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    Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

    (Continued from the previous page, read that first)

    As the episode had been meant as an exclusive for everyone there was nothing more to be filmed - and just as well, because I couldn't wait a moment longer. I grabbed Kim by her lapels and pulled her in for a kiss that only stoked my fire and I don't know how we made our way across the floor but suddenly we were back on the couch, only now with me laying on top of her and pumping away like crazy against her thigh.
    "Mmm...about time, eh, boss?" she sighed.
    "Long overdue" I moaned. "Wanted to fuck you since before we got here..."
    "Fuck away. Fuck me hard..."
    I sure was trying to but the furniture sorta got in the way. I dunno how intense Kim and Lexi's tryouts had been since the couch was sturdy enough for them, but it wasn't for us. Or rather my shoes. As a knee slipped backwards the heel rammed the armrest and with a sudden pop the firmness was gone and we sank towards the floor as the all the air wheezed out through the hole. That only made me more desperate to finish and Kim grabbed my butt to squeeze and yank and hurry things up. The backrest hadn’t fully deflated when my yells of pleasure hit the walls but by the time Kim was done, so was the couch. We rose unsteadily and surveyed the damage.
    “My bad”, I admitted.
    Kim poked a fingertip through the puncture. “Doesn’t look too bad. A patch and you can blow it back up.”
    “I’ll wait until it’s needed.” Then I kissed her. “Yummy, yummy Kimmy. That wasn’t all, was it? Wanna make it up to you.”
    She smiled and ran the same finger down my face.
    "Let’s call it an appetizer. Get that body pillow - if you haven't broken it."
    I hadn't and went on that little errand, finding that Kimber had restored her look by the time I returned. She set to work on mine, touching up and straightening everything as best she could. It wasn't quite as good as what Lou had managed, but better than most of my own efforts.
    "Point the camera back here", Kim said from the unadorned part of the room. "Let's improvise a bit."
    Curiosity got the better of me and I did as told, joining her for whatever she'd had in mind. She held up the still-inflated dakimakura and addressed her members.
    "We've had two requests to buy this already, and to prove we're impartial and to show Cheryl's got more qualifications than you can imagine I'm gonna ask her to settle the matter."
    She handed me the inflatable. "Burst it."
    Had she said "pop" I would have reached for a sharp object, but the choice of words made it clear she meant by lung power. As if everything else about the show, setting and subject wasn't enough. A tall order, considering what it was made to withstand, but for the occasion I was willing to give it a go. And to show her she would have to try harder than that to catch me off guard.
    Without a word I pulled the plug open, clamped my teeth down on the mouthpiece and blew. There was still room for another couple of breaths, but after that it got tough. It didn’t help the nozzle was so uncooperative – my lips kept slipping and the lion’s share of my air sputtered uselessly past it. Kim stuck a hand in a pocket.
    "Try one of these."
    She handed me one of the portable valves made for the task and I stuck it in place, informing the audience what it did.
    “They’re real practical. This should do the trick.”
    It wouldn’t on its own, but I was more than happy to help. Now my exhales went where they should, but it wasn’t easy making them. I felt my cheeks puff out to their very limits as I blew as hard as I ever could. I thought the sturdy vinyl was stretching out just a bit as the willowy printed figure seemed somewhat less slender, but that could just be me hallucinating from my efforts. I was actually blowing myself lightheaded and that doesn’t happen too often. If it proved too much I could technically put it down and off it the way I’d killed the couch but it felt like backing out. Besides, I thought Kimmy might like seeing me succeed as much I as I would with her in my place.
    By now I was sure my face had gone red but I’d be damned if I gave up. I shot a glance at my lover, who facing away from the camera mouthed three little words:
    “Burst it, baby.”
    That, along with her expression being just as admiring and adoring as I’d hoped summoned some hidden reserve. Suddenly I felt like C.J. Silvers, Dino Slayer – the conqueror of Dodo and bane of all inflatable beasts. The puny girl on the pillow would be no match for her! With a mighty puff I felt the material start to give way and made a final, tremendous blow. Accompanied by a PUMM the cylinder split apart at a seam and flew open between my hands, rapidly collapsing into a thin, disfigured sheet of plastic. I let it fall to the floor as I stood there breathing heavily while Kim broke into a slow applause.
    “Amazing! Well done.”
    “Do I get a raise for this?”
    “No, but we won’t deduct that from your salary. Ladies and gentlemen, Cheryl Silvers. Best boss I’ve ever had.”
    I took a bow and that would have to be the end. Nothing I could say would live up to my recent actions.

    Kim turned off the camera and came up to kiss me.
    “Fucking awesome, Chellie! That was so hot you deserve a little treat.”
    “I think that should be worth a big one.”
    “Just wait and see. Here’s something to rest your eyes on.”
    She removed her jacket and I stopped her.
    “What I already see is a heck of a lot.” I fingered her tie. “You know you wear these better than anyone I’ve ever known?”
    “So glad you like it”, she sighed. “Because I wanna make it my signature look.”
    Well, she had said she’d always liked them, but that might be taking things a bit far. Still, Kimmy admitting to wanting something was kind of a big deal.
    I hadn’t thought up any comment when the strip commenced. The white top went first followed by the skirt and I gasped when I saw what she’d been wearing below all along. Her sheer nylons weren't pantyhose but stockings, fastened to her peekaboo panties with shiny black garters. While I'd known a bra had to be there, I’d had no idea it was so…elaborate. And sexy.
    Looking like that she could be a professional lingerie model, and my jaw might have dropped just a little. She picked up the remains of the dakimakura, shook it out and held it at arm's length. The print wasn't damaged, only slightly distended, and Kim looked it over appraisingly before putting the whole thing aside.
    "If they ever put me on one of those I would want it to be full-sized. With me wearing this and the hole just… About… Here."
    She put two fingers on the opening in her underwear, spreading them along with what was below to emphasize the point. The sight was very inviting and I felt my tongue run across my lips.
    "You'd be cool with that?"
    Kim leered. "I know people get off to pics of me. What's the diff between that and actually humping one?"
    "Fair point. Just never mention it to Kriss or she might commission a custom. That we can't really use."
    "Wonder if they'd sell."
    "Kimmily, if we ran a sex store I'd be all for it. But we don't."
    "Too bad. I'd pose holding a very full balloon in my left and an empty one halfway to my lips… Something like this."
    She planted her feet somewhat apart and showed what she meant with a saucy, playful grin that could as easily be an expectant inhale. Sam could probably make an interesting drawing from a photo of that, which was why I hoped the blonde wasn't getting any ideas.
    "I love the idea of them having to blow me up for playtime, make them work a little for their fun."
    "You would have to include a clause making them promise to inflate you by mouth."
    "A disclaimer, at least."
    I imagined a feller tending to a raging hard-on while blowing furiously to prepare his plastic playmate. Then a very understanding girlfriend took his place and the encouraging look she was giving him was so teasing and loving I got hot all over. As improbable as the thought was, it was just what Kim would do for me if I had the equipment. I hoped someone, somewhere had gotten to experience that and shown his appreciation accordingly.
    "We'd sell some for sure", I said.
    "I would so be up for it", Kim sighed. "But getting you off is plenty. C'mon, let's see what we got!"
    She tugged on my hands and I followed her to the editing room, bringing the footage along for inspection. I hooked it up, started the playback and found the general picture and sound quality pretty pleasing. It should make for nice viewing even if you had no interest in our comments, but doubly so if you did. We did look neat for the camera and the inflations were smooth, effective and, dare I say, appealing. Every balloon seemed blown up to the proper size for its purpose, no more and no less, and there were enough of them to give a fair impression of the work we'd put in. The actual show looked good too and both would be even better once I'd added all the archive material. But the kicker was I actually enjoyed watching myself blowing the body pillow. It was a fair struggle but I didn't make a fool of myself and a rush of elation shot through me at seeing my screen persona emerge victorious. Wouldn't complain if anyone felt like jacking off to that - I'd be honored, even.
    "You've sure earned this", Kim said, brandishing a small flash drive. "A little thank-you for all the work you've put in..."
    She plugged it into the computer and brought up an edit that took me by complete surprise. The segments showed the rest of the Angels singing a line each of 'Happy Birthday", punctuated by popping the identical black balloons they were holding, the same brand Kim had used to open the episode. Only they were saying 'happy burstday' instead. It was a total flashback to what we had done every night during our final production, and during some of the balloon-o-grams we'd handled off-stage. The main difference was that these balloons were blown to the absolute limit and about to pop on their own, which would have been too risky in the previous context.
    A nice idea, but what really made it seem like a conspiracy was all of them wearing the exact outfits Kim and I had sported for our shoot. That little gift from Kriss had nearly given me a heart attack the first time around, and now my other sneaky bitch had arranged a return performance. In a way this was even worse, since the girls no longer had to think about matching each other perfectly and had added personal touches here and there to enhance their respective appearances. I couldn't help thinking they would have had it easier if I'd had a thing for, say, baseball caps.
    Then it struck me that those would also involve them simply putting on something they didn't normally wear and that their current look probably wasn't as loaded to anyone lacking my tastes. I had been pretty indifferent to it myself before the night Kriss inadvertently added some connotations. The sudden insight brought such relief I allowed myself a huge grin as I relaxed to take in the pretty impressive display.
    First out were Betty and Mandy, one after the other, and by now it was really obvious Amanda was in the family way. Not that she'd grown fat as she'd feared, but her belly was bulging against the black top she wore under the open jacket to somewhat hide the effect. Her heart-shaped face was a bit rounder too, in a cute way that became her.
    Then came single shots of Jo and Sam, singing just two words each and popping their balloons before vanishing as quickly as they'd appeared, followed by blink-and-you-miss-it shots of Nita and Carrie bursting balloons to make the line end with a triple pop before the finale which was delivered by Riko and Tessa. Those two had shared screen time, and while Ree popped her loon on the first syllable of 'burstday', Teresa waited until after the last note to put a noisy end to the song with an innocent smile that looked all kinds of wrong on her. I chuckled at the effort behind the whole thing.
    "You have put some thought in. But I'm surprised the Londoners had time for this."
    "You kidding? They were ecstatic! Gave them their first excuse for some real alone time. And Nita’s parents were happy to babysit.”
    “Checks out, but changing just for that?”
    “They said it felt appropriate to dress for the occasion even if they asked to skip the singing. Was a limit to the noise they wanted to make."
    I thought the popping would have been worse, but suspected they'd just wanted to keep it as brief as possible. I knew I would have in their position.
    "You cut it yourself?" I asked.
    "Yeah, getting the hang of it. But I had some to work with."
    Turned out all the girls had filmed themselves blowing up several balloons, popping one for every relevant point in the song - which was performed in its entirety. I know, because Kim made me sit through all the unedited versions to make sure she'd made the right calls. I had no objections whatsoever and for the first time felt completely at ease with my dress preferences. And the onscreen ladies seemed as comfortable wearing them, nonchalantly inflating balloon after balloon to the bursting point in a neat and professional way. The only thing even slightly distracting from the formal impression was their beautifully bulging cheeks, but those had always been a vital part of their performances. Samantha had a balloon accidentally pop in her face, but while she jumped a bit it was a remarkable improvement over her earlier, near-phobic reactions. Jo blew her first balloon up until it burst and didn't so much as bat an eye at the explosion. Ostensibly it was to see how far she could take them, but I knew it was really an act of sympathy. If Sam happened to break one, she didn't want to come off as better.
    There were no other blow to pops, but I'm sure there would have if they'd been certain we'd use the outtakes. As the last balloon was tied off I turned to the instigator.
    "And what did you promise to get them to play along?"
    Kim shrugged. "I just asked nicely. Can I help they jumped at the opportunity?"
    "Guess not. I'm just happy it wasn't worse."
    "Oh, but that wasn't all! They agreed to a little bonus, for your eyes only."
    I felt I'd gotten more than enough already. "For me?"
    "Just watch."
    She opened another video, and boy was I ever shocked at seeing Sam and Jo smiling knowingly at me, looking just as they had in the balloon videos. Shot in sequence, I gathered.
    "Hey there, Cheryl", Sam said. "We know you're watching this time so no need to feel guilty."
    "Totally sanctioned", Jo put in. "Hope you'll like this."
    With that they turned to each other and began to kiss, forgetting all about me for the moment. Evidently they'd decided to show just how much in love they were. At some length. Though I had a feeling it wasn't a spur of the moment thing. Not that I cared - the display was so sensual and sexy I just about lost my breath, because if I've ever seen two people completely into each other, it's them. There was nothing but absolute desire in the exchange, and as if to prove it they ended with a final remark.
    "By the way", Jo said, "We're not wearing anything below this."
    "And plan to make good use of the fact", Sam added. "Feel free picturing it."
    That was about what they'd said on closing night, but this time it was an actual promise. As the clip closed it was replaced by a similar greeting from Riko and Tessa and by now I knew something was up but didn't protest. It was just too hot. Apart from the standard stuff Tess took the time to lovingly and thoroughly suck Ree's tongue, something I knew from experience would turn her on beyond belief, while her beloved reciprocated by pausing to tenderly blow in her lover's ear. I'd been told that'd have the same effect.
    "She's in good hands, Cherita", the latina assured me.
    "The best hands", Mariko moaned. "And lips, and ohh…"
    Whatever she was about to say was cut off by another demonstration of the latter and they sank out of view, ending the vid. There was more, though.
    "Something not meant for general viewing", Betty told us, "but ogle all you want."
    "It's my turn to be her dolly", Mandy said with a happy grin and puckered up prettily. Her wife took her face in both hands, covered her lips with her own and blew so sweetly you'd understand Amanda's eyelids going all a-flutter. Elizabeth lowered a hand to test the tumny for firmness, then looked thoughtful.
    "You can take some more", she said and blew again.
    Mandy looked like she was able to take a lot more and willing to risk it, but had to settle for what she got. Disregarding any viewers she grabbed Betty's head fiercely, eyes burning with passion.
    "Wish you could blow me up…"
    Then she went to work on her lover's lips, the self-confessed most erogenous part of Betty's body, licking and nibbling and treating her mouth to everything it could ever ask for. A delighted jaw dropped in response as her head tilted back, accompanied by gasps that showed just how nice she found it. Eventually she regained enough composure to return the kiss and it was evident things were about to get very, very explicit.
    "Better turn this off", the brunette said and reached for the cam. "I think she's about to blow."
    A husky "You're damned right I am" was the last that could be heard before the clip went black.
    Not for long though, as Vanita and Caroline appeared looking at us from across the Atlantic.
    "Thanks for the excuse to do this", Nita said. "So hard to get time alone these days."
    "Not that we don't manage enough to scrape by", Carrie added, "but a planned session is grand!"
    Then they wasted no more of the opportunity on words and were all over each other. You could tell how much they'd longed for it and within moments the redhead's hand had slipped beneath Vanita's jacket to cup and fondle. Their kissing was so urgent I felt a twinge of guilt for cutting in on their precious time, but it didn't seem wasted in the least. It was something they most definitely would have done anyway and sharing it with me was either just a courtesy or blatant exhibitionism. I imagined the latter. As Nita's amazingly long tongue withdrew with a final, loving lick I hoped the rest of their sojourn had been spent at least as nicely.
    "That was something to be sure", I said. "So what did you tell'em? 'I'm gonna see how hard I can make Cherry wince. Wanna make it a contest?'"
    "There's no evidence. And I didn't use those actual words."
    "If I'd been a guy you would have. Except for leaving out 'wince'."
    "Damn right I would. But I thought you'd be happy. Aren't you?" she asked with such a cute pout I'd forgiven anything.
    "Happy, flattered, flustered, yes. But also incredibly frustrated..."
    I slid my hand inside her jacket the way I'd seen Carrie do. "I notice you didn't do any on-screen kissing…"
    "Saved it up for you. Besides, my partner had another partner."
    She touched the quick dial on her phone and the answer was surprisingly quick. But not as surprising as the view of the video call.
    Lexi and Kris's were both at the other end, having dressed up just like all the rest. And evidently put in a real effort in the makeup department too.
    "We had a photo sesh too", Kriss explained. "How was your shoot?"
    "Just fine, but why are we keeping the distance?"
    "So you can watch the final installment as intended."
    With that the phone was set down and the kissing commenced. Once more I looked on while my wife locked lips with another lady dear to my heart, sucking and moaning and getting so into it I was aching to join them, on either side or both.
    “Hey, save some for me…”
    Lex looked straight at the lens.
    "You're not missing anything, Cherrie. Tomorrow I'll give you this."
    Then she covered Kriss' mouth with her own and began to kiss with such feeling I got outright envious. The cradling of each other's faces in tender grips seemed so wonderful I couldn't wait to get my share, but for now all they could do was turn me on. With considerable success. I had to tell them I'd had all I could take before they broke off, wishing us a pleasant afternoon in sultry tones before hanging up. I had to lean on Kim's shoulder for support and she took the chance to stick her tongue in my ear.
    "I promised you a kissing show you'd never forget", she whispered.
    "Not in a hurry…" I panted. "And now what…?"
    "And now, Cherry baby…I'm gonna kiss you until you come."
    Her fingers ran down my cheek to copy Lexi's style and when our lips met a shudder shot through me all the way to my feet. Since my hand immediately went between my legs it took Kim less than twenty seconds to deliver on that promise, but then she said "Cheater" and made me hold her instead until she'd managed it the proper way too. If you know a better way to spend six minutes I'd sure like to hear it.

    Kim kept caressing my hair, licking my neck and blowing in my ear while I recuperated, and before I could ask she revealed her plans weren't finished.
    "That's it for starters. Ready for the main course?"
    I was eager to see what that'd entail and followed her to the Fun-geon, but once inside I put her ideas on hold by taking the inflatable copy of me from its shelf.
    "Blow her up", I commanded, thrusting the limp doll into Kimmy's hands. "Blow her as hard as she gets."
    She obeyed, puffing away as fast as she could while I took all of my clothes off. I put them on the just-filled mannequin and placed it on the bed.
    "Now fuck her. I wanna see what you'd do to me without my reactions getting in the way."
    Holy shit, was that ever encouraging. Kim went at it with such fervor I feared it would be the end of Silly Two (long story), but she held up admirably and the sight inspired me so much I had to inflate Kim's counterfeit twin in a hurry to join them. I barely looked at the doll I was grinding against - my eyes were glued on Kim unleashing her desire on her unmoving companion. I began talking dirty to her, saying all the things I imagined the voiceless effigy would have wanted to, and that spurred her into an absolute frenzy. Watching Kimmy getting her kicks while growling the filthiest things imaginable made me want to switch places with the doll, but the stiff, blown-up thigh between my legs was enough to finish me off for the moment. Kim pretended the noises were coming from her current partner and moaned encouragements while picking up the speed to cross the line herself. Her yelps and cries rang through the room and I waited for the right moment to pull her into my arms.
    "Bestest fuckbuddy."
    "Dearest friend."
    I pushed the dolls to the floor. "Love you, Kimmilly. Sorry for hijacking your plan."
    "It was in the right spirit", Kim panted. "I thought we should spend the rest of the day on the air."
    As we happen to own just about every inflatable sex toy we've come across it wouldn't be too difficult, and if that wasn't enough the bed was the blow-up variety too. The only trouble would be to choose where to start, but after some R&R Kim walked over to Blowser who was standing in a corner, beginning to sag from lack of use. She knelt down to remedy that.
    While she blew the dragon back into shape I relieved her of the lingerie, dressing Inflata-Kim like the original had been only moments before and posing her in the arms of Silly Two. They could keep each other company, because we had no more time for them. I joined Kimmy for a nice ride on the mythical beast before we gathered up every prop we could possibly use and brought them to the bed for preparation, inflation or reinflation. Then I donned the best strap-on I'd found so far - with dual-action for her and her pleasure - and opened the bedside drawer to pull out as big a handful of various balloons I could hold. I dropped them all over Kim's nude, prone body as she grinned and spread wide for me.
    "Now…" I leered. "Let me remind you how much harder you come when you blow."

    Hours must have passed but we didn't exactly keep track, and what we actually did could probably fill a small encyclopedia on wickedness. When I finally left wearing only a robe I could barely walk. Kriss gave me an amused look as I staggered into the kitchen.
    "Guess you've been enjoying yourself?"
    I nodded in passing.
    "Good on you", she smiled. "Where's Kimmy?"
    "Fast asleep in the Fun-geon", I replied after downing some orange juice. "If you think I'm a wreck you should see the other girl."
    "Sounds like a happy anniversary."
    "Could call it that. By the way, we're out of loons downstairs."
    There was an impressed whistle. "Really? Seems I refilled only yesterday."
    "What can I say? They died for a good cause."
    And in the name of science. I'd found out exactly how hard I could come while blowing.
    "Done for the day then?"
    "Almost. I promised her I'd bring dessert."
    Which I did, in the form of Kriss and Lex to spend the night with us. Lexi snuggled up in her wife's half-conscious embrace while I spooned the blonde and Krissie did the same with me, reaching across us all to complete the circuit. By way of bedtime story they whispered what they'd kept themselves busy with, wording it matter-of-factly enough to make the recounting only moderately arousing. As I drifted off into sleep I promised myself to have them show some of the episodes instead of just telling. I had a feeling a lot was lost in translation.

    The next day I immediately began working on editing, which took even more time than I had suspected but shaped up to be a fitting commemorative edition. Kriss had been so wowed by the latex carnage left in our wake she'd volunteered to clean it up - another memorable event. Lex had been more impressed by the remains of the inflatable love seat, or whatever to call the black shape designed to support all kinds of interesting positions. She had figured it burst-proof but evidently it wasn't. Granted, it had held up pretty well, and the description of what we'd been doing when it went bust made her beg Kriss for a replacement. Preferably today.
    Kim wanted some more sleep and I couldn't blame her, though I perked right up when Lexi walked in to give me what she'd said she would. She even showed me the pics they had taken plus a filmed encore of the live show they'd put on for me. Getting some of that myself along with some expert fingering seriously hampered my progress, but a girl's gotta have priorities. Even if the office couch withstood the following make-out session, I decided against telling Lex about the other. She'd just laugh and break the mood.
    Eventually I was summoned to lunch and a freshly-restored Kim joined us wearing a sky blue t-shirt and a matching bow tie. On her it didn't look like a quirky, haphazard addition but an elegant accessory put on with some care.
    "You're a bit early dressing for dinner", I noted.
    "Just trying out my new signature look", she said. "Is it okay with you?"
    And it actually was. My wife would probably have something to say, though - and she did.
    "If she gets one I do too."
    "Can't have the same”, I said.
    "Wasn't thinking that. I thought I could start wearing shirts and waistcoasts - crisp, tailored ones. With the occasional tie."
    Alex gasped, as that would be right up her alley. "Jackets too?"
    "When I go out, for sure. This'd be for around the house. Feels so professional. Not to mention cool and, whatstheword, suave."
    "Any objections?" Lexi said, daring us to protest. But we just shook our heads with big grins. Would be low-key awesome having Kriss loaf around like that. She gave Kim a sly smile.
    "You turn my wife's head, I turn yours. Fair's fair. Besides, I kinda like it."
    So did I, and was pretty sure Kimmy felt the same.
    "Gonna get a lot of these" she said and turned to me. "But you get to nix any you don't like."
    "So", Kriss said as she rose. "What are we waiting for?"
    There was nothing for it but going out shopping for ties. And a new love seat.

    The videos went up on time and the reactions weren't long in the coming. Apart from plenty of well-wishes the appreciation was sorta overwhelming. Funny what a difference a hundred balloons can make. And Kimber got some overdue recognition in a private message:
    ‘I knew you had to be Vikki Trixx! Saw all your shows - loved 'em ever since I was in your test audience. Remember that?’
    Of course we did, and all the rest of the numbers that admirer was gushing about. Kim promised him one of the new as-yet-unprinted glossies - signed, of course - in return for keeping the particulars between the two of them, and to throw a handful of loons into the bargain. The episode had suddenly made them a hot commodity and we had several pre-orders for the new batch.
    And one of the offers for the dakimakura was renewed and even raised in spite of what I'd done to it - or likely because of that. I was tempted to sell but stuck to my principles, stating it had already been thrown out. Regardless, I got some very flattering reviews of my performance and was even begged to become a permanent on-screen fixture. I promised to at least show up for special occasions.
    The members got to see the birthday song, but the outtakes from that would be reserved for the second DVD which would hopefully be done by Christmas. But there were plenty of other celebrations before that.


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      Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

      I really felt the excitement in this one ^^
      First for the anniversary of the show and then the very impressive make out session.

      Actually, how big is their Fun-geon if it can fit a bed plus a big inflatable dragon like Blowser and several more inflatable toys and balloons?
      I'm hardcore biased as ever but the little part with Blowser got me all giddy again xD


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        Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

        Episode 53

        Having feted the program, there wasn't many days left to my own wife's birthday. As she brought us along to the costume shop with the promised promo material I sorta feared she was planning some kind of antics involving clothes, and I wasn't mistaken. We'll get to that in a bit.
        Jess, who we by now knew the shopgirl as, had some things to relate.
        "Thanks a bunch for the pass! Kyle was so happy."
        Kim smiled. "I take it that's your guy?"
        "Yep! He was awestruck at the work you put in backstage, he'd been sure you used pumps or compressors."
        "Most people would", I said.
        "Luckily he wasn't drooling at what you did or I would've had to cut him off", she laughed. "But he couldn't stop talking 'bout how impressive it was… so I had to show him I could too."
        "Howd'ya do that?", Kim wondered.
        "We've got this spare bed, king size. Supposed to be inflated with the pump that came with it. But I brought it out and did it myself. Valve was a bit big and it took a while but wasn't too bad."
        Lex nodded knowingly. "And was he impressed?"
        "Let's just say he wanted to try it out at once."
        "Nice going", Kris's exclaimed. "Think you can do something with these?"
        She handed over our last 50-pack from the old batch of logo loons along with some stickers and a printout stating that we bought our stuff in this shop. Jess immediately began to look for a good spot, neither too prominent or obscured. A part of the wall behind the counter was selected after rearranging the display objects and she attached the sticker and disclaimer.
        "A couple of these should help grab attention", she said, and picked out a green and a blue balloon. She brought the blue to her lips and seemed surprised it didn't expand when she blew.
        "It helps to stretch them", Kim said.
        Jess obliged and made a neat, controlled inflation, blowing the balloon a little bigger than her head.
        "That enough?"
        "Yeah", I said, "we don't wanna hog all of your wall. And with that much left there's no risk it'll pop on it's own."
        "Much left? How big do they get?"
        "Oh, something like this!" Kris's stated and eagerly helped herself to a red one. She put her skills to good use and rapidly blew it up all the way. Jess recoiled a little when the neck stretched out, but seemed more surprised than alarmed.
        "Holy… That's a big balloon!"
        "They all are", Kriss smiled, holding the loon up and tilting it back and forth between her thumb and fingers. Then she let the air out and pocketed it absent-mindedly.
        "Have to try that at some point."
        "Maybe not at work", I suggested, impressed that my wife had refrained from blowing to pop. She has some respect for public places.
        Jess nodded and blew her second balloon up as much as the first, measuring carefully to get them even. She taped them to either side of the sticker and nodded with satisfaction.
        "Hope this'll help the show. Speaking of help, anything else I can do for you today?"
        "Yes, there actually is", Kriss said. She turned to the rest of us. "Why don't you girls run along? I'll meet you at the restaurant."
        There was nothing for it but taking our leave and setting off. While I like surprises as much as the next person, I always get nervous when Kriss has something in mind. Her lack of restrictions - both in imagination and finances - makes it hard to even start guessing. But for once I felt at ease, since she was about to have something sprung on her for a change in just a few days.

        That morning arrived and I woke Kriss up for some cuddles and an early birthday blowjob to make sure she'd stay in bed relaxing for a bit. Then I hurried to the dining room and found the girls already at work blowing up and hanging balloons. They were just 11-inchers, but high-quality, shiny ones. They said good morning and threw me the bag, wordlessly telling me to do my part. I joined in the puffing and asked if everything was ready.
        Just a formality, really - of course it was, but on the kitchen counter for safekeeping. Two dozen loons was about enough for the occasion and Kim and Lex raced each other inflating big golden mylars in the shape of a 'H' and a 'B'. We'd tried spelling out 'Happy Birthday' at an earlier party but the results left a bit to be desired. Then we brought out the chocolate-frosted cake and the neatly wrapped box of dessert-themed pralines from some European manufacturer. I knew from experience it was a very good brand and had called dibs on at least one creme brulee and one coffee in perpetuity. I could already taste them as I went for the birthday girl.
        Kriss acted surprised as we played her the customary song on our preferred instruments, then blew out the candles with a single, magnificent puff, getting kisses both as a reward, to mark the day and because any excuse for that is good enough. She laughed in anticipation at the contents of the parcel, flipping it open and inviting us to help ourselves. We had coffee (cocoa in Kriss' case) and cake before being told she had a surprise for us as well. While it was located in our quarters, it was far more wholesome than you'd think. We have an unspoken rule to consider unmarked boxes under the bed hands-off, so even if I'd seen them I would've had no idea.
        "Time to show you what I got at the costume shop", she announced and produced three bags with colorful - bordering on garish - fabrics. The labels proclaimed they belonged to the Super Mario franchise, which surprised me since we aren't exactly gamers. Still, I knew the gist of the story. Kim got a pink dress labeled 'Peach' while I was handed a yellow and orange one marked 'Daisy'. Those I recognized to some extent, but was puzzled by the blue number titled 'Rosalina'. I didn't even have time to say we didn't exactly look the parts before Kriss had unveiled a trio of extremely unrealistic wigs with plastic crowns attached to them. Those would help but it was still a strange choice. Until Kriss explained.
        "I thought and thought about things you haven't covered and then it struck me - video games!"
        She had a point. It wasn't a bad idea at all but a dress for Kimber would have been enough. My darling idiot wife countered that too.
        "I've seen how nitpicky fans can be - thought it better to include them all."
        "These two I understand, but you're gonna be…Rosalina? Who is she, anyway?"
        "Just some kind of space princess, I think. I'm sure you can read up on it."
        That was the white elephant part. Someone would have to write something.
        "Too bad they're all so pale", Kriss said, shooting a mournful glance at Lex who replied with a bemused smile.
        "I'm good, believe me."
        "Still. I'm so sorry there was nothing for you, love. Maybe this will compensate a bit."
        She brought out a flat, expensive-looking package, evidently from a boutique, and Lexi's eyes fairly sparkled as she flipped it open. It contained a gown fit for an actual princess, light lavender and cream with simple gold embroideries. The squee can't be described so I won't try. Suffice it to say it went on at once and even I felt a twinge of envy at such a pretty dress. The wearer twirled around and at that moment you would've had a hard time picturing her in an action movie. After the sight had been properly appreciated Kriss urged the rest of us to try our outfits too and even if the fit was fine I felt slightly idiotic doing cosplay next to Alexis's new finery. But I had to admit we - for lack of a better description - sort of looked the parts. The getups were probably licensed and there is something to be said for companies caring about their trademarks.
        "So whaddya say, Chel? Think you can write something around these?"
        "For her, probably. Not sure how to work us in as well."
        "You'll think of something", Rosalina said with absolute confidence.
        Easy for her - up until this hour I hadn't even known that character existed, and I'd only seen pics of my own precursor. She should have bought a Nintendo too if she wanted me to find out more. Or maybe not. Because what she'd gotten instead was plenty.
        "You're gonna love these", she said, pulling out a shipping box that seemed to have been opened only recently. Within it was what I hoped to be shop displays, since the mind boggled at what else people would do with an inflatable Mario… and Luigi. Ebay's a blessing and a curse in equal measures.
        The unfolded figures appeared to be about four feet from shoes to caps, so at least neither life-sized or naked. But that was the entirety of their positive qualities, apart from a distinct likeness with the originals.
        Kim laughed and clapped her hands. "Bet this will be the first time Peach has blown Mario!"
        For the sake of justice I hoped not. After all the hoops he'd jumped through for her it would be the very least she could do in return. If anyone did even half of those things for someone they'd better give awesome head.
        As for me, I was Luigi's designated girl. Sort of paired up for lack of alternatives - or more likely, thought up for that particular purpose. Or to quash any rumors of turtle romance. Still, it was just a part and I could settle for that. I inflated what was basically just 'green Mario', even if there were token differences these days.
        "That takes care of the plumbers. Whose love interest was Rosie created as?"
        "Oh, I think she's just some side character. So I got this!"
        A drawer held a deflated mylar star in gold, which wasn't too bad. At least better than that dino I couldn't even name.
        Ah well, it gave me something to work with. And also reminded me of the day's main attraction - what Kriss was now gleefully blowing up looked a whole lot like the letters we'd decorated with. I waited for her to finish.
        "If we're done here maybe you wanna find out what we got you."
        Kriss seemed to have expected nothing more than the choccies despite gifts being an annual tradition and lit up. We set the costumes aside for later - except Lex, of course - and I blindfolded the birthday girl as an excuse to bodily guide her to the living room. And give Kim a chance to bring the parcels out unseen.
        The smaller packages held everyday things that are still nice to have, like mascara, bath oils and a new nightgown, but the solid rectangular one was the main attraction. I'd ordered it well ahead of time and couldn't wait to see her reaction.
        It was all I could have hoped for. As Kriss unwrapped the giant beach toy her grin just kept growing bigger and seeing it was just the model she'd hankered for during summer made her let loose that wonderful girly laugh of hers.
        "Need to try it out right away! To the pool!"
        If you've spent any time around her that was pretty predictable, so we'd kept bikinis at hand just in case. Kriss giggled as I handed over her own without a word.
        "You think of everything, don't you?"
        We'd surely planned for the inevitable follow-up and brought the musical implements to the poolhouse to provide some entertainment while my wife did what had to be done. She was adamant a camera had to be present so there'd be some evidence she could share on social media. I took a pic of her brandishing the box and blowing the first few breaths in before joining my bandmates for some light accompaniment. Kriss doesn't have to be in the ensemble for me to enjoy playing with them, and seeing Kim's increasing skills on full display must have been like an extra birthday present to the lady happily tapping her feet while inflating a toy so big most people would doubt their ability to do it.
        Kriss of course had no such qualms and slowly but surely the enormous, blue, silly-looking but cute sea monster kept growing into shape. It wouldn't be wrong to call her a pneumatic powerhouse and I wasn't entirely joking about renting her out as a pump. Would probably be lucrative to install her in a booth at some beach, with the sign 'POOLTOYS INFLATED - $5'. Making it ten would be greedy - air's free, after all. And if you think the idea stupid the worst part is she'd do it.
        Anyway, I kept taking photos of her progress between songs and thought of how she'd certainly prefer the whole thing being filmed. But Crystal Mackenzie's a musician, not a fetish model, so things like that had to be downplayed. The episode with the mammoth had only passed under the cover of being a commercial. Still, I was sure the frozen moments of her blowing up this leviathan in her black bikini would be appreciated enough. It was after all the only type of beach toy befitting someone of her talents, and it wasn't without pride I watched her fill it up to the limit by lung power alone. I grabbed the camera for a final snap of Kriss pressurizing the creature properly and one of her posing with the final result, smiling almost as stupidly as the sea dino. Once that was done I wondered if she'd proceed the way I'd imagined.
        Of course she did, attempting to launch it at once. Only problem was it was hard enough climbing onto it on the floor - from the water it proved pretty much impossible for her. We had to hold it in place while she straddled it from the poolside and then spun it around so she wouldn't crack her head on the edge when she fell off. You may notice I didn't even think 'if'.
        Incredibly enough it looked like a really fun ride and Kriss seemed to have a pretty damned good time, rocking back and forth and making waves. Then the inevitable happened and I don't mean she made a splash. Remember how she had certain plans from the moment she first saw that thing? She set them in motion, starting to thrust and grind against the inflated plastic while making faces that showed it was an even better way of using it. And I actually encouraged her. Soon we were all making lewd suggestions, cheering her on as she wrapped her arms around the thick neck and got serious about the whole thing. It was an amazing sight and while it was a shame to not record it I felt it the safe thing to do. Showing her blowing up the toy was probably fine but I wasn't sure some of her fans would survive finding out what she did with it. Heck, I wasn't sure I would. I got so hot and bothered perving on Kriss fucking the huge inflatable while bobbing up and down on actual water I sorta wished we'd been at some secluded beach to make the thrill even greater. Being secretly watched while watching would be strangely exciting.
        "That's it - pop against him, baby!" Lex cried.
        Kim was as enthusiastic. "You blew him, he owes you!"
        "Come on", I moaned. "Come, come, come, come, come!"
        And she did. Throwing her head back Kriss gave such a gasping groan the whole room echoed with the noise and the entire float quivered and shook along with her. She relaxed with a satisfied smile and I was happy she'd had so much fun on her first outing with the new toy.
        Then she slid off, making the least graceful landing this side of whatever. A leg sticking straight up was briefly all that could be seen of her before submerging along with the rest. I waded out to help her up - she could make the walk herself but it's the thought that counts. Clinging to me she made her way back onto dry ground.
        "How do you feel?"
        Kriss' face split into a mischievous grin. "Breathless."
        She pretended to swoon in my arms and Lexi came over with a deflated silver air mattress to put her down on. With barely a pause she began to blow up the pillow under the dripping wet hair while Kim started on the main part far below. You can probably guess what I was supposed to do and complied without any protests.
        Soon enough the bed had swelled up and risen enough to lift her off the floor and cushioned by the breath of her lovers Kriss spread her legs wide for easy access.
        "Make it a double", she said.
        I kept kissing and blowing into her mouth while Kim and Alex simultaneously licked her, and while only the inflated beast was watching from the water it felt delightfully wicked. Within minutes Kriss tensed up all over and popped in the manner Lex had suggested. I gathered her up in my arms as she recovered and planted a big one on her cheek.
        "So how was your present?"
        "A-ma-zing", she panted. "Thanks."
        "Whatcha gonna call him?" Kim wondered.
        Kriss looked the plump ride-on over, then came to a decision.
        "Tell me he doesn't look it."
        She had a point. The inane expression practically screamed for a name like that and Kriss' tumble had been an actual one - more or less caused by the inflatable.
        "Bit close to Blowser but not bad. Heya, Blooper - good boy!"
        Alex was already towing the behemoth ashore and once landed Kim went up to hug and press her palms all around it to check the resistance.
        "Mmm…you are a good boy, aren't you?"
        Kriss insisted we all try him out and even if we didn't go all the way Blooper definitely felt like a nice playmate. I knew I'd sooner or later find out just how nice he could be.

        After lunch Kriss picked out four shots from various stages of the inflation and posted them for her followers with the caption 'Look what I just got for my birthday! Who needs summer for fun at the beach?'
        There were more congrats than anything else but no lack of pooltoy-related remarks.
        'Have you tried it out?' was one and Kriss replied yes, she had. But the only further elaboration was 'I fell off! '. They'd have to guess at the rest.
        After lunch all four of us shared some musical fun, with Kriss getting to call the shots and tunes. I think she might have enjoyed that even more than Blooper, but then again, it is her thing. Then she told us we had reservations at a little place I'm not allowed to speak much about - suffice it to say there are ways to go out in absolute privacy if you're willing to pay and being able to openly date as a foursome is worth every cent.
        "Time to try out our new signature looks?" she asked Kim.
        The younger blonde just nodded. She'd dressed pretty much the way she'd always done for the last two episodes, one of which had just been filled with shoutouts and thank-yous to fans who'd sent particularly nice well-wishes along with reading some of them out loud. We'd reused the festive backdrop for that but it had been thoroughly destroyed afterwards in a popstravaganza for members. Then there'd been a regular ep to show we weren't done with those, but I knew Kim hadn't given up on her plans.
        So it wasn't without anticipation I helped Kriss pick out a tie to bring out her eyes and match my blue dress. She wore it with a dove-gray three-piece-suit and a wide-brimmed fedora - pretty gangsta. The tailored waist of the jacket made her look so cool I wished she'd keep it on all evening. Well, most of it.
        Lexi was of course debuting her new gown but what Kim had put on was a bit unconventional and timeless at once. A lavender bow tie and cummerbund to go with her partner was all very well, but the white double-breasted jacket and pants were unexpected. Still, she was absolutely gorgeous in it, having brushed her hair into a peekaboo style more like Kriss' usual style than her own. (This time my wife had opted for tying it back loosely.)
        "You like it? Got the idea from a namesake. Been waiting for a good time to try it."
        Well, there was no way she'd gotten that off the rack lately so I guessed she'd been stacking up on the vintage pieces. She showed me a pic of the inspiration and it wasn't bad at all, but I doubted any Hollywood A-listers would get away with it these days. Would be fun to know what the fashionistas had to say about Ms. Basinger the night she wore that.
        To pass the time waiting for our ride we finished the bag of party balloons, racing to blow them all to pop. Kriss won, of course, but Kim got a loon as white as her suit that put up such a fight it was a shame we didn't film it for the site. It outright refused to pop, even after she'd blown the neck to a near-unbelievable length, and before she was done her bright red lipstick was smeared all over it. The loon lost, of course, but not without giving off an incredible bang and scattering itself all over the room. The poor presenter was so taken by the struggle she had to blow an orange one to burst right away to make sure she hadn't lost her touch. As that went much smoother she gave a satisfied smile and put her makeup back in order.
        The rest of the night was just dreamy and when we got back from dining and dancing the smooching and fondling took over. We'd almost made our way to the bedroom when I decided to pull a fast one. I ran my hand over Kim's hair and looked straight into her eyes.
        "Kimmy - do me a favor?"
        "Kissie didn't believe me when I said how fast you made me come with that lip service", I pouted. "Show her?"
        "My pleasure."
        I meant she'd do it to me again, but she went to work on the birthday girl instead. Ah well, at least I got the missing part of that kiss show. Lexi sidled up to me and blew in my ear.
        "Blondie isn't the only one who can do that…"
        She went on to prove her point and then things got real competitive. In the good way, where everyone wins.

        I didn't describe my mates' getups just to satisfy my own whims - it marked the point when they actually began making good on their intentions. Earlier that fall we'd discussed a pilgrim outfit for the Thanksgiving show, but that was changed to having Ms. Kimber put on her ruffle-collared shirt, the hand tied navy bow around the collar adorned with tiny white polka dots. A dark blue waistcoat made her even more prim and proper, even if the makeup was at least a little bit provocative.
        One decision that didn't change was to put the inflatable turkey to the only practical use it could ever have and I suppose the folks at Puffco had intended it for something related to the holiday. Though what is beyond me. At least it served admirably as a prop for 'On the Air' and the unlicensed teacher blew it full of her breath with more dignity than the situation called for. Or should have.
        With that in place she gave a little lecture on the history of the day, but it was stuff already covered by real schools here in the states. She mentioned how it has its roots in European harvest festivals, but also religious observances giving thanks to God for having survived the transatlantic voyage, for making it through a harsh winter and other acts of providence. Various places in New England and Virginia claim to have held the first Thanksgiving feast in the US, bolstering their claims by defining their version - religious observation or secular holiday - as the one that should be counted. President Kennedy tried to put all that to rest by declaring them all equally important, but the squabble naturally keeps going. October 1621 is generally held to be the true date, when a group of pilgrims celebrated their first harvest together with the Wampanoag tribe of natives who'd helped them get settled.
        The version we know was decided by Lincoln to fall on the fourth Thursday in November, but Roosevelt thought holding it earlier would help the Christmas shopping season. So in 1939 he moved it a week forward, which only messed with people's schedules and plans for the holiday. Needless to say, 'Franksgiving' was only celebrated three times before being moved back to its proper place.
        Serving large dinners is in keeping with celebrating bountiful harvests, and the traditional food involves stuff that could be found locally by the new settlers - turkey, green beans, cranberries, corn, potatoes, squash and pumpkins. The size of the meals means more food is eaten in the States at Thanksgiving than on any other date. Apart from the gorging and squabbling around the table there's also football on TV, 'Alice's Restaurant' on the radio and Alka-Seltzer in the cabinet. Oh, and religion of course plays a part. Your beliefs may vary.
        Kim went through all that for the benefit of her non-US viewers and revealed the turkey behind her would live through the season as it had received a presidential pardon, just like the bird annually gifted to the incumbent. Then she went on to more relevant things.
        "Of course, another well-known tradition is Macy's Thanksgiving parade, where carnival floats and giant balloons of famous characters make their way through the streets of New York. It's been around since 1924, which makes it the second oldest in the States - only beaten by Philadelphia’s parade which was started by another department store - Gimbel’s - in 1920. However, Macy’s is tied for age with ‘America’s Thanksgiving Parade’ in Detroit.”
        Ms. Kimber adjusted her thin glasses before going on. "The first years it consisted of employees in colorful clothes, marching bands, floats and wild animals on loan from Central Park Zoo. As it was intended to open the Christmas shopping season, the climax of the show was putting Santa Claus on a throne on the store balcony. The whole thing was such an immense success it was repeated the next year and became an annual tradition, but since the beasts tended to scare children it was decided to have them replaced in 1928. The substitute turned out to be inflatable rubber creatures."
        The presenter took out what looked like a floppy toy lion, only with a big balloon neck instead of a tail. She placed it between her lips and exhaled, immediately making the critter's body swell up. The thick mane and legs kept their shape as the rest kept inflating with Kim's breath, outgrowing the appendages while getting bigger and more translucent with every puff. She blew it up until it looked fit to explode, then deftly knotted it and placed the bloated shape on the desk. The aptly-named Puffimal made for a good illustration, but I'll get back to that later. For the moment the teacher went on with the lecture.
        "This is a poor representation of the giant balloons used in the parade. They were filled with helium and pulled along the route before being released into the air at the end as an extra publicity stunt, with a hefty finder's fee promised to whoever returned one. Naturally, this wasn't entirely unproblematic. One year a cat balloon caught fire after flying into power lines and the practice came to an end in 1932 after a pilot tried to bring one down prematurely with a plane, nearly crashing in the process. And if you're thinking boys will be boys, I might mention it was a female aviator showing such initiative."
        I actually felt a twinge of feminine pride at that. Proves there's gender equality even in suicidal stupidity.
        "But even grounded the balloons stayed popular and are to this day the main feature of the event. Even if you're not a New Yorker you've probably seen them on TV - the three-hour spectacle has been broadcast nationwide since 1953. Regardless of the dimensions they are still balloons though, and balloons - no matter the size - might…"
        She tossed the lion into the air and quick as a flash brought out a knitting needle, resting it point up on the desk at the estimated landing spot. As the Puffimal descended it struck the sharp implement and burst with a very final snap, draping itself from the top of the oversized pin.
        Ms. Kimber let latex and steel topple onto the surface and began to list full-sized incidents, picking up a paper as she began.
        "High winds have torn more than one unfortunate animal apart, or blown them into lampposts or other obstacles. Sometimes they can proceed with a deflated compartment but often have to be removed completely. And as helium expands with heat, it's important to not fill them too much. On occasion parts of balloons have exploded from too much sun.”
        An acquaintance once told me about having seen the turkey’s tail pop for no good reason and I’d chalked it up to balloons being balloons, but finding the real cause made sense.
        “Let’s go through some of the mishaps over the years.”
        It wasn’t particularly interesting, but highlighted how many times things had indeed gone wrong and just how fragile the air-filled behemoths are. Stuff like
        “1952 - Crocodile, puncture. 1955 - Spaceman, arm torn off” made up most of the segment, though a helium shortage in 1958 leading to the balloons instead being filled with air and hung from cranes plus the extreme weather in 1971 keeping them all grounded were standouts. As Kim reached 1983 I bit my lip, knowing what had happened then.
        “Mickey Mouse - exploded during inflation.”
        Imagine being part of the crew at that point. I’ve had awkward days at work, but none even approaching what that must have been like.
        “1997 was a turning point in the parade’s history. So much went wrong that year new rules had to be put in place, limiting balloon sizes, having them attached to utility vehicles and adding a minimum number of handlers. A few examples of what’s known as ‘The Great Balloon Massacre’: The Pink Panther got out of control in Times Square and NYPD stabbed its tail to stabilize it - which helped a little but it still struck a lamppost and deflated. Barney the Dinosaur met a similar fate not far from the same spot and just like the panther had to be mercy-killed by knife-wielding policemen. Several other balloons got minor injuries while a bystander suffered a major one when The Cat in the Hat broke a lamppost which fell into the crowd and put a woman in a month-long coma.”
        While that was pretty bad, I was surprised there hadn’t been more or worse accidents over the years. Seems the incident made them wise up to the risks:
        “Since then, most mishaps have been of a technical nature, with helium loss and handlers falling over being the most common - although a few trees have been hit as well. Still, the parade is an impressive sight that’s sure to bring a lot of smiles to onlookers. In keeping with the date, let’s give some silent thanks to all the volunteers that year after year make the event possible.”

        The lesson ended with Ms. Kimber promising extracurricular activities in the form of instructions on how to make a procession for home use, and I actually dreaded shooting it as we set up the members-only segment. That part had already required quite a lot of preparations. As Kim still held balloons should never be inflated "wrong side first" every single one had to be carefully conditioned - i.e. pre-stretched by being blown up to the max a few times over. The previous night we'd gathered up every single shaped one in the house and all we could find at the party store. Then we all set about filling them as carefully as possible. Even Lex, who’d always felt jinxed around special shapes, had gotten skilled enough to handle at least the giant caterpillars as they were basically just oversized knobbly ones. I worried a bit about Kriss but as I’ve said, she can show restraint when needed and actually did a better job than me. I felt a bit of a klutz when the big blue mouse-ear exploded in my face.
        Naturally we had to make more than one of each since Kim’s method almost certainly came with an accidental pop guarantee, but we had a lot of fun doing it. There was just one huge elephant left though and she had to handle it herself to make sure no one else could be blamed for its premature demise. Not since Easter had I seen her blow something up so meticulously, and after five fillings the pink latex seemed to have a sporting chance at survival. There’d be a bunny this time too, but it was a different model - shorter, fatter and with thicker ears. Even I managed to blow one of those up without bursting it. Lexi, however, wasn’t as lucky and stuck to simpler shapes like the big dolls with penguins printed on them. And of course the Puffimals. The fish we had used in the show that had caused Carrie no end of grief were cheap knockoffs, but these actually had a brand name. Hadn't seen them in stores for a while but our supply came from some sort of surplus sale. The time to use them was now or never, because we frankly didn't have the heart to fool around with the cute balloon critters. I'd always thought they'd make lousy toys because chances were playtime would end in tears. A popped balloon can be bad enough - a burst animal must be ten times worse. Granted, the rubber was strong and pretty hard to inflate, but would still be no match for a sharp object as Kim had just proved on camera. The round bodies didn't need any particular inflation skills apart from lung power, so we only blew those up to check for holes. Well, except for Kriss, of course, who filled her frog so much that me, Kim and Lex found ourselves backing away to a safe distance. The pop was sudden and sharp, leaving the mostly intact but torn body dangling from the thick mouthpiece.
        I glared at her. "Lemme guess - you were trying to illustrate that fable with the ox."
        Kriss appeared to suddenly remember it. "Always hated that one! For a while I actually thought you could burst from bragging."
        I'd never been a fan either but I'd been more traumatized by a movie where some brats blew up a bullfrog through a straw, waited for someone to take pity on it and then killed it with a slingshot. Dunno if the rest of the film was any good because I stopped watching there.
        Kriss brought me back to the amusing side of exploding amphibians. "Just had to see how big they can safely get. You want them as big as possible, right?"
        Kim nodded. "Gonna see if this holds up."
        She inflated her tiger nearly as large as the frog had gotten, and Lex blew up an elephant as much. I had a fish and hesitated, remembering the act I just alluded to.
        "I know what you're thinking, boss", Kim said. "But these are not the same. The bad ones had the mouthpiece in the, well, mouth. And weren't blue."
        I conceded the point and kept blowing the thing up through the tail. It stretched out obligingly and looked deceptively strong, but I didn't go beyond what the others had done. Kim and Lex filled up a lion apiece while Kriss checked a replacement frog for weak spots and that was pretty much it for the preps.

        Now the deflated shapes were all placed in a black velvet pouch so we could do closeups of Ms. Kimber fishing them out - would help editing to have a restart point for each in case they blew up in the bad way.
        Having moved in front of the neutral backdrop the teacher welcomed the class and started to talk about distinct rubber shapes.
        “Now, the balloons they put on display are far too large for this room but I’m going to show a few interesting varieties for home use.”
        She produced a green specimen and stretched it for the camera to mask the preinflation as much as possible.
        “This is supposed to be a mouse. You may have seen the model - for example, they’ve been popular at Disneyland.”
        Ms. Kimber inhaled and began to blow it up. It swelled out, expanded, grew an ear and popped. Auspicious beginnings indeed. If we were to keep that shot I would have to bleep it - wouldn’t do to show her use such an expression. Still, the second attempt went much better and the blue loon took shape as it should. She tied it off, held it up at different angles and placed it on the table behind her. Then she went for the next one. It was very similar but rounder with less pronounced ears, although for compensation had a printed rodent face.
        “I tend to think of these as hamsters”, Kimber said and inflated it without incident. The orange rubber contrasted nicely with the first balloon and she took out something in pink.
        “Here’s a cat” she said and blew, the fourth puff using up nine lives in one go with a sudden bang. As she cleaned it away for a retake I suggested a change.
        “You may have heard about ‘Cat Ballou’ - here’s a cat balloon.”
        That one survived to the end, the only downside being the whiskered print not showing too well against the red background. The small ears were pointed, or as near that as inflated latex can get. Not even sure they’re supposed to fill up, but Kriss had been very thorough about forcing air into them.
        Kim went on to the bunny Mk II and I got a flashback to the last time she’d tried her hand and mouth at that. Even if this was technically a less demanding shape and size she still blew two rabbits to bits along the way and had to start over. But the third time was the charm and she set the purple loon aside with the demeanor of someone succeeding at their first go.
        Next came a giant duck and as we’d only ordered those in yellow a single closeup would do. Not that it was needed as the first attempt was enough. I pretended it had been the one I had prepared, just to feel a little pride at my skills.
        Then it was time for the pink elephant - the last of its species. While Ms. Kimber blew in long, measured, steady puffs and the shape filled out nicely it didn't last all the way. Just when you could finally tell what it was supposed to be the balloon popped without warning. The inflatress must have expected it and had a line ready.
        "Seeing pink elephants is a sign of drunkenness anyway."
        Without waiting for a closeup she took out the Puffimal version and blew into its trunk until it took on dangerous proportions - approaching the max volume of rubber frogs. Then she tied the appendage off and it was here yours truly nearly ruined the take by snorting. It was just what I imagined a jungle queen might do in some silly cartoon and watching the latex pachyderm have its snout replaced by a thick knot sealed the deal. I managed to keep it in, though.
        Kim inflated another lion, a tiger, a frog and a fish in quick succession and placed them with the rest. A penguin print came next, but she'd saved the best for last. An oversized green caterpillar emerged from the pouch along with her hand and watching her fill it up was a sight to behold. Her powerful breaths made it go from limp and flat to stiff and thick, and its shape made the transformation even more remarkable. If a balloon can be described as getting truly blown up, this was the perfect example. Ms. Kimber puffed away with such skill and force it didn't take her long at all to finish the last of her animal companions, and by the time she leaned the tied-off loon against the wall the collection looked complete. But I knew she wasn't quite done.
        "The last balloon in the parade is traditionally Santa Claus, so let's end our little version with him as well."
        She took out a big red doll-shape and without wasting any time started to blow him full of air. She didn't waste any breath either and before long you could see a pretty elaborate white print of Saint Nick stretch out and grow in front of her. As a Christmas ornament it was definitely on the bulky side, but made for a pretty impressive seasonal prop. He got bigger and bigger as Kim kept going and before long the trained eye could notice the neck starting to swell. Ms. Kimber, however, proceeded to blow with the absolute confidence of someone completely certain her balloon is able to take much, much more.
        I do sympathize with anyone wishing to make Santa look more jolly by blowing him fatter, but as I'd discovered the hard way years before, most balloons aren't molded for that. And just like back then, Kimmy's rubber man literally went to pieces from her efforts. There was a loud bang and the balloon was no longer anywhere in sight. She blinked a couple of times at the emptiness.
        "I guess the holidays may be a little late this year. Father Christmas definitely is."
        She tucked away the mouthpiece left between her fingers and went on to an extra bonus.
        "Now, there are shapes that have been deemed unsuitable for the parade and I happen to have a few that don't quite fit into this one either."
        To demonstrate, she blew up an arch, a squiggle and an omniloon, tying the previous two to the anchor points of the latter. It was a weird collection, but an interesting showcase of lesser-known balloon types.
        "Then there are outright novelties."
        Even before she began on the boob balloon you could clearly see what it would turn into, but Kim blew it up as off-handedly as if it had been a regular heart. The peach tint and the big nipples went uncommented upon as she reached for what would be the very last entry.
        Seeing the prim and proper teacher inflate an enormous latex penis by mouth was even lewder than with the vinyl one from a previous lesson, as this one was actually expanding, extending and growing bigger in her grip. She took it from her lips.
        "It's important to know when to stop. If you blow these for too long they will explode in your mouth."
        Disregarding her own advice she blew in two more big puffs, tied the balloon off and added it to the motley crew of rubber shapes. I imagined a line of showgirls carrying them through the streets and thought it wouldn't feel entirely out of place here in Vegas, only somewhat underfunded. Especially if it got out they hadn't even been provided with pumps. Kim was thinking along the same lines:
        "There! For parade planners on a budget. I might add that these can't be reused year after year, but shouldn't be too expensive to replace. A Macy's balloon can cost up to a hundred thousand dollars to construct, and filling them all up with helium adds over half a million to the bill."
        Quite a bit could be saved by having the volunteers blow them up as well, but I suppose they wouldn't float as impressively then.
        "I hope you've learned a bit about what it takes to make those giant figures so festive. It's an impressive sight, even when viewed through a camera."
        She could be referring to either the original event or the miniature recreation she'd just performed and be equally correct. But no matter which, the lesson had come to an end and she dismissed the class before walking over to me, putting her hands over my shoulders.
        "I want to right now…"
        So did I. I kissed her and led her to the very inviting mattress, guiding her onto her back and getting on top. While she might have appeared like a strict miss, once below me she acted more like a shy schoolgirl and we made oh so sweet love without removing a single garment. Giving and taking like absolute equals, there was nothing but utter delight all around us and Kim held on to me with total love and devotion as I did my utmost to make us both pass the point of no return, and once we sailed right over that she lay back with an adorable smile, leisurely adjusting her already immaculate bow tie.
        "Oh Cherry, I love dressing like this…”
        “I love that you love it. Because it’s such a wonderful look for you.”
        “And you make me feel so sexy in it. Want everyone to see that.”
        We agreed she’d have plenty of chances in the future, as long as she mixed it up a bit. And kept wearing appropriate costumes when needed.

        The animal balloon drew quite a bit of commentaries, including several queries about where to buy them. But one sentiment stood out, if only for the capital letters:
        "PLEASE POP THEM!!"
        Kimber replied that they were meant to last at least throughout Thanksgiving, but hinted she wasn’t averse to disposing of them later on. Which was done by way of the aforementioned knitting needle though not without sympathy for the doomed critters.
        Another asked if Kim thought she'd be able to blow up an actual Macy's balloon and she said no, of course not. If it had been Kriss the answer might have been different.
        At any rate, that rounded off November and as we headed into the final month of the year I hoped Kim would enjoy her birthday present as much as Kriss did hers. I had a hunch she would.


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          Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

          Being European I can only imagine how fun the Macy's Parade must be, especially for a looner ^^

          Also, it would be a dream come true to get an amazing toy like Blooper for my birthday. Seemes like Chriss was having so much fun she couldn't help getting naughty with her new toy and having your lover(s) encouraging you the whole time is such a gratifying and empowering thing.
          Gosh, no wonder she was so pleased and blissed that she slipped off in the end.


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            Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

            EPISODE 54

            The year was officially drawing to a close with the coming of its final month. As Kim had definitely settled on a trademark accessory she put a black one on for the birthday video, along with leggings in the same color and a red blazer. I got distinct ringmaster vibes from that and realized we hadn't said anything about circuses yet. Or clowns, for that matter. She inflated green and white balloons for a seasonal look and made sure to mention herself along with other celebs born in December.
            Not to be outdone, Kriss wore a white shirt and red tie for her clip, with Lex in a black cocktail dress hinting at the New Year's festivities while matching the balloons and her partner's vest. I have no idea how they managed to give 'Happy Birtday' a Christmassy sound with just two trumpets, but the feeling was there.
            We recorded a regular show with Kim in regular clothes, but then it was about time to do something for her own day. This time we filmed it ahead of time and the presenter dressed up for the occasion in a blue satin blouse with short, puffy sleeves and a matching bow around her neck. She mentioned that she didn't want to blow her own trumpet and explained that the one she produced belonged to her wife before sounding a small fanfare to announce it was her birthday. Then she went on to rattle off some trivia tidbits on the subject I'd swiped off the net and since it'll take less time for you to google some than for me to repeat them I'll leave it at that. Kim did however finish with a local touch - mentioning that the world's biggest birthday cake was baked in Vegas for the city's centenary in 2005, weighing 130 000 pounds and measuring 102 by 52 feet, making the 20 inch height seem paltry. We'd placed a much more modest version on the desk and Kimber blew out the candles after making a wish - that people would click those ever-present buttons below the vid.
            Naturally there were party balloons in the studio, but only members got to see the preparation and disposal of those. Which was justified, since there was a load of them. We all pitched in to help blow up two massive bouquets of metallic 11-inchers flanking the birthday girl - plus a third one we didn’t film since one of Kim’s wishes for the day was a post-shooting fuck on top of it. So it went onto of the studio bed, and so did the presenter right after finishing a saxophone number for her subscribers. It was the most popular birthday song in Sweden (and the Netherlands, as it turned out) which sounded cheerful enough but Kim's evident eagerness wasn't in anticipation of presents. Without so much as a word she pulled her skirt up and while Kriss guided the strap-on she'd donned into place me and Lex got ready for our turns. There were quite a few pops at the start but as the surviving loons rose to the sides and enveloped the pair only the occasional smaller bang accompanied the big one. I went second and managed to screw Kim's grin even wider in record time, and as she popped herself not long after that I had to make room for her wife. Lexi's treatment of the blonde was so intense and inspiring me and Kriss had to sneak off for a private session on the nearest suitable surface. Which was the hallway floor.
            In other words, business as usual.

            Kim was far more casual on her actual birthday, and while there were both loons and cake for the non-public celebration they paled in comparison to the heavy, compact box I'd sent for at the same time as the sea monster. Within was a heavy-duty inflatable lion and while it lacked certain parts it had definitely been designed for humping. The cover picture didn't do the contents justice, the magnificent mane and playful pose notwithstanding. Even without holes and protrusions there was enough body to rub against for the desired effect. Just as well the valve was on its rump and out of the way for most positions.
            I've seldom seen Kim inflate something in such a rush. She huffed and puffed and blew with all her might to bring her new plaything into a usable state and as soon as she finished she threw herself on top of the prone beast, cozying up to the king of the animals with almost audible purrs. I don't think she remembered we were watching - or at the very least didn't care. Her jeans came off like on their own accord and then she was boinking away, giving the lion a thorough shagging and shuddering all over as she came not two minutes after stripping. She slid off and turned around with the most lascivious grin.
            "You have to try it!"
            No one protested - at least not until Kim pulled the plug and began to squeeze the air out of the critter. Lex opened her mouth although her wife was quicker on the draw.
            "But you'll have to inflate him yourselves - Pawtrick's particular about that."
            She seemed kind of disappointed I didn't react to the name and wiggled a deflating appendage at us. "I'm sure he's got a few paw tricks up his sleeve..."
            "I got it the first time. Hand him over."
            I received the not-quite-empty plastic animal and brought the big valve to my mouth. As I began to blow into it I felt Kriss' arms encircling and starting to undress me. Her voice was low and husky in my ear.
            "That's it, Chellie, give Pawtrick a nice, big blow job…"
            I did my best, filling the tan hide with all the breath I could muster, feeling it grow and swell from my efforts. The scent of fresh vinyl was strong in my nostrils as I kept inhaling and exhaling while Kriss did her best to turn me on, which she managed masterfully. I was throbbing with desire long before I'd finished inflating the damn thing and gasped for the air I would have to keep blowing in if I wanted relief from the pressure threatening to burst me from the inside out. I blew the lion almost as tense and only then did Kriss release my nipples to let me mimic Kim's earlier movements. Almost at once I knew why she'd insisted we try. It was a very pleasant ride, just bouncy enough to remind me what I was boinking while warm, pulsing pleasure radiated from the point of impact. I hugged Pawtrick tight as I kept pumping against his inflated body, the sensation increasing until I could take no more and gave in to a wonderful climax that had me rocking from side to side between the thick hind legs. I stayed on top for so long that Kim had to remind me there was a line by opening the valve again and I slowly sank down as the material went limp from my weight. I picked myself up along with the sadly deflated toy and passed it on for my wife to remedy the lack of pressure.
            She wasted no time doing so, blowing furiously over and over again and eventually forcing so much air inside it I was worried it'd split apart. I'd long since given up on predicting how much Kriss will attempt to inflate any given object, adopting the pragmatic view of 'if it bursts, it bursts'. But it would be bad form popping Kimmy's present.
            However, she did stop in time and as if reading my thoughts turned to me.
            "I just want a nice, tight ride."
            It was tight all right. I've never seen an overweight lion but at that moment 'overblown' got ticked off the list. Kriss clambered onto it and began thrusting away, losing herself completely in lust. Her movements were wild and desperate, as if she was in a real hurry to get off, and if she wasn't she went about it the wrong way. I'd know that yell anywhere but this time it wasn't a signal of being done but rather getting started for real. Her moans drowned out the creaking of the taut pvc, blown firm enough to provide only minimal give to her pumping, gyrating hips. A leg went up to hook around Pawtrick's and the new position must have been great for her as a whine rose while her efforts redoubled. A shrill groan intensified into a shriek as Kriss rolled onto the floor, pulling her playmate along and going for thirds by taking one of his paws in a firm grip and rubbing it against her privates with single-minded focus. I love watching her masturbate and was aching to jump in and help with my own hand and mouth, but Kim had beaten me to it and was busy rewarding Kriss for picking up on the pet's name. I could only look and finger myself while once more wondering what brass fans would think if they knew how scandalously wanton Crystal Mackenzie is in private. Her passion isn't limited to music - or at all - and I sometimes think she loves sex even more than Kim. Me and Lex are the restrained ones, and yet we take every single opportunity to fuck. I resolved to wear a strap-on for the entire next day and bend Krissie over every piece of furniture I could find. After all, it had been months.
            When the blondes had finished they picked up the lion and as the valve came open the air started to violently rush out from the incredible pressure. They still placed the inflatable between them and squeezed it flat while hugging and kissing with genuine love and affection. I could totally see them inflating it together as well and wouldn't take any bets against it happening in the near future.

            While my wife had her fun Alex had rushed off to retrieve one of her mementos from the theater - a leopard print bikini with matching loincloth which was really a torn miniskirt. She looked ready to give Tarzan a run for his money and blew up the lion with such speed and ferocity I thought she was going for the kill. But once she'd plugged it up she started grappling with the puffy predator, wrestling it into submission and pushing its face towards the ground. Then she began humping it from behind in a display of total dominance, rubbing herself against the base of the tail and looking like she was having a grand old time. Which she probably did. It was really erotic and both blondes were just about drooling at the sight, whistling and cheering Lexi on.
            But the spectacle was spoiled for me because I couldn't stop thinking about some prop master bringing one of Pawtrick's brothers in for a scene where Tarzan rescues his mate from a bloodthirsty beast. I pictured the hero launching himself from the foliage and plunging a knife into the plastic body. I could hear the pop and the hiss and the laughter from the crew, see the leading man stalk off in a huff and Jane taking pity on the lion and blowing it back up. Or failing and ordering her stunt double to do it. That'd be an interesting day on the set, and a canny cameraman could probably make a buck or two off the unused footage.
            I shook my head and came to my senses just in time for the grand finale, Lex throwing her head back with a feral howl as she gripped the blow-up tight for a fierce, final grind. Fade to black and roll credits.
            Having kissed her beloved thoroughly Kim reached out and opened the valve once more, making Pawtrick sink into a well-earned rest.
            "Sorry, but the lion sleeps tonight."
            "Not the loins, though!" Kriss said and pressed her own against Kim's hip.
            "They'd better not", the birthday girl nodded.
            I watched the oversized pool toy deflate with some sympathy. On the one hand, he would only be blown up by gorgeous women - but on the other, he would be expected to deliver each and every time. I'd tell him no pressure except there'd be quite a lot of it.

            We took a break for lunch before bringing out more surprises for our youngest family member. There was no doubt Kimmy had fans and that quite a few of them had remembered her day. For the last week or so our postal box had been piling up with deliveries which I’d secreted away and screened, with mounting astonishment at the amount and contents. While there were several nice cards and cash envelopes, the majority was made up of actual gifts. We were no strangers to the occasional package, but this was a minor deluge. And most of them factory-sealed. Kimber would probably have to make a separate thank-you video - though without showing any of the presents. It would be unfair to those who’d sent stuff that wasn’t suitable for general viewing. I'd quietly disposed of the two dildos and the (admittedly expensive) vibrator - we were well stocked with those anyway. The same went for the inflatables and balloons that weren’t in the original packaging since there was no way of telling where they had been, but there was still a substantial amount of fun stuff Kim could blow up and put in the studio.
            And some that she couldn’t. Two different viewers had sent her identical replacements for Barbie - cheap bachelor party quality inflatable dolls. As Kim had zero interest in those Lex surprised us all by opening one of the boxes and tossing the other to Kriss.
            "Let's race."
            Needless to say she didn't need to ask twice. Her opponent tore the cardboard open in record time and shook the contents out, looking to Lex to see where the mouthpiece was located. Once she'd found the vinyl valve in the middle of the doll's back she popped it open and glanced up for the go-ahead. I counted them in and without a moment lost there was a whooshing noise from both directions as the plastic began to fill up with air.
            Those things can't hold much at all, and soon their legs were spread at V-shaped angles while the sagging heads rose with every breath blown in. It would be wrong to call them puffs - these were great gusts delivered with galestorm force, and it was only a matter of time before the flimsy joints would tear apart from the pressure.
            With a rather disappointing pop Lexi's doll split open at the crotch and with the very next breath Kriss' inflatable lady followed suit, instantly losing its shape and collapsing into a pink formless heap. She turned to the winner - not with disappointment, but pride.
            "Wow, that was fast!"
            Lex shrugged. "I suppose these are good for a quick bang."
            If nothing else, it was a household first as blow-to-pop races went. We'd done beach balls and swim rings, but never fuckdolls. If those could be called that, lacking the necessary openings. Then again, so did Pawtrick.
            One gift got used as intended, though. We'd never gotten around to buying one of those ourselves, mostly because of fearing injuries. But I'd always know we would have to try one sooner or later, and as the wrapping came off it was clear that time had come.
            I've always been fond of space hoppers, and have to admit I've considered alternative uses for the ones with pointy grips. But this one had been designed by someone who'd considered the twin handles an afterthought and had added two appendages for which there could be no alternate usage. Kim looked at the deflated sphere with a mix of anticipation and glee.
            "Can I try it at once?"
            "Be my guest" I said, wondering if I should locate an adapter. The fuchsia material only had a round hole accompanied by a white stopper, but Kimmy deftly covered it with her lips and started to blow.
            The wrinkled ball began to unfold, growing smoother with each deep breath. Soon you could see the phallic pegs sticking out from the center along with the handles, and as Kim kept inflating her newest toy they rose to the occasion. It was clear some lube would come in handy, so I swiftly fetched a bottle and returned just as the blonde was struggling to add some final pressure. She blew hard enough to turn her bulging cheeks a reddish hue, then plugged the hole with the tip of her tongue while moving the stopper into place. A minimum of air escaped with a sharp hiss as she put it in and then she held the whole thing at arm's length for a complete inspection.
            "Mmm. This looks fun."
            She took the bigger dildo in her mouth and sucked it thoroughly before moving on to give the smaller nub the same treatment. All of a sudden I couldn't wait to see them in action, risks be damned. I handed her the flask without a word and she responded by taking all her clothes off and rubbing the appendages with a generous helping of glide. Then she straddled the ball and gently lowered herself onto it, making sure everything went where it was supposed to. A small gasp told everyone watching she'd hit the bullseyes and without a sign of hurry Kim grabbed the sturdy grips and gave a trial bounce.
            This time there was nothing small about the gasp and by degrees both the airtime and noises increased until she set off on a lap around the room. We had to jump out of the way as she seemed to have forgotten we were even there. Thinking quickly, Kriss opened the door and on her next pass Kim went through it, the sounds of her pleasure growing fainter as she vanished down the hallway. But no less intense - rather the opposite. We followed her to see where the ride would take her and as she reached the wall she turned around to hop towards us, throwing her head back and moaning loudly on every bounce. As she approached it was clear she was just about ready to pop and when it happened she launched herself into Lexi's arms, the taut ball still held in place by clenching muscles. She yelped and shuddered and came while her lover held her tight, the first signs of the throes subsiding being the plaything dropping to the floor. Kriss waited all but five seconds before speaking.
            "I'm so up for that", she exclaimed, unbuttoning her pants.
            I wiped both shafts with a Kleenex and lubed them before helping guide her into place. With a lecherous grunt she set off and if the sight hadn't been so sexy it would have looked ludicrous. Instead it was a major turn-on, and Lex was already undressing in anticipation of her turn - which came shortly after Kriss did. I felt like an old-time gas station attendant, cleaning and preparing vehicles for the riders, but after Lexi had finished with an extra-hard landing that almost burst the ball I finally got to go myself.
            It was glorious. Bouncing along while being fucked both ways in that manner was hot enough, but having Kim's breath help push the rubbery rods deep inside me brought it to another dimension. I came so hard and fast I had to keep on for an encore, and the second orgasm was so disorienting I tumbled right off and onto the floor. I didn't mind one bit. My only regret was not buying a ball like this earlier. They really should be packed with an adapter instead of a pump, because no sane woman would mind having to huff and puff a bit for such a fun time. Society has grown lazy.

            We got dressed and put the rest of the presents away for later use. But Kim had gotten digital gifts as well - not only online shopping vouchers but our author friend had written a sequel to the Galactic Heroine story. It was another outrageously pulpy but sweet tale that not only resolved the storyline but made our suggestion canon by turning Kimber and Nixy into an official couple at the end. Though I would hesitate to ask Sam for another cover, since she too had sent a present in the form of an updated show intro, making the animated portrait even better-looking and adding Kim's new signature accessory. The recipient was beyond pleased with that and I was sure her viewers would appreciate it as much. Then only one thing remained to hand out.
            "Saving your birthday blowjobs up for the night?"
            Kim smiled back at me. "Yeah. But I have one last wish - I don't just want to get'em, I wanna give as well."
            Well, as much as I love licking her pussy that offer was too good to pass up on, so the night ended with sixty-nine times three. Though not as a math exercise.

            While that was all fun and games, video games turned out to be somewhat more of a chore - at least script wise. The costumes made sure I could give Mario & company some extra focus, but also meant I had to look to that franchise for something, anything, connected to our thing. I did some searching and it appeared those digital boardgames had contained plenty of balloon popping games, but they seemed to just be target practice or pump affairs. Then I hit the jackpot and called Kriss in.
            "I can see us do this but you'll have to build it."
            "Oh, I will, I will! But what will Lex be?"
            I agreed we couldn't leave her out, but all the other characters were unthinkable. So Krissie joined in the search and I don't know which phrases she used but her triumphant laugh was unmistakable.
            "Lookie here!"
            What she'd found turned out to be pretty unofficial but sometimes fan art can be a good thing. I leave it to you to look up 'Bowsette' for yourselves - a female version of Mario's archnemesis. I had to admit it would do, if we could get the gear.
            Whatever Ebay was that time is not for me to decide, but Kriss managed to find a cosplay version that hopefully would fit Lexi's frame. And being able to splurge on express delivery, she did. The inevitable if small wait was ok though - she needed to make a pneumatic prop anyway.
            I didn't worry too much about the pictures showing fairer skin. After all, who could say what color such a character should be? In a pinch we could call her 'Blowsette' - a totally different girl.
            I also lost track of Kriss for the better part of a day, but by the end of it she was eager to show me what she'd put together. I can only call the result a 'contraption' but it sure was impressive and I'll save the description for when we actually put it to use. I rewarded her with enough kisses to make up for the missing hours.
            "My brilliant, talented darling."
            "It wasn't too hard once I figured it out."
            "You're still amazing. We need some alone time, like right away."
            Once in the bedroom I removed her top and began to work on her breasts. I sucked and blew the tips as hard as they could get and Kriss sighed with delight.
            "I wish I had bigger ones. Wish you could blow them up 'til I had a bod like Jessica Rabbit."
            "Let's try something."
            I went to the closet for an oversized tee that had seen better days and threw it over her head. With a pair of nail scissors I cut two holes just big enough to put her nipples through and left them sticking out while I raided the nightstand for some pink balloons. I stuck them under the vandalized shirt and pulled the necks out through the openings.
            "You mean like this?"
            With that I inflated the first loon until the fabric was thoroughly stretched. It could get bigger, but then there'd be no room for its twin. I tied it off and began blowing up the other fake boob - it took some measuring, deflations and retries to make them the same size, but in the end Kriss had a bust measurement that defied belief. While I couldn't make her waist thinner, it felt small in relation. She admired herself in the mirror.
            "Wowie. Eat your heart out, Dolly."
            "Thought you wanted to be Jessica?"
            "Both look great on stage. Though I might prefer crooning to country. Now, if Jessie had played the trumpet as well she'd won hands down."
            "Bet you she'd be amazing at it."
            Kriss raised an eyebrow. "Really?"
            "Of course. Toons can do anything the script calls for."
            “That’s true”, she agreed.
            “Look as sexy as she wants to.” I leaned close to whisper. "And she can blow the 'bone and tuba like a pro."
            If Kriss noticed I’d started talking about her as well she didn’t let on, but went along.
            “And her lover. And I haven’t blown you today…yet.”
            “A promise is a promise”, I said and slid my panties off. Then I once more got proof Kriss intended to keep hers and it was at least as good as all the other times. She rose with a naughty smile.
            “Have to wonder what a toon blowjob would be like.”
            “Literal”, I said. “Inflating the guy through his cock…and very deliberately going on until he pops.”
            Kriss was amused. “Guess premature ejaculation would be flying off and whiz around the room!”
            I didn’t rule it out and chuckled at the thought of Mickey and Minnie in that situation. Or Bugs being turned into a bunny balloon by his girlfriend, whatshername. But before things would get too silly I physically reminded my wife of the present and soon we were up to more natural intimacies. Fucking a fake-boobed Kriss was more fun than it had any right to be and turned into a giggling, joyous affair that left us both spent and satisfied.
            It was a bit hard to cuddle her properly though so I reached out for a pin and primly popped her chest balloons before wrapping my arms around her still impressively voluminous body. She returned the embrace and pondered the sudden disappearance of her bust.
            "Wonder what would happen if someone did that to Jessie?"
            "She'd just stick her thumb in her mouth and blow to refill them. Standard procedure."
            "Such a cool skill to have. Imagine bringing out the big brass, saying 'I think I need some more power for this' and do just that. Talk about wowing the audience."
            I simply shook my head at the inanity. "Would be practical to deflate 'em while sleeping though."
            Kriss laughed. "Some morning routine! Take shower, brush teeth, inflate boobs."
            I had a vision of Kriss preparing to wow her audience, overdoing it and bursting in the dressing room. Or worse, on stage. A collapsing heap of clothes would be a sad end to a career, not to mention the stupidest reason ever to cancel a show.
            So I shut her up with a kiss. "Enough about cartoons. Why the sudden preoccupation with Mrs. Rabbit?"
            "Dunno, think it was the name of the girl in the shop and all the costumes."
            I briefly pictured dressing up Kim like that but we'd never cross uncanny valley. Just as well.
            “Not that it matters. I’ll love you no matter what you come up with or why.”
            “That’s good”, she sighed, “because I have a few ideas for later on.”
            She showed me at bedtime and made me love her even more. After all, ‘restrained’ is just a matter of comparison.


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              Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

              EPISODE 55

              Then came the day to unveil Kriss' little invention - or reimagining, take your pick. We put it in front of the french windows for a little backdrop and removed the furniture to make room for the balloons Kriss had bought as decorations. They were colorful 24-inchers with big white dots, but we agreed they should only be inflated enough to still be round. For once I didn't worry about any popping while we blew them up - they could easily hold that much (or that little) air. So we puffed away until we had half a dozen or so and arranged them along with some smaller, plain loons as far from the centerpiece as possible.
              By now you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about so I might as well describe what Kim and Alex saw when we called them in. A metallic funnel stood on the floor, suspended by four legs of bent pipes. From the bottom a length of green hose ran along the floor, terminating in what I'd been told was a repurposed mic stand. It had been covered with a thicker pipe, though, and spray painted grey like all the rest apart from some orange details - the funnel cup, feet and connectors. The bent top of the standing pipe terminated in a plastic tuba mouthpiece colored red for effect. In short, it was basically a more advanced version of what we'd used to assist with inflating Dodo.
              "Okay", Alex said. "What the heck is that?"
              Kriss merely smiled and went up to the stand. Grasping the pipe with both hands she began to blow into it, and almost instantly yet another 24-incher sprang to attention and rose up from the funnel - a red one with a starburst print. She gave it a few more puffs and as she removed her mouth the loon stayed like she left it.
              "Try it."
              Lex went up and blew the balloon a little bigger, then made room for Kim. When my turn came the brown beauty smiled.
              "Oh, I get it. A new take on an old game."
              "Yes and no", I said. "It's straight from one of the Mario Parties, can't recall the number though."
              Lexi nodded. "Have fun then."
              "Oh no", Kriss stated. "You're joining us."
              With that she brought out the brand-new delivery for our lover to try out, and even if she hesitated donning the shell and horns she complied. Even the wearer had to admit the result was pretty cool.
              I'd explained the costume while she was putting it on and Lex seemed far from displeased with getting a part to play - and taking place in the inevitable contest. As I'd already finished the script and Kim had finished studying it we decided to film the whole thing as soon as possible. I won't bore you with how we got into character except for mentioning that years of dabbling in stage makeup paid off. Our features did look somewhat comically exaggerated as we entered the studio.
              First we had to inflate the protagonists for the camera and Kim couldn't resist punning on "The Super Airio Brothers". While me and her worked on the boys Kriss blew up the star and Lex filled a couple of twelve-inchers bearing generic mushroom prints. We arranged everything on the wall behind the desk and then everyone but Kim got out of frame. She made a passable princess, at least as far as anyone had a right to expect. Her eyes were as big as white liner would allow and the contours and lashes further emphasized that. They were far from anime-level, though. She pulled the long white gloves tighter into place as I turned on the cam.
              "Today we'll be talking about video games, and while I'm sure most of you have a couple on your phones they weren't always as easy to access. In fact, the very first ones from the 1950’s were limited to a single machine to showcase what a computer can do and simulated simple games like tic-tac-toe. The first distributed game was ‘Spacewar!’ a very simple dogfight between ships. It was created by MIT students in 1962 who shared the program code with others users of the same computer setup – which only numbered a few dozen nationwide, but it was still a first. Progress was slow as there was so little hardware available and what few engineers there were had little time or interest in entertainment programs. With the development of better computers and programming languages, there were more opportunities for doing fun stuff with them. If you consider maths and vectors fun, that is, since the graphics still left a bit to desire. In 1971 an improved version of Spacewar, called ‘Computer Space’ was released in arcade halls. Previously pinball machines had been vastly improved by electronic components, but they were still mostly mechanical. This game had the players control a digital object, but enough people thought it a fad to make it only moderately successful. The following year however saw the release of ‘Pong’ – a two-player tennis game with little more than two simple paddles and a ball – which was a massive hit. The same autumn – 1972 – brought the first commercial home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey. Its games were about as simplistic, but it set the ball rolling and several clones reached the market. The most innovative was the Fairchild Channel F – for ‘fun’ – which used separate game cartridges and computer-controlled opponents. It was still a bit of a failure and the dominant console became the Atari VCS – also called the 2600 – from 1977. About that time arcade video games exploded in popularity and in 1978 the brand-new ‘Space Invaders’ actually created a coin shortage in Japan.”
              Hard to believe the novelty factor of such simple games had people shell out so much cash, but then again, this was the age of the Pet Rock. And to be fair, there hadn’t been anything like that before.
              “1978 to 1982”, Kim went on, “is considered the golden age of arcade games and gave rise to icons like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. It also introduced simple narratives which made the experience even more appealing. Personal computers with keyboards could run text-only adventure games that focused on playing through an actual story by typing commands – the forerunners being ‘Colossal Cave’ and ‘Zork’. But consoles were big business and other companies wanted a piece of the market – Atari’s biggest competitors apart from the improved ‘Odyssey 2’ were Coleco’s ‘Colecovision’ and Mattel’s ‘Intellivision’, all trying to sell simplified versions of arcade games along with their own. In fact, so many low-quality games were produced that they flooded the market and contributed to the video game crash of 1983, which all but wiped out the United States production of home consoles. There were many factors, but one shining example was Atari’s hyped adaption of the movie ‘E.T.’ which failed to meet even the lowest expectations in both quality and sales.”
              If we’d found any type of E.T. balloon Kim would have burst one here. Alas, it’s not exactly a merch-heavy film these days.
              “Many thought this was the end of gaming systems, especially since PC’s could to the same job, but Japan hadn’t been as affected and in 1985 the Nintendo Entertainment System was introduced in America. You might know it as the NES, and it kickstarted the revival of console gaming. It also brought us these guys” – she indicated the decorations – “the Super Mario Bros. If you’ve wondering why I’m dressed like this I’m the damsel in distress from that game series – Princess Peach. Or ‘Toadstool’, as the translation called her for some reason. Another Nintendo long-runner from that era is ‘The Legend of Zelda’. That’s the name of the princess, not the hero. He’s called Link.”
              Kim described how recognizable protagonists became a big selling point for all kinds of video games, from arcades to home computers, and that the NES excelled at that.
              “Their main competitor was SEGA with their Master System - but they failed to come up with a memorable character of their own. That changed with the next generation of consoles when ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ was released for the SEGA Genesis. He might have fallen out of popularity in later years but rivalled Mario back then.”
              Know what? If you have the slightest interest in games you probably know enough for me to skip the rest of the script. It was about here that Kimber started improvising around what she remembered anyway and mostly boiled down to how distribution went from cartridges, floppy disks and cassette tapes to CD-ROM’s, DVD’s and digital downloads along with the progress and names of the most popular consoles and computers. She covered how hand-drawn visuals were gradually replaced with 3D graphics as computing power increased. Also that the interest in arcades dwindled in the 1990’s as home gaming caught up with and surpassed the coin-op machines and the rise of online play with the advent of internet. MMORPG’s and mobile gaming were touched on in passing, mostly mentioning when they first appeared and milestones like World of Warcraft, Farmville and Angry Birds.
              “And while hit movies used to have games based on them, nowadays popular games may be adapted for the big screen. Cosplaying as virtual characters is common as well, proven by how easy it was to get hold of this getup. For an even further step, why not subscribe and watch me play a real-life version of a video game emulating a traditional board game?”
              Bit of a stretch since we’d skip the dice-and-board bit, but still a neat hook. Kim finished off and I wondered what actual gamers would think. I’m not one and might have completely misjudged the relevant parts, not to mention I got completely lost a bit into the new millennium.
              All in all I felt I could have done better and would have consulted Mandy on the script if she hadn't been on standby for delivery, or what to call it. Any day now there'd be another little girl down in Texas, if the gender reveal video was accurate. Some months earlier the expectant mother had been filmed inflated a big black balloon until it exploded in a shower of sparkles to show she'd simultaneously been blowing up a pink one inside it. The extra effort hadn't been noticeable on account of the blonde puffing as exaggeratedly as ever, her gaze wide in happy anticipation. She joyfully held the uncovered loon up and there was more than a little pride in her open-mouthed grin.
              Alex added a comment to her well-wishes. "Lucky the other didn't go first or it could have been a bad omen."
              That got her another clip in reply, titled 'Take One'. This time there was a dampened pop halfway through that made the bigger balloon jump violently, the blue eyes behind it opening even more in surprise accompanied by a frightened yelp off-camera. Betty must have been pretty strung up over the whole thing to react that hard. I sure hoped it wouldn't prove prophetic.

              That aside, our own vid should at least be serviceable. This occasion was a notable exception to the sex-after-every-episode rule, as we weren't finished shooting and any shenanigans would have flushed the dress-up efforts down the drain. We relocated to where the gaming rig was waiting and set up the cam for those conditions. Technically we should have rehearsed but as there was an element of randomness it would have been pointless. Though Kriss-as-Rosalina did blow the attached balloon to burst and told us all to fall on our asses when it popped, just to check the reaction times. They were okay-ish and if we did it with some more force there could be something usable left on film.
              Kim was asked to do the honors and inflate a replacement balloon to a suitable starting point - there was no way we'd fill them from empty each time as it would be an elimination game and take forever that way. She did so without any fuss and got to go first as a reward.
              The taping began and we formed a line, each of us strutting up and putting between one and five powerful puffs into the mouthpiece. Kim began with a modest three and I followed suit. It kinda brought me back to the theater where we'd sometimes played a similar game of 'puff, puff, pass', and in a less spontaneous setting like this it was even more of a thrill. I was sort of leery of a pop although relished the thought of hurtling myself to the floor even less. But since I couldn't be flung out of frame by the force it was the closest to the original we could get. It wasn't without relief I went back to rejoin the queue.
              Kriss naturally raised the stakes through five breaths while Lex dialed it back a bit with four, and then we all got a bit more cautious. Not by much, only a breath less each, but then it was like a shared realization set in - it might take too long that way and on the third round we all went with five blows, or at least I think we would have. I was on my fourth when the balloon exploded and was so surprised I didn't need much acting for my fall.
              Then I discovered the loser's penance would be preparing the next balloon for the others and puffed away by my lonesome while my opponents admonished me to hurry up. I vowed vengeance as I finished my inflation duties and stood back to watch round two.
              Unsurprisingly, Kriss blew herself out of the contest by both using the maximum allowed breaths and making them as hard as she could. It was somewhat satisfying watching her launching herself backwards and hitting the floor hard enough to warrant a butt rub from me. I would have lifted her skirt to kiss and blow it all better if she hadn't been so uppity about my loss.
              Then only Peach and Bowsette remained for the finals and set about it with complete focus, playing strategically and giving the balloon such a neck I got the jitters just watching it. Blowing in a single but magnificent breath each they alternated turns until the tension was almost too much, both for the people in the room and the overinflated rubber. Eventually there was an almighty bang and the balloon vanished as Lex took a tremendous spill, her judo training allowing for a backwards plunge that sent her straight out of sight.
              Kim giggled and clapped her hands with girlish glee, making small jumps in place while going "Yaay!" Just as well I didn't win, since I hadn't given victory poses a second thought. I wondered if Kriss had.
              We checked the footage and found it would make a pretty funny clip, even if it robbed the viewers of seeing Peach blow to pop. Them's the breaks. But Kimmy very obligingly played a solo round on general principle which looked like a DVD extra to me. The end of the year would be a good opportunity to put together another one.
              There was the matter of disposing of the decorations. The princesses would probably never pop the player characters... but Bowsette might. So for once Alex was put on the cleanup job, squeezing the regular balloons to pieces between her strong hands, stomping on the star and tearing Mario and Luigi from the wall while taunting the hapless pair. Biting the valves open she proceeded to blow ferociously into them until both brothers had been burst by her mighty breath. I had a feeling someone would pop just from watching that.
              She struck a haughty victory pose to fade out on before Kim glomped her, smooching away in an indecorous fashion. So much for picking sides.

              Kriss cleared her throat. "While we're at it... How about playing the Super Mario theme in character? It's catchy and would give my fans something to look at too."
              It would actually be a nice way to get some additional value out of the costumes, so she got a full trio of takers. But Kim outright refused to play the sax. She thought it would be much funnier for such a traditionally dainty character as Peach to play the sousaphone, and maybe she also wanted to show she can manage at least a few notes. That meant taking my spot, but since I can handle the trumpet decently it was no big deal. Lex volunteered for the trombone which was fine by Kriss who'd make the melody part saxy. So we got ready for yet another setup, although it took very little rehearsing since me and Kim were given pretty simple tasks. I basically just had to back up certain sections for emphasis while Kimmy kept time in the right key and it worked out decently - we felt finished after the fourth take.
              Then we got our well-earned dues and did the stuff fanfiction fantasies are made of. I dunno if one should read much into the rumors of the pink princess fooling around with Bowser, but seeing her ravished by Bowsette without a single protest did nothing to disprove them. Her only response was to motorboat Lexi violently enough to lose her crown and if it hadn't already been Game Over for the inflatable Mario he might have popped out of sheer jealousy. I was tempted to join in but decided enjoying the show was better. Especially since Rosalina was sort of in the way, being under my skirt and all.
              All that and we hadn't even undressed. Kim was a bit scuffed up from what might be described as a heavy bout of button-mashing, though there's probably some kind of penalty for calling it that, but otherwise none the worse for wear. She retrieved the fallen circlet and managed to put it back on. Kriss smiled deviously at her.
              "How about a viewer request?"
              Kim didn't miss a beat. "Tip first."
              My wife slipped her a fifty and produced a big, pink balloon from who knows where.
              "Blow this up for me."
              The blonde seemed suitably impressed by the pink 30-incher and handed the bill back.
              "This one's on the house."
              She inhaled with a big smile on her face and let her breath fill up the pouch, but it wasn't enough to make it expand. Yet. Another huge blow remedied that and soon the loon was steadily growing bigger. The shrill, girly gasps preceding every exhale was so in character I sort of regretted not taping it for the viewers. Then again, there were reasons. And Kim did have a very exclusive audience as she worked like crazy to fulfill the wish. By now it looked like she was inflating a soft, oversized marshmallow beyond any reasonable size and for some reason the sight was immensely satisfying. It was one of the more amusing bits of cosplay we'd managed so far and I knew I'd remember it for quite some time.
              I stood with my arms wrapped around Kriss from behind as we watched her huff and puff, and when the blower was almost completely obscured I leaned closer to whisper.
              "That loon's a complete waste if you don't bend her over it."
              "You read my mind."
              "Pssh. You've been dying to pay it forward."
              When the balloon looked like it was about to grow a neck Kriss cut in.
              "That's enough."
              Amazingly, Kim didn't protest but stopped blowing with a high-pitched "Whew!", wiping her brow with the back of a gloved hand before deftly tying the big sphere off. Kriss was already buckling a huge strap-on around her waist and stepped in to position the princess for the next level.
              What followed was sure to never be included in any Mario Party. The object was to pop Peach's balloon under her and it wasn't as much the game as the method. The rubbery globe had enough give to be supremely bouncy and no matter how hard Kriss humped away the only result was increasingly loud moans from the recipient. Astoundingly, the lifted gowns weren't in the way at all and the cartoony outfits added an extra dimension to the brazen lewdness on display. And since Kim came before the balloon burst Kriss had to turn the controls over to the next in line, and if I'd tried to be Player Two Lexi would probably have elbowed me away. She made an amazing effort but was, simply put, too good at that game and the only explosion she brought about was sort of metaphorical. Kim slowly collapsed, still kept aloft by her own captured breath although the latex membrane bulged mightily to the sides. I wondered if it would count if the balloon went boom between attempts and whether a replacement would be called for if not. The rules were a bit unclear.
              Lex was frustrated not only by the outcome and as soon as she'd handed me the implement began to get herself off from the sidelines. Kriss went over to assist while I got ready and the sounds from their direction had me more than eager to score a win and get a little something for myself.
              I might have had an unfair advantage, having recently subjected Kriss to the exact same treatment, but it proved moot as it only took a dozen thrusts or so to end my turn. Then Kriss returned for a rematch, and the ferocity of the fuck was so intense Kim lost her balance and dropped her full weight onto the inflated latex, pulling Kriss along and finishing the game with a literal bang. If she wasn't so adept at breaking falls it might have led to some injuries, but as it was she just whined "Continue!" and my wife obliged with such enthusiasm you'd think she expected to hit some kind of jackpot. Which she soon did, from a certain point of view.
              Kim rose and made a half-hearted attempt at straightening her dress.
              "That was something", she said. "Pity we aren't filming."
              "No", I told her, "because we don't do porn."
              "You know what I mean."
              "Princess porn!" Kriss exclaimed, pushed me onto the bed and had her way with me. Coincidentally, I would 't have it any other way. Her voice was low and husky against my ear as she went about it.
              "Next time it's your turn to blow the balloon, Chelle..."
              I only managed a groan. "Can't wait."
              If Kriss planned on paying me back for how I'd treated her during the task I hoped it would be a sixty-incher. But those thoughts were swept away by what she was doing right then, which was awesome in its own right. I didn't let her pull out even when it should have been time for that, instead slipping my fingers under the harness to make sure she didn't leave unsatisfied.
              I got up just in time to witness Lex getting the finishing blow - or rather, stroke - from her lover and as soon as the blonde was back on her feet she gave Kriss an almighty smooch.
              "A winner is you", Kim said. "Though you're all eligible for the grand prize."
              Lexi looked surprised, like she'd already received it. "What kinda reward are we talking?"
              "Better than Mario's", Kim promised. "He only ever gets cake - but you get to eat Peach."

              The contest actually came out nicely on video and that extra was much more appreciated than the regular show, even if the latter for obvious reasons got more responses. There was the nitpicking we'd come to expect, but none too scathing albeit severely technical at times.
              One commenter was adamant that "Bowsette isn't black" while another thought she looked even better in color. To each their own. Someone else wanted to know where to buy a machine like ours and yet another sent a ranked list of his top Mario games. My favorite was the guy who thought it a shame Daisy had been eliminated so soon which made me feel somewhat vindicated.
              Yet another not entirely unexpected opinion was that it would have been even better if we'd taken turns blowing into each other's mouths and the loser would be the first one to burst. A sub-comment stated it'd be enough to watch Peach blow up Daisy, not necessarily to pop.
              I don't think I'd agree to the first even with extra lives, though I would let Kim inflate me to an unflattering size if it was possible. It isn't - we've tried enough to be sure of that - but that line reactualized the issue and we made few more pleasant attempts on general principle. And that night me and Kriss spent so long blowkissing we had to fuck each other good night all over again. I love a good internet discussion.

              Over on Kriss' side of the web there was plenty praise for the music video and I think Kimber's Corner might have gained quite a few new visitors from the attached link. In one respect Kim had made the right call and that was a fella wrote he'd always dreamed of seeing Peach play the sousaphone. There are narrower interests than mine.
              Speaking of that, Kim came to me with an outright demand.
              "I've no excuse to wear tails this December so I want you to write a Zatanna episode."
              Since we wouldn't cover the Nobel ceremony again and this year's anniversary would be tailored to Lexi's tastes - along with other plans for New Years - she did have a point and if she needed an excuse it would have to be made up. Well, we were due another Superheroine Sunday anyway so I set about it. While Kim owned a suitable suit, fishnets and a spiffy vintage top hat she had to shop around for a yellow waistcoat, which took her all of an hour. Alex provided a black wig from her collection that approximated the original's style so once more most of the work fell on me. Thankfully there weren't too many mental knots to work through this time.
              When the hostess showed up in the studio her magnificent gams were resplendent in the elegant stockings and it was a crying shame they'd be hidden by the desk. The members' vid might compensate for that a bit. The waistcoat she'd picked was tight enough to act as a corset, making sure the stiff shirt front looked completely filled by her bust and the open tailcoat hung down accordingly over it. The only thing spoiling the immaculate impression was the undone tie, which she fingered with a coy glance at me.
              "Can't seem to get this right today. Help a girl out?"
              We both knew it was a complete act and we both enjoyed the teasing about as much. I made a show of completing her look in a thorough and meticulous fashion just to play along, although I would have done the same if it had been my job from the start.
              I was pleased with the overall result - Kim had pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail vanishing into the jacket and covered the rest with the wig, which fit snugly into the classy top hat. It looked fine from the front - heck, from all angles until you looked too closely. And there'd be no chance of that through the camera lens. I, however, got pretty damn near while putting her in the mood for shooting and still found no reason to complain. Neither did Kim, for that matter, and was looking absolutely brilliant as she addressed the viewers.
              "Welcome to another Superheroine Sunday, and today we'll be taking a look at one of the more enchanting ladies in comics - Zatanna. She's a legacy character, introduced as the daughter of John Zatara who was created in the 1930's as a rather blatant copy of Mandrake the Magician. But while Mandrake relied on hypnosis, John's powers were more supernatural. He could do almost anything as long as he spoke what he wanted backwards, a trait inherited by Zatanna who first appeared in late 1964. She was introduced with the pretext of searching for her missing father, who by then had been gone from the comic pages for quite some time."
              I have to admit it's not the worst way to bring new blood in - at least it didn't need a full page to summarize.
              "Up to that point she'd been working as a stage magician, explaining her attire of choice. But while she'd been relying on good old trickery and illusionism for that, she discovered she had the same powers as her father and so the stage was set for a new generation of mystical adventures."
              Kim went through some publication history points which were about as boring as they sound before getting back to the basics.
              "Her basically limitless abilities proved a bit of a problem for the writers, who at one point tried restricting them to manipulating the four elements - earth, wind, fire and, of course, air, but that didn't stick. Instead she often found herself bound and gagged or otherwise incapable of speaking, which made her popular with a certain group of readers."
              And how. I can imagine some writers taking pleasure in thinking up new ways to incorporate that in the stories.
              "Even if Zatanna did find her father - and eventually her mother Sindella, who turned out to be from a race of extra-magic humans - they, like so many others, were killed off in the mid-eighties, leaving their daughter the only magic user of that kind in the roster. She also went through a number of costume changes more in line with the outlandish garb of other heroines of the time. To this day her clothes tend to vary quite a bit, but she's mostly associated with variations of the traditional outfit. I think it's just about perfect", Kim said, preening a bit. "Don't you agree?"
              I most certainly did, but then again, that's me.
              Kimber went on to describe what kind of enemies Z usually fought, typically one-shot mystical or sorcerous or outright demonic threats, and as such she was one of the very few characters crossing between the regular DC fare and their darker imprint Vertigo throughout the 1990's.
              "In the early 2000's her backstory was expanded to having been childhood friends with Bruce Wayne, the Batman we all know and love, and that he'd gotten his knowledge of escapism from her father. It's been implied she knows his secret identity, although that varies between stories. They are however close friends and she's been hinted to have a small crush on him. She has a more explicit romantic interest in John Constantine, the somewhat magic-skilled supernatural investigator from the very dark comic 'Hellblazer'. He too sometimes crosses over into less adult stories, but is not a typical DC hero."
              Well, that's an understatement. Can't personally understand the appeal of smoking four packs a day and seemingly have only a nodding acquaintance with laundromats and personal hygiene. Once again, to each their own but I couldn't help feeling she could do better.
              "Zatanna's working relation with Batman took a hit in 2004 when she - by popular vote from her fellow heroes - used her powers to more or less lobotomize a villain who'd crossed over into rape. Bruce thought that was going far too far, but this is a man who believes keeping a mass-murdering psychopath alive is more important than protecting or avenging his victims. They've since made up, but it's always interesting with the moral dilemmas of superpowers - something that's often ignored."
              Which only proves further that Batman's a wuss. Except Michael Keaton. I liked that version.
              "Speaking of her powers, they were also updated to not needing to be spoken backwards, it's now something she just keeps doing as a tribute to her dad. For a while there was a middle ground where writing them backwards would work too, which I think was a great option. Maybe the editors thought it gave too many opportunities for drawing physical restraints."
              Wouldn't surprise me. Kim went on to mention that Zatanna got a solo series in 2010, written by Paul Dini who apart from being a master scripter and co-creator of Harley Quinn is married to real-life illusionist Misty Lee. Might not be a coincidence.
              "In later years she's mainly been a part of Justice League Dark, mystically inclined heroes fighting threats that call for less physical talents. I think it’s nice with someone who not only uses her tricks to save the world on a regular basis, but also for putting on a killer show whenever she wants. Because Zatanna has always been a performer, and that I can really sympathize with.”

              A few closing remarks followed and we got ready for shooting the subscriber vid, which called for some simple camera trickery. Kim inflated a purple 11-incher to capacity and held it pointing upwards in her outstretched fist. Then she released the air in a steady stream so that the rubber globe would shrink and droop over her fingers as it emptied itself, but on the first go it ended up hanging over the wrong side of her fingers and out of sight. She blew it back up and repeated the process, this time ending with wiggling her fingers at it while ordering it to "inflate". Run in reverse it would emulate Zatanna's spellcasting, but while a fun experiment it was somewhat lacking in the thrill department. So we did another take to tack on, where she started with the full balloon still in her grasp before turning to the camera with a frown.
              "Would you believe some say using magic is cheating? Don’t worry, I can do something amazing all by myself."
              She let the air out once more and brought the limp latex to her lips, this time blowing it up by mouth until it exploded in her face. She faced the audience with a grin and a flourish.
              "And presto, the balloon's disappeared!"
              Nothing more could be said, really, so we ended it there. Then Kim came over to put her hands over my shoulders and her hat on my head before kissing me so nicely there was no doubt there’d be no delays of the usual. She flicked the tip of her tongue across my cheek and blew into my ear.
              "I’ve saved the best tricks for you. Real magic happens in bed, remember?"
              It hadn't been too long since she'd given me that little demonstration and I'd been willing to agree, even before Alex made the same point the following night. Wands had been involved, but not the kind you buy from stage suppliers. This time she used nothing but twister balloons, both for some light bondage and more inventive applications. I eventually got to turn the tables.
              "Magicians are supposed to be great escape artists, right?"
              Either Kim wasn't or I trussed her up too well, but she didn't resist even when I gagged her to stay true to the source material.
              "And now, for the grand finale - watch as I make my entire hand disappear."
              I don't think she could have seen much from the angle her head ended up at, but I doubt she found any faults with the performance. After all, I've practiced a helluva lot too.

              It was the least criticized comic showcase so far, which might be attributed to a smaller fanbase or a straightforward history. Either way it felt good not being taken to task. The most obvious complaint was that Kim hadn't vanished a larger loon, but that was par for the course. Oh, and that the yellow vest should go with a blue jacket and hat, but I blame that on 1960’s color printing. If they couldn’t even make the Hulk consistently grey they’d probably have huge problems with details on a black outfit.
              While we’re still on the subject of magic and omens, it might please you to hear Mandy’s daughter entered the world just fine, even if she held back a bit to arrive on Friday the Thirteenth. Not even Betty was taken in by that old superstition and seemed happier than ever. And Amanda herself was the embodiment of contentment in the first pictures.
              It was looking up to be a merry Christmas all over, although I had a sneaking suspicion we’d be expected to deliver something suitable for the season.
              Ah well, we’d done it before and could again.


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                Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                I'm quite a bit of a gamer and I'm pretty interested in the history of gaming. So, I found myself nodding along to a lot of points you ticked off here. ^^

                And really great idea to go for the Mario Party topic! Mario Party actually had quite a lot of mini games involving balloons and inflatables.
                Although, Nintendo might find it less funny you included Bowsette in the rank of princesses :P


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                  Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                  EPISODE 56

                  The holidays were closing in and proved as hectic as ever. Before we could take a well-deserved break we had to make sure there was enough material to last. The studio was redecorated to fit the occasion and Kim blatantly appropriated the inflatable tree for the task. So much for me and my wife's cherished tradition - and the hussy even had the nerve to ask me for the same deal I had with Kriss.
                  I was overjoyed she did, of course, and more than happy to accept. Which meant she had to inflate it an extra time for her members after I'd reminded her we didn't do porn.
                  Kriss said I could blow her while she blew up the reindeers instead, and while it wasn't quite the same it worked out in my favor since there were two of those and we could switch places in between. Considering how hard that treatment made me blow it was a minor miracle poor Dancer didn't burst. I'd finished off Kriss quickly to spare Vixen that fate, but she dragged things out - likely for that very purpose.
                  If you think that left Lexi out of the loop, don't feel bad because she got to do all the balloons needed for the rest of the house while we took turns pumping her from behind. She seemed disappointed after running out.
                  "Is that all?"
                  It wasn't, though the loons were all done.

                  As for shows, there were a couple of regular ones and then a special one for the 25th. Kimber once more donned elf ears and a 'Sexy Little Helper' outfit from the costume shop, adding a green bow tie from her personal stock. It fit so well with the rest you'd think it had been included in the set. But since the studio would need some balloons too we started by fixing it up in our regular clothes. I say 'we' because I was roped in to help on account of there being so much to blow up. The backdrop grid came in handy for making a pattern of red and gold loons in wavy lines with white ones dotted in regular intervals between them. Even if the balloons weren't too big we had a few accidental pops on account of all the handling. The tree and a reindeer stood in front of the puffy wall along with an open burlap sack topped with pretty parcels. I knew we should have some snowman shape loons but they were nowhere to be found, so we had to settle for just a Santa doll like the one Kim had burst in the Thanksgiving ep. She handed it over to me expectantly.
                  "You know my thoughts about those."
                  "They've already seen me blow one and it'd be a great opportunity to work on that."
                  I wasn't convinced but nevertheless inflated the big red balloon with the white print like an obedient little girl, stopping at the intended size. Or a little before it actually, so I could try compressing it a bit to make it fatter. It actually helped some.
                  With all the decorations in place Kim went to change and I made a final attempt to locate the snowmen. She managed better than me, at least until we got to the final preparations. I pretty much nailed those.
                  This year Kimber didn't cover popular culture but rather cultural traditions in different parts of the world. She began with stating that she knew from experience that Sweden and the other Nordic countries (along with several in central Europe and South America) celebrate Christmas on the 24th, while East Orthodox churches still use the old Julian calendar for their holy dates, making the day fall on January 7th.
                  “As for the why and when, let’s not go into details. There’s been a lot of fighting about that over the centuries and some religious groups have even denounced Christmas for not being mentioned in the bible. But some countries with no real Christian traditions have still embraced the holiday – like Japan, where the gift-giving and Santa Claus became popular. And because Col. Sanders looks slightly similar to Saint Nick, KFC has become the go-to place for Christmas dinner in Japan. In fact, you might have to make reservations months in advance.”
                  I love the idea of calling up the local fast food joint for that purpose, see what they’d say.
                  Kimber went on to talk about how Santa is based on the real Saint Nicholas, a bishop know for his generosity to the poor, and how children used to get gifts on his day, December 6.
                  “Coincidentally my birthday! But Martin Luther suggested moving the giving to Christ’s birthday, to remind the kids of him. And then other mythical beings, like Father Christmas, were thrown into the mix to create the jolly fat man we know and love.”
                  She did say the feast of Saint Nick is still celebrated in parts of Europe and that it includes the demonic Krampus, who’s there to punish the bad kids while the good ones are rewarded. And that Iceland has not one but thirteen bringers of gifts, the gnome-like Yule Lads.
                  “Though the Swedish Yule Goat, who used to be the bringer of gifts, now only lives on as seasonal straw figures.”
                  Kim mentioned how the town of Yeahvleh (I think) every year puts up a giant version which usually gets burned down by vandals and once even got knocked down with a car. Odd tradition, but sure. No weirder than the Germans hanging a pickle in their tree, or the Ukrainians decorating it with cobwebs. Even more examples followed, but I really should move on.

                  What to gift the subscribers took some consideration but I thought another silly skit might be appropriate. So I'd had Kriss purchase a number of burlap sacks like the one we'd shown in the background. We stuffed a few more with pillows and other bulk and tied them off with gaudy ribbons, putting the already used one in the foreground. Then the video opened with Kimber at a table laden with glitzy paper, tape, labels and such, painstakingly wrapping another box while grumbling to herself.
                  "...stupid quota...'behind on schedule'...does he know how tricky this is?"
                  She placed the finished present in the bag and closed it up like the rest, then heaved a deep sigh while bending down to pick up a new and completely empty sack.
                  She took a sneaky look around and bunched up the opening before blowing a huge, hurried breath into it. I might have lied about 'completely empty' since it contained a slightly bigger plastic garbage bag, but Kim held it out of sight as she kept inflating it. Filling it up with amazing haste she blew it as tight as it could get and grabbed a length of ribbon to tie it off. She fastened it around the pinched opening, blew in two big puffs to replace the escaped air and tightened the knot as much as she could before finishing by looping the ends into a neat bow. It wasn't without smug satisfaction she placed the whole thing next to the others.
                  "There! That should buy me a couple hours."
                  It was then Kim seemed to realize there was still a pile of empty sacks left, and with a resigned but resolved expression began to inflate the next one as well. I let her blow a few times to leave room for a fade-out before calling "Cut!"
                  "That's a wrap", I added.
                  "Worked hard on that one, huh?"
                  "Not as hard as you. Great job."
                  She pointed at the blown-up bag. "Do we need this for anything else?"
                  "Don't think so. You could always make another."
                  She didn't deign to comment as she tipped the sack over.
                  "Have to try this before it deflates."
                  With that she straddled the bag and gave it a few thrusts, causing her captured breath to leak out with a slow, whooshing noise, and rose before it was even halfway empty.
                  "As I thought - useless."
                  "Don't say that - we got a neat vid out of it. And I bet it'd stay up if I kept blowing into it."
                  Kim shook her head. "Wasn't too comfy anyway. But I wouldn't say no to something else to ride..."
                  And that's how that Santa imposter met its end. Lucky I was there to pick up the slack.
                  And also blow up a replacement for Kim to destroy in a way that could actually be shared.

                  For a post-Christmas episode Kim put on a knitted cardigan over a white shirt and a regular tie with small printed candy canes, and looked so cozy I just knew snuggling with her would be all too comfy - if such a thing is possible. She blew up a long banner balloon saying 'Happy Holidays' and hung it where the backdrop balloons had been until she burst them for her members. Of the other props only the tree remained. Then she sat down to talk about holiday foods in different countries. Starting with what she’d told me herself she informed the viewers as well that Swedes traditionally carve a ham for Christmas instead of turkey. And that there’s usually a smorgasbord as well. Figures, since they thought up the word.
                  “But if they leave something out for Santa it’s not milk and cookies but a bowl of porridge on the porch. It used to be a thank-you gift for the domestic guardian spirit, ‘tomten’ - the Swedish Santa has inherited his name. Modern people may still have rice porridge with cinnamon for lunch.”
                  She moved on to the absolute opposite of the globe, where it would be summer at the time – hence New Zealanders usually celebrate with an outdoors barbecue of seafood and meat. There were plenty more examples, like the 12-dish barszcz from Poland (we had to look up how to say it properly), Catalonias sopa de galets and Ethiopias rooster doro wat. And of course the pasteles from Puerto Rico Tessa used to swear by. Desserts featured heavily, like Sicilian buccellato, Venezuelan pan de jamón or Brazilian farofa. You better look them up yourself because my mouth waters just thinking about all those goodies.

                  Kim got through without drooling and as I reviewed the footage she came up behind me.
                  ”As you haven’t said anything... What are you planning to give the members for Christmas?”
                  I hadn’t given that a thought. ”Me?”
                  ”Your channel too. And you have people wanting to see more.”
                  ”Well, I suppose a little I’m-still-here can’t hurt.”
                  Didn’t feel like overthinking it though, so I selected another of those banner balloons, threw on a long red jacket over my blouse and inflated the printed message to a readable size. I only looked at the loon long enough to check that the air was going in as it should, then closed my eyes and puffed away in what I hoped would come across as a confident and maybe just a little haughty manner. I placed my hand on my hip since it apparently had gone over well during that casino stunt, though there was considerably less risk of me losing my self-control this time. I heard the whooshing of my breath rushing in along with the latex stretching out in response and kept going until the slight change in resistance told me I’d reached the safety limit and stopped to check my handiwork. The red cylinder was shiny and swollen in my grip, looking nice and festive enough for the purpose. I made a loose knot in its neck and held it out horizontally with a sweet smile to reinforce the sentiment, then added a surprise of my own.
                  ”Ah, what the heck”, I said, undid the fastening and blew in four more forceful puffs. The balloon went to pieces with a bang, leaving only a long shredded strip between my fingers. I turned back to the camera with the same silly little grin.
                  ”These holidays are a bust. I hope yours won’t be.”
                  Kim was delighted at that contribution and let me know it would be just the thing. I might add her appreciation felt pretty fitting too.

                  As for the New Year's episode, she agonized over whether to wear a tux or not. On the one hand - signature look. On the other it wouldn't do to overdo it. Then again, she'd worn a dress the previous year. In the end, she was grateful for my suggestion of doing a three-in-a-row thing about cultural differences while giving the impression of getting ready to celebrate - that is, wearing full festive makeup and half-done hair with an open white shirt, the rest of the suit and all accessories laid out on the desk next to a mirror. An unfinished appearance would make for a nice change. Her only concession to decorations was a huge mylar champagne bottle, which she inflated into a much more finished state than her own dress displayed.
                  The scene opened on Kimber trying her best to tease her sprayed mane into something resembling a hairstyle, the incredible volume threatening to swallow the brush. Her eyeshadow and liner were as smoky and sparkly as they could get without being overdone, and a touch of glitter made her cheeks shine. She certainly looked like being in the middle of setting up to party, and as a final touch some uninflated black balloons were strewn in front of her. Even if the ’Happy New Year’ print would be too small to make out on cam you got the distinct impression they were intended to liven up the evening.
                  The hostess excused her unfinished state before explaining that watching the ball drop at midnight is nothing compared to some other customs throughout the world. I’ll just bring up a few of them here, though.
                  In Spain it’s considered lucky to manage eating 12 grapes while the clock strikes midnight, one for each toll. Italians wear red underwear for the occasion instead, just like people in some parts of South America. In Denmark they smash old plates and kitchenware to represent the break with the previous year, while the Greek settle for hanging onions outside the front door to symbolize growth. In Colombia everyone gets three potatoes in various stages of peeling placed under their beds, and grab one at random at midnight. Supposedly which one you get will predict what kind of year you’ll have.
                  “And if Swedes can be said to have an odd tradition it’s one we share with Germany and Austria, and that is watching the British comedy sketch ‘Dinner for One’. It’s about an old blind lady hosting a New Year’s party for her long-gone suitors, with the butler trying to keep up the illusion of them actually being there. Hilarity ensues.”
                  It’s actually pretty funny, but nothing to plan your evening around. Kim said a few words in parting, wished the viewers all the best for the new year and blew a party horn she brought out from nowhere.
                  While the hostess expressed some doubts about her appearance I thought she’d looked perfect for what we’d set out to show, although Kim absolutely insisted on me filming her finishing dressing for the viewers and rounding off with blowing one of the seemingly forgotten balloons to bursting. I agreed it would be a great compromise and avoid any frustration for the ones who'd been hoping the desk props would be used. It'd be a member exclusive, though. The subscribers got to see her play 'Auld Lang Syne' on the sax instead. Can't be giving every special day. Although Kim did give me quite a bit once the session was done.

                  We’d finished shooting all that by the 22nd, coincidentally the day we received a video file from Riko and Tessa. That was a welcome surprise that sealed the deal about making a second DVD. It just had to be included somewhere.
                  The clip opened on the two of them dressed much like Kim had been, except in even neater clothes and without ties. Ree's always been an avid cosplayer so you couldn't expect anything less than greatness from her household. They were sitting at a table tinkering with wooden toys - looking like something straight out of a children's show, exaggerated acting and all. Suddenly there was a muffled boom, like coming from another room. They both sat bolt upright, looked around, then rose to dart for the door.
                  The scene shifted to another location, which they entered to find what had obviously once been Saint Nick slumped over a table. To the initiated, it was immediately recognizable as Mariko's souvenir from our Christmas show. The red shape was curiously and completely deflated, an almost empty plate of cookies in front of it.
                  "Oh no!" Riko exclaimed. "Santa-san!"
                  Tessa stood frozen and hunched over with concern. "Boss? You okay?"
                  They rushed in to check on their flattened employer. Riko looked up over the shapeless form.
                  "I told him he shouldn't eat so many!"
                  Tessa was already digging for the valve on his butt.
                  "Get the tape, I'll start on this end!"
                  "Why you?"
                  "Because I was first."
                  "You're just bucking for a promotion!"
                  Teresa blew in a full breath through the mouthpiece. "Less talking, more patching."
                  Ree left and almost instantly reappeared with a wide roll of clear packaging tape, her displeasure on full display. She went through the motions of sealing a nonexistent split on the front of the figure, which was at the moment hidden from the viewers. Then she reached for the nozzle.
                  "My turn."
                  Tessa briefly stopped puffing to reply. "No way! I've got this."
                  Then the whole thing got physical and what began as a minor scuffle turned into a full-blown wrestling match, ending with Riko pinning her mate face down and triumphantly seating herself astride her shoulders. She picked up Mr. Claus and continued the inflation while the Latina struggled to break free. Ree had filled the puffy effigy perhaps a little more than half way when the prisoner escaped and shoved her aside.
                  "I'm the elf for the job and you know it. Go screw a doll or something."
                  Tessa once more stuck the valve into her mouth and exhaled, holding the inflatable at such an angle it looked like she was blowing into its ass. Betty doing that nightly had never failed to get a laugh at The Stone and it was still pretty amusing. Riko stalked off in a huff and the camera switched to her entering the workshop, petulantly and pettily pushing Tessa's project off the table before once more attending to her own. It was followed by another cut to her counterpart finishing up her task.
                  "There you go, boss. Just a little more, to make sure..."
                  She blew in two big, lusty breaths as the view went back to Riko, whose fiddling was interrupted by a boom identical to the first one, only louder. She turned around and after a few moments Tessa slowly came through the door, looking suitably haggard and guilt-ridden.
                  "Okay", she said. "You can have a go."
                  The screen went to black and we all had a chuckle, especially Kriss who'd seen far less of that kind of skits.
                  The New Yorkers had also included a clip of the same two elves blowing up "Merry Christmas" balloons, tying them off and adding them to already impressive piles that showed they'd done about an equal amount - though Tessa's might be a tad larger. That would account for Riko glancing at her a few times before making her hand dart out and bat her colleague’s current specimen away, leaving her blowing into thin air as the latex sputtered off around the room. Tessa retaliated by reaching out and bursting Ree's loon with her sharp nails and then they were once more at each other's throats, the tussle sending balloons flying everywhere as they went to the floor and out of sight. A fun little extra, though I had to voice a not-too-serious concern during the thank-you call.
                  "I hope all that animosity's just acting."
                  "Don't worry", Riko laughed. "After shooting that we made love all evening."
                  "And most of the night", Tessa put in. "Mari kept waking me up for more."
                  Ree smiled back at her. "Like you didn't."
                  Seeing them so happy together brought joy to my heart. I was sure their on-camera efforts would do the same for any members that happened to tune in for the holidays, since they explicitly stated it was meant for the site. Can't take the show out of a showgirl. I decided saving just the shorter clip for the DVD to save some space – the larger file would be great for giving the members an even better Christmas morning.

                  Apropos filmed entertainment, the next night Kim looked outright devious when the time came to kiss goodnight. She surreptitiously slipped something into my hand as we embraced and brought her lips to my ear.
                  "Happy Christmas Eve's Eve, Chel. Make sure to share that with Krissie."
                  Then she left with a tantalizing puff of breath while I tried to guess what the tiny, hard rectangle could be. It wasn't hard to figure out and my first peek confirmed it was a USB stick. So I brought my laptop along to bed and informed Kriss we probably had a surprise coming.
                  The contents shouldn't have surprised me, really. It was a single video stating beyond a doubt that the not-doing-porn thing was restricted studio work. What little plot there was amounted to Kim and Lex sitting on their beds in skimpy, sexy underthings and talking about getting stuff ready for the next day. Obviously some sort of party, as Kim expectantly tore open a pack of balloons and let the contents fall to the sheets. Lexi was no less eager and happy to get it over with, as their entire demeanor hinted it was something that had to be done before they could indulge in other kinds of merry-making. Looking straight at each other they began to blow up balloon after balloon, now and then stopping to giggle or grin in sheer anticipation. Every colorful balloon tied off and batted aside was accompanied by a look saying 'just you wait' louder than any words could, and while they never acknowledged the camera they sure as hell were aware of just where it was, making sure to angle themselves for the best views possible.
                  "Hot damn", Kriss said.
                  I nodded. I was far too engrossed by the on-screen proceedings. The girls acted like it took some actual effort to fill the balloons, trying hard to look less experienced. Every now and then they paused for a brief but loaded smooch to keep things even more interesting, and just when you thought they were all done Kim brought out an empty, red 24-incher.
                  "Ever seen one this big?" she asked suggestively.
                  Lex made wide eyes. "Noo", she said and reached out for it. "Can I try?"
                  Kim simply grinned and blew in a first breath to start it off, then pinched the neck and gave the barely swollen pouch to her mate. Lexi ponderously lifted it to her mouth, wrapped her lips around the end and began to inflate it for real.
                  While she was busy with that Kim started to undress, taking off her bra to reveal the shapely breasts beneath. I thought she might stop there but then the panties went the same way and I gave a sharp inhale at the sight of her shaved pussy. To see it on camera was something new and exciting, but it went out of sight as she reached out to relieve Alex of her clothes as well. She released Lexi’s magnificent tits and caressed them with a smile.
                  “I like these balloons better.”
                  The blonde took each nipple in turn between her lips, making a sweet but futile attempt to blow the already oversized boobs up even more. Lex lowered the loon’s neck to her lover’s face and Kim obligingly added a breath, delighting in managing to make something grow for a change.
                  “Shall I take over?”
                  While Kimmy kept blowing the balloon bigger Lexi removed her own panties and the sight of something glistening between her legs set my heart racing. Then she sat down, stroked Kim’s tresses out of the way and kissed the closest puffed-out cheek.
                  After a few mock-strenuous exhales Kim passed the mouthpiece on and Lex took over, getting her body fondled and her shoulder kissed as she blew. Watching them pretend to struggle brought a smile to my face and I grew warm all over at the tender display - a lovely and loving couple helping each other with an arduous but necessary task, whispering support and admiring the ever-growing loon as they took turns blowing it to the required dimensions. Eventually they’d inflated it almost to capacity and Lexi looked up with a question.
                  “That enough?”
                  Kim considered the size.”A little more.”
                  Alex added a final long breath and at her lover’s nod tied the balloon off. They both gaped at the size for a moment before placing the inflated latex behind them to focus on their just desserts.
                  What followed could easily have been perfunctory sex for the camera, but the longing and desire was so evident it transcended the screen. Their hot kisses and caresses were just a step along the way to an incredibly intense bout of lovemaking, and seeing them going at it with so little regard for being watched was an incredible turn-on. The view never got awkward or frustrating and as they tussled and rolled around in utter ecstasy the blowup props were scattered in all directions. Some balloons flew off out of frame, others popped with sudden noises that either got a surprised ”oh!” and giggles or were ignored altogether as the girls got lost in pleasuring each other. They went through every position imaginable as they sought new ways to rub and frig and lick, and didn’t stop for such a little thing as a regular orgasm. Instead they switched to new and even more innovative ways to get off, and eventually Kim climaxed with such force the camera shook from the kicking. She frantically got on her knees and made Lexi lie on the big balloon before burying her face against her ass, licking away from behind with all the effort she could muster. The yelps and moans came louder and faster as she went and Lex seemed so far into paradise it would take actual force to remove her joyous grin. What force was applied went straight at the most sensitive spots and as the brown beauty clutched the huge red balloon tight in her strong arms I knew an explosion was imminent. And it came, right after Alex did with such a such a scream I was surprised at not having heard it at the time. The loon exploded beneath her and she fell to the bed with a face of complete satisfaction. Kim went up to cuddle and kiss and roll around a bit, and only after winding down did they seem to realize how much work had been undone by a moment of passion.
                  Lex forlornly gathered some torn latex. “Aww... Now what?”
                  Kim merely smiled and took out another bag of balloons. She shook it teasingly.
                  “Up for doing it all over?”
                  Her only reply was a happy grin spreading across Lexi’s face as she brought their noses together for what promised to be a fresh kiss. But there the video faded to black and we were left wondering if the encore would be as enjoyable.
                  As for me, I found myself still panting and aching for relief from the violent throbbing in my chest and privates. Kriss merely made a single suggestion.
                  ”Chel, go back to your favorite bit and jill off. I’ll help...”
                  So I did, or bits, really. I’d loved watching everything so much it was hard settling for just one. Eventually I landed on the sex since that thrilled this hopeless voyeur the most.
                  “Good choice”, Kriss said and began sucking my tits, blowing cool air over her saliva to turn them rock hard. I groaned in response, knowing this would be a brief affair.
                  With one hand around her, the other between my legs and my eyes firmly glued to the video I set about my business. We’d done this to porn flicks before, but never to one starring our lovers. That made it all the better and it wasn’t long before I cried out and shook all over in total bliss. But there were still things to be done.
                  “Your turn”, I said as we switched places.
                  Kriss adjusted the computer and jumped to the shared inflation part, the hopeless romantic. But I have to say it was a good one.
                  I wrapped my lips around her left nipple and by the time I removed them it had grown much, much bigger. I blew on it like she had done to improve the effect before doing the same to its twin, repeating it all over and over. Kriss’ moans were music to my ears and suckling her made me warm and tingly all over. Can’t think of anything as intimate as being allowed to share someone’s most private and vulnerable me-time, and much as I love to watch Kriss masturbate I love assisting her even more. It was my name she called out as she came - not Lexi’s or Kim’s - and when we finally put the laptop aside we went straight into a tender embrace.
                  “Wow”, my wife said. ”That was way cool.”
                  “And hot”, I agreed, expressing worry Kim would acquire a taste for filming x-rated entertainment.”
                  “Wouldn’t mind doing her on cam. Or Lex. Or being done by them.”
                  “You’d better not.”
                  “Sex tapes are usually good publicity”, Kriss joked. “But don’t worry, I’d be real careful.”
                  “You’d better. Watching live is good enough for me anyway.”
                  She kissed my nose. “But if you had to choose - what kind of porn should we do?”
                  Dodging the subject would do no good, but delaying might. “I’ll have to think about that. And if we should. Though there’s one thing we could do just in case.”
                  Kriss raised an enquiring eyebrow. “And that is...?”
                  I got on top and pinned her down. “Rehearse.”

                  The next morning we all tried to act like nothing had happened, until Kim couldn’t keep it in anymore.
                  “So what did you think?”
                  I chuckled. ”Amazing. Wonderful. Really enjoyed it.”
                  That wasn’t enough to placate her. “Did you get off to it?”
                  Kriss replied before I could.”We both did.”
                  Lexi’s jaw dropped and Kim’s grin threatened to split her head in half.
                  “Score!” the blonde cried. “Was hoping you would.”
                  My wife smiled back. “How couldn’t we?”
                  Alex had closed her eyes. “Then I guess we’re even.”
                  We must have appeared confused enough to warrant an instant follow-up.
                  “Before I knew you...I once did it thinking of you”, she confessed. “Just once!”
                  I don’t know if Kriss was more happy or surprised. “Really?! Was it...good?”
                  “It was so good I never dared doing it again. ’Fraid I’d get addicted.”
                  “So what was I up to in your fantasy?”
                  Lexi looked a little embarrassed. “You were just playing your trumpet. Wearing a really nice sorta military band uniform.”
                  Kriss pushed her face further into Lexi’s personal space. “I need details, Lex - color, cut, number of buttons? What song did I play?”
                  “Can’t remember.”
                  “Shame, because if it was that good I wanna recreate it for real. And help you get off...”
                  “You don’t have to...”
                  “Have too”, Kriss insisted. “How long will it take you to realize I’d do anything to please you? Want to do it!”
                  Alex hugged her closer. “I know, but if I go all in Kimmy might get jealous.”
                  The eyes closest to her went wide. “You can go further?”
                  Kim walked up to them. ”’Course I won’t, baby! Don’t tell me you’ve been holding back because of me?”
                  “A bit maybe...”
                  “Jeez, and I thought I had issues. Dearest darling, if not for her then for me because I wanna see that.”
                  “That does it!” Kriss stated. “We’re hitting a uniform site right now, and you’re gonna point and say ’that’ and ’that’ and ’that’ until we have the perfect outfit and then I’ll order it, wear it and take any orders you give. And that’s an order too, miss!”
                  Lexi actually saluted. “Yes, ma’am!”
                  “Good! Hop to it!”
                  They were off and Kim turned to me. “You’re cool with it too, right?”
                  “I’d be pissed if they weren’t doing everything they want. I kinda do it with you.”
                  “So is there anything you wanna do...right now?”
                  I pretended to think. “Well, the way you and Lex filled that twentyfour looked nice.”
                  “It was. Should we give it a try together?”
                  “Let’s blow.”

                  Everyone looked mighty pleased as we met up for lunch and the glances Lex kept shooting Kriss hinted she’d helped her pick out the shirt and tie combo for the day, as the collar and waistcoat were a bit stricter than usual. Not that I minded in the least. We had that rice porridge with cinnamon Kim was accustomed to and then the musicians went to practice - or so they said. Anyway, they had reason to so me and Kim sat down to decide what to put on the new DVD and made some headway before reassembling for the precooked ham dinner. It was nice sampling foreign traditions, including finishing by sharing some sweet mulled wine with almonds and raisins.
                  The whole evening promised to be as cozy as we sat feeling the peace descend and counting our blessings before putting in fresh linen, filling a bed to the brim with pillows and inflating the big rubber cushions just right. Then we turned in early to snuggle and read to each other, stuff like 'Twas the Night Before Chrismas' and 'A Christmas Carol'. The girls do great ghosts, but I get to be Scrooge.
                  That guy wouldn’t have been such a miser if he’d ever experienced what came next, and as we sought out the best positions for the night Kim sighed contentedly.
                  “I love it when we sleep together.”
                  So do I, but I might enjoy the prelude even more.


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                    Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                    EPISODE 57

                    Christmas morning dawned and we slowly and leisurely woke among cuddles and kisses before getting up with feigned impatience to get at our presents. Being big girls we could put that off to after breakfast and getting ready for the day, but then no one wanted to wait any longer. There were nice things, and sweet things, and even useful things - some being all that at once. The only show-related gift was a morning coat and a pair of straight formal trousers for Kim, who immediately made me a belated wish for a script about butlers. Lex might not have intended them for the show when she bought’em, but she must have known.
                    I got plenty of delightful stuff too, but it was Lexi who hit the jackpot. As the heavy box from Kriss was unwrapped the recipient gave such a gasp you’d think she’d struck oil, even if it was just cardboard surrounding plastic. She didn’t study the printed package too long before opening the lid and pulling out the tightly rolled vinyl. It appeared to match the image on the front - a white alicorn in flight with outstretched legs and gold-lined wings raised high. Except all deflated, of course.
                    Shaking everything out to make sure her eyes or the content didn’t deceive her Alex gaped at the material with wide-eyed wonder, not knowing what to say.
                    “I tried finding something you might like”, Kriss said, “and that was as close I could get. Whaddya think?”
                    “It’s perfect…!”
                    Lex lifted a leg here, the head there, grabbing various valves as she found them but seemed too flustered and bewildered to decide where to start. She got to her feet.
                    “I need something special for this. Just a sec.”
                    With that she almost ran out the room, leaving us to wonder where for quite more than a ’sec’. Kim grinned at my wife.
                    “I think it’s safe to say she likes it.”
                    We spent the time unfolding and arranging the inflatable so every separate chamber could be easily accessed. There was a nozzle on each of the legs, the body, the mane, the tail and one on either wing, too. Then we admired our own pressies until Lexi reappeared without warning, having gone through a remarkable transformation.
                    Dressed in her lavender gown and blonde wig she’d also added a tiara and looked very much the part of a fairytale princess. Without a twirl or even a comment she knelt down beside the flattened animal and reached for the main valve on the flank. Flipping it open while drawing a deep breath she wasted no time starting to blow, and blow, and blow.
                    Writing it three times still doesn’t do justice to the awe-inspiring, formidable puffing. There was an urgency to the whole thing and yet Lexi made sure to empty her lungs completely with every breath, as if to make sure her new pet would get all the air she had to give. Each inhale was so immense her clothes threatened to burst around her breasts, and she used so much force exhaling her face seemed in similar danger.
                    It was fascinating to watch something inflated with such dedication and before long the body and head had been filled as far as they would go. As Lex plugged the valve and lifted the nearest leg Kim took the opportunity to address her.
                    “Does her highness require help?”
                    “Don’t need, don’t want”, Lexi replied and began blowing anew.
                    This part needed much fewer breaths and she was soon ready to move on to the next. Doing all four was quick work and after all of the limbs were pointed stiffly in the right directions she puffed up the yellowish metallic mane and tail in short order. Then only the wings remained and they too unfolded and rose majestically as Lex blew into their respective valves. Soon every part looked fit to burst with her breath and you could hardly believe how the material had gone from a shapeless mass of wrinkles to the beautifully swollen creature in front of her.
                    The effect was beyond impressive. While not quite the size of a real horse it was big enough and Lexi didn’t look out of scale as she went to press her forehead against its muzzle.
                    “I shall call you Goldenmane”, she exclaimed. “We even match.”
                    “Your real hair’s pretty enough”, Kim said.
                    Alex hugged her equine friend fondly. “Don’t ruin my fantasy.”
                    While the alicorn couldn’t open its printed eyes it still looked pretty satisfied with itself and the world in general - as it should, having been thoroughly and completely mouth-inflated from start to finish by such a pretty girl. Lexi voiced her opinion on the matter.
                    “It was no trouble at all blowing you up. None whatsoever.”
                    I’d say she’d put in quite some effort, but that’s subjective. Kriss coughed guiltily.
                    “I must confess I blew up his body before wrapping him. Had to make sure this would fit.”
                    She brought out a pink saddle with a dildo attached in the middle and showed how it could be tilted around like a joystick. Lex took it almost reverently.
                    “You’re the best, you know that?”
                    “I aim to please.”
                    Soon the addition had been placed and Alex pulled up her skirt all the way to reveal - surprise surprise - she wore nothing else. She straddled the steed just behind the wings and lowered herself onto the shaft, adjusting as she went. Landing with a shrill moan she wrapped her arms around the imposingly inflated neck and began her first ride on Goldenmane. The sturdy PVC bulged ever so slightly below her on every bounce and gave off dull creaks and squeaks as Lexi’s hips worked rhythmically to simulate a trot or canter. She was almost purring with unabashed delight.
                    “Oh Goldy, it feels so gooood…”
                    I’d seen her on top of a lot of toys, but none had ever made her make a face quite like that. Or grind in that way. And I’d never seen a woman blow up that big a sex toy before. Because that’s what Goldy doubtlessly was, even if Lex didn’t know yet. Sure, she was turning him into one, but he had been manufactured for pleasure. Either that or some questionable design choices had been made.
                    The pace was slowly turning into a full gallop as the blonde, dark beauty bounced up and down and back and forth, making such noises you’d think she was in actual distress. The opposite was true though, and the final yell was so joyous there could be no doubt about it. Princess Alexis sank forward, her grip on the tightly blown vinyl the only thing keeping her somewhat upright.
                    ”Mmm”, she moaned. “Love you, Goldy. That was fan-fucking-tastic…”
                    She dismounted with some care and came to a halt on her knees.
                    “Thanks millions, Krissie, he’s the best blow-up ever.”
                    Kriss smiled. “You’re welcome, but I think you’ve missed something.”
                    “Pick him up.”
                    Alex did and revealed what we’d tucked away in the hopes it would come as a surprise, which it sure did. A limp cylinder dangled below Goldy, proving he was indeed hung like a horse - and then some. It was huge, and the valve protruding from the end implied it could be made to grow even bigger. Lexi’s gasp was incredible.
                    ”Ohh! Poor Goldy, how could I?! I’m so sorry!”
                    She fumbled with the wrinkly mass as she frantically felt for the nozzle, then found it and put it in her mouth without hesitation. The next moment a frenzied breath was blown into the plastic penis, followed by a second and a third until the cock-and-balls arrangement was as stiff as any real erection had ever been.
                    She looked the swollen shaft over with thorough approval as she plugged it up.
                    “There… There you go, my darling stallion…”
                    Lexi stroked and fondled the enormous member but could barely get both hands around it. She kissed it a couple of times.
                    “If I could take this inside me I would…!”
                    She flipped Goldy onto the side, folding a wing in the process, and thrust her hips against the newly-inflated part. She embraced the air-filled torso as she humped away, rubbing as if she hoped to get a reaction out of the alicorn.
                    Kim found a remedy and gently coaxed her lover away.
                    “Just gimme a moment.”
                    She fetched the thick, black, veiny rubber phallus we save for when natural sizes aren’t enough and tied it securely to Goldy’s appendage, making sure most of it stuck out in front. Then she spat on and slobbered all over the extension, making it almost as wet as Lexi already was.
                    “Try now.”
                    Bestiality might be depraved, but I saw nothing wrong in what Lex did right then. As soon as everything was in place she tried her damndest to have actual sex with what for all intents and purposes was an inflatable horse, and eventually sort of succeeded. If I had to think of a name for the position it would be sideways cowgirl, but no matter what to call it I got hot and bothered watching.
                    Maybe it was the enthusiasm. Maybe it was the sounds of creaking vinyl and whining rider. Maybe it was the way Lex had stuffed herself to the limit and seemed to want even more. In any case I was glad I had Kriss’ hand to shove down the front of my pants because I was so distracted I didn’t trust myself to do the job. But we weren’t finished before Lexi came again and fell to the floor, breaking the spell.
                    Kim was there at once, not to check on but encourage her.
                    ”Wanna be mounted too?”
                    “Oh, yes…”
                    Alex got on all fours and her wife went to put the protrusion where it needed to go. She beckoned us over before starting to pull Goldy back and forth, so me and Kriss pushed down on his back to simulate some weight and make sure he wouldn’t move too quick or too fast. The motions turned the toy into a bona fide rocking horse, and the grunts and yelps from below spoke volumes of how nice it moved.
                    “Fuck me, Goldy! You fuck me so goOOod!”
                    Kim leaned in with a husky command. “Take it, baby. Take it deep.”
                    She began to thrust harder and the resistance told me how Goldy’s own cock got squashed up and compressed against Lex, bouncing back on every release. I could feel it happen straight through the inflated vinyl but any sounds were drowned out by the screams of pleasure.
                    “Aaaaaaah! AaaaAAAH! AAAAAAAHHH!”
                    Alex bucked like a bronco, nearly throwing the horse off, but we had a steady grip and let it loose at our own leisure. I’d expected the lady to collapse face first, but she rolled over on her back to finger herself furiously.
                    “More…!” she wailed. “Need more…!”
                    Kimmy kissed her clit and yanked the alicorn close. She tilted it forward enough to contort its pose completely, the front legs getting all bent out of shape.
                    “Goldy can’t give you head”, she said, but he can give you horn.”
                    With just a bit of a struggle she managed to get the relevant part between Lexi’s thighs, licked it wet and stuck it in. She brought her mouth up against it to help out, spitting and drooling to keep it from chafing while her tongue added a personal touch. Kriss grabbed my hand and pulled me along as she knelt and unzipped Lexi’s dress, giving us something to suck as well. Working a tit each we did our best to assist and the owner’s body arched so much I would have worried if I hadn’t been too occupied to care. Now there were no noises but heavy, rapid breathing, the creak of vinyl and the lapping of lips working in unison to amplify the sensation of being fucked with an inflated unicorn horn. If it was half as good as it seemed I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Alex was pounding the floor with her fists and what few sounds she made came between clenched teeth. I playfully bit her nipple to see if she’d notice but it made little difference, so just in case I blew on it to soothe the sting. Kriss began moaning softly to show how much she loved helping out, and I followed suit. Kim joined in to see if she could get Lex to play along as well, but the response wasn’t what she’d expected. With a single grunt and a tremendous jerk our victim fell limp and lay still, and for a moment I thought we’d finally gone too far and killed her. But the only death she’d experienced was the little one, and tender kisses soon brought her to her senses.
                    We got some choice squeezes and smooches, but it was clear Lex was still focused on the big inflatable and caught it in the most affectionate embrace imaginable.
                    “I always wanted a horse. Not a real one”, she added.
                    “Bigger girls get better toys”, Kriss observed.
                    “Told myself ponies and Barbies were stupid and unicorns worst of all. ’Cause I secretly loved ’em.”
                    My wife smiled. “If you want I’ll give you a stableful of them and a whole harem of Barbies.”
                    “This one’s plenty”, Lexi affirmed. ”Wanna bring him to bed.”
                    For some reason that reminded me of a dirty cartoon pic I’d once been sent by a viewer. It showed a lady in lingerie eagerly blowing up a just-unboxed ‘love horse’ with a huge cock, implying an inflatable man wouldn’t be enough. I’d chuckled at the time but it felt far less implausible now. Though Goldy was much better endowed than his drawn cousin, and Lexi’s tone suggested he’d be more of a teddy anyway. I wondered how Kim would feel about that and soon found out.
                    “I’m willing to try squeezing him in, but I doubt you can squeeze him through the door.”
                    She was right. With deflated wings it might be possible but the thick legs would probably have to be similarly disarmed, unless you planned to use force.
                    Which brought another thought to mind - I hoped we were stocked on repair kits because if Goldy burst there would be tears. They might shoot horses, but in the case of vinyl alicorns a whole team of nurses would come running to bandage and reinflate the stricken steed. Might be fun to act out even without actual leaks.
                    Lexi saw reason and reluctantly opened every valve, taking the opportunity to hug each part to speed up the process.
                    “Forgot we’re spending the night elsewhere.”
                    “I’ll blow him up for you next time”, Kim promised.
                    Lex just nodded and made a spirited attempt at folding the creature enough to pack, then gave up and rolled him into what looked like a disused sleeping bag. She got up, straightened her dress and pulled the rest of us into a thorough group hug, bestowing kisses left and front and right.
                    “I love you all so much. I feel like running out to buy you everything you want.”
                    “No need to go out”, Kim said. “I have everything I’ve ever wanted inside this house.”
                    I realized I probably did too, except maybe that rabbit from when I was eight.
                    Lex was still grinning. ”Gonna need a trip anyway because everyone’s getting their favorites for dinner tonight, that’s for sure.”

                    When that haul had been brought home and preparations were enough underway to be left unattended, Kriss revealed what she’d bought for the whole family - a Switch. Not the flogging kind but Nintendo’s latest machine.
                    She’d already installed a Super Mario Party, so we sat down to try out the real thing. Kim and Kriss played the same roles as before but I gave Daisy up to Lex so I could be Yoshi instead. I felt there was a distinct lack of dinos on the board.
                    It was kinda fun, but have you tried playing rhythm games against two musicians and a dancer? Don’t. Although I cleaned up at the memory ones, and the rest came down to luck. Yes, I said it. I was clearly winning and then Kriss unfairly got both bonus stars and passed me. I’m far too mature to throw a controller, but I thought it.
                    “Serves you right for stealing mine”, Kriss beamed.
                    ”I just paid the flying turtle to bring me a random one!”
                    She nodded at the other competitors. “And they didn’t have any.”
                    Kim pouted. “And didn’t get any.”
                    “There, there”, Lex said. She’d been awarded one by pure chance.
                    “Let’s try the rafting instead”, the winner suggested.
                    What that taught me was to never get into a rowboat with my mates. It wasn’t so much the coordination as the lack of communication. Despite the shouting I think we hit every rock along the way. Still, it was a pretty nice game although maybe lacking in setup.
                    “Would’ve been fun to start with inflating the boat”, Kim said.
                    “Yeah”, Lex agreed, “and having to stop before it burst!”
                    “Where’s the fun in that?” Kriss wondered.
                    I could just see it - three players letting up in time while Rosalina puffed on until the whole thing exploded. It would happen.

                    Our Christmas dinner was outright amazing and even if all the dishes weren’t exactly seasonal they still went down a treat. For once I got them all to have some brandy with the coffee and ginger snaps, and then the candies, nuts and other goodies were set out to be sampled while we watched Jim Carrey as the Grinch. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.
                    When Christine Baranski blew the smoke off her lightbulb-shooter Kim grinned knowingly.
                    “Wonder how many of my fans enjoy that scene?”
                    Kriss nodded. “Handsome gal.”
                    I might have said ’striking’ but they had a point. The real question was if the moviemakers put it in for that purpose.
                    Afterwards we spent the rest of the evening wishing each other a very merry Christmas by candlelight, and it would take far too long to repeat all we did. It’s enough to say that by the time I drifted off in Kriss’ arms I fully agreed with Kim.
                    I so love it when we all sleep together.

                    On Boxing Day my wife and Lex made themselves scarce right after breakfast, the reason being the same as why they’d been rehearsing so much lately. They’d promised everyone a free streaming concert that night and there was quite a lot to put in order for that. I might have known she’d planned to use the studio for something of the kind when she made sure it was acoustically sound. Ah well, it was not like we’d need it for the moment.
                    So I went back to compiling that DVD, keeping Kim on my lap to cuddle and kiss and compliment on the achievements flashing by on the screen. We’d already covered much of the year in the anniversary episode, but some things deserved special attention. Like what I’d decided to call ’The Ballad of Barbara’, a summary of the career of Kim’s co-host from the first inflation to the very last time she - literally - blew her up. In between would be several snippets of failed communication and of course Kimber’s exasperated mid-show refills. Those would more than justify the explosive end, and it was at rewatching that it all became too much for me. Hugging Kim tight while looking at her incredible overinflation feat had my pulse working overtime and her sweet, relaxed nearness only exacerbated the symptoms. When the doll exploded I couldn’t take it any longer and licked her cheek.
                    “Kimmy - I’m gonna need you to give me head right now…”
                    She merely smiled and slid to the floor, and while spreading my legs to ease the unbuttoning I put the clip on repeat. Not that I looked at it much, but the sounds of her frenzied gasps and violent exhales sang in my ears as her tongue stroked my clit over and over again. A sudden suck made me twitch and a cute giggle mingled with the ferocious noise from the speakers. I heard the latex lady burst again and my head swam at the thought of Kim’s amazing lung power. She blew a much softer breath over my privates and that had me shaking even more.
                    The soundtrack kept building towards another immense detonation and so did my entire being, tensing up every muscle. Kim held my thighs firmly as she sped up to finish me off as well and I finally gave in, popping in Kimmy’s mouth a moment before Barbie did the same on the screen. But unlike in the video the blonde just kept going until I had another orgasm, less intense but at least as satisfying. Then she sucked some more for good measure, to make sure I knew thirds was an option. I’d had all I could stand though and pulled her into my arms. She snuggled up against my neck.
                    “Thank you so much for asking”, she sighed.
                    “And thank you for blowing.” I turned off the clip. “God, did I need that.”
                    “Speaking of”, she said, idly tracing my chest with her fingers. “I’m gonna need you to fuck me right now.”
                    Who said it’s a bad idea to keep a strap-on in the office drawer? I kicked my pants off, pulled my blouse over my head and strapped the harness around my waist. Kim had stripped too and lay waiting on the couch, thighs delightfully parted in anticipation. I slipped the shaft right in and began pounding away, giving her exactly what she’d asked for. When she said ’deeper’ and ’faster’ I readily complied, but soon her responses slowed to halt.
                    “I know you have some loons in here. Gimme one - you know I come harder when I blow…”
                    It was a moment’s work to grab a handful and thrust it into her palm, and I hadn’t fully reentered before she started inflating the first, only interrupted by the occasional grunt or gasp. Kim was so into the whole thing I was struck by a sudden, unexpected and naughty idea. I waited for the balloon to burst before speaking.
                    “If you ever wanna make a porno with me this would be just the thing.”
                    Her first breath into the next loon turned into a happy, expectant moan.
                    “Oh, fuck yeah, Cherry!” She blew in another hard puff. “Let's shoot this sometime.”
                    “With bigger loons and from behind too!” I added in spite of myself.
                    Kim groaned in bliss at the thought and began to blow as hard as she could, tightening her slit around our shared toy. I picked up the pace too and had a fresh balloon ready for her when the blue one she was blowing popped between us. Her eyes rolled back as she took it and I knew it would be the last one for now. I wasn’t wrong. Her third exhale seemed to go on forever and ended with her letting the globe go flying as she threw her head back and arms wide in a final, decisive spasm. Her scream had barely subsided when she pulled me down for aftercuddles.
                    “I felt in charge”, she whispered, ”and I loved it.”
                    “You were and could be whenever you want.”
                    “Think I’m gonna hold you to that…”
                    For the moment she just held me, though, and eventually we got dressed and somehow managed to finish our notes. Kim turned to me.
                    “We will make that porno, right?”
                    I nodded. “If you want. At some point.”
                    “Do I! If you wear a uniform and boss me around Lex will fucking explode!”
                    “You wear one too and the loonfuck is your punishment for breaking some rule”, I suggested.
                    “Long as I get to show my pussy”, she said.
                    “Perfect. Will she ever pop! Gonna dress up like you, show the vid and say it’s what’s about to happen to her.”
                    I wondered if I should do the same to Kriss or just finger her while she watched. Kim’s plan had merits, though.

                    Lunch consisted of the customary leftovers, but we got invited to give our opinions on the stage set up for the night. Kriss insisted on covering my eyes with her hands as we walked in and they parted to reveal a lovely sight. The dark wall contrasted with the inflatable wintery wonderland in front of it, but the first thing I noticed was the two big snowmen flanking the scene.
                    “So that’s where they went, you thief.”
                    “There’s no evidence”, Kriss replied out of habit.
                    “May I present exhibit A and exhibit B?”
                    “Don’t be cross, Chellie, it’s Christmas!”
                    Technically it wasn’t anymore, but I wasn’t really mad either. I shoulda figured.
                    Apart from those doll balloons there was a wealth of regular ones in various sizes - white, light blue and shiny silver. Mylar snowflakes hung from the ceiling and more inflated foil spelled out ‘Happy Holidays’ on the backdrop. They weren’t individual letters but two separate words in a flowing script. It all looked very planned out, making the theft extremely premediated. Then again, it wasn’t like we’d had dibs on the loons.
                    “So pretty!” Kim said and Alex beamed at her.
                    I agreed it was very nice indeed and Kriss told us they’d filmed the setup and everything. “To give my viewers some extras too.”
                    That set the little wheels in my head turning.
                    “Know what? You should shoot some sound checks too, and doing your makeup, adjusting your outfits. Would make a great intro for the rerun.”
                    “Gods, Chel, you’re a genius!”
                    I tried to sound modest. “I have my moments.”
                    We were shown the video at once, to see if something was missing. It was all there, including what anyone with half a brain would have seen coming. Kriss and Lex were standing side by side, blowing up a snowman each and doing a great job of it. The blonde wore slacks and a simple dress shirt with two buttons open, but I think most would faint if they knew how much it had cost. Alex was about as casual in her burgundy skirt and black top, though both looked very professional puffing away that efficiently.
                    As Lexi’s balloon swelled into shape and grew full she took it from her lips.
                    “About this, right?”
                    “Maybe”, Kriss shrugged.
                    “How big do they get anyway?”
                    “Let’s find out.”
                    Kriss started to blow even bigger breaths into her snowman and soon it had grown six foot tall with girth to match. That was clearly a bit much for the room, but she didn’t stop there. Instead she went on and on, noting but ignoring that the neck began to inflate as well. It was clear this was a definite size test and Lex took a step back in anticipation of the inevitable. Sure enough, all of a sudden there was a boom and a distinct lack of snowman.
                    Alex seemed unperturbed and held out her balloon again. “I think something like this will do.”
                    “Yeah”, Kriss agreed.
                    Using the still-intact doll for reference my wife blew another one up to match while Lexi started on the regular balloons. What followed would feel very familiar to members of ’Kimber’s Corner’ but maybe entirely new to Kriss’ fanbase. Or parts of it, at least.
                    Step by step the props were inflated and placed in their present location, and I couldn’t really find any faults with it. I kissed both decorators to reward them for a job well done and suggested some coffee while going over the night’s arrangements.
                    See, as the resident webmaster I’d been tasked with overseeing the streaming and while Kim was more experienced with that tech I had seniority - which meant the responsibility would fall on me. I wasn’t too worried, though.
                    I also had time to check the comments on the Christmas offerings. They were nice and cheerful with the usual greetings. A less common sentiment was ’Screw the gifts, one of those sacks would do for me!”
                    Kim peeked over my shoulder. “Maybe we could sell bags with my breath? More hygienic than bathwater.”
                    Riko and Tessa got lots of love too, with someone wondering if there was a scene of what happened next. I had to tell him sorry, no.
                    But what warmed my heart the most was addressed straight to me.
                    ’Dear Cheryl, seeing you blow up that airship made my Christmas extra special. Dare I hope or even wish for a really big balloon in the new year?’
                    I checked his username and found he’d been a paying member from the very start, and also one of the viewers most impressed with the dakimakura’s demise. In my book that made him eligible for the Silvers Loyalty Program and I wrote a mental note to find an opportunity for fulfilling his request.
                    Otherwise it was pretty much business as usual. Kim had gone to film the performers getting ready for the show and I looked over the equipment and connection for the seventh time. The standby screen with the countdown looked nice and vintage and the chat window seemed in order as well, now and then adding another anticipatory line from a fan. I wrote a few back just to make sure it worked both ways.
                    The instruments had been added to the makeshift stage and the brass gleamed in the spotlights I hoped had been properly aimed. And then, with fifteen minutes to spare, the stars arrived. Lex looked imposing in a velvety plum party dress slit high at the sides, with a gold-chain belt and matching necklace. Even in flats she was as tall as Kriss in heels. The huge hoop earrings peeked out under the wavy wig and her lashes were even more defined than usual. The headliner herself was no less stunning, in a dark red gown befitting the season. The gold embroideries glittered as she moved and she’d put imitation diamonds in all of her ear piercings. Her stage makeup was impeccable and around her neck she wore a single drop-shaped pearl on a thin chain. This wasn’t my darling idiot Kriss but Crystal Mackenzie herself, though I loved her just as much.
                    However, the real surprise was Kim who for some reason had made herself pretty for the occasion. In white trousers and jacket over a sky-blue top she looked like some sort of snow angel come to life, lovely beyond belief. I made sure to tell her so and was rewarded with a big kiss.
                    “Didn’t know this was a gala performance.”
                    “I like dressing up when going to a concert.”
                    “All set?”, my wife asked.
                    “See for yourself” I said.
                    She leaned in and typed a brief message. ’Crystal here! Hope you’re all feeling great!’
                    The chat erupted with affirmative responses.
                    ’Are yo ready? Not long now!’ was followed by a superflous ’you’. And yes, people were.
                    Kriss took out a bag of 16-inchers, selecting one for herself and another for Lex.
                    “A final lung check.”
                    They started to inflate the test material but Kriss paused to hand Kim a balloon as well.
                    “You too.”
                    Kim accepted without question but when I was offered one on general principle I declined.
                    “No thanks, I’m trying to quit.”
                    What I really was up to was trying to see if the stream would glitch again. There’d been a couple of frozen frames.
                    It seemed all right and I looked up to find the incessant whooshing had resulted in some nice-looking loons, especially Kim’s which matched her undershirt. She held it to her tummy and immediately looked incredibly pregnant, even more so when she pulled the edges of her jacket over it.
                    At that moment Lexi’s balloon burst and for an instant I thought Kimmy herself had popped. But her fake belly was still in place, although soon removed to be blown into oblivion. Kriss beat her to it, of course, but one bang later it was clear the spectator had passed muster too.
                    Some last-minute adjustments followed, along with making sure the setlist was firmly taped to my desk. And then, at 1900 sharp, the countdown hit zero and was replaced with the camera view.
                    Kriss and Lex walked on from a side each and took a bow. Then my wife welcomed everyone to the night’s entertainment before introducing herself and ’Sweet Cheeks’ Riley. I’d heard the spiel before and it sounded as natural now as ever. Then they began playing, both older and newer tunes but all of their own making. Taking the chance to show off their versatility they effortless switched between trumpets, trombones and the euphonium, selecting a new instrument for every song. Me and Kim sat holding hands and simply admiring our mates, who seemed to make no mistakes at all in spite of the complex melodies and harmonies.
                    It was during the fifth number it happened. Suddenly I noticed the screen had gone still and the comments were coming in too fast to read. I signaled the musicians to stop but not even that appeared to be noticed by the viewers. There was nothing for it but restarting the program, and even if that fixed things it was still an embarrassing hiccup. During that time I told Kriss what was going on and once the stream was back she picked up the pieces quite neatly.
                    “Seems we lost connection for a moment but we’re back now! So we’ll just start over with that last one.”
                    They did, and the chat went back to normal - even complimenting us for resolving it so quickly. I hadn’t done much but still pretended to be a tech wiz to feel better.
                    Towards the end of the show Kim grew restless, even rising from her seat. For a moment I thought it might be a potty emergency, but then the song ended and Alex stepped forward.
                    “For this next tune we’d like to welcome a very special guest, someone who might be known to the trivia buffs among you. Ladies and gentlemen - the hostess of ’On the Air with Kimber’ and my dear, dear wife: Kimberly Swanson!”
                    I really, really should have seen that coming and if you did, keep in mind I was a bit preoccupied at the time. At least the people at home were surprised as the screen once more filled up with rapidly scrolling text when Kim made her entrance. She went up and embraced Lex and Kriss in turn, planting brief kisses on the former’s cheeks. Then she picked up the saxophone that had been waiting forlornly in its stand all evening and hung the strap around her neck.
                    Crystal Mackenzie counted her in and Kim began to blow a melody I’d never heard before but was very much in Krissie’s style. She looked absolutely radiant and for a brief moment outshone both of the show’s stars. Then they joined to back her up with massive, harmonious brass notes. Lexi’ trumpet and Kriss’ trombone weaved in and out through the main part and it was a very pleasant listen if you were into those stylings. And Kim played on, completely lost in the music but never missing a beat. That focus, that improved skill was so sexy I found myself gasping for air much harder than she did. And when the final, shared chord came to an end I had to stop myself from clapping.
                    Kim appeared to be laughing silently as she stood there, bent over and panting, while her bandmates flashed huge grins at her. Lex took her face in both hands and kissed her firmly on the mouth, and Kim spun around to plant a spontaneous but more chaste smooch on Kriss lips. Then she set the sax down and turned to the audience, raising a hand high.
                    “Thank you and have a wonderful night!”
                    Her exit was accompanied by an avalanche of ’woooow’ and the like, but even if I’d been fast enough to see them I only had eyes for Kim. I gathered her up and squeezed so hard I feared she might burst. She hugged me back and rubbed her nose against mine with the most satisfied smile you ever saw. I kept my whisper as low as I could.
                    “I’m so, so proud of you, Kimmy-coo. You blew me away. How long have you worked on that?”
                    She was about as muted. ”Krissie asked on her birthday.”
                    “Must have put in some hours.”
                    Kim nodded. “Been practicing so much my lips were sore at times!”
                    I leaned in to blow on them and kiss them all better.
                    “You were amazing. If I can’t have you tonight I’ll pop.”
                    The grin was a promise in itself. “You’re all gonna have me tonight! Wanna be railed so hard you’ll have to take turns!”
                    Just as well no one heard since the congratulations were still coming in hot. I suggested she’d write something back to ground us a bit.
                    ’Kimber speaking! Thanks so much!’
                    That caused a fresh deluge of letters and you could almost see the blonde puff up with pride while blushing to her roots. Some of the lines I saw warranted that for sure.
                    Meanwhile Kriss and Lex brought the proceedings to a finale that saw them play the most sensual duet in their repertoire. If you happened to watch in company this was the perfect moment to start on the foreplay and I certainly did, feeling Kim up thoroughly and whispering how much I loved her and what she’d just done. By the time the stage was evacuated I was glad no Q&A had been announced. I signed off and closed the chat and camera before turning my attention to the players, at some length. Then I made double and triple certain the stream was down because what happened next would have caused a scandal.
                    Eventually Lexi slung the saxophonist over her shoulder and set off for bed, me and Kriss trailing closely behind. And for the third night in a row we retired together, sharing the warm, safe darkness all the way until morning.
                    Without a doubt my favorite season.


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                      Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                      EPISODE 58

                      Of course, everything couldn’t be an unmitigated success. Case in point, Kriss’ next attempt at customization.
                      We’d played some more Mario Party, unlocked a bunch of minigames and discovered that giant jellyfish had the same name as Krissie’s inflatable sea monster. Weird coincidence. Somewhat less weird was my wife being reminded of the Halloween episode by the round ghost called Boo.
                      “Would be hilarious if it had the bros running for their lives while the princess snatched it and blew it to burst!”
                      It was pretty balloon-like and it would make for a fun reversal, but I told her we’d done it already.
                      “Nintendo hasn’t.”
                      “And never will. Now watch me roll.”
                      Well, by now you should know it’s not like Kriss to let something go. She all but vanished for the afternoon and in the evening called us in to show her little project.
                      The table was a mess. Scissors, scalpels and pens were strewn around white latex pieces, an opened bag of 16-inch balloons and a thick plastic jar. The work surface was covered in congealed, milky splotches and a soaked brush was the obvious culprit. There wasn’t time to see much more than that before Kriss reached behind the furniture and lifted up a sphere-like shape.
                      “Boo!” she exclaimed.
                      Now, I have to admit I recognized it. But there’d been a lot of work for little result. It didn’t take a genius to figure out it had involved a lot of liquid latex and a pair of even bigger loons.
                      Lex whistled and Kim said it was impressive, but I could tell they were as doubtful as me. It was clearly an amateur production and while the penwork was adequate the appendages looked wonky, to say the least.
                      “Why didn’t you just draw the arms on when you did the face?”
                      “It’s part of the look, Chel! They sorta have to stick out.”
                      Which they did, but not convincingly. Also, they should taper more. I didn’t ask how she’d stuck them on but only how it could even work.
                      “Trial and error. Have to make the seams real thick or the body pops when the hole expands. Don’t worry, the arms were reusable.”
                      The worrying part was Kriss thinking they had to inflate in the first place. Since they didn’t have to get bigger she might have made them separately and glued them on already filled.
                      “Out of morbid curiosity, how many ghosts have you exploded?”
                      “Seven”, Kriss said. “No, eight.”
                      “And never once thought of giving up?”
                      “Only on the last one. It popped while I was painting the face.”
                      Kim walked around for a side view. “Shouldn’t the tail be lower?”
                      Kriss nodded. “I’ve tried pushing it down but it put too much stress on the rest.”
                      Or in one word, bang. At least the valve made the tip hang down a bit.
                      Alex wondered if the tongue shouldn’t be red and Kriss said the marker was but came out lighter. All in all, the whole thing looked like a crafts project that wouldn’t quite make anyone’s Pinterest page.
                      My wife still turned to Kim.
                      “So whaddya say? Wanna get Peachy and do some ghostbusting while the getting's good?”
                      “Well…” the princess impersonator said. “I guess I could…”
                      She slowly made her way towards the door when a sudden noise made it all moot. Boo had vanished with nothing but a pop and a flopping sound as the torn remains hit the floor. There was a moment of silence.
                      “Guess he gave up the ghost”, I said, and then we all began to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.
                      “All right”, Kriss chuckled. ”It looked bad but I thought it’d be a shame to waste it.”
                      “It wasted itself”, Kim said.
                      “Stupid thing”, Lex grinned. “When it coulda been blown by you. Still, one beauty’s breath mighta been enough.”
                      While pleased with the outcome I felt a bit bad for Kriss, so I grabbed a fresh loon and stuck the valve in before blowing it up.
                      “Draw the face on this one. And the arms.”
                      It didn’t take her long - she evidently had the design down by now. I held the mouthpiece out to Kim.
                      “Now blow.”
                      She bent forward and put her lips right close to my fingers, sending a decent puff into the loon. Then another followed, and another, and since Boo already was about full the fresh air filled up the neck - or in this case, tail. As it grew and extended the ghost slowly moved forwards, as if setting out to haunt some unsuspecting victim. But the only fright he was likely to cause came from the noise he made when popping. Painted pieces flew across the room and Kim straightened her back again.
                      “That was cool”, Kriss said. “You should make some scene with handless inflation.”
                      “Cuff her and make her blow balloons for her freedom”, Lex suggested.
                      There was more than a hint of personal interest and I internally modified the porn script. We might be on to something.

                      The next day Kriss caught me and Kim at the coffee table. She appeared to be all business.
                      “Producer’s orders”, she stated. “Subscriber vids are about to change.”
                      “Oh?” I said. This might get interesting.
                      “Yeah.” She turned to the presenter. “You’re getting rave reviews for the concert, so you pretty much have to listen to that and make more music.”
                      Kim tilted her head “So no loons or ’flatables, huh?”
                      Kriss’ apparent severity melted into a sweet smile. “Inflate anything and everything you can sneak into the show or wanna give the members, but don’t waste effort thinking up scripts for the subscribers. Just play something for them instead.”
                      I was about to remind her we’d already shifted towards that, but she evidently wanted to make it official. And it would be nice with a lighter workload, even if that would mostly affect me. Then again, I’d put in some serious efforts on the last request to have it ready by the end of the month.
                      Kimber herself looked only slightly concerned. “I don’t know that many songs is all.”
                      Kriss leaned in to caress her face. “I’ll help you think some up. Teach you. Rehearse with you. ’Cause I so wanna spend more alone-time together…”
                      Kim tilted her head for the big damn kiss she anticipated and wasn’t left disappointed. I decided to leave them to it and sneak off. The script had some blanks to fill.

                      I jotted down a few factoids, thought ’screw this’ and went where I should have right away - to look for Lex. She seemed to have the same idea as I met her heading my way and zeroing in. Though I wasn’t prepared for the next part.
                      Alexis - all six feet of her - jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. I had to stumble against a wall to stay on my feet but that was okay. Her voice was so sweet and sensual I got warm all over.
                      “Chellie, will you play with me? Just me? Music, I mean.”
                      Don’t think she’d ever asked that before. “Sure, but I think the studio’s occupied.”
                      “No, it isn’t. Our room is, though.”
                      “Let’s go, then.”
                      She dropped down and took my hand and soon we were in what was predominantly Kriss’ and her domain. The only thing making it look less professional was the inflated airbed on the floor. Lex closed the door and pressed her forehead to mine.
                      “Felt so wrong having you behind that table at the concert. When Kimmy came on.”
                      “Didn’t mind sitting that one out. But I’d love to share some tunes with you.”
                      She smiled. “What do you want to play?”
                      “Can’t beat you at the trumpet. Is the tuba ok?”
                      “More than ok. Oh, Chellie, do you know how much I’ve wanted to do this?”
                      “Why haven’t you said?”
                      “In case you’d say no…”
                      I kissed her, hard. “Why would I ever do that? Get your horn and start us up.”
                      Lex was more than happy to lead us through a few standards, familiar stuff that wasn’t too hard even for me. After three songs she lowered her instrument as if it was enough, but I gestured for her to go on.
                      “We have a lot of catching up to do. Play on, maestro.”
                      Four numbers later she called it quits for real and came over to pick me up in a loving embrace.
                      “That felt good.”
                      My reply was sincere. “It did.”
                      Alex closed her eyes. “There’s something else I’d like. I want you to play this…”
                      She offered me her trumpet and my heart skipped a beat, knowing what it meant to her. I hesitated but accepted as she gave me an encouraging nod.
                      “Never thought I’d let anyone but Kim blow it. Even Kriss has only tried on principle, to check the feel. Never a whole song.”
                      “Are you sure?”
                      “Yes. That’s how much you mean to me. Don’t really know how to say it, but maybe…”
                      “I understand.”
                      Raising the mouthpiece to my lips I watched Lexi back up to give me some room as I began to play one of the pieces Kriss had rehearsed with me all those years ago, one that she still asked to hear at times. ’I Will Always Love You’.
                      Lex tiptoed around me and cupped my breasts from below, planting her lips gently on my neck. She kissed and caressed me ever so softly until the last note had faded and I reverently set the trumpet aside. My lover might not have had words but neither did I, and none were needed. We went onto the mattress and let our bodies do the talking as Lexi stripped me naked and went to don the studio strapon Kriss had mentioned saw frequent use. She blew more air into the bed to make it as firm as it would go, then made love to me so tenderly I had to use a few phrases.
                      Coming for her felt as natural as it should and I made sure she got to experience the same. As we lay back to simply be near each other she made another admission.
                      “Longed to have you do that forever too. Same reason for not asking.”
                      “I’d say I’m honored if it didn’t sound so damn formal. But I’m touched beyond belief.”
                      I got an even bigger kiss than Kim had before. “So happy you wanted to.”
                      “I want everything you wanna give me. Including what your boyfriends never offered.”
                      I pulled my knees up to my shoulders to remind her and she grinned.
                      “Not right now. Today I feel like Cherry vanilla.”
                      “Of course. But I am gonna ask for it at times.”
                      “And when you do you’ll get it. By the way, I’ll ask too.”
                      “Let’s go by train next trip and stay in bed the whole time, because I want to fuck you in every...state.”
                      “Hawaii might be a stretch”, she said.
                      I made the same joke Kim would have and she laughed.
                      “You’re starting to sound like her.”
                      “Well, certain things are bound to rub off.”
                      The whole thing devolved into everyday giggles and cuddles and could perhaps have gone unmentioned if not for the trumpet thing. It was kinda momentous.

                      On the subject of momentum, it wouldn’t do to slack off with the show. Apart from private tutoring, our producer had also contributed new inflatable letters for the logotype. The previous ones had held up amazingly well, but despite regular dusting they’d lost some luster by now and were definitely not as taut as they’d once been. Would be perfect with some light housekeeping in preparation for the next episode.
                      The outfit that had inspired the script fit the bill - Kim’s new suit on top of a wingtip shirt and gray waistcoat did make her resemble a stereotypical butler, especially with her hair in a neat ponytail and strict but elegant makeup. I’m sure I don’t have to write out what kind of neckwear she went for.
                      At any rate, she set about adjusting the studio for the camera, taking down the previous sign and lining the components up neatly on the desk before inflating and installing the replacements. Then she pulled a pin from her breast pocket and primly popped their predecessors one by one, squeezed them flat and dropped them into the trash can. Then she bent over to blow some fresh air into her seat, testing the firmness after every breath until she could give a satisfactory nod and walk off. She left the bottle balloon on the wall, though, to give us a lead-in.

                      “Welcome to the first ’On the Air’ for the year. Had a little too much champagne last night? Head pounding like a sledgehammer? Maybe you wish you had a butler to bring you a surefire remedy in bed, or maybe you already do. In that case I have bad news for you. That would be the job of a valet - a personal attendant or ’gentleman’s gentleman’. But it’s easy to mix those up, especially since what many would call the quintessential butler - Jeeves from P.G. Wodehouse’s books - was actually a valet.”
                      Kimber explained that butler is an old title ultimately derived from the Old French botellier, which was applied to the officer in charge of the king’s bottles. The word as we know it arose in Britain, though. Since wines and spirits could be a major part of the household economy, the butler rose from being a mid-ranking servant to the head of the staff in the 19th century. There could still be a senior steward, but he was more concerned with financial matters than practical tasks. Not that butlers handled those much – they were usually delegated to footmen or others on lower rungs of the hierarchy.
                      “Butlers were with very singular exceptions men and in charge of the male servants – the female equivalent was a ‘Housekeeper’, but in somewhat smaller manors the butler filled her role as well. While I’m still talking about Britain, there were similar arrangements in the early United States as well. Though distasteful as it is, we have to remember most domestics over here were slaves.”
                      No point sugarcoating that. It’s a regrettable fact.
                      “That, or indentured servants which is also less than optimal. Butlers might enjoy a certain status within their circles, but I can’t help thinking a lack of freedom would spoil that quite a bit. Although on a related note, the first commercially published book by an African American was a housekeeping manual by a butler named Robert Roberts. It came out in 1827 and was so popular it got both a second and a third edition, so he was highly regarded in his field. He was still a slave though, so let’s not dwell on his position. It’s a truly vile practice no matter the occupation.”
                      I hoped mentioning the topic wouldn’t overshadow the rest. These things tend to do that, and while it warrants serious thoughts and discussions, a lightweight trivia show might not be the best forum so I’d kept it brief.
                      “The 19th and early 20th century were the golden age of butlers, but following World War I there was a sharp decline in domestic service employment. The system had always depended on class differences and as society became more equal there simply was less need for people to sign up for menial tasks. Not to the same extent, at least.”
                      There were a few observations on the general status of modern-day housekeeping and I reflected that while we may hire a cleaner he did run a company of his own, came in by appointment and appeared to be doing quite well for himself. And did nicely for us too.
                      “If you’ve wondered about why butlers always seem to dress formally, it’s both a mark of their status as being closest to the masters of the house and to lend an air of class and dignity to the establishment. Early butlers wore liveries similar to that of footmen, although slightly more elaborate to indicate the difference. And nowadays butlers may work in less formal clothes, only dressing up when the situation calls for it. Cultural differences play a part too, of course – for instance, in Bali butlers often wear sarongs. But in the end it comes down to what uniform the employer chooses to provide or prescribe.”
                      Then it was time for something more in our line of work, the pop culture representations. Kim started with the most infamous one.
                      "’The butler did it’ is an old murder mystery cliché, for some reason. There’s an almost total lack of stories where the butler is the culprit - the most famous one is the Sherlock Holmes case of ‘The Musgrave Ritual’ and even then he’s just a thief, not a murderer. The butler is indeed the killer in a number of stories, but even early on it was derided as a lazy way of pinning it on the ‘least likely suspect’. Butlers were a background presence who very seldom would have a motive for murder – at least in that kind of stories.”
                      She went on to list a few fictional butlers, and since we’d done some coverage of superheroes she started out with Batman’s factotum Alfred, mentioning that he actually has a surname too – Pennyworth. Then Kimber said that fans of Downtown Abbey would of course think of Mr. Carson, while those watching more comedic TV shows might remember Lurch from ‘The Addams Family’, Geoffrey from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and of course Niles from ’The Nanny’, who’s my favorite despite sharing his name with an ex of mine.
                      “Another example is Mr. Stevens from ‘The Remains of the Day’ a book turned into a film starring Anthony Hopkins. Not much comedy in that one, but a real good award-winning performance by Sir Anthony.”
                      There were a few closing remarks on the theme of being at your service with delivering various trivia tidbits and after the usual finish Kim insisted on one final subscriber skit, since it would be a shame to waste her idea. I decided I would overrule Kriss on occasion, if something was too simple or obvious to pass on. In this case the presenter had acquired one of those soft drink bottles made up to look like champagne and held it out for all to see.
                      “Should you ever be requested to ’pop the cork’, this is how you do it.”
                      She peeled off the gilt covering, put her thumbs in place and removed the stopper with a loud report before putting the flask aside.
                      “Not like this.”
                      Kimber produced the mylar balloon that had graced the studio wall for the last two episodes, stuck the tube in the opening and blew hard. The increasing pressure made the foil bulge far more than intended but Kim was relentless and inflated it so much it burst with even more noise than the escaping cork.
                      “Might save you from embarrassment at some point.”
                      I stopped recording. “That should do it.”
                      “For now”, Kim said, her expression completely at odds with her previous demeanor. “Get the maid outfit. Let’s wait on Lex a bit.”

                      I should have felt stupid dressed up like that and trailing Kim down the corridor, especially carrying that unwieldy roll of PVC, but I didn’t. I had a feeling this could prove fun.
                      As Lexi had some paperwork to finish we knew she’d be in the office and knocked at the door before entering. Kim begged her pardon and inquired whether her ladyship required her steed inflated this afternoon.
                      Alex was taken aback by the sight for a few moments, then found the inspiration to play along.
                      “I actually might, Swanson. Thank you.”
                      Kim nodded. “Miss Silvers.”
                      I rolled Goldy out and handed him over, stepping aside as my superior uncorked the valve and proceeded with the task. With utmost dignity she blew the body up to capacity, then told me to hold it while she filled the legs in the same manner. She indicated the drooping crest.
                      “Take care of the mane.”
                      “Yes, Mistress Swanson.”
                      With one hand under Goldy’s chest I used the other to open the relevant nozzle and hold it to my lips. Blowing in enough air to fill it was quick work that didn’t go unnoticed.
                      “Good. Now the tail.”
                      I shifted enough for a repeat at the rear while Kim puffed a wing into position. She blew it absolutely rigid and instructed me to copy the look on my side, which didn’t take long either. I finished and received one last order.
                      “Attend to the final detail.”
                      Kim tilted the toy for full access and I was actually a bit turned on as I grasped the flaccid shaft and inflated it to full size as decorously as I could. Closing the valve I ran my fingers over the bulging scrotum to feel if it was as thick as it looked and found it so, likely for accommodating the lengthwise crease simulating a pair of testicles.
                      “That will do, Miss Silvers”, Kim said and placed Goldy on the floor. “Bring her ladyship’s saddle.”
                      We’d left that outside the door and even if it was all of eight seconds work to get it I returned to find Lex had by now lost interest in horseplay - what I witnessed was more of an illicit encounter between mistress and servant.
                      I stayed to watch, of course. Someone had to exercise the poor mount.

                      The 30th saw us scrambling to prepare the January birthday vids - with everything else happening they had completely slipped our minds.
                      As they’d so far only used less conventional arrangements Kriss and Lex saved time by settling for a straightforward rendition of the song on trumpet and euphonium, though my heart skipped a beat at seeing my wife brandishing Lexi’s horn. It didn’t make the trust I’d been shown feel less special, rather the opposite.
                      As Kriss’ new style was on the dressy casual side she didn’t need to put on anything else and the neat everyday outfit Lex wore made do as well. They blew up white birthday balloons set apart from the concert ones by having prints and visible necks, so there was a difference.
                      Kim’s presentation was set up about as quickly - she was already wearing the white tee with a graphic ’Crazy Cat Lady’ print I’d gotten her for Christmas, jeans and a gold chain necklace/bracelet combo. All she did was adding her favorite azure tie to keep up appearances while I wrote down famous people born on each day of the month. She would still look fab rattling them off, and the surprised and disappointed face she made when the blue balloon she was blowing up for her members popped was adorable. I just had to kiss her before allowing another to be inflated for the retake. She blew it so full it was a miracle it didn’t burst as well and I wondered if it’d explode from the sheer pressure before she’d gotten through the month. It didn’t, and even survived the improvised addition.
                      “If you’re wondering what’s up with the extra-big balloon it’s because January’s my co-creator’s birthday month too. So let’s add another name to the 21st - Cheryl Silvers!”
                      Sounded a bit underwhelming next to Geena Davis, but hey, it’s nice to be remembered.
                      As soon as she was done Kim released the balloon which went for an extended flight around the room and caught it before it fell to the floor. She came over and put it into my pocket along with her hand, getting close enough for a cuddle.
                      “Sorry ’bout your other loon”, she said.
                      “Wasn’t just mine. And you can do some more in three weeks.”
                      “That’s a given.”

                      Since we had planned on going out Kim didn’t bother to change, as she seemed determined to make the tie part of personal public appearances as well. She just threw on a suede jacket and matching shoes for our trip to the costume shop, to look for inspiration and maybe a bit more if we got lucky.
                      The first thing I noticed when I glanced at the counter was that the wall behind it was absolutely filled with balloons. Our brand, even if the logos weren’t always facing outwards.
                      The second was that Jess wasn’t at the register but a colleague of hers, in a deep red wig and some sort of Japanese-looking garb. Not exactly a kimono, but still black and white and shiny. We said hi and asked if our regular girl was off for the holidays. She said no, they were double-staffed at the moment.
                      Well, New Years’ is huge for parties - I could see they’d stocked plenty of sparkly wigs and hats. And right then Jess appeared from having helped another customer. She gave a wide grin at seeing us.
                      “Took a cue from you for the occasion”, she told Kim.
                      That would explain why she wore a black bow tie with her dark jacket sporting gold epaulets and trimmings.
                      “Thought it’d add a festive touch. Like the balloons. But Kate helped with those. To save time”, she added as if to imply the effort wasn’t a problem. I still asked if they’d given them any trouble.
                      “Nah. Except one popped in my face.”
                      “That’s when I gave up”, Kate said. “No way I’d go on. Can’t believe you dared!”
                      Jess shrugged. “Not my first time. How can I help you today?”
                      I told her we were in the market for something with a military vibe and she guided us to a few selections.
                      While we browsed our helper gave my companion a small grin.
                      “Neat that you’ve made the ties a regular part of your look. Makes it easier if someone wants to cosplay as you.”
                      “Have you tried?” Kim asked half in jest.
                      Jess took it in stride. “Just once. This” - she touched her neck – “a blonde wig and a sheet of trivia worked fine, plus a bad pun and blowing a balloon up until it popped. That was my first time.”
                      “Were you scared?”
                      “We both were! And laughed like crazy. Was fun to keep going and see him just as nervy. Guess I broke character but it’s having a good time that counts.”
                      “Sounds like you did”, I said.
                      “Oh, yeah. Some people like balloons, others dressing up.”
                      We rewarded her openness with buying two very inauthentic uniform jacket n’ skirt sets in olive green and matching caps. Then we wished her and Kate a happy new year and set off with our haul.

                      “Seems you’re becoming an icon”, I said in the car. “After all, imitation’s the sincerest kind of flattery.”
                      “Wasn’t what I aimed for, but maybe others will get something out of it too.”
                      “Not complaining. And it might actually help tomorrow. Brand recognition, and all.”
                      Kim purred. “I’ll do my best.”
                      “I’m driving, so you’re blowing up the bed if you want some.”
                      She spent the rest of the ride teasing me with breathing warm-ups and telling me to put the foot down. Being at the wheel has its perks.


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                        Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                        EPISODE 59

                        The very last day of the year was filled with anticipation, and not only of the good kind. We were going to attend a huge industry party and, for lack of a better word, network. Kriss had accepted that invitation since it held the best business prospects and included her musical partner with spouse. They had their upcoming album to sell in along with related gigs, plus playing up Lexi’s movie casting. That Kim also had a fairly successful platform would be great for emphasizing the marketing possibilities. Still, socializing wasn’t really our thing and I was probably the one worrying the least even if I would have to handle most of the talking. I didn’t fare too poorly in HR, after all.

                        Looking smart was a priority though and we’d put a lot of thought into our outfits. Dresses were the way to go, but Kim’s wonderful specimen from her LA trip was a little too short and colorful so she’d gotten a new one along with the rest of us and we’d have to wait for yet another opportunity to put it ’on the air’. No loss, since the alternative was fantastic too. But I’ll start with describing what I would wear. I’d been torn between navy and burgundy, but the latter won out since I found a gown in that color which made me feel both elegant and comfortable. The top part wrapped around my chest in what I felt was a flattering way, and the thick diagonal folds made for interesting shapes. I thought the merest hint of sleeves was a nice touch. The skirt didn’t billow out much and was easy to move about in, which was all I could ask for, and a simple necklace in gold with equally discreet earrings completed the look.
                        Kriss had a creation in cream and gold, leaving her arms bare and accentuating the cleavage just enough to not slip into tawdry. She’d gone all in with the jewelry, sticking crystal studs in every ear piercing and wrapped three thin chains with various tasteful charms loosely around her neck. Her wrists were adorned in a similar manner and she even wore an anklet on the off chance that someone could tear their eyes off the rest to look down there.
                        Lexi’s dress only reached her knees to make her look even taller, and while it too was sleeveless the shoulders flared out to draw attention to their width. The neckline wasn’t quite as plunging as my wife’s, but the rounded v-shape still did the trick. Around her biceps she wore that kind of spiraling armbands I’m never sure have a proper name and the thick golden bracelets were a match in both style and material.
                        Which brings us to Kim. On account of having a look to live up to she was the only one of us to wear a jacket, even if it was just a thin satin bolero with half-sleeves. It justified the silk bow tie she basically had to include, and I dare you to find a nicer one in all of Vegas. She’d scoured basically every shop or boutique selling them and spent hours deciding, even calling me in as an ’expert’. The final pick was her own, though.
                        Her gown was the main thing, of course, a black, slinky number with a white chest panel liberally embroidered in dark curls and spirals. The waist emulated a black cummerbund, three shiny creases that emphasized her shape and gave the impression of the most feminine equivalent of a tuxedo you could imagine.
                        Yeah, yeah, I could have let it go at writing we’d dressed for the occasion, but after all the effort that went in it would be a shame to not acknowledge it.

                        We did our own makeup since it wouldn’t be fair to call in Lou on such a day and we might have to touch it up during the evening anyway. Getting it just right took some time and Kriss’ perfectionist streak caused her a lot of delay. In fact, I got tired of watching her fuss and took the opportunity to act on a previous idea. After all, I knew where she’d put the leftover props on Boxing day.
                        I snuck down and appropriated Kriss prize metallics, the pair of thirty-inchers deemed too big for the concert. Turnabout is fair play and she did deserve some payback for the snowmen. Though these were quite a bit more expensive, so I brought an adapter along to do the whole thing justice. I didn’t care for smearing my lipstick.
                        After aiming the studio camera at the neutral backdrop I put a black marker within easy reach and started to record. For once I wasn’t self-conscious in the least, knowing that I looked as good as I possibly could. I turned to the audience with my hands loosely clasped in front of me, hiding a special surprise.
                        “Hi. Cheryl here - you may recognize me as the woman behind the scenes of this show. A very special viewer has expressed a hope of seeing me with a big, big balloon in the new year. I thought I’d start early and show one for New Year’s instead.”
                        With a tiny grin I opened my hands to reveal the oversized latex pouch, grabbed the plastic tube sticking out of the mouthpiece between my fingers and turned to the side. Then I began to inflate it with as much dignity as I could muster. It did not take long for the flaccid rubber to fill up and start to expand, putting up just a token resistance to my efforts. I didn’t go slow by any means, but the size meant it would take some time to blow it up all the way.
                        Puff after puff went into the round shape, each of them making it grow larger and larger as it shone and glittered beneath the studio lamps. I felt my chest rise and contract with every inhale and exhale, and my heart was thumping inside it at the thought of what the sight might do to the watchers. There was a certain carelessness about the way I blew into the silvery globe without worrying of running out of breath, because I’d rather keel over than give up on what I’d started.
                        The spotlights reflecting off the gleaming material made me once more marvel at rubber being able to look that way. No wonder these were expensive, but worth every cent if used correctly. I hoped people would feel I was putting it to proper use, and kept blowing as hard as I could without risking losing my cool. The air whooshing into the thin membrane echoed through the latex and once more I was grateful for the acoustic rigging. If it sounded as impressive on film as it did up close the viewers were in for an additional treat.
                        When the loon eventually approached full size I took the tube from my lips and smiled sweetly at the camera as I reached for the pen, uncapping it and writing ’HAPPY NEW YEAR’ in big letters over the side facing the lens. Then I put the marker away and resumed inflating the enormous, shiny sphere, because it would be an even bigger waste to not blow it up until it burst.
                        And that’s just what I did - it took a whole lot of puffing to get there, but in the end there was a sharp boom as the balloon broke and sent pieces tumbling through the room. My reaction might not have been quite as collected as the rest, but at least I didn’t shriek or anything.
                        “I think that’s what’s called ’going out with a bang’”, I told Kim’s members. ”Happy New Year, everyone.”

                        I tidied up and shut off the camera. Now, I’d had a suspicion I might not be the only one waiting and with wisdom sprung from experience I’d put a ’Do not disturb’ sign outside. It was time to see if I’d been right.
                        “All clear”, I called, and the door opened to reveal Kim in all her glory.
                        I nearly swooned on the spot. I’d been prepared, of course, but hadn’t expected her to look that amazing. Even during the final try-on the effect hadn’t been as overwhelming. I had never, repeat never, been so stunned by someone’s appearance and the glee I felt at being her lover can’t be described.
                        “Fuckdamn, Kimmy! Out to kill me?”
                        Thrill you, for sure. Did it work?”
                        I crushed her to my chest. “You know it did…”
                        The not-so-little minx blew in my ear. “Sorry not sorry”, she said. “Think I look good enough to bring?”
                        “Good enough to anything you want and it’s a crying shame we can’t get busy. How come you’re here?”
                        “Lexi’s having second thoughts about her hair and said I was stressing her out by watching. Am I stressing you out?” she added with totally fake innocence.
                        “Not as such, no.” There were other words for what she did, though.
                        “So whatcha up to? I heard the noise.”
                        I told her and indicated the remains in the trash. She looked them over, bit her lip and made a request.
                        “Can I do the other one? Not to steal your thunder! It just feels...wrong being all dressed up with nothing to blow.”
                        That I could understand, and it would both give her something to do and put her safely beyond reach. I didn’t exactly trust myself at that moment.
                        “Sure. Let me get it for you.”
                        I busied myself attaching the leftover balloon to the adapter, trying to ignore Kim’s gaze burning the back of my ears. Then I handed it over and she accepted the contraption with evident gratitude. Taking a few steps backwards to give herself space she drew a deep breath and the happy, expectant look on her face made me realize what a monumental opportunity was about to be wasted.
                        “Wait!” I called. “Let’s film it. As a DVD bonus.”
                        “You sure?”
                        “Abso-fucking-lutely.” This would be one for the books, or the screens at least.
                        It was a matter of moments to restart the recording, and Kimber didn’t even make the pretense of introducing the scene. Instead she repeated her inhale, but in a much statelier manner. Then she began to blow.
                        In all the months we’d been shooting she had performed some pretty damned impressive inflations, but none quite like this one. It was a spontaneous act, yet incredibly theatric. The combination was kind of surreal, and the balloon looking more metal than rubber only added to that impression. It was like watching someone breathing life into a gigantic pinball, except it was done with too much force to fit that description. And her absolutely flawless appearance seemed at once completely unsuited yet strangely perfect for the task. The painted face puffing out with every powerful exhale, the airy blonde hair framing and flowing around it… I sometimes call her ’do a mane and it’s not a figure of speech - she has one, and at the moment it was more apparent than ever. Everything about her head was gorgeous, and the rest of her was more than a match. The black bolero hung from her shoulders in relaxed, shiny folds and the dress hugged every curve as she kept inhaling and exhaling, inflating and deflating herself by turns. Jewelry sparkled gently around her wrists, on her chest and below her ears while the wings of her hand-tied bow sat just slightly askew in a carefree yet utterly elegant manner.
                        All told, Kimmy didn’t appear to be just a young lady blowing up an enormous balloon for her own amusement - it was more like she was competing for the title of Miss Sweden or something, combining the evening gown and talent rounds.
                        And her talent was more than apparent. She was completely unfazed by the daunting prospect, forcing breath after breath into the expanding latex like it was no more trouble than fluffing up a pillow. Puffing up an enormous balloon should seem at least a little taxing, but in spite of her bulging, lightly reddened cheeks Kim made it appear nearly effortless. She had blown far more than her share of loons to capacity and beyond and by now it was second, if not first, nature to her. And with such a beautiful specimen filling up in front of her you’d be hard pressed to turn away, especially since she looked so amazing doing the honors. This was Kim at her most regal, fully reinforcing her status as a true balloon queen, and the silvery sphere receiving liberal lungfuls of air straight from her mouth couldn’t be more honored if she’d been bestowing a knighthood instead. She supported it between her palms to make sure nothing obstructed the view of her lips wrapped tightly around the valveless tube, and the sounds of her breaths going in reminded you they might at any time be interrupted and replaced by a sudden and much harsher noise. For the moment there was just a steady flow of pffuu and fwoosh, though, intermingled with deep intakes through her nose. I couldn’t imagine anyone watching not being envious of the giant metallic globe, being meticulously blown into shape by such a vision of loveliness and determination.
                        I stood transfixed as Queen Kimber kept blowing and blowing and blowing, mesmerized by the way she made the seemingly rigid thing swell out to almost ridiculous proportions. Time appeared to stand still until she finally removed the mouthpiece to speak.
                        “Pen”, she demanded, more a statement than a request and evidently inspired by the retelling of my own performance - which by now felt decidedly inferior.
                        I walked in and wrote the same words as earlier on the reflective surface, taking care not to pierce it with the tip. That would be more than a little anticlimactic.
                        “Thank you”, Kim said, and despite the smile it was a clear dismissal. I retreated to let her finish in peace.
                        Not that the last stretch was peaceful. The breathtaking blonde began to blow much harder than before, expelling forceful gusts calculated to make the latex reach its breaking point quicker than the previous pace had indicated. While Kim had alternated between keeping her eyes open and shut during the first part, they were now firmly closed, the lids only occasionally lifting for an intense stare at the balloon - as if to gauge how far it had left to go. Soon enough you could notice the neck expanding and distend the circular shape at the point closest to the inflatress, who redoubled her efforts to blow the protrusion even bigger and more pronounced. Gradually the side facing her grew more like the end of a lemon than an orange - if you could imagine a citrus fruit cast in bright metal and polished absolutely smooth. Kim kept blowing long, steady, hard puffs into it and at this point it was evident she had to exert herself at least a bit. The inflatable silver ball had grown into a size that beggared belief, and the rubber was struggling to contain all the air she was adding. But it was a losing battle, and without warning there came a loud pop when the material finally failed. The balloon went to bits and the instant release of its contents made Kim’s hair briefly flow back in passing. Large slivers of latex sailed all around enroute to the ground and then there was silence, with a sense of the sudden explosion having completed rather than ruined the scenario.

                        Kim smiled as she turned to the camera and walked out frame without hurry. I’d made the right call - not preserving that for posterity would have been outright criminal. That the scene lacked context or justification put it firmly in fetish territory, but since most customers would be natives of that country it was okay. As a surprise bonus it would be damned near priceless.
                        “That felt good!” Kim said without any particular emphasis and I ran a finger along her cheek.
                        Looked good too. Damn good.”
                        Last understatement of the year. But it had lacked a certain something, something I wasn’t quite sure I could pinpoint but would bear checking out.
                        “Mind doing something else? Something for my eyes only?”
                        “Bring it on”, she said, and was slightly perplexed when I took out another balloon from the studio stash. It was a red 12-incher of a brand we’d found particularly tough and the best hope for the effect I wanted.
                        “Screw dignity and appearances, I wanna see some real effort.”
                        My lover’s grin showed she was up for the challenge and with a lusty gasp she set about trying to inflate the gaudy rubber. The very first breath showed I’d made another good call - Kim’s face scrunched up as she tried to overcome the resistance and it took her a good two seconds to force the first puff in. Then it went smoother, but she still had to blow hard to progress. Seeing her bend forwards and grow red in the face made for an incredible contrast with her otherwise immaculate look, and when the loon grew a neck the fight began for real. Kim sputtered and staggered, shifting her weight from foot to foot, all the while attempting to burst the balloon with nothing but lung power. The red maraca-shape was immensely reluctant but in the end had to give in, snapping apart and shattering with a bang.
                        It was a satisfying watch - while it had been out of place with the bigger balloon, that demeanor in that getup was awe-inducing and strangely arousing at once. Kim didn’t fail to notice how flustered I was.
                        “Maybe should have filmed that too, boss?”
                        “Saved on the local memory”, I said. “Kinda wish it wasn’t…”
                        “Only one thing to do, then…” She sauntered closer. “Hike up the dress...and jill off.”
                        She crouched to lift my hemline and I realized she was probably right. It had been necessary from the moment she walked in.
                        “At least have the decency to talk dirty.”
                        Kim’s arms went around me as my hand slid into my panties. Her nose ran along my neck with an audible sniff.
                        “Damn, you smell so good I can hardly take it…”
                        Whatever that did for her can’t have been better than her scent in my nostrils. She’d outdone herself on that account as well and having to breathe it in was the loveliest torment in the world. I was shaking with an itch I did my damndest to scratch, and the husky whisper in my ear only made it worse. In the best way possible.
                        “I want you to come just for me, Cheryl. Will keep me smiling all night knowing I made you get off in that gown… And no one will know but me.”
                        And me. I wondered if I’d be able to fulfill my obligations in still-moist underwear and the thought nearly finished me on the spot. Kim’s voice was relentless, urging me to try even harder.
                        So looking forward to wearing this for a date with you. Gonna want you to…”
                        What she said next might spoil the image I’ve drawn but her words were delightfully filthy and more than enough to send me over the edge. I whimpered and shook and somehow managed to not collapse, clinging on to the warm, fragrant body next to me until I trusted my feet again.
                        There you go”, she smiled. “There. You needed that, didn’t you?”
                        “More than I can say.”
                        “So happy I could help. I love you.”
                        “I love you too. And it was your fault anyway. Maybe now I can look at you without my tongue locking up.”
                        “Straighten my clothes and we’re even.”
                        I complied, she did the same for me and then we agreed we’d better look in on our mates. Except I should upload my vid right away or the rush had been pointless.

                        That done we set out and met the others coming our way. Lex had decided on her straight wig after all and was beyond stunning, but the sight of Kriss hit me even harder than Kim’s entrance had. All the nodes spelling out ’MINE’ in my brain flashed to life and in an instant I was as horny for her as I’d ever been. There was nothing for it but hauling her into the nearest room, close the door and demand a repeat of what I’d just gotten from the other blonde.
                        “Mmm, Chel, seems that extra time paid off!”
                        “Shut up and blow some more in my ear...”
                        Kriss was beaming with pride and smugness as we left, and I guess I have to rephrase a previous statement.
                        I’m the insatiable one at times.

                        The swanky party was about what I’d come to expect from such arrangement, although maybe with a tiny bit more gravitas or what to call it. You got the impression there were Important People present, even if they were superficially indistinguishable from other revelers in evening wear. Maybe the clothes were more expensive and the features more polished, but at a hasty glance you wouldn’t see it. It got evident after a while, though.
                        Still, the refreshments were good and the social niceties not insufferable, so I didn’t really mind being there. Making conversation and more than a little of that so-called networking came naturally to me, as it always has for some reason. I suppose we all have talents.
                        The musical negotiations were only hinted at, but seeds were planted that might possibly bear fruit in the near future. The most unexpected thing to happen was the tentative pitch for Kim to appear on a talkshow of the lesser variety, but still a huge step up from the usual platforms. The idea was to provide an example of niche webshows while hinting at her wife’s upcoming movie as an additional way to generate interest - it was being produced by the same company. The actual stars would be invited on completion or even closer to release, which made me suspect there was a certain doubt it would be finished. Still, we were all pretty thrilled by the prospect and given the promise their people would be calling our people - in other words me.
                        Between business encounters I mingled while drinking in the sight of my mates doing the same. The all looked so fine I had to wonder if there was a man present who could look at them without feeling a twitch in their pants - if their tastes ran that way, that is. Kim in particular seemed to draw any number of stares and gracefully pretended to be unaware of them all. And Lexi was hitting it off big time with the movie people, even showing off her biceps at one point - likely by request.
                        I managed to get Kriss to myself for a while to catch up on the proceedings but we were soon interrupted by a high-pitched giggle. A laughing couple had appropriated a pair of golden helium-filled balloons from one of the bouquets lining the wall and were merrily sampling the contents.
                        “That looks like fun”, Kriss said and snagged one for herself from an untouched bunch. She deftly undid the knot and inhaled half a lungful.
                        “Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah”, she sang, “ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang.”
                        I gave her an amused smile. “This where I yell ’Alvin’?”
                        “Right man, wrong character” Kriss replied, her voice gradually descending. “Come on, try some!”
                        She held out the mouthpiece and I gave it a suck. It’s one of those things that are hard to resist. I tried to think of something to impersonate but could only come up with “Meega nala kweesta”.
                        Kriss took another hit and one-upped me. “Remember me, Eddie? When I killed your brother I talked just! Like! This!”
                        Damn. I drew on more classic toons and squealed a few bars of “Figaro, figaro”, but my darling nitwit must have followed a weirdly logical line of thought as she went on with a rendition of ”We represent the lollipop guild”.
                        As we by now had an audience I quickly inhaled some more helium to do “Sixteen tons”. I was fresh out of references and thought standing the pitch on its head would be funny. Anything to get out of the potential PC mire.
                        That set Kriss off on “The Bare Necessities” but she ran out of gas after the first part. Still got her a small applause though and I chuckled at how there had been more balloon than Baloo to the performance. She gave the limp pouch a thoughtful look.
                        “Only polite to put this back.”
                        With just a few puffs she blew the eleven-incher full again, inflating the neck just enough to match the rest before tying it up and attaching it to the floating bundle. It didn’t appear too out of place and while the onlookers had discreetly dispersed I could see she’d shamed the other helium-huffing lady into following her example. As I started to turn away a sudden pop and shriek showed she wasn’t nearly as experienced with handling balloons and I wondered if it had been her first blow to burst, accidental or not. The comforting hug from her partner was sweet enough though and the way she smiled at that public display of affection told me it might not have been a mishap after all.
                        Kriss flashed me her least trustworthy smile. “Wouldya believe that works with brass too?”
                        “No. Stop shitting me.”
                        “But it does! The notes would go higher if I had some of that while playing.”
                        “How? I thought it just tightened your vocal cords.”
                        Kriss, who’d had a couple of glasses, produced something between a giggle and an outright laugh. “That doesn’t happen! Soundwaves travel faster through helium is all.”
                        “So that’s what changes the pitch?”
                        It wasn’t some sort of logging joke but it took a couple of seconds to register. I’d been drinking too. ”Lemme get this straight - you inhale before playing and the music comes out like a chipmunk fart?”
                        That broke her, but she recovered enough to answer. “Not quite, but yeah. And I don’t even have to breathe it - it just has to pass through the horn. I mean, I could put a hose in my mouth and push the gas out in front of the rest.”
                        It was my turn to guffaw. “If you wanna make a vid on that you have my permission.”
                        Kriss said she’d definitely think about it, I said I couldn’t wait to see it (which was true at the time) and then we shared a hug, a smooch and a nose rub, grinning like the fools in love we were. Hey, being named ’the cuddliest couple in the biz’ carries certain obligations, even if everyone else probably forgot about that right away.

                        The rest of the evening passed without incident and we all joined in the countdown and cheering at the stroke of midnight. The festivities didn’t end there though and it wasn’t until much later we safely returned home. And believe it or not, went straight to sleep without more than a few token cuddles. We made up for it in the morning, of course, but just snoozing in Kriss’ embrace was enough for the night.
                        So with the year started off on the proper note I went to post its first video and check the feedback on yesterday's uploads. Kim’s well-wishes had been returned several times over and her blow to pop for the members received the usual feedback. For once I stole her thunder as my video was met with more than the usual amount of ’wow’s and ’OMG’s - and that’s not even counting the unique comments. They were universally appreciative, which I in turn appreciated. As for the member who’d inspired it, it was evident he’d watched it too.
                        ’Thank you ever so much’, he wrote. ’I went out with a bang too, but before your balloon. All the best for the new year - it couldn’t have started better!’
                        ’You’re welcome’ I replied, and meant it. I hoped it had been a glorious jerk.
                        There was one thing I couldn’t understand though and set out to find Kim for an explanation. I could tell from her smirk she’d already seen the reactions.
                        “My, my, Ms. Silvers. You’ve got people getting off to you all over the world.”
                        “Seems so”, I said. “That’s what I wanted to ask you about.”
                        One of the lines below my clip read ’Snälla Kimber, blås upp en sån ballong!’ and I had a hunch she’d be able to make sense of it. Those å’s looked decidedly Scandinavian.
                        “Looks like ’Kind Kimber, blow up such a balloon!’ But I think it should be ’Kimber, please blow up a balloon like that one!’ Sounds better.” Kim gave a lopsided grin. “So whaddya think? Should I be kind and tell him I already did?”
                        “In this case it might be mean to do it.”
                        “Grammar’s a bitch and so am I. In some ways.”
                        In the end she wrote back ’Det gjorde jag - för nästa DVD!’ and even I got the gist of that last part. To prove it wasn’t false advertising she attached a screenshot to a private message, which netted us the first pre-order. I was fine with the spoiler - it’d still be a surprise for everyone who couldn’t read Swedish and that’d be an absolute majority of the members. And using a translator would only mean free advertising.
                        But turning on strangers through visuals wouldn’t be half as satisfying as doing the same to certain people dearer to my heart, and with any luck I’d soon manage that as well.


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                          Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                          I wish my my ends of the year where as eventfull as theirs xD
                          But having guests around means the inflatable toys have to stay deflated.


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                            Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                            EPISODE 60

                            One might say the entire decade started off nicely, at least for me. Kim absolutely couldn’t wait to shoot the x-rated skit we’d devised and that meant converting the office into a very temporary studio, pulling the couch closer to the desk and tidying up as much as possible. Then we showered together to get in the mood and were positively giddy as we put on the uniforms we’d procured for the occasion.
                            But the levity had to go once the camera started rolling. I assumed the part of a commanding officer very much displeased with her apparently lower-ranking counterpart.
                            “Willful and wanton destruction. That sort of behavior belongs on the battlefield, not the mess hall.”
                            The silence spoke volumes about the actual guilt and I went on.
                            “Moreover, I had specifically stated the decorations were to be left alone. You know the punishment for insubordination.”
                            Kim quivered and reluctantly took the balloon I held out for her. After a final ’must I?’ glance which I only acknowledged with a nod she brought it to her lips and began to blow. It was obvious she didn’t relish the task but soldiered on and inflated it to a decent size. I dismissed her unspoken question.
                            “Go on.”
                            She blew in another breath but then hesitated and defiantly released the bulging globe. It whizzed through the room and I made my disapproval as clear as I could.
                            “Looks like we have to take this a step further. On your back!”
                            She slowly lay down atop the desk as I pulled a strapon from a drawer, girded my loins and lifted her skirt. As she wore no panties it was easy to go right in and as I rammed the shaft as deep as it would go inside her I handed over a fresh loon.
                            “Again - and no backing out this time.”
                            Kim made it look like I was both taking her and making her blow against her will, and while she did inflate the balloon almost all the way she once more let go and that tore it. I reached for a cord and bound her wrists together, looping the restraints behind the belt she wore over the jacket. It meant I would have to hold the next balloon myself, but that was kind of the point. I pushed the latex mouthpiece firmly between her lips.
                            Kim had no choice but to obey, and looked absolutely terrified doing so. Her eyes were wide open in either apprehension or sheer terror, but blow she did. Hard. Almost as hard as I thrust, and every shove of my hips made another shaky but forceful gust rush into the expanding rubber. I let her inflate the neck all the way before I smartly pulled it away.
                            “Good. That’s one.”
                            I tied it off and set it aside before stepping back to make her turn around and bend over. I lifted her skirt as far as possible and her smooth buttcheeks were nice and firm against my palm as I delivered a playful smack.
                            “Lovely ass. Would be a shame if I had to use it this time.”
                            Or not, but the implication was what mattered. I hoped the camera would get a good view of the strapon sliding into her swollen pussy from behind. It was a tight fit and an involuntary moan escaped Kim’s lips before I silenced her with another balloon. She had to turn her face to reach it, but that only meant it wouldn’t be hidden by her head as she blew it up with some rather forceful coaxing. The groans could be either a show of pleasure or a protest but it was clear it made little difference to me. I pumped away until the latex had taken on the same lightbulb-shape as the previous balloon, then knotted it to join its comrade on the desk.
                            “And the last one.”
                            I pushed Kim onto the couch and took her as roughly as the angle would permit, with me on my knees and her feet pointing straight up. This time she accepted the loon almost in passing, puffing hard into it even though most of her breath went around my unsteady fingers. It was a job and a half keeping it in place while administering the ostentatious punishment and we both struggled with our respective parts. I had to hurriedly pinch the mouthpiece off as Kim noisily came from the onslaught, but as soon as I judged her fit to go on I put it back in her mouth. Two more big exhales filled it to the limit and I pulled it free at the same time I withdrew further down.
                            “That’s enough.” I wiggled the freshly inflated balloon in front of her. ”I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”
                            I undid the restraints and without hesitation Kim slowly and very, very deliberately dug her nails into the taut rubber until it vanished with a sharp pop and a shower of shards. She licked her lips and gave me a wicked, lascivious grin.
                            I smiled back and stroked her face to prove our characters had been roleplaying all along, sealing the impression with a loving kiss, and then there was nothing for it but turn off the camera and fuck for real. We took turns pumping and blowing, skipping the knotting and ending up bursting almost every balloon in the bag. Along the way Kimmy demanded what I’d only threatened before but I wouldn’t hear of it unless she promised me the same in return. Which she did and we both held up our ends of the bargain.
                            The aftercuddles went on for a while as they always do after bondage, though they got more intense than usual as we watched what we’d just produced. It was a porno all right, and probably a pretty decent one if you were into that kind of thing. And as Kim repeated, Lex probably would be. But guessing wasn’t enough and the hussy set off to show her wife the results at once, only stopping to change back into her uniform. I thought about it for about seventeen seconds before deciding what the hell, put mine on too and went to fetch Kriss. Needless to say, she kinda enjoyed it too.
                            Acting the whole thing out again with her afterwards was easy since I already knew the script and she just had to go along, and whaddya know, it was even better the second time around. I guess practice does make perfect.

                            “Now you’ve done it”, I told Kim the next day as we met up to make a couple of plain trivia episodes. “The producer is demanding more balloon porn.”
                            “I’ve had similar requests”, she said. “What did you tell her?”
                            “That there’s nothing stopping her from doing some herself. Except caution and common sense.”
                            “How did she take it?”
                            “Oh, she said something about hating being famous, but them’s the breaks. She’ll get over it.”
                            “Will she get more viewing material though?”
                            “Maybe, if she’s nice.”
                            “She is nice”, Kim reminded me.
                            True, though she had specifically asked for a scene with Lexi too. I’d have to check for her input but knew it would be a matter of when and what rather than if.
                            For the moment we went through the motions of filming two pretty nondescript shows, Kimber wearing everyday but neat clothes with an outfit change in between. She played two different songs for the subscribers but didn’t do anything in particular for the members - they’d been spoiled with extras lately anyway. Kim yawned as she set the sax aside.
                            “New regimen boring?”
                            She gave a silent chuckle. “Bit tired is all. Lex really liked that flick.”
                            Poor thing, but she’d brought it on herself. Still, she’d deserved the usual reward.
                            “I have an idea. Just relax.”
                            I stripped her naked and put her on the bed before taking off my clothes as well. Then I took up position between her legs, leaned forward and put my mouth to good use. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of practicing licking, even if at least three people assure me I’m getting pretty damned good - often quite loudly. But there’s always room for improvement. And this time Kim’s delighted voice was barely more than a whisper.
                            ”Mmm, suck my clit…”
                            As that was just what I was doing I kept on until a noise and a spasm showed it had hit the spot. With a last kiss I went up and wrapped my arms around her.
                            “Let’s just sleep for a bit.”
                            Kim snuggled close and we took leave of our senses for about twenty minutes. Though still groggy she was practically beaming at me after waking up.
                            “Cherry darling, take whatever you want… Or tell me to blow. So wanna blow you right now…”
                            “Think this will be faster.”
                            I’d been wanting to rub against her thigh since we curled up and now I did, getting my pleasure hard and fast. It wasn’t long in the coming and I squeezed Kimmy tight as I rode out every last wave. Then we settled down on our backs as the simplicity of the arrangement set in.
                            “That was so good”, Kim said. “I feel like a new woman.”
                            “Well, they say sleep is good for you.”
                            “Don’t forget the blowjob. I kinda liked that the most.”
                            “Then that’s what you’re getting from now on. That and forty winks.”
                            She looked at me demurely. “If you’re offering...I won’t say no.”
                            “I am - it actually feels like a promotion. Head of operations.”
                            “Let’s put that in the credits”, she suggested.
                            “Let’s not. But head and a nap sounds like a nice way to finish shooting.”
                            “Not nice - perfect.”
                            Naturally it would just be a back-up plan, because as you’ve noticed things tend to heat up on occasion. But in that moment, Kim had a flash of inspiration. Looking for all the world like she’d had a rough night or at the very least just got out of bed, she put the same everyday clothes she’d worn for the show back on and grabbed a similarly regular 11-incher for me to film.
                            “Having trouble waking up in the morning?” she yawned. “Here’s a tip.”
                            With that, she lazily blew the balloon full of air, her eyes closed and cheeks puffed. As she didn’t make a single motion to slow down it eventually exploded right in her face, instantly snapping her to blinking attention.
                            “That always perks me right up.”
                            I told her the members’ section would always have room for vignettes like that and she said she damned well hoped so. That concluded the session, but left me confident we wouldn’t run out of ideas in a hurry. If worse came to worst we could always ask my wife, though “asking” might be superfluous.

                            There were a couple of quiet days where we went through the usual motions - believe it or not, quite a few hours go by when we don’t see each other at all. Then one night Kim asked us all to watch something together, which wasn’t remarkable - but the programming was.
                            The first thing I noticed was that caution and common sense had been thrown to the winds in a joint effort by Kim and Kriss. It started out innocently enough, or rather it didn’t. Both blondes had put on the most provocative black lingerie they owned, covered parts of them with the shortest skirts known to man and painted their faces in a way that defies description. Words like ’overdone’ and ’slutty’ comes to mind, and the general impression was a pair of somewhat reputable hookers. Which was exactly what they were supposed to be, that much was clear from the start. The only thing visible against the dark backdrop was the plastic couch I’d accidentally punctured, now repaired and reinflated. As the harlot impersonators entered they turned to an anonymous point-of-view character.
                            “Hi there”, Kim said. “I’m Kitty and this is Candi. Hope we’ll be able to fulfill your request!” She turned to Kriss. “Whaddya think, should we start with his partner?”
                            Kriss opened the box she was carrying and withdrew what the cover said - a mid-range sex doll. Not as cheap as to be tacky but not a quality one either. I wondered when she’d purchased it and whether it had been over the counter. Regardless, she opened the valve with little hesitation and began to blow up the pink plastic. The limp dummy slowly unfolded as it filled with her breath - it was a very methodic inflation without a hint of eroticism, just a working girl doing her job. Which made it thrilling as all hell.
                            Kim evidently felt a need to explain and addressed the unseen customer. ”No shame in paying extra for one of these - we use them for teaching positions. Best part is you get to take it home afterwards!” She raised an eyebrow. “You want some from me too? No prob.”
                            Kriss-as-Candi relinquished the more than half-full form and ’Kitty’ took over, expertly puffing it fully into shape before plugging the nozzle.
                            “I think it needs more air”, Kriss noted.
                            Once more the doll changed hands and my wife blew hard enough to make it expand - the oversized boobs were like miniature beachballs with their own seams and everything and these all but vanished from the pressure. The vinyl lady sure looked nice and tight but I’d hardly call her safe to use. The finished product was delivered to the watcher anyway and vanished off-camera.
                            “There you go! Now just enjoy the show.”
                            “Shall we get this party started?” Kim asked, brandishing a bag of assorted balloons.
                            Without waiting for a reply she started inflating a purple 16-incher. Kriss followed her lead but chose a red one instead. Both were quickly inflated to the max and tied off and then my wife pulled out a clear heart.
                            “This looks odd”, she said, but nevertheless blew it up without questions. She did the thick neck first and not until it had grown fat and phallic did the twin bulges beneath expand properly. Kim stopped blowing into her agate loon to giggle.
                            “Whatta biggie!”
                            The milky latex did indeed look much more like a thick boner with accompanying balls than a heart and the similarity wasn’t lost on the girls. They turned to the camera.
                            “Looks like we’ve blown up another one too”, Kriss said.
                            “Go on, big guy - stroke it”, Kim suggested, demonstrating on the transparent balloon neck. “Or stick it in the doll, that’s what it’s there for!”
                            She finished the marbled orb and pulled out a small airship, blowing it up until it burst in an abject display of symbolism. Kriss didn’t bat an eye at the pop, being occupied with a gaudy peacock balloon. She did however glance at the audience and her face split into a grin.
                            “That’s it, keep it up!” She pretended to listen. “Show my pussy? Okay.”
                            With that she spread for the camera and I gasped both at the brazenness and in fear of the clip getting out. But I was more turned on than scared and kept watching with rapt attention. The balloon went bang and after a surprised gasp Kriss began to lazily finger herself. Kim wasn’t slow to follow.
                            “I want some of that too”, she said, showing off her goods to great effect and adding some handiwork of her own.
                            Kriss paused. “How about I help?”
                            A moan was the only reply and my wife reached across to rub her friend instead, at the same time fishing out a fresh red airship, much larger than the one Kim had exploded.
                            “Can you get as big as this?” she asked their client, adding puff after puff with excessive force as if Candi had to put in real effort blowing it up.
                            The long loon grew rigid and swollen, quivering with the pressure, and since Kriss couldn't spare a hand to tie it she blew until it shattered into fragments with a loud report.
                            It had popped right in front of Kim who was too deep into pleasure to pay it much heed, but reacted to an imagined request.
                            “I blow one too?” she groaned. “All right, but only if you stick it in…”
                            Kriss got out a balloon for them each and smiled. “Look, he’s done what you said!” She turned to the not-yet-satisfied customer. “Good, now fuck that doll good.”
                            I wished I too had something to hump while watching, which I did but they were all too busy watching the film or our reactions. The on-screen ladies inflated their sixteen-inchers in blue and orange while keeping one hand on each other - Kriss giving Kim a thorough rub and the latter clinging hard to the former. But her grip on the loon was much less tight as a twitch sent the azure globe flying, and biting down on her own mouthpiece Krissie managed to grab a green replacement without missing a beat. Kim blew furiously into it to catch up but had no chance against the tremendous lead, and with a dull boom it was time for Kriss to fill up yet another balloon.
                            This one was an innocent white which clashed immensely with the visuals and actions, but if ’Candi’ gave it a single thought it didn’t show as she inflated it into perfect roundness, With a sudden noise a burst of torn green rubber revealed Kim’s face and Kriss gasped out the biggest lie of her career.
                            “I’m all out of breath!”
                            She released the balloon to focus fully on Kim who positively writhed at the treatment, whining and yelping with delight. Then she suddenly jerked to a very obviously tacked-on sound.
                            “What was that?”
                            Kriss glanced over to check. “Blowup bitch popped.”
                            Kimmy groaned. “Getting there myself...”
                            And that was the truth. It couldn’t have been more than ten seconds later when she gave a shrill, stuttering shriek which was so overdone and faked I would have doubted the orgasm if I hadn’t recognized all the other signs. She slumped back and looked at Kriss with disbelief.
                            “Didn’t expect that… Thanks.”
                            There was a shrug. “I love to please. Only fair we get to mix business and pleasure now and then.”
                            Kim hesitated, then grabbed Krissie’s head and gave her such a kiss I got dizzy just watching. Her hand slid downwards as if to return the favor, but Kriss threw herself backwards and yanked her colleague along into a position that could only be called ’fuck me right now’. They kept kissing throughout some tentative thrusts until Kimmy made her decision and faced the onlooker.
                            “If you wanna watch again, this one’s on the house.”
                            Then they went back to working on each other as a rather too long fade turned the screen black. The here-and-now version of Kim rephrased the question.
                            “So, wanna watch again… or get some from us?”
                            I couldn’t help myself and pointed at the darkened display.
                            “I want those ladies.”
                            “Yeah”, Lexi agreed and that was all it took to make the blondes scramble to change. You’ll have to agree they brought it on themselves.
                            Left to our own devices me and Lex started on each other and didn’t stop with foreplay - we stripped and kissed and licked and frigged while sharing dirty thoughts about what we’d just witnessed. We’d plowed straight through the climax and into the afterglow when our wives returned, looking even more trashy than they had on camera. Kim had overdosed their perfume just enough to slip into tawdry and the unspoken promise of imminent, wanton sex had me itching to go again.
                            “Hi, ladies”, Kriss said.
                            Kim’s grin was a challenge in itself. “We heard there were a couple of requests for ’a suck and a fuck’?”
                            And that’s exactly what they provided, swapping places after serving the first order. As Kim went down on me I had to check how much they’d stayed in character.
                            “Brought anything to blow up?”
                            ”’Course”, she said and pulled a handful of party balloons from her panties, the rubber glistening with her moisture. Kriss did the same and within moments they were alternating between blowing air into the latex and giving head, both with equal intensity.
                            It was wonderful work - cheap at any price. I could watch Kriss lick Lexi while blowing balloons against her belly all day but at that moment I was far too busy enjoying Kim doing the same to me. After every inevitable pop they just picked up new balloons to inflate, all the time fixating us with piercing stares, imploring us to come.
                            And we did. When Lex could hold back no longer neither could I, and knocked Kimmy’s latest loon out of her grip with the sheer bucking of my hips. Off to my left I heard Kriss blow to pop followed by a muffled noise when Lexi pushed her head down for just a little more tongue. This time I spectated to the finish before realizing we still had the ‘fuck’ part to cash in on. I had Kim lie down and climbed on, this time doing all the work myself as payment for services rendered. Lex took my cue to settle her debt to Kriss in natura and eventually we all felt we were pretty much even.
                            As we went to get ready for bed I followed my wife into the bathroom to hold and caress her from behind as she removed all traces of her temporary makeup. It had been awesome and kind of unreal seeing her like that for once.
                            ”Kissie, anytime you wanna paint yourself like that I’m down with it.”
                            She leered playfully. ”For your next appointment I’ll show up in tails.”
                            The thought of that combination thrilled me to my toes and I vividly recalled her pirate persona in pristine uniform. That was one magical night of roleplaying and the governor’s daughter - yours truly - had been ecstatic to elope with Cutthroat Kriss, the most handsome lady to ever don the whites. I imagined they’d have a wonderful and romantic life together, full of adventures and sex, because they’d literally been created for each other.
                            It struck me Kimber could have an episode on the age of buccaneers, and then I remembered what she’d done to the rubber parrot. Maybe a mylar one would do. But those plans could wait because I had to tell my wife exactly what I thought of her idea and she promised to free up a spot as soon as possible. Free of charge, what with me being such a regular customer and all.


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                              Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                              EPISODE 61

                              Regardless of Kriss’ escort fantasies she did have some very real work to do, as that was the week her teaching tenure would start. Which made me worry a bit more about her cinematic endeavors coming to light, but it wasn’t like she was carrying them around or storing them on some hackable device.
                              At least she looked presentable, setting out in a plaid brown sports jacket over a gray waistcoat. The top button of her shirt had been undone and the red tie worn accordingly in her everyday style. And that’s how she still looked on her return.
                              I greeted her with a kiss. “So how was your first day at school?”
                              “Pretty good. Got more than I’d bargained for since players outside the band were welcome too. And the regular teach was there as well - a bit like a chaperone, to be honest.”
                              “To make sure you’re not wasting their time, I suppose. What did you tell them?”
                              “Oh, I introduced myself, talked about how I got started. Said I didn’t want any of that Mrs. Mackenzie biz and if they wanted to be formal they could call me Miss Kriss. Admitted Christine’s the original.”
                              “So far so good.” I wasn’t entirely sure that would keep up.
                              “Yeah, just standard stuff. Also, I said we shouldn’t talk about ’talent’. That’s no substitute for experience. Sure, those with an ear for music have an easier time approaching it but most anyone can learn.”
                              As yours truly can attest. The retelling continued:
                              “Then I told them some of my biggest blunders through the years. Said while learning from your mistakes works it’s more fun to learn from others. Invited them to share some of their own. Thought it’d show that everyone screws up and maybe make the less experienced ones more secure.”
                              “Krissie, that’s actually not bad. You usually skip ahead when you wanna teach something.”
                              “This time I planned ahead.”
                              “So what other nuggets of wisdom did you share?”
                              “I said it might be helpful to learn how instruments have evolved and how earlier musicians made do. Handed out a bunch of these.”
                              She took a couple copies of ’A Brief History of Brass’ from her bag and that’s when I went pale.
                              “Are you insane? Not sure that’s safe for work, much less school.”
                              Also, I was featured in that leaflet too. Hopefully she wouldn’t draw attention to that.
                              “But it is attention-grabbing, right? And I said I personally knew all the models and vouched they can play, not just pose.”
                              “That’s a matter of definition.”
                              “Anyway, no one protested, not even Mr. Jenkins. And afterwards I was asked to sign one. And then another. Think I ended up autographing the whole bunch. Let’s see how many turn up on Ebay. Not that my Hancock’s worth much, but then they’ll learn something the hard way.”
                              “Did you show them the easy way of something?”
                              ”Ain’t no such thing.”
                              Well, maybe not for Kriss. She’d also taken a group pic, printed it and had everyone write what they wanted to be called on their likeness. Say what you will about her, but she doesn’t do things halfway. I wondered how she’d fill a weekly sesh until March, but she said she had plans and I had to wait. For the sake of the students I hoped it wouldn’t be another overcomplicated affair. Maybe that Mr. Jenkins would be a moderating influence.

                              Kim and Lex had been busy too, going on a tour of second hand and curio shops. What they brought back this time had actual potential. It was one of those wall-mounted wheel-of-fortune style spinners, with eight unmarked but differently colored segments for complete customization. I knew at once what they planned with it.
                              “We could do an ep on game shows and then I’ll go Vanna White to see what kind of balloon to blow up!”
                              A vision of Ms. White doing that herself went through my head and I chuckled at the thought of how a certain percentage of the viewers would react.
                              “She just flips the letters”, I reminded them.
                              “Not lately”, Kim said.
                              Who did what on TV didn’t matter as this would be a whole different setup anyway. I realized I had yet another script to do, in addition to the next Superheroine Sunday. Oh joy. But Kim made up for it a bit by dressing very nicely for the next shoot, and I didn’t exactly have a deadline. Still, I made it a priority since it had been a while since the last theme.
                              In fact, I was working on that very thing during Kriss’ second masterclass when I heard footsteps behind me and someone leaned in to blow oh so sweetly in my ear. I looked up to see Lexi smiling at me.
                              “Kimmy’s working out and she’s done two movies by now. Wanna make one with me too?”
                              Best change of subject ever. “Of course. Wanna make plans in the bath? Great for thinking.”
                              And other things, but this time we actually talked. All right, there was a lot of fondling too, but we managed to settle on a simple idea. With no time like the present we decided to film it at once and see if it would work in practice.
                              As Lex really wanted to play a damsel in distress she made herself all innocent-looking while I put on the strictest pantsuit I owned and slicked my hair back. While not looking like an utter villain I at least managed a decent attempt at ’sinister’, which had to do for the moment.
                              I locked Lexi’s wrists in the pair of manacles hanging in chains from the Fun-geon wall and pointed the camera at her. Even if she looked absolutely lovely in her flimsy white dress she still managed a somewhat worn and frightened face as I entered with a sandwich on a plate.
                              “Afternoon, princess”, I said. ”Getting hungry?”
                              She nodded pleadingly.
                              “You know the deal. If you wanna eat…”
                              I pulled a twenty-inch black balloon attached to a valve from my pocket. Alex flinched at the sight but appeared to resign herself to what I was about to do. Which was walking up and sticking the plastic tube between her lips. Her mouth opened slightly in a reluctant inhale and then she blew without protesting. The loon sprang to life and the mechanical flap kept all of her air inside the rubber while she drew in some more. The next breath made the black material inflate properly, puffing up and bulging out like a good little loon, and I held it in place while my prisoner repeated the process over and over. Soon she had blown it to a respectable size but was far, far from done. I made her go on, puff after puff after puff, until the balloon looked fit to burst though still having a ways to go. Now trepidation dominated the chained beauty’s features and she looked at me with eyes begging for mercy. But I was relentless.
                              “Either break it or break yourself - from hunger if nothing else.”
                              Having no choice Lexi kept blowing, but you could see she’d rather be doing something else. Like anything, for instance. The metal links rattled with her trembling and her entire body appeared as taut as her cheeks. A tiny whine could be heard as the loon’s neck filled out and extended as far as it could possibly go.
                              “Once more”, I told her.
                              She obeyed, but the balloon refused to explode.
                              “And again.”
                              This time she actually held back which may account for the balloon holding up. I pulled it away and leaned close.
                              “If you’re unwilling to make the effort I’ll pop it myself - and leave with this.
                              I wiggled the snack just out of reach before putting the valve close to her mouth. After a few moments of hesitation she wrapped her lips around it, pressed her eyes shut and blew harder than ever. The immense gust seemed to go on forever and just as you’d think she must run out of air there was a loud bang and a few tattered pieces of black latex spiraled away accompanied by the last of Lexi’s breath escaping in a frightened yelp. I somehow managed to retain my composure.
                              “Was that so hard? Here - a promise is a promise.”
                              Holding the sandwich out I fed her as she ravenously chomped off bite after bite, and in no time at all the meal had vanished as completely as the loon. Lexi’s mood seemed to have improved a little. Too bad I had to spoil it.
                              “I know you’d have preferred something more...filling. Don’t worry - I have just the thing.”
                              I unzipped my pants and pulled out the fake member I wore beneath.
                              “Only it goes in the other way.”
                              I spun her around where she stood, crossing her arms in the process, and as I made her bend over I pulled a bottle of lube from my pocket.
                              “I promised to keep you a virgin, right?”
                              “You did…” she sighed.
                              “And I’ll stick to that. This time too.”
                              I flipped her dress up over her back and thoroughly prepared both the shaft and her behind with the glistening, lubricious liquid. Then I combined them, and if you thought she groaned in pain you’d be disappointed. The sound was anything but that, and while I tried to make it look rough as I grabbed her throat I couldn’t bring myself to be anything but careful. I kept my hand out of view as it reached around to stroke her while Lexi’s own fingers gripped and pulled furiously on her chains, her back arching to get the most out of every thrust. She enjoyed it so much I had to fake an orgasm for the camera to make sure it would look like I came before her. I was just in time, too, and when she finally hung there limp and spent I kissed her shoulders, withdrew and released her. She went straight into my arms and the sheer passion and fondness couldn’t be more real.
                              “Can’t wait for the wedding”, I said. “Stupidest promise of my life.”
                              Lexi smiled. “We’re good at getting around it. Sixtynine tonight?”
                              “Why wait?” I grinned and went back to kissing.
                              That would be the end point, but I didn’t get around to shut off the camera for a while. We did a brief review right then and there and decided it would work.
                              “My first script”, Lex said in amused awe.
                              And it kinda was - I’d mostly punched up the lines a bit.
                              “Turn out the way you wanted?”
                              “Better. It almost looked like I really didn’t wanna be there.”
                              “Well, can’t hurt practicing acting for the silver screen. You did an amazing job.”
                              “You too”, she said. “Made me so horny.”
                              I’d gotten pretty turned on too and actually still was. I mentioned that fact, picked up the slightly deflated loveseat that had replaced the one accidentally destroyed by me and Kim and ditched my pants. I handed Lex the used strapon and opened the valve on the inflatable to repressurize it.
                              “Go rinse this off, because when you return I’m gonna ask for stuff.”

                              I’m happy to report the blowup furniture survived the following antics, but if you think the Fun-geon’s just for advanced sex games you’re dead wrong. It’s seen its share of tender lovemaking too and we were sort of heading in that direction as we lay embraced on the bed after the deed.
                              “Is it weird I liked that so much?” Lex asked. “If anyone tried anything near it for real he'd be dead.”
                              “I know. Hope so - or I’d kill him myself. But there’s a thrill in won’t-ever-happen.”
                              “Yeah, maybe it’s because I know I can take care of myself. That I’d never really felt unsafe.”
                              I snuggled closer. “It’s easy to feel safe with you.”
                              Lex sighed. “I love being strong. And love pretending I ain’t. It’s like I don’t know myself at times.”
                              “I know you’re my Diane Alexis and that I’d never hurt you on purpose.”
                              A powerful but gentle hand stroked my hair. “Cherrie...know my New Year’s resolution? To always tell you and Krissie when I wanna.” She buried her face against my neck. “You’ve no idea how many times we kissed or squeezed and I hoped you’d ask for more….”
                              It was my turn to sigh. She and Kim are definitely peas in a pod.
                              “You and that wife of yours will be the death of me. It’s a fucking privilege to please you and I’m always up for that. Kriss told you too and I vouch for her.”
                              “Yeah, but...”
                              “Sweet Cheeks, if you asked Crystal Mackenzie to blow you instead of her horn she’d only ask how long and how hard. Strike that - she’d just drop to her knees.”
                              Lex chuckled, as if I’d only confirmed what she knew. She caressed my face.
                              “Let’s go to the music room. I want you to make me come while I play…”
                              “And here I thought my birthday wasn’t until next week. What instrument?”
                              “I’m thinking all of them - one after the other.”
                              “Sounds like a plan. Carry me?”
                              I got the happiest, most expectant smile. ”’Course. Of course.”
                              En route I told her what I might like in return - date night tomorrow, casual clothes, wine and pillow talk on the couch. Heavy foreplay in the same place before retreating to the bedroom to take turns with the remaining eighteens and each other.
                              We both got what we wanted in the end. Ask and ye shall receive.

                              As Kim had asked for a game show special I had some work to do for her too, and decided to simplify wherever I could. There had been far too many programs to cover and the gist usually did nicely. So I put together a little summary, left it for her to study and did absolutely nothing else until it was time to shoot, when I rolled the new prop into place behind the desk and waited for the hostess to arrive.
                              Sure enough, Kim had gone a bit over the top in the appearance department, the fake eyelashes and dangly, glittering earrings being standouts. She wore a glitzy gray sequined dress that sparkled quite a bit and offset the bright highlights of her makeup nicely. It didn’t surprise me she chosen to accessorize with a bow tie and had gone for a shiny cerise one that matched her nail polish, or the other way around. It was very much a stage look which wasn’t amiss in a studio either.
                              She looked the wall over to consider placements before taking out a bag of party balloons printed with big dollar signs. Almost off-handedly she blew up ten of them and stuck them all around the wheel, making sure the camera got at least a side view of her inflating them while otherwise ignoring it completely. As they were only 10-inchers she could fill them up all the way without taking overlong, and in no time at all the studio had been transformed to fit the theme. Kimber took her place behind the desk and began with the usual greetings.
                              “Today we’ll take a look at another kind of show – the game show. Not a recent invention by any means – the first examples appeared on the radio and on TV in the late 1930’s. Yes, there actually was television back then! Though the first TV variant – ‘Spelling Bee’ – was British while we in America were first with a radio quiz – ‘Information Please’. Both appeared in 1938, though ‘Spelling Bee’ only ran for four episodes – five if you count the radio version – while ‘Information Please’ stayed on the air until 1951.”
                              I’d put the script on paper cards so she could read from them like an actual gameshow host would, and now she did.
                              “The contents of the former were spelled out in the title, while the latter featured a panel of experts trying to answer questions from listeners. The sender was paid two bucks if their question was used and five if the experts got it wrong. When the show got an actual sponsor the prizes were increased. In those days, programs had sponsors instead of commercial breaks and their company name was on near constant display – and on game shows, the prizes were – along with cash - usually related to their products.”
                              She went on with other examples. “The first major success was ‘Dr. I.Q.’ – a radio show that toured large auditoriums with live broadcasts and prizes for the audience members. The ‘CBS Television Quiz’ was the first regularly scheduled gameshow on TV, but since owning a radio was far more common it remained the main medium until the 1950’s. But then quiz shows became a staple of small-screen entertainment, leading up to high-stakes games like ‘Twenty-One’ and ‘The $64.000 Dollar Question’.”
                              Kim glanced at another card and put it down. “But the trend was short-lived, since the public discovered contestants were often groomed to increase viewer sympathy and interest – and given the right answers ahead of time. In exchange, they didn’t get the full winnings promised on camera. When that got out the ratings quickly dropped and the format was all but abandoned. The movie ‘Quiz Show’ is about the biggest of those scandals, if you want to learn more.”
                              I shook my head. Contestants cheating is only to be expected, but the producers? No wonder they lost the audience.
                              “What survived was panel shows like ‘What’s My Line?’ and ‘I’ve Got a Secret’, where panels of celebrities played guessing games – more for entertainment value than a chance of winning something. Focusing on comedy had already been done in ‘You Bet Your Life’, which was at least as much a Groucho Marx show as a game, and has been a popular concept ever since. ‘Hollywood Squares’ and ‘The Match Game’ are prime examples.”
                              Yeah, from what I’ve seen of that kind of shows the points are pretty much arbitrary.
                              “But competing for cash didn’t completely fall out of favor and over the years there have been many, many shows dedicated to that – the longest-running ones might be ‘Jeopardy’, ‘The Prize is Right’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’. And let’s not forget the shows with actual games – the granddaddy of them all was ‘Beat the Clock’ which began in 1950. The objective wasn’t answering questions but completing challenges – called ‘stunts’ – in less than a minute. People competed in pairs – usually married couples – and had to perform tasks usually involving household objects like cardboards boxes, strings, all kinds of balls, plates, cups, cutlery or balloons.”
                              She didn’t put any particular emphasis on the word, but I had put it last for effect.
                              “Usually there was a twist to a seemingly simple assignment, like doing it blindfolded or without using hands. Since the focus was on having fun the time limit wasn’t strictly enforced and the host often gave advice to struggling contestants. Also, things tended to get messy at times so plastic jumpsuits were provided for those stunts. And a good time seemed to be had by all, especially the viewers.”
                              And that’s what every show should aim for.
                              Kim also briefly covered dating programs, but added that while they were in the same ballpark it wasn’t quite the same as quizzes and challenges. The same went for survival shows and programs in the vein of ‘The Amazing Race’.
                              “Since no matter the format, I’m sure you’ll agree the real fun’s in playing along at home – be it trying to answer the questions yourself or discovering tricks or facts to challenge your friends with. In honor of ‘Beat the Clock’ I’m gonna challenge myself to pop these balloons” – she indicated the wall behind her – “with a pin in sixty seconds. But like I said before – I can’t use my hands. Here’s the pin.”
                              She put it on the desk and turned back to the camera.
                              “And you can start your clocks…now!”
                              The real challenge was of course to grab the pin. Kim tried using both the tip of her nose and her mouth to move it, eventually walking around to blow it closer to the edge. The thin, sharp jet of air gently propelled the metal along and for a moment I was afraid she’d overdo it and send it to the floor. That’d be comedy, alright, but she managed to stop just in time to get back for the final maneuvers. Kimmy’s tongue is a precision instrument for sure and now she used it to turn the head of the pin enough to grab between her teeth. Then she set about the main task, giving balloon after balloon the kiss of death, bursting them right against her face with barely a flinch. Brave, brave girl. I figured it all took her about forty-five seconds but was sure I could find a timer to add in. As the final loon exploded she took the pin from her lips to make room for a triumphant smile.
                              “Yaay!” she exclaimed. “Do I win a like and subscribe?”
                              Maybe she would and maybe she wouldn’t, but after the customary goodbyes Kimber brought out her sax to play a short medley of the themes from ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, ‘Family Feud’ and ‘Hollywood Squares’, and then it was time to shoot the main attraction – from a certain point of view.

                              The desk was moved aside to put the wheel in focus and we attached empty ‘On the Air’ balloons in colors matching its respective segments. It had taken some thought figuring out how to do it, but gluing on clips did the trick and soon eight limp, rubbery objects hung neatly from their clamps. Then I realized we hadn’t mentioned the more-than-usual ladies whose job since basically day one had been serving as eye candy while bringing out props or winnings. And sometimes doing a bit more, as in the case of Vanna White. Kim looked far more like one of those than a regular presenter, which I brought to her attention.
                              “It would be more realistic if your only job was to smile pretty and blow up the prize.”
                              “Awesome!” Kim said. “Does that mean you’ll spin for me?”
                              “Guess so. And the talking.”
                              “Sure you have what it takes?” she teased.
                              “I’ve done enough presenting”, I said. “Think I got it down Pat.”
                              That little pun got a snicker and I set off to dress the part. I put on a dark suit with a striped tie and made Lex do a double take when I met her on the way back.
                              “You’re filming, right.”
                              “Then I’ll keep my mouth shut. But I am thinking it.”
                              “Come along”, I suggested. “We could use a studio audience.”
                              With Lex seated and in charge of the start button I positioned myself next to the circular display. Kim had removed all the bits of broken latex in my absence so there were no traces of the previous game. I straightened my tie and asked Alex to turn on the recording.
                              “Welcome back to Fffair Play!” I stressed the ‘air’ quite a bit. “We’ve reached the part where all that remains is to see what our lucky winner walks away with. Without further ado, let’s see where our firm but fair arrow will land!”
                              I gave the wheel a turn and it spun into action with a rapid clicking that grew slower and slower as it wound down. For a moment it seemed like there would be some green to be won but then a final, hesitant jump made the indicator stop on pink. Not quite as deep as the polish on the fingers grasping it, but still a nice match.
                              “And it’s pink!” I announced. “Go ahead, Kimber, show us what it can do!”
                              With a nod Kim inhaled to effect the transformation. Then she sent the contents of her lungs through the mouthpiece, making the balloon spring to life, wobble and expand. The presenter looked both dutiful and complacent as she blew it up in a neat and professional manner and you got the impression this particular hostess really did inflate balloons for an audience on a daily basis - which honestly wasn’t too far from the truth. Big, steady puffs made the rubber grown into its intended dimensions, and not wanting to shortchange the imagined winner she filled the balloon until it looked like it simply had to explode - a neck that long would surely prove there was no room for any more air. And yet Kim managed to tie it off without much trouble at all. Five years before she definitely would have popped it during the attempt.
                              With a dazzling smile she brandished the overinflated shape, holding it by the knot with the bulbous body pointing straight up and the title of the show on prominent display.
                              “And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! A big hand for our lucky winner, and see you next time here on… Fffair Play! “
                              I would add applause and a fade-out at this point, but after allowing a few moments for that I went on in the same voice.
                              “And congratulations to the lady in the front row, who’s won a threesome.”
                              Before Alex had time to process it Kim had walked up and planted a big smooch right on her lips. And not a playful one either, but a hot, sexy kiss full of promise. Lexi returned it, wrapping her arms around the sequined waist in the process. I put my hand back on the wheel.
                              “But first, let’s see if she’s able to blow up a balloon until it bursts!”
                              I flicked my wrist to set the many-hued disc in motion and the whirling flurry of colors was hypnotizing enough to keep my gaze from the kissing couple. This time the needle landed on red, and Kim stepped aside to retrieve the relevant balloon, coincidentally making space for it. Lex was so impatient getting back to business she blew the globe to pieces in a time that would have shamed any gameshow contestant, and was rewarded with a continuation of the previous activity. I muscled in on the action, claiming Kim for myself just to see what her wife would do. Which was giving the wheel another spin and handing me the resulting green loon, wordlessly telling me in no uncertain terms to stay away until it too had been finished. While I didn’t beat her record I made a fair attempt and at the bang Kim rose to finally use the prop herself.
                              “Blue”, she proclaimed after it had stopped. “That means we’ve reached the naked round!”
                              She slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then, with her perky boobs and stiff nipples on full and proud display she inflated the balloon with huge, hurried gasps, pointing the neck upwards to make sure her boobs would be completely visible while she puffed away. Her chest heaved with every puff, rising and falling, expanding and contracting, until a sudden explosion signaled it was time to move on. Me and Lex had followed her example, stripping while watching, and now Alex posed the real question.
                              “Who gets to come first?”
                              “Let’s race”, I suggested, and three more balloons were removed from their hangers. I winked at Kim with a discreet nod in Lexi’s direction, silently urging her to throw the match as a participation prize. Though Lex is such a ferocious blower there was a good chance she’d win anyway.
                              I made sure both of them were ready and counted us in. The subsequent whooshing was as intense as you’d expect and while the intended victor came first Kim wasn’t close behind. I’d erred on the side of caution and needed three more breaths to blow my balloon to pieces, but by then the order was set. Lexi was told to get on the bed and then me and Kim mercilessly double-teamed her, our heads between her thighs fighting for access and showing her what we were capable of. Which was bringing her an orgasm in two minutes flat. We could afford that time, not having a clock to beat. Then Kim took her place for a similar treatment but once she’d had all she could take she walked off instead of changing places with me. Though she didn’t go far – just enough to grab the final, orange loon from its designated place. She handed it to me as I lay down.
                              “You have a chance at a consolation prize”, Kim stated. “Just blow this balloon to pop. Oh…and one more thing. You have to finish before you come.”
                              “What happens if I don’t?” I asked, not seeing any way of losing.
                              “You don’t get seconds.”
                              That was one hell of a motivator, but they didn’t make it easy for me. While Lexi made me buck and squirm from a positive onslaught of lips and tongue, Kim sucked my tits between whispering such naughty things I lost my focus several times over. Most of the pictures she painted had me gasping for air, which came out as moans instead of going into the balloon. And the hussy made a habit of biting me mid-exhale, breaking the flow in such an erotic way I was on the verge of failing again and again. Pushing back the pleasure I blew with all my might, finally making the balloon detonate right above our heads and showering us all with its gaudy remains. Then I allowed myself to give in and came so hard I nearly crushed poor Lex with my legs. Good thing she’s made from stern stuff.
                              “Well done”, Kim smiled and joined her mate down below.
                              It was even better the second time around and even though I’d won they had me licked.
                              I’d call that the top prize any day.
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                                Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial

                                I can see their scripts getting more and more elaborate, if not on cam definitely behind it xD
                                Kinda expected Kriss to have at least one blunder on her first day of teaching. Well, I guess handing out that leaflet kind of counts ^^'