Do you remember the first clip you watched?

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    • Feb 2023
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    Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

    Yes - Luna's Escapade. That was a classic clip. It had Handel's water music playing in the background and she tossed a balloon into the air and popped it on a pin that she was holding in her mouth while relaxing in the bath. So cool and fearless.
    Just one more puff...🎈


    • Exaturbo
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      • Feb 2021
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      Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

      I don’t remember a specific video, but it would have been one of mausi’s videos for sure. Way back in the early 2000’s on a 56k dial up modem.


      • Slow DeFlaite
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        • Apr 2023
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        Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

        My First Clips were from Balloon Heart.


        • Scooter
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          • May 2022
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          Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

          No clue what random clip was the first "looner" thing I ever saw, but the first looner clip I ever paid for was "Blowing Tight with Love" from Studio Fuusen.


          • Asclepio
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            • Sep 2018
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            Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

            Probably it was a video from Mausi Looner back in 2004 or 2003, where she was blowing a q24 on crystal green color, for a boy like me that only knew the 16" uniques loons as the absolute biggest loon in town it was a real surprise to see an overinflated q24" in a video.
            A looner looking for fun, against violence or people with hightened moral idealism…. I just care about loons, so don’t ruin the fun.


            • CrazzzyJim
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              • May 2016
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              wendy-kaye-naked-26348.jpgIn early 1998 I saw Playboy clip with Wendy Kaye, she playing with balloons. Later I found pics with her. That was very hot for me. After that, I found balloonbuddies site.
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              • Loonatic
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                • Apr 2016
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                Originally posted by TheMole
                Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

                It was a very old promo clip for Sheril at Italoon back in 2009 or so. I believe it is still on YouTube somewhere, their search algorithms suck so bad nowadays that it's impossible to find though.

                It had this song in the background, I'm sure someone will know what I'm talking about.

                hahaha knew exactly what it was! This was one of my first clips as well. It was an Italoon promo video, this is the only version I could find.

                This commercial is the first balloon video I saw that I couldn't take my eyes off. It played constantly and I was in love with it haha. Prompted me to check youtube for 'girls popping balloons' where I quickly found Tara Bush, italoon, and my favorite, Balloons-and-Feet. This was the first official fetish clip I saw and as a feet/loon lover I was instantly in love!


                • Tracy
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                  • May 2018
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                  First actual video clip? That was Bare Balloon Babes #1 on VHS, which I guess I bought in like '97 or so. Interesting in that I had never seen people interacting live with balloons in a sexual way, but otherwise almost completely unfulfilling in every respect except competent video. (Audio was another matter entirely - dreadfully bad, even with nothing to compare it to!)

                  First *good* video clips? Risque Renee. Let's see if y'all remember her?

                  I have yet to see a good video with a male model. Nearly 30 years waiting... (In fairness, the male models are presumably shooting for gay men and so I'm not the target market.)


                  • Bobolooner
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                    • Mar 2023
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                    This was the first clip I ever saw and is probably still my favourite. Maya from Frisky-Business destroying beachballs. There used to be a load of images from the shoot but I can't find them anywhere


                    • RubberRider297
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                      • Apr 2024
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                      I remember first discovering Alissa’s marble balloon videos towards the beginning of my middle school days. I hadn’t fully realized my fetish yet, but I can safely say that this video helped in further awakening it for me. Not only that, but Alissa reminded me a lot of my crush at the time, so that added another level of attractiveness for me. I also think this video is what sparked my love for riding balloons


                      • Loonerdude1234
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                        • Apr 2024
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                        I remember sneaking and looking up girls popping balloons and discovering mellyloon, looneynudes, tarasballoons, Italoon on the computer as well as other videos and pictures.


                        • AlterPlatzer
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                          • Jun 2024
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                          As I recall, my first clip was which was presumably shot by John B of his wife Deb popping largish balloons.

                          They had an online store called Balloon Lover's Corner.

                          There was some drama with them, but I don't recall the details.

                          Originally posted by Danniballoon
                          Re: Do you remember the first clip you watched?

                          It was a short clip that I think was taken from the Playboy TV channel. I believe She was a Japanese model called Sunari. She was bursting balloons with a sword. I found it awesome at the time :-)
                          There were 2 clips.

                          Sunari was part of the filename. One was maybe one or two pops. The other was lower resolution, but had quite a few pops.

                          It's OK to love balloons.
                          There are as many differences in preferences as there colors of balloons. Accentuate what makes us the same and not what sets us apart.


                          • Buzzsaw258
                            • Jan 2022
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                            I can't remember the very first clip I saw but the first website that I would always frequent was It had clips that would link you to multiple websites. Without a doubt, "Xev" was my favorite to watch. She did a variety of balloon and, my favorite, inflatable videos.


                            • LoonPopper
                              • Aug 2011
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                              First video clip was Brenda and friends inflating a clear balloon by pump from Balloongirls in 2001, first videos (DVDs) I brought was Amber's Balloon Antics, Chanta's British Bum Balloon Burst and Renee's Overinflation Rumble in 2003 from Mellyloon and then I started also join membership sites, etc. and so on......


                              • OnceYouPop
                                Senior Member
                                • Sep 2022
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                                Mine was on balloonheart, i will try hunt it down!