A Fortunate Mishap

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  • Nova
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    • Sep 2023
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    A Fortunate Mishap

    First of all, fair small warning here, this story is furry tinged, so if you have any sorta funky bit cuz of that it may not quite be the story for you, but overall I’ll try and keep it light on that regard but it’ll definitely be more recurring due to my style. that said, here’s my first go at a loon centered story! Enjoy!



    That Wednesday had been pretty uneventful up until then…just my 21 rear end milling about and hitting all the different things I had to do on the odd job I’d gotten not long ago.

    I’m that mail fella sprinting along the roads of a rather small town, say 30 thousand souls at most living their lives in a fairly tight knit community.

    They say cats have 7 or 9 lives, but I was easily down to my third or second, from drunkards throwing bottles because I somehow minimally scratched the box (curse of claws) to stumbling down the stairs of the few multiple story buildings around more than once.

    That particular Wednesday had a…rather interesting delivery for me, Celery Ave. 265 was the adress.

    Celery had some fame for having been a…let’s say…nightly active type of street, twenty years back on the calendar you’d see one or another lady or even guy trying to get their prey for the night, although none of the houses there actually had any signs such type of activity.

    The box going to 265, or should I say boxes, were as big as they were weirdly light. A small shake, seeing as the boxes weren’t marked as fragile, signaled something like plastic inside.

    It was already sunset by the time I turned the corner, and a small minute ride on my bike did the job from the office to the house quite quick.

    Getting to the house, which looked slightly run down, something expected for such old houses, I knocked on the door, both boxes on either side of my body as my tired senses wanted nothing but to head home and play whatever game found it’s way on my sight first.

    Now, I have to clarify something here, in these 21 years of living, I spent about 8 of those with a rather uncomfortable feeling whenever I was around balloons, I absolutely feared them as a kid, but that slowly faded out over time and I never paid much mind.

    As I waited on the door to open, I heard what seemed like a female voice. “I’m coming! Hold o-oOOAH-“ followed by a fairly loud crash. In some ten seconds more, the door opened, and out came the lady.

    Well, I’d say I’m tall, 6’3 on the belt, and she wasn’t much to scoff at either, probably 6’0, which is admirable on a woman. I eyed her head to toe instinctively and my heart skipped as I stuttered

    ”H-Hi there! Um! Here are your packages! Have-“ I eyed her again “H-have a nice day!” I immediately turned around and started walking out, but I suppose my tail gave away what happened.

    ”Thank you hun, I can tell you’re happy with your job~” her voice was soft but it pierced through me like nothing else could, she giggled as I turned around again, both to stare at her once more and because I forgot the most crucial part

    ”O-Oh yes lady, I seem to have forgotten something here!” I fumbled for my clipboard and pen as I took a small glance at the paper to make sure it was all correct

    [Hm…okay so Celery Ave. 265…two boxes…weight seems correct…contents- wait what-] my face flushed red as I finished reading, which only helped my situation as I shakily handed her the clipboard and pen

    [f-fuck why’d she order- t-those?! This house is far too old for her to hold a party here, then why so many?!]

    I stared at her again, she was a very imposing bat despite her smaller size compared to mine, mostly black but some details on her body and her wings were white, speaking of the wings they seemed to cover over her body’s size in length, enough to hide someone if she wanted.

    Despite being female, she didn’t seem to have much of…the defining features of a woman, but somehow that made her even hotter to me. Sure I liked balloons but I’ve never been fond of the ones attached to female chests.

    ”Done!” She handed me the board with a smile that managed to look as disturbing as it was gleeful, like she was hiding something behind the biggest facade ever, and that was quickly answered.

    ”Say…” She giggled as she stepped closer, putting a hand on my shoulder, which only deepened the blush as my tail panicked behind me.

    ”I see you couldn’t help yourself down there~” she giggled again and her other hand trailed through my chest all the way down to my nether areas, my dick was slowly getting harder with every second I was standing there and all I wanted was to get out and home asap.

    My heart stopped again at what she said next: “Want some help with that~?” She was an inch away from my ear, her voice hit my brain like a grenade as I could only mutter out a weak “y-yes…”

    In what seemed like a second she pushed me inside, despite the run down look the place was absolutely beautiful and pretty modernized as far as a small city goes.

    She closed and locked the door behind us, taking my arm and pulling me to a room, the two boxes solidly blocking my arm movement as I tried not to drop them.

    Despite the small look of the house’s outside, it was very spacious within, we got to the back of the house where a door with “Private room” on it stood.

    She pulled out a key and unlocked the door, before whispering to me “Welcome to my piece of paradise~”.

    As we entered the room, nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be going on, but here and there I started noticing a small pattern on the floor. One blue..one yellow…one purple…one red…a bigger red one… small shards of something, which the smell absolutely confirmed to me: this room had something to do with balloons, and it didn’t seem like they live long.

    She locked the door behind us again, it was the two of us, a bed, a drawer, and two boxes full to the brim with the rubber spheres that once brought me absolute fear…

    Nowadays I have a complicated relationship with balloons, I stopped fearing them, but something else flourished: within that fear appeared a strange craving for watching others pop them, and this bat right then and there seemed to share that passion with me

    ”Okay~ now this’ll work like so!” Despite her soft tone, her expression showed mischief boiling “I’ve been watching your reactions, to the clipboard, to this room, and to me! So if I’m right to assume, you share my interest for…” she patted one of the boxes “the contents of this, hmm~?”

    I nodded shyly, unable to speak out of shock and overwhelming feelings. “Good~” she giggled again “Been a while since I wasn’t alone in this room~”

    She sloowly took off her shirt, then her jean shorts, leaving her in only underwear, stunningly black and beautiful, complimenting her body and wings perfectly well as she tossed her clothes aside.

    ”Undress yourself hun~” The shift in tone and demeanor caught me off, but something inside me told to obey, my heart slowly starting to get faster as I took off my shirt and shorts, also in underwear now.

    ”Good~ now we can start the fun~ we’ll start slow and then we’ll see how things go, okay~?” She continued, I was slowly getting hypnotized by her looks, not realizing she slowly pressed me back towards the bed and I fell backwards onto it, gasping as my head bounced on the mattress

    She held one of the boxes up, using a claw to open it, a torrent of what seemed like 50 bags pouring out of it onto the floor.

    We were talking about at least a thousand balloons in a single order of two boxes, which only enticed my arousal as I thought of such an impressively hot lady having her way while that stash slowly but surely depleted one by one, all for her personal pleasure…

    She noticed that and poked my bulging underwear, picking up one of the bags and tearing it apart easily, 50 fresh balloons spilling atop the bed, ready to be used

    ”There we go~ look at all these jewels here~ ready to shatter into a thousand pieces~” She grabbed a red balloon, by the looks of it all of these were 16”, and climbed atop me, pinning me down with her knee as she stared into my eyes

    ”Your heart’s racing sweetie~ we haven’t even started and…” her foot softly brushed against my bulge, which only grew more “…You’re hard~”

    She slowly put a breath into the balloon, I slightly squirmed as she did so “aAeh- p-please be careful with it..!” Her eyes seemed to shine as she heard those words, two quick yet deep breaths went in, the balloon reached halfway

    “Careful~?” She chuckled as she put another deep breath “So this slut’s scared of popping~?” One more breath went, the balloon was close to rated size, my own breath started shaking as the balloon was less than an inch away from my face

    ”So if I do this~?” She pinned the balloon’s nozzle with her fangs and used her paws to rub on the balloon, her claws slightly poking at it. The sound rippled through my body in goosebumps as I squirmed more, still relentlessly locked by her knee on my chest

    i let out a moan as my eyes closed shut desperately “NO- P-please lady-“

    “Miss Mya for you honey~” she said as she pinched the balloon with her fingers again “beg all you want, even if my ears are sensitive I won’t hear you~” another breath went in, by the sound and creaking it was close to an inevitable neck and shortly after to it’s end

    As I started panicking under her, she suddenly stopped, taking the balloon and twisting it’s neck swiftly into a tight knot before tugging on it, all the while making the balloon beg for mercy with every second she handled it

    ”I know you can get more comfortable than that, little bitch~” she used a claw to tug at my underwear and it slowly but surely ripped in two, she tossed it aside like it was another balloon she just finished with, my dick springing into action straight to the ceiling.

    “There we go~ much better~” she said, sliding downward with the balloon still firmly in her grip, before she excruciating slowly slid the balloon onto my length, every second that passes putting a tiny bit more pressure, eventually my dick being pinned against my body in absolute latex heaven.

    I let out a moan as she slowly did that, her look absolutely reveling in my situation. She let her index finger rest on the balloon and retracted the others, slowly pressing inward enough to dent the latex, it’s tight surface pressing against me “We could go all night like this~ but I’ll be merciful and let you stay with just this beauty for today~ I know you’ll come crawling for more, won’t you kitty~?”

    As she said that, she let go of the balloon, standing up and getting on the bed again, sliding it to my face and pressing it onto me, before slowly stomping her foot dead onto it, the balloon pressing on every little bit of my face as I felt an inevitable climax coming and coming quickly, my senses drenched in the smell and taste of latex as she put more and more pressure with her foot.

    ”Seems like I’ll get two pops for one~ that’s a deal I’ll take any day~” she grinned as she kept pressing, her foot claws slowly digging into the balloon as she teasingly wiggled her foot, making the balloon scream as I let a muffled moan out, her pressure relentlessly increasing more…and more…and more…until…

    spRrTtT- there I went, half a second later the balloon following, her foot slamming onto my face as I blew all over myself, her legs and her feet, the pop ringing my ears as I let out a half moan-half scream, panting heavily…

    ”M-Mya…” I mumbled, she giggled as she sat pn my chest, picking up one of the popped bits and sliding it on my nose, the smell mixed with my own fluids.

    “I didn’t know someone else shared my interest with these babies~ but I didn’t expect someone to be this submissive about them either~” she leaned down and kissed my lips, getting yet another moan out of me.

    What followed were a few great minutes of pure bliss, accompanied by one or another dirty comment from what I felt would turn out to be my new mistress…

    Maybe I could warrant not reporting this delivery to the office just once…but I’ll surely be reporting to this house more often…
  • Nova
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    • Sep 2023
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    Part 2 baby~!

    And it happened again…I finished my runs for the day, it’d been about a week since we first met, and fought with myself to resist the urge to go back there…but it’s just too big…

    it was dark already, bells rang seven not too long before I got to her house.

    I knocked on the door and, even before I lifted my paw from the knock I heard a very strong “BANG” coming from what I knew to be her paradise…

    just the thought of her handling balloons made me tense up, and it seemed something down there agreed with my brain on it…

    If Miya was gorgeous the first time, this one had that doubled

    ”There’s my little guest~ I told you you’d be crawling back!” She said with a mischievous giggle. But my eyes darted to two things she had under her arm: firstly she had a balloon, black as obsidian and pretty tight, just shy of a neck…

    but the other thing made my heart stop: she held what I could only fear was the sharpest pin I’ve ever seen to date, less than an inch away from the balloon…

    as she turned back towards the room and walked, the pin excruciatingly slowly bobbed up and down between her fingers, which I could only guess were placed purposefully so the pin’s tip slowed down *just* enough to playfully tap the latex with each step she took

    ”I didn’t ask your name, hun!” She turned back towards me just at the door to paradise, placing a finger under my chin to make me look at her

    ”U-Um…c-call me…” I drifted off as my heart kept playing a sports car engine, my eyes could never get away from the balloon and…and the…

    my thoughts stopped, as did my heart, as she forced my chin back to place and a gruesome sound pierced my ears: her methodically forcing the pin to scrape across the latex

    ”tell me, you dirty slut. Don’t ever drift off while answering your mistress…unless…” Miya drifted off herself, she lifted the balloon slowly up to my chest before placing the pin dead on the middle of the balloon and holding it with one finger…any more pressure would obliterate it to pieces and that thought made me shiver

    I instinctively held my paws up to grab the balloon but Miya stopped me, grabbing my right paw with the balloon still held between me and death. “Ah ah~ I didn’t tell you to touch it~ I call the shots here, Xy!”

    i gasped a little, trying to keep my chest still to not force the balloon onto the pin. “H-how do…” I muttered out

    ”You have a collar giving you away, I like that, pet~” She said mockingly. Miya pushed the pin slightly, the balloon squeaked and the latex dented inward to the limit but didn’t pop…yet

    my entire body felt as hot as it was rigid as she said her next sentence “Enough chatting, I much prefer letting these…” Miya slowly pushed the pin more and more, the balloon begged futilely for mercy, creaking, squeaking against me, my heart racing and my dick getting harder and harder…

    BANG , it echoed around the house, Miya got closer to my ear and let out a whisper as I felt her paw sliding down my arm “….talk for us~”

    I felt my entire body melting at her power, how did she click me this madly?! I didn’t have time to think on it before she pulled me into the room, once more the smell of latex was simply characteristic…

    ”you’re hard already~ but I want more than that~” she kept the mocking tease, her foot paw coming down to rest on another balloon, one of the multiple scattered around the floor.

    ”strip down for me, or…” Miya pressed down on the balloon, this one not as overinflated as the past, making it squeak as it took the pressure onto the floor

    I gulped, my tail brushing against several other balloons as I hastily took off my clothes, standing naked before her “Y-yes..M-Miya..” I said shaking

    “Good boy” she acted taking her foot off the balloon before slamming it down quite hard.

    I saw the balloon bulge immensely, it necked so badly that I thought that was it. I sped my paws up to my ears for the bang….and it didn’t come.

    Miya giggled “I love scaredy cats~ even more when one’s right in my paws to play with~”. She kicked the balloon up, a 16” blue beauty of a thing, and once more shoved it on my chest

    Every movement she made overloaded my brain, the smell of the room was priceless as much as it was intoxicating, the balloon rubbing on my chest enhanced that feeling a mile more

    Miya put both paws on the balloon, the pin turned away in her fingers this time, and pressed in. The balloon squeezed against me, creaking and squeaking every bit of the way, her voice turned softer but still absurdly teasing

    ”You know, playing with cats is really fun~ they’re sensitive, their ears jerk up at anything, those fangs just beg to catch something~ but the best part~?” She stopped

    Miya took the balloon away for a bit “Lay down on the bed again, kitty~ unless you want me to force you to use your fangs on this beauty~” she slid her claws across the balloon, the same…same…lovely sound…echoing through the room

    I stepped back, laying down in obedience and having no choice. “Good kitty~” Miya approached me slowly, taking her sweet time as I saw her lick her lips while piercing me with her hazel eyes

    Miya placed the balloon on my chest again before climbing and straddling my legs, staring down. She reached for something under the bed before swinging it over, it clicked on my neck as she tugged “Good kitties need leashes~ I don’t want you getting away~ isn’t that..” she tugged very strongly “…right Xy~?”

    She slowly swayed her hips on my knees as I stared halfway through the balloon, coating her chest and belly in a blue tint. I vaguely saw my dick hard on the other side, not far away from her hips, and she seemed to follow my gaze at it

    ”oh yes honey~ I didn’t forget about that little guy~ in fact, as I was saying, it’s my favorite part in you kitties~ just because….” She moved the balloon slowly over my dick and just as much so she pressed down with both paws, I let out a moan

    ”….just because they have barbs all over~ and you know what that implies~” she kneaded the balloon with both paws on my dick, pressing it against my body. Every movement the balloon made sent shot after shot of pleasure over me…

    the risk of the balloon getting caught anywhere on my cock and exploding only made it better…but then she stopped “you know what? I’m slacking a little bit here”

    Miya briefly got off of me and then came back, she held two balloons, a clear one and a red one. She stretched each of them some, letting them snap back after every stretch, and then straddled my legs again, the blue balloon just off to the side from my rock hard dick

    She put the clear balloon to her mouth and gave a strong but small breath, just enough to break the initial resistance, before taking it off her mouth again

    ”I don’t want to have you losing things hun~ so we’ll be keeping it all in here~” Miya slowly lowered the clear balloon towards my dick, and wrapped the mouth of it around the tip with a little snap

    my dick throbbed strongly at the bit of pressure, the balloon sort of acting like a ring on me, squeezing and wrapping me in latex heaven.

    Miya stood up on the bed, grabbing the blue balloon and placing it exactly where it was before, dead on my dick, which was now set to be shooting inside of another balloon, something that just made me more horny

    She straddled the balloon on top of me, somehow it felt tighter now that her full weight rested onto it…and on my very dangerous dick…

    I moaned as she started rocking back and forth, then bounce softly…in a while she was nearly humping the balloon, riding it like a wild bull, going faster and faster…

    Every movement she made squeezed the balloon on me, and I slowly could tell she was enjoying it just as much as I was by her face. Miya’s paws grabbed the sides of the balloon, squeezing for stability as she kept going ham on top of me…the heat building up until…

    BANG, the balloon caught on my dick and shattered into several pieces, showering me as Miya plopped almost on top of my dick, giggling and panting

    She wasted no time on teasing, “Awh~ seems like your little dick ruined the fun~” She poked at it, and it twitched, at the absolute brink of blowing but held back by the balloon around it

    ”seems like I’ll have to teach it a lesson~” Miya wrapped her paw around me, pulling the yellow balloon she had and putting it to her mouth, blowing in sync with her slow strokes, massaging me as I heard the balloon slowly grow

    Every woosh felt like it got me closer, but the balloon-ring denied me, just building the pressure more and more…

    in not much time her yellow balloon was halfway full, and she started blowing faster, following with her strokes. At this point I was a molten mess on the bed, whimpering and moaning at the relentless abuse she was putting me through, and she knew that

    ”Come on honey” she tugged my leash with the same paw that held the now big yellow balloon “You’re not passing out before I finish with you!”

    She blew long and hard, in a few breaths the balloon was necked, my dick screaming for release. She stopped blowing, lowering the balloon on my dick as she kept stroking quickly, then put the final tiny breaths in…

    BANG- sPRRrtT . Miya slid the ring balloon down my shaft, allowing me to finally cum. Load after load went in before I was done, the balloon flopped sideways with the added weight as I tensed and released, letting out a big moan

    ”that’s it~ look at that beauty~ you sure got pent up with all of this huh~?” She slowly stroked me, milking my every last drop before sliding the balloon off my dick and using a clip to secure it shut

    ”now that’s a trophy to have~” she chuckled “I’ll be sure to use this later~”. Miya approached me and pet my head “now get to resting honey~ I can tell you’re exhausted~” she kissed briefly oh the lips before I drifted off to one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had….


    • Nova
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      • Sep 2023
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      Part 3 why not?! Enjoy some alone horny time!…or is it?


      It’d been a few weeks after our last session together, and Miya hadn’t quite been as responsive as I’d like. I grabbed her phone number while I was still at her house last time, and we had chatted once or twice, but not that day…

      ”last online Monday 7:37pm” the screen read, our chat filled with the horniest things ever, one or another pic of hers but mostly her teasing on how she’d abuse me next time we met

      I’ve always been the type to not poke where I’m not wanted, but deep down I started getting worried about her…no, I’m not in love with her! Stop fantasizing about her absolutely hot…rough voice and her soft…warm…breath…

      AHEM, back to the topic! She was offline and part of me couldn’t accept that. I thought to call but then my anxiety spiked even attempting to hit the button to do so

      Here back home I do keep one or another balloon around, just to keep the spirits up, you know? Nothing wrong with that, right? I definitely don’t hump them naked from time to time and hug them against my face to feel the smell, not at all!

      that day I had a red 16” and a smaller, shiny polka-dot blue one, if I remember it was 14”, both blown JUST enough to be past rated size, I’d never dare get one necked alone, I’m a semi-popper after all

      This not to mention the packs of balloons around my room, two 16 inch packs of random shiny colors, and another two of polka-dots like the blue one.

      for some reason polkas stirred something in me that your normal colors couldn’t quite do, maybe due to association with my first experiences being with polka dots

      despite being a non-popper alone, I still liked to play my own dom and be teasing.

      atop my side desk lays a jar with a single prized possession: what I called my “self pleasure device”

      i reached out to grab the jar and my heart sped at the thought, my tail tensed behind me and blood rushed both to my face and my crotch as I opened the lid and grabbed it

      It was quite beautiful might I say, the silvery shine on the needle was pretty visible as I grinned at it, bringing it to my lips and giving a thorough lick to the tip

      ”make me throb honey” I thought as I swung my body sideways and got ahold of the blue balloon’s knot.

      i wasted no time in almost ripping my shorts off in lust, every blink I took shot an image of Miya to my brain, as if she were right here with me, and my heart sped even more as I started to get harder

      now only in underwear, I grabbed the balloon with both paws, holding the needle between my pinky and ring fingers, away from the blue beauty I’d proceed to thoroughly rub before hugging it tightly against my chest.

      my breathing started to get ragged as I slowly rubbed it further down…and down and down…soon the balloon hit the perfect spot as my dick throbbed against it.

      I let out a small whimper as I swiftly swung myself around, squeezing the balloon between me and the bed as I slowly pressed down with my hips

      my slow movements soon turned into a rather rhythmic humping, the neck that formed with each thrust hitting my belly and sending tingles across my whole body.

      But here came the best part of it all to me: it was time to get dommy on myself. I slid my right paw down, spinning the needle to hold it like a pen between my thumb and index, then proceeded to slow down my humps, extending the time I spent with the balloon pressed

      Every time the balloon got squished, I pressed the tip of the needle a bit strongly against it’s body and slid it across until the neck.

      The friction made the balloon squeak loudly every time, as if it were begging for mercy. This was something I’d learned to do over time, and I won’t lie that I had a few mistakes happen here and there, but after a few years of being alone and free to do this I got more gentle with it until I got the perfect balance down.

      the balloon not being fully tight allowed just enough leeway for the tip of the needle to sink in and gracefully scrape along, torturing both myself and the latex orb to the edge of bursting.

      speaking of bursting, my thrusts got a bit stronger as my own “needle” started standing straight and poking at the balloon as well, further pressing the neck against my body as I started to progressively moan more and more louder as I humped

      I’d spent a decent little bit of money to get my room as soundproof as I could, so I didn’t have to worry much about either the balloon giving in or me sounding like a girl getting a horse’s length put into her

      my own dick fiercely poked at the balloon by now, adrenaline was hitting all my senses as I let myself go in lust, the needle mercilessly scraping against the balloon…

      sqUeaK, went the poor thing under me, time and time again as I kept abusing of it all the while imagining Miya saying all kinds of dirty things in my ears as I did

      my face burned red as I kept on humping stronger and stronger, the balloon protesting while I imagined Miya praising me at how rough I was being, how horny I looked, how much I was pressing the needle- BANG-!

      my body crashed onto the bed as my heart raced, I realized what I’d just done but somehow this time it didn’t phase me.

      I quickly sat up and grabbed the red balloon, just as quickly sliding out my underwear as well, before I laid the balloon below me and lowered myself onto it with my knees bent back, immediately letting my full weight at it, my dick throbbing as the neck strongly brushed against it

      i started rocking back and forth, letting my member have the time both of us knew it loved, it’s size full blown as I fiercely rode the balloon, very slightly bouncing so it squeaked as well

      I tossed the needle back at the jar and it landed in with a “clink”, this balloon was going to please me the right way this time.

      I slid a paw backwards to steady myself at the back of the balloon, and the other went dead on my own length, forcing it to press on the latex.

      I leaned back as I kept on rocking, my dick firmly pressed against the balloon as I kept on squirming and moaning, my riding getting faster and faster as I slowly felt what I’d been waiting for coming up.

      I shifted both my paws to my dick and pressed it down strongly, the balloon squeaking louder and louder as I put more and more pressure

      As my head rocked back, it finally happened, the balloon’s soft surface turned a tiny bit orange as I finally blew myself, my mind flashing as if Miya was fiercely pressing the balloon against my dick.

      I took a while to calm down, and the mess was quite prominent. I thought for a while…it’d probably be harder to clean all of this with the balloon like that…

      I slid myself off the balloon a bit, my face resting just above where I’d just pleasured myself. I pressed both my face and hips against the balloon, the mixed smell of myself and the latex flooding my nose

      Then I got to humping again, my dick still hard as a rock, not caring a bit for the strength I was using at all…

      it wasnt too long before the red balloon joined the blue one in shards, making me shoot all over myself as I crashed again on the bed

      I laid there panting in pure ecstasy as my phone rang with a message….

      ”great job kitty~ good to know you started to like my side of things as well~ I’ll see you soon, thanks for the show~”

      Outside atop a wall, two wings flapped right across from the bedroom’s window as the sun slowly set into the horizon…


      • Nova
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        • Sep 2023
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        Part 4!! Tried a few new things and incorporated one or another kink of mine! Forgive the one or other spelling mistake, but have this~ lovingly presented by our bird girl~


        Hey all! This is Glitter! Xy had to leave for the week so I snuck in here to tell you all about the latest hotties between those two lovebirds that just don’t want to admit they fall for eachother!

        Fact this story happened just after Xy wrote his last one! In the same week even~ I just think he’s too shy to write it down so I’ll do it for him~

        Our little stupidly horny kitty had a little surprise that day~ Xylian was walking around downtown and I was watching that tall cat just vibing to music in his headphones as he walked down, dancing and all

        And then in a flash something dive bombed him out of the sky, it took a while for me to see what it was but when I got close~ oho my~

        The cat was sprawled out on the sidewalk with his back down, and his face was so insanely red I think he wanted to explode into pieces in embarrassment

        By what he wrote here before, I guess the name of the attacker is Miya! And by the way she got him I think he almost had a heart attack~

        Now I myself have my good few kinks, but I don’t think I was ever prepared for what happened next

        Miya just ripped every bit of clothing off of him as if she were a wild animal, and in a second he was completely naked in the middle of the street!

        But that ain’t all, I didn’t quite see them when she was diving for the cat, but now she was lying on top of him with a knee dead on his bits, all the while holding a balloon under each arm!

        Both of them were huge! Not quite necked but I think neither of them could take much air, and that showed as she pressed both of the balloons on his chest and started letting her claws out slowly!

        “MIYA! MIYA PLEASE NOT HERE-“ he was trying to get out of that situation any way he could but he wouldn’t be free for a while~

        In a second Miya somehow produced a few ropes and tied him down perfectly so he couldn’t get out, by now I think at least fifty people were watching the scene and a ton were recording~ me included!

        She got back to the balloons and pressed one of them dead on his dick with both paws~ I think that was the girliest moan I’ve seen come from a guy~ every second that went by his dick gave away how much he was loving all of this

        But Miya couldn’t have any of that! She shut him up expertly shoving her foot paw onto his mouth as she slid the other balloon under her belly and started almost doing push-ups on him~

        Every time she pushed down the balloon on his dick pressed really hard, enough to make me think it was gonna pop! I admit I started finding the whole situation pretty hot, and I for sure wasn’t alone~

        Miya lowered herself so her face pressed on the balloon right at his dick and licked the thing as if it were a giant lollipop, her fangs bared out just a little off the balloon, enough to get shivers going from fear~

        She put both her paws on the side of the same balloon and very slowly scratched her claws, the squeaking echoing out with Xy’s muffled moans as she smirked looking down at his dick, which was twitching like nothing else could~

        Miya moved her body so the balloon on her belly rolled all the way up to her paws, dead on his face, then once more pressed hard using her feet, the balloon squeaking harshly as it pressed against his face~

        Suddenly she decided she’d had enough and got back up, snatching the balloon on his face and fiercely slamming down sitting on the balloon down there, Xy let out another moan as the pressure relieved some just for her to come slamming down as she started riding the poor thing~

        I was wondering how Xy was holding himself back but I got my answer pretty soon, his dick was standing straight up and poking at the balloon, all the while Miya relentlessly abused his tiny manhood.

        Miya rode strongly and the balloon didn’t last long, giving in with a pretty loud “BANG” as she came crashing down atop his member.

        The little crowd cheered as she picked up the other balloon and got up, slamming it against his member as well and stepping harshly on it too

        “That’s what you get for having fun without me you bitch!” She pressed harder and harder in a mix of annoyance and an edge of anger, all covered up by an absurdly teasing demeanor

        She let her claws out and squeezed her toes, the claws digging in slowly at the latex while the balloon protested

        Xy himself started begging for mercy “PLEASE MIYA, I- I was W-agh- way t-too horny- and I- NnnHhF- I’M SORRY I PROMISE TO HOLD BACK”

        Miya completely let her foot go, her paw still on the balloon as she looked down at him “Hold back~?” She grabbed the balloon and slid it onto his face “I’ll TEACH you how it’d done!”

        She slammed her rear onto the balloon all over, pressing her feet strongly against his sensitive member. She started bouncing, her toes jerking him with every time she came back down

        She could feel how much he throbbed “Don’t hide it, you slut~ you love this to the death~” she bounced again “being completely at my mercy all the while everyone watches your slutty ass get dominated with WHAT?! Oh yeah~ you’re getting dominated with balloons~”

        She started bouncing hard again, her tease reaching his ears and translating perfectly onto his member, at the very edge but getting held back by her toes~

        “Well if you love it all this much then why don’t you take a closer look at ME?!” She dug her claws hard into the balloon, exploding it with yet another immense “BANG” as she crashed ass first onto his face

        She felt a bit of rain as she knew her job was done~ she looked down to see her orey completely flooded with his own cum, she worked him some more with her toes as he panted under her~

        The crowd slowly dispersed but somehow I could only just stand there in pure shock at everything that’d just happened…and I had it all on video!!!

        After a while Miya got up and flew away, but before that she placed two balloons onto him~

        I just couldn’t resist and had to snatch one as a little souvenir~ but I’m sure he woke up to a wonderful surprise~!