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Random loons for sale

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  • dcfcluigi
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2020
    • 4

    [SALE] Random loons for sale


    Got a range of brand new loons I’m wanting to get rid of. Brand new, been kept in dark sealed container. List isn’t exhaustive but has

    Belbal 14 prints
    Belbal 360
    Loads of Qualatex 36”
    Loads of qualatex 16” prints and colours
    Cattex shapes (gl and ducks)
    Random others too

    UK only

    Got some q24s to which I might be willing to part with.
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  • Londonj2014
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2017
    • 143

    Re: Random loons for sale

    I may be interested. I'll DM you