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superfirmzx 21-03-2022 09:14 AM

Re: Public mouth inflation
I know this is an older thread but I thought I'd add, as someone who enjoys mouth inflating, It kinda sadens me weirdly when I see people inflating with a pump. Which I don't see to often interestingly. Unless its really really massive, but there is the occasion where I see people inflating a small beachball or swimring with one and take a while haha... Its kinda funny when theyre using a pump but it takes just as long because they don't open the valve properly.

I kinda internally scream "I could have blown that up faster myself!"

no offence to anyone who prefers using a pump this is just my er... idiocy.

heaviest 23-03-2022 02:05 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
The advantage to using a pump is that people tend to overinflate with a pump. I love it when people try to inflate a swim ring or air mattress to the point where there is no puckering or wrinkles. You can way overinflate with a pump without knowing it. By mouth, it gets hard to blow or even hang on to the inflatable before you get it seriously overinflated.

When I bring the inflatables I bring at least several, and I admit I'm lazy and use a pump. I always slightly overinflate.

RLMI 29-03-2022 08:47 PM

Re: Public mouth inflation
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I bought a few swim rings from a toy store yesterday.

It wasn't crowded so the lady at the counter asked me if I wanted air in the swim rings, and she would fill them for me. I said sure, thinking that she'd put them on the electric pump.

However, I couldn't believe it when she unwrapped the packaging, unfolded the first swim ring, and placed the valve in her mouth, letting it hang there in her teeth and lips as she took deep breaths, bringing the swim ring to life. She had great technique, with enormous air flow, and blew the first blue swim ring so tight that I thought it would burst. I actually walked away anticipating the pop.

It was wrinkle free, bulging and distorted, and the blue vinyl had become thin and streaky from sttetching. Then she blew up the rest the same way and casually handed them to me!

The rings all survived the night too.

Sid1 01-04-2022 10:50 AM

Re: Public mouth inflation
Wow, that would be amazing to watch!

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