

I'm gonna jump to the interview itself quickly because at this point in the story it's actually of minor importance. I was nervously waiting in a room full of other people waiting for interviews but calmed down talking to a fellow interviewee for a bit. The interview itself was basically this...

Interviewer: "You're from Illinois?"

Me: "yes"

Interviewer: "Do you plan to move to Florida even without this job?"

Me: "No."

Interviewer: "I believe we are done here."

Needless to say I was devastated but what happened the day before kinda put things in perspective.

Backtracking to the day before. It should be noted I was wearing a t-shirt given to be my the same friend who got me to apply for the job and recommended the resort I was staying at. It had a picture of Tinker Bell on it and my name (Tony). This is out of character for me as I usually start a trip in my Ariel shirt since she's my favorite character.

My normal way of doing a Disney trip is to hit the ground running. Pretty much as soon as I get on Disney property I'm at a park. This time I decided to take it easy and rest up for the interview the next day.

Every night they showed a movie near the resort's main pool. That night it was the Pixar movie Ratatouille which at that point I had never seen before so I sat down in a beach chair to watch.

Halfway through the movie the project stopped working and the Disney Cast Members (their term for employees) couldn't fix it so the rest of the movie was cancelled and they'd try again the next night. I was a tad bummed but these things happen, even to Disney.

I decided to go to the Food Court to get something to eat. Along the way I pass by a boy and his Grandma. I overheard the boy asking why the movie stopped. Always wanting to help I told him what the Cast Members told me about the projector.

Suddenly his Grandma's eyes fill with tears and she locks me in a bear hug so tight I almost couldn't breathe. Then she said recently her son Tony who was a big fan of Tinker Bell passed away and she prayed for a sign me made it to heaven ok.

I myself tear up every time I tell that story. Looking back there were way to many variables to have been a chance encounter. Like picking that particular day for the interview, deciding to stay at that resort instead of the one I usually stay at, relaxing at said resort instead of hitting a park, and wearing that particular shirt.

Add to that the projector dyeing and me being at that particular spot at that particular time not to mention every variable on the Grandma's end of things. Way to much had to line up to be a chance encounter. I wasn't meant to get that job but I was meant to be at that place at that time in that shirt. Some unseen force had to set that up.

RubberTech 31-01-2022 12:17 AM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
Sorry but being a man of science I don't believe in "Ghosts". I also don't believe in ouija boards since every time I have tried to use one with people nothing happens. I always tell them "see I told you so" but they swear when they have done it in the pst that it moves. I tell them that is because someone in the group is moving it to make it seem as if it is working. There may be life after death but it is impossible to prove with current technology. Some speculate that the universe is filled with excess electrical energy that is the residue from a living organism's neural impulses. If this is the case then I suspect that once a person makes this transition to pure electrical energy then the whole universe will become open to them and the last thing they will be interested in is hanging around on our simple little rock of a planet when there is so much more to discover out there. In short, your previous life as a physical organism will become so foreign and meaningless that there will be no desire to revisit it. OK, now that I have made myself look like a crazy mad scientist let's switch the conversation back to something that brings us all happiness while we are still alive.....Balloons!!

AJK64 31-01-2022 12:01 PM

Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
I'm sorry Rubbertech but all that stuff about "electricity from neural impulses" is less scientific than even ghosts lol

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