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    Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

    EPISODE 62

    Kim’s prize presentation didn’t go unnoticed. Naturally, there were plenty of people willing to compete on such a show and to my surprise the star herself loved the idea.
    “We could make it a lottery and mail the loon to the winner!”
    I wasn’t convinced. “The actual one, saliva and all?”
    “I won’t spit.”
    “Good girl. But you know what I mean.”
    “Doesn’t matter to me. For all I know someone might have sneaked cups or cans I’ve used.”
    Disturbing thought but a fair point. “It’s your show. Or ours, since I suppose you want me to host.”
    We agreed it would be members-only and exclude overseas postage, limiting the raffle a bit. It would be good for viewer morale, and also give us an idea of how invested our customers were. So I sat down to prepare a form with the aforementioned caveats, to be filled out by whoever wanted to participate. They would have quite some time to sign up, since we had other things to do first. Like visiting the costume shop to get the Captain Marvel outfit we’d been eyeing. Having watched the movie together we were more prepared than usual, and while the heroine could have been less dour I’d enjoyed the retro vibe and the cat. I felt writing the script would be less of a chore than usual.
    Ha ha. This was the first time I actually gave up on a character. First off, the woman in the film was for the longest time ‘Ms. Marvel’ - a female counterpart of the original Captain, who was a man. Or at least a male human-looking alien, whatever. Second, Mar-Vell (his actual name, I kid you not) died in a 1982 story and if the Carol Danvers I knew from the screen had taken over then I might actually have given it a shot. But that took another thirty years during which about five other people bore the title, so you can see why I passed.
    It actually felt good being able to let something go, and it saved us the hassle of getting Kim to dress the part. I managed to work the above into a trivia show though, neatly explaining why we wouldn’t feature that particular heroine. Maybe Scarlet Witch would prove more manageable, but I had my doubts.
    Anyways, as a consolation I let Kim decorate the studio for a change, and she blew up a wide assortment of balloons before spending a while thoughtfully arranging selected specimens on the wall and unceremoniously popping the leftovers in anticipation of the shoot. The actual show was routine and afterwards she burst the chosen ones as well, putting her nails to good use and making at least a segment of the viewers happy.
    Then it was my turn to make her happy as per the recent arrangement. And she in turn made me happy after our little snooze.
    “I think we’ve found a format”, I said. “I really like winding down like this.”
    “I like it too”, Kim sighed. “Especially the part where you come.”
    “It was good”, I agreed, which didn’t quite cover it. Not only did an orgasm after all that cap things off nicely - it felt earned, which added another dimension to something already awesome. And after sharing an extra smooch or two I felt just about done for the moment.
    “I love you so much, Kimmilly. This is what I call teamwork.”
    “And this is what I call seconds.”
    Well, maybe not all done.

    Then my birthday arrived with the same inevitability as every year. But this time I was actually looking forward to it. There was the usual stuff - coffee and cake, balloons, presents - and while they were all lovely in their own right I couldn’t help feeling there was something missing. I even felt a twinge of disappointment as I opened a particularly promising package and discovered it was more of a gift for the show than me personally. My wife had thoughtfully purchased a huge inflatable kangaroo, since Australia Day was coming up and all. While colorful, the pink marsupial was more of a white elephant since it meant more scripting for me and wasn’t exactly what I’d wanted. Still, I showed the appropriate gratitude and kept any hints of sulking to myself. It was unbecoming, but I couldn’t deny the feeling was there.
    That is, until Kriss took me aside after lunch.
    “I’ve got something special for you, Chellie…”
    “Another blowjob?” I was still a bit miffed about the roo.
    “You could call it that, I guess.”
    She brought out a fresh parcel and my heart skipped a beat with sudden hope. I didn’t even try to hide my anticipation as I snatched it from her. It had been quite a few years since I’d torn wrapping away with such glee and since Kriss knows me so well the contents were exactly what I’d expected.
    There, straight from the supplier, was the inflatable dragon I’d been curious about ever since I saw the product picture. Tightly compressed, of course, but that was something that could and would be remedied.
    “Sorry to keep you waiting but I thought you might want to check it out in private.”
    That was a nice touch. I wouldn’t have minded Lex and Kim around but I had a feeling this would be even better in a more intimate setting.
    Shaking the glossy material out of the box I tipped it out on the floor, the scent of new PVC hot in my nostrils. I straightened the white and black heap as best I could, spreading it as wide as possible. It was immense, and the numerous valves seemed haphazardly placed until I’d managed to arrange it in a way that suggested a steamrolling accident. The victim clearly needed urgent treatment - some tender loving air. Lots and lots of air.
    I turned to my wife. “Thanks so much. So happy to finally meet her…”
    Kriss smiled and made for the door. “I’ll leave you to get acquainted - but I won’t be far.”
    She blew me a conspiratorial kiss and disappeared. I was happy for the privacy, because I was far more elated and giddier than I wanted to admit.
    I looked the deflated vinyl over again and again, lifting a part here and one there while wondering where to start. Finally I decided on a plan, located the valve on the nearest leg and began to blow it up. The noise of the air going in set my heart racing - it was impatient work and I couldn’t wait to be done. The thick, oversized drumstick with the cloven foot quickly filled up with my breath and as soon as it was properly inflated I started on the other one. I fingered the gap between the toes, wondering if anyone had ever rubbed their privates against it. On different dragons, of course.
    One by one I blew up the arms and with a full set of limbs lying on the floor it was time to start on the body. I raised the tail until the nozzle was right in front of me, opened it and put it between my lips. I knew I was about to cross a line but didn’t care - I couldn’t stop until I’d turned the sad, flattened plastic folds into the creation I’d first seen online all those months ago. Now its deflated form was in my own two hands and it was my job to inflate it - and keep inflating until it had taken on the wonderfully swollen shape the makers intended. As the only thing in the room capable of transporting the air around me into the enormous toy it was frankly my duty.
    To that end I began to blow with all my might, growing more restless by the minute as my breath failed to fill the dragon at once. The white and black shroud rose ponderously but all too slowly with my efforts and I don’t think even Kriss could have made a better job - my eagerness made sure of that. I huffed and I puffed as fast and deep as I possibly could and was rewarded with the sight of a head filling out behind the rising tummy. It was almost begging to be blown up completely and I did my damndest to comply, emptying my lungs through the valve again and again.
    After what felt like an eternity the torso had taken in enough air to be pleasantly plump, while the tail I was holding had distinct volume and the neck began to lift from the floor. That combination sent me into a near-frenzy to finish and the loud, rhythmic whooshing pumped through my ears as the dragon was pumped up with my breaths. I felt like a poor substitute for a compressor for taking so long but on the other hand it just wouldn’t do to fill this beautiful creature in any other way than by mouth. Finally, finally the pressure grew strong enough to resist any attempts to add more air and the once-flat monstrosity had begun to really look the part. I plugged the nozzle and wiped my brow, marveling at the accomplishment.
    The dragon’s size was impressive, even imposing, and it had actual character as well. I’d blown so much and so hard I was absolutely panting, but my patient looked so grateful it had been worth every puff. Its coy eyes appeared to be asking for more, as if knowing it wasn’t quite ready. (Now I see it written down, to call the thing ’it’ seems demeaning when it was so clearly female and I’ll stick to that from here.)
    I went behind her neck and located the valve on her drooping crest, blowing it too full of air while feeling quite a bit like a hair stylist. The puffy ’do was lovely atop the horned head and would have completed the look if not for two final details. The dragon’s deflated tits were hanging limply from her chest and that was frankly unacceptable. With trembling fingers I managed to unplug the closest one and without wasting time put my lungs to good use filling it up. It grew round and taut like a smooth, strong beachball as I made sure it got as much air it could safely hold. I wanted to blow it even bigger but eventually plugged it up when it was clear it wouldn’t expand any more. With some reluctance I moved on, and having inflated its twin to a similar size and tightness I stood back to admire my handiwork.
    It was by far the best dragon I’d seen, beyond both Poof and Blowser, and far, far prettier. Her expression was outright alluring - the piercing blue eyes, the thin, yellow lines separating the monochromes and the pink areolas just enough to add a tasteful dash of color. The airy tufts on her cheeks added something even if I couldn’t quite say what, but the devilish touch the four curvy horns provided made me feel wicked all over. And the bent arms offering up the balloony bosom were beyond inviting, though I might still have had doubts about what I was about to do if not for the wry smile that told me she would be disappointed if I didn’t get on to get off.
    So I climbed on top of the bulging belly with just enough give to tell me it wouldn’t pop from the pressure and sank forward to rest my head between the blown-up boobs. My arms dropped down between the dragon’s arms and body, embraced the torso and found a connection. It felt incredible. Forget Barbie - this was a cuddle companion for the ages, one I could probably fall asleep holding that way if I wasn’t so needy. Because even after all that work nothing could be further from my mind than rest. I let my crotch slide down against the base of the tail and whined out loud with the sensation. The tip curving up over my back made it feel like the dragon was trying to assist and I grasped its tits for support. Then I began to thrust, first a slow tryout followed almost at once by moves I’d hesitate to call desperate, even if they might have been. My new friend was so bouncy it made my head spin and the material responded just right to make my privates throb and burn from the touch of soft, sturdy vinyl. I felt like I was just about ready to explode myself and forced my hips down with wild abandon, hoping that both me and the toy would hold up. I was shivering and vibrating all over with pent-up tension and hardly dared open my eyes in case I’d ruin it all by reminding myself of what I was doing. But my lids slid apart to reveal the dragon gazing lovingly at me from behind her bulging breasts and body made for pleasure and pleasure alone, scattering any misgivings. The protrusions on her brow sent the word ’horny’ through my head, reinforcing that very feeling, and then I came. I couldn't have helped it if I’d tried - which I didn’t. It was one of those wonderful, slow orgasms that seem to go on forever, and so did my moans. The squeaking and creaking made the inflatable join in until everything subsided into blissful silence.
    As I finally sank into total relaxation I thought it a shame there hadn’t been a phallus to inflate along with the rest, but if it had meant missing out on the boobs I’d gladly settle for a strap-on. Next time. Because even if I could have taken some more I didn’t want to devalue the experience I’d just had.
    I wondered if there was a version with a strategically placed hole and in that case how many guys had blown up their dragon before blowing their load into it. I hoped everyone that could, would.

    Having heard the conclusion of the ride Kriss carefully entered to check on me.
    “How was it?”
    I was barely able to reply. ””Amazing. Oh Kriss, thanks so much. I love her.”
    “That good, huh?” She strolled over and put a hand on the dragon’s head. “Have you thought of a name for her?”
    I actually had. “Yes. Deedee.”
    Kriss raised no objections, not even an eyebrow. “Any particular reason?”
    I patted the plastic boobs. “These are at least double DD’s and we already have a Dodo.”
    “I like it.” She took the dragon’s head between her hands and pressed her forehead against it. “Hey, Deedee.”
    “I think she likes you.” I tried to make my grin as lecherous as I could. “In fact, I think she wants to make you come.”
    I slipped off and walked around my mate, pulling at her waistline to drop a hint and her pants. She began to help and as she got busy I left the clothing to her. Instead I nuzzled her shoulders, kissed her neck, blew in her ear. By the time she’d bared herself completely she was breathing as heavily as I had before my session with Deedee. She showed no hesitation as she went on and proceeded to put my pet through the paces. Not content with staying in one place she moved around, planting her ass between the boobs and the belly until she got curious about the tail she’d been pulling on and took up my chosen spot. She grabbed the nearest horns and stroked them while bouncing up and down before moving on to new positions. She even straddled a leg and I took mental notes of every exercise for private experimentation while enjoying the hell out of the show. Watching Kriss work the dragon was fantastic and her expression spoke volumes about her experience. She seemed to be in some world of her own and it had to be a very nice place indeed. I dearly wanted to join her wherever she was, but I could tell she’d be returning at any moment. She wound her legs around a big, bulbous breast and that punched the ticket. With a yowl Kriss climaxed and half fell, half slid back against the thick tail and managed to land a foot on the floor to keep from toppling down. She still made a controlled descent and I went to help her up. We stood holding each other tight for the longest time before I asked her opinion.
    “Anything you blow up is incredibly fuckable…” She looked the dragon over. “But Deedee’s exceptional”, she conceded.
    “Tell me how it felt.”
    “Her belly’s like the strongest balloon in the world. And full of your air. Could sit on it for ages. Bet it’d make a real good easy chair.”
    “Wasn’t easy to inflate.”
    She climbed back up and tried getting into a seated position, which proved tricky enough to make it an uneasy chair. While she managed to prop herself up against the tail it wasn’t something I thought would be comfy for a prolonged time. But what do I know? I hadn’t exactly tried that.
    Kriss gave up. “All right, maybe better as a recliner.”
    That I could get behind, but right then I went behind my lover instead, wrapping my arms closely around her.
    “Thanks again, Kissie. Seat or not she’s wonderful.”
    “You’re so welcome. Can I watch the next time you blow her up?”
    I was taken aback. “Next time? Deedee stays inflated, period.”
    “Okay. But it will be nice seeing you top her up. And top her”, she grinned.
    “Speaking of that, mind if I practice on you?”
    “Thought you’d never ask. Right now?”
    “Right. Now.”

    Now had become later when we left the room, thoroughly done for the moment. The gals were naturally curious about my gift so I let them have a look and they were duly impressed. I said they could have a go if they were careful and Lexi said she wouldn’t mind, thinking a dragon friend would be a nice thing for a princess to have. Kim of course wanted to see how Deedee held up to Blowser and so we left them to that after snapping a pic of the newest family member. I had the idea of sharing it with the rest of the Angels but decided against it. Carrie's response would be easy to anticipate - ’WANT!!!’ - but the rest might be more amused than awestruck. Maybe with one clear exception. So I resolved to let our friends down south have a look. Even if they were a bit busy I thought it couldn’t hurt to let them see my new toy.
    Deedee got rave reviews at dinner although she was kind of forgotten about for the rest of the evening. We were busy with other things. But the next day there was a reply to my photo message.
    ’Help!’ Mandy wrote. ’Lizzie says she’s gonna pop with envy if you don’t tell us where to get one! Right away!’
    I was grinning as I typed back.’Sure you got time for that?’
    ’Some things you have to make time for, baby or not!
    Probably a wise sentiment. So I asked Kriss for the link and forwarded it. Grownups need to play too.

    Just to prove the point I’ll tell you what happened that very afternoon. My phone alerted me to another message, one that instructed me to check my laptop. As I lifted the lid I found a printout of Deedee’s portrait with the hand-written caption ’WANTED’ in the thick margin above it - and below the pic, ’DEAD OR ALIVE’.
    That was ominous enough to set me off at a brisk pace towards the site of the last known sighting. I flung the door open and found Kim standing naked next to the dragon.
    “Dress the part!” she said sotto voce, indicating the pile where she’d dropped her own clothes. I stripped, and in that moment something magic happened. Without anything on I suddenly saw myself as a maiden in white and Kim as a bounty huntress in studded leather. Yeah, yeah, I know it was all in my head, but play along.
    The voice was real, though, and somehow threatening. “So this is the beast that’s been menacing the countryside.”
    I gasped as I caught on. “Don’t! She isn’t dangerous!”
    “Ha!” Kim sneered. “She’s a threat to all the good people in the land. Only thing to do is put her down.”
    Her hand went out and very demonstratively pulled the plug. There was a whoosh that descended into steady hissing and to my surprise I couldn’t help calling out.
    ”Noo! Deedee!”
    But it was too late. Feeling like an idiot for a moment I rushed Kim and wrestled her to the floor as the dragon kept deflating beside us. This wasn’t a gentle tussle but me defending my animal companion’s honor, and Kimmy fought back with equal fervor.
    Intense at it was, there was no anger or malice between us - but some things had to be put right. I finally managed to catch the blonde in a headlock and pulled her along, forcing her mouth against the valve. My voice was more a snarl than a whisper.
    “Blow. Her. Back. Up.”
    When she made no move to obey I grabbed the wheezing nozzle myself and thrust it between her lips,
    “Now blow. Blow her all the way back up.”
    I pinched her nose to make sure the next exhale would go where I wanted it, only letting up to allow another intake. Kim got the hint and started to puff on her own accord, reversing the airflow and putting Deedee on the road to recovery. Just in case she’d get any ideas I held my opponent firmly in place as she paid penance for her transgression, ogling the scene thoroughly while I did. It was an incredible sight - my Kimmy blowing up my dragon because I told her to, inflating and deflating her own naked body with every breath as she made every effort to rectify the misdeed. Her heat and scent warmed me all over and the work she put in turned me on beyond belief. I shifted my grip to fully embrace her pulsating torso.
    “I wanna fuck you so bad but you have to finish first…”
    The only reply was a magnificent whoosh as Kim picked up the pace, followed by another and yet another. It made me so hot I briefly wished I’d had a cock so I could take her right then and there, but I would only have jizzed inside her at once and been done far, far too early. Instead I rubbed against her ass until I could hardly stand it, then jammed four fingers into her pussy in lieu of the shaft I was lacking. She was so wet it was no trouble at all and soon I could hear the brief whizz of a valve left open for the moment it would take to plug it. Deedee was back in working order and I guided Kim onto her, climbing on top while hoping the blonde hadn’t overdone it. But the dragon held up and though Kimmy did her best to accommodate me I have no idea how I managed to boink her in that position. All I know is that I came against her thigh before sliding off and crouching down to finish her with my fingers while sucking her clit thoroughly.
    A few spasms and groans left Kim slumped like a wet rag over the inflatable, her tresses flowing around the breasts her head rested between. I rose to admonish her.
    “That squares you with me, but you and Deedee really should fuck and make up.”
    Kim rallied magnificently, getting to her feet and hugging the dragon’s head. She pressed her palm against different spots of the bulging body, making sure the pressure felt right and generally fussing over the plump form.
    Having finished the inspection she licked Deedee’s mouth, the closest she could get to a deep kiss.
    “Sorry I let you down.”
    Then she went back on top, this time facing downwards and forwards. She kissed both of the breasts before getting into position for a proper hump. And delivered one. It sort of defied description - Lexi had come close with Goldy but I’d never quite seen anybody make love to an inflatable animal that tenderly. Every shallow thrust was slow and deliberate and Deedee’s taut skin made Kim’s hips rebound to the starting position for another go. She whispered sweet things in the most adorable voice and I knew I couldn’t let them go unanswered. So I went up and assumed Deedee’s role, nodding her head in response and making small whines I hoped would pass for draconic delight. Kimmy played along, telling how good it felt and how much she hoped Dee was enjoying it too. I did my best to show she liked it a whole lot, building up to a make-believe orgasm I couldn’t have imagined faking only days before. I’ve no idea what a dragon in the throes of passion would sound like, so the noises I made were very much like my own. And since Kim’s signature sounds of satisfaction followed not far behind they couldn’t have been all bad.
    Back on her feet the blonde gave Deedee’s tail a thorough fondle.
    “Damn, Cherry, Pawtrick’s fun and all but this is something else.”
    “Mmm-hmm. Think it would be even better with a strapon?”
    Kim said fuck yeah and noted she’d seen ones molded to look reptilian, but I demurred.
    “I want a plain, smooth one - one that looks inflated like her.”
    Indeed, if there was one thing Deedee could be said to appear it was ’inflated’. So much in fact I felt an urge to blow into her and opened the valve to add a couple of generous puffs on general principle. Too bad Krissie wasn’t watching but I could see it becoming a habit.
    “Maybe one with two tips”, my lover ventured. “Who’s to say dragons aren’t built like that?”
    “Or battery powered”, I mused, then caught myself. “We’re a pair of perverts, aren’t we?”
    “Total kinksters”, Kim agreed. “And I wouldn’t change if I could.”
    My ultimate fuckbuddy and my ultimate fucktoy. Things couldn’t get much better.
    And then Kriss entered and proved me wrong. She was wearing nothing but a black satin robe and a smile.
    “I lost at rock paper scissors so Lexi sent me to invite you to a foursome.”
    “Your lucky day”, I grinned. “You get to trudge all the way back and bring her here for a fivesome.”

    Whaddya know, dragons are immortal. I know that since Deedee had no trouble surviving all we put her through. And while blowjobs are great, she was without a doubt the best birthday present I got that year.
    Or maybe ever, come to think of it.


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      Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

      Great episode! Love how Cherryl goes from a bit sulking and disappointed to completely over the moon having fun with her mates and new toy. ^^

      The bit about Ms. Marvel was also funny because that's how I feel in general about super heroes. xD


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        Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

        Long delay again, partly because I've been writing several parts concurrently. Hopefully the gaps won't be quite as big after this! Anyway, here's

        EPISODE 63

        It was around that time things began to get hectic. First off, you wouldn’t believe how many applicants we got for the lottery, including two complaints about it being US-only. So right there was an extra for the next regular show. And Alex got around to commiserate about the previous failure:
        “Shame about Superheroine Sunday.”
        “I’m kinda relieved to be honest.”
        “Well…” she said. “If you still want me as She-Hulk I’m willing to give it a try.”
        Turned out it would be a test of getting into character since her movie scenes had been scheduled for the last week in February - as it was a bit of an indie project it was being rushed through production to emulate the feel of low-budget filmmaking. Not that it had a huge budget of its own, but Lexi’s offer was too good to pass up.
        Speaking of that, the producers wanted to put Kim’s talkshow appearance during the same time, so they could fly in together. Both convenient and nothing to write home about - if they hadn’t asked if we had some trailer or spot to play as an introduction. There’d never been a need for one, so that was something to think about.
        Then Kriss needed to borrow the camera, since her second class had been about performance contents and everyone sitting down to select some classical pieces that would go well together and putting them in a good order for effect. It also meant everyone would get plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the music and practice at their leisure. That was all very well, but the next lesson had, among other things, been about breath techniques.
        “I told them about different tools that can help and suggested breathing bags. Actually bought them one each.”
        “With your own money?”
        “Think of it as the school’s money. Took it out of my fee - realize how much they pay me?”
        It was a pretty penny, but no more than expected under the circumstances. Still, an unexpected little treat for the students. However, Kriss was about to take her teachings to another level.
        “I showed a couple of ways to use it and they seemed to catch on. Of course, a couple of them tried blowing them up like balloons but didn’t go far. At all. Then someone asked if they can pop and I said not through normal use. But it got me thinking.”
        I mentally facepalmed. “Oh god. Stop, because I know the next part. You want to show what it would take to burst one.”
        “It’ll be educational!” Kriss said. “And I have wondered myself.”
        “I'm surprised you haven’t tried.”
        “I’ve blown one up enough to see there’s no risk. Of accidents, I mean. But I thought it’d be a waste to break it. Just for me, that is.”
        Well, far be it from me to get in the way of learning. But knowing the material I guessed this would be the ice pack all over and demanded she’d at least attach it to a pipe. Since it would need a valve anyway it was a fair request.
        Without procrastinating Kriss went to set up and in less than an hour was ready to shoot. She wasn’t looking as strict as Ms. Kimber but had still put on a dress shirt and trousers for the classroom vibe. To give viewers that had never seen one an idea of the article in question Miss Kriss gave a bite-sized lecture on how and why to use a breathing bag, the air going in and out not even filling up the basic shape of the rubber. But after the camera stopped rolling she set to work, rolling up her sleeves and unbuttoning the collar even more before attaching the bag to a short tube with a valve at one end and a plastic mouthpiece at the other. The room had been cleared in advance, so she just asked if I was ready and I basically had to say yes. I started the recording and retreated a few steps while Kriss explained what she intended to demonstrate.
        “I’ll start with just filling it up.”
        Without further ado she inflated the bag to its normal capacity - three liters - and the valve made it retain its shape while she paused.
        “As you can see there’s plenty of room for your breath without even stretching it out. Let’s see what happens if you do.”
        The teacher blew again and the rubber expanded in response, losing every crease at the seams before ballooning out a bit. Now you could see it would indeed inflate - the only question was how far, which was pretty much what Kriss stated next.
        It seemed like an interesting and pretty stupid experience at once, but I couldn’t deny it was fascinating to watch her blow up the bladder far beyond the starting size. She worked methodically, putting in strong and hard exhales without pausing while all I could do was wait for what would happen if and when the bag reached the breaking point. Which took a while, as it pretty much was designed not to. Kriss kept at it, though, and kept blowing it larger and larger as if she hadn’t been told it wasn’t a balloon.
        You have no idea how big the damned thing got, and that black behemoth frightened me enough to take actual cover. It was about half as tall as the lady blowing it up and almost perfectly spherical. While I’d seen a lot of loons of even greater dimensions, they had been made for inflating and none of them had been this thick. Even Kriss decided to be responsible and stopped her exertions to address the camera.
        “Think I’m gonna take some precautions.”
        She left the huge sphere on the floor and went out of shot to get protective glasses and studio-grade earmuffs. She handed me the same in passing and went back in to make a show of putting them on.
        Now let’s see.”
        Kriss picked the tube up and added another humongous breath, but I could see she had second thoughts. After all, she had no idea what would happen. Well, she did, but couldn’t anticipate the magnitude.
        It should go without saying it took a whole lot of effort to split the bag, but in the case of Kriss that’s pretty remarkable. She was straining so hard I thought she might have to admit defeat, and then I remembered who she was. Kim could maybe have been persuaded to quit, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Crystal Mackenzie out to prove a point? Not a chance.
        It was too late to back out now. I looked on helplessly as my wife forced another gigantic puff through the pipe and then there was a violent PLAM.
        I won’t say it registered on the Richter scale, but the room seemed to shake from the detonation and Kriss let out a pretty loud “Whoa!” herself. The shriek on the soundtrack came, I’m sorry to say, from the camera operator and even if Kriss says it makes the whole thing even better I’d have preferred to keep my mouth shut.
        The victor of the recent struggle removed the safety gear and put her hair in place while surveying the leftovers. All that remained of the bag was what resembled a black rubber funnel at the end of pipe and a couple of larger pieces on the floor, along with the tiny fragments torn loose by the force of the blast.
        Kriss put the contraption aside. “I think it’s clear it won’t burst from normal use. And I also think you shouldn’t try it on purpose. After all, in my opinion some things are best learned by watching.”
        In mine too, at least when it came down to something as idiotic as this. I was only glad it hadn’t been her bagpipes.
        I turned off the camera. “Class dismissed?”
        Kriss shrugged. “I guess. Got nothing else for the moment.”
        “Think your students will see it?”
        “Hope so”, she chuckled. “I told them it’d be part of their homework to watch.”
        Great. But I suppose extra views are a good thing, even at the cost of my nerves.
        My wife did a splendid job of soothing them, though.


        After that it felt like a vacation going costume shopping with Kim and Lex. Jess was happy to see us back and that we hadn’t changed direction with the new year.
        “Not a chance”, Kim said. “In fact, we need three outfits this time”.
        It was easy to find a Scarlet Witch getup - complete with a headpiece reminiscent of the one Kim had worn as Catra - but She-Hulk proved problematic, mostly because she was sort of obsolete but also never settled for one definite look. Jess suggested finding a white and purple swimsuit, or failing that, tear whatever to rags. That was the original thing, but since she’s always hulked out these days it wouldn’t be up-to-date. We did find a usable wig, though.
        Oh, and the third costume? That would be Gamora, since it would be a waste not doing her if Lex was to be dyed anyway. She already owned a black bustier that would work, so we just picked up fingerless gloves and some reddish spray for the hair. Plus the actual body paint and matching remover. We were low after Halloween.
        “You should do an episode on cosplaying”, Jess suggested as she rung up our purchases.
        “I don’t have the know-how”, I said. Then inspiration struck. “Maybe you wanna do a guest appearance and tell about it?”
        She blinked at me. “You serious?”
        “Yeah. I mean, I could prepare questions and all you have to do is answer from experience.”
        “That’d be pretty cool!”
        Since Kim was nodding enthusiastically we talked a bit about how to go about it, what she should wear and so on. I got contact info so we could schedule something and prepare in more depth. Even if it fell through I felt it could make for an interesting change.
        But for the moment we kept to the plan and I realized we’d have to make an appointment with Lou to apply the colors if we wanted it to look halfway decent. And I would have to get busy scripting, since that particular day would require two shoots. The guest format had given me an idea though.
        Still, Australia Day had priority since time was tight for that one, but I was already on the job. Kriss got the dubious honor of fixing corks to the brim of a hat she happened to own. Served her right for thinking the whole thing up. So at the appointed hour, Kim at least had some appropriate headgear which she’d complemented with khaki shorts and a sleeveless shirt over a blue crop top. And a pair of crocs, which isn’t exactly antipodean but Kim thought it a nice visual pun. Her grasp of those is almost as bad as her taste in footwear.
        Also, an inflatable kangaroo. A pink, inflatable kangaroo.
        Ah well, if people can see pink elephants such a critter wasn’t an unthinkable sight. The valve was at the base of its tail so Kim had to hold it upside down while she inflated it in a very workwoman-like way. She seemed completely accepting that blowing up a huge plastic marsupial was just one of the things she had to do that day and puffed away steadily while the PVC filled up with her breath, looking intently at the unfolding material to determine when it’d be done. Once it took form she tried standing it on its feet but it was sagging a bit, so she flipped it over again and inflated it to the very limit.
        It appeared much taller now - almost as high as her - and the whole shape seemed vaguely phallic, which was fitting since Kim had blown it all stiff and erect. The ears pointing straight up added some inches, but it was still one big ‘roo. She dragged it behind the desk and stood it next to a poster of the Australian flag - we hadn’t managed to find it printed on any loons and it would be near impossible to recreate it with latex globes.
        As the filming began, Kim got the inevitable out of the way at once.
        ”G’day mates”, she began, ”and that’s as far as I’m willing to do an Aussie accent. Wouldn’t be fair to the good people down under, who are celebrating Australia Day today. The name comes from ‘Terra Australis’ which means ‘southern land’ in Latin, though it was for a time known as ‘New Holland’ after the Dutch explorers that were the first Europeans to get there. Of course, they were beaten by some 65 000 years by the ancestors of the aboriginal people, who’ve been there long enough to count as indigenous. Big shoutout to them for finding ways to survive and thrive, because Australia is dangerous. Not only is the climate varied and mostly inhospitable, but many of the plants and insects and animals can kill a careless person too. And there are a lot of those unique to the continent – yes, Australia is big enough to count as a continent and not an island.”
        Kim went on with describing some of the critters you’re probably already familiar with, like kangaroos, koalas, wombats and platypuses, as well as emus and kookaburras and some of the nastier spiders and bull ants. Quokkas, echidnas and dingoes were mentioned too, with crocodiles and sharks added to the general dangers.
        “Tasmania’s also part of Australia, but regardless of what cartoons may have taught you Tasmanian Devils aren’t bipedal, slobbering furry whirlwinds – they walk on all fours and hunt their prey like most other predators. They’re not mammals but marsupials, though.”
        Kim acknowledged there’s a lot more to Australia than animals, maybe a bit too much for us to cover.
        “Since this isn’t a history or geography show I’ll try sticking to trivia-related stuff. Most of the people living in Australia these days are descended from British colonists who first settled there in 1788, after England lost the United States to independence and wanted a new territory to exploit. As the journey was so long and arduous, many of them were convicts sentenced to ‘transportation’ – a fancy word for banishment to a specific place combined with forced labor. Some people may think captain James Cook discovered Australia, but he just mapped parts of the coast and named Botany Bay, which was where the new settlers later landed. They founded Sydney as penal colony, but it gradually grew into the country’s largest city. But it’s not the capital – that’s actually Canberra.”
        There was some talk about how most of the population is spread along the coast since the middle of Australia is mainly desert, and how the continent is divided into six states – New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Southern Australia and Western Australia. The latter had a vaguely personal relevance.
        “One of the regions of Western Australia is actually called Kimberley! But it’s named after the first Earl of Kimberley, who once was the colonial secretary. Sounds a bit like an… anatomical job, don’t you think?”
        That was a Kimberism I hadn’t written, but her own touches sorta set our style.
        “Since the ecology is so unique there are strict regulations on bringing animals or plants to Australia to avoid impact on the environment. There’s been more than enough of that in the past, and never more evident than in the case of the cane toads. They were introduced in the 1930’s to combat the cane beetles wreaking havoc on the sugar plantations, but the toads were more interested in multiplying and dominating their new habitat. As they are highly toxic they became a threat to local predators instead of vice versa – and all efforts to cull them have failed, so there are now more than 200 million of them around.”
        Lesson learned, hopefully.
        “Australia has also had some bad luck in combating local species – at least if you look at the ‘emu war’ of 1932. The army was called in to curb the rampant emu population with machine guns, which didn’t go as expected. The birds were too mobile and clever to group up and the troops had to withdraw after failing to kill more than a fraction of the opponents. More attempts were made, but none very successful. The general consensus is emus – one, the military - nil. A bounty system proved more effective, though.”
        Next came a rundown of stereotypical Aussie activities, like beach games, surfing and barbecues.
        “But an Australian would never ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’ – they call those crustaceans ‘prawns’. That phrase is from a tourism ad aimed at the US and UK where they wanted to make sure Americans knew what they meant. It was actually delivered by Paul Hogan, before he became known to the world as ‘Crocodile Dundee’.”
        As good a time as any to slip in a few mentions of other Aussie actors who’ve made it big in Hollywood – modern audiences might be the most familiar with the Hemsworth brothers and Margot Robbie, while I think more of Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Russel Crowe or Cate Blanchett. And long before that there was Errol Flynn. Plus a whole string of familiar names Kim rattled off in passing. As for musicians, a few examples are Iggy Azalea, Kylie Minogue, Nick Cave and AC/DC.
        “That’s just popular culture though – Australia has some of the oldest and best preserved cultural traditions in the world, even if most outsiders are only familiar with things like the boomerang, a hunting weapon originally not designed to return when thrown. And Crystal would be mad at me if I forgot to mention the didgeridoo – an ancient ceremonial instrument made from hollow wood.”
        Kimber produced Kriss’ personal specimen, a thick dark tube with painted and lacquered decorations. If you want to learn more about the instrument I suggest you track down the online version of that publication my wife had provided her class.
        The hostess mentioned that some aboriginal communities have strict taboos on women playing it, but most are all right with it as long as it’s informal and outside ritual use.
        “Apologies for this but I think you should get the chance to hear what it sounds like.”
        Kim angled the didgeridoo against her face and puffing out her cheeks prodigiously she produced a couple of deep noises on it before setting it aside.
        “Then there’s the whole concept of The Dreaming, or Dreamtime, which is fascinating but way too complicated for me to even try explaining. I suggest you look it up, though!”
        I hadn’t even tried to summarize it. I would only come across as ignorant or insensitive, and that would spill over on Kim. She did mention a few other factoids, including that the landmark previously known as Ayer’s Rock nowadays mostly go by the name Uluru - which is what the original inhabitants have always called it. For a sacred mountain it sure has been exploited a bit, although perhaps not as bad as Mount Rushmore.
        As the episode wound to a close, Kim suggested people might visit Australia in person at some point, as she herself sure would love to.
        “Only if you go for Christmas, remember it will be the middle of summer there – as with all places on the southern hemisphere!”
        She signed off and I hoped we hadn’t left too much out. Covering an entire continent is maybe a bit beyond the scope of ‘On the Air’.

        Kim set off for a quick change and so did I, suiting up as a gameshow host once more. This time she chose a gold lamé dress and I started out with a screen recording of the randomizer I’d installed rapidly flipping through the contestants’ names - all sixty-four of them. Thank god for copy pasting. A few moments later it had selected a winner so I could welcome everyone to the show, announce the name and spin the wheel. The actual draw would be inserted in editing, of course, so everyone could see we’d used a reputable program. But for now, I just went through the presenting schtick.
        “Congratulations to guido91! Let’s have a look at today’s prize!”
        I gave the contraption a flick. We’d hung various 16-inch jeweltones in as close matches as we could find on the colored fields, and the rapid circular motion made them appear to momentarily flow together before separating as the garish contraption spun to a halt. It landed on purple, and Kim deftly unhooked a very dark balloon from the clip when prompted. She brought it to her lips and blew, the latex jumping and wobbling before quickly swelling out. As her air filled it out it grew both bigger and brighter, the blackness gaining color and turning a sparkly, translucent purple that gleamed in the studio lights. Puff after mighty puff went into the shiny, glittering orb, transforming what had been an almost pathetic limp pouch into something hopefully desirable.
        Kim inflated the balloon to full size, blowing up the entire neck as well, before clamping it off and with a radiant smile copying the winner’s name onto the rubber with a silver marker. She held the results up to the camera before demonstratively deflating it again and I finished the presentation with some closing remarks, instructing the viewers how to join in the next raffle.
        Then it was time for me to, as per the agreement, go down under. Have to say it’s one of my favorite places to visit.

        In the meantime, Kriss and Lex had been busy too and put together a film of their own. I suspected it was Lexi’s second script, since it drew some heavy inspiration from what we’d done after our shoot. (Which had been thoroughly drooled over and led to me discovering Kriss having shackled herself to the wall. You can’t say she didn’t ask for what happened to her.)
        Their vid was basically wordless but erotic beyond belief, both of them taking turns kissing, caressing and licking each other while playing suitably sensual songs on various horns. Would have made for some of the lewdest music videos in history, but the only result was me and Kim repeating what we learned from watching on the players themselves. It might actually have been intended as an instructional film, but it didn’t matter. Was still a pleasure to follow.


        For the aforementioned TV spot I’d asked the other Angels for advice and while Carrie suggested a space hopper to put the presenter literally on the air and add a bit of innuendo, I don’t think Kim could ever use a regular hopper again without feeling it didn’t measure up. Which would show. Tessa wondered if we couldn’t superimpose her walking across the sky, but that felt too poetic. There were two suggestions of blowing up a balloon that would pop to reveal her face, just like we’d discussed ourselves much earlier, but in the end it was once again Sam who came through.
        ’Weird coincidence but a Dutch channel once ran something like that. Found it when I was looking for loons in ads.”
        Miss Vandermeer sent me a link and although she can’t even speak the language I agreed it was odd she’d be the one to discover it. But once I’d watched it was clear we basically had to copy it.
        I briefed Kim there’d be a lot of costume changes and what to pick out - in fact, we brought in a full makeup table for the job so there’d be no running back and forth. We talked quite a bit about the order of the outfits and eventually reached a consensus - except Kim pouted a great deal over the lack of her signature look. I managed to placate her and you’ll soon see how.
        Basically, it all boiled down to Kimber blowing a breath into a magenta balloon with the show logo before passing it on to another version of herself, who’d do the same, rinse and repeat. We did several takes of each, meaning the very lucky loon got to be blown up again and again by different incarnations of the same lovely lady. In fact, it was so happy about that it couldn’t contain itself and popped towards the end. We did have more than a few spares, though.
        Anyway, it began with Kim in her pretty presenter persona against a neutral backdrop - made up for the cam but in everyday clothes - swiftly bringing a balloon to her lips and putting a puff into it. She casually handed it to someone out of sight on the left of the screen, which meant a cut to Kimber two receiving it from the right. This time she was wearing a black party dress, her hair neatly combed back above smoky eyes. Having blown the loon a little bigger she sent it back the way it came and now Kim had changed into her sweetest girl-next-door look, cozy cable-knit sweater and all. She was smiling as she brought the balloon up for a big inhale, but in the middle of that it was cruelly snatched from her grip by a white-sleeved hand (mine) coming from the opposite direction. When we next saw that arm it belonged to Ms. Kimber in her severe, ruffle-collared blouse. All the air had gone out of the loon during the transition, but the teacher was evidently set on showing how it was done and blew in a hard breath before passing it upwards. It was caught by Kim-as-a-schoolgirl, with puffy pigtails and her shirt knotted casually across her belly, who blew it up some more and raised her gaze to the ceiling as she made a skywards delivery.
        From here on the loon was passed ever upwards, and the first recipient wore a sports bra and her hair in a ponytail. The next Kim sported her hot tub bikini, complete with wet hair, and since she’d now been shown in less and less clothes you might have started hoping for even more skin. But that was dashed by the appearance of Wonder Kimber, who put in a tremendous whoosh before what would be the final handover. At last the previously passed-up version got her chance to blow, and did so with wide, expectant eyes. Halfway through the puff I cut to a closeup, and it took several attempts and experimenting with the position to make the logo Kim was crossing her eyes at expand to fill the whole screen. Or rather, make the balloon fill the screen while the text stayed inside. Just after that everything went black with a bang and the rounded rubber logotype was replaced with a flat digital one, spinning around a couple of times to land sunny side up while a voiceover by Lex spoke the title out loud. She’d managed just the tone for the job after some very local auditions.
        And here’s how I had kept Kim from rebelling - the final impression would be a fade-in on her in black tie, with no shirt and the satin jacket all smooth, suave and shiny. Her hair was slightly damp as if it had just been fixed and the makeup and jewelry sensual enough to hint at a date, giving the impression of ’I’ve dressed for dinner but don’t plan on keeping it on’.
        She smiled at the camera and spoke the finishing words: “With Kimber”.
        And that was it, but with all the changes it took the better part of a day to shoot. We saved a little time by doing the third and the final balloon scenes together, of course, and if you wanna know when the balloon popped it was during the bikini bit. It had been reinflated a fair number of times at that point.
        Later on Kriss scored it for saxophone (which Kim had to play herself) and added a catchy drum track, but let’s stay with the shooting. Because Kim flatly refused to stop after nailing her line.
        “I’m blowing something in this and that’s final.”
        Well, it would be a good time to try out what both she and Mandy and Nita had thought of and I gave her a yellow balloon to inflate in the direction of the camera. It felt odd filming her completely obscured by an expanding loon, and her deadpan expression at the pop didn’t really work.
        “Let’s do that again, but try a looking a little surprised.”
        She nodded and started on an identical loon, which met the same fate although this time Kim went wide-eyed and recoiled for just a fraction of a second before breaking into a silent giggle, as if it had been a genuine blooper. That was both silly and cute, but since the star had been adamant about it I decided to keep her blowing for a bit. I asked her to try for even greater surprise, which turned out to be redundant as the loon burst halfway through and Kim’s flinch and blinking disbelief were genuine. The next attempt was suitably overdone and then I demanded a take of her reacting like the pop hurt her ears. So she pressed her eyes shut and briefly turned away from the explosion, which seemed like a realistic response but wasn’t quite what we were going for. While we were at it I suggested she’d yelp in fear as well, and Kim obediently blew another balloon to pieces followed by dropping her jaw and letting out a small shriek. Not the image we wanted to convey, but funny as hell.
        In the end the first retake remained the best and I made her recreate it after moving the camera to the side. It would be a neat - if fake - making-of shot. She asked for a second attempt just in case, but after that loon had been blown into oblivion too she agreed it was time to stop.
        “Ready for a nap?” she asked.
        I stifled a yawn. It had been a long day. “Am I ever.”
        “Just this once, it’s my turn putting you to sleep.” She ran a finger along my face. ”When I said I’m blowing something in this I meant you.”

        As short rests go that might have been the best I’d had. We slept for an hour and went straight from waking to lovemaking. When it was time to get up I had a hard time justifying it.
        “You’ve no idea how amazing you are, kitten. I’ve seen several Kimbers today and I’m in love with them all.”
        “And they all adore you. Wanted to look their best for you. Do their best.”
        I stroked her face reassuringly. “And they did. Think Lex would mind if I stole you for the night? I missed making you relax.”
        “I think she expects it after this.”
        She actually did, and so did Kriss - in fact, they’d gone out on a date of their own, leaving a lovely and encouraging note behind. So I spent the evening with Kim on my lap, going through the material, selecting takes and making a rough edit. We were both pretty happy about it when we went to bed. And even happier falling asleep, but for different reasons.


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          Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

          Time for another double feature, in more ways than one. Had to split this one up for length!

          EPISODE 64

          Kimber revealing herself through a blow-to-pop proved a great opening for the DVD menu, and viewers who felt they were missing out on account of the angle could find the side view along with all the other extras.
          Even members who didn’t buy the new compilation got an unexpected treat since Sam had produced a cover for the second installment of the Galactic Heroine saga. Kimber and Nixy were front and center, one arm around the other’s waist while locking gazes. They were respectively holding a ray gun and a knife (which seemed like a bad idea when your love interest is poppable) and the backdrop featured a starry sky, spaceships and a couple other plot-relevant elements. The protagonists looked a whole lot like their real-life inspirations and since we were about to paint Lex anyway it would be a great opportunity to film a scene of their first ’meeting’. But it would be too much work for too little results and the only way anyone would ever get to see that was if Kriss financed a full episode. Which she would, no matter how she had to come up with the cash, so I thought it better to not mention it at all. It would be dumb even for us.
          Alex would have to go green regardless, so making an extra episode for Kim’s upcoming absence was a far better idea. And when the time came for that, Louise Hewitt once more proved her mastery of makeup. Not only did she recolor Lexi’s entire body, she also added shading to emphasize her muscle tone. While we had considered a business suit for simplicity and keep She-Hulk in her lawyer persona, Lex had eventually rejected the idea unless we could find one tight and thin enough to rip by flexing. And she isn’t that buff, so a swimsuit it was. A white and purple one, but not a very good match for any comic I could find. Still, with that skin and hair color there couldn’t be much doubt who she was supposed to be.
          Kim allowed her hair to be sprayed a shade of red with a brand the professional recommended, one that was guaranteed to wash out. Then she put on the required garments and accessories, to Mrs. Hewitt’s nodding approval.
          “You sure take dressing the part seriously. But that’s the key to impress. I actually tried what we talked about for New Year’s and it wasn’t unappreciated.”
          Kriss, who knew how much I would have liked seeing that, pulled a sneaky one.
          “Neat! Took any pics?”
          “I actually did. For season’s greetings to friends.”
          She brought out her phone and scrolled to a smiling selfie with her husband at some kind of party, both in black tie. It was indeed… neat.
          “Lovely”, I said.
          “Funny”, Lou grinned. “That’s the exact word Harry used. Well, one of them.”
          Whatever positive sentiments he might have expressed I shared them. Our appearance expert wore that style as naturally as you’d expect and I was willing to bet she’d been the classiest dame in that joint. And even if elegance wasn’t the order of the day she still fixed up our presenters to a degree where they’d only have to worry about flubbing their lines. Which they hopefully wouldn’t.
          Lou would stick around to deshade Lexi and apply a different face - including some silvery details - and since she was a bit curious about the production process we brought her along to the studio. She was surprised at the simplicity of the setup, and gaped at the 24-inchers we brought out as decorations to match the presenters - one deep red and one vivid green. For contrast, Lex blew up the red one while Kim filled the other. In costume, of course.
          Having watched that taped for the members Lou suggested making herself scarce to avoid accidentally ruin a take, but not before asking if it wasn’t hard inflating those loons.
          “You make it look easy but they’re huge.”
          Kriss offered to let her try for herself in some other room and accompanied her for that excursion. I was kinda sorry to miss it, as it would be fun watching a sexagenarian have a go. At least I could ask her opinion later.
          There was actually one last preparation to make. Instead of swapping out Kim’s inflatable seat for two chairs whenever she wasn’t alone Kriss had decided it would be simpler to purchase an identical blow-up for guests. This would mark its inaugural use and Lexi got to do the honors, bringing her A-game to fill the furniture strongman-style as befitting her role. The members would get to watch She-Hulk blow it up with furious force while keeping a somewhat playful and aloof demeanor, as if it was no more trouble than extinguishing a candle. The black PVC dutifully whooshed into shape from her magnificent breaths as Alex did her best to live up to the ’sensational’ moniker. I’d say she succeeded.
          That done, she planted the chair next to Kim’s and parked herself in it.

          “Welcome to On the Air with Kimber, who couldn’t make it today. You’ll have to settle for me - Wanda Maximoff, better known as the Scarlet Witch. With me is Jennifer Walters, the Sensational She-Hulk.”
          Alex put on a dazzling smile.
          “Just call me Jen.” She turned to the viewers as a nod to the character’s habit of ignoring the fourth wall. “Today I’m played by Alexis Riley, who sometimes calls herself ’Sweet Cheeks’. Some people have the kookiest nicknames!”
          If the Scarlet Witch noticed the burn she didn’t show it but instead went on with the program.
          “So, Jen, what landed you in the world of unusual powers?”
          “I got a blood transfusion from my cousin Bruce when I was wounded, and since he turns into this giant rage-monster when he gets mad part of that came with the package. Except I transformed when I got afraid – and luckily didn’t go dumb in that form. Then it became permanent, which was a relief but lately I’ve been able to swap back and forth. More options for both me and the writers.”
          Kim nodded. “I see. I was born with mine - I think. At first they were just Hexes, changing probability and such. My twin brother Pietro got super speed, so he was called Quicksilver. Then I suddenly knew actual magic and found out my parents weren’t my real parents. Later it was revealed I had been a mutant all along and also was the daughter of Magneto.”
          “Real bigwig in the mutie world”, Lex said. “And a villain.”
          “Not according to him. I knew a bit about parenthood by then, since I’d married a robot and had two children myself.”
          That seemed to weird out Lex. “A robot?”
          “An android, then. Vision. But he had his emotions removed, divorced me and I found out my boys were magical constructs I’d unknowingly made from the essence of a demon. I went a little crazy then.”
          “Sounds to me that happened way earlier. I’ve never married – except for that time with Man-Wolf, but it was complicated. And quickly annulled. I prefer quantity over quality - I have a big appetite.”
          Kim refrained from comments. “Speaking of complicated, my brother made me change the world so my family were the rulers and normal people treated as subhumans. But daddy found out, thought it had been the wrong way to achieve their dream and killed him. Then I said ’no more mutants’ and...there weren't.”
          “Whoa. Couldn’t you have said ’no more evil’ instead? Would have saved some work.”
          “I was a little upset at the time. And I’ve learned none of it was real anyway.”
          Lex turned to the camera again. “The girl gets it!”
          “Magneto wasn’t my father either, as it turned out. And I wasn’t a mutant but someone whose magic potential had been amplified by the High Evolutionary as a baby.”
          The jolly green giantess whistled. “Wow, he must have been a fast learner.”
          “When I was a baby”, Kim frowned. “It means I can do basically anything but for some reason I never seem to think of any use for that until the situation calls for something extreme.”
          Lexi slammed the desk with her palm. “I’ve got it! You’re not a mutant - you’re a toon! Or maybe a deus ex machina.”
          “By now it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve always had a hard time knowing which side I’m on - sometimes I’ve worked with the Avengers, sometimes against them. At the moment I’m busy righting my wrongs and creating a utopia where every mutant who ever died or never existed can be reborn, but it will probably turn out to be a dream or something.”
          “Or a comic book.”
          “Don’t be ridiculous. What ordinary human could think up something like that?”
          “Good point. Speaking of Avengers, I’ve been with them too – who hasn’t? – but I was also in the Fantastic Four for a while, temping for the Thing when he was depowered. But green wasn’t the new orange so it didn’t last. Oh, and there’s another She-Hulk out there – my cousin’s daughter Lyra, from the future – but she’s not me. Accept no substitutes!”
          “Wish there were other versions of me”, Kim said. “Then maybe I wouldn’t have to change around so much.”
          “I saw one at the movies”, Lexi shrugged. “And she didn’t have much in common with what you just described.”
          “I mean, I used to be a brunette. Seems new history means a new hair color too.”
          “Mine only changes with the rest. I was gray for a bit though but just assumed the artist ran out of paint.”
          I’m running out of things to say.”
          “Maybe we should call this a day then.”
          Kim agreed. “Yeah, don’t wanna melt someone’s brain.”
          They said their goodbyes and signed off, but while the girls were busy remembering what to say I’d been struck by something else. Namely, this would be a good time for a variation on Supergirl’s balloon-blowing capacity.
          So I had the compressor brought out for special effects duty while Lexi deflated her seat again. Not that she minded, since the fastest way involved having Kim sit on her lap in it.
          I hid the electric inflator behind the desk and attached it to the valve on the chair. Then Lex had to lift the other end, pretend there was another opening there and give it a massive blow, staying perfectly still with her eyes closed and cheeks puffed to the max while the machine filled up the inflatable. Not an easy feat for someone not accustomed to circular breathing, and even if Alex has pretty much mastered that she still had to put quite a bit of effort into maintaining the pose.
          Later, after I’d sped up the film to an inhuman level and added a sound effect, it kinda, sorta appeared like She-Hulk instantly blew up the chair with a single, savage WHOOF. Sure, it was an evident fake, but felt true to the character - and Lexi’s ad-libbed aside didn’t hurt any either:
          “Ha! This one didn’t burst. Third time’s the charm!”
          I simply had to make the actual inflation video an alternate take. I was pretty sure both would have their fans.
          The subscribers were treated to another musical performance, a duet of the Avengers theme on sax and trumpet, with Kim playing the main melody and Lex providing the rapid backing notes. Kriss had helped arranging it so it was at least recognizable, but a few more instruments hadn’t hurt. Sadly there was no time for any after-show shenanigans, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

          We found Kriss and Lou waiting for us with fresh coffee and biscuits. They were looking mighty pleased with themselves and I surmised they’d gone through with the test. I turned to our visitor.
          “Was it as tough as you thought?”
          “Not at all! Much easier than any party balloon.”
          “Lady’s got lungs”, Kriss remarked, sounding pretty impressed. “She tied it off and basically right away said ’wanna race?`”
          Our collaborator must have watched more of our stuff than I’d imagined to know that was a thing, but I was glad she’d embraced the concept even if the initiative was surprising. The outcome was naturally the expected, though.
          “I didn’t win but it was fun”, Lou said. “Kind of made me want to show off.”
          I immediately had an idea. A basic one, but still.
          “How would you feel about making a vid? Under the guise of giving makeup tips?”
          That seemed to intrigue her and I gave her a rundown of my runaway thoughts. She had a chuckle at the lame point.
          "I like it! Give me a moment to fix myself this once?”
          In a matter of minutes Louise had applied an immaculate paintjob, shaving off a few years in the process. She explained she could have gone further but wanted to preserve a semblance of her actual age and brushed off our compliments with stating she’d practiced a lot on herself over the years.
          Despite being about 5’3”, Lou’s not a sweet little lady but a bona fide GILF and I was sure no one would complain about seeing her, especially not looking like that. Kriss brought back the big balloons for a color selection and after deciding between light pink and bright purple our friend settled on the former.
          She touched up my face as well and we took up position against the neutral backdrop, going over the bare-boned script I’d devised. Then we filmed the thing just for the hell of it.
          “I’d like to introduce our occasional make-up artist”, I said. ”Mrs. Louise Hewitt.”
          “Hello”, my counterpart smiled with a small wave.
          “So, Lou, got any makeup tips to share with the viewers?”
          “Sure”, she replied. “Got any of those balloons around?”
          “Of course.”
          I handed over the selected specimen and retreated discreetly, my part done. Lou held out the latex pouch I’d scrunched up a bit extra for the part.
          “Smoothing out wrinkles is no big deal”, she said and blew it nice and even with a casual exhale. “But if you want to make a proper job, you have to be willing to put in a lot of effort.”
          Which explained the sheer size of the balloon - the sparse comments would have worked just as well with a nine-incher, but that wouldn’t have been impressive at all. What followed was.
          Without hesitation Lou went on inflating the balloon until it was somewhat bigger than her head. Quite a bit larger, in fact. She paused to deliver her next point.
          “When using lipstick, pick one that won’t smudge or rub off too easily.”
          She puckered up and pressed her mouth against the bulging rubber, leaving behind the merest hint of a kiss mark before going back to the previous task. The near-transparent outlines of her lips grew even fainter as the balloon expanded and were soon almost unnoticeable, but added a little visual something - if you could take your eyes off the lady handling the inflation. Lou blew the balloon up all the way in a surprisingly controlled manner, looking straight at it as she did. She took another break to clarify.
          “It’s important to keep an eye on what you’re doing and symmetry is essential.”
          It would be pretty hard to fill a balloon asymmetrically, but it wasn’t the worst illustration. As Lou kept blowing the globe grew bigger and bigger in front of her profile and a softer brand might have resembled a huge gum bubble. But the material was far too taut and shiny for that, the gleaming highlights stretching along with the latex as it took on an appealing - if oversized - drop shape.
          Louise huffed and puffed until the neck was just about to start filling up, bringing the loon close to perfection for hanging. She held it up and turned it over in her hands for a view from all angles.
          “Always strive for the optimal effect and make sure you know when to stop.”
          Then she drew another breath and blew it into the balloon with grim determination. The neck immediately began to inflate, not only spoiling the symmetry but adding an air of intimidation. All of a sudden the balloon appeared ready to burst in an almost threatening way, which only increased with every fresh exhale. The rubber cylinder swelled up and elongated, pushing the main bulb further and further from Lou’s lips while taking on immense proportions of its own. Her inhales turned to shrill gasps as she used more and more force each time she filled and emptied her lungs, and her petite frame made the balloon look even bigger than it actually was. And it was pretty large to begin with. I was starting to think we would have to offer her hazard pay, but despite the evident strain she looked so comfortable with the situation I could only smile at the struggle. For all the resistance the latex put up it was a one-sided battle and an almighty bang scored Mrs. Hewitt a definite victory. She jumped a little at the explosion but recovered before the torn shreds had even landed.
          “Because if you overdo things it will end up looking like a mess.”
          She looked a bit at a loss about what to do or say next, so I just turned off the camera while Kriss went up to give her a congratulatory hug.
          “Amazing”, she said. “How much extra do we owe?”
          Louise chuckled. “Depends on how flattering the comments are. Let’s say it’s on the house if you pass the niceties along.”
          I was certain there would be a few. Then Lou gave an impish smirk.
          “Oh, I didn’t share my best beauty tip - an active sex life. Maybe I should have?”
          “Don’t give away all your secrets”, Kim said. “We’re set in that department anyway.”
          Mrs. Hewitt’s eyes danced between us for a fraction of a second. “I can guess. Good on you.”
          There was no disapproval even if she suspected the extent of our couplings. Heck, I’d be surprised if she didn’t. Just to make sure she’d approve of the vid as well we previewed it on a bigger screen.
          “Not bad”, Lou concluded. “Not shabby at all.”
          She touched her face with a thoughtful look.
          “Think I’ll keep this on to make Harry regret not doing the housework. Of course, if he’s finished all I asked him I might get some extra mileage out of it. Might even do some vacuuming of my own.”
          Kim leered. “Not necessarily the opposite of blowing.”
          I realized I wouldn’t mind peeking at her sucking hubby off - or riding him. Then I cleared my head. Watching’s fun and all, but sometimes imagination has to do.

          It was time to refurbish Alex for the other video, and having done that Lou took her leave with some final pointers on how to best remove her handiwork. We shot the episode at once, though I’ll leave the contents for the broadcast point. I’ll also skip the hassle of getting all that paint off, but for some reason Lexi was remarkably cool with getting rubbed and scrubbed by three assistants. Of course, we did try making the process as enjoyable as possible.

          For all the character work and guesting involved in that, there was even more to come. It turned out our cosplaying expert was remarkably keen on appearing, and our discussions boiled down to her getting dressed up as Zelda from one the newer ’Legend of’ - and also providing Kim with something impressive to wear.
          “My friend Craig’s got this Samus suit he’s willing to lend for built-by credit. You’re about the same height and it’s not exactly skin tight.”
          Samus was of course the hero of the Metroid games, and appropriately enough a blonde female under all that armor. I silently wondered if Craig played that part too. Not that it mattered, and to cut a long story short Kriss sent for a limo to bring Jess and the props in at the appointed date.
          She arrived in costume and I could tell the driver was silently impressed. The getup was more eye-catching than I’d imagined and it took some effort to fully recognize the chipper shopgirl. Even the outlandishly pointed ears didn’t look out of place - not alongside that dress in pink and white and the golden pauldrons and crown. The fantasy princess was happy for some assistance with the boxes she’d brought along.
          “Please be careful, Craig would have a fit if I broke anything.”
          We managed to get everything inside and gave Jess a tour of the place to put her at ease, finishing with a light snack in the kitchen. It was still Sunday morning and one of Lexi’s lunches was in the cards for later. We’d start with some rehearsing and talking about what we wanted to include - after Kim had tried on the new gear, of course.
          Jess slowly unpacked everything, which was mainly a blueish bodysuit and 3D printed plates that had to be attached in the right order, the overlapping parts sticking to the rest with velcro. Plus boots and a helmet in the same style. More of a loose shell than an actual armor, but it did look decent. Kim didn’t have much problems fitting into it but the shoulders were almost ridiculously high. No doubt intentional - I hadn’t studied the original too closely but it seemed about right.
          Jess broke into a wide grin. “Genius or what?”
          “Kinda hard to breathe”, came a voice from behind the visor.
          Well, since the helmet wouldn’t stay on for long that might be a non-issue. We gently removed the spacesuit and set it aside for later, and I showed Jess some questions I had prepared, asked if she wanted any rephrased or omitted and if she had others she would like Kimber to pose. It was quick work and left her plenty of time to think of answers.
          Kim added one of her own.
          “Who would win in a fight between Zelda and Samus?”
          “They’re so different! But maybe Zelda because her magic could protect against weapons but that suit couldn’t protect against magic. I think.”
          “How about finding out on the show? Non-violently, naturally.”
          “What do you mean?”
          Kim tossed an impressive array of colorful, crinkly bags onto the table.
          “Choose your weapon.”
          I realized the shopping trip she’d gone on with Lex had involved more than just clothes. They must have scoured the town for any and all balloons with anime prints. There were kinds I’d never come across before, and Jess had apparently seen even less. She marveled at the variety as she turned the bags over in her hands, shaking them to reveal more of the contents.
          “Go on, open ’em.”
          She needn’t be asked twice and soon several heaps of latex had been poured onto the table. There were darker loons with white prints and lighter ones with black linework, all ranging between nine and sixteen inches. Except for the doll shapes, of course. I’d be surprised if getting those hadn’t been a priority.
          Jess grabbed hold of several balloons, one after another, to stretch and study and admire. She turned to Kim.
          “Can I blow one up?”
          “As many as you like. I want you to pick one you’re comfortable with since I thought we could settle things with a blow-to-pop battle.”
          Her intended opponent wasn’t taken aback but smiled and selected a purple loon to inflate, which she did with quicker breaths than I’d expected. She looked the results over, nodded, and deflated the drawing before beginning on a yellow one. That one got a delighted giggle when full, and I agreed the print was both better and sharper. I wondered if the rest would measure up.
          Jess methodically worked her way through every type of balloon, picking out and blowing up one of each before letting the air back out. She had a struggle with starting off a couple of them and those would likely be out of consideration. Saving the longest for last, her gaze gleamed with anticipation when she finally reached the dolls.
          “Is there a trick to filling these?”
          “Not really. You just put your lips together...and blow.”
          And Jess did, going wide-eyed at the sight of the anime gal bulging up and stretching out in front of her. She blew and blew until the bright blue balloon was absolutely full and stood gaping at the tall shape she could barely raise off the floor.
          “This one”, she declared to the amazement of no one. “But you have to give me a lead.”
          “No can do”, Kim said. “But you can reuse that one - the preinflation might give you a slight edge.”
          Jess seemed to accept that and carefully returned the loon to its original state. Kim selected a pink one from the same pile and asked me to hang on to both for safekeeping. I attempted to put the rest back in their respective bags and managed as well as could be done under the circumstances while Kimber went over her idea.
          “Normally this kind of thing is reserved for members but I think we should make it part of the episode. So everyone can see who’d win.”
          “Okay”, Jess said and that was that.
          We went to the studio and got things set up, rehearsing a bit while we were at it. Our guest didn’t appear insecure at all and I supposed she was used to being looked at in costume. Then lunch was announced and after polishing off the chicken salad with fresh rolls it was time to begin shooting.
          Kim once more donned the armor and had to speak up a bit to be heard clearly, but it would work. She carefully sat down alongside Jess, waited for the camera to roll and began the show.
          The introduction was sort of muffled but soon enough Kimber raised the visor to reveal herself, before removing the helmet entirely. She announced the subject, the name of her guest – Jessica Calder – and what characters they were supposed to depict, adding that it had been quite a reveal at the time that Samus was a girl. She went on to say that it’s easy to disguise gender under a full-body suit, but with some creativity cosplayers might cross those boundaries even in more revealing outfits. Jess gave a few examples from her own experiences, or at least people she knew or had met that managed that trick.
          The interview began in earnest and since it was pretty personal I’ll just mention that Jess told the viewers how she’d gotten into the hobby, how she’d started out simple and worked her way through more and more elaborate costumes and which conventions she’d visited. She talked about meeting her boyfriend through their shared love of dressing up and how making her own clothes somewhat counterintuitively helped with her ADHD – a particular focus was a great complement to the meds, she said, and the impulsiveness that went with the territory made it a cinch to start on new projects. Of course it also meant quite a few of them went unfinished and she’d bitten off more than she could chew more than once. I was impressed and grateful that she elected to share those bits, but it added an element of human interest we seldom tried working in ourselves.
          They spoke of materials and difficulties in getting details right or acquiring proper props, the pros and cons of acting like the character in addition to just looking similar and other aspects I’d never even considered. I’m just gonna recommend you watch it as the talk was more interesting than I can convey here.
          There was also the finale – Kim repeated the question of who’d win in a fight, and Jess maintained she didn’t know. The manner of settling it was brought up and we made a cut to the neutral side of the studio, where the pair reappeared after Kimber had stripped down to the blue bodysuit for mobility - and visibility.
          Zelda and Samus brandished their weapons for the viewers and Kim counted them in, in the process giving Jess half a breath’s head start. Then they were both blowing furiously, focusing fully on filling their balloons to the breaking point. The long latex shapes swelled out as more and more air was pushed into them, bulging and transforming into vaguely humanoid contours surrounding the characters printed on them. Though the blue balloon had been preinflated, it actually worked in Jess’ disfavor as it now could stretch even further than before, while Kim’s pink loon flew to bits and vanished with a bang moments after reaching the maximum size. Jess kept going until her balloon exploded too, immediately demanding a rematch since the tools evidently hadn’t been equal.
          I provided them with a fourteen-incher each straight from the bag, and this time the princess acquitted herself beautifully, blowing up both her cheeks and the loon as neatly as any of the Angels had done on their first day. Maybe she’d studied Kim’s technique as well as her style. The purple pouch she’d been handed grew full in far less time than I’d counted on and while Kim naturally kept up her green globe needed almost a second longer to burst. To be fair, the winner’s loon didn’t get a neck before popping but then again, them’s the breaks.
          Kimber was undeterred. “Best out of three.”
          This time they used bog-standard 10-inchers in red and orange, and while both had to fight to force the final puff in Jess actually won, sending shards flying everywhere in the process. Kim wasn’t far behind, but gracefully conceded the match. I had more than a sneaking suspicion she hadn’t been giving it her very all, but inflating our visitor’s ego was worthwhile in itself.
          “Guess that settles that”, Kimber finished. She once more thanked Jessica for coming and made sure everyone knew where to check out more of Craig’s work since he’d done such a nice job with the armor. Having said that they signed off and Kim excused herself to change into more casual clothes. Our guest stayed in costume though, as she hadn’t brought any change.

          Then there was the matter of compensation. Jess kinda dodged the question of appearance rates, and I told her she’d get an ’On the Air’ shirt of her choice whether she liked it or not. Kim handed her a bag filled with all the unused anime loons.
          “These are for you too. Perfect for throwing your boyfriend an unbirthday party, or just for fun.”
          She went on to reveal her favorite pretend game, acting out a pretty silly curse-breaking inflation. Jess laughed and joined in, blowing up a balloon of her own while play-acting desperate concern. Then a sudden BLAM made her gasp in shock.
          “Oh no! Sailor Moon popped!” She clenched her fist at some unseen villain. “I’ll get you for this!”
          Kim backed her up. “You will be avenged!”
          A fit of giggles struck them both simultaneously and put an end to their act. Jess didn’t even try to pull herself together.
          “That was awesome! I wanna inflate ’em all like that!”
          I was tempted to ask if she meant to bursting but thought better of it. Instead I imagined a series finishing with the heroine meeting such an ignoble end - inadvertently and irrevocably exploded by a friend trying to save her. It would be quite a downer to fade out on the would-be rescuer sobbing over the pieces, but no matter how sad that’d be I couldn’t help cracking a smile at the thought.
          Jess took a final look at the mixed playthings, finishing with inspecting the dolls one by one. She grinned as she put them back with the rest.
          ”Not as strong as a puff pillow but maybe Kyle could try this instead!”
          I was secretly pleased she’d used our word for dakimakuras.
          “Is he interested in those?”
          “He said they look nice at least. In the I-kinda-want-one way.”
          Kriss lit up with sudden mischief.
          “I’ll buy you one if you promise to blow it up to surprise him.”
          I could tell she wasn’t joking, and somehow Jess could too.
          “That’d be perfect instead of any payment.”
          I watched over their shoulders as they browsed through a couple of sites with decent assortments. When Jess discovered there was a pillow featuring one of Kyle’s favorite characters with a strategically placed hole, the gasp and giggle proved they didn’t need to look further. Kriss was smirking as she placed the order and it was hard to tell which of them anticipated the follow-up more.
          After we’d said our goodbyes I playfully called her out.
          “Corrupting the youth, I see.”
          Encouraging, maybe. Don’t tell me you disapprove.”
          Of course I didn’t, and I wondered if Jess would actually go through with it. For some reason I had a feeling she would.
          Then we went to check on Lex to make sure she wasn’t dying of boredom or anything. Turned out she’d been busy preparing the Fun-geon for some more private games. Or as she put it:
          “I wanna play dress-up too.”
          She makes a fantastic princess, that’s for sure.

          (Continued below)


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            Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

            (Continued from above)

            The cosplaying wasn’t quite over and done with. You all know why I’m certain Kriss would go along with almost any hare-brained idea. It’s because she comes up with so many herself, and this one was a doozy.
            It first came to my attention when I opened the workroom door and found myself face to face with King Koopa. Or what was probably supposed to pass for him. Someone, somewhere must have put at least some work into creating the tall monstrosity, but the body and head had more in common with two balloons fused together than any designer inflatable. What really sunk it was that the entire face was printed on, lacking all structure and definition, which is not a good thing when your main feature is a fanged snout. Granted, it did have horns and some sort of hair, but that only made the rest worse. The thick legs had clawed feet of a sort, but the fingertips were merely dipped in white paint for that impression. And the studded armbands were as flat as the face. At least spikes protruded from the back, but note I say ’back’ and not ’shell’. Because that too was printed straight onto the oval body.
            I know all these details because I stood staring at it in silence for quite a while, and then went to have words with the culprit. The list of suspects was remarkably short.
            Finding Kriss reading on the couch I crossed my arms pointedly.
            “There’s a Bowser in my room.”
            My wife looked up. “I know! Isn’t he great!?”
            “Kriss, it looks ridonkulous.” I sighed. “And I’m afraid to ask why we have it.”
            “I thought you and Peach could blow him to pop.”
            There are times when a facepalm isn’t enough. Not that I minded the idea in principle, but I had a fair grasp of what such a prop would cost.
            “If you paid more than three hundred for that I’ll… something.”
            Kriss tried to gloss it over. “It’s okay, I auctioned off the Rosalina dress!”
            “Great, that takes care of P&P.”
            “And quite a bit more. But can’t you just see it?”
            I could, and that was part of the problem. The princesses would look a tad more realistic than their adversary.
            So I called a coffee conference to get some more input. The discussion wasn’t exactly heated and Alex nearly died laughing at the sight of the inflatable, but we still had to come to some kind of agreement. Which we eventually did, the sticking point being to try making the best of the situation.
            The first obstacle was getting Bowser through the door, but he was too big and had to be deflated, so Krissie’s efforts went out the valve right then and there. Which might have been intentional, as she suggested a “funny” way to get Lex involved too.
            Long story short - Lexi’s even more of a pushover since she started asking for stuff so it didn’t take much to make her don the Bowsette disguise once more. In the meantime we cleared the same space we’d used for the party game and dragged the koopa carcass there, laying it out as pathetically as possible. Kriss went for a hose with an adapter fitting Bowser’s valve and I finally had to voice what’d been gnawing at me.
            “I refuse to believe he’s supposed to be blown up through the ass.”
            “He wasn’t, but I moved it.”
            Kim doubled over from a restrained guffaw while I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was saved from the decision by Lexi’s return. She was again looking the part of a fanfic villainess, and though she was supposed to simply be a female version of the flattened character on the floor Kriss suggested she could be a sibling instead. It would explain having them onscreen at the same time and also allow for a couple of comments.
            So what we ended up filming went like this:
            Lex entered the frame, noticed what dominated the shot and did a slight double-take before putting her hand on her hip and shaking her head in mock sympathy.
            “Oh, bro. What’s happened? Those nasty plumbers stomp you flat again?”
            She tsk’d. “Suppose I’d better help you up, but this’ll be the last time.”
            Bowsette walked off for a moment and returned with the hose, lifted the vinyl tail and stuck it in. She rose to her full height and without hesitation began to blow into the mouthpiece. As instructed, she kept a steady pace and exaggerated the process to really get the visuals across. I knew at once it would have to be sped up, but since the puffs were so long and so similar it could make for an amusing sight. And possibly arousing.
            Lexi paused and made a show of catching her breath, taking the opportunity to admonish the inflatable.
            “You’re gonna owe me a solid.”
            Then she resumed blowing, and it didn’t take her too long to turn the flaccid plastic solid as well. She yanked the nozzle out and left with some parting words.
            “Next time you’re on your own.”
            We gave her a round of applause and Kriss went up to fix the blow-up beast to the floor with some heavy dual-sided tape. Me and Kim were sent to get ready and I don’t think we wasted too many moments turning ourselves into princesses. In the meantime my wife had given the hose an extra mouthpiece by way of an Y-connector and handed it to Kim as soon as we came back. The intended script wasn’t exactly complicated and the main challenge was speaking in a near-falsetto without coming across as too twee. That actually took a fair bit of rehearsing, even if it was just a couple of lines. Eventually Kriss decided it was close enough for rock n’ roll and we went about entering the scene as daintily as possible. A couple of steps in Kim grabbed my shoulder and pointed.
            “Look! There’s big, bad Bowser!”
            “And he hasn’t seen us!” I squealed. “What should we do?”
            My companion gave a gleeful gasp. “I have an idea!”
            Kim reached behind her back and brought out the hose she’d kept out of sight attached to her dress. I giggled at the sight.
            “Let’s!”, I said, as if this was a prank we’d pulled numerous times.
            ’Peach’ crouched down and crept up behind the huge turtle-thing, snapping the nozzle in place before retreating and handing me one of the mouthpieces. We nodded at each other, drew huge breaths and blew them into the hose in unison.
            It was immediately clear Alex had done a thorough job as it was really difficult putting more air in. Kim and I struggled as we huffed and puffed, faking only the pitch of our gasps. The rest - strained faces, cheeks about to explode from the pressure, bending forward with every exhale - didn’t need exaggerating. We were having a hard time, but the inflated shape before us just had to go. It was an affront to both aesthetics and video gamers everywhere. If bursting a lung was what it would take to be rid of the thing, so be it.
            Besides, working in tandem helped immensely and Bowser didn’t really stand a chance against two players at once. With a final, dual blow his chest erupted with a bang, revealing the material was perhaps not as strong as advertised. To say he popped feels wrong, given the sheer size of the body and the noise level, but he sure looked silly enough splitting open and collapsing to warrant it.
            Ah, forget it - Bowser popped. Despite being all puffed out the princesses celebrated the victory by cheering and sharing a brief, chaste kiss. Then, after a beat, Kim took my face in both hands and smooched me again. And while it’s always nice getting snogged by her I’d expected some tongue from that spontaneous repeat.
            Instead she turned to Kriss. “That what you wanted?”
            So there had been some direction. I had noticed whispering but didn’t take any particular note. Now I realized there could be more to the setup than I’d anticipated. I turned to Kriss.
            “I take it there’s something you haven’t told me.”
            “Maybe, but I did tell her!” She glanced at Kim. “Part of it at least. Don’t worry, I’ll get there in a moment.”
            Part. Oh crap.
            My frown might have shown. “You’ve really planned this out, haven’t you?”
            “School’s only once a week and I get bored.”
            Ah. That was an explanation - she doesn’t like working on more than one musical project at once. Which meant any inspiration would have to go elsewhere, and so we had this. I dreaded what might be next. Luckily - or not - it was a short wait. Maybe because I cut to the chase.
            “So what was your plan?”
            Kriss was all too eager to reveal it. “Remember someone wanted to see her blow you to pop? Let’s do that too!”
            “Wait, what?”
            “Relax, it’ll be simple! We’ll just put a doll balloon in your dress.”
            “And have her blow through my feet? Or worse.”
            “No, I’ve taken care of it! Prepared a couple with tubes at the mouth. Throw the wig on one and film from behind and it should work.”
            “Have you been sniffing that rubber cement?”
            “The trick was keeping them inflated for a few days to loosen ’em up, then deflate and modify them.”
            “I don’t want to know how many loons it took to find out. More than with Boo, right?”
            She nodded and I sighed. “I take it you’ve tried blowing up all the survivors.”
            “Yep - the rest blew up.”
            “How many shots do we have?” Kim wondered.
            “Three. So, wanna try?”
            There was no point resisting, except a small one.
            “How do we make the arms?”
            Kriss shrugged. “Stuff the sleeves and gloves with long loons.”
            I held out my hand. “See any problems with that?”
            She took a long, blinking look at the bare arm and wrist-length glove. Poor thing. She must have assumed Daisy was dressed just like Peach but in yellow.
            “Wait a minute, wait a minute, I got it!”
            She rushed off and returned remarkably quick with a couple of thin pink airships and a pair of surgical gloves. She inflated half of the latter into a puffy rubber hand and closed it off with a small clip across the tip of a loon. Then she blew that up too and it wasn’t the worst solution I could have imagined. If you didn’t look too closely - that is, at all - it would do.
            “If we tape it to the body without knotting it might fly off when it pops” she said with far too much certainty.
            “What the hell”, Lex said. “This could be fun.”
            So step one would be inflating my clothes. Or rather, shoot the preliminaries. Me and Kim went back for a closeup of where we’d left off, only this time she didn’t just kiss me but blew into my mouth as well. I made my eyes go wide in surprise and puffed my cheeks out as much as I could, and as Kim exhaled again I raised my arms straight outwards. Making my chest expand wasn’t an issue as that was the direct effect of her actions.
            We did a couple of retakes, and then it was time for me to strip. Kriss put one of her special balloons down the collar of the gown and began blowing it up. It was an unspoken agreement that prepping the prop would be her job.
            I was sort of amazed that her jury-rigging seemed to work, filling out the garment quite nicely, but just when the head began to take shape the whole thing burst inside the dress and made it slip her grip.
            “Damn”, Kriss said. “Once more!”
            The second loon held up better and to my astonishment made for a decent shape, especially after Kriss put the wig on it. She did have to use a stopper on the tube, but that was a small concern. Two balloony arms were quickly inflated and attached, but Kriss’ satisfied grin vanished at another overlooked detail. Let’s see if you can spot it.
            That’s right - the weight of the outfit. There was no way Kim would be able to hold the effigy up by its head, but a small footstool could support it and we decided to try it that way. So we set the camera up at a nice angle, making sure Daisy’s face was obscured by the wig, and gave the undertaking a go. Kim-as-Peach put her lips around the tube and began puffing away, and since the balloon was already quite full it didn’t take long for it to pop. The poor princess instantly vanished, leaving only her clothes and hair behind on the ground. Except the dress was quite obviously draped over a stool, and Peach’s reaction left something to be desired. She shouldn’t appear surprised at something so obviously premeditated.
            At least the arms had flown out of shot and Lex assisted with blowing them back up while Kriss pondered how to use the final balloon. She left the room again to get some fishing line, which she hooked to the ceiling and attached the other end to the fallen hemline.
            “Okay, let’s try this if the loon survives. Here goes!”
            Once more she inflated my stand-in, and we all helped out adjusting the near-invisible hanger. Miraculously we ended up with a suspended figure that’d look all right-ish from the proper angle - as long as the bottom end was out of shot.
            Lexi would hold the line and let go at the pop, so the dress wouldn’t be left hanging. And with everything placed as well as we could manage the final attempt began. I directed Kim to turn just a little so the wig wouldn’t hide her too, turned on the camera, and held my breath.
            Kimber didn’t hold hers, though, and using even more cartoony gasps and puffs than Lex had she blew and blew, the lack of stopper meaning some air escaped on every inhale and made the inflated dress shrink back just enough to be noticeable, as it was stretched out as far as it would go. Since Kim didn’t put much in each time it took her more than ten seconds to burst the balloon, but eventually there was a dull noise and the now-limp fabric fell to the floor along with the wig. Kim called out a “yaay!”, made an effortless pirouette and jumped into the air with a raised fist. As much as I hate it when Kriss’ idiocy pays off, it could have been far, far worse. The caption ’PEACH WINS’ would end the segment nicely, and I had barely finished that thought when Kriss clapped her hands and went up to kiss Kimmy for a job well done. Then she surprised us again.
            “Fantastic! Just one thing left!”
            I felt like a broken record. “Wait, what?”
            My wife had certainly been busy in the workshop as she yet again went away to bring something back. But this time we all laughed, because it was remarkably good. She’d blown up a black punchball, painted on a pair of eyes, taped it to a pair of yellow shoes and stuck in a white valve as a fuse at the top.
            “Let me guess”, I said. “A Blow-bomb.”
            Kriss nodded. “Yep! Though I suppose it should be Blow-omb.”
            Semantics aside, this was an extra I would have supported from the start and even commended the inventor on thinking up. It did compensate a bit for the previous stupidity.
            So we cleared the floor, set down the explosive and filmed Peach walking in to discover it.
            “”Oh! A Blo-omb!” she exclaimed and instead of running picked it up, presumably to arm it for whatever reason. She proceeded to blow hard into the ’fuse’ and simply kept on doing it over and over until the round thing detonated in her grip. She threw herself backwards as far as she could, but it wasn’t enough to clear the frame. Still, I was pretty sure I could think of some way to cover it in post. Two shoes remained haphazardly dropped near the princess, who’d evidently been knocked out cold by the blast. But Bowsette went over and gave her mouth to mouth until she came to, whereupon she was summarily picked up and whisked away. Carrying Peach off for nefarious purposes seemed to run in the family.
            Then I for some mysterious reason fainted too and had to be rescued in a similar manner. Playing the damsel in distress can be nice.

            When I got around to the editing I managed to superimpose an explosion on the bomb balloon, spreading over the screen fast enough to overtake and cover Kim’s flying exit and when it faded the room was empty - except for the words ’TOO BAD!’ dropping down. Then they turned into ’GAME OVER’, and if I had anything to say that would be it as far as video games were concerned. I shuddered at the thought of Kriss discovering ’Dig Dug’.
            Then I went about uploading the whole shebang, and was reminded we hadn’t even gotten a proper episode out of the endeavor. It had all been a very expensive whim of my wife’s, which maybe, just maybe would break even when all was said and done. I hoped the members would appreciate it.

            I suppose they did. Lexi getting Bowser back into shape went over well with the viewers, but her efforts were kinda overshadowed by the video of his defeat - especially the ending. Sure, Daisy’s demise looked fake, but not too fake to be funny. And one person in particular was beyond impressed.
            ’Oh my fucking god. You actully did it! Was it bcause of me?’
            I said he might have given us an idea, which was true - and a ’yes’ might only have given him more ideas and set him up for disappointment.
            Because I made damned sure Kriss put the other costumes up for sale to avoid further incidents.


            • ChillinHaze
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              Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

              Again, couldn't really get much out of the super heroine stuff but I loved the game girls cosplay! ^^
              Also, the girls are getting quite inventive with their balloons and inflatables.


              • Harley
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                Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                EPISODE 65

                February had arrived and that meant another birthday video. Kriss had decided to go the easy way and score a sensual, romantic version of the song for saxophone and french horn, naturally choosing red balloons as well. So that was it for her and Lexi, as they went with dresses to match for simplicity. Kim decided to be less obvious and went for an ice blue pantsuit with silver embroideries over a white top - sort of inverting her style from the Christmas concert, once again foregoing the standard accessory. I was happy to see she could leave it out even on special occasions. A white balloon also fit the wintery season and much more wasn’t needed for that.
                The next couple of episodes were trivia-filled and casual, Kimber sporting an everyday look for them both. Although she did put on a somewhat extravagant pink dress for the next installment of ’Fffair Play’. I picked out a winner and spun the wheel, leaving Kim to retrieve and inflate the yellow mouse balloon chance had selected. I have to say she filled it stupidly much under the circumstances, and during the each and every breath she blew in to stretch the neck all the way I was only waiting for the pop. Amazingly, it kept together, and what she held up for the camera looked very impressive indeed. No loon of that shape should bulge so dangerously, and the tight cylinder sticking out of the bottom looked really out of place. Couldn’t blame her for wanting to show off her inflation skills, but it was a gamble. I crossed my fingers as she signed it, because even if the marker was dull it still had a somewhat pointy tip. But nothing, expected or not, happened and Kim complacently let the air back out. I did admonish her after the camera had stopped rolling, though.
                “When it stops on a special one you might wanna be careful. The winner might have set his heart on it.”
                “We’ll just reshoot and no one will know”, she shrugged.
                Fair point, but it would still be a waste of both latex and efforts. I left it at that because we had better things to do than argue.

                I have to say she didn’t waste any of the effort going into her next special. As Kriss was halfway through her stint at Caporal High it had been agreed Kim would visit her on location and do a segment on the project, talking a bit about the school as well while she was at it. My wife had discovered the institution actually had some merchandise, or at least a number of objects with the school’s logotype printed on. She’d procured a tie for herself, the words and the tiny medallions surrounding them standing out in bright gold against the burgundy material. It would suit her perfectly for the shoot, but of course one of those wouldn’t do for Kim.
                “No bows, I’m afraid”, Kriss told her. “But plenty balloons! They use them for all kinds of events.”
                Those were also in the school colors, although white ones were available too. Not the most interesting loons I’d seen, but I suppose they served their purpose.
                Kimber wasn’t about to let the lack of local options get in her way and had managed to find new neckwear on her own, a plain self-tie with gilt edges. The hue was a close enough match, and a deep red blazer made the ensemble seem like some kind of uniform. There’d be no complaints about the look, at least not from Lex who made certain it fit just right before reluctantly waving goodbye.
                I was brought along to handle the camera, of course, but felt a bit out of place among an absolute majority of teens. There were a lot of eyes on us and I did my best to ignore them, instead focusing on Kimber who got the lion’s share of attention anyway. An ordinary presenter might have skipped the balloons, or at least filled them with helium and carried them on a string. Kim began with blowing three of them up - two red, one white - and fixing them to a holder on a long, plastic stick. It was done very quickly and professionally and wouldn’t be part of the actual episode, but I filmed it nonetheless since I figured she’d go right into the report. Which she did. Starting out in front of the main building Kim gave a quick rundown of the purpose of our visit, then talked about the school’s history in general. I’d cribbed all the facts from their official materials and suggest you do the same, but being on location gave us an opportunity to visualize some of them a bit better.
                Kim spoke about various parts of the institution and was just rattling off some statistics regarding the sports arena when a sudden PAFF interrupted her - the sound of a balloon popping outdoors reverberating against the nearby walls. For whatever reason her white loon had burst and most of it was drooping pathetically from the holder.
                Kim lowered the whole thing, removed the torn latex and fished around in her pocket for a fresh one. Without missing a beat she blew it up to the proper size, tied it off and attached the knot to where its departed twin had just been, making sure to turn the print the right way.
                Her total ignorance of the surroundings despite knowing the possible effects on onlookers caused me to feel something unexpected. Arousal. I realized we’d spent so much time playing with the fetish angle that balloons had become firmly associated with sex in my mind, and watching my lover nonchalantly inflating one in public now made me react as if I’d walked in on her jilling off. The sudden thrill scared me for a moment before I could start properly enjoying it, but once I did a smile crept over my face. This had possibilities.
                Kim didn’t notice and simply redid that segment from the start and I kept mum as we moved on to the next spot. We did some retakes in various places since the wind and other factors played merry hell with the sound, but it would have to do.
                Having covered all the basic faculty facts we conducted a few interviews with students, asking their thoughts of the school and their favorite things about it. Overall the girls did better than the boys, who weren’t always acting natural and at ease in the face of a lady looking so good and smelling so nice as Kimber, The shots of the ones trying to be cool were unusable, though we did manage to get enough material for equal representation.
                Eventually we made it to the auditorium assigned to Kriss and her group and spent more than an hour covering the proceedings, talking to both her and the regular music teacher before moving on to the actual participants. Their impressions of Kriss were flattering, even if a couple did confirm she sometimes assumes everyone knows what’s obvious to her. In her defense she’ll always apologize and explain if you call her out, but that might not be so easy for a shy high schooler.
                We’d lugged Kim’s instrument along so she could exchange some thoughts with her fellow saxophonists and even play alongside them a little, and she also got to try out a mellophone for the first time. Being the marching band version of the french horn she did pick up the basics at once, and I was reminded of how I at one point or other had made her attempt to blow most of the other band instruments back at the theater. And what a good sport she’d been about it. And how unknowingly I’d been in lust. I was a bit more aware these days.
                Anyway, it wasn’t a secret the group was rehearsing for a concert and we made sure the relevant details got included in the coverage before wrapping up the shoot and bidding the assembly adieu. Kim seemed pleased enough with our work and knowingly or not left her balloon stick behind as we walked out. It would just be in the way from there on.
                When we got to the car I removed her tie and unbuttoned her shirt enough to kiss the fragrant skin beneath before pulling her close.
                “Kimber, Kimmilly, Kimmy-coo. I’m starting to regret agreeing to the signature look thingy because I love seeing you in everything.”
                Having watched the multitude of styles on the students made me yearn for Kim to model them all. She smiled in reply.
                “I can dial it down, boss, but a deal’s a deal.”
                “And speaking of loving to see, there’s something more…”
                I told her what I’d just discovered about myself and her joy was a sight to behold. I could sense her processing how to best make use of these new facts. Still, it felt right having Kim be the first to know, because I knew she could handle it responsibly. Kriss would go completely overboard, unless she heard it second-hand and maybe got some coaching as well. Might be a nice way for Kimmy to pay her back for the sax lessons. I decided to confide in Lexi myself, though. I was certain she’d love that.
                “How about slipping into jeans and a cardigan back home? So I can feel up and fondle and press my hips against your ass while you blow the rest of those balloons. Blow them all up until they pop.”
                “Sounds like a fair trade”, she purred. “Long as it ends with a fuck.”
                “Of course. Or a suck. Anything you want.”
                “Both, then. And whatever else comes to mind.”
                We were naturally intercepted by Lex before we got that far, but bringing her into the scheme only made it better.

                There was a slight change of plans regarding content as well. As I wrote earlier, Lou was curious what people would say about her appearance, and there certainly were a few voices to be heard. She could read most of the flattery herself in the open comments, but one thing had to be conveyed in person. She seemed pretty surprised when I rang the doorbell at the Hewitt residence.
                “For me?” she asked.
                “Yup”, I said, indicating the note attached to the bouquet.
                It read ’Your husband is a lucky man’ and was signed by ’An admirer’.
                Said admirer had mailed us a check along with a note asking if we could get the guest performer some flowers courtesy of him, and include the lines quoted above. I was happy to comply, mostly to see how Lou would react. The huge smile was a sign it hadn’t been entirely in vain.
                “Oh, my!” she exclaimed, fanning herself. “I’ll be... Hadn’t counted on this.”
                “Welcome to the world of entertainment.”
                Louise was no stranger to it, of course, but had mainly worked behind the scenes. She was practically basking in the unexpected attention.
                “Should I send him a thank-you note? Or a video reply?”
                I could have supported either of those suggestions or said it wouldn’t be necessary, but took a third option instead.
                “If you want to grace him with more of your screen presence you could make an actual tutorial. I mean in the main show. Bet a lot of ladies would appreciate it for Valentine’s. And their men.”
                Mrs. Hewitt gave it some thought. “That sounds interesting. And tempting. But about what?”
                “A simple but striking look, perhaps? Something with the best skill level to effect ratio?”
                Lou nodded. “I think I can manage that.”
                We agreed to shoot it that Saturday afternoon as she’d make her man take her out straight afterwards. On that note I sated my curiosity about her earlier after-work experience.
                “Had hubby finished his chores?”
                “Every last one. Even changed the sheets, which came in handy.”
                “Good on you.”

                I notified the others and Kim was actually thrilled with playing second fiddle for the date. Probably knew she’d have a hard time topping last year’s incarnation. Doing just the start and finish would suit her fine, especially since Lou would fix her up for it. So at the appointed hour we’d prepared a table for our guest in front of the plain wall, and placing her own paraphernalia on it she set about giving Kimber a neat paint job. Simple but striking as agreed, just like the black dress the regular presenter wore for the occasion. She made a general introduction from the usual spot.
                “If you want to learn how to achieve this look yourself, keep watching and our makeup expert will teach you. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mrs. Louise Hewitt.”
                Lou had bravely removed just about all make-up for the shoot and was almost looking her age. She too was wearing a black dress, but of a more conservative cut which counterintuitively helped at least her chest appear younger. That, along with her neatly styled hair, made the face seem even more nondescript although that was about to change. She briefly mentioned what she was about to do and showed what would be needed to follow along, holding up every item in turn and listing acceptable substitutes.
                Here Kim readjusted the camera position to capture a closeup, and stood back to let the professional work. I’ll leave it to your imagination - a blow-by-blow account would make for a boring read. On that note, there was very little blowing involved apart from Lou removing excess powder from a brush. I’d seen her do it several times before so that wasn’t an addition for the benefit of the show. Her finish was, though. After explaining every step and arriving at the intended appearance Louise put her implements aside and asked for a wider shot as she had some extra advice to dispense. I was curious if she was about to impart what she’d told us the last time, but realized that wouldn’t need a change of view. Besides, she was fiddling with the suitcase that had held the rest of her props so I simply complied while waiting for her to get ready. It did not take long.
                “Of course, you should always match your outfit to the occasion as well. As they say, ’When in Rome’. And when ’On the Air’ I thought this would be suitable.”
                Lou brought a hanger into view and removed a jacket from it, slipping it on over her dress. It was an excellent fit and the blue-gray shine of the very wide satin lapels contrasted nicely with the pitch-black fabric. Just the type of garment you’d picture a mature lady would wear with style, and Lou did indeed. As we hadn’t rehearsed I was a bit surprised when she took her New Year’s bow tie from a pocket and swiftly hooked it around her neck, then produced something red and floppy that was summarily dropped onto the table. It was a bundle of three heart balloons, and before you knew it Mrs. Hewitt had daintily picked one up and begun to inflate it. It was done with such confidence and lack of effort I wondered if she’d used up the rest of the bag practicing. Her lower cheeks kept puffing out into taut hemispheres, parts of a face grown soft with age repeatedly blown back up to full firmness. It made for an awesome contrast and I wondered how Kriss was going to look when her time came. Hopefully at least that cool.
                Lou pinched the fully-formed heart shut and transferred it to her left hand, repeating the process twice until she had a small bouquet of air-filled latex. She wiggled the hand holding it a little and smiled.
                “There! That’s all I had to show you today. Hope you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s!”
                She playfully blew the viewers a kiss, more polite than seductive, and I stopped the recording. Now that there was something to comment on I turned the camera back to Kim, who hadn’t changed one bit.
                “Thank you, Lou. There you have it, folks, and remember you can pick any accessories you like. Balloons might not be the best choice everywhere, but they sure fit in right here!”
                I half expected her to blow one up herself, but she didn’t, letting the guest star remain the main event. She did echo her parting sentiment, but for once Kimber was a bit player in her own show. There might be some protests but shaking up the format couldn’t hurt once in a while.
                Mrs. Hewitt deflated her loons and set them aside, instead bringing out some extra stuff to touch up her warpaint. She didn’t seem to do much but still changed it from simple and striking to stylish and striking, a little touch of class turning the ’date’ look to ’special date’. I gave her a wry grin.
                “Your admirer was right. Your hubby is a lucky man.”
                “Thank you. So you like it?”
                “If we were both single I’d ask you out myself.”
                “If we were and I was twenty years younger I might take you up on it. Never swung that way but you girls make it seem an option.”
                That would’ve been a good answer for ’Truth or Dare’, which briefly made me wish we’d been playing that game and she’d picked the other. Because I’d dared her to “Make out with Kriss for two minutes” and been done before the time was up.
                Maybe just as well she couldn’t read my mind. Instead she toyed with her decommissioned balloons, wondering out loud what to do with them. As we were waiting for her to be picked up for a dinner date, Kriss had a suggestion.
                “Blow one up while waiting for your order and put it on the table.”
                Lou chuckled. “Won’t risk disturbing the other patrons.”
                “Well then, write a suggestion on it to show when you get home.”
                The stylist appeared to have an idea and asked for a marker before reinflating one of her loons and scribbling something on it. I couldn’t see the letters but from the movements I’d be willing to bet the first word was ’Wanna’. She let the air back out and stuck it in her other pocket to single it out, and I had a feeling the lucky man was about to get lucky as well. But that’s frankly the point of going out on a Saturday night.
                It wasn’t too long before Harry Hewitt came along to spirit his wife away. He was fit for his age and if Lou had him dye his hair and beard it wasn’t evident. Both were so neatly trimmed the color was secondary, and the angular face and sharp nose gave him a somewhat rugged look. The dark blue suit was maybe a tad too loose over his lanky body, but overall he was a fine specimen no one should be ashamed to be seen with. Lou certainly wasn’t, and the smile that crossed his face on noticing how much she’d dolled herself up wasn’t diminished by being greeted with a kiss. He held out her coat while asking us if she’d behaved.
                “No more than expected, thank god”, I said.
                “I’ve been good”, Lou grinned and we agreed.
                Parting words were exchanged and Kim asked Harry where they’d be going. He said it was a surprise and Kriss told him that wherever they went, just send her the bill. He didn’t quite know how to reply until Lou told him it was her fee, but then he smiled and said in that case he would. Then they set off arm in arm and with any luck their meal would be at least as good as ours turned out.
                Straight after dinner Kriss excused herself with something about homework and needing Lexi’s help. That was all right with me and Kim, as it gave us time to prepare and shoot a Valentine’s ep of our little gameshow. Although my only concession to the upcoming date was putting on the heart-patterned tie Kriss likes to play with. Kim stayed in her little black dress and was awarded a white heart with red print to prepare from the pool of themed balloons we used for the occasion. She began to blow it up as stately and demonstratively as always, but three-quarters through it popped right in her face. Not Kimmy’s fault, but still disappointing. And funny. I decided to run with it.
                “Busted!” I said. “Let’s try again.”
                I gave the wheel another whirl and this time it landed on a pink eighteen-incher with lots of dark red hearts printed all over, plus the words ’I LOVE YOU’. It was a pretty loon - and pretty big - which I hoped wouldn’t go the way of its predecessor. Kimber’s steady, measured breaths swiftly filled it up to the proper size and while she naturally inflated the neck as well it was just on general principle - she stopped at least a quarter of an inch from the critical point. Tease that she is Kim couldn’t resist placing the signature just below the official letters, and I called for an applause to signal it was time to deflate the prize and wave goodbye.
                The blonde presenter was still standing next to the wheel when I returned from turning off the camera. She sighed.
                “Know how tempting it was to write your name instead of ’air_force_2’?”
                Before I could reply she took a cue from my wife, grabbed my tie and yanked me close, her pleading gaze clashing with the sudden assertiveness.
                “Make me a heart?”
                I smiled and picked out a red one of the standard size, brought it to my lips and inflated it as coyly as I could. I made it just the right size, tied it off and handed it to Kim as I leaned in to plant a soft kiss next to her ear.
                “I wanna blow a hundred of these and make love to you in the middle of them all”, I whispered. “Until you… pop.”
                Then I took her to the bedroom and did just that. I too can plan grand gestures.

                The best part was I could reuse it with both Lex and Kriss, topping up the supply by about a dozen loons each just for them as a bit of breakage was inevitable. They loved it just as much as Kim had, especially my dear wife who took the opportunity to make a request for the 14th.
                “It’s high time we make some porn, don’t you think?”
                I did. “On Valentine’s? I thought sweeter stuff was traditional.”
                “We could do soft hardcore. Or sweet, maybe.”
                ”Mmm. Sounds just about right.”
                Kriss actually had an idea for that, drawing a bit on her own experiences. She had created my inflatable likeness out of longing, and often dreamed of how nice it would be if it came to life. Expanding on that would probably be fun, so we brought the doll up from the Fun-geon and I made sure to take Milly Two (Kriss’ copy) along to make sure she knew what her mate was up to.
                We didn’t make many more preparations than tidying up around the bed a bit. Then I filmed Kriss getting ready for the night, taking off her clothes and slipping into a rather plain but comfortable teddy. She pulled an innocent-looking suitcase out from under the bed and carefully took out her inflatable friend. As the plastic lady unfolded you could see it was dressed in a gray tee and loose boxers, cozy sleepwear pretty far removed from sexy lingerie. My wife lifted the fabric enough to locate the valve on the back and began to blow into it with strong, gentle breaths, making the doll puff out and take shape as it grew into a rigid pose. There was such a tenderness to the inflation I got all warm inside remembering that she’d done this for real thinking of me and was probably channeling what she’d felt back then.
                She finished blowing up her co-star, put the stopper in and let the garment fall back into place, then kissed the sculpted lips and cuddled up against the mannequin.
                “You’re such nice company, Sindy. I wish you were real.”
                I switched to a wider shot and went in to take the doll’s place. Then we simply improvised around what we’d spoken about, and I think it’s better if I describe what was captured on camera since I was kinda caught up in character at the time.
                The beautiful blonde was taken aback with being kissed on the cheek by what should have been an inanimate object. “I can be for you now, if you want.”
                “Wh-what? How?!”
                Sindy put a finger on her lips. “Shh, mistress, don’t be afraid. Tonight’s the hundredth time you’ve blown me up with your own breath...and you’ve never taken advantage of me. That makes me your own living doll, at least until midnight.”
                “What happens then?”
                “I’ll lose my air and become just a toy again. But the next time you inflate me I might come alive once more.”
                A perplexed look played over her features. “Only once?”
                “It depends on how much you want it.”
                There was a fair imitation of someone trying to process a dream come true. “I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve wanted it so much…”
                “I know, mistress. Me too.”
                “My name’s Lana.”
                Sindy smiled apologetically. “You are my owner so I have to call you that. Hope you don’t mind, mistress.”
                “You can call me anything”, Lana assured. “I guess I do own you but I just wanted someone to sleep with. I’m no good with people.”
                “But you’re very good with dolls. This doll, at least. And thanks for giving me a name. I love it.”
                “You’re welcome, Sindy. Gods, it feels so good to be near you! You’re so warm and firm…”
                Lana tenderly caressed the body she’d unknowingly breathed life into, marveling at the feel and warmth. Sindy fairly purred at the treatment and shyly reciprocated.
                “So are you...” She ran a hand over her tee. “I love that you put this on me.”
                Her mistress kept stroking as she replied. “To prove I didn’t want a sex doll.”
                “But it really has to go now. Because I want to be your sex doll.” She pulled at the ill-fitting garments. “Want to be taken by the best mistress in the world.”
                “Oh, Sindy…You sure?”
                Her companion smiled. “Of course. I love the way you blow me. Love the way you hold me. Love every little thing you’ve whispered…”
                Lana pulled back just a bit. “I’ve never done this before”, she confided.
                “Me neither. Let’s learn together…”
                With that she swiftly stripped, revealing nipples that were already stiff and waiting. She looked at them in surprise.
                “Wow, these are new.”
                Lana wasted little time putting them to the test, wrapping her lips around one and starting to suck.
                “Ooh, mistress…!”
                Sindy kept singing that tune as they explored each other’s bodies, finding even more exciting parts along the way to touch and kiss and lick. As Lana grew bolder she suddenly caught herself and paused.
                “Can you pop?”
                “Not like this”, Sindy promised. “I might burst when I’m full of air - that’s another reason I’m glad you’ve been so gentle.”
                Lana caressed her face. “What else could I be?”
                “You could be a little less careful tonight. I won’t break.”
                While the plaything took a more passive part at first she soon grew eager to pay her mistress back in kind and the way they went at it was a sight to behold. I enjoyed acting it out as well. It was an amazing thrill to rediscover that most familiar of bodies as if for the first time and take the chance to thoroughly appreciate it. Kriss-as-Lana got into character something fierce too, playing clueless and innocent to a level I hadn’t thought possible, and her love doll blowing into her ass in an attempt to return the nightly favor turned out more cute and romantic than laughable or gross. We managed to come across as playful and affectionate and since it hadn’t felt the least bit awkward it didn’t look it either.
                Eventually Sindy lay on her back and threw her legs wide.
                “Come here, mistress! Just this once, let me be your fuck doll…”
                She got her wish, and as the blonde got on top and began to thrust and grind the doll pushed back as best she could, wanting to please at any cost. After all that buildup it didn’t take Lana long to give up a yell and come and keep coming, not letting up for moment though the spasms threw off her rhythm. Sindy was astonished at her not stopping.
                “Your turn…” was the only reply.
                “Oh, wonderful, wonderful mistress!”
                By now they were completely entwined and Sindy sunk her teeth into Lana’s shoulder to keep from screaming. But it didn’t help and after the noise died down she relaxed so thoroughly you’d think she’d already started to deflate.
                Watching it all I had a fleeting thought of an alternate ending where the doll popped instead of climaxing, the whole thing having been in Lana’s head. But that was far too artsy and I much, much preferred to see them kiss and cuddle the way they did.
                “That was the best thing ever. Thanks for letting me feel it. Thanks for being my mistress.”
                There was an air of finality to Sindy’s words, a goodbye in disguise.
                “Can’t you stay like this?” Lana pleaded.
                Sindy shook her head sadly. “Not unless you blow me up a hundred nights in a row and make me come every time. But that’ll never happen. People tire of their toys.”
                Her owner tried to protest but was cut off. “I’ll still be the happiest doll in the world if you just do it now and then for fun.”
                “I’ll make you so happy, Sindy.”
                Her companion snuggled closer against her chest. “Hope I make you happy too. I love you, mistress.”
                The picture faded out as they drifted off to sleep, and in the darkness there was the unmistakable sound of air rushing out of something, the PSHHH of a sudden deflation. Then silence, and light returning to show Kriss waking up still holding her now flattened doll. She looked at it in bewilderment, then touched the fading indentures at the base of her neck and smiled.
                “See you tonight.”

                Kriss turned off the clip. “Aww. That was so nice, Chel.”
                I agreed. “Loved doing porn with you. But the night’s not over and poor Silly’s out of commission.”
                I grabbed the doll and began blowing her back into shape, telling Kriss to fill up her twin as well.
                “Make her really tight so they can have great, bouncy sex.”
                We both slightly overinflated our mannequins, posed them in an embrace and stashed them away in the closet for some privacy.
                “Any particular reason for that?” Kriss asked.
                “Because I feel like bouncing on you for a bit. Up for it?”
                “Bring it, doll.”

                Having restored the balance we lay holding each other, my finger tracing idle circles over my wife’s skin.
                “By the way, it felt kinda good calling you mistress. Wouldn’t mind doing it off camera some time. And maybe be bossed around a bit.”
                “As long as it’s just for fun.”
                “Of course. Make-believe is fun. And even more fun when it feels real.”
                Kriss made that face she always does when considering possibilities.
                “I’m game”, she said. “Long as you promise to remember I love you more than my own life.”
                I nodded. “Yes, mistress.”
                “We haven’t started yet.”
                For some reason her chuckle was slightly unnerving. So much the better.

                The next morning we served up some X-rated entertainment right after breakfast. Alex and Kim set off for a private viewing and were all smiles when they returned.
                “Gotta love porn with plot”, Kim said. “When it works that well.”
                Lex was of a similar opinion. “That lady sure took good care of her toy. I loved the way she filled her up and the rest was even better…”
                “Oh yeah”, Kim agreed. “Shame it had to end like that. Would be so cute with a montage of her blowing Sindy up again and again for dates in different outfits.”
                “For sure”, Lexi sighed wistfully, “To really show them falling in love.”
                I hadn’t thought of it before but it was so obvious. Of course Lana would want to do more with Sindy than just fuck, and she would get her loads and loads of nice clothes to start her life with a full wardrobe. I pictured a series of snippets - no longer than a second or two - with talking and cuddling and kissing, candlelight dinners, shared showers, reading together and generally being adorable, mixed with shots of them both in the throes of naked passion, having eager, wanton sex in various ways and places - all intercut with shots of Lana reinflating her lover time after time after time.
                “It has to work out, though”, Lex went on.
                “Don’t worry”, Kriss said. “The last scene starts with Lana waking up being called by name by the very real girl her arms.”
                Kim grinned. “And then Sindy pulls the plug on her and folds her away.”
                Lexi smacked her arm. “The hell’s wrong with you?”
                “Just kidding!” her wife laughed. “But the lovemaking would be too epic to film.”
                “Yep”, Kriss nodded. “They’d be at it all day.”
                I found myself going along with the narrative. “And nearing midnight Lana would be sick with worry over Sindy going flat again.”
                “And when she doesn’t… Cue round two”, Kriss finished.
                “That’d be a great movie”, Lex said. “Better than most porn I’ve seen.”
                My wife grinned. “Maybe we should shoot the rest too.”
                I put the foot down. “Sorry, but if we did it would be too damn tempting to share and that’d sink your other career.”
                “Sell the script, then”, Kim suggested.
                The idea actually had some merit, but I decided to pass for the moment. We did indulge in some fantasy casting, though, catching up on current porn stars in the process. It was an inspiring hour, and even if we didn’t reach any clear agreement we learned a few new things to try. And did pretty much at once.

                Later that day Kriss burst into laughter over an e-mail she’d just received. She said I’d better read it myself, so I went over for a look.
                ’Hello! I’m Kyle, Jessies boyfriend. She told me to write and say thanks to the nice lady, so thanks. Really.’
                And that was it apart from the best regards and signature bit, but more wasn’t needed. I could understand if he didn’t want to say anything else.
                “Seems the shipping didn’t take too long”, Kriss grinned.
                “Seems someone had a fun Valentine’s”, I said.
                “Hope it was as good as ours.”
                “Tall order, but yeah.”
                We’d brightened the occasion for others as well. There was a surprising amount of gratitude for the makeup tips, and I’d messaged Mrs. Hewitt’s admirer they had been a direct result of his flowers. He was pleased as punch.
                As for Lou herself, she let us know Harry had been so impressed with her balloon trick he hadn’t even bothered with undressing. She told me she wouldn’t have said anything about that if it hadn’t been the first time in thirty years or so and she was still reeling with delight.
                “Maybe I should start taking on clients again. Hadn’t realized how much I’d miss it.”
                I wished her luck, agreeing it is nice making a difference for others. Never thought ’On the Air’ would do much in the way of that beyond providing eye candy and some trivia, but it only proves you never know.


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                  Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                  EPISODE 66

                  It was high time to start stockpiling a few eps for Kim’s absence. We already had one by Lex, and the cosplay coverage had Riko eager to show off a few of her own outfits. I said she was welcome to submit a feature on how to actually make them, and she’d promised to have one ready pronto.
                  There actually was another submission from a former Angel, but this one had evidently been commissioned. Because the delivery wasn’t from Connecticut but a print shop, and addressed to my wife. She beamed with smug anticipation as she brought the box in. Yes, balloon sales had been great lately, and other merch moved just fine, but I personally might have settled for ordering more of the same. Not so with Kriss. She’d had Sam do a brand new illustration in pin-up style line art, and it was remarkably similar to what Kim had said would fit on a dakimakura. Except she wore a belted jacket and skirt in lieu of lingerie, and had the spare hand on her hip instead of holding an empty balloon. Otherwise it was a pretty damn nice likeness of Kimber brandishing a very full loon, which was printed with the same image - sort of what used to be on the Land O’ Lakes packages. Think it’s called the Droste effect. Below the balloon the words ’ON THE AIR’ got a line each, and ’with Kimber’ was written on the opposite side of the lady.
                  Neat stuff, but the remarkable part was that it was printed on the numerous balloons the package contained, and the actual pen strokes showed the color of the rubber peeking through the white ink. Hence the prevalence of darker hues, and the detail level justified them being sixteen-inchers. Kriss had inflated a black one to capacity before I’d barely had time to process the whole thing, and by the time she finished Kim had started on a deep pink herself. Once it was done we spent some time admiring the results, which were pretty damned impressive.
                  “Shame they aren’t life-sized”, Kim said.
                  “Got the next best thing though”, Kriss replied and uncovered a lower layer of bags.
                  I could tell at a glance that those were twentyfours, and with a gasp Lex lifted a package out, tore it open and pulled out a maroon balloon. She blew it up with something approaching reverence, and the portrait of her spouse grew ever bigger and more bulging with every breath. Before long it had surpassed the ones the blondes were holding and just kept going as Alex forced puff after puff into it. Some thought might have gone into the placement of Kim’s likeness, as its chest was right in the middle of the balloon and therefore expanded the most. Otherwise the proportions were great, if you liked the cartoony style with a slightly oversized head. And with the latex stretched to the limits it was a pretty sizeable image.
                  Lexi tied a knot in the very full neck and gave the whole thing a big hug. Even if she had the ring to justify that spontaneous reaction, I was certain others would share it.
                  “Well, you’ve done it”, I told Kriss. “You’ve finally produced sex toys featuring her.”
                  “There’s no evidence they are!” she said, a tad too hastily. “Looks like advertising to me.”
                  And to the general public, but we knew. And at this point I didn’t care. Kim wanted to turn people on - in an oh-so-innocent way of course, but still. I could tell she was thrilled by the thought of someone having their way with these loons. There was one more unspoken aspect I felt worth pointing out, though.
                  “People will pop you, you know.”
                  “I can live with it”, she said and turned to her wife. “Can you?”
                  “Yeah, I suppose.”
                  Kim handed Lexi a pin and crossed her arms. “Prove it.”
                  After some hesitation, Lex aimed the point straight between the drawing’s breasts and pushed it in. The balloon exploded with a bang and the real Kimber instantly crumpled to the floor, landing in a sprawling heap.
                  I did what I knew was expected of me, grabbed another balloon and blew it up. As each of my breaths went into the green latex Kim straightened herself out a bit, rising off the floor in timed increments. Eventually I’d filled both her and the loon to the max and resisted an impulse to let the globe go, even if it would be fun to see her whiz around and collapse.
                  Alex pulled her reinflated mate into an embrace so tight I feared she would burst for real and pulling Kriss along I joined them in a four-way makeout session. Fun for the whole family. Though it wasn’t long before Kim reared her head.
                  “I wanna make an ad for them!” she exclaimed.
                  “Somehow I’m not surprised. Right away, I guess?”
                  “Pretty much.”
                  “Suppose you're planning to dress like the pic?”
                  “Why, Cherry”, she gasped in mock surprise, “how on earth did you know?”
                  How indeed. “Better hop to it then. We’ll set up the cam.”
                  Kim had indeed hopped as it wasn’t long before she showed up in the studio, having put together a passable copy of the printed outfit - jacket, skirt, tie and heels all in white. She’d painted her lips a bright red and gone heavy on the liner and lashes, turning herself into the equivalent of a real-life drawing which would be quite fitting for the subject. Everything had been moved for a full-bodied display and Kim made it clear she intended to blow up one of the new balloons for the prospective buyers. One of the smaller ones.
                  “But we should show the other kind too, don’t you think?”
                  Well, duh.
                  “Though it would be more of a surprise”, she went on, “if it just appeared in the shoot. It would take a bit too long to fill anyway.”
                  “Going out on a limb here but I feel you want me to inflate it.”
                  “Would you?”, Kim said, batting her eyes so charmingly I capitulated without a fight. I picked up a purple twentyfour and began to puff away - I was kinda curious how they would behave in my hands. Quite excellently, as it turned out. The latex was as smooth and sturdy as you could wish for and stretched out evenly with only token resistance. It was a pleasure to blow it full of my breath and watch the cartoon Kimber expand along with it. Some people were going to take even greater pleasure in blowing her up until she burst, but I wasn’t going there at the moment. I merely gave it half a neck and left it at that. Which evidently wasn’t quite enough for the presenter.
                  “Don’t be stingy with the air, Cherry! Fill it up more!”
                  Well, if she wanted to clean up the room it was her choice. I blew in as much as the neck could possibly hold, or what seemed like it at least. A tiny clamp had to do for closing it off because no way I was gonna try making a knot in that.
                  “I’m holding on to this until called for. Bet it’ll just pop if I set it down.”
                  “Let me fix a backup”, Kriss said and began inflating an identical copy.
                  Alex did the same and I supposed she just didn’t want to appear shirking. But then she turned to me between deep, hard exhales.
                  “I’ve got your back too.”
                  A sweet sentiment, though I hoped the spares wouldn’t be needed. Retakes are such a chore.
                  The filming started out nice enough, with Kim raising her hand in a smiling greeting.
                  “Heya! I have something to show you - something brand new!”
                  She pulled out a blue balloon and brought it to her lips so swiftly you’d have a hard time gauging the size before she’d blown the first breath in. Since she kept blowing with rapid puffs until the rubber globe had reached about the same egg-shape and proportions shown in the print, no one but the most ardent latex experts would be able to tell how far from done it really was. Kimber pinched the neck shut and struck the very pose depicted on the loon, creating yet another layer to the illusion.
                  “Neat, huh? If you like it you can order some for yourself in the store. And if you’re think I’m full of hot air, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
                  Then she proceeded to blow up the balloon to its proper dimensions, making the picture more detailed with every breath. It’s easy to forget just how massive a sixteen-incher can appear, and Kim faked just enough of a struggle to make it seem it would give even her some trouble making it that big. There was quite a bit of difference from the first stop. She kept going until the rubber had taken on the contours of a lightbulb and held the whole thing up for everyone to get a good look at the new design, which covered a majority of the surface.
                  “Not sure this is what’s called an inflated ego”, the blonde giggled. “But let’s see how I hold up under pressure.”
                  With that she began to blow even harder than before into the balloon, elongating and expanding its neck along with her own cheeks that grew taut and ruddy with the effort. Now she was definitely playing up the toughness of the product, but that was as it should be with advertising. Besides, it wasn’t a brittle brand and the stretchy material went way past the rated size before exploding into neat fragments.
                  “Whoo!” Kimber exclaimed with a small backwards jump. “Amazing how something so limp and small can grow so big and hard.”
                  That was the obvious entendre just about anyone would have made and gotten away with, so I let it pass. If she’d added “in your mouth” I would have called cut, though.
                  “And loud”, she went on. “But wait, there’s more! To save time, here’s something we’ve prepared in advance.”
                  She held out her arms towards me and I tossed her the even bigger balloon, which was caught and proudly held up on display.
                  “Why settle for sixteen inches when you can have twenty-four? All stiff and soft at the same time.”
                  The blonde wrapped her arms around it and pulled them closer, making it look like she embraced the smaller version of herself. She tightened her grip three or four times, applying more and more force, but in vain. It just wouldn’t pop. A great testament to the quality, though on the sixth squeeze the stupid clamp was pushed off and the balloon began to rapidly deflate with a violent sputter. Kim swore in surprise and ruined the take before getting hold of the vibrating valve, pinched it shut and brought it to her mouth for a frantic attempt at reinflation. While her quick, hard exhales restored the balloon to its overinflated glory, it was too late. The momentum had been lost and the necessity of a bleep made it all a bit of a mess. At least the big balloon could be salvaged and Kim made sure to tie it off properly before starting over.
                  It went well until it was time to blow the first loon to pop. It flew to bits very obligingly - but between breaths. That was still a big no-no in Kimber’s book and she threw the torn neck away in frustration.
                  There was nothing for it but refreshing her lipstick, straightening her clothes and beginning anew. The rest of us lined up to blow in her ears and whisper encouragement, quite literally inflating her ego, and before we were done her smile was even more brilliant than in the first attempt. She breezed through the first part, inflated the sixteen-incher until it burst against her reddened cheeks and treated the twentyfour to a magnificent end. It held up splendidly to her happy hug, bulging immensely in both directions with every squeeze and finally popping with an appealing BUMM that scattered the tattered remains all around.
                  “Available now”, Kim finished and indicated where to find the link.
                  It was an excellent take, only slightly marred by me having forgotten to turn on the camera. Just kidding - but at the time it struck me that would have been typical.
                  Lexi was already kissing her wife for a job very well done and Kim let that go on for twenty seconds or so before chirping up about an additional detail.
                  “We should show the other colors too.”
                  That we should, and since there were only six hues we could easily fit them all in one static image. The loons would have to be inflated, of course, which I let her know in no uncertain terms.
                  “You wanted to advertise them so you have to blow them up.” I allowed myself a smirk. “But I have an idea of how to make it more interesting.”
                  For some reason everyone in the room liked it and soon Kim was bent over the desk, Lex standing behind her with a strapon buried somewhere below the lifted skirt. Every mechanical thrust made the presenter blow a deep breath into the balloon I was holding to her mouth and once full I handed it to Kriss for tying. Alex held up until I’d attached a new one to the living pump, who kept her lips obediently parted while waiting. Then the whole thing started over and trying to keep an absolutely straight face while pretending it was the factory-approved inflation method was part of the fun. I imagined us being filmed for a 1950’s style documentary about the assembly line at Kimber’s Corner, with a cheery, tinny musical accompaniment and slightly overlong closeups on each part of the process. Maybe a voiceover explaining every step too. It probably wouldn’t win any adult movie awards but I suspected a paying audience could be found anyway.
                  After a while there was a lovely array of tightly inflated latex in darker shades of red, green, blue, pink, purple and black, all showing the distinct likeness of the lady still leaning across the desk. But there were five colors missing in the larger size, and I suggested we’d move onto the floor to save wear and tear on those lovely legs. Also, it was pretty much needed to give the upcoming balloons enough space to fully grow.
                  With Kim on all fours and Lexi on her knees I crouched down too with the bag of twentyfours. I put a black one in place and turned to the pump operator.
                  “Go a bit faster or this’ll take all day.”
                  Lex nodded and picked up the pace. The latex pouch sprang to life as Kim went cross-eyed with delight. She’d done an incredible job of not acknowledging being fucked, but her wildly shifting and rolling irises had been a dead giveaway. With the increase in force and speed it was even more evident, and while she kept blowing hard in time with the thrusts some grunts and whines escaped her. I ignored it, knowing full well that silent equipment is practically unheard of.
                  We pumped the black behemoth full of air and there was an audible gasp as I pulled it away to be sealed by my assistant. The green one was next and by now Kim’s eyes were as wide as I had ever seen them. I hoped she wouldn’t break down from an overload of pleasure, at least not until we were finished. She managed to complete the current inflation and I told Lex to let her cool down a bit. I’m still not sure how Kim kept from complaining. Pretending that the choice of color justified the delay I eventually settled on the red loon and applied it to the nozzle, feeling it sucked into place with what I could have sworn was impatience. Then the thrusting and whooshing recommenced and went somewhat smoother, but we were only halfway through and the pump might give out at any moment. It was looking at the very least flustered.
                  I quickly replaced red with blue and had it blown up to capacity, but the weird noises had grown more frequent and intense. The air intake was evidently impaired, as Kim was panting in spite of herself. Not that I was surprised - try blowing up four balloons that big in a row and see what it does to your lungs.
                  I called for a break and if you think it callous to leave her on the floor, don’t worry. Machines won’t care about such things, even if there was a plaintive groan when we left the room. Must have been my imagination.
                  “Ooh, she’s gonna be so pissed!” Kriss chuckled in a low voice.
                  “You kidding?” Lex said. “She’s loving it!”
                  I was inclined to agree. I would never have suggested it if feeling useful didn’t mean so much to Kim, and she was absolutely essential in this scenario. And it went without saying there’d be almost no limit to the praise and affection she’d get when we were done. Nevertheless, we let her rest for a couple of minutes before going back to work and finding her in the exact same position as before.
                  No one made a single comment as the pink balloon got pumped up with the pretty presenter’s breath, and my heart beat a little faster at the joy and gratitude sparkling in Kim’s eyes while she sent puff after puff into the bulging rubber. She was quivering with pent-up passion as we started on the final loon, and I remembered we already had two of that color prepared. So I stated another overlooked detail.
                  “We haven’t checked how much these can take.”
                  “True”, Lex nodded. “Let’s go for bust.”
                  She went even harder and deeper, making Kim blow with such recklessness I almost lost my grip on the neck and the rushing of air became accompanied by muffled squealing. Clearly some maintenance was needed. As my wife had spent pretty much all her worktime ogling the proceedings and was practically drooling by now she’d be perfect for the job.
                  “I think the piston shaft needs lubricating”, I told her. “Take care of it.”
                  Kriss nodded, lay down and slid her head below the machinery, putting her saliva to good use. The whining grew more urgent and the air flow increased so much I nearly lost my grip on the balloon, but I somehow managed to keep it in place and somehow it kept inflating, if a little more erratic than before. I focused all my attention on holding the latex steady, pinching it off when needed and opening up the neck to let the next gust through. It got tricky when it eventually reached its maximum capacity and we all struggled to keep the equipment working at full blast, which became outright difficult in the final stretch. There was so much jiggling and shaking and wheezing I knew the pump would need a full service after this operation. The slapping of Lexis’s hips against Kim’s buttock s was as steady as the Phoosh-Phoosh-Phoosh coming out the other end, not quite drowning out the wet licky noises from below. My free hand was steadying a chin that would otherwise have tossed all over the place and my thumb could feel a cheek bulge and sink in time with those sounds, going faster by the second. Phoosh-Phoosh-Phoo-POP!
                  The balloon broke apart, spread itself wide and fell to the floor. I let the last piece follow and wiped my brow.
                  “All right, shift’s over” I called, instantly triggering a second explosion when Kim came. And came. And came. Compensating for all she’d held back she screamed in a way I’d seldom heard, without a trace of pain or discomfort but rather near-incomprehensible pleasure. Lex bent closer and began fucking her for real with short, rapid thrusts that were intense enough to threatening setting their clothes on fire.
                  “That’s it, baby”, she cooed, “My wonderful baby.”
                  I leaned in to lick and kiss Kimmy’s face. “Go on, kitten, you’ve earned it.”
                  Kim heeded my words and was at it for a good while, eventually collapsing slowly enough for Kriss to move out of the way. She lay there smiling at all the kisses and caresses and compliments coming from three sides at once while we marveled at how she’d been able to finish the entire task.
                  “Was fan-fucking-funtastic”, Kim sighed. “If I had to work nine-to-five that would pretty much be my dream job.”
                  I personally thought it might get repetitive but had to agree the perks were damned nice. Especially after trying out for the position myself.

                  So that was an unexpected preparation to tick off, but the rest had to be done too. Since the girls would be gone for a week it was just as well to get them something new to wear for the trip. We all went shopping and had a pretty fun day on the town, trying on whatever took our fancy and looking for deals even if we strictly speaking didn’t have to. There was also time to visit the costume shop for some general browsing, and Jess grinned at the sight of us.
                  “My heroes”, she said. “Thanks for the last time - and Kyle’s present.”
                  “Our pleasure”, Kriss chuckled. “I hear he liked it.”
                  “You could say that. And so did I.”
                  Kim looked surprised. “Really? Anything particular about it?”
                  “Blowing it tighter around him. Can’t believe I’m saying this!” she giggled.
                  “These days I’m saying a lot of things I never believed too”, Lex admitted.
                  Kriss, who had a special interest as the airy godmother, spoke again. “I take it your beau appreciated that?”
                  “Think so. Afterwards he said he wanted to marry me.”
                  “And will you?”
                  Jess wagged her head in that undecided manner. “Probably, at some point. But maybe not just yet.”
                  “Congratulations in advance anyway”, Kriss said.
                  The shopgirl made a devious face. “Next time I’ll dress up as the girl on the pillow and make him compare us. And it’s all off if he picks her.”
                  “In that case you can pick your rival off with a pin”, Kim suggested.
                  “Oh, I’d pop her but good. Maybe stomp on her in heels.”
                  I put in a word of advice. “Long as you never break something of his just out of spite it should work out.”
                  Since we weren’t out for anything in particular our purchases were limited to some accessories, fake jewelry and such. Before we left I told Jess there might be another costume-related ep in the near future and she promised to keep an eye out. She also told us Craig said hi and appreciated we hadn’t damaged his gear. Maybe he’d get some commissions from the exposure and maybe not, but it had been a fair trade.
                  More errands followed and Kriss ditched us for about forty-five minutes, but that was about par for the course. During that time Lexi became the first to weaponize my newfound interest. On a moderately busy sidewalk she ’discovered’ an uninflated balloon in her pocket and set about remedying the pitiful lack of air. The way she kept blowing into it while walking - without any hint of it being in the least out of the ordinary - was almost too cool for words, and only after tying it off and placing it atop a trash can in passing did she give me a glance that silently said “I do hope you liked it”.
                  I discreetly took her hand and squeezed to affirm I did, while speaking out loud about a window display we just passed. I couldn’t wait for our private goodbyes ahead of the trip.
                  Of course, I begged her to blow me as soon as we got home to tide me over and she naturally wouldn’t have had it any other way.

                  While a couple of regular trivia shows were easy enough and soon in the bag we also needed to record the birthday vids to have them ready for the 1st. Kriss gave Lexi a very small and very early gift in the shape of a question.
                  “It’s your month. What do you wanna play?”
                  “The tuba”, Alex said without hesitating. “A fan’s asked to see more of me blowing it.”
                  I could ’t resist. “See more of your body?”
                  “You know what I mean.”
                  Kriss didn’t need to hesitate much either. She decided on a steady, rhythmic arrangement putting you in mind of a marching band, which wasn’t a long shot considering her current project. And since Lex was one of those to be celebrated my wife chose to wear the nicest of her dress shirts, waistcoats and trousers along with a wide-brimmed fedora, making her look sort of like an old school blues player. And very, very hot - at least to Lexi, who put on a slinky dark blue dress to make it appear she was a vocalist who’d decided to take a break from crooning to back up her trumpeter with a very large horn. The balloons they’d inflated to accompany them were orange and pink, though they’d been drawn at random since Lex simply couldn’t decide.
                  Kim matched Kriss’ style except her tie was purple instead of blue and she had no hat, making it easy on herself by picking a green loon on account of Saint Patrick’s day coming up. Though she had no luck with it as it spontaneously burst on the twelfth, just as she announced it was Liza Minelli’s birthday. So poor Kimber had to blow up a fresh one and start over, while I got another blooper for the archives. That section was growing big enough to almost warrant its own entrance fee.
                  In fact, the entire site was overdue an update. With the new merch and the upcoming exposure it was about time to make Kimber’s Corner more accessible and I’d ordered a separate domain and a snazzy template from our web provider. The balloon sales in themselves were enough to warrant that, and this way we could offer different support levels - the member videos plus bloopers kept the regular price point, but if you wanted the setup and disposal clips as well you had to pay a bit more. They were for a specialized audience anyway. There’d also be a tip button, in case you felt generous and wanted to contribute to the prop fund. As a former camgirl Kim liked that part.
                  What every visitor would get was info, photos, comments and thoughts from Kimber and her ’staff’ plus a pseudo-forum for non-members. That is, a moderated place to leave comments and questions and if they were nice enough to publish they would get answers. Oh, and access to the expanded store, of course. After that commercial it would probably be more appreciated than ever.


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                    Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                    EPISODE 67

                    And then came the time for our loves to leave. We’d made sure to get enough intimate moments together to last a little while, but a week seemed as daunting as always. I drove us to the airport to put them on the Sunday afternoon flight and before we knew it they were off.
                    It felt unreal sending them out in the world like that, but on the other hand it gave me and Kriss some time alone at home, and boy did we make use of it. Kriss slammed me against the wall as soon we got through the door, pinned my wrists and stuck her tongue down my throat.
                    “Oh, yes, mistress!”
                    “Save that”, she panted. “I’m just horny for you.”
                    That didn’t stop her from being a bit more dominant than usual, but I would have been out of my mind to complain.

                    Then the girls called from the hotel, having settled in without problems. Lex would be picked up early in the morning for a day of rehearsals, while Kim would do some preliminary sightseeing and see if she could surreptitiously litter the place with a few freshly inflated ad balloons. We’d arranged for a bodyguard to take her around and handle the camera if and when it was needed, so no worries there.
                    While they were busy with that we held up the fort as best as we could, meaning we spent the day naked, fucking in every room and making more noise than strictly called for. Some may have thought we overdid it, but there’s no such thing even if we both ended up covered in teeth marks and hickeys from all the love bites and sucks we’d administered. Cooking in the nude degenerated into a food fight and licking stuff off each other’s bodies and it’s a wonder we found time to eat at all. To sum it up, we ended the day in complete contentment, looking forward to a video call from California.
                    When it came it showed Lex in a state of excitement and Kim looking brave but vaguely miserable. Turned out the rehearsals had gone well, in fact so well the star wanted to add a couple of new scenes with Alex. Since they were doing the shoot old-style there was wiggle room for changes, but it would mean having Lexi stay a couple of extra days. She’d get Friday off, though.
                    “But I’ll be alone most nights”, Kim sighed. “I’d hoped she’d be able to sleep here.”
                    Lex held her tighter. “We’ll try that tomorrow but I’m afraid I’ll be no fun anyway. I have a hunch it’s gonna wear me out.”
                    “We’ll be here”, Kriss said.
                    I nodded. “Always. And if you document your time on the town you could make your own updates in the evenings, maybe describe your day a bit.”
                    Kim said that might be something to do and we chatted about what they’d been up to so far. Lex said she’d signed a paper to not reveal any details but was willing to report she’d been involved in staging a fight scene. Kim had gotten acquainted with the surroundings and her companion for the week.
                    “His name’s Chris too, but says Kit is ok. Never saw such a bear of a guy!”
                    She showed a selfie with him and he was indeed big, burly and bearded, but with kind brown eyes that matched his hair. There was one thing he couldn’t help much with though, at least according to Kim.
                    “Leaving loons out didn’t work too well. One fell off the bench and broke and the other blew into traffic and got run over.”
                    “Buy a bunch of those stick holders”, Kriss ordered. “Will look less random too.”
                    “Yes”, I agreed. “That’ll make them seem more...official, or something.”
                    Lexi laughed, “Mandated by the city. Everyone must carry a balloon at all times.”
                    “And blow up a new one if it pops”, her wife giggled.
                    ”Aaand you’ve just invented a new form of sexual assault”, I informed them. “Popping a pretty lady’s loon in passing. Or from a distance.”
                    Kim made a suggestive face. “Or a pretty guy’s.”
                    Then something struck me. “Kimmy, you’re not blowing them up all the way, right?”
                    “Just the first one. Think that’s why it went bang.”
                    “Good, because at that size they could be an actual road hazard.”
                    Lex pointed out the obvious. “They still are if drivers can’t take their eyes off ’em.”
                    We left it at that and went on to the usual “miss you” stuff, which would be far too cloying to subject you to. Pretty sure you know the drill by now.

                    The next morning Kriss left me in bed without any wake-up sex, which was puzzling since I couldn’t have worn her out that much in a single day, but she might have had urgent bathroom business or something. No ravishing me over the breakfast table either - she just said she had some stuff to take care of and abandoned me again with merely a fond peck on the cheek.
                    It was then I knew something was up, but I had no idea what until twenty minutes later when she reappeared and made me drop my second cup of joe. I barely registered the crash and splash since my full attention was riveted elsewhere.
                    Kriss was in the doorway and I instinctively realized this was what she’d been secretly shopping for. While the strict, pristine dress shirt and long black tie had been in her wardrobe for a while, the combined latex boots and leggings decidedly hadn’t. They were as black as the skirt they vanished under but far shinier, and if we’d owned a cap like that before I hadn’t known about it. It too was black and in the usual military style, but with a piece of metal chain in lieu of insignia. Black gloves in the same material completed the ensemble, and the heavily kohled eyes made the lady look even more forbidding. I was thrilled to my toes by the sight.
                    My sexy, sexy Krisstress.
                    She gave me a sultry greeting. “Hello again, pet.”
                    I hurried over like a lovesick puppy. “Mistress! You’re back!”
                    “Of course I am. And I’ve brought gifts for a good girl.”
                    I resisted the impulse of hanging my tongue out and panting while Kriss stuck a black-gloved hand into her purse.
                    “Come here”, she said, withdrawing something.
                    It was a wide leather strap with a sturdy O-ring centered in front. As she tightened it around my neck I felt a strange elation - I’d known collaring was a thing, of course, but never wanted it for myself and I couldn’t see it becoming a habit either. And still it was an amazing sensation, almost like when Krissie put the ring on my finger. The same feeling of belonging. Being hers.
                    ”Mmm, feels good, mistress. Thank you.”
                    “Only the best for my pet”, she said, grabbed my chin and pressed her lips against mine in an all too brief smooch.
                    Another new purchase was brought out - an actual, bona fide leash. She clasped it to my collar and gave it a gentle tug.
                    “Time for a walk.”
                    Kriss led me downstairs and on to the Fun-geon, stringing me along even if it was difficult to stay far enough behind for that. I had to fight back an urge to overtake her to get there faster.
                    Once inside with the door bolted I was given a simple command:
                    “Lose the clothes.”
                    While I hurried to obey Kriss located a sturdy belt with cuffs on the sides to lock my arms in place, which was done without delay. She took off the leash and used it to tie the belt to a hoop in the wall, leaving me little room to move. With me secured in the right place my mistress reached into the bag again and I stiffened at what she procured.
                    “Just be calm and relax.”
                    I’d seen pics of breathing masks like that, a triangular plastic cup with rounded edges that’d cover both my mouth and nose. Three straps meeting in the back would keep it in place which wouldn’t be much of a problem as long as the tube in front stayed unblocked. I had a feeling it wouldn’t, though.
                    Sure enough, once my exhales had begun fogging up the clear material Kriss took a final item from her purse. It was made from not completely opaque dark plastic and the valve at one end told me it was inflatable. I’d figured rebreather bags would be more like the kind she’d gifted her students, but this was a different model altogether - actually more of a reservoir.
                    Kriss attached the pipe on the opposite end to my mask and I felt the change at once. But not for long, as she daintily grabbed the nozzle and filled the container up with stately, measured breaths. There was a crinkle of unfolding pvc and as it grew fuller I saw it was larger than I’d thought and more of a rounded cube than a sphere. I carefully inhaled some of the air she was providing and it felt amazing to trust someone so completely. I’d been at her mercy before, but not quite like this. I looked forward to whatever would happen next.
                    My mistress finished the inflation and brought her lips to my ear.
                    “Works all right?”
                    I nodded.
                    “Lemme know when you run low, okay?”
                    Then she began to slowly fondle me all over, as if to test which parts were most sensitive. As if she didn’t already knew. She bent down to bite my stiff nipples, making them even harder before running a hand even lower. My privates were probed and caressed with more curiosity than tenderness, and once mistress had learned as much as she needed she went behind my back to reach around and tease me mercilessly with her gloved fingers. Every pinch and flick made me hunger for more, but the digits seemed to slip away just as things were getting really good - only to start over in a different spot and make me squirm again. I was getting more and more lightheaded from the recycled air but that only added to the tantalizing, maddening frustration and I wished, wished, wished that I’d been a good enough girl to deserve some relief. Eventually my chest began to ache and I let out a plaintive squeal I hoped would sound different from all the other noises I’d made while jerking my head around in a display of distress.
                    As my mistress came forth and reached for my face I realized she was as much a slave to the equipment as I was. No matter how imposing and in command she appeared she would still have to blow in fresh air if she wanted to keep her pet conscious. And that she was fully aware and willing to do it. I felt so much in love with her at that moment.
                    She pulled the bag away and covered the tube with her finger so I couldn’t sneak any breaths while she squeezed out the spent supply. Then she put it back and blew it up until I thought it might burst, adding deep, thorough breaths to help me last as long as possible. The bulging shape fell into place as she dropped it and I felt a tongue run along my cheek followed by a sensual whisper in my ear.
                    “You have unlimited refills.”
                    Then the exquisite torture began anew, but the masterful hands moved with more focus. Not only did they wrap around my body, but one grabbed and massaged a breast while the other went between my legs with steady, purposeful motions. My mistress was doing my work for me while I was sucking down her air with greedy gulps, and while I would have longed to come like that I was starting to suffocate again before getting there. This time I had my mask removed completely and was allowed to breathe freely while mistress pulled a long, black and limp object from who knows where. She held the empty airship to my lips.
                    “Blow this up.”
                    Unlike Kimmy, I didn’t succeed. On purpose. I pretended puffing as hard as I could and failing miserably after a few very valiant, sputtering attempts.
                    “I’m sorry, mistress, I can’t…”
                    So she did it herself, inflating the cylinder with such authority my heart skipped a beat, and pulled off her gloves with her teeth to tie the latex off. It was about two inches across and a couple of feet long, but it wasn’t the size that mattered.
                    “Oh, mistress, you’re so strong!”
                    I got a smile in return before the blown-up phallus was thrust between my thighs and forcefully began to slide back and forth. Her hand went behind my neck and her mouth covered mine, making any breathing aids obsolete. Instead I got a warm gust straight from her lungs whenever she decided to let me have one, and I was in heaven. My mistress was giving me pleasure and all the oxygen I needed, and the sensation of being so utterly taken care of made her pet pop in just a few puffs.
                    As soon as I’d stopped shaking Kriss took her cap off, dropped to her knees and gave me head until I came again. Just because she could and wanted to. Then she undid my restraints and pulled me into a close embrace.
                    “Love you, Chel”, she murmured against my hair. “More than anything.”
                    “Yours forever and ever and ever. If you dress up like that and whistle I’ll come running and do whatever the fuck you want…”
                    Kriss pulled back and began to unbutton her shirt rather hurriedly.
                    “Oh Cherilyn, my darlingest darling, I need you to do some things for me. To me.”
                    “Anything and any things.”
                    She went on while undressing. “Hold my wrists. Pin me down and fuck me hard. Show we’re still equals.”
                    While my wife took off the rest of her clothes I put on a strapon, waiting until that was all either of us was wearing. Then I did what she’d asked right there on the floor, pounding away while she lay panting and telling me to demand stuff in return.
                    I didn’t have to think. “You have to let me peek when you do that to Lex.”
                    Kriss grinned through her moans. “Of course.”
                    “And let Kimmy bind and bag you.”
                    Fuck yeah”, she cried.
                    Then it struck me we could double-team her, with me pleasuring and Kim in charge of the air supply. Or Lexi in my role and me just watching…
                    The thought made me speed up so much there was a delighted yell followed by “Dontstopdontstopdontstop…” so I simply had to go on like that until my back almost gave out, but fortunately it didn’t take too long.
                    “This too”, Krissie gasped, picking up and handing me the black balloon that had fallen to the floor after I was done with it. I took it from her fingers and put it through such a workout it burst in a very inappropriate place, making my beloved yelp and come again. I slid down to kiss and lick and blow her tender parts all better, finishing up by sucking her off. I crawled higher to kiss her and maybe get some serious cuddling in.
                    But Kriss wasn’t done. She drew her knees up to her shoulders and flashed me a lascivious grin.
                    “And now in the ass.”

                    Having proved what she wanted proven and cuddled for half an eternity, we rose to get dressed, except I hadn’t brought anything to wear and had to settle for a robe that had been left behind at an earlier session. But the sight of Kriss in her restored, dominant splendor still made me feel it was too much. I walked around her to take it all in when a strange fancy took me.
                    “You look so cool in that. Lemme see you play the ’bone...”
                    Such a rare request couldn’t be denied and since I’d been uncollared she grabbed my hand and pulled me along to the music room. I parked myself in a chair while Kriss got her instrument ready. Then she played one of her newest songs, fixing her eyes on me and teasing by bringing the slide right up against my face each time she extended it. She straightened her back and turned to the side, blowing the trombone with such superior style and confidence I knew I’d made a good call. Instead of applause at the end I gave her a straight opinion.
                    “This is you, Krissie.”
                    “Really really. If you ever decide to focus on one thing that should be it.”
                    She beamed all over. “You won’t believe how happy I am to hear that, Chel! That means I can leave the trumpet to Lex and the sax to Kim and the tuba to you.”
                    That hadn’t been my intention. “Say what?”
                    “When we play together I mean! But it would be so awesome to do it for real - with an audience and all. Nothing I want more.”
                    “Skill levels. I’d fuck up something fierce.”
                    “You wouldn’t. You’re getting so good”, Kriss lied. I think. Maybe she believed it.
                    “Even if I didn’t it would just be oom-pah, oom-pah.”
                    “Doesn’t have to. Check what I’ve made - just for fun!”
                    She brought out some sheet music which I knew how to read and even follow, but it seemed overkill. Thought that could admittedly be her middle name. While I was eyeing through it she fetched the oversized horn she’d trained me on.
                    “Play that, Chellie. Please?”
                    I shrugged and hefted the tuba. If it made her happy it was worth the effort. So with a deep inhale, I set about following the score.
                    Turned out to be quite melodious, if ponderous and slow. But it wasn’t hard, and as I neared the end Kriss circled her finger in the air to call for another playthrough. As I started over, she raised the trombone and began on her part.
                    I’ll never know how she puts stuff together, but that she can is enough. The trombone sang out a tune that didn’t follow mine - but complemented it. Hearing the sounds weave together in such harmony despite all the differences was a kind of magic. Previously I’d only kept time, with maybe a few small additions. This was something else entirely, and it left me wanting more.
                    “Again”, I panted and Kriss was more than eager to comply.
                    And for the first time, the whole playing together thing really clicked with me. There was a deep satisfaction in making this music together and I couldn’t wait to tell the instigator.
                    “That was really fun”, I said as we put the brass aside. “And amazing.”
                    Kriss pulled me to my feet and nearly crushed me in her arms.
                    “My Chellie. My one and only. I love you so much it feels like I'm gonna burst.”
                    She kissed me and I blew into her mouth to call her out. Even with her chest inflated to the max she held together just fine.
                    Kriss’ eyes gleamed. “You know how wet I get when you do that…?”
                    I had a notion. “Then I guess I can practice blowing and fingering on you.”
                    “As often as you want. But not now because then we’ll be stuck here all night.”
                    We went up to the wardrobe and my wife swapped her leggings and skirt for trousers and threw on a charcoal jacket, telling me to suit up as well. Then she took me out for dinner, with the explicit instructions we’d only talk shop. Pretending to be on a business meeting made the meal at least as thrilling as if we’d been shamelessly flirting, and while I was getting the car keys out she produced another of those black airships, carelessly blowing it up right there in the parking lot. Remembering what had happened with the last one and imagining the reactions of the people passing by or behind the windows made the metal jingle in my suddenly trembling hand. Kriss merely took the full balloon from her lips and let it whizz away and out of sight before going on as if nothing had happened, getting into her seat while speaking about potential earnings from some merchandise she’d been considering. I was considering the perfect point to end the charade - which turned out to be five steps up the driveway.

                    And that’s why we were already in bed when Kim called, crestfallen. Lexi would have to stay longer than expected for retakes and they’d agreed it would probably be better to spend the night apart. And likely the following ones as well. Being in frequent contact wouldn’t quite make up for the lack of intimacy, something Kimmy was quick to lament.
                    “If I’d known I’d brought the dolls.”
                    I sympathized. “Oh, kitten… Get as cozy as you can anyway and we’ll do our best.”
                    Which we did, telling her all the naughty things we wanted to do to her. Kriss fetched the inflatable Kim to better visualize them, puffing her up in a hurry while I kept talking. I interrupted the process before she was done, though.
                    “I wanna blow her too.”
                    I took over the limp dummy and filled it to the limit with my breath, making it as stiff and bouncy as it could get. Then we wasted no time using the doll to show our lover how much and in which ways we wanted to please her. If Kimmy had been only tentatively touching herself at the start, she soon gave in to her needs and began frigging herself with wild abandon. As she grew less and less careful, so did we, and when we showed her how mercilessly we’d fuck her at the same time - nearly popping the mannequin between us - the blonde exploded on the screen. As she cooled off Kriss pulled the plug on the doll to mimic the collapsed original.
                    “That feels so much better”, Kim sighed.
                    The essentials done, she talked a bit about her day, sending over a crude edit of the documentation. Dressed in everyday, run-of-the-mill clothes to not draw extra attention Kimber walked past a couple of landmarks - not any of the more famous ones - and said a few words about each. Then she sat down on a park bench and calmly inflated half a dozen balloons, attaching them to sticks she planted at random intervals along her continued walk. The camera captured each location, so on the very, very unlikely chance they’d stayed undisturbed they could be tracked down by visual cues. Either way it was an interesting insight in how she’d spent part of her day.
                    I suggested she’d post it as a members extra, to get some instant gratification from strangers as well.
                    “And spoil yourself rotten with room service”, Kriss said.
                    “Way ahead of you”, Kim chuckled and indicated some empty cans and wrappers. “But can you do me a favor and blow her back up? And let her share the bed. So at least that part of me won’t be lonely.”
                    We reinflated the counterfeit Kim together as lovingly as possible, play-fighting over the valve with our lips. When she’d had all the air she could hold we gave her plenty of hugs and kisses, hoping Kimmy would not only see but somehow feel them as well.
                    There were sweet nothings, good nights and I love yous, and not before we’d hung up did I realize something momentous.
                    “Was this the first time Kimmy didn’t beg to give something in return?”
                    Kriss pondered it. “With me at least.”
                    Sure, she might have been distracted and not physically present, but it was still a step in the right direction. My wife heartily agreed, then changed the subject to something I’d said earlier.
                    “Now, about that ’blowing and fingering’...”
                    Well, when it comes to music one has to practice whenever one can.


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                      Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                      EPISODE 68

                      While I felt bad for Kim I consoled her with me being as lonely as her for the day. Kriss had left for school and would be in detention all evening - or rather attend a full play-through under the same circumstances the actual concert would be performed. Which was perfectly all right as if left me plenty time to finish the new and improved Kimber’s Corner and edit some of the upcoming material. I also got a call from Lex and spent it smiling at merely hearing her voice. She gave a few vague updates and told me how bad she felt over leaving Kimmy by her lonesome. I said she couldn’t let that get in the way of filming and suggested a few extravagant ways of making it up to her. Lexi said she’d do them all and that she could really use making love to me as well. I described some of the things I’d do the moment I got her alone and she actually whimpered. Then I told her I love her and to go kick some ass, which she promised. I could only hope she’d stick to doing it in front of the camera.
                      It was actually nice being able to do all that at my leisure, and after a simple leftover dinner I decided to treat myself to a really special session with my favorite toy.
                      Stepping into the Fun-geon I discovered someone had beaten me to the chase. Deedee was still where I’d left her, but now she was wearing a dragon-sized but very dapper black bow tie. While it did absolutely nothing for me in itself, I got hot all over from the intent. It was like Kriss had decided to gift-wrap my personal sexytime and leave it out as a present. That she’d known I go for this wasn’t as surprising but still heartwarming.
                      I walked up and nuzzled the dragon’s snout.
                      “Oh, Dee”, I murmured. “You don’t have to dress up for me…”
                      I noticed she was sagging just a little, so I opened the valve and blew her body absolutely full before undressing for her and climbing on top. I removed the ribbon around her neck and tossed it aside, settling in comfortably for a long, good hump. She still smelled faintly of fresh PVC - the plastic equivalent of pheromones, as titillating as the headiest perfume. The shape and give of her body were what made it so perfect to rub against, and I was glad I didn’t have to restrict myself by aiming at a small opening, no matter how tight and inviting. If Deedee would have had such a hole I’d wanted it to be for inflation only, so I could blow her up while giving head.
                      “Would you like that, Dee? Me puffing into your pussy? Really blow you…”
                      That’d be the ultimate way to prepare such a sexy plaything and I now understood why I’d been so drawn to the big breasts from the first. They made sure the dragoness could never be mistaken for a mere pool toy - she was an inflatable companion, period. Whether for cuddles or sex was irrelevant, I enjoyed both but for now I wanted to come - grind so intensely it’d be impossible to not get off on top of her smooth belly.
                      It was an amazing, incredibly bouncy and pleasant ride, and maybe I was going harder than ever before or just slightly more aware of my surroundings, but I noticed that my movements caused Deedee’s tail to dip down and tap me on the back. It was a soft touch, gentle yet insistent, as if telling me she approved - or wanted it harder. Or was just helping out, showing I did it right. It brought us closer in more ways than one and I wanted to kiss her on the mouth as we fucked - because that was what we were doing. I wasn’t just boinking her, we were in it together, as proven by the tail eagerly keeping time.
                      “My wonderful Dee”, I groaned. “I love getting it on with you.”
                      It wasn’t a lie. Any doll I’d tried had just been an inferior version of a human, but Dee was everything I could ask of a dragon since there was nothing to compare with. Except Blowser, but she was facing the wrong way and lacking in the tit department. The taut firmness beneath me was just so right for rubbing and the low creaking of vinyl were like moans of delight. I made some of those myself as I pushed down even harder, making Dee spring back in response and spur me on with that pointy appendage of hers. I was sure she’d stick it in me if she could and held that thought until I came from imagining being fucked right back by the busty dragoness.
                      There was a time I’d probably been ashamed by the very idea, but at this point I knew what animal friend I’d want if I was a Disney princess. And Prince Charming could go screw himself because he wouldn’t be the love interest in that movie.
                      Maybe I’m a hypocrite for dissing Kriss’ storytelling ideas. So sue me.
                      I also felt a bit bad over worrying about how Lex would handle a leak - if anything happened to Deedee I’d probably take it even worse. Though as long as it could be repaired, blowing her back up would always be far more of a pleasure than a chore.
                      Spent for the moment I sank forward to rest my head between the blow-up boobs, musing that it still felt like a really nice spot to fall asleep in, and this time I did.

                      A soft stream of breath in my ear woke me up, and for a second I wondered how many puffs it had taken Kriss to rouse me. Usually one was enough to arouse me, but this was something different.
                      “Slept well?”, she asked and I said I had.
                      “You look it. And like you’ve had a good time as well.”
                      You look like you need one”, I said and slid off. “Mount up.”
                      I helped her strip and watched as she eagerly straddled the round tummy, wrapped her arms around the dragon and set to work. There wasn’t much finesse to the movements, just a good old-fashioned shag which still was a real treat for my eyes. I stepped back to take it all in better and couldn’t help smiling at the sight. Deedee was performing her tail trick on Kriss as well and from that perspective the meaning was obvious. She was clearly saying “Ahem. More, please.”
                      The rider might have picked up on it because that’s just what she delivered, making the entire inflatable shake and the boobs jiggle just enough to make then seem almost real, or at least as real as the dragon. I had to fight off an urge to grab the nozzle and blow Dee so tight Krissie would scream, but it would be too hard with all the bouncing and besides, I might overdo it and burst her. I didn’t quite trust myself after Dodo.
                      And it turned out to be unnecessary. She screamed pretty fine without assistance.

                      After recovering Kriss reached up to give Dee a fond lick across the snout.
                      “Thank you, Deedee. I needed that.”
                      Then she rose and kissed me too, using her lips as well as her tongue. We shared some of the usual whispers until my wife decided to come clean.
                      “I have to confess something. I deflated your dragon. So I could blow her up completely for you.”
                      “You did?”
                      “Yep. But I let some out afterwards.
                      That’d explain things, and maybe being held up by her breath had made my ride extra nice - but I doubted that mattered.
                      “Lucky girl”, I said. “Having a tie tailored for her was a bit much though.”
                      Kriss shrugged with no visible guilt. “Textile class at the school. I only had to pay for the material.”
                      I shook my head. Figures. “Speaking of clothes, was it a dress rehearsal?”
                      “No, they’ll be wearing the marching uniforms anyway. Even bring in the mascot as a backdrop.”
                      “The prop, I hope.” I’d seen pics of the giant inflatable otter brought out for special occasions.
                      “Yeah, a guy in costume would have a hard time keeping still.”
                      And probably get heatstroke in the process, which would detract from the show.
                      “And you? Be there incognito or front row tickets?”
                      “Neither. Chel, remember the homework I’ve been doing with Lex?”
                      “I thought you said no playing.”
                      “I did. I’ll be” - she coughed – “conducting.”
                      I probably made some kind of incoherent noise at that point. “Do you know the first thing about that?”
                      “I do now! Been practicing a lot - this way everyone learns something new!”
                      Like how to make fools of themselves, but that wouldn’t be new.
                      “I hope you know what you’re doing.”
                      “Relax, it went pretty well tonight. Hardly a hitch. I’ve got this.”
                      She explained how she’d had long talks with colleagues and been shown the ropes by actual, experienced people. Read up on the stuff. Rehearsed. It did sound like she’d be able to pull it off, but I do appreciate hearing these things a little further ahead of time. Well, if nothing else people would get to see her put the ’con’ in ’conductor’.
                      Just in case I had her set the beat in bed that night. She’d probably do just fine.

                      Over breakfast we talked about Kim’s doings - we’d had another sweet goodnight call from her, and she’d spent her Wednesday on actual sightseeing, going on tours all over the City of Angels and ticking off as many attractions as possible. She’d left at least one big balloon at each, although as unobtrusively as she could. Afterwards she’d watched a dance performance and was itching to do something of the sort again for the camera. But she’d be in front of one that very afternoon, and we were giddy with anticipation for her talkshow appearance. The episode preview had been up for a couple of days and featured the passed-around-balloon promo we’d made, though I doubted it would be in the actual program. We’d given them permission to use any regular show footage to illustrate points and the editors had probably selected some choice snippets. I couldn’t wait to see what.
                      The new and improved site had gone live to be ready for the event and the possibly rush of interested parties, but that was merely a precaution. The really interesting part would be what Kim did to promote it - and what else she’d have to say.
                      We made ourselves comfortable in front of the TV and tuned in to the right station - as I said, it wasn’t on any of the bigger networks but still popular enough for regular broadcast. As the camera moved over the live studio audience and the titles came up, I was fairly jumping in my seat. Kriss seemed remarkably cool about the affair, only showing maybe a teensy bit of tension.

                      ’The Daily Stew’ would never have the same clout as The View, and didn’t aim to. What it had was a more irreverent approach and an admirable host in Stella Stewart. Much of the humor came from her ability to pose both serious and ridiculous questions with equal gravitas and take any replies in stride. She was more likely to crack the guest up than lose it herself.
                      Wanna know another weird coincidence? A while back I mentioned Christine Baranski in passing - Ms. Stewart looks a lot like her, only shorter and pudgier. She’s overweight in that appealing way where the extra pounds are spread pretty evenly all over, somewhere between stout and chubby. For lack of a better word there’s something grandmotherly about her, even if she’s just a bit past fifty. An attractive, urban granny, but still.
                      Her suits must be made to measure as they always seem perfectly form-fitting and more padded than too tight. I’m ruling out that someone inflates the hostess inside them ahead of filming, though they do give a bit of that impression. This outfit was no exception - a light gray pinstripe buttoned high, with no visible shirt. She was very much in charge of the proceedings and welcomed the viewers before introducing a lady who’s doing a web show with a peculiar twist and calling for ”A warm welcome to Kimberly Swanson.”
                      The audience clapped as Kim entered the stage in her casual yet stylish white pantsuit which she wore over a slightly darker wrap top and a gleaming blue bowtie with a yellow knot. She had dialled back on those lately but for an appearance like this one was just about mandatory. As for her makeup it was clear she’d spent a while in professional care, looking flawless and slightly shiny under the spotlights.
                      The hostess rose to shake hands - no fake Hollywood hugs for her - and Kim was invited to sit down in the chair next to the desk. Ms. Stewart noted the colors of the neckwear alluded to Kim’s ancestry and more stated than asked if she wore those frequently. Kimber said yes, it had kind of become her thing, and to my astonishment Stella took out and put on a gray tie of her own to match the guest, doing the look justice. They traded some words about it and Kimber appeared suitably flattered at the tribute to her signature touch, but that was neither here nor there. The continued talk focused on what ’On the Air’ was about and how Kim had come up with such a novel gimmick. She replied that she’d worked a lot with that theme in New York and felt it matched the synonym for being broadcast.
                      Stella asked in what context she’d been involved with that element, if she’d been a stewardess or seller of air beds? Of course she already knew everything ahead of time, but that just made for better buildup and phrasing. Kim managed to avoid mentioning the burlesque angle by saying she’d been in several stage productions that had made heavy use of inflatable props, which was a barefaced truth, and the hostess asked if she’d had to inflate those as well.
                      “Oh yes, all the time!” Kimber said with fake pathos. “The stage manager was a real slave driver, made us blow stuff up every night. The inflatable elephant was the worst - just about passed out after that!”
                      Technically true, but Kim overacted so heinously no one could take it seriously and laughed the whole thing off. Besides, she capped it with “Just kidding. She was a real sweetheart”, which placated me a bit.
                      “Though she did make you blow an elephant on the stage”, Stella said, to the loud amusement of the studio audience.
                      “No, not even backstage. There was a compressor for that one.”
                      Kriss must be rubbing off on her since she’s developing a real talent for masking lies with straight facts. There had been an electric inflator for the elephant but Kim sabotaged it herself so she could do an endurance test by her own choice.
                      Ms. Stewart nodded. “But you’ve moved on to bigger things now.”
                      Here a brief clip from ’On the Air’ played on the screen, featuring Kim blowing up her dragon for more wholesome purposes than I had. There was quite a bit of cheering at the feat and as the camera returned to the blonde she simply shrugged.
                      “What can I say? Saves wear and tear on pumps. Gotta cut corners somewhere.”
                      “You certainly don’t save on balloons”, Stella remarked and showed snippets of the most loon-heavy setups, starting with Kim emerging from a sea of them in the first merch ad and ending with her birthday rain.
                      “Or save them” the voice-over added as Kimber breathed fire at the July 4th column.
                      “Leave ’em around and they just go soft and wrinkly”, Kim said, probably not intending the innuendo.
                      Stella agreed. “Happens to most things, eventually. What made you decide to use so many of them?”
                      “They add a festive air. And they’re eye-catching. Besides, they’re fun!”
                      “I hear there are people who are afraid - there was the slightest pause after the first letter, enough to make you think she was about to say ’aroused’ – “of balloons. I guess you’re not one of them?”
                      “I’ve never been put off by a little bang. I understand them though. It can be loud and unexpected, but at least it’s over quickly.”
                      “Not often you hear that”, Stella said and there was more laughter. “But enough about props, let’s talk about content.”
                      They did, discussing what kind of trivia we used and why and how the show had started out as more of an entertainment news outlet.
                      “But that kind of thing is a flash in the pan. Facts are timeless.”
                      Ms. Stewart could get behind that, mentioning she tends to forget temporary features herself once shot. She asked Kimber if she wrote her own material and I got the creds I was due – “except anything I say in Swedish.”
                      “Not many who speak that around here. Can we maybe have a sample?”
                      Kim grinned and waved at the camera. “Stoort hey til ahlla ehr som kahnn svennska!
                      “Nice”, Stella said, looking impressed. “What does it mean?”
                      “Big hello to all of you who know Swedish.”
                      More applause as the hostess went on. ”Have you ever been there yourself?”
                      “No, but my granny and grandpa taught me a lot.”
                      “About the old country?”
                      “Yeah, and the language and a bit of everything.”
                      “Interesting”, Stella said. “We’ve actually prepared a little quiz for you.” She turned to the wider audience. “After the break we’ll take a look at just how much she’s learned.”
                      There was a cut to commercials, which for once didn’t frustrate me - after all, we were raking in some sweet ad revenues ourselves. And it also gave me an opportunity to exchange a few words with Kriss about what we’d just seen, but nothing worth repeating.
                      The program came back on with a very brief recap and then Kim was subjected to some bite-sized questions about Sweden. She correctly named the capital and the king - Carl Gustaf - but struck out on his numeral. Neither did she know how many live there. She did score extra points for pronouncing their “best known dish” the original way and had to clarify ’cheuttbuhllar’ means meatballs. But for the final question, picking a favorite famous Swede, she hesitated before finally settling on Greta Garbo.
                      “Interesting. Why?”
                      “She managed to make it big in a foreign land and still had the, whatchasay, integrity to leave the limelight on her own terms.”
                      Stella nodded. “There’s been a lot of speculation about Garbo’s sexuality, but you’ve never made a secret of your own, have you?”
                      “Nope - I like both guys and dolls, but the love of my life happens to be a woman.”
                      The cheers from the audience were mixed with ’aww’s and whistles and I wondered if there were cue cards for those too.
                      “That would be Alexis Riley - ’Sweet Cheeks’ Riley, the musical partner of Crystal Mackenzie, right?”
                      “Spot on, at least last I checked.”
                      If Stella knew she could add ’sex partner’, ’lifemate’ and ’common-law wife’ to the list she didn’t show it. Instead she cut right to the chase.
                      “I hear she’s filming a movie with Dex Jonez at the moment, is that true?”
                      That was the main point of bringing Kimber on, so they elaborated around that as much as they could without making it obvious. After touching on how Lex got the part and how she felt about it Stella began fishing for details.
                      “Any idea what it is about?”
                      Kim told her what little she could. “I heard Dex had always wanted to be in an old-school, low-budget action flick.”
                      “The kind with lots of clichés and stereotypes?”
                      “Sounded like that to me.”
                      The word ’Blaxploitation’ wasn’t used but it was pretty evident it would be a homage to that genre, with some themes toned down of course. I doubted Mr. Jonez would risk his career over something truly offensive, especially at that pay grade. It would probably be gritty and edgy enough anyway.
                      They chatted a bit about how Kim often brought up movies in her episodes and whether she watched many. She admitted she’d seen a few over the years and named ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Flashdance’ as particular faves.
                      “Any more recent recommendations?”
                      “TV shows count? Then I think the She-Ra reboot stands out.”
                      They must have agreed on that mention as Stella noticed she’d said the same on the air and showed a clip of Kimber in costume as proof.
                      “Oh, and whatever Lexi’s movie’s going to be called”, the blonde exclaimed as a final promotion before the subject changed.
                      “I understand you love to dance but have a hard time showing it in your videos.”
                      “Yes, it needs a little more space”, Kim nodded.
                      “Still, you’ve managed nicely”, Ms. Stewart said and a few examples were played to various comments from hostess and guest. They spoke about her sax playing in the same manner and Kim explained that was a byproduct of working under the same roof as Crystal Mackenzie. Which of course had to be elaborated on. Stella asked if the other instruments she’d featured were byproducts as well and Kim said her wife would be mad if the trumpet was left out and that she’d played the french horn herself before trading it in.
                      “That’s all very impressive”, the presenter noted earnestly. “I thought we’d take a closer look at yet another talent of yours.”
                      “Really? Which one?”
                      There was a rather quick-fire montage of Kim overinflating various balloons, a rapid succession of pops right in her face.
                      “Many people would flinch from that, or cheat. But you don’t do either, right?”
                      “Not if I can help it.”
                      “Let’s put that to the test, shall we? Show a live audience how it’s done.”
                      Kim had done that many, many times in the past and was unfazed by the request. “Sure”, she said while a stagehand entered carrying a couple of empty red loons.
                      The ladies in focus were handed one each and Stella issued a casual challenge.
                      “Care to test my skill against yours?”
                      “Why not?”
                      The hostess changed seats and sat down in the spare guest chair to face her opponent on equal terms, and maybe provide a better view. The camera adjusted accordingly while the enthusiastic crowd noises died down.
                      “I’m not exactly used to this”, Ms. Stewart stated, ”There’s a chance I’ll win by default, though.”
                      Once more she indicated the screen on the wall. For everyone’s amusement it displayed the April Fool’s clip of Kim exploding mid-blow instead of her balloon and I don’t think the studio audience needed a cue card to laugh.
                      “That was my stunt double”, Kim said without batting an eye.
                      The older woman chuckled. “Well, since I don’t have one I’ll just have to hope I won’t pop! Should we do a countdown, or…?”
                      “Just go”, Kim offered magnanimously. “I’ll start when you do.”
                      “All right then”, Stella said and drew a mighty breath that actually conveyed some happy enthusiasm, making the jacket rise along with her massive chest. Then she brought the red latex to her lips and blew hard enough to make it inflate quite impressively, and I knew she’d just made dozens of viewers pop a boner… and that a handful of them had already unzipped. With any luck at least one lucky fella just got his greatest wish come true.
                      Kim didn’t lose many moments following the example and blew up her balloon as well, her experience and lung power on full display. I’d expected the rubber to grow into advertisements for the network or even carry ’The Daily Stew’ logos, but they were bog-standard 11-inchers of the kind you can get in most any store. Maybe just as well as better balloons might have made for a longer battle. This was over almost as suddenly as it had started with Kim blowing hers from start to finish with little visible effort, although she showed off her bulging cheeks to great effect along the way. Stella puffed and wheezed through the task surprisingly quick, taking the time to shoot challenging looks at Kim over the expanding rubber and have them returned with interest. The cheering was intense as the loons grew pear-shaped, and became almost deafening when the necks stretched out - though not enough to drown out the mic-enhanced gasps and whooshes.
                      With a sudden bang Kim’s balloon exploded and she raised her fists in victory while Stella blew twice more into the crimson mouthpiece before managing to burst the bulging orb with her breath. The loud report made the spectators erupt into even noisier applause as the presenter caught her breath, a hand on her heaving bosom and a triumphant grin on her face.
                      I was so proud of Kimmy and it was more than evident Kriss felt the same. There was a certain joy in having managed to bring our brand of entertainment to an even wider audience, and that Ms. Stewart hadn’t just asked Kim for a demonstration but given one herself. She regained her composure and finished the interview from her new position.
                      “Quite a rush. I can see the appeal in not knowing if and when it’ll pop.”
                      “Try it with a beachball sometime”, Kim suggested off-handedly.
                      “I think I’ll leave that to the professionals. Seems I’m not so full of hot air after all. Well, folks, if that didn’t just blow you away I don’t know what would. A big hand for a young lady spending her time ’On the Air’ - Kimberly Swanson!”
                      She thanked Kim for coming, repeated where she could be found online and prepared the watchers for another round of ads. We’d seen what we came for, though.
                      Kriss had nothing but praise for our lover’s demeanor and appearance.
                      “Stella Stewart’s pretty easy on the eyes too. Hope her hubby gets a good bounce on her tonight”, she said. “She looks as comfy as Deedee.”
                      There was no arguing with that. “Wish I could blow you up to that shape and have a go myself. Wanna know how it feels to come inside someone. Heck, how it would feel to jizz, period.”
                      I’d always been curious about that - if guys get it better to compensate for only having one shot or if they’ve been shortchanged there as well. But mostly because I want to be that close to Kriss and the gals.
                      My wife shrugged. “Seems it’s often too quick or too slow.”
                      That piqued my interest. “What’s the fastest you’ve made a guy come?”
                      “First time I blew my dear ex-husband.”
                      I scoffed. “As if you needed another reason to ditch him.”
                      “I took it as a compliment. I was in love at the time.”
                      “Well, it is about the sincerest praise you can get.”
                      “True. And you?”
                      “The one-nighter who popped the moment he stuck it in.”
                      Kriss laughed. “See, that would be me. No way I would last in your…”
                      The descriptions were a bit filthier than I’d want her to come off as, but it’s ok. I took them as compliments.

                      There was a couple of hours delay between recording and broadcast, so Kim had already filmed herself back at the hotel, telling her viewers she’d just appeared on The Stew and added a link to their page. In all simplicity it was a pretty good update, since it went straight to the point. So did Kim, when she got us on the line after the bare minimum of waiting time.
                      “How was it?”
                      “”Just great. You were wonderful, kitten.”
                      “What she said”, Kriss agreed. “Loved what you did and love you.”
                      That lead to general gushing that had Kim fairly purring, and I asked how it had felt being questioned by Stella Stewart.
                      “The editing made it look like she put me on the spot a couple of times but it wasn’t like that at all. Pretty relaxing actually. They cut out some bits too.”
                      They’d met briefly ahead of the taping and gone over the structure, which made me suspicious.
                      “Did you suggest she’d copy your style?”
                      “No, that was all her.”
                      “Nice touch anyway. Were you on the same wavelength about other stuff too?”
                      Kim thought it had felt that way, especially when talking things over after the show.
                      “She said they were very aware of the fetish aspect, but since we’d made such a swell job of skirting it, so would she. And that it was pretty fun to work it in for herself on the sly.”
                      “She blew like a pro”, Kriss observed.
                      “Well, she told me she’d filled a lot of loons in preparation, to get a feel for the effort. And rehearsed blowing to pop so it would look natural on cam.”
                      “Wonder how long she spent on that.”
                      “No idea, but she said she’d done eight in a row just before the show.”
                      Someone, somewhere would groan at the lack of footage so it was just as well it wouldn’t be common knowledge. Kim kept talking about her thoughts of the whole thing and wondered if we’d seen any increase in visitors yet. I checked, and boy howdy was there a difference. Advertising does pay off, which pleased Kim no end. She was for once in a bit of a hurry to finish the call, though.
                      “Have to rest up a bit ’cause Lexi’s coming over!”
                      She sounded far more excited about that than she’d been over the moment in the spotlights. Not that I didn’t understand her. We said our goodbyes and hung up, knowing there’d be no more phoning to interrupt the night.
                      Or maybe not. Kriss leaned in with a sultry suggestion.
                      “Why haven’t you made any appointment with Candi? Your callgirl’s waiting for you to call…”
                      So I did, arranging for her to come to the bedroom at eight - dressed for the part and bringing lots and lots of balloons. We didn’t say another word about it over dinner and went our separate ways afterwards, although I cut my duties short to prepare playing the rich and bored client awaiting the experienced escort at the agreed-upon hour. A knock right on time signaled her arrival, ready for business and pleasure all at once.
                      Kriss could charge whatever the heck she wanted for those services and still be a bargain.


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                        Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                        Finally I had some time to read all the chapters I missed so far.

                        The girls are getting really creative with these roleplays!
                        And I really hope these "sex tapes" are not leaked accidentaly xD

                        I really liked the idea of Kim getting interviewed on TV about her show and the movie Alex is part of.
                        I know I must sound like a broken record by now but, yay for more big inflatable dragons! Seems like Cheryl is really growing fond of DeeDee and has a lot of fun playing with her. ^^


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                          Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                          EPISODE 69

                          Friday was a good day for all of us and the gals sent frequent photos of their day together on the town. Me and Kriss got plenty of kissing in between handling the webshop orders and uploading the last of our prepared trivia shows.
                          Although less than a day after launch I had to remove the forum. I’d grossly miscalculated how many would be posting and how badly they’d express themselves. Paying members might hold back in case they’d get banned, but a free-for-all was in hindsight a mistake. Citing technical problems I uploaded a FAQ instead, which could be updated if and when polite and relevant questions arrived. And put a language filter on the new inbox.
                          I also added the first contest I’d rigged in years. It goes without saying that the previous gameshow ep had featured the new balloons, one each of the smaller ones and two twentyfours, but since it had only resulted in Kim having to inflate and sign a green sixteen-incher I didn’t think it worth mentioning. However, the one we’d recorded in advance for this date was a different matter,
                          “We have to show it is possible to win a big’un”, Kim stated.
                          “So what you're saying is ’Keep spinning ’til it happens’.”
                          Her show, her shots - but it was yours truly who had to redo the introduction six times before the wheel came to a stop on the large, dark pink pouch. Kimber plucked it from the holder with a dignified smile, raised it to her mouth without hesitation and blew in lungful after double lungful of air until it had grown far bigger than you’d expect unless in the know of balloon sizes. A grand prize indeed. She made sure to inflate the thick neck to capacity as well before clamping it off and scribbling the winner’s name across the taut, shiny latex.
                          Deflating the whole thing took longer than usual, but Kim held it steady as her breath whooshed out and returned the loon to a slightly bigger and wrinklier state than it’d started out in. I thought of how the lucky winner was far less lucky than they’d ever know, but chance did decide who it would be - and the outward appearance would be of a random draw. It basically had to in a game called ’Fffair Play’.
                          ””I wanna do that for my fans”, Kriss said.
                          I didn’t see too many problems with that. “As long as you mix in some other merch to win. Glossies and albums come to mind.”
                          “Sure”, she grinned. “We can always redo it until I get a loon.”
                          “You’re hopeless. Come back when you have new personalized prints.”
                          “Already on it”, my wife said, and I just knew that meant we were due another package in the near future.
                          For the moment there was peace, though. We had a really romantic candlelit stay-at-home date and simply made love that night, as vanilla as can be, reassuring and reaffirming we need nothing but each other. Waking up still holding Kriss is one of the simplest but greatest things in life. She burrowed closer and murmured groggily.
                          ” No fucking today, Chel. Just more of that. Every chance we get.”
                          She has the most wonderful ideas at times.

                          We did get some other things done between all those sweet and intimate moments. For instance, the influx of new members received their first special update in the form of what Riko had shot. Of course, there was something for a general audience as well - let’s start with that. She introduced herself and revealed her hobby to be making costumes and wearing them to clubs and parties - not exactly cosplaying but in the same ballpark. She spoke of the challenges in sewing and what measurements she’d found the most important, as well of what to take into account and compensate for when stitching pieces together. Essential equipment was covered too, of course.
                          Informative stuff, and pretty fanservice-y as she modeled several creations of her own design, pointing out what had caused her the most trouble with each.
                          The exclusive I mentioned was related but separate - Ree wearing a French maid outfit that was a few notches above the store-bought one Kim had used. Dusting a painting above a couch she glanced down at the side table and discovered a note folded around something bulkier. She read it aloud with an exaggerated accent while holding the contents in her other hand. You didn't need a trained eye to see it was a number of uninflated balloons.
                          “Make sure these are inflated by the time we return.”
                          Riko gently set the small bunch down and picked one out, eyed it with some hesitation and began to blow it up. It filled out nicely into a regular, solid blue eleven inches or so. Not something I'd associate with regular housekeeping duties, but she did a prim and proper job even if she struggled to tie it off. That done she set about doing the next one, a very similar loon in pink. It looked like a standard party setup, although next came a fat green airship that turned out to be big - much larger than you would've expected from seeing the latex scrunched up with the rest. And if you remember how petite Riko is you'll understand the contrast. The poor girl gasped and struggled, going knock-kneed and winded with the effort, and though I knew it to be an act I still felt a bit sorry for the cute domestic. She managed to look both determined and desperate to succeed in spite of the intimidating inflatable, and her relief was evident when she finally wiped her brow after finishing that task.
                          But one balloon remained, and her eyes went wide as it unfolded between her fingers. It was a white mouse shape, in a size you won't find outside specialized dealers. Riko stretched and scrutinized it in consternation, not sure how to proceed. Eventually she raised to her mouth, inhaled, and sent a careful breath into the rubber. It expanded, just like it should, and a second breath made it grow even more. But it was just the head part that swelled out, and soon Ree realized the ears wouldn't follow suit in a hurry. She pushed on, but when the main part had gotten dangerously tight without any signs of letting the air move further she stopped to look it all over. A few tentative squeezes did absolutely nothing except frighten her into inaction. She looked around every which way before calling out.
                          "Kiki? Kiki!"
                          In a matter of moments Tessa came into view. She was dressed much the same as Ree, albeit with maybe a bit more skin showing. Her speech was at least as accented as her colleague's.
                          “What are you doing, Fifi?”
                          Ree didn't try to hide her worry. “Oh, Kiki, what should I do? Read this!"
                          The newcomer took the note and scanned through it. She seemed puzzled at the question.
                          "You blow zem up, of course!"
                          "But what if I can't? Or if it pops? I don’t want to lose my job!"
                          Tessa glanced at the full, gleaming balloons. "You've done okay zo far."
                          Riko explained the situation with this particular balloon at some length, gesticulating vigorously and ending with throwing her arm out in imitation of the potential explosion.
                          "Doesn't seem too hard", Tessa said and gave the loon a firm squeeze.
                          Ree yanked it out of her grip. "Oh no you don't! You'll burst it!"
                          The sudden movement made the loon deflate. "Now look what you did", Riko whined.
                          Tessa protested. "I did? Try again - I'll help."
                          She wrapped her fingers tightly around the main part so her friend could blow up the ears first. With them fully formed she pinched off the connections while Ree inflated the rest, ending up with a perfectly passable latex shape, much to her own surprise.
                          "I did it, Kiki!"
                          “So you did", Teresa noted. "Shall I tie it for you?"
                          "Please" Riko said, relinquishing the rubber.
                          Her counterpart took it with a smile, but then drew a humongous breath that expanded her chest nearly as much as the balloon and blew all of it into the unsuspecting latex. To Fifi's utter chagrin and horror the mouse bulged out beyond salvation and popped right in Kiki's mouth.
                          "Oh noo!"
                          With a smirk the Latina picked up the airship and dug her long, red nails into it. There came a brief creak followed by a dull boom and the fat cylinder was no more. Ree stood transfixed while the final balloons met a similar fate as a mere afterthought.
                          "I am finished!", she wailed.
                          "Why should you be?" Tessa asked, picking up the note. "I wrote zis."
                          It was hard to tell if Riko was more relieved than angry. She slapped the prankster's shoulder without any force to talk about.
                          "Oh, you nazty naughtie! Made me think they were throwing another party!"
                          She was met with an indifferent grin.
                          "Zat's what you get for leaving me to clean ze toilets on my own. Now come on - ze paddle pool needs topping up."
                          Riko nodded a bit guiltily and followed her out, ending the video. It would be a worthy addition to the member benefits and I'd made sure to thank them properly in writing. They'd get a call too once the comments started coming in.
                          Kriss had a chuckle when I showed her. "No way I'd trust the help with that though."
                          It was about what I'd thought she'd say. I nuzzled her neck.
                          “Let’s sneak down and blow some tunes together. I love making sweet music with you.”
                          The smile I got illuminated the entire house. She reached out for my hand to lead me straight to rehearsals, or rather just good times. We spent more than an hour just trying things out musically, and then another hour on more physical exercises before going back to our instruments. And I was walking on clouds the entire time. I finally felt just skilled enough to please Krissie in both those departments and was actually unwilling to stop. But she reminded me we should probably eat something. I rose with some reluctance but Kriss pulled me into the warmest, closest embrace imaginable.
                          "You're everything I've ever wanted, Chellie." She blew in my ear. "The rest's just the cake on the Cherry."
                          I couldn't help smiling as I kissed her. "Stupid."
                          "Let's go out or we'll get stuck in the kitchen again."
                          We went to one of the more popular restaurant chains because it was easiest that way, had a decent meal, and while settling the bill and slightly overtipping Kriss asked if they happened to have any spare balloons of the kind decorating the place. The server may or may not have recognized the bribe but brought back a rather generous handful before wishing us welcome back. My wife gave her most dazzling, grateful grin in return and had started to blow one of the advertisements up before even exiting the place. We were maybe halfway to the car when it burst, so anyone checking her out would have caught the entire show. And that did things to me.
                          She laughed heartily, as if having set off a firecracker. "Try one, Chel!"
                          I took the offered balloon and inflated it as thoroughly as Kriss did her second one, pausing to see what she'd do with the overfilled, necked globe. She drew a deep breath and blew until it too exploded and I followed her example, joining in the following giggle. Then we wasted no time getting home and making love yet again, finishing the evening with a few more songs and a prolonged session in bed. As Saturdays go it could have been worse.

                          Breakfast saw Kriss breaking into a chuckle for no good reason until she showed me her phone and the cause. Someone had posted a tabloid link on her Twitter, a brief gossip note with an accompanying photo of us blowing up those eatery loons together.
                          'Crystal Mackenzie was spotted fooling around with her wife outside a restaurant in her native Las Vegas, clearly having a great time with their balloons.'
                          Technically untrue since she wasn't born here, but otherwise the pic didn't lie. I hoped the amateur paparazzi had gotten something more out of it than just a small gratuity from the site.
                          Kriss walked around and rubbed my shoulders. "Wanna have another great time?"
                          "Does it involve loons?"
                          "If you want. There's something I want to try."
                          "Bring it."
                          She walked off and returned wearing a strapon, balancing a pile of 12-inchers on a small stack of encyclopedias made obsolete by Google. She tossed the latex on the table and put the books on the floor. Then she dragged a barstool over from the counter.
                          "Drop the robe and get on."
                          I caught her drift and wondered how this would play out. Sitting down and bending forward was easy enough but granting her full access took some positioning. It wasn't too comfortable until she grabbed my ass and thrust the toy all the way into my pussy, and then it got interesting. And hot as hell. I groaned and writhed against the smooth surface and minutes passed before I remembered the loons by my elbow. I quickly snatched one up and began to blow as hard as I could, each puff tightening my privates around the shaft Krissie was driving into them. It felt incredible and I hadn't even noticed the balloon growing when a sudden bang reminded me. I needed more of that wonderful intensity and blew up another until it popped as well, prompting Kriss to ask if everything was ok.
                          "As long as you keep fucking me!"
                          "Moment - need another book."
                          She pulled out to adjust the height and that briefly made me contemplate assault, but the new angle and the vigor it allowed made me forget all about that as I sent an unsuspecting loon through a forceful expansion to an even more violent end. By then I couldn't blow any more, just gasp and moan as Kriss brought me ever closer to the climax that made the entire world spin. It only made me hungry for more.
                          "You keep that on. We're trying out any and all furniture we haven't yet."
                          That turned out to be a worthwhile pursuit, and even if I'm not as agile as Kim we discovered a slew of new possibilities. When there's a will, there's a way - and here were two wills and plenty of ways.
                          Kriss absolutely insisted on swapping places after lunch and when all was said and done we hadn't broken too many things, except perhaps some stamina records. The hot tub recovery for once stayed restful.
                          "I love being home alone with you", I sighed. "But maybe it's lucky we have our diversions or we'd be doing this all the time."
                          "All the fucking time", Kriss purred. "But it's nice once in a while. I love you so much."
                          Then I told her how much I loved her and the whole thing turned into something of a competition that's not worth repeating. It was frankly repetitive enough on its own.

                          I took the time to post Lexi’s stint at solo-hosting a superheroine episode as it was the proper day for it. It felt kinda odd having delayed it so long, but better late than never. Except perhaps in the case of certain X-rates scenes.
                          Anyway, while she'd sported the exact same hue as She-Hulk, the clothing, hair and makeup had changed enough to give the impression of an entirely different character. The metallic details on her face gleamed in the studio lights as the show started.
                          "Hello! As Kimber's still out of town I'm standing in for her. In case you can't tell, under all this I'm Alexis Riley - her wife. Though I'm supposed to look like the subject of today's Superheroine Sunday - Gamora from 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. In the movies she was portrayed by Zoe Saldana, who's made quite a career of playing colorful space ladies - green in that one, blue in 'Avatar' and her natural hue in the Star Trek reboot."
                          A very specific kind of typecasting, sort of how Miranda Richardson tends to order beheadings a lot.
                          "A great actress and my favorite in the Marvel movies I've seen."
                          Which, to be fair, wasn't that many and Tessa Thompson only lost due to lack of screentime.
                          "But I'm here to talk about Gamora, who's also known as 'The Deadliest Woman in the Universe’ - big shoes to fill for someone who was only ever meant to be a support character according to her creator, Jim Starlin. As she first appeared in 1975 and remained virtually unknown until her movie debut in 2014 one has to believe him. She’s the last of her kind since the rest of her species was subjected to genocide, but who committed it depends on what story you’re looking at. One would think there’d be a definite answer to such a big thing but so far there’s been three different perpetrators.”
                          ‘So far’ being a necessary caveat. For all I knew it could change again.
                          “In the movies it was Thanos, the purple stone-faced baddie who’s her adoptive father in all versions. He trained her to fight and made her near unbeatable in combat - and yet she was not only defeated but raped as well on her first solo outing. So daddy had to step in and pick her up, and it’s implied it only happened because she disobeyed his orders. He dished out her rightful vengeance as well before making her even stronger with cybernetic implants.”
                          There was a certain edge to Lexi’s voice as she knew the overall tone of the script.
                          “Gamora went on to have adventures with Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll, and if you’re playing second fiddle to those guys you know you’re not exactly a household name. Even as part of the comic’s Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora failed to make a splash, since basically no one knew who they were. The movie was expected to fail for that reason but since there weren’t any expectations it did much better than anyone had thought - in part because the protagonists were essentially brand new characters using established names. Gamora was still trained by Thanos but much more his agent, and had an antagonistic relationship with her adoptive sister Nebula - who’d been an unrelated space pirate in the comics. That rivalry along with Gamora’s attempts to break with her father and her comical misunderstanding of Earth customs made her far more interesting than she’d ever been in print and more movies might…”
                          At that point Kim entered, dressed in her most heroic garb. She took a seat with what came across as a rhetorical question.
                          "Excuse me - mind if I cut in?"
                          Alex looked up in delighted surprise. "Wonder Kimber! Why, of course not!"
                          "Thank you." Kim turned to the viewers. "I just came in to address a point."
                          She glanced down and made as if digging into a pocket.
                          "It won't take too long" the returning presenter said as she produced a bright green but empty latex pouch and extended it towards her co-host. ”In the meantime, could you…?”
                          “Sure”, Lex said, took the balloon and blew it up while Kim kept talking. It came across as just giving her something to do - if the loon had a purpose, it wasn’t apparent. It slowly but surely grew into a magnificent pear shape which Alex tied off without drawing undue attention to herself. Kimber, at least, paid her no heed at all.
                          “You may know that Marvel and DC are comic book giants and rivals - but they agree on one thing, and that is the word ’superhero’ should be trademarked and belong to them alone. They actually have joint custody of the term and crack down very hard on anyone else using it. No word on whether they split the legal fees as well. But that’s the reason you may hear other heroes described as ’supers’, ’capes’ or even ’hoagies’. They haven’t said anything about us using it yet, either because we’ve only applied it to their own creations - or more likely, we’re small enough to fly under their radar.”
                          Wouldn't surprise me to get a cease-n'-desist at any time though, which contributed to the next part.
                          “Oh, there’s one more thing they have in common. More often than not their female characters mainly exist to suffer indignities that’ll showcase the emotional reactions of males. It’s been summed up as ’women in refrigerators’ after one of the more extreme examples - the poor gal who was strangled and stuffed into her boyfriend’s fridge just to surprise and traumatize him. He got over it quickly enough, but then again he was the Green Lantern.”
                          Or one of them. I was ever so grateful I'd never had cause to write about those fellas.
                          “Nowadays that phenomenon is known as ‘fridging’, and if you haven’t kept up to date with the recent movies it happened to both Black Widow and Gamora. Spoiler alert, sorry”, she added without even a hint of contrition.
                          Well, if you had even the slightest interest in those stories you already knew anyway.
                          "It doesn't really feel like a coincidence that from a cast consisting mainly of men not one but two women were singled out to be…"
                          Throughout the lecture Alex had just been sitting there, idly toying with the balloon as she waited for her wife to either finish or get to some kind of point. Which Kim did - a literal one. Without any buildup or warning she took out a pin and burst the balloon. A pop and a jump cut later, Lexi had vanished along with the latex. There were some green shreds left on the desk but it was up to the viewer to decide where those came from.
                          “...offed just like that. And while most everyone else could be brought back to life with space magic, the leading ladies had to remain gone to somehow prove death’s not cheap. Which under those circumstances is downright laughable.”
                          But no laughing matter. Kim shook her head and went on.
                          "Though there have been many awesome displays of girl power in comics over the years, the tendency to victimize and brutalize females is both disproportionate and distasteful. And it frankly doesn't feel right to condone that. While I may like the characters, I don't like how they're treated."
                          She wasn't just being my mouthpiece - we'd all talked it over and some people who shall remain unnamed even thought I wasn't being hard enough.
                          “So this will be the final Superheroine Sunday. Hope you’ve learned a bit more about those ladies - and seen the reasons I’m not keeping this up.”
                          Should have been enough deaths and wheelchairs and mental issues for just about anyone to catch on. Wonder Kimber made a final statement.
                          "Oh, by the way - unlike some heroes, I can set things right with a snap."
                          Her fingers made a sharp noise and Alex returned as the broken bits disappeared. The green girl smirked at the camera, finishing the episode as well as starting it.
                          "And that's how it's done. Like and subscribe if you agree - heck, do it even if you don't. We have more tricks you won't see in big-budget blockbusters."

                          And that, as they say, was that. It was the first chapter definitely closed on the show and while some would miss it I certainly wasn't among them.
                          And just as I'd known, there were detractors. Several commenters pointed out how unfair it was to call the very ‘necessary’, ‘dignified’ and ‘plot-relevant’ deaths fridging, but I simply sorted them mentally under the HUAC heading - Head Up the Ass Cases. Yeah, yeah, Iron Man stayed dead too but everyone knows that’s only because Bobby was too expensive to keep on the payroll. My point stands.
                          “I’m glad that’s over with”, Kim said, calling from the hotel. “Was a headache to memorize.”
                          I shook my head. “Be happy you didn’t have to do the research.”
                          “And I’m still pissed about Gamora. Loved ’Guardians’.”
                          “I hear you’re not alone.”
                          She looked petulant. “Nixy’s never getting fridged or I’ll declare it non-canon.
                          “What about her girlfriend?” Kriss asked.
                          “Oh, any kind of cosmic puncture repair kit they can think of will fix her.”
                          As far as I knew no comics lady had been outright popped yet and I hope I’m not giving any writer ideas.
                          Lexi arrived fresh from the shower and I asked if it’d been a before or after sex one.
                          She licked Kim’s cheek. “Between, I hope.”
                          "Get busy and get some rest", I suggested. "You're gonna need it tomorrow."

                          Which couldn't dawn soon enough. The girls took an early flight back and we’d hired a ride for them since an airport pickup would be agony for whoever got stuck behind the wheel. They more or less ran up the driveway and Kriss and I might have been injured in being bowled over if we hadn't had the foresight to blow up the same welcome mattress that greeted me and Lex after our Arizona trip. Kim was humping my leg like the bitch in heat she was until I told her to come sit on my face, and Kriss and Lex were kissing so fiercely you'd think they were about to eat each other. Which they of course were.
                          Before long the whole thing turned into a veritable fuck fest with rubbing and grinding and grinning all over the place, no one caring much where it went. The sheer joy of reuniting and reclaiming made that irrelevant - the only thing that mattered was the rightness of it all.
                          And that was the day the bloody mattress decided to burst. The sudden collapse was a bit of a mood-killer, but we managed to laugh it off and it didn't take long to reignite things in a proper bed.
                          Just saying hi can take all morning, if you do it right.


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                            Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                            EPISODE 70

                            There was no resting period to speak of. The merch orders notwithstanding we had to catch up a bit on content-making, taking it easy with one trivia show and one with Kim basically retelling her experience of being on an actual talkshow. I enjoyed her describing the process, not only because it saved me some scriptwork. But even if the content was unremarkable Kimber still insisted on more loons than usual in the studio to mark her triumphant return and drafted me to help blow them up. That wasn't much of a chore and the hard part was not exchanging knowing glances with Kim over what the members would think of the setup video.
                            I really enjoyed inflating those decorations alongside her, and pretended not to notice how she deliberately started overfilling one. The orange orb grew a long neck as she kept blowing, seemingly distracted by looking for where to put it, and the sudden explosion could have passed for an accident. She certainly tried playing up that angle with almost genuine surprise. I simply tossed her a fresh one and tied off my own loon at a far safer size.
                            In the end the room looked suitably festive without tipping into party territory and the shoots turned out well enough - as did our post-filming ritual. I'd kinda missed those and did my best to make up for lost time. So did Kim, for that matter.

                            I was also caught alone by Lex who came up and put her face close to mine.
                            "I have something to tell you." Our brows touched. "I want you to blow me right here and now."
                            I didn't hesitate, just pushed her against the wall, dropped to my knees and obeyed. Her delighted gasp sounded like she'd half expected I wouldn't do it. As if.
                            I made quick work of her and she was still panting when I pulled her underwear back up.
                            "Now you've done it", I said. "I'm gonna fully expect these things out of nowhere in the future."
                            "If that's what happens, sure…"
                            "And don't you dare try to offer something in return. I'll let you know what I want when I want it."
                            A happy sigh escaped her. "Do."
                            Then I took the chance to simply hold her for a bit and ask for more stories about her week. Lexi revealed as much as she was allowed to, which wasn't a lot, but it was clear she'd enjoyed herself. I couldn't wait to see the results.

                            Speaking of seeing results, it was time to discover how Kriss’ school project had turned out. We were to arrive well ahead of time to accompany her for the final preparations and find a good recording spot - Kimber would do a feature on the concert for her next episode and needed some footage of the performance. Nothing special about that, really. My main problem was deciding what to put on. It wasn’t like we were going to a night at the opera, but the occasion still felt at least semi-formal. I imagined what all the relatives in attendance might wear and decided a neat blazer and blouse would do, along with some decent jewelry. Kim naturally wanted to look her best and finally found a use for the dress my wife had bought her on the previous L.A. trip. She made me proud by deciding to not wear any accessories apart from bangles and earrings. Shows she can restrain herself whenever she likes.
                            Of course, that didn’t keep Kriss from dressing up in white tie and tails as befitting an orchestra conductor. But what with the outfit having been made to measure and her looking so goddamn good in it I couldn’t fault her for taking the opportunity to show off. She’d tied some of her hair back, but only the strands that could easily fall into her eyes. The rest of it hung down like always and had been brushed a tad more neatly than usual.
                            Lexi chose a straight wig and a navy dress that made her look the most ladylike of us all and the one who’d probably stand out the least in that crowd. If she hadn’t been so tall, that is.
                            Anyway, there was at least an hour to spare when we entered the auditorium, the doors still closed to the general public. Most of the young performers were huddled around Mr. Jenkins, who wore a slightly darker suit than the last time I saw him. The rest were attired in burgundy and gold, though I’d expected the jackets to be of the closed-to-the-neck variety with various buttons and cords. These were more like suits worn over white shirts and the kind of school tie Kriss had gotten for herself. The shiny metallic stripes along the trouser legs, around the cuffs and on the shoulders made up for the lack of dangly bits. Lex smiled at the sight and was probably thinking of Kriss suddenly deciding to match the band.
                            One excitable young lady caught sight of my wife and hurried up to her.
                            ”Miss Kriss! Sabotage! Someone’s deflated Lotta!”
                            If she'd hoped for a big reaction she might have been disappointed. ”Popped her or just pulled the plug?”
                            The girl either didn’t understand the difference or was too upset to stop the flow. ”And they stole the pump!”
                            By now others had joined us and there was a bit of hubbub as greetings, compliments and comments came in hard and fast and overlapping. Eventually the situation was made clear - the gig wasn’t in jeopardy but would have to be played without the oversized mascot as part of the backdrop. She was currently a rather pathetic - if not comical - flat heap on the stage floor. I knew what would happen next and, admit it, so do you.
                            Kriss turned to the music teacher. "The rest in order, Joe?”
                            ”Yes, thank god. They didn’t do anything else.”
                            ”Guess you’ve looked for the compressor.”
                            ”Everywhere nearby. I called the janitor of course but there’s no spare.”
                            ”Would take too long finding alternatives. This looks like a job for ’Iron Lungs’ Mackenzie.”
                            It'd be pointless trying to stop her. We all watched as she strode over to a piano chair, pulled it to the stricken otter, flipped her coat tails back over the set and planted herself to play a solo for giant inflatable in Awe Major. And discovered the hose was intended for mechanical use. It was possible to blow into it, but not comfortably.
                            "I need a tuba mouthpiece and some duct tape", she said and delivered a second gigantic breath.
                            She must have known there was such a thing among the band supplies and the day I find a stage without any rolled adhesive I'm calling the authorities. With the makeshift connection in place Kriss put in some truly remarkable puffs, but then the unthinkable happened.
                            ”Lex, mind taking over for a bit? Have to check on things.”
                            Crystal Mackenzie asked for help. In front of witnesses. The end times might be near.
                            Lexi was all too happy to assist and swapped places to continue the inflation while Kriss took care of other practicalities. Me and Kim went to set up the camera properly and were frankly less surprised about the recent turn of events than we should have been. Kim's speculation was delivered with remarkable indifference.
                            "Think who did this knew what would happen and wanted to see it?"
                            I didn't rule out the possibility.
                            "To be honest I don't care right now. What worries me is what Kriss will do if there isn't time to finish it."
                            Postponing the show in favor of blowing up the backdrop would be a stretch even for her, but not unthinkable. We shot a few angle tests before leaving the cam on the tripod and went back down to check on Alex. She'd managed to fill enough of the sturdy plastic with her breath to make it turn into a puffy lump and was completely focused on making it rise even more.
                            The sight bordered on the absurd - a lovely lady in her evening finery doing such strenuous work, putting tremendous effort into inflating a ridiculous-looking school mascot on a stage set up for a serious concert. With every inhale the straps of her gown rose along with the broad, powerful shoulders and her smooth cheeks bulged out immensely on each exhale. The pace wasn't leisurely either - Lex was working crazy hard to meet the schedule and it showed. She looked up at Kim's greeting and held out the hose towards her.
                            "Be an angel and take a turn, Blondie", she panted.
                            Kim shrugged with a smile, sat down and did as asked, only pausing to tell me I should record it for posterity. I took her phone and started filming, happy everyone else's attention was on Kriss. Because the way Kimber performed her freshly discovered duty would have been a serious distraction. It wasn't just how she made the task seem so natural and workman-like - if I haven't made it abundantly clear by now, our Kimmy is gorgeous. That dress made it more evident than ever, and while puffing with all the force and speed she could muster she still took a moment to glance up and wink at the camera. The scene would have her viewers spellbound, if Lexi's gaze was anything to go by.
                            Kim kept going for several minutes, then turned to me.
                            "Hey boss, care to spare your fair share of air?"
                            "How long did you work on that?" I asked while swapping places. It hadn't been a question of if I would have to, only when.
                            While I sat there doing my utmost to keep up I was again reminded of Dodo. The otter was way smaller but the method of inflation much the same. I dreaded the day Kimber would suggest bringing the dino back for an 'On the Air' appearance - another matter of 'when'. For the moment she seemed content with filming my struggle, though.
                            I was starting to run out of breath when Kriss reappeared.
                            "Poor Chellie! Gimme that!"
                            In moments she was back on the job, going at it with amazing zeal. By now the short, stumpy legs had filled up and the body was starting to take shape. I was happy the only concession the designer had made to gender was a shock of blonde hair - Lotta was thankfully almost completely desexualized. Although I guessed some people were probably still quite taken with her.
                            We kept taking turns helping inflate the darn thing, Kriss frequently dashing off to supervise this or that. I saw her walk around and personally straighten, tighten or in extreme cases entirely redo every tie in the ensemble, stressing that details matter. And by being so immaculately attired herself no one could accuse her of hypocrisy. Setting an example is the best way to inspire, and I hoped we were doing our part in that regard as well. We certainly put all we had into the task at hand while Kim made sure there'd be photographic evidence. With all that huffing and puffing Lotta had no choice but to fill up and swell out, and some way or another we managed to blow her full of air with minutes left of the clock.
                            Kriss graciously accepted the offer to be the one topping her off, and blew in the final gigantic breaths in a professional and stately manner while her students whooped and cheered. Kimber had me film it for the show so she could pop into view to wipe her brow and exclaim:
                            "Whew! That's a lotta otter!"
                            I let it slide because it was true to the style, and besides, she'd earned it by having contributed at least a quarter of the critter's contents. The huge effigy stood grinning inanely at the auditorium and no one would ever guess what it had taken to bring her to shape. I was forever grateful the valve had been located on her foot because the way we'd inflated Bowser wouldn't have been appropriate in front of young, impressionable minds. Or rather, would have caused snickering on an unprecedented scale.

                            Kriss restored her hair and clothes to perfection and hugged the whole family before sending us off to our seats. The clattering of musicians getting their equipment in place increased before a brief silence signaled the calm before the storm. Then the doors opened on the murmuring of the waiting crowd, which grew louder as they approached and sat down before dying away almost completely. The stage was bathed in enough light to make the brass instruments gleam and sparkle, although there was a string section, woodwinds and percussion as well. Kriss did mention those sections had attended her classes even if she personally had little to teach them beyond general guidance, even if they'd gotten extra attention when she wasn't present. I hoped no egos had been bruised by the collab as the marching band undeniably was in focus. They were by far the most numerous anyway. Maybe some disgruntled violinist had attempted to bring the event to a more cultural level by removing the team mascot, but I doubted it. They had all seemed genuinely happy at having Lotta reinflated - which made it feel totally worthwhile.
                            The players looked very proper and presentable in their uniforms, the black gold-bordered lapels adding an extra touch of neatness. I asked Lexi what she thought of them.
                            "I so wanna see you guys in that", she whispered back. "And her."
                            'Her' of course being Kriss, who was presently introduced after a welcome speech by Mr. Jenkins that summarized what the students had been up to under her supervision. He stated she'd be conducting the performance in person and finished with the mandatory
                            "Ladies and gentlemen - Crystal Mackenzie."
                            There was a polite applause that intensified quite a bit as Kriss confidently strode up to the podium and took a deep bow. She looked so dignified, so handsome and so much in charge I could have popped with pride and excitement right then and there. If instead of a baton she'd brought out a balloon and inflated it I probably would have. But she played her part perfectly, tapped the stand for attention, raised her hands and set the whole thing in motion.

                            A loud, harmonious blast let everyone know the game was on and from that moment the evening was in equal parts enjoyable and nerve wracking. I prayed to whoever might be listening to not let Kriss screw up - a sour note here and there was expected and a complete non-issue, but the orchestra leader making a mess of things would be infinitely worse. At the moment we only had a back view of her, but it was clear she was lost to the world for now. I wondered how it'd feel to zone out like that and become one with the music. From what I could tell it was far from unpleasant. She seemed rather relaxed, which was more than could be said for some of the players. Most looked very focused, with a hint of worry here and there. I'd been more surprised if there hadn't been any signs of performance anxiety. What was somewhat baffling was that a few of the brass players for some reason had chosen to emulate Krissie's style, puffing their cheeks out more than recommended. A clear minority, but still. Understandable with the tuba players but far less traditional with smaller instruments. I liked there was no gender bias, with a couple of guys doing it too. Hopefully they felt comfortable with it and, more importantly, that it didn't interfere with the playing. It sounded good to my ears at least and since Lex wasn't wincing it couldn't be too bad.
                            I recognized most of the pieces but would be hard pressed to put titles or composers to them. I've got the printed program lying around somewhere but there wouldn't be much point listing the contents here. What stood out was the lack of solos, which was in keeping with the team spirit. Also, a couple of the songs were decidedly string-heavy, making sure they weren't just there for inclusiveness.
                            After about an hour of old-timey greatest hits the concert planners managed to spring a small surprise for the finale. There was the recognizable buildup from Beethoven's Ninth and halfway through that a number of fresh students filed in from both sides to take center stage. The circumstances, the way they arranged themselves and the fact they were dressed like the others made me realize it must be the school choir.
                            Sure enough, right on cue and at Kriss' command they began to sing 'Ode to Joy' at full force. I mentioned it a while back and say what you like, it's one of the most powerful pieces of music ever written. Too bad old Ludwig never really got to hear it himself. This version was a bit more staccato than usual, making it somewhat reminiscent of a fight song while preserving the general flavor. The brassy bursts and cymbal crashes were what set it apart - and actually made for a cool listening experience.
                            After calling for the final stop Kriss immediately spun around to bow once more, showing they had no intention trying to outdo that - which would have been difficult. The audience responded with applause that turned into a standing ovation and it was soon clear they wouldn't leave without an encore.
                            This would have been the perfect time to play the school song - but those usually start at college level and I doubted there was a local one this side of Reno. Instead we were surprised by the opening strains of 'The Bare Necessities' - must have been stuck in Krissie's head since New Years. Regardless, the listeners reacted with far less decorum than before and while the piece was low-key at first it soon erupted into full-blown, swinging orchestral majesty. The melody started over and the choired joined in with the lyrics while the band toned their part down enough to avoid drowning out the singers. Somehow it all worked and I realized Kriss hadn't been joking when she said Mr. Jenkins was a wiz at arrangements. The entire concert had been well adapted for the ensemble and I had serious doubts my wife could have managed that on her own.
                            After a jubilant finish the performers rose to acknowledge the cheering in the usual fashion and the teacher came up as well to receive his due praise before thanking everyone in attendance and bringing the evening to a close. I kept clapping along with everyone else, amazed at how everything had turned out. I had no idea whether Kriss had done a good job or not but she'd kept the music going without hangups and that was all that mattered. If nothing else there was a distinct lack of booing.
                            As a majority of the spectators evacuated the room I let Kriss have her moment with the band and various fans and well-wishers. Lex hung back while I filmed Kimber talking to audience members and whatever parts of the band that didn't appear too busy. Routine work, really, at least in comparison to the pre-show shenanigans. We did get a lot of cred for those, so that's something.

                            Eventually we managed to convey the conductor all the way home, and then she received the just rewards for bringing the long and arduous project to a close. I made her stand still in the bedroom while we relieved her of any and all garments, slowly unwrapping her like the most wonderful present ever. I lay back on the bed with a strapon at the ready and as Kriss straddled me I guided it deep inside her. She bent down over me to make room for Lex and watching over her shoulder I saw our lover gently entering the back door, making my wife cry out "YES!" with such joy it made my heart skip a beat.
                            Kim approached our slowly rocking forms with a playful, petulant whine.
                            "No opening for me?"
                            Krissie turned her head for kisses and Kim delivered a few slow and deliberate ones. Then she puckered up and blew into her mouth which was all it took to finish round one. Once Kriss had stopped twitching around it was time for a change of place and equipment so we rotated around the lady in the middle and did it all over again. She lasted longer this time but still ended up coming just as hard and after the third and final swap she outright begged us to keep going but in the end couldn't hold back any more. She pulled away from Lexi's lips because the noises were both loud and drawn-out, and before they were quite over and done with I leaned forward to press my boobs against her back and my chin over her shoulder.
                            "You magnificent bitch, if you still want more you only have to say the word."
                            "The word."
                            We ditched the toys and propped Lexi up with every pillow in reach so Kriss could use her breasts as headrests. I pulled a big, blue balloon from the nightstand and turned to my wife.
                            "What's a celebration without loons? But since it's in your honor I think you should have the honor of blowing it up."
                            Kriss accepted with a sensual, open-mouthed smile, inhaling even before settling back into place. She began to blow up the sturdy sphere while I went down to put my mouth to work as well. I heard her breaths whoosh into the rubber, going slowly to make the moment last. Every couple of puffs Kim leaned in to tenderly refill her lungs from her own, and knowing how much Kriss loves that I sucked extra hard at those points. And while we were busy servicing our beloved me and Kim took the opportunity to please ourselves as well, spare hands taking care of needs that had grown quite urgent. As Krissie's blowing and moaning turned louder and louder my fingers worked me into a frenzy and I had to stop licking because I got too busy coming. Kriss didn't stop though and when I was fit to go on the balloon was just about ready to burst. But then Kim threw her head back with a sudden shout, knocking the overinflated latex away and leaving Kriss completely at my mercy.
                            "Keep blowing…" she pleaded and Kim recovered enough to give her blowkiss after blowkiss until she too popped, in a manner of speaking.
                            By now Lex was biting her lip in frustration and Kriss rolled away to give her a chance to catch up. Her hand had barely landed between her thighs when Kim shoved her face in for the finish, and watching that was hotter than any porn. Kriss tracked down her escaped loon and held it to Lexi's mouth, and while the brown beauty did her best to puff it up her focus kept getting broken by Kimmy's relentless efforts. There were a lot gasps and whooshes and moans and yelps and soon Krissie had to take over the inflation as Lex was far too distracted. Earth-shaking orgasms have that effect. But instead of blowing it to bursting Kriss only filled it a little above the recommended size and tied it off to mark the event, leaving it in a corner while we tried to bring ourselves back to something resembling normalcy.
                            The big, blue and beautiful balloon felt somewhat wasted in that place and I couldn’t resist picturing what would have happened if she’d opened the public performance by inflating it and batting it into the seats. Had been fun to see if it would’ve been passed around over people’s heads at that kind of concert as well, or if someone would have put it away to keep things suitably solemn. Pretty sure no one would have dared popping it on purpose, anyway.
                            "A lot more than I bargained for tonight", Kriss remarked with a grin.
                            "Special occasions call for special treatment." I turned to Lex. "And when your flick opens you're getting the same."
                            "Fuck yeah", she groaned.
                            "When will I get it?" Kim wondered.
                            "Whenever you want."
                            "Won't be the same if I have to ask."
                            Would have to be a surprise then. Fine by me.
                            After the usual goodnights we all snuggled down for the night, Kriss settling into the embrace we long ago had discovered worked perfectly for us. Her tired whisper was comfortably close.
                            "Chellie, would you be okay making love first thing in the morning?"
                            "More than okay."
                            And it sure was.

                            Apart from our own footage various online coverages of the show appeared over the following days, though with a perhaps unfair focus on Kriss. The school news naturally had a field day with the mystery of the missing compressor, noting that while the equipment had been found the perpetrator had not. I was actually more curious than I cared to admit.
                            It wasn't long before Kriss received an update, though.
                            "They've caught the culprit", she announced. "A member of the chess club. Said it was a protest against the athletes getting all the attention, even when they're not playing."
                            Kim nodded. "Beware the meek ones."
                            "How did they find out?” I asked.
                            "His co-conspirators ratted him out for mucking it up so he fingered them in turn."
                            "Checkmate", Kim said and I didn't bother to correct her even if I think that'd be more of a draw.
                            Kriss simply ignored it. "So if we hadn't blown up that otter he might have gotten away!'
                            Nancy Drew, eat your heart out.
                            Then I couldn't help snickering at the thought of her solving a case that way. Don't think the author would get a shot at another book.
                            "So will they be expelled, or what?" Lex said. "Must be some kind of punishment, right?"
                            "Make them puff the damn thing up", I proposed.
                            Kriss grinned. "Uncruel but unusual. Though somehow I doubt they'd manage."
                            Kim displayed an unexpected mean streak. "Have them give a spoken apology. In public."
                            "And in verse", I added. "Nice one. I think some would rather die."
                            Not sure about kids these days, but I remembered some classmates' opinions.
                            "Might just suggest, nay, demand that", Kriss said. "They did make things a bit complicated."
                            "I see the pot's calling the kettle again."
                            "Awkward, then."
                            Kim smiled. "At least for some people."
                            If she'd noticed something I didn't want to know. It's an impressionable age and once again I hoped no one had gotten an interest that hadn't been there before. Seeing your crush play an instrument might have the same effect, of course, but we couldn't be blamed for that.


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                              Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                              Ah, here we go again with the girls blowing up ridiculously large things. Poor Lotta! Really bad school spirit to deflate your own mascot!


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                                Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                                EPISODE 71

                                It was here the bloody lockdown happened and I'm sure I don't have to remind you what that entailed. It naturally put the kibosh on our lottery prizes so that segment went right out the window. And it managed to make even Kriss wary - there's not much that will, but you can add the risk of permanent respiratory damage to the list. Actually dying didn't scare her quite as much.
                                Being cooped up together wasn't much of a change, but getting groceries now called for planning and Kim sulked over missing her outdoors exercises. The one upside was that we had plenty of time to play music together and Kriss leapt at the opportunity to rearrange various scores to a suitable level. Lex was over the moon as well and I think Kim was the only one showing a hint of hesitation, which usually vanished with a snuggle. Soon it had become a little evening routine I actually looked forward to at times.

                                As for 'On the Air', Kimber began to show off her moves at least once a week, compensating for the lack of jogging and rollerblading with longer sessions in the dance hall. It wasn't unappreciated, though we did keep the trivia going as well. And when it finally sank in we'd entered a full-scale pandemic it was only fair to do our share of educating the masses, or at least the segment tuning in to Kim.
                                There'd never been a good enough excuse to put her in a nurse's outfit before, but it was kinda fitting for the subject. Out of respect for the professionals it wasn't a sexy or slutty one but rather a neat and stylish take on the white uniforms of bygone days. The sleeves on the white blouse were a bit shorter than necessary and the flimsy excuse for a cap just a place to display a red cross, but otherwise there wasn't anything improper about it. With possible exception for the contents.
                                Since many of you have more first-hand knowledge of that situation than anyone should I won't bring much back up now. Kimber stated the regrettable facts and mentioned we statistically were overdue a pandemic since they tend to crop up about once per century and the Spanish Flu had been a little more than a hundred years before. She reported countermeasures from all over the world and emphasized the importance of following state-mandated rules and guidelines, demonstrating the proper way of wearing a mask and generally trying to be informative without getting too gloomy. I'd decided to liven the script up a bit towards the end, on general principle.
                                "While we're on the subject of healthcare", Kim said, "there's something I've been wanting to talk about for some time. Have you noticed medical gloves have changed a bit in later years? They used to be latex-only, but ever since allergies and reactions to the lubricating powder became a better-known issue alternatives have appeared - mainly nitrile. There's also vinyl ones, but they have a much worse fit."
                                While she spoke she'd produced an example of each and laid them out on the desk - three gloves in respectively white, blue and dully transparent. Trying them on one after another she explained latex pressed tightly against the skin and was therefore used in delicate operations regardless of other properties. Nitrile was nearly as good, suitable for most every other use and also more resistant to tearing. More expensive, though, so many places still stuck to the old-fashioned material.
                                Kimber pulled on the last glove. "These are really only good for cleaning out your sink."
                                It was clear the snugness wasn't optimal as she wiggled her fingers.
                                "PVC might seem sturdy but it doesn't stretch all that well."
                                She pulled the glove off and blew hard into it, bursting the hollow hand with a single breath. The torn plastic was dropped from view as she once more picked up the blue, wrinkled thing.
                                "Nitrile stretches quite nicely - if it gets time to adapt. Go too quick and it reacts like this."
                                Nurse Kimber inflated the second glove, which grew to the size of a melon before failing. There wasn't much of a pop but it split apart nonetheless.
                                "Latex though, as you might recall, is the stuff balloons are made of. Observe."
                                She bunched up the opening and inhaled, then blew the final glove up to immense proportions. Breath after breath went into the thin rubber, making it expand into an almost translucent milky shape with five stiffish protrusions. It held up better than expected since Kriss tends to buy quality and that 100-pack hadn't been an exception. Kim had blown it quite a bit larger than her head – close to twice the size, in fact - when it finally exploded, sending a few small fragments flying while the majority stayed in her grip.
                                "What to use around the house is a matter of personal preference. Hope I’ve managed to demonstrate the differences!"
                                As you've probably gathered we're in the latex camp and it's more or less an unspoken rule every glove has to be inflated after use regardless whether someone is watching. Popping optional, but come on, after a chore requiring those a girl is entitled to some fun.
                                Kimber finished as usual but tacked on a "stay safe", which would become a staple. Then she strode over to me.
                                "No time for rest", she said. "You need an exam - now. Take off your clothes, please."
                                What could I do? Nurse's orders.
                                I was subjected to a very thorough checkup, freshly gloved hands running all over my body and measuring my pulse in various places. She was satisfied with my blood pressure but found the air pressure lacking and had to remedy it orally. Then the lubricants came out and the following probing was both invasive, penetrative and absolutely wonderful.
                                Having relieved any tension or frustration I might have felt Kim pulled off her gloves and blew them up halfway before letting them go in the direction of the waste basket. Both missed the mark, but we left them there and went to find Kriss to see if she was in need of treatment.
                                Not that it mattered since she'd get it either way, with us doing a more formal repeat of the post-concert deal - nurse Kimber administering mouth-to-mouth in a semi-proper fashion and me giving Krissie some good old mouth-to-pussy. She certainly seemed cured of all ills when we were done.
                                "I didn't know my insurance covered that."
                                I hushed her. "Secret clause. Keep quiet or everyone will demand it."
                                We made sure to show Lexi she was covered as well, throwing her onto a makeshift operating table and letting her have the same. Although in her case some additional methods were necessary.
                                "I hear hot water baths are a thing", she said.
                                "Alternative medicine", Kim said. "I'm willing to give it a shot."
                                And off they went for perhaps a little more than a soak. I declined to join them in favor of telling Kriss her premium was due. You get what you pay for - and vice versa.

                                To counter the somewhat grim subject we also shot a video I hope no one took seriously. It was a PSA from nurse Kimber, giving a helpful tip on social distancing. To be frank it was a heck of a lot more work than it was worth, but she was bored and insisted on doing it. I have a feeling she just wanted to show off.
                                Anyway, standing in the garden and once more wearing her nurse outfit she addressed the viewers.
                                "Ever noticed how hard it can be to measure distance by sight? And in the present climate it's become pretty important, what with being recommended to keep six feet from other people. But fear not! There's a handy tool for that!"
                                She pulled a limp, pink object from a pocket and at first glance it might have passed for an empty whoopie cushion. But it was far too thin and wobbly for that and knowing the program you'd soon realize it was an enormous balloon.
                                "These conveniently inflate to precisely six feet", she explained, which was a half-truth as there could be quite some leeway. But it was the advertised size.
                                "When in doubt, simply blow one up as far as it will go and hey presto, there's your answer! As a bonus, it's a neat exercise to strengthen your lungs and help keep them healthy. Allow me to demonstrate!"
                                She drew a huge breath that made her shirt fill out completely and blew enough air into the bright pouch to make it spring to life and extend straight out from her fist, the deep side creases making it look even more like a farting bag. The next breath smoothed them out a bit and by the third puff it had started to resemble an actual balloon. Kimber kept blowing it up more and more with deep, powerful exhales that went on and on as she emptied her lungs completely with each and every one. Her posture was proud and professional, like that of someone who gave these presentations for a living, and the stiff, formal manner calculated to look impressive at high speed. Because no matter her physical strength and stamina, it was a matter of volume and a balloon that big would take half a forever to fully inflate. I was already trying to guess the framerate of the final product and kept checking the time every couple of minutes. Twenty of those had passed when I first began to wonder if anyone would actually watch the whole thing, and after another few I suspected she might keel over without warning. It was a tremendous task, but one Kim had brought on herself and was now too stubborn and contrary to admit it might have been too much. Though the gargantuan globe was starting to dwarf the surroundings she showed no signs of letting up, only a distinct reddening of the cheeks. There was still quite a way to go and since I had no personal stake one way or another I felt a twitch at the corner of my mouth.
                                I'm gonna laugh if it pops.
                                It would be a fantastic fail to have it burst after more than half an hour of unwavering effort, on par with accidentally toppling the second-to-last domino brick in a roomwide display. I was sorta hoping for it to happen, if only to see if it would lead to stunned silence or a number of totally new swear words. An unintended explosion was always a risk - part of the thrill, really.
                                As she wasn't out to beat any records Kim was still standing tall after forty minutes but struggled as much with concealing how winded she was as she did blowing the damned thing up. My jaw would've been resting on the ground in awe if I hadn't been used to Krissie's lung power. She might have the stronger pair, but I don't think she could match Kimmy's endurance. Eventually the marathon performance drew to a close and it wasn't without relief I noticed the merest hint of a neck on the loon. Kim did too and immediately took the chance to stop.
                                "There", she said, miraculously keeping from panting. "Hold this in front of you and you should be safe until it bumps into someone."
                                And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the best excuse she'd managed to think up for showcasing her talents. The joke was bad enough as an absurd suggestion - seeing it actually carried out somehow made it worse. Although I don't think the primary intent was to be funny.
                                Then she made an observation we hadn't discussed beforehand.
                                "And once you're done it's easy to dispose of."
                                She took out a pin, held it aloft just long enough for people to realize what was about to happen and promptly popped the balloon.
                                I didn't laugh, though. One, it would have messed up the audio and two, it felt wasteful. Granted, there wasn't much she could have used it for in the open and the doors were too small to bring it inside, but still. It had taken her the better part of an hour to blow all that air in - and less than a second to let it all out.
                                Once more nurse Kimber admonished everyone to take care and stay safe, and then lost both her smile and her footing. I hurried over to the collapsed form lying on her side.
                                "How's this for a turnaround?" she said weakly. "I pretty much need some mouth to mouth…"
                                I pulled on a pair of gloves of my own. "Luckily, I have a diploma."
                                They say masturbation's a great self-medication, so Kim basically cured herself. I merely assisted.

                                No one called nurse Kimber out on her lack of credentials, but unsurprisingly a lot of people thought it a shame she hadn't demonstrated CPR or at least some rescue breathing - and quite a few felt it necessary to say they wouldn't mind getting that from her themselves. If they only knew.
                                As for the big balloon bit a recent member stated that alone had been worth the price of admission and I had to agree. I've seen what clip stores charge per minute. It might not have made any difference for people's health, but keeping the morale up is important too and I suppose it was okay for that.

                                What with the new site layout and sections Kimber took the opportunity to do something long overdue - a video thanking everyone who'd sent her stuff. Even if she acknowledged some of those things were a bit on the naughty side she was grateful nonetheless - or pretended to be, at least. She showed off selected parts of the haul, ranging from souvenirs or postcards from specific places to various toys and gizmos. And of course numerous inflatables of all kinds. She held them up in unwrapped and unboxed states, the limp plastic hanging pathetically from her hands.
                                "Have to wait for pool season to use these", she said. "But I will!"
                                Kim pulled a large bag into view and poured the contents onto the table. "And look at this! I never knew there were so many types of balloons!"
                                There was indeed, for lack of another word, a plethora - all sealed in their original packages and even uninflated taking up most of the available space. She let her hand rustle around them before selecting a species I'd thought extinct. The single specimen in the bag was perfectly round with a thin tube sticking out of a perpendicular nozzle - that is, the opening wasn't sticking straight out from the main body but rather ran alongside it. A printed spiral atop the balloon emphasized the odd shape. It had been so long since I saw one of those I'd forgotten they existed.
                                Having torn open the package Kimber wasted little time blowing a couple of breaths through the straw, only making a couple of brief comments along the way. Then she covered the pipe with her thumb and laid the inflated rubber on the table before letting go. The jet of escaping air made the balloon spin around in place while emitting a loud, high-pitched whistle and Kim's amused giggle was nearly as shrill. After the toy had emptied itself completely she picked it back up.
                                "Let's see if it can go faster."
                                She blew it much bigger this time, in fact too big. It hadn't been designed for overinflation and burst with the sharp pop that must have ended many happy moments prematurely. Kim wasn't too saddened by the turn of events, though.
                                "Noisy things, aren't they?"
                                There was no denying that, and she went on to introduce a brand new idea.
                                "Wanna check all of these out at some point but it would be fun to compare what's sold in different places."
                                Or what passes for balloons there.
                                "So if you happen to live in another country I would love it if you sent me a local brand. I'll trade you some of my own!"
                                She went on to clarify they of course had to come in unopened bags, but by now that was more or less a given. After finishing up she made a quick outfit change to give the impression of a different day and we went on to shoot the first 'Balloons of the World' segment. She'd chosen a bag at random ahead of time, and since it had a clear point of origin she didn't have to draw again.
                                It was from France, which Kimber noted in the introduction along with a reminder she wasn't the best at their language. After showing both the front and the back of the bag she opened it and poured out the ten balloons. They came in pale, pastel-like hues and weren't exactly remarkable, being printed with soccer balls and rated at 25 cm, which is metric for about ten inches. Kim pointed out all of this as she held various colors up for inspection and stretched them a bit to get a feel for the material.
                                "Maybe we should see how one looks inflated."
                                She picked out a pear-colored one and began to blow it up as if that notion was a spontaneous, non-mandatory addition. While she paused after every breath it wasn't because of any hesitation or nervosity, but to check the way it expanded. The loon grew bigger in the usual way, except there wasn't a clear definition of where the neck began. It started to fill up a little before the main part was done and kept inflating along with the rest, making the balloon more drop-shaped than expected. During the final stretch the neck assumed the standard cylindrical look, although still tapering towards the rounder part.
                                "Interesting", Kim said and for a moment it appeared she was going to tie it off and put it on display. But she opted for an endurance test instead and kept blowing until it flew to bits - in the interest of scientific curiosity, of course, as viewers might want to know how the latex would shred. She made a justification to that effect, at least.
                                "By the way, how would you write that sound in French? Like we'd put 'pop' or 'bang'?"
                                Kimber finished by imploring the audience to let her know and hoping they'd found the inspection interesting enough to make sequels worthwhile.
                                (They had. Also, the consensus seemed to be that 'pan', 'paf' or even 'boum' would fit the onomatopoeic bill. It would be fun finding out what other languages had to say.)

                                And so most of March passed, with Lexi's birthday being a high point. Just for a lark we decided to make it unicorn-themed, because she'd never had anything even approaching that as a girl. As a surprise we'd bought all the related mylars the party store had, including one of those big air walkers you have to assemble yourself. I was glad my job was limited to helping inflate a couple of body parts but Kim and Kriss put it together without too much fuss. The other balloons were simpler to blow up and place and Kim snagged the largest for herself, nonchalantly puffing it full of air and effortlessly straightening every wrinkle with her breath. The finished horse was both cute and chubby, though perhaps more suited for someone three decades younger. That didn't stop Lex from squeeing, though - never too late to have a happy childhood.
                                Kriss had put a full thirty-four candles on the cake, just to see if the birthday girl could blow them all out in one go. Alex gave a cocky grin and inhaled so deeply you almost feared all the air was going out of the room before blowing as hard as she ever could towards the tiny flames. They vanished en masse, but as her breath moved on the extinguished candles sprang back to life behind it, and soon the merry blaze had fully reappeared.
                                "What the…?"
                                Lex drew another noisy gasp that made her gown part wide with the rising of her chest and made a good impression of the big bad wolf trying to huff and puff the house down. With about as much success.
                                "Alright, what did you put in the candles?"
                                "Nothing!" Kriss said. "The factory did. Magnesium wicks, reignites the vapors. Or so I read."
                                "So how do we put them out without dousing the whole thing?"
                                And this was where my wife had miscalculated. There were so many candles so close to each other there was no way to make them stay blown out, not even with 'Iron Lungs' Mackenzie helping out. The four of us blowing with all our might from every direction made short work of the conflagration - only for it to return with a vengeance once we ran out of breath. In the end Lexi resorted to a pair of tongs, dropping them into the sink for good measure. I've heard you need foam to put out magnesium fires, but such small ones were no match for running water.
                                The whole thing was pretty hilarious though, with bonus points for Kriss managing to prank herself along with Lex. That doesn't happen nearly often enough.

                                Alex got pressies too, of course. But as we already had all the oversized inflatables we could wish for she said it would be fun to bring them all together - and give us a chance to try blowing up the ones we hadn't inflated ourselves. Which meant having to let the air out of Deedee, but that was ok since it was only fair Lex would get to play with her on her big day. Blooper was the only toy missing in Kim's reperto-air and as I had helped filling up Goldenmane he was assigned to Kriss. Which left me stuck with Pawtrick the lion, who we all had blown at Kim's insistence. He was the smallest one though, with the added bonus of giving me a head start on the riding, so I didn't really mind.
                                Having inflated the king of beasts further than I probably should have I straddled his leg and got busy boinking the firm yet bouncy material. I had a magnificent view of the three other monstrosities receiving hefty amounts of tender loving air and I was as mesmerized by Lex blowing up Dee's limp titties as by Kim straining herself to fill Blooper all the way. But watching Kriss blow Goldy's cock stiff made me lose all restraint and I was humping away with wild abandon when disaster struck - poor Pawtrick popped. One moment I was approaching a climax at breakneck speed, the next all that lovely pressurized resistance vanished with a loud boom. Falling to the floor was like hitting a wall, pleasure-wise, and needless to say the moment was broken along with the lion. Going straight from aroused to mortified is a harsh change I can't recommend.
                                Any activity around me ceased as we were all shocked by the sudden noise - all except Kim who seemed remarkably calm at her toy's demise. She dismissed my apologies before they could really take off and picked up the tawny plastic remains. A tilt of her head and a shrug was about her only reaction to Pawtrick's altered state.
                                "Fun while he lasted, but he had nothing on Blowser. I sorta miss her."
                                She went to the cupboard to fetch a thick green vinyl roll, which was how her dragon had ended up in making room for Deedee. As big as she was I felt having to blow her up would be a small penance compared to my blunder.
                                Kim shook her out and began looking for the valve but I took the bundle from her grasp.
                                "Let me. Go enjoy that sea monster - will give me something to look at."
                                As if Lex and Kriss wouldn't be enough, but the latter joined me on the floor to wrap a blanket around us and her arms around my body.
                                "Mmm…", she purred. "Keep going, Chel. I love feeling your chest expand in my arms. Blow, blow, blow, blow…"
                                And blow I did, drawing breaths big enough to tighten my darling's embrace completely. She sighed with delight.
                                "That's it, Chellie… Gods, you've no idea how good it feels…"
                                I emptied my lungs once more before speaking.
                                "Well, if I'm going to be your tuba girl I guess I'd better work on it."
                                There was another pleasurable groan as I inhaled again and I grew flush with excitement. I already pictured lots and lots of sensual lung workouts being held just like this and could only wonder why I hadn't started earlier. Glancing around I saw Kim and Lex grinding against their now fully-blown toys and the sight made me moan with desire. Kriss realized it would get painful before long and loosened her grip.
                                "Oh, I just have to do this…", she sighed, her voice loaded not with annoyance but eagerness.
                                She vanished beneath the blanket and I felt my legs being parted a moment before her tongue parted what was between them. A white-hot flash obscured my vision as she began to lick and suck and blow, a shudder shot through me and then I regained enough control to keep inflating the huge dragon. I hardly noticed doing it, though. Watching my mates get off atop the enormous inflatables was wonderful enough, getting amazing head at the same time almost too much. I gasped and blew and shook all over and when Dee began tapping her tail on Lexi's back in time with her thrusts I couldn’t stand it any longer. I threw my head back and came much harder than I ever would have on Pawtrick, and Kriss only paused long enough for a few words.
                                "You're not done yet… Keep blowing."
                                She began to suck me off again and it was my time to comment.
                                "You're spoiling me…"
                                "Haven't you realized it's my life's ambition?"
                                Then nothing more was said as I kept puffing while ogling the brazen acts before me. Kim was twisting her nipples while bouncing ever harder and Lexi had buried her face between Deedee's boobs, happy noises muffled by the inflated spheres. I saw them approach and cross the points of no return and their orgasmic shrieks brought me close to another one, but it was Krissie's mouth that sent me over the edge and some air escaped the valve falling from my mouth as I hit the floor for the second time.
                                "No more", I begged, "or this will never be done. Just hold me…"
                                I was longing for a loving makeout session like the one Kim and Alex was sharing and Kriss delivered as much as was possible under the circumstances, even pulling the valve from my mouth with her lips to help fill the dragon. We eventually managed to blow it up all the way and the others climbed aboard on general principle, mainly to have a better seat for the continued kissing. I grabbed Goldy's mane to yank him closer while gazing at Kriss.
                                "I wanna fuck you with this horse."
                                Lex looked up long enough for a single word. "Alicorn".
                                I barely noticed as I was looking for means to attach a big dildo to Goldy's too-big member, the urgency making me work fast and improvise. Once tied in place I steered it straight into Krissie's waiting gap, grabbing the inflated body to shove it back and forth as violently as I could. Kriss squirmed and shrieked and told me to go on over and over while I kept thrusting and speaking absolute filth at her. Her face shone with giddy, insane delight and the whole scene would have made for the ultimate Crystal Mackenzie pin-up poster, had she picked a different career. That lady being screwed by a stallion, fantasy version or not, was a sight I wouldn't forget in a hurry and I stashed it away for use in actual fantasies, then focused completely on finishing the job. It got real noisy, the storm before the calm, and then the only thing breaking the silence was a series of exhausted gasps.
                                "Gods, Chellie, that felt depraved! Have to do it again sometime…"
                                "Holy shit", Lex said. "I wanna watch then."
                                Reality slowly settled back in somehow and it became clear how utterly ridiculous our playroom appeared. Sophisticated pleasure devices don't mix well with pool toys, no matter the size. Poor Blooper looked positively out of his element and it struck me how amazing it would be to do a promotional event with Kim in a bikini and sunglasses blowing him up in the middle of a crowded beach. Then I remembered beaches would probably be closed for some time, but surely they couldn't stay that way forever. Might be even better as an episode celebrating the reopening.
                                Be that as it may, he couldn't stay in the Fun-geon and Kriss pulled the plug to let him down gently. Alex deflated Goldy as well, stating that part of the fun was blowing him up.
                                That left only the dragons and Kim noted they seemed to get along nicely.
                                "Dee's so sweet and sexy", she said. "I think Blowser would love to be her girlfriend."
                                "I think she'd love that too. Not every day you meet another hot blowup dragon."
                                Their poses might not be too compatible, but who knows what they'd do when no one was watching? Besides, I liked the idea of Dee having some permanent company.
                                "Done deal, then?"
                                "As long as it's an open relationship."
                                "'Course! I hear their kind get turned on by watching their mates get boinked. Makes 'em all puffed up with excitement."
                                "I knew we had something in common."
                                "Anyone else getting hungry?" Kriss asked, making what we've just been up to seem as mundane as a meal.
                                I realized it pretty much was to us these days.

                                Dinner was done with in the usual way, as was taking time for some R&R after dessert. Band practice was practically mandatory on a day like that, though. We sent Lex ahead and even if she must have known we were preparing a surprise she couldn't anticipate what. It was something Kriss had planned for some time, but much simpler than most of her ideas. Just some of those uniforms from the concert, fresh from the manufacturer and in our sizes. With ties in black instead of the school colors and the addition of shako hats for effect. I could have lived without the latter, but all in means all in.
                                Kriss had also smuggled some instruments out so we could enter playing "Happy Birthday" - but with one small shakeup.
                                "Chel, would you mind going back to the trumpet just this once? Wanna try this out."
                                Since I adore watching Kriss hefting that sousaphone I gladly allowed her the bass part. So we finished dressing and marched in on Alex at full blast. To say her jaw dropped wouldn't be an exaggeration. We were duly admired, kissed and fondled and it would have taken force to wipe the smile from Lexi's face. Kriss grinned back.
                                "If you wanna join us there's one for you too."
                                Lex hurried off and soon returned wearing an identical outfit, looking far too cool for school. The straight wig and long lashes gave off serious 'popular girl' vibes. While Kim had dibs I managed to be second in line for smooching and Kriss wasn't far behind.
                                "You got off thinking about me in uniform?" she asked Lex. "I just soaked my panties."
                                "Not like it's the first time."
                                Kim sighed. "If only you'd looked like that way back when. Guys would have fought over even speaking to you."
                                Lexi's time as a too-tall tomboy had cost her a lot of experiences, including going to the prom. I blew in her ear and whispered.
                                "Let's have another sleepover soon. It's overdue."
                                Playing at cozying up to exchange confidences and naughty secrets is a real thrill, especially if it involves practicing kissing on each other and jilling off together. But those things had to wait. Kriss helped me get into the huge horn and took the trombone for herself while Lex picked up the trumpet. Making music in matching garb somehow felt even better than usual, and we were all smiles at the finish. The way the birthday girl kept eying her wife prompted Kriss to ask if they'd prefer to spend the night alone, but Alex said no way.
                                "She can wear this any day but this only happens once a year."
                                Well, it'd be a lie if she hadn't been referring to the date. Although Kim did put the uniform back on the very next day for the April birthday vid. She might have been inspired by Lex and Kriss doing the same for their shoot, subverting expectations by playing a comical, uptempo version of the song. Well, they could plausibly be part of a circus band and it would go online on April Fool's. The trumpet, sousaphone and white balloons looked right at home for that as well - though afterwards Lexi went off for some private time with her wife, so I suspect it had all been a matter of not wanting to put that off longer than necessary.
                                "And what about you, Chel? This getup do something for you?"
                                It was fine, no doubt, but… "When you wear it I go crazy."
                                "Then let's get crazy."