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The prom

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    The prom

    I was about to graduate from high school, just a couple of tests left, not a lot of classes and much free time since I really didn't have to study that hard for my tests. So being involved with the "management" of our year at school I of course volunteered to be the main organisier for our prom. It didn't take me long to find the venue, since it's been pretty much at the same place for the last few years. The prom was going to take place in mid June in the city hall of our nice little German city. My best friend Franziska helped me a lot with the planning. We have bin best friends for a few years now and hat a ton of fun together, so I was really happy she was helping me with setting up the prom.

    Between all the stuff we had to organize I also needed a new suit and she wanted to go looking for a dress, if she found one she liked. So we went shopping into town. We arrived at the store that sold suits, shirts, ties etc. and I started trying on a couple.
    "Wow, you look handsome, Phil", Franzi said when I came out of the fitting room with a dark blue suit, white shirt and fitting tie. I posed a bit in the "sexiest" way possible making her laugh.
    "You like what you see?", I said teasingly.
    "Yes, you look great! You should buy this one, come on."
    "Alright, let's go then."
    So I payed for the suit and we left the shop to bring my purchase back to my car.
    "Now that you've found such a nice suit I really want to go looking for dresses, if that's okay with you?"
    "Sure thing, maybe you will at least look half as good as I will on our prom then", I said joking.
    She stuck out her tongue at me and headed for the best boutique in town.

    While we were walking there we started to go through stuff we still had to do for the prom.
    "So I've organized the catering, Lucas (another friend of ours) is in contact with the band, which might take a few more days, but I think they will agree and play there for us. We still need to talk to the janitor about the arrangement for the chairs and tables.", I said.
    "Yea right, I arranged a meeting with him tomorrow after school. Maybe we can come up with a concept tonight when we're done here. My dad took care about the bar, he will bring one of those we use at our big events."
    "Yeah I'll be free tomorrow after school. And great news that your dad will let us have the bar!"
    Everything went perfectly but I froze when she brought up another point.
    "We also need to think about the decorations. I was thinking about a US-Style decoration, cause that always looks so cool in movies!"
    "What do you mean by that?" I asked carefully.
    I was getting nervous and excited at the same time. I don't know if the decorations are like that in real life, but in the movies it involved lots of balloons. Everywhere. On the entrance, tables, dancefloor, bar, etc. And I didn't know if that would be a problem for me as a looner. I've been afraid to death of balloons popping, fireworks and other loud sounds when I was a kid. But when puberty hit I kind of got over it and it turned into something sexual. I would love to be in the town hall with 100s of balloons, but I was afraid I would be too distracted to actually enjoy the evening.
    "Well, we need to put up a few streamers, flowers and of course balloons", she said, winking at me.

    Franzi was the only one that knew about my fetish. And she was testing me. Like I said, we've known each other for a while and been best friends for a few years now. While there never happened anything between us there was always some fun teasing, flirting and just overall some kind of tension between us. And who wouldn't flirt with here if he had the chance. She was just gorgeous with here long, dark hair, her irresistible smile, those green eyes and of course that sexy body of hers. At the time I started to really bekomme friends with her she had a boyfriend, so of course there wasn't gonna happen anything. But she's been single a couple of months now, and since then the flirting became more obvious and I didn't know what to think of it or do with it. But I just decided to go along with it most of the times but with the topic of balloons I tried to just play it cool for now.
    "Oh okay, did you have anything specific in mind already, or did you want to discuss it with the janitor tomorrow, too?"
    "Well I don't think that he can help us with the decorations that much, but maybe we can ask him to help us set up the net."
    "A net? Do you want to hang the decorations from a net?"
    "No, silly. I've seen a video of a balloon drop and I think that would be so much fun! To have all these balloons flying around you and people popping them everywhere!"
    "Ooh I see.. Well yeah, we can ask him. But that will be expensive, we need lots of balloons for that I think."

    OH shit shit shit. A balloon drop?! Is she out of her mind now? I would not be able to control myself when lots of girls will be playing with balloons and popping them in their pretty dresses and stuff. But I also really really want that to happen. Fuck, what am I going to do?

    So again, I just tried to play it cool.
    "But if you think we can manage that with our budget and you really want to have a balloon drop we can bring it up to the others and ask the janitor about it." I said with a smile.
    "Cool! Maybe we should check out the decorations today as well. There's a big party supply store just a few minutes away from here. Let's go."
    While walking there we were just chatting about nothing special. The others in our year and what he, she or whoever was gonna wear or who they we're going to go to prom with, etc. But I could tell that Franzi was getting really excited when the store came in sight. Shouldn't I be excited about this? Yet I was just curious and also kind of nervous about what would happen in there.

    So when we entered we were greeted by the girl working there. She was a pretty blonde and probably 3-5 five years older than we were.
    "Hey guys, you all right? Looking for anything in particular or just browsing?"
    "Hi!" Franzi said "actually we're looking for the decorations for our prom in a couple of months. I was thinking of some US-Style decorations. With streamers, flowers, etc. And of course lots of balloons."
    "Ah okay, what do you want to have a look at first? How about we start with the streamers and a couple of other decoration pieces that fit that motto and then we'll go over the balloons?"
    "Sounds good.", I said. I wanted to postpone the balloons als long as possible.
    The girl showed us around and Franzi took pictures and wrote down prices of decorations to later discuss with the others. That part was kind of boring so I looked around in the shop and saw balloons everywhere. They were inflated with helium and air and were hanging in almost every corner of the store. What surprised me the most was that they were all massively overinflated. Of course they would know what a balloon could take, but I thought that it was unusual for decorators to blow them up this big. That already got me excited. I tried to distract myself from it again and pay attention to Franzi and the girl whose name was Emily.
    "Do you think you need anything else with those decorations?", she just asked?
    "No that's fine. The main part should be the balloons anyways. Let's have look at them, shall we? Come on Phil, what are you doing?"
    "Yes, I'm coming." I tried to adjust my pants so that my semi wouldn't show and I would be prepared for what was coming up next.

    We went over to where they had the balloons and I was blown away. There were so many! Every size, shape, color, brand... Everything a looner could wish for. And I was standing there with two hot girls, trying to figure out which ones and how many hundreds of them for our upcoming prom. Heaven.

    "So what exactly do you have in mind when you say that balloons are going to be the main part?", Emily asked.
    "Okay, so I want it to look like in those American high school movies. Balloon arch above the entrance, Hali um balloons at the tables, columns in the corners and around the dancefloor... The whole lot. And to top it all off I would love to have a balloon drop."
    "Oh wow, that will be a lot of balloons. You came to the right girl! Do you have a color scheme in mind?"
    "Our school colors are red, blue, white and a bit of purple in the logo. So for the arches and columns a mix of those colors. For the drop I don't really care. They're gonna get popped anyways.", Franzi said.
    I just stood there wondering how long she had planned this. She seemed well prepared.
    " Okay let's have a look at different balloons of those colors then, shall we?". Emily was getting just as excited as Franzi by now. So she grabbed lots of balloons from the different containers and we went over to the pump in the back of the store.


    I don't have anymore time to continue for now. But the next part will be posted shortly! Hope you like it, it was a very spontaneous idea.
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    Re: The prom

    I like the story so far. I was wondering, will any printed balloons make it in?


    • Phips
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      Re: The prom

      Hey, glad you like it I just finished part two and so far there are no printed balloons involved. But they didn't buy the balloons from the store yet, so I just have to remember it and maybe I can get some printed ones in :P what's your favorite print? (that would also fit into that context)


      • Phips
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        Re: The prom

        After grabbing lots of balloons Emily, Franzi and I headed into the back to test the balloons with the help of the pump.
        "So for most decorating jobs we use 12 inch balloons. I personally think that the 14 inch ones are a lot nicer cause they're just bigger, but my boss wants us to use the 12 inch ones. I will show you both and I'll let you decide then!", Emily said.
        She spread the balloons out and sorted them by size and color before starting to blow them up.
        When she was ready she took the first 12" balloon, a crystal blue one, and put it on the pump. The balloon immediately sprung to life and started to grow rapidly. Just as the neck started to shoot out she took it off the pump. My heart was racing at that point and that semi in my pants started to grow slowly.
        "So what do you guys think of that color? Pretty nice, huh? The balloon is a little bit over it's rated size, but can take a bit more if you would like." Emily handed the balloon to Franzi and she looked at it with a big smile on her face.
        "Wow yeah, sure looks pretty! I would like to see how much more it can take, if that's not too big of a problem.. Just to make sure we won't pop them accidentally when setting up." Franzi glanced over at me to see my reaction. I was really wondering why she was doing that, but I started to enjoy it.
        "Sure, no problem! But be prepared, our balloons are all super loud because we only buy the best quality balloons."
        Emily took the balloon, but to my surprise she didn't put it back on the pump but started to blow more air into it by mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to resist the urge to touch the balloon, or myself for that matter, and just watch as casually as possible. The neck was pressing against Emily's lips by now and I was getting nervous as hell. Franzi on the other hand enjoyed it a lot. She even stepped closer, touching the balloon and feeling how rock hard it had become.


        The balloon exploded violently and rained down little pieces of rubber on all of us. I jumped but both of the girls just started giggling as if that shit wasn't frightening as hell. I was so confused, why did Franzi enjoy that so much? I never knew that she liked balloons like that. But well, maybe she just likes big bangs.
        "Wow that was so loud! And the balloon sure became a lot bigger than 12", what do you think Phil?"
        "Well it will definitely be one hell of a party the next day when we have to clean up, yeah.."
        I was still a little bit stunned from the bang and that was only the start of it.
        "Okay guys, I'll show you the other 12 inch balloons in the other colors now. After that we'll move to 14" and I also packed some 17" balloons, just in case that's interesting for you." Emily said while putting the next balloon on the pump.
        "I'm not going to blow to pop all those now though, I don't think that my boss would like that very much!"
        "That's fine, Emily. We'll just have a look at those colors then."
        Emily started to blow up the other three 12" balloons of the remaining colors to show us and tied them off one after the other. She also blew up another purple one for us to compare them all.
        "So those are 12". But like I said, I like the 14 inch a lot more. Not much more expensive, but way bigger and also louder when popping. I'll show you with another blow to pop, accidents always happen." she said with a mischievous grin on her face.
        "Oh can I do it? Always wanted to try that.", Franzi suggested.
        Oh shit. She's been flirting more than usual today, she knows about my fetish and knows exactly how I would feel right now. And now she wants to blow to pop a 14" balloon right in front of me? That's crazy.
        "Do you think that that's a good idea? I don't want you to get in trouble for us."
        "Don't be silly, Phil. Like I said: accidents happen. That's not the only balloon I've popped in this room and it sure won't be the last. So go ahead Franzi, the stage is yours."
        Franzi took the balloon and put it on the pump and it immediately started to fill. When the neck showed she took it off to finish it off by mouth, just like Emily did before. My heart was fucking racing and I was afraid that my boner would show. I quickly checked with my hands in the pockets and adjusted it.
        "Okay, let's see if I can do this. Here we go."
        She looked at me, winked and started to blow. I couldn't take my eyes off her and that big balloon she was blowing and neither did she look away. The balloon didn't grow bigger now, it just got tighter and tighter wit each breath.
        "Whew that is really hard. What do you think how much more it can take, Phil?"
        "I.. Uh.. How would I know? I've never done this before.." I lied.
        "Oh I thought you would have for some games or just for your own fun maybe... Just a wild guess. Only one way to find out."
        She continued to blow a couple more breaths in and suddenly


        Holy crap that was even louder than before. Again I jumped, but didn't take my eyes off of her. That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. She also kept looking at me for another second with that intense look that almost screamed "I want to bang you just like that balloon". Well that escalated quickly.
        "Wow! What a bang! Now I do hope you don't get into trouble for that haha! Let's just quickly look at the other balloons and then we'll decide, okay with you guys?"
        "Uhm s.. Sure." was all I could manage.
        Emily went right to it and again inflated four Ballons in white, red, blue and crystal purple for us, all with nice necks on them.
        "Do you also want to see the 17" balloons? No popping this time though, we would probably get complaints from the stores next door because they are just so fucking loud!"
        "No don't worry about it. We've seen the 12 and 14 inches now and if you could just give me one or two samples of the 17" balloons we can have a look at them later. We have to go now anyways, it's getting kind of late already!"
        "What are we going to do with those balloons, Emily?" I asked.
        "Oh we won't need them here, we won't be putting up any fresh decorations today and I would probably just sit on them to pop them after we're closed or something. So just take them with you if you like. And here are two of the 17" for you to try, Franzi."

        As we went to the exit we had 8 tight and shiny balloons with us. We said goodbye and told Emily that we would contact her about the quantity and size of balloons soon.
        We left the store and headed for my car. We were not mentioning what happened in the store at all. We just had normal conversations on the way home, as if that wasn't the weirdest, hottest, most confusing thing to ever happen. When we arrived at my car we put the balloons on the back seat and got in. Franzi took the blue 14" with here on the passenger seat and I started to drive to her place to discuss further planning.


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          Re: The prom

          My favorite prints would be the specialized ones, like high school logo balloons, and also, special prints made for the event.