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    EPISODE 72

    Speaking of crazy, we had to make something for April 1. Question was what, and I pointed out we'd already popped Kim. More than once.
    "But not you!" she exclaimed.
    Well, it would only be fair if I was to have regular screentime. How to work it in was another matter. Then I remembered something Mandy had brought up years ago at the theater and asked her to locate the original so we could recreate it.
    She loved the idea and though I have no idea how she managed to get back to me within a few hours, sending over a scan of Don Martin's 'One Evening at a Banquet Saluting an Outstanding American'. The title could be kept to amuse the few who'd get the reference and give them the satisfaction of knowing exactly where things were headed. The lines had to change a bit, of course, but that wasn't much of an issue.
    As for the costume department, Kim said a banquet implied tuxes and I maintained the characters were explicitly not drawn in black tie. They wore the suits of regular businessmen, and so we agreed to dress in the female version - jackets and trousers being the only real similarity. Slightly unbuttoned blouses and necklaces went below and our makeup was very proper and subdued. We couldn't really film in a public setting, so we cleared out the dining room (which is frankly bigger than necessary), put two small tables with cloths against the wall and had Kriss and Lex sit at one each wearing dresses suited for the occasion. Kim stood in front of the camera to announce the purpose of the event.
    "You can hardly watch an episode of 'On the Air' without noticing the research, writing and other off camera work that's gone into it. Tonight we are proud to honor the mastermind behind these marvelous processes - Mrs. Cheryl Silvers!"
    Yeah, I'd gone by 'Ms.' before but it's a bit too close to 'Miss' and the other honorific would be a better indicator I was off-limits. It had seemed to work for Lou at least.
    There was a polite two-people applause and I walked on with the most self-important smile I could muster. Kim went on:
    "Mrs. Silvers, on behalf of viewers everywhere I take great pleasure in presenting you with this award for ‘Outstanding Services to the Interested’."
    She produced an elaborate lapel pin - which was really a memento from a musical contest Lex had been in ages ago - and grasped my jacket to put it in place. Kriss got up to record a closeup of the point going in, and at the moment it did I gave a jerk and went limp in Kim's arms. She'd instructed me on how to do it, but despite having practiced I fell from her grip on the first try. It kinda hurt a bit but hey, I can provide the occasional blooper too. The second attempt went better, and we shot two more just in case. That setup was enough to show I'd been punctured, but we naturally had to film a follow-up as well. My stand-in was on stand-by, but we'd put off preparing her in case the rest would look too lousy to use. Since it seemed to work okay Kriss picked up the inflatable copy of me and went over to Alex.
    "This is technically my job but I thought you might want to do the honors."
    "My pleasure", Lex said and accepted the limp lady,
    She blew up the naked shape with such respectful tenderness I got more than a little envious of my effigy. It would probably feel real good being inflated that way. Lexi's steady puffs filled her up in no time and I'd barely gotten out of my clothes before she was done. Then I dressed the doll in the same and put it in Kim's waiting hands. A modified, widened adapter went into its valve to speed up the deflation a bit, but we'd only use the final moments anyway.
    As the collapsing figure folded and fell the head flopped down facing the camera, which wouldn't do - the face was too artificial and the smile didn't fit the situation. A retake was needed and Kriss lifted the drooping garments.
    "My turn to blow."
    The reinflation was swift and professional but didn't exactly help my jealousy. The scene repeated and this time Kim managed to tilt the prop just right for a working angle. She stared at it in bewilderment and disbelief while the last of the air hissed out, the local audience looking at least as surprised.
    Kimber turned towards the viewers and shattered the fourth wall.
    "Oh no", she exclaimed. "I popped my Cherry."
    The episode would end at this point, but the comments would be easy to anticipate so we shot a continuation for the members at once, running a thin hose under the doll's clothes and out through a buttonhole in the blouse. Then everyone assumed their previous positions and Kriss made an observation, raising a theatrical finger.
    "There's only one thing to do - you’ve got to blow her back up at once!"
    Kim nodded urgently and drew a regular adapter from her pocket, stuck it into the unseen tube and began to blow frantically into it. The suit slowly filled out along with the inflatable and when the lolling head started to rise it was time for a change. First a closeup of the blonde's face huffing away, delivering a few puffy-cheeked breaths with evident concern. Then I got my outfit back and stood with bent knees and chin to chest while Kim blew against it through her contraption, straightening out in time with her exhales. She removed the adapter once I was rigid and carefully shook me awake.
    "There! Sorry about that, Cherry - it was only meant as a tribute."
    "That's all right", I said. "I got the point."
    Having filled the bad pun quota we called it quits and tidied the props away before changing back into more casual outfits. Since the small tables were already set we took the opportunity to have dinner at those, but in what pairings and where it went from there I'll keep to myself. Can't go into details all the time.

    One thing remained and was absolutely essential - a good sound effect. They were after all one of Mr. Martin's trademarks and messing it up would be a major fail. So Kriss headed into the studio with a literal double armful of inflatables to blow and squeeze in various ways for effect. Later on she called in Lexi for opinions and assistance, and I can only imagine what transpired in there.
    Eventually they proudly presented the results and I was kinda impressed - while they hadn't managed to exactly replicate the original 'POFFISSS', what they had come up with wasn't far off. At any rate it was pretty much how I'd expect such an accident would sound. Edited into place it was almost too natural - if one could call it that - but pitching it up a bit made it comical enough.
    As expected, loads of viewers worried about my future input and/or demanded Kim fix her mistake. They were reassured I was fine and told to check the members area for proof. We even got a few fresh recruits that way. Not a bad little extra, or as Kriss put it - popping the presenter will never not be funny. I agreed treating Kimber and me as balloons or inflatables whenever circumstances allowed for it wouldn't be totally amiss, though I wasn't as sure about the photo we'd gotten from the guy who'd repainted his love doll to look like Kim. Granted, I was party to doing exactly the same, but he was a stranger. And the doll was made for pretty intimate use. And had much bigger boobs than the original.
    Kim herself was both amused and flattered, which is what counts, I guess.
    "All that effort for something everyone else would do with a hand!"
    And being a consummate tease, she didn't just ignore it like she did with most lewd messages but wrote back it was a good job and she hoped he made sure to make the doll wear a tie for special occasions. She hadn't herself for a couple of weeks, taking the new 'every third show at most' guideline to heart, but the next ep would probably call for one. Since we'd just passed All Fool's Day Kim suggested we could do a feature on clowns and I thought what the hell. Can't keep putting an entire profession down on general principle. Besides, they had a kind of connection with balloons.

    So I spent an informative evening making a script while the others gathered props. As luck would have it there were a couple of doll balloons with clown prints around - not the biggest or best, but still. And the bop bag Kriss had bought would finally fill a function. Colorful eleven-inchers on sticks would fill out the rest, so the only real problem was for Kim to think up a look. I specifically told her not to overdo it.
    When the time to film arrived she didn't disappoint. Taking a cue from Kriss' conductor hairstyle she'd reversed it by pulling most of her mop back but collected it in a cute little poof at the top before letting it vanish down the back. There was enough left to frame her face and show there was plenty to go around. Her face wasn't smeared with white like I'd feared but had red, mirrored markings on both sides framed by thin black borders. They curved up over her cheeks and ended in points crossing the eyebrows, giving a certain impression of horns. It was a slightly evil look, turned mischievous by the perfectly round marking at the tip of her nose. She'd painted and outlined her lips in the same way and the result was a clearly recognizable Kimber who still left no doubt of what she was made up to be. If there was any doubt about the clown part the striped top with balloon sleeves helped dispel them. The lack of colors brought mimes to mind and the wide neck opening came to a rounded point in the middle, leaving plenty room for the dark red bow tie with small polka dots. Strangely enough it was the least buffoonish piece of the ensemble since she'd gone for a stylish one as usual. Below the waist she wore purple dhoti pants and a pair of sequined black flats. She could probably earn a dime or two busking like that.
    To prepare the studio she blew up one balloon after the other, making exaggerated inhales and screwing up her face comically as she expelled the air into the rubber. She made a point of looking straight into the camera to bring the audience into the act and when the third balloon popped in her face she appeared incredibly surprised. I'd never thought of how well clowning would suit her, but it did - all that dancing has given her a remarkable body language she put to good use here. It was both funny and a little bit sexy and in spite of myself I found myself getting excited by the performance.
    After blowing up and arranging ten colorful balloons in two bouquets Kim tackled the big green one, bending forward to the point of crouching with every enormous puff. A clown blowing up another clown would be just the type of thing to fit into a real act - if such a thing had been possible. Kimber inflating a rubber colleague was a more than acceptable substitute though, being amusing and appealing alike.
    She wiped her brow before tying it off and started on the vinyl variety. For a change she inflated it the normal way, as if to show she still could. She did punch it square in the face after filling it up though, and nodded approvingly when it bounced back into place. I shut off the camera and congratulated her on a job well done. Then I gave her a good tickle and giggled while I lovingly blew into her ears to put her in a happy mood for the shoot. The huge smile on her face was a good indicator.
    "Here we are again! Welcome to another episode of 'On the Air'. Today I'll be talking about investment bankers" - she shook her head - "no, wait, clowns."
    I just wanted something that sounded serious. Wouldn’t do to call those people clowns. Or would it?
    "Clowns have been around for a long time according to records dating at least as far back as ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. They were of course a bit different in those days but their role was similar - mocking social norms by defying them. Some were even priests, but entertainers and court jesters were more common. It was even a thing in many less civilized cultures which shows people seem to have a need for that kind of taboo breaking."
    You have to take less civilized as meaning “not having cities”. I’m not so sure about general behavior differing much.
    "In fact, doing harmless but forbidden things is one of the basics of comedy - think about how much kids can laugh at using naughty words, and let's not forget how amusing farts are because you're supposed to hold 'em in. Hence the whoopie cushion - a prank that'll never get old!"
    She took one out, blew it up and put it under her ass. There was a muffled parp and Kimber's mouth turned into a surprised 'O' while her eyebrows went up.
    "Oops! Excuse me! And if you just cracked a smile you're in good company - your distant ancestors enjoyed it too. The world's oldest recorded joke is from 1900 BC - 'Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.' Yeah, they talked a bit funny in old Sumeria. But it's still not the done thing - and you never heard anyone breaking wind in a movie before 1973, when 'Blazing Saddles' made up for lost time."
    Well, at least it thoroughly broke that barrier.
    "But flatulence aside, comedy is important enough for people to have made a living out of it for a long time. And it wasn't just men doing it - a female jester was documented as owning land in the eleventh century. But it remains a male-dominated profession."
    Like so many others. But making fun of ladies have long been a no-no, and they doing it themselves even worse. At least in bygone days.
    "Today, clowns may be the closest thing we have to the jesters and buffoons of old. But we often see them as something completely separate, which may be because of their typical attributes. So when did clowns get the look we know today? It was because of Joseph Grimaldi, who around the year 1800 played the role of the clown in an English 'harlequinade', which was a slapstick adaption of the Italian 'commedia dell'arte' where set archetypes get up to shenanigans. The main character Harlequin was often a jester himself, a trickster in motley checked clothes, while the clown was more of a stupid bum, an oafish country clod. In fact, the world 'clown' is thought to come from an older version of 'clumsy'.
    “Anyway, Grimaldi was so popular in the part that it became the dominant funnyman of the formula, taking over the trickster role while Harlequin turned broody and romantic. Other performers copied his antics and the whiteface makeup he'd thought up, and that was the birth of the modern clown. The original was still the most popular, and clowns in general became known as 'Joeys' after him. A more modern synonym from a particular clown would be 'Bozo'.”
    Well, Bozo is a character and not a single performer, but you get the idea.
    “From there clowns began to appear in other forms of stage entertainment, sometimes to entertain the crowd between more serious pieces. The modern circus developed at the same time and clowns were perfect fillers. Around 1870 Tom Belling invented the part of the ‘red clown’ whose role was to be a foil to the more serious ‘white clown’ and it’s still a popular combo. The red clown became the template for what we usual think of when we hear the word ‘clown’, but their appearances aren’t as random as they may appear. If you’re going into clowning you might want a distinctive look of your own, and new members of ‘Clowns International’ submit photos of their makeup and get it painted on ceramic eggs that’s kept for reference. It’s not a legally binding copyright, more of registration or statement. The clown community generally doesn’t make a big deal of similar faces - though it might help to see what’s already taken!”
    A good idea in all creative enterprises.
    Kimber lit up and went into children’s show host mode. “If you like, you can try it at home!”
    She lifted a plastic bowl into sight and took an egg from it. “First you take an egg and a pin. Poke a hole at the top and a bigger one at the bottom. Puncture the yolk while you’re at it.”
    She demonstrated.
    “Then blow as hard as you ever can into the small one! And make sure there’s something to catch the contents.”
    She held the egg over the hole, inhaled shrilly and blew into the egg with full force. Her eyes went huge as she stared straight at the camera and what could be seen of her cheeks beneath the paint turned a shade of red. The insides of the egg were soon outside, spurting out in a steady stream. After last year’s takes it was good to see her blow one out properly. And that was as close as we would get to an Easter episode this time around. Kim shook the egg and put the bowl away, replacing it with a pack of markers.
    “Then you can draw whatever you like on it.”
    Focusing intently with the tip of her tongue sticking out she proceeded to make a decent copy of what she’d already painted on her face. It wasn’t a masterpiece - in fact it looked pretty ridic - but you could see what it was supposed to be.
    “There! Whaddya think?” she asked, beaming at the audience. Then she tossed the egg over her shoulder, an improvisation I would have to fix in post by covering the cracking noise with the sound of breaking glass.
    “Anyway, while circuses might be their traditional haunt, nowadays you usually find clowns at birthday parties or in hospitals. Not because they’ve been assaulted, but to cheer up sick children. A nice idea, but what about the ones scared of clowns? It’s pretty common - after all, they look pretty outlandish and can be brash and loud - and even adults can be frightened by them. It’s called coulrophobia, and a famous example isTim Curry - who played the killer clown in ‘It’ and couldn’t stand looking at mirrors on set! I’m pretty sure he passed that fear on to more than one viewer.”
    That’s actually kinda funny too, if you happen to like irony.
    "Modern clowns are also associated with balloons, either by being fun and colorful or through twisting figures for partygoers. Let's see if I can make one of those!"
    She took out a yellow loon and pretended to have problems blowing it up, then drew a deep gasp and inflated it all at once. But knotting it proved too tricky and it slipped her grip to shoot straight out of frame. I would simply have to add a 'fwee!' sound at that point.
    "Shucks", Kim said. "I promise to do better in the members' section."
    The show was drawing to a close and Kimber said she didn’t really have much to add.
    “Would you like to see me turn into a scary clown? Watch this!”
    She pulled up a magenta balloon and dangled it in front of her with a devilish smirk, waggling her eyebrows in a suggestive way. You just knew that loon was in trouble, yet couldn’t help hoping for it to happen.
    "I think I'll blow up this balloon", she announced. "Shall I?"
    With that she put in a playful breath, but the devious expression stayed on. The sideways glance during the second puff made me realize she was about to act like a dominatrix would towards a tied-up victim with a fear of both clowns and balloons.
    I wasn't far off. Though the inflation was lighthearted, there was a menacing undertone to the she looked at the loon, as if its fate was already sealed. She paused between breaths to laugh at how large the sphere was getting, and while it might seem like she was only blowing it up for fun the glares she kept shooting the camera clearly said "It's gonna pop! It's gonna pop! I'm gonna pop it!"
    I should be immune by now but her demeanor and attitude actually made me anxious. I felt sorry for any real phobics and hoped they had the willpower to look away. But it would be hard.
    The dark pink balloon grew a shade brighter as it reached full size and when the neck filled up Kim just about cackled with glee. She blew it bigger…and bigger…and BANG!
    The laugh was as sudden and loud as the explosion, and with an evil grin Kim flicked the torn neck towards the viewers.
    "Hope that won't stop you from a like and subscribe! Bye now!"
    With a wave she signed off and got some twisters out to do what she'd mentioned in passing. Turned out Kimber the clown had no problems with either blowing up or tying the balloons she chose for the performance, making a pink dog, a green dino, a yellow and white hat and, just to show off, one of those swords from the birthday party. That had do for a skill demonstration, and she gave another wave to signal the end.

    "Where do you find all this stuff, Cheryl? No way you got all that in one place."
    I never did, but this was a bit more of a mix than usual.
    "Well, I am an award-winning author." Lex had told me to keep the pin since hadn't ever worn it herself, but I did now and not without pride.
    "So how did I do? Funny enough, scary enough, both or neither?"
    I grinned. "Sexy enough, and that's enough."
    Kim grinned back. "None of the Angels had ever fucked a clown. Wanna beat them to it?"
    I had no idea how or why she knew, but if they'd passed up on any as tasty as Kim it was their loss.
    "Try to stop me."
    I kissed her with more enthusiasm than I'd ever thought I'd feel for that look, and when she broke off it was only to grab a fresh twister from the table. She blew it up with a single, meaningful breath and shaped it into the penis she'd refrained to do for the camera.
    "Blue balls", she said as the latex had the right color. "What to do about that…?"
    "Most owners would want to stick it in", I suggested.
    "What a novel idea."
    Getting crazy seemed to be a theme for the week, depending on how you define it. In any case I got one hell of a head start on the Angels and loved every second.

    The rest of the day was blissfully boring without anything of note really happening. Though I can't say the same for the evening. I'd finished some webmaster duties and thought I might get some reading in before getting ready for bed, and went to fetch my tablet on the nightstand. But I could almost feel my jaw hitting the floor on entering the room.
    Discovering a surprise Bowser had nothing on this. What simply had to be Kriss was standing in front of me, but it was hard to tell with the preposterous getup. Starting from the top, an ill-fitting red bowler with a yellow plastic flower sticking straight up. A curly rainbow wig. An incredible amount of greasepaint in the stereotypic style, including a false red nose. A wide collar of wavy cloth in three layers over an enormous yellow shirt with three pom-poms in lieu of buttons. I say enormous because it covered a girth that could only have been accomplished with at least twenty-four inches of inflated latex. The striped pants were just as wide and held up by suspenders, and a pair of comically oversized shoes stuck out from under them. As she brought her hands into view I had time to see they were covered with loose white gloves, and that one of them was holding what appeared to be a cream pie. Which was thrown straight at my face from just a couple of feet away. There was only time for a single thought before the impact - that my wife had either gone crazy from cabin fever or developed a death wish. Then there was a smack and a frankly overdone laugh.
    This will be a mercy kill.
    I wiped the shaving cream away and found no blunt instruments within reach, so I settled for my lapel pin and burst her belly. The fabric fell down and made the apparition even more horrific. I snatched the wig away along with the hat and there below all the paint was my Krissie, looking guilty, contrite and pleased at the same time. The strange yet familiar face was so desirable I figured there might be something to that 'love me the most when I deserve it the least' thing. My anger transformed into passion and I knew ravishing her was the only option. Yanking the oversized clothes off was quick work and the naked body below was just as I remembered it. I remembered what to do as well and let her have every last ounce of energy left in me, exerting myself to the limits trying to please and be pleased. Kriss did her all to keep up, clutching me tight while grinding and thrusting right back, sending my pulse and efforts into overdrive. It was one of those mindless, mindblowing fucks where nothing seems real except the warmth and the ecstasy, and simply coming did nothing to soothe me. I let her lick me into a frenzy to recover my drive and ran her through round two, grunting and panting and probably looking as much a wreck as she did. It was amazing, though.
    Eventually we lay back holding hands, just smiling at each other. That I could still want for someone wearing that makeup only proved how much in love I had to be. Kriss broke into a fit of giggles.
    "You should have seen your face!"
    I snorted. "You should see yours."
    "Gods, I love you so fucking much! For not getting mad. I wanna play dressup and fool around too…"
    There was genuine wistfulness there. "Are you…jealous?"
    "A bit maybe. Yeah", she admitted.
    "Then why did you stop borrowing her outfits? I loved that."
    Kriss looked sheepish. "You only did those stupid superheroines and I'm already Power Crystal."
    She sorta had a point. There'd been a drop in the masquerading for sure.
    "Well, as you just proved you're more than capable of thinking up your own. And I'd love that even more than the hand-me-downs."
    "I'll tell you Power Crystal's weakness so you can have your way with her. She goes weak in the presence of pumps."
    Brains fucked out or not, some creativeness remained. "Bet Lady Compressor would love to stick a hose up her ass and fill her 'til she pops."
    "To the bursting point", Kriss corrected. "That's where Wonder Kimber saves the day."
    "Sounds like you speak from experience."
    "Oh yes, we may look like rivals but we have each other's backs. And our arms around each other's backs."
    "Well, duh."
    "Next year I wanna pop", she said matter-of-factly.
    I took it in stride. My life's kinda weird. "Got any ideas?"
    "I play a really high note on the trumpet, I mean, blow until my face goes red, and then - blammo!"
    "Blammo? Nevermind. That could actually be fun if it's the end of a real, serious piece. Not just tooot - pop."
    She beamed. "Brilliant, Chel! I'll start writing tomorrow!"
    "At the earliest. Because right now you need to wash."
    Getting her true face back was a relief and I had to kiss it all over just to make sure it was like it should. Then we went to bed as if nothing had happened and when I got up the next morning there wasn't a trace of the encounter. But if Kriss thought I'd simply forget about it she was dead wrong. Two weeks later I pied her out of nowhere to get some satisfaction. And boy, did I get some satisfaction.

    To my utter surprise the clown look was a massive success. Guess it is a thing. I'd never expected it to lead to an upshoot in lewd letters, but there were several including a fella who described how it had made him "jerk and jerk and jerk". Well, every circus needs an organ grinder. And as expected there was a deluge of requests to hire Kim for parties, which we could turn down with a clear conscience due to the state of society.
    "Maybe we should do a double act", Kim said. "You can be the white clown."
    "Nope. No way. We're not a circus. If you can think up ten funny dual-clown situations where you blow up a balloon I might consider it."
    I underestimated her memory and determination and had reason to regret those words come November, but let's forget that for now. I'd rather forget it altogether.
    Also, a grand total of four people acknowledged the Don Martin reference, one even suggesting Nurse Kimber could show his method for removing splinters - or play a hitchhiker making good on the promise of 'California or bust' as envisioned by the artist. I wish I had his imagination - making gags for decades while I already struggled. Then again, he had more subjects to choose from and there's only so many puns you can make on 'air'.
    Life's unfair.


    • ChillinHaze
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      So much clowning around in this one. Literally! xD

      On a more serious note, don't use balloons as improvised sex toys for penetration! A balloon popping inside down there can cause serious pain and damage!

      Especially those modeling balloons often pop rather violently and just remember that literally everything down there is a super sensitive mucous membrane.
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      • Harley
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        Yeah, that's why I'm always putting in words like "stupid" and "crazy" in relation to that, even in fantasy stories.
        Oh, and don't blow into those parts either because air embolisms are seriously dangerous...


        • ChillinHaze
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          Yeah, I know this is fiction and all but I just wanted to make sure that in reality these things can be serious health risks. Like you said embolisms are extremly dangerous.

          If people wanna have fun with their loons, just hump them. A lot safer and tons of fun, even more so true for inflatables with the lower risk of getting whipped from a sudden pop.


          • Harley
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            EPISODE 73

            I mentioned the Kimitation doll with the oversized bust before, and there's a reason for that. Those proportions had turned the original's thoughts in a certain direction.

            "Shouldn't we do a feature on breast implants?"
            As a trivia piece it had merits, but I had to think long and hard about how to mix it up with our style without turning it into full comedy. It basically had to include Kimber popping a pair of fake tits, though how to set that up needed consideration.
            As usual, the simplest solution was the best for our purposes - i.e., two inflated balloons under her shirt and an opportune moment. Kim wore them from the start and commented on her expanded appearance. She also mentioned that large breasts has always been seen as desirable, as they’re associated with fertility and even prehistoric carvings tend to sport exaggerated shapes - albeit having them all over in more of a BBW fashion.
            "Regardless, it's not uncommon for modern women to want their breasts enlarged - either for cosmetic reasons or to replace tissue removed by surgery. Nowadays there are several ways to go about it, but they all follow the same principle - inserting an implant into your body.”
            It was a more clinical episode than usual and I had little fun writing this part as it mainly concerned medical procedures and materials. Kim spoke about how paraffin injections were used at the start of the 20th century and the complications over time that made them fall out of practice, ranging from deformations to lethal infections. A whole slew of other materials failed to perform as well, which the doctors frankly should have seen coming. In the late 1940’s silicone started to be used, with similar drawbacks because the loose material eventually formed granules. It wasn’t until the early 1960’s science discovered that pre-made silicone containers filled with gel of the same material was the way to go. Later saline solution was added to the list of options, though improvements are still made.
            I summed it up here because without Kim to look at the script isn’t particularly interesting to follow. Although it improved once the medical details were out of the way.
            "In the 1950's the inflatable bra was invented - the cups contained small plastic balloons which - once in place - the wearer was supposed to stick a straw into and inflate by mouth. Of course, if you had problems with the angle you could always ask a friend to do it for you. It wasn't a lasting success, but variants have made the occasional comeback - later versions with a built-in miniature pump, which just sounds lazy. Rubber suits with inflatable breasts are popular in certain circles, but maybe not something to wear in public."
            Well, perhaps at specialized conventions.
            “This might be a good point to debunk an urban legend - some claim breast implants can explode aboard airplanes because of pressure differences, and ‘witnesses’ are supposed to have seen well-endowed stewardesses’ busts literally pop during the flight. In some tellings the victim is a fellow passenger, but I guess that wouldn’t be as spectacular. Needless to say this can’t actually happen because silicone and saline don’t behave that way. I suppose an inflatable bra might explode in extreme circumstances, but then the wearer would have had to blow it up to bursting point before takeoff. But who knows? Maybe the rumor got started because a pretty hostess became overeager to make an impression on the passengers. In any case, such an accident would be more embarrassing than harmful.”
            I kinda liked that thought because it made for such great unintended comedy, though I’m pretty sure anyone employed by an airline would be aware of such things. But perhaps not in the fifties, when even engineers hadn’t figured out square corners on windows was a hazard and didn’t realize until a lot of people had found out the hard way.
            I ramble as usual. Back to Kimber.
            “There’s also the opposite - breast reductions. Too much up here can lead to back problems and other inconveniences. Naturally large breasts can be made smaller through tissue-removing surgery, while implants can be removed with relative ease.”
            Smiling, she picked up a pin and popped her chest balloons to fulfill the requirements I’d set. She said that would have to conclude the show and finished up. Then we went on to shoot a member vid because this episode wouldn’t be complete without a complement.
            For that, Kimber stayed at her desk in the same outfit, only remarking she hadn’t said much about the cost before but that it tends to be expensive and involve professionals.
            "If you want a simpler and cheaper way to increase your bust size you can try this. All you need is two balloons of the kind you can find in most any store."
            She held up a blue and a green one, both uninflated nine-inchers.
            "Blow them up to the volume you want to add."
            She filled them until they resembled a pair of generous D's. She looked at them closely, then let some air out of the blue loon.
            "Make sure they're the same size before tying them off. You can tie them together like this."
            After demonstrating the process Kim stuffed the whole thing under her shirt.
            "Then you just secure them in any way you like and presto - you're bigger! Just beware of sharp objects."
            Once more she popped her implants but this time she took out the remains and threw them away.
            "If you find a balloon in the right shape you can save some time."
            A red heart loon was produced and inflated until the rounded tips were notably separated. Kim knotted and placed it where its predecessors had been and the effect was remarkably neat - if extreme - until you took a closer look. Then the illusion sorta fell apart.
            "Just a quick tip for instant boobs on a budget! Bye!"
            She waved and I mused we'd just shot the most juvenile feature yet. But there's always time to get worse.
            Kim insisted on making out with the balloon still in place, and it felt kinda nice in an odd way. Then the heart burst between us and I had to contend with a normal-sized Kim. Which is plenty.
            "Whaddya think? Maybe I should get these fixed, huh?"
            I helped her remove the shirt. "I think you should at least sleep on the decision."

            No idea if the usual nap did anything for her opinions, but trust my subconscious to bite me in the ass when it was my turn to sleep. That night I had a dream visitor in the shape of Kim, who was dying to show off her new lingerie. Usually that would be a good thing, but this was somewhat different.
            "Look what I've got!" she said, wearing only a shiny black brassiere above her slacka. It was pretty smooth and nondescript, except for the limp strip of material hanging smack down the middle.
            "What is it?"
            "The latest in breast expansion! A braloon!"
            "A what?"
            "Bra-loon! Get it? You blow in this" - she pulled on the attachment - "and it makes your tits grow! Help a girl out?"
            Curiosity got the better of me and I bent forward to oblige. It felt much like blowing up a moderately tough balloon but to my surprise it wasn't the garment that expanded but Kim's actual boobs. The inflated evenly into a nice, rounded balcony and I let go of the mouthpiece. Somehow the air stayed in.
            "What the…?"
            "Cool! Do it again!"
            I tried to ignore that. "How did it feel?"
            "Good! Tickled a bit. It's great! Now blow 'em up some more!"
            I hesitated, knowing I probably shouldn't - but I couldn't disappoint Kimmy and puffed in another couple of breaths. Now she had a shape you can only get from rather extreme plastic surgery and seemed pleased as punch.
            "Amazing! I love it!"
            She turned this way and that, admiring her curves in the full-length mirror, and it was in that reflection I saw Lexi and Kriss enter the room. Kim was more than eager to show off and explain her new look, but when she asked for more Lex rather firmly declined.
            "No way, no how. That's plenty, Blondie."
            "Let me - I want a go!" Kriss said and there was no real way to stop her. She blew hard enough to make the breasts turn into something that couldn't be anything less than gazongas. The bra grew along with them, but there were some ominous creaking noises as it stretched out.
            "Hee hee hee", Kim laughed. "This is incredible!"
            "Want 'em bigger?"
            "Why not?"
            I could have given some reasons, but a full-on two-way blonde moment isn't easy to break once it gets momentum, and this one was already halfway to Stupidville. Kriss kept blowing and blowing and Kim kept growing and growing, ballooning out it the front like some prototype lovedoll. It would be hard to hold her, let alone fuck her, but she only seemed to have eyes for her rapidly changing physique. Kriss was happily and intently puffing away without a care in the world and I just knew something bad was bound to happen.
            I was right. There was an almighty bang as the braloon exploded, black pieces flying off to the sides. Kim's breasts instantly vanished, leaving her topless torso flat as a plank except for the now-shrunken nipples. Lex gasped in horror and shoved Kriss aside to inspect her deflated mate, desperately blowing against the tiny nubs in an attempt to restore her bust. When that did nothing she took Kim's face in both hands and began to blow into her mouth instead, filling her cheeks but not her tits. They stayed completely collapsed, to Lexi's chagrin.
            "Oops", Kriss said. "Maybe we could buy a new bra?"
            At that point I woke up and found my wife snoring beside me, blissfully unaware of what she'd just done. I managed to nod off again, but the first course of action in the morning was to find Kim. She was brushing her teeth and without a single word I pulled her robe apart to reveal her splendid, magnificent, full boobs.
            "My, you're frisky…" she grinned.
            I ignored her and began to fondle the fantastic breasts, licking and kissing the tips stiff aa I went. We sank to the floor and I continued my appreciation of Kim's front as she lay on her back.
            "These are amazing, glorious, perfect and don't you dare even think of changing them. Oh Kimmy, I love your tits!"
            I showed her what they were good for, sucking them until she came against my fingertips, once for each of the pair. Her surprise had instantly turned to delight but some curiosity remained even after I was done.
            "Wow… What brought this on?"
            I explained and she broke into chuckles that made her rack jump and jiggle.
            "I was never serious. By the way, you have a nice set too…"
            She pushed me down to show how that kind of treatment feels and I hoped it had been as good for her. We ended up holding each other, tittering at the whole thing.
            "These are all right", Kim admitted, "but Lexi's are huge. What about them?"
            "They're perfect for her."
            "She looks so wonderfully blown up. Wonder if they're the reason I love balloons so much?"
            I rose and reached down to help her up.
            "Let's find her and see if we can blow them up even more. Want the left or the right one?"
            "Her left or mine?"
            "Left", Kim decided and we set off.
            Alex was only mildly astonished at being basically assaulted, but didn't put up any fight at all. And it was clear Kim had picked the side that would put her dominant hand in a good spot. She was welcome to it - she had a legal claim after all and it meant I could use both of mine to feel for changes in size. We didn't do too well with that but the rest was apparently more than fine.
            "Go on", Kim said as her wife clung tightly to her, "give her the full story."
            Lexi had been trembling with pleasure before but now the shakes came from suppressed laughter.
            "I dreamed of 'Pawn Stars' and thought that was strange… But braloons…"
            She couldn't contain herself any longer and I realized the idea was odd enough to actually be funny. Maybe we could do a fake commercial or something.
            That was a thought for later. I set off to locate Kriss - I'd put her last because she was to blame for this whole turn of events. At least from a certain point of view.
            The slacker had gone back to bed and pouted at me daring to return. The nerve.
            "Where have you been?"
            I told her everything and she found it as amusing as Lex had, then hefted her own massive mammaries.
            "Then what would you call these?"
            "Beyond perfect."
            Because no matter what adjectives I'd used before, Kriss' tits are divine and I dove right in to worship them for quite some time. Her hands caressed my hair as I worked and unlike before no other touches were needed to send her over the edge. I sucked until her nipples were as stiff and swollen as I'd ever seen them, then blew cool air over the tips to make them grow even more.
            "Feels so good, Chellie… Suck. Blow."
            I could have kept going all day if she'd let me, but she slid a hand between her thighs to pop herself again and after that her nips were too tender to bother. Instead I ran my tongue over the soft outlines of her boobs and kissed the both before leaving well enough alone.
            "Someone should build a shrine to them", I sighed.
            Kriss smirked. "Maybe I should show them to my fans."
            "You'd blind them. Maybe just the contours of a nipple…"
            Kriss looked like she'd had an epiphany. "Know those small statues of composers people like to put up to pretend they know about music?"
            I feared the worst. "Yes?"
            "If they ever make a bust of me they'd better include the actual bust is all. Wait! Instead of plaster it could be plastic - and inflatable."
            I lost it. It wasn't just what she said but the thought of housekeepers whose duties would include 'keeping the busts well inflated'.
            "In your case it would be mandatory. Your cleavage is…eye-catching."
            Krissie looked both pleased and flattered. With a knowing grin she began to describe what corset she'd wear beneath her jacket for our next date and how she couldn't wait for me to plant my face into it. Kim is a bad influence on her, in the best way.
            And not only on Kriss. At dinner Alex made a suggestion for the night's musical session.
            "Topless playing and tit sucking."
            Just in case you've wondered if she ever comes up with ideas. She does, but prefers to go uncredited. She got loads of cred for that one, though.

            Seems I'm not the only one that can't get enough of breasts. The day after that both blondes came into my office, wearing oversized tees that must have been leftovers from the Barbara era. Kim's was purple and tightened against her waist with a red belt, which nearly triggered my blueberry PTSD. Kriss had something similar except in pastel green and an everyday brown belt.
            "We're putting on a show for Lex", she said. "Wanna peek?"
            I'm always up for a watch - after all, I'm not obliged to stay if I get bored but the last time that happened was never. So I tagged along as they walked in on the victim who was lying on the couch with her earbuds in. She took them out when she saw movement but I don't think she noticed me crouching behind a partition.
            "The view's better over there" Kim said and indicated an easy chair, which conveniently had its back turned against me.
            While Lexi made herself comfortable the others turned their backs as well to fiddle with their shirts and then Kriss left the room only to reenter moments later.
            "Gee, I wish these were bigger" Kim said theathrically to show the performance had started.
            "Hm", Kriss said, rubbing her chin. "Let me try something."
            She went over and grabbed one of the balloon necks hanging from a small hole in Kim's tee, put her mouth around it and blew. The fabric began to rise as the contents inflated, a muted clicking telling me a tiny one-way valve was involved.
            Soon there was a significant sphere in front of Kriss, who switched sides to blow up the other as much. Kim was delighted at the change and happily fondled the bulging pair.
            "How did you do that? Wait, let me try!"
            She bent forwards and inflated Kriss' chest in the same manner, puffing it somewhat larger to see if it was possible.
            "Wowie! Make mine that big?"
            "I'll do you one better."
            Kriss drew a deep breath and started to blow up Kimmy's chest balloons to ridiculous proportions, the roundness revealing they were using punchballs. Soon only a blonde head could be sticking up behind them. The owner laughed with glee.
            "Oh my god! They're huge! Mmm. I could just kiss you!"
            "Be my guest."
            As their lips met Kim's cheeks puffed out, to Krissie's evident surprise.
            "What are you doing?"
            "Checking if it works that way too. I wanna see how you look like this!"
            "Guess you have to do as before."
            Kim had to bend her knees since her knockers got in the way when just leaning forwards, but then she blew and blew into both valves until Kriss looked fit to explode. Then they tried hugging to celebrate the successful experiment and found that it, along with many other activities, was no longer possible.
            "Now what do we do?" Kriss said. "I just wanted to try for fun."
            Kim pondered the question. "Maybe I can suck some out?"
            She tried, but the while the valve would let air in it was quite good at making it stay put.
            "I'll try lower down."
            Kriss lay on the floor and pulled off her leggings, raising her rump enough for Kim to place her mouth in the right spot. I spied Lex tentatively touching herself at the sight and that turned me on more than the actual show, but I held out for an improvement.
            Despite some intent lip work that Kriss seemed to really appreciate her chest stayed inflated, and Kim went for drastic measures.
            "Hold still while I squeeze them."
            She took a balloon in both hands and pressed hard. The shirt contorted along with the globe but that was about it so she resorted to brute force - with predictable consequences.
            "AH!", Kriss cried, jumping back. "Look what you did! I'm uneven!"
            Kim panicked and began to blow frantically into the drooping valve, to no avail.
            "I'm sorry!" she gasped and broke the other loon in the same way. "There! Looks better, right?"
            Kriss could only stare at her in silent rage. Then she curved her fingers into claws and rammed them into both of Kim's balloon boobs at the same time. Guess she had some hidden pins because they burst at once and made the fabric fall down like an unflattering shroud.
            Kim shrieked in horror. "Aaaaa! My tits!!"
            She turned on Kriss with murder in her eyes. "You'll pay for this!"
            The younger blonde launched herself at the other and they began grappling, a tussle that turned into an outright catfight as they fell to the ground. Kim rolled onto her back and forced Krissie's face against her chest, pushing it down with all her might.
            "Blow it up, bitch! Blow, you fucking slut!"
            I'd never heard her speak that way to Kriss before and it was a massive turn-on. Either Lexi thought so too or was simply shocked, but there was an audible gasp from her chair.
            At any rate Kriss obeyed, her cheeks bulging out and turning red with the effort she was compelled to put in. But after three futile, gargantuan puffs she broke free and grasped Kim's head between her hands.
            "You want me to blow?! I'll show you blow!"
            There was a loud, violent gasp and then Kriss shoved her lips against Kim's and blew hard into her mouth. I knew she was faking it because Kimmy would have popped for real if she didn't. Kim struggled and kicked to escape and during the second tremendous exhale she managed to pull Kriss' tee up enough to reveal the perfectly fine breasts hiding under it.
            "Look! They're okay!"
            Kriss stopped to stare and feel herself up, then lifted Kimmy's shirt for another revelation.
            "And yours…"
            The tops were thrown aside and the girls sat looking at each other in shame and regret.
            "I'm sorry I called you those things…" Kim said in a small voice.
            "And I'm sorry I got rough."
            Then they basically threw themselves at each other, desperate kisses turning in intense make-up sex. They clutched and bit and rolled around on the floor, humping with a vigor that had to be seen to be believed. I saw it all right, and jilling off had never felt more natural or needed. I love to watch just how much they're into each other and this was one for the ages. There were no 'I love you's since their bodies did the talking but every little move basically screamed it. I screamed too, giving myself away in an incredible orgasm no one took much note of since they were all heading in the same direction. K & K came at about the same time, but when they saw Lex wasn't done yet Kim hurried over to fulfil her marital obligations on her knees, sucking her wife off while two dark feet rose towards the ceiling and stayed up until Kimmy had finished going down. Then we bundled up in a free-for-all makeout session, strengthening an already unbreakable bond.
            I knew that however long that fucking pandemic went on we'd weather it together, even if it meant never going out. There were so many pleasant ways to spend the days inside.

            Some things had taken a hit, though. All upcoming gigs had been canceled so Kriss and Lex made some online appearances to compensate a bit. Lou's plans to get back into business had to be indefinitely postponed, but I said if she was willing to make more video tutorials she could get a slot on the new site for a piece of that sweet ad revenue. She was willing to give it a try, if only to get another way to pass the time.
            And Kim urged her viewers to send in suggestions of how to keep busy while staying at home. Passing them on to a wider audience would fill a couple of episodes, and she also asked if there were any dancers watching and if keeping indoors had inspired them to think up any new moves. If so, she'd be happy to feature their routines in a separate section, and even pay a little more than just the 'exposure' people seem to think creators can live on. There had to be a certain level of talent and interest of course, and I thought it might prove interesting to see Kim on the other side of auditions for once.
            ‘Balloons of the World’ was good on paper, but most of the things we’d been sent were just repackaged stuff from major manufacturers, even if the prints differed quite a bit. Perhaps there aren’t too many balloon factories around. A gift from south of the border was made at a local plant though, and Kimber was happy to demonstrate the twelve-inch ‘Viva Mexico’ balloons she’d received. She took a red one from the pack and inflated it with evident curiosity. It didn't have much in the way of neck and blew up almost completely round, not elongating much even when blown past the limit and exploding from one breath too many. A slightly different shape than usual which seemed to delight the presenter, who blew a green one to pop as well just to confirm they were supposed to be like that.
            “I know it’s not Cinco the Mayo yet but I’ll blow the rest up when that day comes! Viva Mexico!”
            Then she redeemed herself a bit because I’d told her to. “And that’s just because I can’t wait ‘til September 16 - but maybe this year I’ll get a chance to talk about my neighbors on their Independence Day!”
            Writing about other countries is always interesting but people tend to get prickly when you get stuff wrong, as I’d noticed every time we did. At least I could check in with Tessa for this one.
            Anyway, all that made April pass much quicker than I'd thought, and before I knew it we were set to do the twelfth birthday greeting. The last one, as the first round could be reactivated if we felt the need. Spring was turning into true summer, so light, festive dresses were in order and Kim chose a pink one paired with a grass green balloon which she inflated to the max in a joyous way, as if it had been a celebration of any old spring without restrictions. Kriss and Lex wore respectively white and lavender, with sky blue and rose red balloons to liven up the performance. They picked their favored instruments for this final round and played a lively version of the song that made you happy just hearing it.
            With a full year of festive videos behind us we could put that section to rest as well. Though I was sure Kim would like some kind of replacement - which she did. I told her it would have to wait a month, which I maybe wouldn't have done if I'd known there'd be even more waiting around the corner.
            Patience, we'll get there.


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              EPISODE 74

              It was officially May and at long last, the final season of She-Ra would arrive. Kim brought us all in to watch the trailer and I realized the end product would probably be a massive tearjerker. The slow, somber version of the peppy theme song set the tone nicely for that and Kim was practically chewing her nails at having to wait weeks for the actual episodes.

              "That song's haunting", she said.
              Kriss gave her a teasing smile. "Recognize the voice?"
              A replay was of course needed and the penny dropped even for me. But hearing the heroic lyrics sung by the villain broke Kim.
              "Bastards!" she cried. "I need it now!"
              "Savor it", Kriss suggested. "It said 'The Final Season'."
              I turned to Lex. "You have a feeling this is gonna end in tears?"
              She nodded. "Big time."
              Still, it was a step up from last time and Kim decided to be a very good girl on her own show to appease the TV gods. She declared it was time to open pool season by showcasing her inflatable presents, which saved me an entire script writing session.

              For some reason Kimber fell back on her bimbo persona, the one who'd blown the orca apart last summer. Maybe because she thought an airhead fit the theme, maybe it was to get away with less-than-stellar comments. Or maybe it would excuse wearing full makeup and heels to the poolside. At any rate she was a vision of loveliness in her white one-piece swimsuit with the fake black belt and gold buckle accentuating her waist. A huge canvas trunk on the tiled floor held as many inflatables as we'd been able to stuff into it, which was a lot even if we'd restricted ourselves to the beach-themed ones.
              "Hi everyone", Kimber said as she waved at the camera. "It's finally time for me to take a look at all the pool toys you've sent me! Let's see what we have!"
              She went to the oversized bag and made a show of rifling through the contents, just enough to hint at how many were in there.
              "Wow! Looks like this thing will see some action today!"
              She held up one of our nifty adapters that'd push pesky tabs out of the way while being perfectly suited for blowing into. Then she pulled out a beach ball with 'Benidorm' and a drawn motif of a sun over a crowded beach printed on one panel. It was an overseas gift, and she swiftly inflated it for display before tossing it into the water. A swim ring was subjected to the same, and Kim asked if anyone could translate the letters on it.
              "It's Greek to me', she smiled, and judging by the alphabet it would be to everyone.
              An open ring followed - seemed you were supposed to clip it around your waist if you were small enough - which sported a funny animal head that squeaked if you squeezed it. Kim did so a couple of times and went on with another beachball. And one more.
              It was such an efficient operation I was more convinced than ever the hypothetical pool toy inflation service would be a hit. I imagined it would make a neat video if nothing else and pictured Kim and Kriss manning a seaside stall, wearing identical, official-looking swimsuits - I was sure a talented designer could give them a uniform vibe. There would be people lining up from both directions, with Kriss on the left repairing and reinflating a punctured ride-on while Kim received and blew up a beachball and swim ring in turn. Her third customer would hand over Blooper and she'd just say "I'll have to charge extra for this."
              "That's ok" would be the reply and after checking the queue she'd call for backup, prompting Lex to report for duty and start blowing up the monstrosity in the background while Kim handled the next client, this one requesting another patch n' puff. And all the while Kriss would keep servicing customers on her end, swiftly readying their toys for play.
              I found myself kinda liking the idea and if the show survived the lockdown we might even do something in that direction. As a skit it would be fun to end with Kim being handed an obvious sex doll and just look at it before shrugging and raising the valve towards her lips.
              For the moment her less raunchy demonstration was more than enough, though. She picked up and shook out a turtle, stuck the adapter into it and blew it so full of air it got perhaps a little rounder than intended. She admired it from all angles and went on to inflate another beachball, this time a clear one with metallic decorations. The condensation from her breath fogged it up a bit and she said it might be easy to lose on a misty morning.
              Then she proceeded to puff up a pink pool float and lay down on it to blow a swim ring into shape. The gaudy torus was far too small for her to get into and she took out a glazed plastic donut instead, which took a while to blow up since it was rather big. I thought of the one Kriss had once used to give her skirt shape and supposed they must come in various sizes. The one Kim was inflating looked pleasantly puffy when full and she sat down on it to blow up a few more vinyl toys.
              Then she took out a yellow life jacket of the plastic kind, which probably wouldn't meet any safety standards. She nevertheless inflated the connected tubular chambers and the separate collar before wearing it, keeping it on while she blew up the next few articles. A pair of puffy water wings happened to be among them and she donned those as well.
              It was a lovely way to present pool toys and I knew that when Kriss saw this she'd recommend Puffco to hire Kim for advertising their next product line. Or inflate her way through the entire catalog for the camera. There'd be worse ways to show them off.
              By now an entire plastic menagerie had accumulated among the multitudes of balls, rings and floats and Kim had removed the puffed-up wearables, adding them to the very wide pile. The bag was almost empty and she'd put the final inflatable at the bottom on purpose, even if she acted surprised at what it turned out to be.
              "A penguin! she gasped. "Wait a moment, I know just the thing for this!"
              She strutted out of frame and before long returned after putting on her tailcoat and a white bow tie straight around her bare neck. It was such a blonde moment you couldn't help smiling, and as a bonus it went surprisingly well with her swimsuit. She picked the penguin up once more, located the valve and began to blow with wide-eyed anticipation. The bird puffed up almost as nicely as her cheeks and soon she had inflated it to the proper plump shape and size - about four feet from rump to beak and a bit extra on top. Kim blew it absolutely full and plugged it up, holding it out in both hands for a delighted inspection. She grabbed its flippers and spun it around in a small dance on the spot, doing a full turn before stopping with a giggle.
              "It's adorable!"
              So was she, but that went without saying. She surveyed the scattered collection of vinyl blown into all shapes and colors and pressed the tips of her fingers to her chest.
              "Willya look at that!
              I could hardly believe she had blown them all up by mouth, but the proof had been caught on camera and would undoubtedly brighten the day of quite a few individuals. There were even more inflatables than during Ms. Kimber's lecture on the subject, and she still hadn't used all she'd been sent. But summer hadn't really begun yet.
              Kim came up to me and asked for what the Angels used to get whenever complaining of sore lips - me blowing softly on them until they felt alright again. Which usually only took a token puff or two, since it mostly was a request for recognition and affection. This wasn't an exception, but these days I take the time to moisten them with my tongue between breaths and keep blowing until there's a moan or a sigh. I got both this time.
              "That's sooo nice, Cherry…"
              I smiled, remembering nights spent on full-body versions of the same. But that kind of thing inevitably turns into foreplay, unless three people do it at once because then it's nigh-on impossible to not jill off right away. There was something that had to be done before we got there, though.
              "Soon you'll give Kriss a run for the money. Mind blowing up one last thing for me?"
              "As many as you want", she smiled.
              "It should be quick and easy."
              I fetched the very compact package Kriss had ordered on yet another whim - a thin camping airbed, sorta grid-shaped to save on who knows what. The picture made it look like someone had tried to make an olive-green waffle with too little batter. I shook it out of the box and handed it to Kim, who unscrewed the valve and inflated it fully with just a few breaths.
              She looked puzzled. "That's it? Seems wimpy."
              I shrugged. "Apparently they're the norm now. Kriss wanted to put one in every room for emergencies."
              Like urgent cases of the hots.
              "Have you tried it?"
              "No, I think she went and forgot about it."
              "Well", Kimmy said, taking off her jacket. "What are we waiting for?"
              "For me to get this", I said and fetched the strapon stashed in a wicker basket for similar purposes. "Have to test the basic function, right?"
              I hope she knew right away it was more of a reward than a review. I certainly did my damndest to show how much I appreciated and was impressed by the absolutely massive display of lung power she'd put on. And how much I loved her, of course.
              The mattress at least passed muster as Kim said it was comfier than being fucked on the floor but that she could take it or leave it. I had to agree it didn't add much and was rather ugly to boot. I like my air beds a lot thicker than that, thankyouverymuch. I suppose they're ok for those outdoorsy types who actually want to experience sleeping in nature, but if you go couple camping for any other reason than getting it on in new and exciting places you're doing it wrong in my book. Sure, fishing and cooking by campfire and all those things are fine, but if you're taking me there'd better be some sex involved.
              Speaking of, there should be an unofficial rule that inflating the mattress is the lady's job. Let the boys handle pitching the tent - they're naturally good at that anyway - chop wood, build the fire, anything with even a chance of frustration. Sitting down and blowing into a mouthpiece is practically effortless in comparison and yet gives the most impressive results. It's also pretty vital if you wanna spend the night comfortably, with the added bonus of guaranteed appreciation - just ask if it feels nice resting on your breath while stroking him and simply stop until he agrees.
              "Let's camp in the backyard some time", I suggested. "With loads of pillows and blankets and extension cords."
              "Mmm", Kim said. "Sounds nice. Could do it tonight if we had a tent."
              There was that, but if I told Kriss we would have one at the earliest convenience. And a deluxe airbed that'd leave room for little else inside it.
              I decided to tell her in the near future. While demonstrating why the current mattress was insufficient.

              The weeks marched on and we kept busy making stuff for the various areas of our sites. Lou had gone through hell trying to set up her phone for filming and had managed three shoddy-looking vids she didn't want anyone to see even if the content was more than all right. Then she figured out a way to make it work but when I offered to upload she said no, she'd thought of something she wanted to add and would reshoot it.
              I was happily surprised at the second version, since she'd found a way to make it fit right in on Kimber's Corner. After she'd shown how to apply the makeup for a very pretty everyday look she took out a white balloon and blew it up all the way to visualize how little the lipstick would smear. The bright latex neck was a wonderful indicator, and she even pressed her lips hard against the inflated surface for an even better demonstration. I told her I'd setup a personal tip jar in addition to her guaranteed fee, since that little touch might be enough to warrant one. And it was.

              Then the long-awaited date arrived, when we would finally find out if the good girls were indeed gonna win in the end and - most importantly for Kim - where that would leave Catra. We'd loaded up with enough snacks, drinks and sandwiches to last the full run, pillows and blankets for comfort and a whole box of tissues. I'd also removed anything that could be thrown hard enough to break the screen.
              By the way, if you plan on seeing the last season you might want to skip ahead. There could be some spoilers here.
              At long last we settled in for the marathon, because some people would binge it no matter what and might be in serious need of support if things went south. The anticipation was palpable when the season finally began.
              Tensions ran high from the outset - it only took three episodes for Kim to start crying and after five we had to pause while she composed herself. Ups and downs followed but during the penultimate part the waterworks came on and didn't really stop until the final credits rolled - they just varied in intensity.
              The actual climax was the worst, of course, and hit us in various ways. It made Lexi freeze up and blink dumbfoundedly at the screen.
              "Holy shit, they did it."
              Kriss was more animated, letting out a "Yee-hah!"
              "I'll be damned", I said, pretending my face wasn't all wet.
              But my tears were nothing compared to Kim's. She was sobbing so much we had to hit pause again.
              "I knew it", she hiccupped, "but didn't dare hope..."
              “That’s one for the history books for sure”, Kriss said.
              I could only nod and press play. Things were quickly wrapped up and then Kim could have a good and thorough cry, so my prediction was correct - in a good way.
              With the tension gone we had to go back and check the best or funniest bits and they were even more enjoyable now. Kim said she'd have to watch the whole series from the start with all she now knew in mind and had to be told that was for another day.
              It had been a few exhausting hours but there was peace at last, apart from a certain blonde going on and on about previous plot points, callbacks and resolutions. I loved hearing her rave on, because it felt like some of her own issues had been resolved as well. Guess hearing a stranger say "You're worth more than what you can give other people" finally made what we'd been telling her all along sink in.
              That night Kimberly Swanson fell asleep completely at ease, a complacent smile on her face. A planet-wide plague was raging outside, but all was well in her world. As it was in ours, all snuggled up around her.

              At breakfast Kim said she needed to make another PSA, to remind people the end had come. In a manner of speaking.
              "As long as you don't spoil it."
              "Just gonna say they stuck the landing. That's ok, right?"
              Well, it only meant the quality kept up and that couldn't be denied. So I filmed her - as herself - delivering the message and uploaded it. She made clear it was more a personal statement than a true episode and that there'd be no schedule changes.
              Mandy called in the evening apropos that clip.
              "So what did you think of it?"
              I told her about my reactions and she said she'd been much the same. "Liz tried to act all indifferent but the ending destroyed her. She bawled more than the baby!"
              "I imagine it hit a bit close to home."
              "Close?" she laughed. "I'd say ground zero!"
              "Did she just watch to keep you company?"
              "She can say that all she wants but she loved it all along. She's quit enough shows she didn't."
              That was about it from the lone star state, but if I jump ahead a bit I can mention that Kriss put in an order with Craig - apparently not the only one he'd gotten from having his Samus suit appear on the show. We knew nothing, of course, until she showed up in the living room wearing a costume based on She-Ra's updated appearance. It was pretty close to picture perfect.
              "Hey, Catra", she said.
              Kim bloody near swooned, but had to get in line since I was already doing a close-up inspection. Very close.
              Turned out there were new clothes for the catgirl as well - the simple outfit she'd worn for the bulk of the series - but we had to imagine the makeup because there was no time putting any on. Even if Kim and Kriss started out play-fighting they soon ended up on the floor to recreate a couple scenes I figured would become iconic.
              Oh, and that part about not letting them have sex in character? I relented. Me and Lex enjoyed watching that even more than the actual show.

              But getting back to May, a couple days later I was spending the night with Lexi. We had finished making love and were getting just about ridiculously affectionate when an idea started growing on me.
              "Lovely, lovely Lex. Know what I'd like?"
              "Another round?" she playfully asked, her voice not entirely devoid of hope.
              "Maaaybe", I teased. 'But with all those new features on the site I'd like to make an extra with you. Let the viewers get to know you better."
              "What for?"
              "Haven't you noticed it's one of the most requested things on Krissie's page? Apart from nudes."
              "I know some have asked but didn't think it was a big thing."
              "It kinda is. So how about it? You just sit back and relax and answer questions I read from off-camera."
              She said she'd get terribly self-conscious and I suggested a slight alternative which made her nod and say might work. Then I felt a finger run over my breast, tracing around and over the nipple which began to swell in anticipation. Lexi flicked it with her tongue and blew gently until it was rock hard.
              "So…that second round?"
              I could only smile and moan. "Blow up the other too and you have a deal."

              She threw the interview into the bargain after I'd stopped sucking until she agreed and the result was I once again spent the morning setting up the camera in the pool house. Soon enough Alex joined me, all made up for the shoot and looking terrific in a carefree long wig and purple bikini. Her muscles were on open display but weren't the focus - the long lashes and coy smile drew your eyes to her face even if the overall impression was one bodacious beach babe. The smooth grooves between her abs reminded me that there was a reason for her ignorance of public demand - I passed very few messages on after I was done censoring. I'd been a bit squicked out by the guy who'd described how he'd love to have his jizz run down those lines but had probably thought the same in his place. Emphasis on thought.
              Anyway, I knew there'd be more of the kind after this but no use letting the creeps spoil a good thing. I asked if Lex felt ready and since she said yes I went through the list of questions I'd prepared to give her time to think. Then she fetched a pink lounger from a shelf and unfolded it while I filmed her. She found the valve, opened it and inflated the airbed without any sign of hurry or effort. No posing or showing off, just a lovely woman doing what had to be done for some relaxing time on the water. It wasn't a regular mattress - it had a tilted back and armrests with cup holders, which meant it needed a bit more breath to fill up. Alex blew in enough to make it nice and firm and I helped her embark, keeping the splashing to a minimum. She paddled to the middle of the pool and I tried framing her to make the room look more impressive than it was.
              Then I introduced and interviewed her, and Lex kept smiling nicely for both me and the audience while answering all I had to ask. The sunglasses resting on her forehead were perhaps unnecessary but a nice visual touch. We talked a bit about her childhood, how her interest in music had started, how long she'd been playing professionally and so on. Other interests were covered too and she revealed both her favorite dish (cheese-stuffed meatloaf with green beans - the easiest to try at home out of her top ten), color (purple) and performer (currently Miles Davis but there was a rotation).
              All in all a neat little collection of factoids and I felt there was something in there for everyone. Though only the members would get to see her blow up the floating furniture.
              Once ashore Lex pulled the lounger up and I went to embrace her.
              "Veeery good. You happy with Kimmy's rates?"
              "More than happy" she replied as I pushed her down on the float. I stripped to my underwear and got into place to pay her dues. Her bikini bottom went into the pool without her but she was wet enough as it was. My saliva was just a drop in the ocean.
              Lex writhed and groaned. "You should have asked about my favorite position…!"
              I looked up for a moment. "And which one is that?"
              "All of them! Oh, I wanna brag about how much head I'm getting these days!"
              I gave her some more and that really set her off.
              "I wanna say me and Kriss don't just play together, we play together too! Want everyone to know I get to fuck Crystal Mackenzie whenever I want!"
              The sheer unbridled joy was infectious. I flicked her clit with my tongue.
              "She's not here right now - can I fuck you for her?"
              "Oh goddamn yes!"
              I tried to sound official through my grin. "One moment. Just let me finish this."
              Having done that I brought out the strapon and lay back on the mattress while Lexi rode me until she collapsed against my chest. The bucking and screaming had made me ache for a go, but I'd planned one more thing before that. I took an empty, pink 18-incher from the equipment bag and switched the camera on.
              "Pretend you're on the stage in a titty bar. How would you handle being slipped this along with a fifty? You have to imagine the bill..."
              What I got would have been value for money. Lex inflated the balloon with strong, purposeful breaths in the most provocative way possible, shooting me smoldering, challenging glances over the slowly expanding latex. She kept blowing it up and up until it had about half a neck and then tied it off, tossed it slightly into the air and headbutted it aside with a leer, the tip of her tongue making the contact. It bounced twice on landing and then she did something she wouldn't have done for any amount of tipping - she grabbed my knees and pulled them apart to perform a less literal but infinitely more satisfying blow job. I couldn't help coming in only a minute or two, but that didn't diminish things in the least. In fact, I had to tell her my first thought.
              "I wanna brag too… about how Sweet Cheeks Riley just licked my pussy. Twice."
              Lexi made it so I could have posted that without lying and then donned the strapon, tossed me another balloon and ordered me to blow. The stretching, inflating curve blocked the view of Lex kneeling and raising my rump into position to pump away as hard as she could, but it didn't matter since the sensation made me squeeze my eyes shut. The sound of the rubber stretching and creaking with my puffs couldn't quite drown out her efforts and the thrill of uncertainty made my muscles tense up in anticipation. I both sorta feared the inevitable bang and looked forward to it, and when it came Lex gave a gasp and went into overdrive. It was all I could do to lie back and endure the onslaught, loving every moment until I exploded much like the balloon. I yanked her down for a good, hard snuggle and kissed every part my lips could reach. Her sighs were just dreamy.
              "You're a fantastic fuck. Should have asked if you know how sexy you are."
              Alex seemed slightly embarrassed. "Wouldn't have known what to say."
              "Doesn't matter, the viewers still gonna love what we just shot."
              She smirked. "The official or unofficial stuff?"
              "Both, but they'll only see the former"
              Lexi's grin grew wider as she leaned in and started blowing into my ears in the most sultry, seductive way imaginable.
              "You look a bit deflated', she whispered between puffs. "Thought I'd get you back in shape 'cause I really wanna fuck some more."
              "Then let's go find a real bed, take the day off and just fuck."
              Said and done. If there was one thing to say for the lockdown it was not having any reasons to refrain from that.

              They viewers did love the interview, and it caused a deluge of further questions. Together we picked out the eight Lex felt she could give the best replies to and printed them out on small notes. We stuck them into differently colored balloons and brought the fortune wheel back from early retirement. Over a couple days we filmed an episode for each of them, although we had to make the wheel segments increasingly larger as fewer and fewer balloons remained. Lex - wearing a new and fetching outfit every time - would make a spin and inflate the winner until it burst to get the question out for answering. She blew the balloons up with the biggest and hardest breaths she could produce just to show off, which made the waiting brief. It was a trick she'd learnt from Tessa, who used something similar to decide which pieces of bonus trivia to dole out at the end of her walking tours. I hoped she'd be able to resume those in a not-too-distant future.
              But having Lex do a weekly blow n' tell proved popular and made Kim decide what she wanted to do for a new set of monthly specials. Believe it or not, it was a fab idea, especially paired with Kriss' next impulse.
              Which, for once, turned out to be great.


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                EPISODE 75

                "You want to be a what?"

                "Calendar girl!" Kim sounded almost triumphant, as if she'd thought long and hard to come up with it. "A new pic for every month, along with a fun memory from each."
                "That's actually nice, except we'll run out of settings real fast. Or do you think different poses and outfits are enough?"
                Kriss was basically jumping in her seat. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Just wait!"
                Then she grew curiously silent, just smirking "You'll see" when I asked what she meant.
                You can imagine my thoughts. One of them concerned the portrait balloons she had ordered with very nice line drawings of her and Lex - those had arrived only days into the lockdown and been shelved in anticipation of a more festive reveal. Releasing them in the store back then would have been ill-timed. We'd blown up a few to check the quality in private, though, and sitting on their rubberized, inflated faces wasn't the worst substitute for the real thing. Connecting them to a calendar was a stretch at best, but since it was Kriss anything could be possible. Right then I had another rather simple script to hammer out on Kim's insistence and maybe it was overdue like she said. It was at any rate a good time for it.
                Once again Ms. Kimber made an appearance, against a backdrop of neatly arranged logo balloons she'd procured while covering the history of Caporal High. Not that this teacher was affiliated with that school, but she nevertheless blew them all up in a very prim and proper way before placing them against the wall. Her makeup and hair were a tad more stylish than in the previous episodes and she wore a very classy black skirt with a matching waistcoat over the white dress shirt with the top button undone. The latter was bespoke and fit so neatly you'd think she was already fully dressed - which wasn't exactly in line with the theme.
                The teacher finished inflating the decorations, straightened her glasses and sat down to start recording.
                "Welcome to another class with me - Ms. Kimber. I'm preparing for the graduation ceremonies and festivities and will take the opportunity to talk about a seldom mentioned subject." She reached down and produced a long, irregular strip of black silk. "The history of the bow tie."
                Kim placed the band in front of her and began. "You may have heard certain kinds of neckwear referred to as 'cravats' and that's where it began - with Croatian mercenaries in the Thirty Years War using scarves to hold their shirts together and to some extent protect their necks. This was in the early 17th century, as I'm sure you recall."
                I certainly hadn't myself and wasn't even sure which countries fought and why, but apparently Sweden was among the major players. Kim didn't mention any of that, though.
                "They were usually tied in bows - both for easy removal and a touch of style. The fashion was adopted by French aristocrats, who were pretty much setting the example of how to dress at the time. They preferred more elegant material like lace, and elaborate versions of the simple cravats soon adorned noble necks all over Europe."
                And in overseas holdings, being right in the middle of the colonization age.
                "Over time the loosely hanging ends fell out of fashion and at the start of the 19th century something approaching the modern bow tie had become the norm. The ends were often shaped into points, but the band was still completely straight. It is not clear when this model emerged" - she held up the tie - "but because of its shape it’s called a 'thistle'. Straight-edged bow ties are called 'batwings' and were very popular in the middle of the last century. Perhaps as a counterreaction to those, oversized thistles became fashionable in the 1970's."
                I will never fathom how people actually and seriously walked around in clown-appropriate clothes and accessories back then. It wasn't just the ties that were oversized.
                "There are also thistles with pointed ends - those are called 'diamond points' but have always been far less common, except in the 1940's when they were very much in vogue. Speaking of shapes, you may have wondered why the ends look like this. When you fold them here they get the desired shape while acting as the loops of the knot. And just like with shoelaces, you undo it by pulling on a loose end. The complicated part is not tying it - it's getting it tight enough and making it look nice and even. Let me show you."
                That was my cue to hold up a mirror for Kim - while she'd practiced enough to do it without looking there was no way she'd get it neat without visuals. She did an admirable job and since the band was measured to her neck the bow ended up just where it was supposed to - with the right fit to boot. She pulled a bit at the wings to adjust it.
                "As this is somewhat tricky and time-consuming, pre-tied bows are much more common. You can easily spot them - since they are sewn together by folded fabric, all ends are loops. If a bow has one flat and one looped end on each side, chances are it's hand tied."
                She mentioned how hers was made at a fixed length but that adjustable ones are the standard. Also the existence of bandless clip-ons but that those shouldn't really count.
                Ms. Kimber went on with another fact. "Certain professions - like doctors and scientists - are associated with bow ties, and for good reason. Unlike regular ties they don't hang down and get in the way of delicate work. They are also considered somewhat nerdy, likely due to the connotation to 'brainy' occupations and/or being worn by characters like Barney Fife and Pee-Wee Herman. But fictional super spy James Bond also sported them, so it's more of a visual shorthand than an actual thing."
                She listed some famous real-world wearers and lamented neckwear in general had dwindled in popularity over the last decades, not only through changes in fashion.
                "Some find ties of any kind uncomfortable and feel they make it hard to breathe. I'd better make sure my airways aren't impaired."
                Kimber took out an uninflated dark red balloon and drew a stately breath before blowing it up to full size with measured puffs. Or almost, at any rate. Just as it was about to stretch out into a pleasant pear shape the damned thing suddenly popped mid-inhale, which is one of Kim's five least favorite things to happen while filming. She took it well, though, stated that it felt pretty good to her and took out a hitherto unseen black jacket. She pulled it on and pointed out the peaked lapels, explaining there are also notched ones and shawl collars. We were also told the American name for the British dinner jacket comes from Tuxedo Park, New York, where it was first introduced in 1886. Then Ms. Kimber finished with straightening her clothes and saying she hoped to see the students at the graduation ceremony.
                The broken balloon rankled, though, and Kim demanded to redo the episode from the start. I said we could go to a closeup of her tying the knot and reshoot from there, which she agreed to as long as the unbroken shot went up in the members area. Showoff. Anyway, this time she managed to blow the balloon absolutely full and admire both the size and lack of discomfort before letting the air out and putting it away. After the episode proper she blew it to burst on purpose in her full tux as a real member bonus, to 'find out the maximum volume'. A flimsy excuse, but I don't think the class minded.
                Then I raised my hand.
                "Miss? Can I be teacher's pet for a while?"
                I could, and though I was making out with the strict-looking teacher I recognized my sweet Kimmy-coo under the shallow facade. She kept her hair up and glasses on throughout, and after having her way with me the entire student body was satisfied with her performance. Not a bad track record.

                The lesson made for a decent episode and since it was such a good refresher Kriss declared a black tie dinner that Friday, which no one objected to as it always means a really romantic evening with good food, slow dancing and four-way lovemaking all night. This time it also included band practice, which felt strangely professional and really really good - good enough for a lot of playful instrument switching and various duets. Watching Alex blow the tuba in a tux while Kim played her wife's trumpet was so cool I just stood clinging to Kriss and sighing.
                "I'm so in love right now. With all of you."
                "I know how you feel."
                We moved on to the bedroom as planned and the next morning I was still very much in love, even when Kriss suggested the rest of us go play some video games after breakfast. In fact, she insisted.
                I had no idea why she wanted us out of the way, but we all knew that was the reason. Some Smash Bros helped pass the time and I had just managed to knock Lexi into orbit when my wife entered with the biggest grin you ever saw.
                "Come have a look."
                She led us to the dance hall, which hadn't been on my guess list. Lo and behold, there had been some change in the furnishings. The far short wall was covered in LED screens that displayed a beach with palm trees waving in the wind. I gasped along with Kim and Lex but one thought flashed to the front of my mind.
                "Are you mad?! I happen to have an idea of how much those cost!"
                "Relax, I'm only paying rent! And not much at that."
                She explained a friend of hers used those for displays and backdrops but as business had dried up with the lockdown Kriss swooped in with a better-than-nothing offer. I decided not to ask how she'd gotten it delivered and installed because I had a hunch there'd been several violations of who-knows-what. Over the years I'd discovered people in the entertainment biz tend to play a bit fast and loose with rules behind the scenes.
                Anyway, unless Kriss had brought a pox upon the house I didn't care much how it had been done. It certainly was impressive and Kim was already literally dancing around in excitement. Lex asked what could be projected and Kriss said pretty much anything, waving a thick operating booklet. She had to demonstrate, of course, flipping through several example stills and videos.
                "There's your calendar backdrop", she told Kim. "Or episode settings."
                I chuckled. "Admit it's at least as much for yourself."
                "Never said it wasn't. Think we can have some fun with this?"
                "Hell yeah", Lex said. "Look at her go."
                Kim asked for various locations and put on suitable music to bust out some moves to for each. Watching her kick her legs down Broadway to 'New York, New York' made the installation pay off at once, and she spent hours playing around with it and thinking up uses. Later that night me and Kriss had sex in the bustle of Times Square, proving once and for all the thin air mattress wasn't quite up to scratch. It was still one hell of a thrill, which was only improved by Kriss blowing up our temporary bed until it popped.after we'd finished.
                "Think she liked it?" she asked as we rose to leave for the night.
                I nodded. "You heard her. There'll be a lot more dancing vids from here."

                Too true. Kim shot a rather simple one in a summer dress against a meadow but said she couldn't wait to dance through a genuine balloon rain.
                "You know, to show we're not switching to digital props."
                Well, the ceiling net wasn't much use in the studio so we moved it down to the new filming location. Then Kim had us all help her blow up the multitude of balloons needed for her scene and if I hadn't loved her so much I might have told her to do it herself. She did fill at least a quarter of the globes with her own breath, so there's that.
                We also had to adjust the release so it wouldn't simply dump all the loons in one big load - tilting the net and lowering one end allowed gravity to provide a more drawn-out shower. It wasn't a bad finish to the vivacious number she'd put together to a new song by Kriss, and the composer suggested she'd re-record the melody part on her sax. That way we could cut between shots of Kim playing and dancing to make it a proper music video.
                After long rehearsals and a multitude of retakes and edits we actually had one, which was posted in the free area of both sites and on Youtube. I wish it hadn't been received quite so well since it made Kriss dead set on making more. Preferably with all of us playing.

                There hadn't been any footage of the preparations for the drop and we blamed it on a camera malfunction, when the real reason was it felt too ordinary and drab to record. Which says a bit of how far we'd gotten. Nevertheless, the hostess wanted to compensate for that and two things happened to coincide - Pride Month was coming up and Kim's inner camgirl finally broke free. With all the new site features she wanted to put on a free liveshow for members, talking to them in real time - or rather, reply to typing. Even with a filter in place it felt like a recipe for disaster but in these times online communication was more important than ever. And as Kriss and Lex were already doing the occasional performance in that manner it would have been unfair to stop Kim. So she could give it a shot as long as she promised to break it off in case things got out of hand.
                It was decided it would be rainbow-themed in honor of the season, but I was very clear she had to stay clear of multicolored bow ties as those are just tacky. Instead she wore a happy tee printed with bubbles in all hues and sizes along with plastic rainbows dangling from her ears. Her nails were covered in various polishes and the overall result put a certain strain on the eyes. It was about to get even more intense.
                Loads of users were already crowding the chat when I faded in on Kimber herself, and the greetings took a while. There were heaps of compliments and questions mixed in and she did her best to keep up. She mentioned the reason for the theme and that equality was worth celebrating before getting on to the fanservicy bit.
                "But it's not a party without balloons!" she said. "Should I blow some up?"
                The resounding affirmation was only to be expected, and I particularly liked the person who wrote 'Sure, if you have any'. Shows she wasn't taken entirely for granted.
                Kim smiled and brought out a generous, gaudy heap she dropped in a pile on the desk. Then she picked up a red one, stretched it thoroughly and blew it into the appropriate shape. She tied it off and started on an orange one and before she'd finished inflating it the first request for getting a username written on it appeared. She'd been prepared, of course, but said in the interest of fairness she'd need a tip for that since there wouldn't be time to do it for everyone.
                "Just a small token, say a buck in the tip jar?"
                The familiar jingle played out several times and Kim had to sign about a dozen hurriedly inflated balloons in short order. She put those on display and began tossing the following ones over her shoulder. All the while she kept replying to texts, sometimes between puffs, sometimes while making knots or writing. You could tell she had experience, but hopefully it would be seen as an extension of her hosting career and not the more lurid past.
                Several questions had already been answered in the FAQ, but either people were unaware, wanted to hear her say it herself or hoped to catch her in a lie. One that hadn't been covered was when she found out she was truly queer.
                "My darling wife made me realize girls can be as fun as guys in bed. It was before we were married, of course."
                Since that was a bit brief she got a follow-up from a different viewer.
                'Is it a case of if its YOU its ok?'
                Kim chuckled. "No, I've had other girls too but I kept returning to her."
                And still did, if you wanted to be technical. As for me I kept screening out messages that tried fooling the filter by phrasing suggestive things in innocent ways, but things like that I could let through. The tip jar kept tingling, usually for more than a single dollar, but the unspoken agreement seemed to be that '1' meant the donor wanted his name on the screen. I saw several pay a little more after getting it.
                After about thirty balloons had been thoroughly filled with her breath Kim looked at the empty wall behind her.
                "Know what this place needs? A real rainbow!"
                She produced a big mylar one, starting and ending in small white clouds, and pretended to fumble sticking the tube into the valve. Then she began to blow air into it, making the flat shape bulge out and assume a more three-dimensional aspect. After inflating it thoroughly she stuck it to the wall with adhesive pads and began adding some of the finished balloons above it while crooning 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' somewhat off-key, but far better than a few of her earlier attempts at singing. Then she had to catch up on the audience interactions, including the day’s first properly phrased request for her to blow a balloon to pop. She'd ignored a few cruder ones before as they got lost in the general flow anyway.
                "Wouldn't mind, but it'd take time from talking to the rest of you. If you send me a fiver and what color you want I'll do it!"
                And that is how Kim earned an extra twenty in no time at all. She probably would have gotten way more if she hadn't nixed further orders by saying it wasn't what she was there for. Reluctantly, but still.
                She did deliver on her promise though and sent two greens, one blue and one purple to a noisy demise, blowing them up with full cheeks and an eager expression. Service with a smile.
                You may have heard the phrase 'pride and joy', and both were on full display all over Kimmy's face - the first at her ability to blow a balloon from start to finish without any visible effort or fear, the second at being allowed doing it to show off and please others as well as herself. Every explosion was followed by a happy, triumphant "Whoo" while she spread her palms to the sides for emphasis, and there was the opposite of grumbling while selecting the next victim.
                I was certain she could have kept doing it all day and decided to put that to the test once the stream was finally over. After we'd talked the session over, of course, but when the time came she didn't have much to say. She'd had a blast, and followed up with the main takeaway.
                "I love blowing balloons for a live audience! I've missed it…"
                I smiled as I pressed my forehead to hers. "Oh, Kimmily, I'm glad you enjoyed it."
                She slowly crouched and pulled me along to bring us to the floor. Then she lay back among the loons she'd inflated during the show.
                "Make love to me."
                I did, postponing my plans for a moment of shared delight. We moved together amidst the mound of creaking latex, paying no heed to the occasional pops while bringing each other pleasure. And the girl who shuddered and came in my arms could surely stand some more of the same, so I moved her onto the bed and sprinkled her naked body with the balloons she hadn't blown up on camera.
                "Let's see how much you can take. I'll keep licking as long as you keep blowing…"
                Without a word she started on the first inflation and it was understood that not making it burst would count as stopping. It took two explosions to bring her to a climax but the puffing and whooshing soon resumed, and so did I because I'd meant what I said.
                I counted nine more bangs and four hard exhales before a third - technically fourth - orgasm sent Kim into such spasms she dropped the loon and didn't bother reaching for another. She was spent and very, very satisfied.
                "Better than a tip jar", she sighed.
                "You've earned every bit."
                "I wanna do it again. Stream, I mean."
                We agreed once a month would be nice for everyone involved, especially since Kim was firm in her demands - namely, that the roles would be reversed in the next round of post-broadcast sex.
                How could I say no?

                It appeared the liveshow had been a success on the home front as well. Kriss kissed Kim five or six times while telling her what a great job she'd done and then veered completely off course.
                "Your singing's getting better."
                The younger blonde snorted. "Could hardly get worse."
                "Pfft. It's just a matter of confidence. I know you love doing it because I've heard you in the shower and it breaks my heart you don't dare outside the bathroom."
                Kim looked down. "You're right…" she confessed. "I wish I could sing!"
                "And you can, because I've heard you after having a few too." Kriss raised an eyebrow. "Ever stop to think why that works? Because you forget to doubt yourself."
                "It's my voice. Never been any good."
                Alex frowned. "Whatcha talking 'bout, Blondie? That's the sexiest voice in the world!"
                Then Kim dredged up the half-forgotten part where her mom had made her see an amateur speech therapist because she'd been talking so fast she'd slurred her words.
                "No fun listening to yourself on tape and have it judged. I don't like thinking about it."
                Kriss actually swore. "I ever meet the bitch I'm gonna bitch-slap her. You have to encourage people!"
                At that point we just encouraged Kim to say what she'd really thought about the treatment. And those parenting skills in general. She was remarkably ineloquent.
                "My turn to ask for something", Kriss said. "I know a great vocal coach. Try a sesh with him - you have every excuse for not meeting in person. Heck, you don't even have to turn on your camera if you don't wanna be seen."
                There was the expected resistance, of course, but some gentle encouragement seemed to get through. And then my wife dropped the 'gentle' part.
                "If you do it I'll fuck you any way you want afterwards. Or please you in other ways. Every single time."
                Lex sidled up and licked Kim's cheek. "I'll sweeten the pot. Take the deal and we'll double-team you. Same conditions."
                I felt I should offer support too. "And if you still can walk you can come to me for the aftercare. Or more."
                "I know there are some exercises that involve balloons", Kriss reminded her.
                Kim smiled. "I think I can handle those."
                "I think you can handle all of them."

                An appointment was made for a later date, but before we got there my wife - as if to prove I know her - declared it was time to advertise the aforementioned portrait balloons. Since they only came in silver and gold - but with both ladies on each variant - the color scheme would be somewhat muted. Kriss thought a simple red curtain would be a nice backdrop and I agreed as it was a stage tradition. She drilled a couple of holes in an old table to stick long valves through and fixed a balloon to one of them. Then she lay down below the installation and blew it up to check the effect. When she was satisfied all that remained was positioning the furniture and the camera the way she wanted them plus writing a simple script, which didn't take long. The whole thing played out like this:
                Opening on the red, digital backdrop there was a flopping sound and a whoosh as a silvery balloon sprang into sight from the bottom and began to inflate. With puff after puff it grew to fill almost all of the left side of the screen, revealing Kriss' smiling portrait in three-quarters view, facing right and glancing at the audience. Her autograph was printed next to it and the entire motif was as professional as Sam had been able to make it.
                Once fully blown up there was a brief pause before a voice was heard, accompanied by a gentle shaking of the balloon.
                "Hi! Crystal Mackenzie here and I'd like to share some exciting news!"
                At this point there was another noise much like the starting one and a gold balloon depicting Lex in a mirrored pose swelled up to occupy the empty space. If you knew what she sounded like you'd recognize her as the next speaker.
                "Did you really start without me?"
                "Oh, heya, Sweet Cheeks! Just stretching a bit. You wanna tell them?”
                “Right. As you can see we have some new balloons in stock – these are actual examples.”
                Kriss mentioned they were rated at twelve inches and a bargain at the price she rattled off, which was fair for quality latex. Lexi took over for the rest of the particulars.
                "There's twelve balloons to a pack - six of us each, three of each color!"
                I could attest to that. Guess who had to help sort them.
                The left balloon went on with the pitch. "And this week only, if you buy four bags you get one free."
                "Admit that's as far as you can count", came Lexi's voice.
                Well, you don't hear Kriss say more than 'one, two, three, four' very often but I wondered if anyone would get it. She'd written it herself.
                Her loony persona ignored the remark. "Anyway, check out our webshop for details! Wanna add anything?"
                Lex didn’t. "Nope - except stay safe, everybody!"
                "Right! We're off, ta-taa!"
                The balloons suddenly took flight and sailed away with a sputter. That had been done through flipping the release mechanisms that were just out of view and I actually had to mask a few frames of Kriss' knuckles. The dialogue was naturally added in post as the original sound was not only a bit muffled from the actors being under the table to inflate and puppeteer their likenesses - it also featured my instructions on when to stop blowing.
                Then Kriss made me reattach the balloons so they could be blown back up to the same approximate size and deflated again, in case that'd make for a better ending. And just in case, she and Lex filled them up a third time so me and Kim could shoot them to pieces with blowguns from off-camera. The voiceover would have to be changed to "time for us to pop off" and I actually liked that version, except it implied shoddy goods and risked scaring potential buyers. Probably better as an alternate take than a real commercial.
                Having recorded the sound bites I put them in place and synced it as best I could - there was a distinct old-time feel to the whole thing and it looked incredibly cheap in a humorous way. I think you could tell that was the intention.
                Although the deflation version didn't quite work - while you felt sorry for the sunken faces and really wanted to blow them back into shape the very slight but noticeable jump between takes was simply too jarring. But not quite as jarring as watching first Kriss and then Lex vanish with a PAF! and a PAM! - it was a shocking end to the apparently sentient balloons. I decided against uploading it - there'd be enough customers taking a perverse pleasure in bursting them for real without giving any more ideas. The thought of grubby hands running a pin along my Krissie's face, teasing her with impending doom before callously popping her was a bit chilling, and then I realized it had probably already happened to Kim dozens of times and that it was nothing more than ink on latex breaking apart. I could live with that.
                And would have to, as we sold a fair amount in just a couple of days - with most orders taking advantage of the 5-for-4 offer. As you can guess that only encouraged Kriss.
                "When can I do one of those talkie shows with chat and everything?"
                "When pigs fly", I said, which was a mistake as an inflatable porker was launched from an upstairs window that same afternoon.
                I told her she should stick to concerts and leave Kim's schtick alone. Her persuasion attempts were in vain, although not unappreciated and in a weak moment I might have conceded something maybe could be arranged.
                Kriss smiled. "I'll hold you to it."
                "Just keep holding me for now and we'll see."


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                  EPISODE 76

                  The video wall had its work cut out for it. Not only had Kim posed for a couple of calendar pics - with inflatable props, of course, blown up by the model in an accompanying member video with additional posing - the music duo had recorded a few songs with a more dynamic backdrop. In fact, our band practice had more or less been permanently moved to that locality. And the new focus on dancing had enticed a few other professionals to send their demo reels over for showcasing. Kim even planned to try doing video chats with a couple of them.

                  She'd also once more inflated her hot tub so quite a few episodes got a more natural setting without needing to leave the property. Pool toys weren't the only thing she'd been sent - she also had an abundance of new swimsuits and bikinis to model and was thrilled with the variety. They sure went well with the other presents.
                  In short, while society was on a general hiatus our productions thrived, and I'd never imagined I'd miss going out so little. Sure, it was far from optimal and I did miss it a whole lot - it's just that it didn't disturb me as much as it probably should have.
                  We shot yet another episode of 'Balloons of the World' as we'd received a bag of loons from Poland that couldn't be readily identified. The packaging said little of the origins - nothing we could read at any rate - and while the actual balloons were pretty generic the feel and colors weren't entirely familiar. So Kimber showed off the packaging, tried a couple pronunciations of 'balonky' and requested the right one from her viewers. Then she blew a light blue one up and it surprised us by being remarkably tough. The paleness had suggested thin, weak latex and being from what I'd always considered the Eastern bloc some old prejudices regarding quality had been at play. But these were far better balloons than many I'd found in local stores and it took Kim actual effort blowing it to pop. She had to inflate another and tie it off to try some squeezing and that went better than expected as well. They'd probably be excellent for riding - and turned out to be, once the camera was off.

                  One of the gifts left out in the poolside presentation had suggested a theme we'd never covered - heavy metal. The music style, that is. I've never been an expert but have enjoyed quite a few songs of that kind, and there are enough myths and urban legends about it to make for an entertaining episode. Or so I'd thought before I realized how impossible it would be to summarize, not to mention I wouldn't be able to identify any of the myriad subgenres by ear. Others could cover that better and Kim's only disappointment was not having an obvious reason for inflating said gift.
                  I suggested she'd use it for the calendar and if she'd been in the habit of facepalming she would have. Then there was quite a bit of rummaging among clothes, boxes and any place clothes could be found in the hunt for a decent outfit. Ripped jeans would have been nice but we had none and I wasn't about to let her sacrifice any just for that, so tight, shiny leggings had to do. Kim had a better stock of spandex, but eventually settled on plain black to match the spiked heels and jacket in fake leather. The latter had studs of a kind, but not the traditional pyramids - it was adorned with metal rings which had the proper shine but lacked a certain edge. There wasn't even a proper tee in the house - not with an appropriate band, at any rate - and without a thrift store run Kim would make a poor metal head. The one thing she got down pat was the hair, having once been a spray addict, and that along with the makeup had to make up for the rest. Substituting a top with a black bra wasn't a bad move either since it all came together to make her look hot as hell, which was as near any satanic imagery we'd get. That part's overrated and misleading anyway.
                  We'd decided on a public domain pic of Stonehenge in a thunderstorm as a decent backdrop, and I gave the sky a reddish tint for good measure. Kim suggested we'd listen to some classics and have a couple of beers to get in the mood, to which I said why not. It was a fun warmup and a slight buzz wouldn't hurt any since this little exercise was mainly for fun. I doubted we'd get a workable shot out of it, but the video would have its fans.
                  Said video consisted of Kim inflating a big black beachball with a prominent band logo in white, and her attitude doing it made it memorable in itself. She was so goddamn cool and dominant I envied the ball being handled with such confidence and determination. The drinking and music had worked wonders with Kim's enthusiasm and she kept blowing with such force I had to cool off with another sip from the bottle I was holding. It was my third.
                  Puff after puff went into the wrinkly black vinyl which was so shiny every fold and dimple caught and reflected some of the bright ceiling lights. The surface stayed uneven as the sphere swelled into shape, and not until it began to reach its full size did the sides smooth out somewhat. For some reason it seemed flatter at the top and bottom, maybe a quirk of the material or panel shape, but I was too busy watching Kim to give it much thought. She finished her work once the pressure felt right and I went straight up to kiss her.
                  "When all this is over I have to take you to some club."
                  "Really?" she grinned. "What for?"
                  I put on an unnecessary loud soundtrack with loads of distorted guitars, drums and melodic screams.
                  "Can't stop thinking of finding some secluded nook, listening to this and doing this…"
                  Her perfume mixed with the scent of faux leather was intoxicating and I pushed her against the wall to fingerbang her while the music kept playing. Kim gasped and clung to me for support as my hand parked itself securely beneath her tights and went in for the kill. She was done before the song had finished and still in shape for the shoot. Very much so.
                  I left the music on and to say Kim was in the mood is an understatement. She struck a number of lively, energetic and outright provocative poses, sometimes with her tongue out and fingers turned into horns. I could see alternate uses for that gesture and told her so.
                  "I'll show ya, promise!" she said, thrusting her hand upwards.
                  I kept snapping away, knowing the pics wouldn't amount to much but things can be done for the hell of it. And the shot of Kim straddling the ball with a seriously wicked expression might be useable after all. Time would tell.
                  It would also tell when I'd be able to bring Kim on that outing. After seeing her like that it was pretty much a must.
                  "You nail the part" I said. "Don't even have to modify the outfit."
                  The reply wasn't unexpected. "Can I wear a tie with it?"
                  "Only if you wanna get ravished before we even leave."
                  She smirked. "Diamond point or regular?"
                  Now she was just begging for it so I grabbed her and bent her roughly over the ball, thrusting my hips against her ass and wishing I'd had something to stick into her. Well, I did, but you know what I mean. I knelt down and gave her four fingers at once, gave them deep. She was so wet I didn't have to use any finesse to fit them all but she still craved more.
                  "Thumb too..." Kim groaned.
                  I gave it a thorough suck because she hadn't said 'fist' so there was only one place it could go and I put it there. Then things got intense and before we were done she had indeed shown me what she promised before. I'm not the biggest metal fan but could become one if that accompanied every listen.

                  In the following days both Kim and Lex wanted their own takes on the genre. Alex was a bit unconventional in her short black dress, but the fishnets, boots and driving gloves along with the jewelry on chains were at least headed in the right direction. She put on some old-school tracks and began to blow up a big, silvery airship which she tied off and straddled on the bed, inviting me to join her.
                  "Pretend it's a lead zeppelin."
                  I chuckled and sat down, rocking back and forth while looking into her big, dark eyes. Riding balloons together was one of our things, taking turns blowing up replacements once they inevitably burst, and this was no exception. The thrill kept increasing as we bounced ever harder, grinning wide and giggling in nervous anticipation. When the bang came it was both a release and a turn-on, and watching Lexi strip while I inflated a second balloon turned it into a pleasing pastime. The scene repeated with a role reversal and then we switched to riding each other since mere latex was no longer enough. Believe it or not, it was even more exciting despite Lex being unable to pop. That I imagined she could might have helped, of course.

                  As for Kriss, she went the denim route, throwing on a jacket covered in pins over a tight black top. A red bandanna went around her brow while various earrings jangled on both sides of her face. And she'd ripped her jeans. Of bloody course.
                  Still, I'd torn her clothes on occasion so I'd be a fine one to talk. As for accompaniment, she'd picked out a single album to make out to - 'Appetite for Destruction'. I approved. It's solid, as opposed to the rest of GnR's output.
                  There was a lot of tonguing and fondling and when 'Sweet Child O' Mine' came on Kriss smiled from ear to ear.
                  "Love that riff."
                  "I heard it's just something he came up with tuning the guitar."
                  "Maybe, but it's still pure music. The best kind."
                  I realized her own songs are usually loads of trimming over pretty simple themes and that might be why we'd been able to learn playing along.
                  "You like embellishments too", I said. "I could use just a finger but I think you'd prefer a bit more…"
                  "Hell yeah", she sighed, flicking my nipples through my top.
                  That was my cue to take it to the next base and I went to get that black beachball, throwing it straight at her. She caught it between her arms and pressed them together, wordlessly criticizing the tightness - or lack of it. So being who she was, Kriss pulled out the stopper with her teeth and blew up the ball until it was completely round and fit to burst. She hadn't much time to test the firmness because this time I'd come prepared and had strapped on while she was busy overfilling that thing. Down came her pants and then her belly met the inflated vinyl as I shoved my prosthetic all the way inside her, feeling the air-filled sphere give just enough to send her bouncing back against me. I lifted her legs off the floor and pushed the whole arrangement against a wall so I could really go to town, and did.
                  Fucking her on top of something so taut and responsive felt awesome and the steady, rocking beat from the speakers was a perfect driving force. 'Anything goes tonight' indeed. My thrusts made my wife slam a palm onto the dresser for support which was one of her brighter ideas. The ball was sturdy enough to not tear apart, but a seam split from the onslaught and Kriss began to sink to the tune of violent hissing. I followed the slow descent and ended up railing her raised rump while the last of her breath slowly escaped the fissure. She screamed like she'd been the one on the recording as I finished her off, eventually rising along with the ruptured plastic trailing her fist. There'd be no encore for that beachball, but I think the donor would have appreciated the way we'd used his contribution.
                  "That was 'my way'", I smirked. "What about 'your way'?"
                  Apart from the jeans and panties around her ankles Kriss was still fully dressed so she simply reached into her jacket.
                  "I brought a pocket rocket", she said. "So you can be my 'Rocket Queen'."
                  She put it to good use and if you think such a tiny toy can't bring much joy you've never had one handled by Christine Mackenzie. All in all it was pretty metal, or at least hardcore.
                  Not making an episode wasn't much of a loss, and even if that fizzled I'd learned something from it - we'd all have to go to that club together.

                  Sticking to the usual fare was somewhat restful, although it took some work to keep everything running. And speaking of rest, as I'd suspected Kriss sent for a tent and a far better camping mattress, and wasn't even upset when Kim called dibs on both it and me, because a promise is a promise.
                  Pitching it in the backyard proved simple enough but blowing up the bed took a while since the one we got can't have been intended for travel. It was at least eight inches thick and we also brought out all the inflatable pillows we owned. Having shared the first workload we sat down together to puff the sturdy material into bouncy, balloony cushions that'd make for amazing headrests and supports. We simply had to have quick, preliminary fuck right away to make sure they'd hold up for later and they absolutely did. Along with a thick, fluffy blanket we'd be at least as comfortable as in any room of the house, and we eventually settled in for the night with my laptop in tow to see if anything good was on. Though we ended up watching other web shows to check for things to outdo or avoid and I took every chance to tell Kim she was "so much better than that". She seemed pretty pleased about it so I doubled down on the flattery, making her outright purr and put the viewing away to properly bask in the praise.
                  It was about then we heard a rustle outside and while we wouldn't have to worry about bears the sudden noise was still unsettling. But at that moment Kriss' voice rang out.
                  "It's just us."
                  I opened the flap to check and yep, it was them all right. Neither my wife or Lex seemed in the least bit sorry for the disturbance.
                  "You're lucky the dogs have the night off", I said.
                  Kriss shrugged. "Guard dogs, pfft. We have something better."
                  I noticed they'd brought along Blowser and Deedee, although the main parts had been emptied to fit through the doors. Without further explanation they began to reinflate the shapeless bodies, blowing them into their full puffy splendor without breaking a sweat. Soon enough the huge reptiles were standing at attention on the grass, ready to deter any undesirable elements. They looked more inviting than scary, though.
                  And that seemed to have been the entire purpose of the visit. We thanked our mates for their work with kisses before wishing them goodnight and snuggling up inside the thin walls. Kim was so warm and comfy in my arms and the inevitable lovemaking so satisfying I couldn't help yearning for repeats in more remote locations. But in those places we couldn't perform the night's grand finale - surreptitiously sneaking out and riding our giant inflatables to completion, all the while watching each other in the near darkness, wondering who'd break the silence first. Incredibly, there was nothing beyond the soft creaking of vinyl and violently bitten-back moans, and though Deedee did her best to drive me wild I didn't yield to her demands, swallowing my gasps and groans before coming with only a muffled whine. The pitiful noise was in sharp contrast with the sensation, and if the way Kim tossed her contorted face was any indication she held back at least as much.
                  We dismounted, hugged our pets good night and went in to have one of our own. The bedding and company made the sleepover the softest I'd spent in a tent and it was a kind of camping I'd agree to any time.
                  The next morning me and Kim dragged the dragons back to the Fun-geon and reinflated them for later, although when night fell it was our turn to prepare Kriss' and Lexi's toys for guard duty and then we went in to boss each other around a bit with the rebreather bag. I was amazed at how good Kim was getting at taking charge and if this kept up I might have to write an episode about domination. Members-only, of course, because a strict Ms. Kimber would not be toeing the decency line but stride across it entering the classroom.
                  I know, because I had her try it out in character.

                  A day later I shared the tent with Lex and brought oil for a wonderful, prolonged massage session with quite a bit more than just a happy end. I told her she could take me camping wherever she wanted because in her arms I wouldn't be afraid even in bear country.
                  The strong embrace tightened. "I'm not much of a happy camper."
                  "Me neither, but it's the principle, you know."
                  She smiled. "I feel safe here too."
                  It was safe, even without inflatable sentries posted outside, and though Alex offered to blow any or all of them up I declined.
                  "Save your breath for some epic mouth to mouth. You give it so nicely I'm gonna want a lot…"
                  And that's exactly what I got. A good recipe for sweet dreams - and I got those as well.

                  Next, Kriss finally got to share her purchases with me. She insisted on deflating and blowing every single pillow back up from scratch.
                  "I know how much you love sleeping on my breath."
                  That wasn't the only thing I loved about that night and the post-coital shenanigans set my desires flaring up again, burning me from the inside out. Kriss wondered if there was anything else I wanted and saying no would've been an enormous lie.
                  "Lick me again…"
                  She lit up as she went down. "I love getting asked for blowjobs!"
                  I hoped Lexi knew that but her recent comments sorta implied it. Then my world went white with pleasure and Kriss kept it that way until she was sure I couldn't take another suck. I'd once promised to let her do it every day and done my best to deliver, and she'd made up for any misses with interest. If anyone knew she might be known as 'Iron Lips' Mackenzie, but they're far, far too luscious for a description like that.
                  I sank back against the inflated cushions, content beyond comprehension, and Kriss rested her cheek on my chest.
                  "Yeah. And for once I feel like just shutting up."
                  "Hearing your heartbeat is enough."
                  And just holding her was enough for me. I lay there thinking about how inflatable dolls are a good match for inflatable mattresses - easy to bring on trips. And how a thick cuddle companion like Barbara would fit in a sleeping bag - you could pack her in with you and blow until the whole thing was absolutely full for the closest hug possible. Though I suspect most people would like a good hump by then - I certainly would. An inflatable bag and a living doll is even better, but Kriss hadn't been able to find any of those online. Might have to ask Bets where she'd gotten theirs.
                  Then I drifted off with my lover snuggled up so close no case was necessary, and in at least that moment I was indeed a happy camper.

                  Oh, and if you envy Kriss the silence, I promise I'll shut up real soon. Just one more thing to tell before a good place to stop.


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                    The girls are upgrading their game left and right! The video ideas, the performances, outfits and the kinky playing. I wish me and my girlfriend would have been this creative during the lockdown xD

                    Still love how each of them knows what toy the other one would like to play with at the right times. Dunno why but that part where they rode their inflatable toys under the starry sky got me a bit envious.


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                      Time for the grand finale, the first and last three-parter. There'll be another message from me at the end, but first:

                      EPISODE 77

                      Summer passed, and there's no point in me waffling on about all the stuff we got into after branching out. It's frankly just more of the same and I think I've covered most bases - repeatedly - by now. A major happening remains to be told and then you can make your own observations from the online content.
                      While Kimmy's singing lessons were off to a tentative but somewhat promising start and our jam sessions had begun to flow smoothly, one thing was sinking in - this was a big one, and we were in it for the long haul. I'm sure I wasn't alone in finding the whole ordeal surreal, though I was pretty sure we could get through it by being careful. But the numbers were grim, and an outbreak like this would ruin some people financially even if they got better. I'd seldom felt so powerless and if you've ever doubted Lexi's heart is bigger than her biceps it was her comment that set everything off.
                      "Wish we could do something."
                      "Been thinking the same" Kriss confessed. "But didn't want to say anything since you'd just think I'm being silly as usual."
                      Her idea was using whatever fame she had to help raise money for some reputable relief fund and thought a long interactive web session might do some good. After all, some streamers rake in a fair bit. It wasn't her worst idea by far, though I had to remind her many of those ladies appeal to somewhat less altruistic impulses.
                      "I'll make sure to say it'll please me a whole lot personally."
                      "You still won't give off that you-might-have-a-tiny-chance vibe."
                      "Most people like to help. Just have to give them a push. Make it easy for them."
                      Easier said than done, but worth a shot. So we began looking up how to turn a web show into a regular fundraiser, talking to tech support and various organizations and basically doing a shitload of research and planning. That was educational but not interesting enough to relate, and the myriad ideas we had for content had to be heavily edited for practical reasons.
                      Trust me, it wasn't just a snap of the fingers.
                      Adapting what we already did for the format was a challenge in itself, but it had plenty of potential. Since it would be an all-day affair it would involve taking turns and more than one location for variety. Properly configured our phone cameras would work for the alternative views, with the actual tech being run on the usual server which we thankfully weren't responsible for. It still had to be monitored though and I roped Samantha in to handle that bit, as I would probably be required in front of the camera now and then. She was happy to do her part - in fact, I asked all of the Angels if they wanted in and they were more than eager to contribute in their own ways.
                      Collecting their material took some time as well but we eventually felt ready to advertise the event. By then it was August and we felt the first Saturday after pay day would be the right time. So Kriss and Lex recorded several promo videos, and me and Kim banded up for the same. The stream was of course meant to be accessible for everyone, although members could use the regular chat and tip jar while others would need some extra steps to donate. Thank god for pre-existing systems.
                      There would naturally be music and talking, and dancing by Kim, and whatever streamers do to bring in the bucks. Interacting with the viewers was a must, but that'd depend on the number of incoming texts. Judging by experience it might scroll past too fast. Maybe Sam could throttle the flow at interesting points since she had to approve the posts anyway.
                      Then there was the matter of rewards. Song requests would be too complicated and unfair, but votes for the next one could be arranged. And we'd considered prizes in numbered balloons, but that only really works with a limited crowd when there's time to handle every purchase. Besides, lottery laws might make it illegal in places. In lieu of handouts we'd declare all the proceeds from the webshop for the day would go towards the collection, and instead of balloon tickets we had uninflated ones stuffed with tasks to be revealed by blow to pops at certain goal amounts. Plus outfit changes now and then for variety. It might all work out.
                      Or not, an inner voice kept saying but I shot it down.
                      We had decided to broadcast from ten to ten local time - AM to PM, that is - and made sure to rest up as well as we could beforehand. Not that it was easy with all the tension and anticipation, but as the planning was solid enough it somehow worked. The setups had my heart beating double time and while things could go wrong it was all for a good cause so better to try and fail than not.

                      We spent the morning putting up some decorations in the dance hall - as it was partly an 'On the Air' special it wouldn't do leaving them out. Kim blew up the inflatable palm tree on general principle while the rest of us put together a haphazard but serviceable balloon arch to see if it could be done semi-spontaneously. We managed, and it didn't take too long - especially after Kim finished and joined in filling the loons. Of course, we had to pop and replace the occasional balloon that was noticeably too big - Kriss being the main offender - but otherwise it was pretty smooth sailing. Blowing them up was a decent way of getting into the spirit of things and they added a physical presence to the room, while the video wall looped slow-moving abstract or geometrical shapes in various discrete colors. We'd configured buttons for playing splash titles like 'WOW!', 'AMAZING' and 'THANK YOU!' if there were any particularly large donations, and had a keyboard on the table that'd hold other props as well.
                      Otherwise we tried to keep as much of ourselves in view as possible, and had put on clothes that'd give a semi-professional appearance. I had my long tan blazer and dark red pants while Kriss wore an off-white blouse and charcoal waistcoat with her grey slacks. Kim put on a blue polo tee and jeans, leaving Lex alone in the skirt department - a black one under a purple sleeveless top. We'd moved a small makeup table into the room for touchups and Lou had given us advice on effective shortcuts, which would come in handy when it was time for a change.

                      Can't say the wait for ten o'clock was relaxing, but we linked up our phones and laptops and ran through several tests with Sam which seemed to work at the very least ok. But the lobby filled up fast once it came online at 9:50 and from there the tension got real.
                      The hour struck and we went through the usual motions. Kriss and Lex, being the main draws, welcomed everyone and played an opening fanfare on trumpets. Then they introduced me and Kim, and we sat down to join them. The monitor showed money already coming in before we even had a chance to present our tech support, and Sam gave everyone a smiling wave over the video link before switching back to us.
                      I spoke up. "We also have some amazing contributions from other collaborators - there's a special page for their stuff and we'll be showing some previews later."
                      A link appeared in a corner and I'll tell you more when the moment comes.
                      It was Kimber's turn to speak. "And as we promised in the previews, every cent we earn from merchandise today will go towards this total. No special deals, I'm afraid, since that would kinda defeat the purpose."
                      "Show them what we have instead", Lexi suggested.
                      That was Kim's cue to bring out various samples - apparel, stickers, photos, pins, records and of course balloons. She handed me and Lex a loon each, and we dutifully inflated them to show the prints. While I got a bright blue one with the 'On the Air' logo, Alex blew herself up on a silver backdrop.
                      "You too", Kim said and gave Kriss a gold portrait balloon. She gave it an incredible neck and laughed at the likeness.
                      "Now they'll say I'm full of myself."
                      "Wonder what they'll say about me then", Kimber said, brandishing a green 24-incher featuring herself. She moved back a bit to blow it up. The rest of us tied our balloons off and dropped them.
                      I gathered the merch and put it aside. "All this and more in the store."
                      It was pretty amusing to act like Kim wasn't even there when the huge balloon she was puffing into sorta dominated the background. Kriss spoke some more about the purpose of the broadcast and we exchanged some sober thoughts on the situation. We stressed the importance of wearing masks and preferably avoiding exposure altogether.
                      "Keeping your lungs healthy is important", Lex said. "Otherwise it's hard doing something like that."
                      She indicated Kim, who was about to finish. She blew up the neck enough to make the balloon pear-shaped, tied it off and gingerly batted it out of frame.
                      "Or play any of these", Kriss stated and showcased the instruments we'd lugged along. She mentioned there'd be a fair bit of playing and would return to that in a minute. She also dropped a teaser for another feature.
                      "It's a hot day here in Vegas, so at 1 AM we're going to cool off in the hot tub for a bit. I hear that's traditional", Kriss winked and got an avalanche of chat responses I hoped Sam had checked. I certainly didn't have time.
                      Kim grinned. "Nice to get some company for once."
                      "Don't think I've ever performed in a bikini", Kriss said and I could see one of the reactions was a line simply reading 'OMG OMG OMG'. Someone would be disappointed if she didn't deliver.
                      "But since our main goal is raising funds we'll do our best to give something in return for your donations - the music will mostly be a bonus since there's plenty of that up for free already. We'll be answering embarrassing questions as well - things we've been asked but never officially replied to."
                      I'd collected a whole bunch of choice examples and printed them out on notes, sticking them into empty ten-inchers. Now I rolled in a room divider on which they were arranged in a multicolored mess and parked it behind us.
                      "Hold on", I said. "Truth or Dare's no fun without dares. Some of these contain that too and I've no longer any idea which."
                      Truth. I'd mixed them up good and had in fact shuffled the rolled papers before putting them in.
                      "Sweet", Lex said. "So who goes first?"
                      "You can start", I said, "but tit for tat. Let's say we do one every fifty bucks, starting…now."
                      And just like that the meter took off. Before I could say anything more we had four balloons queued up, and I thanked everyone but said we'd have to pause after about eight or there'd be no time for anything else. Then I let Lex pick a loon, and she chose a yellow one.
                      "Oh, I forgot to say - we have to get the contents out and the best way is blowing these to burst. So you might want to cover your ears!"
                      I think the donors had figured that out already, and Lexi obliged with huge puffs that made quick work of the latex, sending tatters flying along with the paper. Kim picked it up and read:
                      "Have you ever peed yourself?"
                      I was dead certain the asker hoped for a yes, and if I'd thought that the answer I would have left it out. Not the classiest start, though.
                      "No?" Lexi said. "As I baby, I guess, if that counts."
                      Kriss cut in. "Pretty sure you have to be able to dress first. Me neither, by the way."
                      Kim went next and was asked about her biggest phobia. Someone needed to catch up on the show, but she stayed consistent with "Spiders". I mentioned dogs and why while Kriss said she wasn't a fan of heights.
                      Lex hesitated. "Lots of things make me uncomfortable but I really don't like guns. My uncle was almost killed by one", she clarified.
                      Unsurprisingly, all of us had someone in chat agree with our pick. Then Kriss lucked out with a dare and had to try drinking water from the wrong side of a glass. She made a bit of a splash and while it was kindergarten stuff there were still loads of amusement, especially in the studio. Have to say blow to pops were more of a thrill than usual when the bang would be followed by something even more unexpected.
                      I went next with a red balloon and had to confess if I'd ever stolen something.
                      "Ideas for sure" I admitted, "and when I was fourteen I was this close to shoplifting a lipstick but chickened out." I didn't mention any piracy, because that goes without saying.
                      "I swiped a pencil when I was three", Kim said. "I just thought it was pretty."
                      We played another round - only getting questions you might know the answers to already - and then Kriss announced it was high time for a tune. Any donations during that wouldn't count towards more balloons or we'd get an even bigger backlog than we'd already racked up.
                      "Here's a little something we've been working on" she said, picking up the trombone while Lex got her trumpet. Me and Kim gave them some room as they played through a recent composition, then applauded on general principle. During that time I took the chance to reply to some chat questions in writing and made sure all was in order for what would come next.
                      "I've put something together too" Kim said and rose for the other side of the room. Sam switched to the cam pointed that way so everyone could follow the lively, choreographed number. Kriss followed her to add a live bass track to the prerecorded music, blowing the tuba in way that was sure to keep the interest of people that didn't care for dancing. Enough did to tip generously, though.
                      I'd taken note of interesting inputs and when the blondes returned we all gave the requested replies to keep the interaction going. Then it was time for another planned milestone, and I got to introduce it.
                      "A lot of people are working from home these days, not only here but all over the world. And sometimes that might indeed be safest, as we'll be shown in this song from Ireland. I give you a duo calling themselves 'V n' C'!"
                      For this appearance, at least. It may not surprise you it was short for Vanita and Caroline O'Shea-Naran. They showed up on the screen wearing gray overalls over white tees, bringing construction work to mind, and Carrie looked a bit banged up with her arm in a sling and everything. She began to sing a humorous, deadpan description of the series of workplace mistakes that had left her unable to come in that day, while Nita backed her up on the sousaphone in a steady one-two beat. To hear it related so matter-of-factly made it even more absurd, as every single mishap should by rights have been lethal. Coupled with Carrie's earnest, straight face it was absolutely hilarious, and Nita's fully inflated cheeks were comical too unless you happened to be into that kind of thing. Then they were magnificent.
                      She rounded off the song with a few notes on her oversized horn and the picture faded to black before returning to us, where Kriss reminded people the duo had produced a purchasable video too. It was one of the items on that special page I mentioned and consisted of the same ladies looking far less grimy against the same neutral backdrop. They wore everyday clothes, which in their case was quality stuff but otherwise casual, and remarked it was a pity there'd been so much fighting between England and Ireland over the years before suggesting there was a better way of settling it. Nita brought out a red balloon with a Union Jack print and Carrie a green one with the Irish flag. Held up for the camera they appeared to be sixteen-inchers, and it was announced they'd race to break them with nothing but lung power.
                      "One, two, go!" Nita called and they both drew a tremendous, noisy inhale before blowing as hard as they could into the balloons. Those began to swell up at once and only grew bigger with every urgent, ferocious puff. Their eyes met over the expanding latex, staring daggers at each other as they fought for the lead. The match was even and when the rubber necks stretched out the loons pushed combatively against each other. They'd touched before, but now the contact seemed to turn into a shoving game. The girls blew on, their puffed cheeks gleaming and their faces locked in focused frowns.
                      Suddenly there was a loud bang as the balloons simultaneously vanished, and the combatants froze in realization of there not being a winner. They tried measuring the remains before giving up and tossing them away.
                      "At least no one got hurt', Vanita said. "Perhaps our leaders should try that instead."
                      Carrie sneered. "If your stupid prime can figger out what end to blow in."
                      Nita put on a haughty expression. "As if yours is any better. About as likely to eat it, I'd say."
                      And then the fight was on. Some shoving and hair pulling gave way to wildly flailing palms and fists before the catfight dropped to the floor and out of sight. So much for peaceful solutions. At this point a number of people had already purchased it, so at least the premise held up. Solid work by the overseas team, and as if the effort wasn't enough they'd also made a cash contribution - which probably didn't dent their finances too much.
                      "Dad sends his regards" Nita told me, and I suppose it was only natural a medical professional would approve. I asked if they'd had any trouble shooting but the only snag was having to try thrice to get a synchronized pop. Other than that all was fine in London, except the boredom had Carrie climbing the walls. Gave her plenty opportunities to play with the twins, though.

                      In the meantime we were busy continuing the interactions. We kept overinflating balloons to answer semi-embarrassing questions and perform silly dares, until I drew the closest thing to a losing number we had. I had blown up the purple loon past the breaking point and taken the pop in stride, but then Kriss had to pick up the note and triumphantly call out the contents, striking me with a horrible sense of deja vu.
                      "Pie to the face!"
                      I'm sure others wished she had been the one getting that, but none more fervently than me. While we were technically even for the clown stunt, she had started it. And this wasn't a shaving foam fake either, but an actual blueberry pie Lex had baked especially for this. Not only was it a waste, I'd probably be unable to enjoy the next one as much as I usually did.
                      Watching Kriss top it off with Reddi-wip, all I could do was muster what dignity I could while Kim and Alex took refuge behind her. They were grinning in a frankly inane manner.
                      "Ready?" my wife asked and before I could answer she'd smacked me right in the kisser with the dish. I could hear pieces of crust and globs of cream whizz past my ears and knew it had been a bullseye. I also knew someone, somewhere had probably creamed his pants. Small comfort. If my mates had taken turns licking me clean it wouldn't have been bad at all, but of course the camera made that unthinkable.
                      The nearby laughs and cheers told me I probably looked the part, and once I'd gotten the gunk out of my eyes I could see it was even worse. I also saw the donations had already passed the next two thresholds, so there was that.
                      "You'll have to handle those", I said and rose. "I'm gonna go wash."
                      "I'll help her", Kim said and hurried after me.
                      As soon as we were at a safe distance she took my face in both hands and began to wipe it clean with her tongue in slow, powerful strokes that set my heart racing.
                      "Yum", she whispered.
                      It was incredibly tender and erotic, and I wanted her. I placed her hand on my crotch and without hesitating she unzipped and slipped it in, kissing me and blowing in my ear while she hurriedly jilled me off. It was over fast enough no one would have time to miss us.
                      "Thanks, kitten. Remind me to pay you back."
                      She smiled oh so sweetly. "No need. And you know I'd gladly taken that shot for you."
                      "Hair of gold, heart of gold. I'd better take care of this."
                      While I restored my face Kim grabbed the lunch sandwiches and apple juice. We wolfed one each down and returned to change places so the others could eat too.
                      After a brief update we were ready for a literal duet, as someone asked if I played too and I couldn't say no. Kim lifted her sax as I got the tuba ready and together we went through 'Take Me Out To the Ball Game', which seemed to impress some people no end. I dropped the title for the benefit of non-Americans and reminded everyone we were still doing a balloon game. After Kim had inflated another globe to bursting and done a handstand according to the note, someone asked if we could do a btp race.
                      "Why not", I said, "but it takes two balloons so we'll skip the next stop in that case."
                      There was no need as we got to the required sum almost at once and I brought up the 'amazing' graphic before telling Kim to choose her weapon. She picked an orange loon and I reached for a red before changing my mind and deciding on a pink.
                      "Sam? Give us a countdown."
                      A popup window appeared and our long-distance crewmember chimed in.
                      "Ready? Three, two, one, blow!"
                      I gave it my all since I really wanted to win, and for a moment I thought I would, but even though I filled mine to the limit first it simply didn't want to go. I blew into the taut neck with all my might, feeling my cheeks turn red, and then I heard the pop that told me Kim had passed the finish line. And as I drew a resigned gasp to try again the damn thing exploded in my grip. So close, yet so far.
                      The scrap of paper had landed on the table in front of Kim and she read the contents:
                      "What's your favorite thing?"
                      "Not losing, that's for sure. My dear wife but that goes without saying. I'd have to say writing."
                      And I realized it was true. I did enjoy making the scripts even more than I'd thought I ever would. Well, sex would be my number one pick but that probably went without saying too.
                      "Oh wow", Kim said. "Mine's being 'On the Air'. I love getting to learn new stuff and dress up to tell about them!"
                      So that was another thing she taught the audience. We sat there chatting, occasionally blowing up and popping more balloons, and before we knew Kriss and Lex returned. They joined in, played another song and then the clock was going on a quarter to one which was the cue for another guest appearance.
                      We said we'd be back on the hour and let Sam start a video from New York, where Riko and Tessa played a cheerful duet for sax and trombone. They wore very summery clothes, thin blouses tied in front of bikini tops and colorful, patterned wrap skirts below their bare bellies. Prospective video buyers had already had the opportunity to get hold of their less musical offerings, which also featured some skin.
                      There were actually two vids, and for the first one Ree had - just like before - recreated her stage look as Empress Minge, this time appearing even more dangerously seductive. And she'd roped Tessa into the act, almost literally - the Latina wore a lavishly decorated metallic bikini and some sort of veil around her waist. It was hard to tell the intended fit as she was kneeling on the ground with her ankles bound together and her wrists shackled to the floor. The rich, gaudy and fake jewelry made it clear she was someone important, and she was looking back over her shoulder towards her captor. The wide, worried eyes between the long lashes and the slightly parted lips hinted at an imminent, delicious bondage scene, the raised rump reinforcing that impression. Watching Teresa as the damsel in distress was new and exciting, and you half expected Riko to whip out a strapon and put it to good use.
                      Instead she produced a big, purple balloon matching her bustier.
                      "Hope you're comfortable, princess", she said with an evil grin. "Let's play another little game."
                      "Let me go, monster!"
                      "Hardly. You're far too entertaining." She attached the loon to a valve on a stand and put it in front of Tessa's face. "Let's see how long it takes for you to burst this."
                      "Never!" came the defiant answer.
                      "We'll see about that", Ree smirked.
                      She took out a long feather and almost lovingly removed Tessa's high heels. Then the tickling began, gentle but determined and clearly not meant to be pleasant. The captive squirmed.
                      Teresa stoically endured the procedure for all of seven seconds, then put a hesitant puff into the valve. Enough to make the limp loon rigid, but no more.
                      "Pathetic", Riko said and stepped up her game. The feather moved swifter and firmer and her prisoner writhed to get away, with no luck.
                      "Try again", the torturer suggested and with a desperate gasp Tessa blew as commanded. The balloon grew, and since the tickling stopped for the moment she did it once more.
                      Now the loon would pass for a pitiful decoration, but it wasn't enough to pass muster. The feather returned and Tessa cried out a protest, promising to continue. She followed it up with frantic, fearful blowing that had the empress laughing with glee.
                      With repeated prodding the poor princess was forced to inflate the balloon all the way, but after it had taken on a prominent pear shape along with an almost threatening aspect, she simply refused to go on.
                      "I see I have to try something different", Riko said.
                      She leaned close and ran her tongue over a naked sole, which made Tessa twitch, shudder and yelp for mercy. Ree was relentless, though, repeating the process with the other foot and blowing teasingly on the moist skin.
                      Eventually her victim gave in, inhaled, and blew so hard her face scrunched up completely apart from the cheeks, which puffed out instead. The balloon exploded into a myriad of shreds and the girl shrieked in terror as her tormentor rose with a guffaw.
                      "There! I wonder what color we should try next. Red, maybe."
                      "Kimber will save me!" the Latina exclaimed.
                      Now the villainous chuckle was outright mean.
                      "Hardly. That valve was linked to a compressor in my dungeon…which was linked to the so-called galactic heroine herself. You just blew your precious Kimber to bits."
                      There was a disbelieving wail. "No! Noo!"
                      "Yes. Yes", Riko stated, calmly but with a hint of mockery. "My guards will be here shortly. Try to be as entertaining to them."
                      Her heeled boots clicked as she walked away, and Tessa broke into forlorn sobs.
                      An ominous 'TO BE CONTINUED…' faded in before the video ended.
                      My first reaction after watching was turning to Kim.
                      "That canon?"
                      "Oh yes", she nodded. "From an old adventure."
                      Then we all sat down to outdo the fanfic writers, thinking up what happened next. Kimber had pulled free but deflated in the process, while the princess opened her shackles with a piece of jewelry. She kicked the crap out of the empress' lecherous guards, snuck down to the dungeons and pulled the collapsed heroine out between the iron bars of her cell. Then she blew her back up with much more enthusiasm than she'd shown the balloon, and having rescued each other they made a daring escape. Standard stuff.
                      Kriss gave some input. "I've always thought it would be cool if Minge had an inflatable henchwoman, sort of a counterpart."
                      "A submissive lover in leather", Alex suggested.
                      "For Kimber to duel and pop on her way out!" Kim exclaimed.
                      I agreed. "And next time she'd always reappear, repaired and reinflated."
                      "As long as Nixy can deliver the last blow in the final fight", Lex said.
                      Kriss approved. "Maybe even literally."

                      Though all that was very much up in the air, Riko had also filmed a non-canon portrayal of the villainess for the second video they sent. In that one she dangled the enormous orange balloon she'd introduced the previous year from her manicured fingers.
                      "I said 'another day'. Well, it's another day now."
                      Then she actually made good on the suggestion she'd made back then and set out to blow it up. Just inflating the rubbery bag into a basic shape took a few puffs, but she would have to keep blowing quite a bit more to actually make it expand. But she was up to the task and each huge PHOOOF and WHOOSH brought it a little closer to her goal.
                      To be truthful I'd just fast-forwarded through most of it but that didn't make it any less impressive - maybe more, since you actually noticed the progress at that rate. While nurse Kimber had performed a similar act, she's much taller than Ree so these visuals were far more striking - not only the contrast in size, since Riko was also taunting the loon with its imminent demise.
                      The length meant we'd have to charge a premium, but the petite powerhouse was simply out to make a point anyway - that she was able to fill all of that round monstrosity with her breath without cheating. And she did. Quite a lot of effort had gone into the making - not only the performance - as the room had been cleared of everything else to make space, and before she was done the inflated latex just about dwarfed Ree, who held on tightly to the opening with her fist. You got an impression the jetstream would send her flying out of frame if the balloon broke free, and when what was left of the neck began to inflate the pressure seemed absolutely immense. The sight of the tiny space babe forcing that much air into the titanic sphere almost beggared belief and while she appeared somewhat worn out there was no chance of her giving up.
                      After keeping the tremendous huffing and puffing going for far longer than should be possible she was rewarded with a thunderous boom as the giant globe exploded into large flat rubbery chunks. She gave a triumphant laugh.
                      "None can withstand the might of Minge!"
                      I had to compliment her after the view and took the opportunity to mention Kim was envious at her getting to go all the way. Ree smiled.
                      "I said I would."
                      Then I told her the other vid would surely draw a lot of interest, if nothing else for the positioning of her lovely wife.
                      "Tell me you had your way with her afterwards."
                      "What kind of monster do you take me for?" Riko said. "I licked her first, of course."

                      Their free sample hadn't taken up a full fifteen minutes so Sam played a pre-recorded segment of Kriss repeating the purpose of the stream for newcomers and giving some hints of what to expect. Those who'd been there from the start already knew, of course.
                      Then we were ready for switching to a garden view with us in suitable hot tub wear. Me and Lex wore one-piece swimsuits while the blondes sported bikinis. Though Kim's always been fit as F, Kriss looks amazing for someone approaching forty. Her fans sure seemed to appreciate the sight.
                      "This will be my first gig in swimwear", she said. "What would you like us to play? Vote with your wallets!"
                      She listed four of her songs. "Those of you who want alternative A, you have one minute to send a little something, starting…now!"
                      The process was repeated three times while she and Lex spoke about the tunes in question, noting that even if only one person sent a single dollar it would still be a majority vote they'd honor. We got somewhat more than that though, and the second option won out. For that one Lexi picked up the tuba and Kriss the trumpet, while Kim suggested me and her prepare some pool toys while they played. So accompanied by the brassy ladies I inflated a ride-on caterpillar while Kim blew up a big swim ring. It was large enough to seat both her, Lex and Kriss but I declined since it would mean someone would have their back towards the camera. Besides, I suspected what was going to happen.
                      Sure enough, after the song ended we entered the pool and while I had a hard time staying on the caterpillar I could grab the edge for support. With the ring afloat there wasn't much room to spare anyway.
                      We talked about missing real beaches and things to do at home during summer when all of a sudden the overloaded tube burst, dumping the passengers in the drink. Before I had a chance to say I could have told them so, Kriss had yanked me in to general laughter. The rest of the segment was spent standing on the bottom of the tub, with general talking around subjects that had been brought up in the chat earlier - we didn't have a screen close enough to read what was new.
                      We could hear, though, and Sam patched herself through to relay that someone had asked if Kriss thought she was able to blow a beachball to pop. My wife said sure thing and I told her to prove it. So she jumped out and went into the poolhouse for a fresh one from the gift pile, still in its original packaging to ensure there'd been no foul play.
                      Positioning herself for a good view Kriss tore the thin plastic open and unfolded the contents. She located the valve, brought it to her lips and inhaled, her scantily-clad body inflating in a mesmerizing manner, the chest expanding and rising as if to prove why she was called 'Iron Lungs'. Then she blew the ball up with all the professional pride you'd expect. It unfolded and filled up into the rated twenty inches, but Kriss wasn't out to make us a plaything and went straight on. It first grew impossibly taut, then took on a pumpkin-like shape before splitting apart with a bang. There'd been a notable effort involved, although it hadn't slowed the process down. And Kriss had gotten to showcase another of her talents in a bikini, so she was pleased with more than just her success.
                      We splashed and fooled around a bit, trying our best to address or involve the viewers as well. I followed up on Kim's preference for being on the air by asking what she'd like to work with if she hadn't been making the show.
                      "I've tried being a dancer but getting a bit too long in the tooth for that. Too competitive anyway. But testing inflatables would be fun!"
                      She elaborated a bit about checking how difficult they were to blow up, how they performed their function and of course the all-important durability. Not sure it was a true calling, but I knew people would enjoy hearing it. Kriss said she'd want something creative and revealed her love of sculpting, while Lex stated cooking would suit her.
                      "Not anywhere fancy, just some joint serving good wholesome food."
                      And I admitted being a stage manager hadn't been bad - with the right cast - but my current position was maybe too similar.
                      "You were a helluva boss for sure", Kim said.

                      It was her time to shine again and she performed a dance on the lawn after we'd gotten out to provide the soundtrack. We managed to fill out almost an hour before another pre-recording took over, followed by a video from Betty and Mandy.

                      (CONTINUED BELOW)


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                        (CONTINUED FROM ABOVE)

                        The Texans played 'Land of Hope and Glory' (I don't wanna catch flak for calling it 'Pomp and Circumstance' again) on their trombone and trumpet - fitting, as they appeared in their old school band uniforms. Those were of the traditional kind, blue and white with gold details and buttons. Ours, as you recall, were more like suits and while the Texans were busy entertaining the digital crowd we put those on over our next change of clothes, just so Kriss could announce we'd be following their example and play a march as well. Which we did, though perhaps not as well as the others. Me and Kim were still relative beginners.
                        Then we ditched the jackets, ties and shirts - the closest we'd get to a striptease during the event - and spent the next shift in casual clothes, mainly tees and shorts. Kim did a passable take on Daisy Duke in her shirt and cutoffs, while Lex of course chose a skirt.
                        Since this segment was much like the last I'll relay what our friends down south had contributed in the video department instead.
                        The scene was a rather empty space dominated by a desk with a computer and an office chair. Mandy was wearing the workplace airhead look - white open-necked blouse with a necklace of oversized pink plastic pearls and ditto earrings plus a charcoal pencil skirt. She was instructed to sit down by her boss - Betty in a rather severe if unbuttoned pinstripe pantsuit.
                        "All you have to do is monitor the production process and pause it if the values exceed the safety margins."
                        Amanda protested. "But that never happens!"
                        "Better safe than sorry. Now get to work."
                        The supervisor left and Mandy tried to look intently at the screen, succeeding for about five seconds before showing signs of acute boredom. She twirled and fidgeted before glancing around to make sure she wasn't watched, then rose and put her big purse onto the table. It wasn't to pull out a phone or a snack, though, but a deflated doll in the same clothes and wig she herself wore.
                        With great urgency and speed she began to blow it up, her huge blue eyes nervously darting back and forth in case she'd be discovered. I'd instantly realized it was one of Barbie's sisters, Betty's second cuddle companion, and for some reason knew exactly where this was going. The setup reminded me of something we'd done at the theater, and sure enough, once inflated the doll was made to take the reluctant worker's place while she tiptoed away.
                        It was a poor impersonation. Mandy might still carry some of the baby pounds, but the doll was notably rounder than her and had little in common with her features. And lacked the jewelry.
                        It wasn't long before Betty returned to check in, and finding her employee unresponsive she went to touch her shoulder - only then realizing she was being had.
                        "Miss Puffin!"
                        No reply.
                        "Stacy! Get here this instant!"
                        Reluctantly, 'Miss Puffin' returned.
                        Betty's question was more of a statement. "What is this."
                        "Oh, that's Dolly! My temp."
                        "Really really", Amanda tried. "She's new", she added in a closeup of her face that clearly showed she was fibbing.
                        The distance view returned and Elizabeth nodded. "Well, in that case I'd better put her through the paces."
                        She yanked the doll up and started blowing firmly into the valve, paying the real blonde no heed. Amanda looked uncomfortable at the scene, half-raising a hand in a silent appeal for her to stop. Her boss paid it no heed, did in fact not even open her eyes, and as the effigy filled out enough to stretch the blouse tight Mandy's nervousness became apparent. She seemed outright worried - and as it turned out, for good reason. Betty blew in a tremendous breath that went on and on, and before it was over 'Miss Puffin' herself had popped. There was a dull boom like a grocery bag being blown to burst and the now empty clothes fell to the floor through a cheap jump cut.
                        Betty calmly lowered the inflatable a bit as she looked up with a no more than slightly perplexed expression, wordlessly saying 'That's not supposed to happen'.
                        The scene was replaced with a white title on black saying 'Sorry - let's keep it real this time'.
                        Then the vid cut back to Betty picking the doll up and starting to overinflate it again, glaring accusingly at the blonde as she did, getting pleas for mercy in return.
                        But the boss was relentless, blowing and blowing until the expanding figure looked more like a clothed balloon than a person. The fabrics were filled to the brim and even the legs had begun to swell out.
                        By now the brunette's eyes were pressed firmly shut and her tense, bulging cheeks were turning red with the effort. The loud whooshes had subsided and whatever air she could force in made little noise. I knew from experience the doll was approaching the breaking point and I also realized why Mandy had wanted to know how we'd rigged Barbara to explode.
                        "Stop!" she cried, but in the next moment there was a big bang and the garments seemed to empty themselves in Betty's hands. The wigged head lost shape as it snapped back and forward again, the yellow curls hanging down over the folds of the blouse.
                        "Dolly! No!" Mandy gasped.
                        Betty stuffed the drooping remains into the wastebasket and dusted off her hands.
                        "Now get back to work." She paused for a moment. "And you have to stop pulling this stunt."

                        I'd naturally seen it before uploading and had even spoken to them about their methods and thoughts, which were quite reasonable.
                        One, the doll was a small sacrifice for the cause and two, it wasn't used much any more.
                        "She's back to humping me full time", Amanda said with a mischievous grin.
                        The only point of contention had been Betty wanting to match Kimber's btp, bursting it without "cheating". Mandy had eventually convinced her it would be way funnier with a quicker pop, and a friend had delivered the killing blow with an airsoft gun. Said friend had also assisted with the collapsing clothes, and I had been correct about the sound coming from a thick plastic bag.
                        "Had to blow up five to get it just right", Mandy said. "Liz tried a couple too but hers were no good."
                        The brunette cut in. "Hey! Not my fault they just split. So did yours."
                        "I made two explode", the blonde concluded with feigned haughtiness, as if that carried major bragging rights.
                        Anyway, watching a lady being blown to pop proved irresistible for quite a few customers so the takings far outweighed the cost of the doll. And just like Carrie and Nita, the performers made a personal donation as well. The extra-long vid might have been Riko and Tessa making up for their relative lack of funds, but they shouldn't have to think like that. What they'd given were way more than enough.

                        I wouldn't call the afternoon boring, but some fatigue set in which we cured with coffee and cookies. Lexi shared the recipe for those to pad the program a bit, but otherwise it was more of the same. A couple of the balloons were real stubborn and Kriss even pin popped one in my face when she thought I was taking too long. Ironically she had to ask if I believe in capital punishment and I could snark it's lucky for some people I don't anymore.
                        An impromptu game of musical chairs livened things up a bit, though I couldn't help feeling the format was going stale. Besides, we were running out of loons. They did last until four - barely - and we took a break for a real meal. Two at a time, with Kim and Lex leaving first. Me and Kriss got to answer a lot of questions about our relationship and I suppose the others would face the same while we ate. And I suppose they too snuck some serious kissing in while off-camera, though we did polish off the chicken and potato salad as fast as we could. Just like our counterparts had, we changed into business casual - slightly neater than what we'd started out in - and went back to rejoin them for a less playful stretch. Music was played of course, and Kim did another routine, but mostly we responded to fan input and talked about funny or interesting experiences.
                        Eventually Kriss announced what she and Kim had been very insistent upon, and it was kinda fitting to end on that note. Would be reinvigorating as well, I hoped.
                        "It's six o'clock over here and in an hour it'll be time for a final change. We're turning this whole affair into a black tie gala, and if you feel like dressing up along with us you're more than welcome to!"
                        Lex nodded. "That's right - so start thinking about what you want to wear, and if you wanna stay casual that's fine too."
                        "Oh no", Kim said with exaggerated, fake chagrin. "I've never done this before! Think I'll look okay?"
                        I reassured her. "I'm sure you'll be just fine."
                        Kriss turned back to the camera. "But in the meantime, let's talk some more! Have I mentioned I'm a terrible driver?"
                        Not so bad these days, but her stories from learning went over well. We shared similar stuff and so on and so forth until Kim looked at the gaudy balloon arch.
                        "If we're gonna get all classy that won't really fit in, right?"
                        "It is kinda festive" I said, "but maybe a bit…dunno, sloppy?"
                        There had been more elegant arrangements, that's for sure.
                        "We can always replace it with something", Kim said. "Whaddya say we pop it?"
                        Everyone lit up at the prospect, even if it had been planned. The viewers didn't have to know, though.
                        Kriss fished around for more pins from where she'd gotten the one used against me, and armed with one each we went over to the background prop. After a "Ready, go!" we went all in, bursting balloon after balloon in a frenzy, competing over who'd nail the most. More than once my jabs struck empty air since the loon that'd been there a moment ago had noisily vanished, and just as often I caused someone else to miss. The bangs and snaps mixed with giggles as the inflated decoration was decimated piece by piece, latex scraps recoloring the surroundings. POP, PAF, PAM went the arch over and over again until nothing remained but the framework and garish rubbery knots.
                        "That was fun", Lex chuckled.
                        Kriss grinned. "Mm-hm. That should go as well", she said and casually punctured the palm.
                        I glanced at the tree as it slowly began to lose air, but there was nothing to be done about that improvisation now and I sat down to let it deflate in peace. It kept sinking behind us as the shift drew to a close, and we told everyone we had to go a bit earlier to prepare.
                        "We have a final guest for the evening, though, and some of you may know her work. Ladies and gents, Jen Vandermeer!"
                        Sam turned the camera over to her wife, who got to appear live. Her contribution had been a brand new story - 'When the Pladoof was sick', a short, sweet tale about the childish, petulant creature getting bedridden and cared for by its friend Bunny. It showed kids being ill is no fun but you usually get better, and the character interactions were funny since a li'l tyke might well do the same. It wasn't our usual fare but a nice cross-promotion, as the author had stated all the proceeds would go to the cause.
                        Now she came on the screen wearing a stylish navy blazer over an off-white shirt, a pink paisley scarf tucked into it. She introduced herself in some more depth, talked about her writing and her wife's illustrations and read an excerpt from the latest offering. Or rather, she read the whole thing, but it wasn't like you got the pictures and a physical copy would be much better for bedtime anyway.
                        Jo put the book away. "One thing I don't talk about much is that I play the flute at times. And since I'm on a musical channel right now it's only fair I pay tribute to that. Though it's usually the piper who's paid", she added with a cute little chuckle I could tell was nervousness.
                        "So for my friends in Las Vegas and all the rest of you, a little tune I put together myself."
                        She produced her instrument, raised it to her lips and set about playing a lovely melody that tugged just a bit at the heartstrings. She seemed to lose herself in the music that had been her secret voice for many years, and it was a few moments before she opened her eyes after finishing.
                        With a few closing remarks, timed to make the switch as near to the hour as she could make it, Jo took her leave.
                        "I hope you'll all have a lovely evening."

                        I thought the same as I waited for the fade-in. We'd managed to dress and repaint ourselves just in time and were now looking the part through and through. Black tie was the common denominator, and I wore mine with a slim tuxedo gown Kriss had picked out for me along with a black satin bolero. To hear her purr how handsome she found it was a turn-on, but to tell the truth I had nothing on her. In a full white tux with black cummerbund and everything she was absolutely radiant, and the red lipstick was a lovely colorful touch. Kim was dressed almost the same, except she'd skipped the shirt in favor of a black silky waistcoat and the loose, playful handkerchief in her breast pocket matched both it and her tie. Lex had chosen a dress too, although hers showed quite a bit more leg and her arms were completely bare. The straight, luscious wig was a tad more elegant than the one she'd worn during the day too. The background screens were showing a gently undulating curtain of glittering golden strands, unobtrusive but elegant. It was quite a change from before, but not jarring.
                        Kriss welcomed the audience back for the finale, noting with a wink we'd dressed to impress in the hope of some extra generosity.
                        "Even our tech support is in on it", she said, cueing a video wave from Sam who'd put on her black tuxedo with all the trimmings and makeup to match, looking more professional than ever. She sent a private message to say Jo had as well, so at least one viewer followed our example. Wouldn't surprise me if Riko was another example, since she tends to jump at any excuse to dress up.
                        "The room looks a bit bare after we got rid of the decorations", Kim said. "How about we get some new ones?"
                        I was ready for it. "There's a thought. We're out of notes, but not balloons."
                        I tipped a bag of metallics onto the table, the really shiny, pretty ones Kriss adored.
                        "So for every fifty we raise we'll add another one. Let's see if we can make a new and improved arch!"
                        I knew it was a bit of a stretch since a lot of people had probably already given all they could afford, but the audience was frankly ridiculously large, new viewers had arrived and all it would take was one donor with really deep pockets and altruism to match a special interest. Hey, it could happen.
                        We got enough for six balloons straight away and gratefully inflated them with huge, deep puffs. Before they were done two more had been paid, so that was two layers already - a good start. We picked colors to make a proper spiral, because why settle for less?
                        "Thank you so much", Kriss said. "We're getting somewhere already. But in case the buck stops there we should have a backup decoration - why don't you get one while me and Sweet Cheeks play a song?"
                        Kimmy took off to fetch the inflatable penguin we'd left out of view and returned already blowing into the valve. It was an interesting contrast - a lady in a white jacket and black front prepping an inflatable appearing to wear the opposite. I felt a bit left out as the musicians were already tooting away, but I got to handle another couple of loons while I waited. Then there was a brief lull and I turned to Kim.
                        "Let me help."
                        She relinquished the more than half-full bird and I topped it up with big whooshes while she did the next loon, getting paid for one to finish the set as well. She added it to the plastic frame at about the same time I plugged the valve and the players wound down their number. They'd improvised to prolong it a bit.
                        Their bows caused a small surge in tips and they blew up more balloons to match, everything going so smoothly I felt something had to fall apart. If nothing else a server crash.
                        But it all chugged along neatly and Kim put on such tantalizing moves she earned us five loons at once. If this kept up we'd be done with time to spare.
                        We chatted with members, played music and blew up balloons. I had thought honking the tuba live would feel awkward but it didn't, since it wasn't a concert and any screwups could be laughed off. I think Kimmy felt the same about the sax.
                        One thing irked me though and that was the penguin. While looking somewhat formally dressed it felt out of place and just a little ridiculous. And I felt I'd earned the right to be a little silly too. I didn't want to come off as too stiff.
                        "You know, I got to thinking of Monty Python", I said. "It's just gone eight o'clock and time for the penguin on your television to explode."
                        "Splendid idea!" Kriss said and grabbed the bird, but passed it along to Lex.
                        "I did the beachball - care to do the honors?"
                        "Sure", Lexi said, turning the fowl around and biting the nozzle open. She rose for a full view, which coincidentally would allow for even harder exhales. Then she sent a strong breath into the vinyl body as the rest of us scooched aside to let her take center stage.
                        The penguin was already fully inflated, but now Alex began blowing it up. I kid you not, you could actually see it grow bigger and fatter from her tremendous gusts. She straightened her back with every inhale, making the marked rising of her chest unmissable before bending forward to force more air through the mouthpiece. When her lips began to slip Kim handed her a valve she'd kept in her pocket just in case, which Lexi neatly stuck into place before redoubling her efforts.
                        I checked the chat and saw comments ranging from 'Hell yeah!' to 'NOT THE PENGUIN', but I knew the latter were in vain. The PVC had stretched out and distorted in a way that was equally funny and alarming, and with a smirk I stuck my fingers in my ears to clue the viewers in to where this was heading.
                        I hope they took the hint, because with a BLAM the bird ceased to be an overinflated toy and turned into a rag-like mess of ruptured plastic. It wasn't because of a split seam - Lex had blown hard enough to make the material literally tear apart. I was more awed than I let on, but the viewers had no such qualms and the message box ran wild.
                        Alex put the remains out of sight, gave a coy smile and nonchalantly adjusted her tie to sit back down like nothing had happened - or at least no more than an everyday occurrence. We didn't acknowledge it either but plowed straight on.
                        "Where were we?" Kriss said. "Right, balloons."
                        Lexi's performance had brought in several more pieces for the arch and we had a hard time keeping our faces straight while inflating them. In fact, in spite of appearances it was like dignity had been lost along with the penguin and we had an outrageously jolly time filling orders and fooling around, batting each other over the heads with blown-up balloons before putting them in place. This caused the occasional pop and a need to replace the loon free of charge, since we weren't selling rubber but decoration slots.
                        Sitting around together sharing the experience all dressed up for the occasion felt awesome and doing it for a cause made it even better. The joy might have been contagious as the donations kept pouring in while we did our things and at precisely 9:07 the arch was ready. We'd met the goal earlier but had to keep playing, chatting and dancing as well for variety. It made a nice display piece, a testament to the crowd's generosity.
                        As there were still a lot of loons left one of us would now and then pick one up and inflate it just for fun, either letting it go or blowing to pop to try throwing the current speaker off. It might be exhaustion that made us giddy, but mostly we were simply enjoying ourselves.
                        With half an hour left Kriss once more checked the chat.
                        "Here's an interesting one - 'Can we see your tech girl blow up a balloon?'"
                        Well, said tech girl had let it through while holding back the next messages enough for us to see it, so she was probably game. I chose to take it that way.
                        "Well", I said. "It's not really in her job description but let's ask her. Sam?"
                        Samantha brought up an insert of herself.
                        "What do you say? Willing to do that for the viewers?"
                        She shrugged. "Why not?"
                        "Nice, but I'm not letting you without proper compensation. That meter has to rise by at least a hundred to show the value of your talents."
                        I'd barely finished before it did, and went even further. Evidently several watchers were keen to pitch in.
                        "Wow", Sam said. "For that I'll go a bit above and beyond."
                        As if she didn't always. She went out of shot for a couple of moments and returned with something limp and dark blue dangling from her fingers. Far as I could tell it was probably about an eighteen-incher.
                        "Will this be okay?"
                        "Dandy", I said.
                        "Moment", Sam grinned and adjusted herself and the camera to make room for a side view, taking over the entire screen in the process. She started out at three-quarters, though, and a bit closer to the lens.
                        "Ready?" she asked and inhaled. Then the first breath went into the latex, making it fill up and wobble before expanding with a whoosh. As she blew it fuller the color changed into a clear royal blue, a beautiful shade that complemented her orange-gold hair amazingly. Turning to the side Sam kept blowing with a wonderful, pretty puffyface, perfected through her years on stage. Her cheeks gleamed as nicely as the latex, and without a hint of hesitation she let the neck fill up to meet her lips - a big improvement on her audition. I recalled her first blow to pop had been the same hue, but back then she'd struggled. Now it seemed she had no problems at all bringing it to the bursting point - and inflating the rubber enough to cross it.
                        The boom momentarily made her hair flutter before she turned to the camera with a sweet smile and blew it an innocent kiss. Then the pic swapped back to us - I suppose Jo flipped the switch - and we applauded the unexpected show.
                        I don't think Sam had expected the response either, as some sweet cash rolled in and she texted me 'You should see what people are writing! I'm blushing here.'
                        I wondered if we would blush at any of the things she had censored. Probably.
                        After that Kriss called for another four-instrument performance and we kept the stream rolling until ten minutes remained on the clock. Then she announced it was almost time to wrap things up but first we had another prerecorded vid to show.
                        It was from her main producer, and to sum it all up - while his company and others had made donations to various relief funds for performers losing revenue from canceled gigs and opportunities, he and some friends in high places had banded up and agreed to privately but jointly match whatever we raised during the day. Seems it can be neat to know people who know people. So he hoped we'd managed to do well and that there was still time to increase the amount to be doubled.
                        "You heard the man", Kriss said. "And while you consider how much you want to rain on his parade - or make him look more like a hero - let's get a wee bit maudlin."
                        She brought out the bagpipes she'd kept hidden from view and inflated the instrument while we gathered our own to join her in 'Amazing Grace'. It was usually a solo thing and I've no idea if our backup added or subtracted, but we played along anyway. She finished and put the tartan thing aside.
                        "Maybe a bit too sentimental, but let's not entirely forget why we're here. I wanna thank you all so much for your contributions - I'm completely blown away by how much we've raised. We're down to our last minute, so let us all say how grateful we are. Cheryl?"
                        I made a very short speech - just a couple sentences, really - with the kind of words Kriss are so fond of. Kim and Alex said thanks as well in their own ways and as the timer approached ten PM I realized we hadn't really thought about how to cap it all off.
                        And then, with six seconds to go, the meter made such a jump I thought something had broken. The others were still gaping at the screen when the message appeared.
                        'A little reward for your amazing work. I can afford it - hope your friends can.'
                        I was pretty sure they'd manage - between them - but couldn't help thinking that sweet last-moment bonus would be considerably less pleasant for them.
                        Incredulous comments rolled past but I barely saw them. Kriss recovered first.
                        "I don't know what to say except - thank you. A lot. After that we really should go out with a bang of our own. Ladies, choose your weapons."
                        She indicated the leftover loons and we took one each. A combined race and four-gun salute seemed like an appropriate end and we asked Sam for a countdown. She obliged but stayed in her window, raising a balloon of her own. And sitting next to her was Jo, doing the same. A worthy tribute and end to the night.
                        "On your marks", Samantha began. "Get set… BLOW!"
                        And blow we did, with all the force and enthusiasm we had left. I thought of nothing but breaking my balloon in record time, and the violent gasps and whooshes beside me mingled into a singular roar. I huffed and puffed as hard as I could remember doing, feeling the latex expand against my fingers while my field of vision was filled with a silvery sheen. The air rushing between my lips made the globe swell out as far as it would go and the pop proclaiming someone else had finished meant nothing. I'd be done soon anyway and was, a loud bang dispelling the stress and the pressure into immense relief.
                        Even if I'd finished fourth it had been a close call, and I watched Sam and Jo still puffing away as I sat there panting and grinning from ear to ear. A single explosion took out both their balloons, managing what had taken Carrie and Nita three tries in one go. They smiled and signed off while Kriss, the winner, geared up for a closing remark.
                        She once more thanked everyone for their time and amazing generosity, said the tip jar and store offers would be available until midnight and told the audience to stay safe and have a wonderful weekend. We all said goodbye and followed Sam's example in blowing the camera a kiss, smiling until the picture had faded completely.
                        I yanked the microphone out just in case and gave a yell that startled my mates for a moment. Then they followed suit. The cheering, shouting and 'holy fuck's were only rivalled by the hugging and kissing, and it took quite a while to get off the adrenaline high.
                        It had been a long day and taking anything more in was unthinkable, so we stumbled to a bedroom, undressed and got between the sheets in a slow flurry of fondling. I have a vague memory of Kriss blowing in my ear and whispering "I love you", though after that… just unconsciousness.

                        We slept late. Breakfast was a groggy affair, and while the numbers were in I had a hard time making sense of them. They seemed huge, at least to an experienced wage-worker like me, but in the grand scheme of things maybe less impressive.
                        It was more than we'd dared hope for anyway, and several media outlets wanted a word with Kriss or Kim or both about the event. That could wait a bit. There was a lot to check through and repeated thanks to the other Angels were in order too, so we had another busy half-day. But after lunch Alex gathered us up in her long, strong arms for the fiercest, most desire-filled embrace you can imagine.
                        "Oh shit, shit, shit", she moaned. "Shiit… I wanna fuck!"
                        We all did, but someone had to say it. Twice I'd found the words caught in my throat and I was glad Lex had managed. Kriss positively whined "Oh yes…!" while Kimmy simply shoved her tongue down her wife's throat. Clothes were more or less ripped right then and there, but we sought out a bed and what followed was an afternoon of glorious fucking. I fucked them all and was fucked in turn, the whole thing too intense to even try making sense of. We'd gone on into the evening if hunger hadn't wanted in - another need to be sated.
                        Then we managed to do away with some more of the afterwork, and since the next episode could be a recap of the stream I didn't have to worry about that. Kriss tallied our sales and informed her informal backers how much they'd have to pony up if they didn't wanna lose face while I told the Angels how much their vids had fetched. Since I kept the numbers secret to the others I'll keep them all secret to you, so you have to guess the top sellers yourself. Tough luck. Lex and Kim disassembled the temporary studio setup but kept the arch up so we could shoot a popping video for the members later. With everything back in it's proper place it was like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. It'd been a two-day thrill ride, but by bedtime things were sort of back to normal.

                        (CONTINUED BELOW)


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                          (CONTINUED FROM ABOVE)

                          A new week began and while we had all recovered Kim mentioned there was one thing left to do - celebrate.
                          After all, she said, we'd done real good and deserved a treat, or at least treat ourselves to something special. Not a bad idea.
                          I smiled. "Any ideas?"
                          She was beaming. "A real sex party! With lots of balloons and dressing up for each other, not just the viewers!"
                          Not a bad idea either, and Kim went on:
                          "If we use the same outfits we can destroy the arch in character, well, you know what I mean."
                          "Make it look like we filmed it at once" Kriss said, either playing the part of Captain Obvious or just being blonde.
                          "Interesting", I said. "And just when would this 'sex party' happen?"
                          "Tonight!" Kim exclaimed. "Or the loons may go limp."
                          "I've already planned a menu", Lex confessed.
                          And for once I totally meant it when I said "Can't wait."

                          But wait I had, and we spent the day building anticipation by ambushing each other with kisses and licks, teasing touches and more. We found out Lexi can still handle a skillet with hot breaths and naughty whispers in both ears. I made Kim squirm by describing what I planned to stick into her - and how deep. Though sucking Krissie's tits in the shower backfired since she retaliated so fiercely I got dizzy.
                          We put our fineries back on with a conspicuous lack of underwear, but if Kim thought we'd appear just like we had in the stream she was wrong, as we had more time to spend on makeup and did a far better and enticing job. A delicious, discrete dose of Kimmy's favorite perfumes was the finishing touch and made her eyelids flutter as she sniffed the air. And that was before dinner.
                          Afterwards we set out for the dancehall with the camera in tow, put it in place and armed ourselves with fresh pins.
                          "As nice as this is", Kim said, "we'd better clear it out. I need this place for practice."
                          "Just chuck it in the trash?" Lex asked. "Won't fit."
                          "I've a better idea", Kim said, drawing steel.
                          "Better burn out than fade away", Kriss agreed.
                          "I think you mean burst" I said and pricked the closest loon.
                          If our attack on the previous setup had been savage, this one was more methodical and we almost thoughtfully popped every single balloon with feigned dignity to match our appearances. It might have come off as cruel or uncaring, but was mostly pragmatic - they were an obstacle that had to be removed, no more or less. We neither hurried or took our time, just calmly worked our way towards the middle from both ends. Kim got the honor of bursting the last one, since it was mainly for the benefit of her fans.
                          "There", she said. "Almost done."
                          She jabbed the pin towards Kriss and froze in place while my wife walked off, then did the same with me and Lex. She put the pin in her pocket and left as well. Jump cuts and sound effects would make it look like she’d popped us too, and maybe herself by accident at the very end. We'd see.
                          With all the work done it was time for play, and we went straight for the fun-geon. Once inside the kissing finally, finally began, with no particular priorities or preferences. Everything in the room that could be inflated got either that or topped up to full firmness, and Kriss tied Deedee's bow around her neck before blowing her boobs up with all the air they could take.
                          "I'll give you such a ride later", she said.
                          "I'll have one now" Kim said and climbed on.
                          I helped Lexi remove her dress while we watched the blonde bounce and grind, hearing the squeaks of vinyl joined by the sounds of latex being stretched with strong breaths. Our entire stash of balloons had already been brought in and now Kriss had started on the stockpile, urging us to join in. I undressed her as well while she blew and before I was through Kim had finished and began to strip too. Soon Dee was the only one wearing a scrap of clothing and we puffed away in a frenzy to cover the floor with balloons in all sizes and colors. Several weird and wonderfully inflated shapes joined the collection, and I watched Lex getting taken from behind by her wife while still blowing up a big, yellow mouse-eared loon. I bent over to show Kriss I wanted some of that and she was happy to comply, pumping me to pop as I kept adding to the decorations. Once we were both sated I fell into Lexi's arms while Kim handed Kriss a big red heart to blow up for her, and the way she accepted was so natural the scene became even more romantic and sensual.
                          "Is it okay if I hump your dragon too?" Alex whispered and I told her of course it was, leading to such a sweet session I ached for a go myself. But there were still plenty balloons to blow up and I settled for watching as I did my part. Before long the room was filled with a wide variety of tight, bulbous latex blown to near bursting point. The light played off the metallics, crystals, pastels and agates alike, reflected to different degrees in a marvelous display of rubbery tension. You couldn't take a step without shifting the mass and every movement seemed to turn the floor into a multicolored, multifaceted living thing. It was tempting to fall backwards onto it, but the fickle loons would just fly to the sides instead of cushioning the impact, only to roll back and return for a non-lethal but quicksand-like burial.
                          Kriss knelt down among the shiny spheres while untying the mouse balloon Lex had blown up before. She pressed it against my thighs and I parted them so she could push it further and between, putting one ear behind my ass and the other in a perfect place for thrusting. I took it in both hands and began to grind while Kriss blew it up even more, the rising pressure both exciting and scary. I knew the loon couldn't last long but neither could I, wishing like hell I'd go first. But there was a pop that shattered my hopes along with the balloon and I looked around for something that was sure to outlast me. Then I caught the coy gaze of my presently dapper dragon. Her inviting expression urged me to climb on, and as I straddled Dee and felt her smooth belly press against my privates I beckoned Kriss over.
                          "Blow her harder for me… Wanna feel how tight she can get…"
                          My wife went behind me and I heard her open the valve. Then the brief sound of escaping air was replaced by the loud rush of her breath going in. I felt a slight surge of pressure that only grew as Kriss kept huffing with all her might, turning the bouncy inflatable rigid beneath me. The surface getting stiffer and stiffer turned me on so much I could only whine while writhing from side to side, aching with lust and wondrous anticipation.
                          I knew there was an actual chance Deedee might burst below me but then she'd get a professional patching - if they could fix Dodo they could fix anything. And right now I wanted my Dee blown as big as absolutely possible, wanted to feel her expand as if inflating herself to please me. With every PSSSHHH, PSSSHHH I was lifted just a little higher and felt wonderfully light, as if I'd been filled with air myself. I guessed Dee's tail was curving a bit upwards now, which was just as well because if it had curled down to hug me right then I would probably have popped with pleasure. It was time for something of the kind anyway since Kriss could and would go too far. I tensed up for a final assault and forced myself over the edge, screaming out a single letter as I came. It felt fantastic, and Krissie had the sense to stop when no more was needed.
                          I slid off and surveyed the scene. The dragon was tight, no doubt about it, but so sturdy she seemed at no risk of breaking. I wanted my lover to share what I'd just experienced and prodded her towards the inflatable.
                          "Get on - you promised her."
                          Kriss hesitated a little, probably fearing blame more than a 'blam', but mounted Deedee without protests. She smiled, sighed and started rocking back and forth.
                          "Fuck, Chellie, that's good."
                          "Glad you like it but it's all on Dee."
                          My wife caressed the dragon’s snout. “You magnificent blowup beast. You’re so puffily puffed up. And gorgeous.”
                          More like completely overinflated, but that’s Krissie for you. Her hand slid down out to playfully touch Deedee's bowtie.
                          "Looks good on you. Put it on for date night with Blowser?"
                          In that moment I kinda got why some get bras or stockings for their inflatables - not necessarily the sight but the thought of the toy having chosen to dress up. I licked my lover’s ear.
                          "You betcha. And you should see Blowser's lingerie. Biggest inflata-bra ever."
                          "Peekaboo panties?" Kriss moaned.
                          "With garters. And now we know who blows 'er - Dee does."
                          My wife groaned and ground harder. "Good girl."
                          "Let her make you come too. Can't you see how much she wants it…?"
                          The printed blue eyes gave that impression for sure, and as Kriss looked at them her happy smile widened.
                          "Mmm, Deedee, you're so nice and firm and hot. Wanna explode all over you…"
                          Krissie's legs splayed to the sides and she began to bounce all stretched out and flat on her belly. Her arms all but vanished below the gigantic boobs as she clung on tight, rubbing more than thrusting against the taut vinyl. She seemed to vibrate with the short, rapid motions that grew more and more frenetic and intense until her head arched backwards to a sound somewhere between a moan and a shriek. She kept gasping and humping until all the tension had been shaken free, and I helped her down into my arms.
                          As a precaution I pulled the plug to restore Deedee's normal size, but told Kriss how much I'd enjoyed the raise.
                          "Fucking love when you blow things up under me…'
                          She beamed. "You know I'll fill anything you ask me to. You point, I blow.'
                          "Wanna do that with Blowser and Blooper and Goldenmane too."
                          "Done", Kriss grinned and kissed me.
                          "Maybe not tonight though."

                          Over on the bed Lex was sitting down with Kim straddling her and the strapon she was wearing. They were taking turns blowing into a valve on an orange twentyfour squashed between them, the pressure pushing their bodies apart counteracted by the ever-tightening embrace. Kim's hips gyrated to a silent beat and it was clear she wanted to be closer, yet her breaths were deliberately causing the opposite. The fierce grapple took more effort the bigger the balloon was blown, until the blonde suddenly bit the latex hard enough to remove the obstruction with a boom and get her pulled violently against her lover's chest in a shuddering climax.
                          She noticed we were watching.
                          "Cherry, get over here", Kimmy cried and I went to pick her up for a thorough smooch.
                          Kriss removed Lexi's hip harness and began making out with her in a way I recognized as a wait for further instructions.
                          "Blow me, Crystal', Lex moaned and Kriss went downwards at once, the asking and giving of equals. Kim looked into my eyes and made a firm request of her own.
                          "Blow me, boss."
                          Me and my wife knelt side by side as our mates lay on the bed, lapping away with wild abandon. A movement in front of us made me look and I saw Kim and Lex had grabbed a thick airship each, puffing them up in unison. Steady, synchronized breaths had the fat cylinders extend and expand straight towards the ceiling, accompanied by the rising and falling of naked breasts. It was a ponderous, exciting sight and I wanted to give Kimmy the best orgasm I could provide, blow her to pop before she blew to pop or vice versa. It became the latter when the airship snapped to bits, letting her focus fully on the sensation, and moments later Lexi's loon burst as well. Me and Kriss kept licking until there was no longer any call for more, and the free-for-all cuddle that followed could have been the end of the night. It wasn't.
                          "Let's go on", Kriss said and found three willing takers rising to the task.
                          Lexi handed her two black 12-inchers. "You wanna do cam shows? Then let's see you make a big latex butt and hump it."
                          Krissie accepted the challenge and the loons, blowing them up at full force and donning the strapon before going at it. She did as she'd once been shown, holding the balloons down on the bed while thrusting the shaft between them in deliberate, bouncing movements. The shiny rubber looked a lot like a latex-clad behind and my wife seemed at ease treating it as a plaything. I would have tipped her.
                          Suddenly Lex made a backwards jump, slamming her ass down on the blow-up buttocks and bursting them both.
                          "Just wanted to see how you'd do before letting you at the real thing", she leered over her shoulder and bent forwards.
                          As Kriss lubed up I turned to Kim. "Looks like you're about to do what some people dream of. You'll get to sodomize your boss."
                          "I've only ever wanted to fuck your ass lovingly", she smiled.
                          And she always had and still did.

                          We eventually grew tired but there were far too many balloons around, so we went in for full-contact disposal - riding them, squeezing them between our naked bodies or hugging them to pop - just to feel that lovely captured pressure against the skin while the rubbery scent reminded us what we were handling. Lightweight, fragile things that would rupture and vanish from a sharp prick, yet stand up to most any careful roughness. But we were no longer careful, and the bangs were far sharper than whatever eventually burst the loons. I made Kriss blow one up as I sat on it and while it was no dragon the thrill was still there, only over too soon. The noises I made before the pop were enough to make the others demand the same, and though it was far from the first time we'd combined riding and btp's we'd never made such a thorough job of comparing sizes and models.
                          A few survivors remained in the corners when we bedded down together for a final goodnight. It didn't much matter how the kisses and nibbles and licks landed or whose hands went where - nothing and no one was left out as we loved each other and were loved in turn. Making love has nothing on being in love, but combine the two and hoo boy. Then multiply by three and you'll see why I wouldn't trade it for anything.
                          I ended up in Kim's embrace, relaxing completely as she tenderly filled my lungs with her sweet breath. I blew it back into her mouth just as gently, having already shared the same with Kriss and Lex - a nightly ritual that'd never get old. I felt rather than saw Kimmy smile while her warmth, closeness and wonderful scent lulled me to sleep. It would be an acceptable way to spend a wait for the world to end - but we were waiting for it to get better, even if at that moment it seemed it couldn't possibly be.
                          Though I spent the next night alone with Kriss and she proved it could indeed.


                          And with that the time has come for me to go off the air. If I keep this up I have to describe my own musical misadventures, Lexi's delayed debut and of course the whole deal with Kimber's Kitties - which could probably fill a book by itself. For now, the only writing I'll do is handling the fan mail, which takes quite a bit of time. As you know we're getting all kinds - from simple appreciation or adoration to lewd n' crude suggestions and people trying to outdo the competition through outright love letters. You know, the sappy, gushing kind which I happen to know a thing or two about. In fact, this whole thing has been my own version.
                          See, I love you, Kimmy-coo, and I want everyone to know just how amazing you are.
                          So what if I've glossed over your fuckups and mistakes? Toned down your misgivings? They. Don't. Matter. You can say 'it didn't happen like that' all you want, because it did to me. And you're worth every effort. You can never be sure how many you've pleased by doing the show, but that doesn't matter either. You make us happy by being you, and that is something that matters.
                          At least to me.

                          Your Cherry

                          PS. Kriss asked me to add some stuff from her, but I'll let her tell you in person. It really should be whispered up close.

                          PPS. I'd like to see your fanboys try outdoing this.

                          THE END


                          • Harley
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                            • Jan 2016
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                            (If you clicked 'most recent' and got here, scroll back to "EPISODE 77" for the start of the post.)
                            There! After two years I've finally finished. I never thought it'd take that long, but new ideas kept popping up along with requests, and I think I've managed to work every suggestion in.
                            I wanna thank you all for reading and feedback and ideas, and if you've stuck around from the start I applaud your patience. The style might not be for everyone, but the ones who appreciate it seem to really like it - which is what kept me going for so long. Apologies for repetitions but with serials it's easy to forget what's been put in before - and just as easy to fall back on what you know works. Hope you've found something to enjoy in all these episodes!
                            Now I'll start compiling it all into book format, with chapter summaries at the start and maybe even annotations - I'm aware some references might be confusing. Don't worry if you didn't get them!

                            Again, thanks for your time and if you've had as fun reading as I did writing I'm more than satisfied. Now I can get back to the other stories - I still have to put down some of the things I've hinted at here...

                            All the best,


                            • ChillinHaze
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                              A grand finish to a great series! ^^ The idea of a big charity stream really fit very well. I have to say I was expecting (and kinda fearing) this would be DeeDee's demise as well, given how everything else be it latex or vinyl got popped, burst or punctured.

                              Thank you for all the effort and time invested in this, I can only say I appre it and enjoyed it very much. ^^