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What makes a story a good story?

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  • What makes a story a good story?

    I am wondering what do you like in a balloon fetish story?
    In other words: what makes a story a good story?

    Should a story be long or short?
    Have detailed characters?
    Explicit or not?
    Involve sex?

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    Re: What makes a story a good story?

    There's no magical formula for what makes a story good, sadly. If there was, it would just be too generic. You know, like those movies and books that seem rather "copy paste", being all too familiar, lacking soul, so to speak.

    It's all down to individual taste, really. Different people like different things.
    Bigger is good, but burst is better!


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      Re: What makes a story a good story?

      A good story should have: character, setting, conflict, plot and theme.

      Beyond that, you are free to find your voice. Maybe you don't write sexually explicit material or maybe you do, maybe a short story or a longer multi-chapter story. The great thing about writing is that you get to decide. What I like to do is do an outline; who are the characters, what is the theme, where does it take place, etc. Make an. Outline and start writing, fill in the blanks, and ask for feedback.

      If you need proof reading, I'm available. Good luck!