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    • Apr 2023
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    Balloon Bonanza

    I took a summer job at an upscale steak and seafood restraunt when I was 17 years old.
    They hired the Finest looking women to work there that I'd ever seen.

    One of the Assistant managers really caught my eye. Her name was Wanda. She bared a striking resemblence to the actress "Lauren Tewes" of the Show "Love Boat" fame.
    Wanda always dressed "To the 9's" and took care of herself right down to every detail. She had perfect curvy proportions that filled out her tight form fitting business attire. I also knew her from being in my mother's collegiate night classes.

    Wanda was quite a "Flirt" with all the boys that worked there and She did have her favorites. I didn't aspire to be one because I understood what attention seeking behavior is. I just shrugged it off. But, She still looked Fabulous!

    Our restraunt would hold festive Specials for their customers on Occasion. They would Float BIG 3 foot helium balloons tied to streamers high over the restraunt that could be seen for miles. Inside the Restraunt they would go All out inflating Huge bouquets of colorful 24" helium balloons to give to the customers children. As a looner I loved this and I loved watching the girls on shift inflate them super tight, assemble them into bouquets and prance through the dining rooms to tie them to the tables.

    I was a drink server so i had plenty of time to look around the room at all of those balloons. On occasion one would burst and I would get so stiff it was hard to hide it. Don't think for a minute I never snuck a few home to play with either.

    One weekend on a Sunday night we were closing down the store for the Night. I was putting the cocktail glasses back up in the overhead racks and suddenly there was a resounding BANG that rattled my glasses and echoed through the ductwork & range over the grill behind me. A balloon had Burst and I got an instant "Stiffy".

    Suddenly the pops got more frequent. I looked down at the register and Wanda was Busting the leftover balloons with a Floral pin! My heart got so light light watching her in action I was already unloading my seed in my boxers! She was so beautiful Standing up on her tiptoes trying to bust the ones up on top! She Slowly popped each one by one giggling like a School girl. Just as she was about to burst the last big balloon She looked over and caught me watching her. She showed me her long sparkley Pin and mouthed the word "POP" just as she burst the last one too!

    She motioned for Me with her finger to "Come Here".
    I walked right up to her and she ran her finger down my chest and said with a resting Bitch face, "I popped all your Balloons!" The busted balloons were dangling from her hand. As she carelessly dropped them on the floor with all the broken pieces she said, "Go get a broom & dustpan and Clean these up for me hun." I came extra hard when she said that. When I got done cleaning them all up. Wanda said that I "Looked exhausted" and asked if I was OK to drive home? As I went to leave she mouthed "Pop-Ssssss". I was shooting blanks the whole way home!