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heaviest 25-05-2019 05:04 PM

Pool's open
Anyone have any pool events happening this weekend? It's going to rain Monday, and the water is probably cold. Today may be the best day to go, but I have no plans.

heaviest 05-06-2020 01:51 AM

Re: Pool's open
Year later, pools are open again. I think. Nearest one is, anyway. But no plans to go. People still aren't gathering.

I have a 15' round little Intex pool I'd like to put in my yard, but I haven't gotten around to building or finding a ladder sturdy enough. And a lot of the people I'd want in there with me can't climb ladders. What I'd really like is an in-ground with stairs. Some day.

Really in the mood for getting on top of some inflatables that aren't up to the task. Sinking them in the pool. Making that tubby boomy noise when you rub them in the pool. I should think some more about that ladder.

Seasidelad 05-06-2020 07:18 PM

Re: Pool's open
I would love to live somewhere warm where I had a pool to go to. Seen homes in the sun where pools are available think it would be great to grab an inflatable head down there each day.

VickyLynnVixen 10-07-2020 01:14 PM

Re: Pool's open
Yes!! Be at MY PLACE Sunday 12 PM sharp...bring your toys. No suits allowed!

It's topped 100 here this week and it's time for a Blow to Pop party.


heaviest 11-07-2020 01:50 PM

Re: Pool's open
With COVID on the rise again I expect this to be a bust of a summer. No pun intended. No plans to pop in to the public pools, even if they do stay open. Bursting at the seams waiting for private pool parties, but even those plans are mostly deflating. I should float some plans of my own with some close friends.

heaviest 11-07-2020 02:10 PM

Re: Pool's open
FWIW I've looked into the cost of inground pools. Inground because getting super heavy people up the ladder of an above ground pool isn't really possible. Need concrete stairs and a sturdy rail.

I've also looked into the possibility of building it myself. I could make a special-purpose shallow-slope stair and a super shallow pool portion for loading big people onto floaties. I'm thinking an L-shape with a special purpose very shallow side that'd double as a kids pool on one leg, a traditional shallow side on the other leg, and a deep-ish but not very deep part between them. Dream pool, but no diving section. But will probably settle for something smaller. Or chicken out altogether.

Groundbreaking not before next year. Looking into construction technique and building and yard code.

heaviest 03-10-2020 06:47 PM

Re: Pool's open
Last outdoor pool open to me closes in a few days. Seems to have stayed open really long this year, but has been too cold to visit for weeks. All in all, a crappy year for pool outings, thank you covid. See y'all poolside next year!

heaviest 01-06-2022 09:42 PM

Re: Pool's open
It's that time of year again. Of the public pools I have been to, two are open and the third is saying both recently opened and temporarily closed. A couple apartment complex pools I sometimes visit as a guest, all are open. A couple private pools I sometimes visit as a guest, all are open. But there are no planned events among my social circles. Not even any long-planning big events, except for a convention at which the hotel pool is a side attraction.

I can go to one of the apartment pools unaccompanied but almost never do. I used to go with my ex. I can go to the public pools unaccompanied, but almost never do. I did that with my ex, too.


Spry Girl will do mostly private events. None are planned. She has gone when almost nobody is there, which is cool, cloudy days in off hours. Maybe tomorrow, but probably not.

Anyone else use their pool toys in, you know...the pool?

heaviest 02-06-2022 01:15 AM

Re: Pool's open
Well, I found someone to go to the pool with me, and to help Spry Girl through the ladies shower, so we made an unplanned trip to the pool. Mostly to check it out and do a dry run of getting Spry Girl there.

Ideally we'd let Spry Girl in through the gate rather than having her go through the building, as that's six doors too narrow for her, and a farther walk, but the gate is on the exposed, road side of the building. But with female help she can bring her shower chair with her, get help through the doors, not break the shower rules, and take rest breaks. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting to the pool with her this year without a third, female person to help.

It was late, we didn't stay long at all. Spry Girl tested the chaise lounges with a double air mattress on them. Makes too much noise for a public space, but there was hardly anyone there so she laid on it, anyway. She's so wide the mattress folds over the edges of the chair, putting additional pressure on it. I love it, but it wouldn't be inconspicuous if it popped, so we'll bring a narrower mattress next time.

The third person with us is just over 300 pounds, small enough to float in a 36 inch ring. More on than in, as she doesn't fit, and it just about sinks.

I got to use the air mattress, and so did Spry Girl.

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