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  • KaitoSuzuki
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    • Apr 2023
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    My deflation pleasure

    I thought I could share my personal experience with inflatables, and one of the ways I enjoy them... Even though it's not fantasy but quite a realistic description, I hope it still fits with the theme of this section!

    Recently I have rediscovered inflatable stuffing in clothes, which I usually pair with my interest for deflation and my sprinkler beachball. It usually goes like this:
    I am sitting on my bed. I start by inflating my beachball a bit, just to give it shape. It is a multicolored sprinkler beachball with a sleeve running through its whole diameter.

    I then proceed to insert it under a very elastic t-shirt. Since it is a fairly big beachball, a portion of it still protrudes from below, so I usually put this other part inside a pair of loose elastic shorts. I carefully position the SPH just in the right spot, so I can penetrate it while it is tightly inflated around my body.

    Then I start inflating it. Sometimes I do it using a pump but this time I use my mouth, to finely control the slow expansion. The sprinkler beachball grows and grows with each puff or air, and the sleeve down there gets tighter and tighter. It creaks and squeaks, and at the same time the pressure on every part of my chest, belly, crotch, tighs, keeps increasing, until the clothes reach their maximum stretch. I am usually not too rough, at this point to avoid damaging the inflatable.

    Now I am fully compressed, I can barely move and down there I'm fully erect and surrounded by the tight and warm vynil. The beachball is bulging in my shirt and all I can see in front of me is the valve and part of the vynil peeking from the t-shirt. I feel so full and tight, and smell the vynil which is pressing on my face. At this point I am already almost edging. I could already start sliding in and out of the sleeve, but I'd rather play it slowly and build up some (no pun intended!) pressure.

    Now the other fun parts begins. I close the valve just barely, and I start teasing myself a bit. There is no safety flap, so it can potentially deflate quite fast, but it is not yet time for that. A slight *pssst* escapes as I touch the plug and slightly open it. I close the valve, hug the beachball again and touch it, feeling its roundness and moving it slightly up and down. Then I unplug it again, leaving it fully open, but just for a split-second, with a very loud *PSHHH* while that short burst of pressurized air rushes out the still tightly inflated vynil. Oh, it is so good I start sweating and my heartbeat spikes and my breathing becomes heavier. A river of tingling sensations runs down my spine. I love deflation, and the idea of the valve suddenly opening and releasing the air fills me with anticipation and excitement. I don't want the fun to end too soon, though, so I repeat this little teasing a couple of times, while I gently penetrate the SPH.

    "What if I just open the valve and deflate it all? No, just a little bit more teasing". At this point the beachball has lost a bit of air already, so I reinflate it tightly again. The beachball gently but firmly constrains me.

    The valve is now closed, sticking out of my t-shirt, just begging to be opened. The vynil is tight and every movement results in a pleasant squeak. I am sweating copiously and trembling with excitement. I reach the valve, open it slowly... *pssst...* close it again... "maybe I can hold on a bit more like this?"
    No, I can't wait anymore, I take a deep breath and firmly grab the plug, and finally open it fully without hesitation...


    My beachball releases its air with a loud hiss which engulfs me, I feel the vynil starting to get softer, while I moan and hug the inflatable and press it around my body to feel it all. I then begin thrusting while still seated and moving my hands pressing this gloriously deflating vynil pleasure toy that is giving me such a bliss.

    It is more than halfway deflated, and the flow of air is slowing down, so I change position, now on top of it with my body pressing on the beachball. I quickly re-inflate it just a bit, just to have more time to hump it and enjoy the deflation longer. As my mouth leaves the now tighter beachball, a rush of air escapes again. I start humping... *PSSHH*, *PSSHH*, *PSSHH*, with every thrust more air escapes, with this intoxicating sounds and the vynil getting softer below me.
    I am so close, I feel it... it's almost as if the air rushing out of the inflatable invites me to let myself go and release the pressure as well. I can come any second, my whole body is shivering now, I squeeze the beachball with my legs and arm, I thrust harder... the beachball is getting soft and squishy, and, oh, that sound is so good, I can't control it anymore, I feel my muscles spasm, my whole body shivers...
    I experience the most intense orgasm of my inflatable experience, while the beachball now quetly releases its last air under me, in a puddle of sweat and, well, the result of this pleasurable inflatable session.
    Time to clean up the mess and rest a bit, before starting all over again.