A babysitter looking where she shouldn't

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  • Looner Greg
    • Mar 2022
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    A babysitter looking where she shouldn't

    A babysitter looking where she shouldn’t.
    (Balloon fetish, sort of spanking, slightly kinky sex. Those engaging in sex are over 18.)

    Alex had been babysitting for community families for more than five years, starting when she was a coltish 14-year-old and had by now transformed into a tall, voluptuous, sexy woman of 19. She had long, strawberry-blond hair, pale skin with freckles and big, green eyes that sparkled with life and mischief. Her sweatshirts and sweaters were always stretched over her 38 DD-cup breasts and skirts clung to her womanly hips, showcasing her long, luscious legs.

    She often babysat for the Stevens family and the two children loved it whenever Alex came to babysit. They would dutifully eat dinner, complete their homework, and finish some minor chores. Then, under Alex’s supervision, the fun began! The children would play age-appropriate games like Chutes and Ladders, Candyland and Don’t Break the Ice. They would get a snack, brush their teeth, and go right to bed; then, Alex could crack her books and study for her degree in nursing.

    One night when Alex was babysitting, she became bored and got the urge to snoop around in the Stevens’ master bedroom. It didn’t help that she was also feeling horny. Alex was between boyfriends and didn’t even have a “friend with benefits”. As she gingerly peeked through drawers, she found Mrs. Stevens’ vibrator—a Rabbit! ‘Wow’, she thought. ‘That’s quite a piece of equipment. Mrs. Stevens must have a high sex drive.’

    Alex looked in the bedroom closet, and she came across a nondescript cardboard box on a high shelf. She’d snooped through everything else and Mrs. Stevens’ vibrator was the most interesting thing she saw. Yet the box drew her attention. She stood on her toes and stretched to take it down and look inside.
    Balloons! The box held lots of big, colorful balloons. She picked some up and ran them through her fingers. The felt like velvet. She had always liked balloons but had never seen this many large ones at once. This was quite a surprise. It seemed that Mr. and Mrs. Stevens had a balloon kink! Checking her watch, Alex saw it was still early, only 9 PM, but she needed to check on the children. She checked on the 6-year-old Sammy and 7-year-old Adam. Both were sleeping peacefully.

    She quickly returned to the box of balloons and reached into an open plastic bag labeled 24” and pulled out an orange balloon. Alex felt compelled to inflate it; she stretched it and began to blow. The balloon inflated easily and soon reached its rated 24” size and began to grow a neck, making it look like a light bulb. Alex was fascinated with this big balloon and held it up, squeezing it to find out just how tightly it was inflated. It was very tight, and firm and she continued blowing it up until…bang...the balloon burst into a shower of thumb-sized fragments. Alex squealed at the shock the explosion gave her and shivered. She then realized she had had a small orgasm, and her panties were soaked. She just had to do it again and reached into the box to pull out a bigger one, a red 36” round balloon and began to inflate it.

    Her breaths whooshed into the balloon, and after some time, it was a full and massive sphere. She held it up and marveled at its size and rich, red color. She squeezed it and felt very little give in the balloon’s surface. As it got bigger, she pulled down her yoga pants and her panties and began to rub her pussy and her clit. She closed her eyes and felt her arousal grow to the point that she was drenched. As she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, she had begun to pant between blowing breaths into the balloon. Alex was teetering on the precipice of a powerful orgasm and needed just that one more stimulus to send her soaring over the edge.

    Alex opened her eyes and saw how big she had blown the red balloon: it was way larger than its rated 36” diameter; it was almost four feet across. She began to notice resistance to her breaths. It was getting more difficult to blow air into the giant balloon. She tried to blow one more breath into the balloon when it happened.
    The giant balloon shattered with an enormous, room-shaking bang, flinging fractured shards of red rubber across the entire room. Alex shrieked at the sound and had the strongest, most totally consuming orgasm of her life and passed out from the pleasure.
    Alex woke up to a large, warm hand patting her face and a strong, male voice calling her name. “Alex, Alex! Are you alright?” the voice said with a tinge of worry. “Mmmmm. I’m just wonderful,” she purred with a silly, lopsided grin. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Then she was able to focus and realize these blue eyes belonged to a …. man. Man? A MAN!
    Alex gasped in shock and her eyes became as big as saucers as she realized to her horror it was the 38-year-old dad, Mr. Stevens! And she was half naked on the couple’s bed! Alex was beyond mortified and completely discombobulated as she hurried to pull up her pants. She babbled an apology, “M... Mr. S..Stevens, I am so sorry! I don’t know what to say! Please don’t tell my parents! You don’t have to pay me. I’ll just leave.” With that, she tried to make a beeline for the door. A strong, warm hand firmly grasped her shoulder to hold her still. “That was quite a show you put on, Alex. And, to think you were going to leave the balloon shards for me to pick up. You’re a naughty girl. It’s a good thing the kids didn’t wake up. What will I tell Mrs. Stevens, hm?”
    Alex begged Mr. Stevens, “Please don’t tell her. I’ll do anything so you don’t tell her! Wait. Um, by the way, where is Mrs. Stevens?” “She came in and took the kids to her sister’s to stay overnight so they could wake up there and play with their cousins. I told her you were asleep, and she didn’t want to disturb you, knowing how hard you work on your nursing degree. We have the house all to ourselves tonight,” he said.

    “But, but, but” Alex stammered, “What are you going to do?” Mr. Stevens corrected her, “It’s not what I am going to do, but rather what we are going to do. First, take off those yoga pants and those sodden panties, then your shirt and your bra. I’ve seen your well-trimmed bush, now I want to see those big, luscious boobs of yours. After that, it’s going to be play time.”
    “So, you discovered our stash of balloons,” he continued, “We’re called looners. We love balloons and use them in our lovemaking. She’s a popper and I’m not. She likes to pop balloons at the moment of her climax to make it more intense. I’m a semi-popper, I don’t pop balloons just to do it; I might pop a balloon at the moment of climax, or I might not. You have shown me you’re a looner, too. You got off with blowing to pop that 36” balloon. Come here and take your punishment for snooping where you shouldn’t and for making a mess with those balloon fragments.”
    She was then laid across his lap and she thought she was going to get a spanking. She thought it would be very erotic but got a shock when she heard and felt a snap! on her round buttocks. The snapping continued until 20 balloons had been stretched like rubber bands and allowed to snap back, stinging her round and increasingly red derrière. “Ow! That hurts!” Alex whined. “Little balloon slut babysitters shouldn’t be snooping through their employer’s stuff,” Mr. Stevens chided, “Now, on to the next activity!”

    “Here,” he said, “Blow up this yellow 40-inch balloon until it’s real tight and close it off with this clip.” Mr. Stevens handed her a thick, bright yellow, fluted balloon and a white balloon clip. “Start blowing, balloon slut!” he growled. “Whooosht. Whooosht.” Alex began to blow into the balloon, and it seemed to spring to life in her hands.

    After quite some time, Alex gasped, “There. It’s blown up really tight. It’s huge, 4 feet across and ready to pop!” “Good, good,” said Mr. Stevens, “Now, my little balloon slut, put the balloon on the bed. Your big boobs look so yummy, like pink balloons. Lay on the balloon on your belly with your ass in the air.” “What are you going to do?” Alex whispered in a meek, little voice. “Why, I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do since I found you half naked on my bed: fuck you on a balloon!” Mr. Stevens replied, “Get in position, balloon slut!”
    Alex crawled on the bed, up on to the big balloon face down and stuck her ass in the air. Her big breasts were squashed on the balloon, and she was afraid the balloon would burst and drop her to the bed from 4 feet up. Mr. Stevens, now naked, climbed up behind her and slid his cock into her already dripping pussy. “Oh! You’re so big! Stop and let me get used to your size!” cried Alex. Mr. Stevens held still, filling her completely, and then he began to slide his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

    “Mmm. Your pussy is just exquisite! It’s so snug and wet. It feels so good to fuck you on this balloon. How much is it turning you on?” Mr. Stevens purred.
    “I’m so full, my pussy feels as if it will burst, just like this balloon!” Alex cried. She was lost in her own private world of pleasure, being fucked doggie style on a tight, giant balloon by her big-dicked, handsome employer. The fear of being on such a big balloon that could burst at any moment was so exciting and Alex was well on her way to another mind-blowing orgasm. As if it were a balloon, her orgasm was rapidly inflating. Her body was becoming as taut as the skin of the yellow balloon, as the building orgasm inflated even more in her senses.
    Alex was panting and babbling due to the intensely building, inflating pleasure as Mr. Stevens plowed her from behind over the giant balloon. The balloon was indeed completely full and the pressure and movement of the two bodies on it was bringing it dangerously close to its own bursting climax. Finally, the heat from Alex’s body caused the air in the balloon to expand just that little bit more and put it over the edge.

    Mr. Stevens was panting heavily and dripping sweat. He’d never fucked a pussy so tight on a balloon this full. He was past the point of no return as his balls clenched, his cock inflated and hardened more. He roared, “OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING!!!” as he began to spew rope after sticky rope of semen into Alex’s clenching pussy. Alex began to scream unintelligible words as her orgasm burst over her. The balloon could take no more and exploded from under them with a titanic BOOM.

    Alex continued screaming as she flopped on to the bed, riding out her mind shattering orgasm with Mr. Stevens’ big cock still inside her. Mr. Stevens was hornier and more excited than ever when the giant, yellow balloon went off; he spewed about 6 or 7 ropes of semen into Alex as he roared.
    Finally, their orgasms faded, and Mr. Stevens slipped from Alex gasping from the intensity of his orgasm, leaving her full to overflowing with his seed. He flopped down on his back and continued to gasp for breath. Alex rolled over and swooned from the intense pleasure with a satisfied grin on her face.
    Mr. Stevens looked at the unconscious Alex and realized just how beautiful and sexy she was. He studied her and could hold back no longer, as he slid over her and latched on to her big, left breast. He began to suck and fondle her breast, flicking her nipple with his tongue. After 20 minutes, Alex began to stir to this new stimulation. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Mr. Stevens.
    “How are you feeling, Alex?” Mr. Stevens asked her. “Mmmm, that was fantastic,” Alex purred, and passed back out. Mr. Stevens was still blown away by the amazing doggie-style balloon sex he just had with his children’s 19-year-old babysitter. “I think I’ve created a new looner,” Mr. Stevens chuckled to himself.

    Mr. Stevens blew up some 17-inch and some 24-inch balloons for further sex play. Alex slowly awoke and looked at Mr. Stevens. “What now?” she asked him. “We’re going to get each other off with these balloons. I am going to pleasure you and you are going to pleasure me,” he told her, “Turn on your back.”
    Alex complied and saw Mr. Stevens take one of the 17-inch balloons and begin to inflate it. He then rubbed it on her pussy. The balloon was a white one and blown super tightly. As he rubbed, Alex became more and more aroused; another orgasm began to build. Mr. Stevens rubbed, teased, and pressed on Alex’s pussy lips and clitoris until she arched her back. He squeezed the tight balloon and it exploded with a loud bang. She screamed, “OH MY GOD MR. STEVENS!” as her orgasm washed over her and then she flopped back on the bed, spent and gasping.

    After a while, Alex caught her breath and knew it was her turn to pleasure Mr. Stevens. She grabbed a red, 24-inch balloon and moved over his supine form. She blew it up until it was full and tight. He already had a rampant erection, and he was leaking precum which Alex scooped up with the balloon and used it as lubricant to slide the tight balloon all over his cock. She stroked the balloon up one side of Mr. Stevens’ cock and down the other. She teased the tip and rubbed the balloon under the head.

    Mr. Stevens was writhing and moaning in pleasure as Alex kept up her inflated latex assault. “NNNG, It’s so good! Oh, keep doing that! There! Right there!” he begged, and sobbed with the pleasure she was giving him, “Oh, it’s the sweetest torture.” She brought him to the brink of climax and backed off. She edged him over and over, until he finally could take no more. “Alex, please let me cum! I’m begging you please!” he whimpered. She took pity on her employer and began stroking him with the tight balloon slowly all around his cock, focusing on the head and under it for the most pleasure. He began to gasp and begged, “More! Keep doing that! I’m so close!”
    She at last had brought him to the point of no return when he bellowed, “I’M CUMMING! UNGH! OOOH!” and then spewed rope after rope of pearly white semen on the balloon, on Alex, on himself and on the bed. Alex had never seen so much semen. Mr. Stevens was certain he had never cum that hard and that much, ever.

    They both were so spent that they cuddled together and fell asleep. At 2:00 in the morning she woke him with an extremely tight, crystal green, 40-inch giant balloon inflated to 46 inches, by bouncing it on his chest. Mr. Stevens opened his eyes to a moving wall of green latex and the realized Alex had blown up another huge balloon. She nudged him with it, and he felt how tightly it had been blown. Alex invited him, “Why don’t you let me lie on my back on this balloon and you can take me from the front?”
    She laid back on the tight balloon and felt it was about to burst. Mr. Stevens snuggled between her legs and put his face to her pussy. Her aroma of lust was divine. He began licking her pussy from her outer lips inward, up and down as Alex writhed in pleasure on the balloon. She began to pant as he inserted two fingers into her pussy and began licking and sucking on her hooded clit. She soon shrieked in orgasm, “Mr. Stevens, I’m cumming again!” She shook all over, causing her to bounce on the balloon, making her big breasts wobble.

    She was still sopping wet, and he climbed onto her and slid his big cock into her, and she moaned, “Mr. Stevens, that’s so good! You feel so big in me! I’m so full!” He began a smooth movement in and out of her. Alex squealed in orgasm after just two minutes and begged him, “fuck me faster!” Mr. Stevens picked up the pace and was soon pounding Alex for all he was worth.
    Both were moaning in their ecstasy; he was thrusting powerfully into her as Alex matched him thrust for thrust. They felt their pleasure rising and their climaxes approaching. Alex was completely lost in her lust; she could barely form a coherent thought. She could only think ‘more’ and ‘harder’. Mr. Stevens obliged and lengthened his strokes to give Alex his entire cock on each stroke.
    Soon, they arrived at their climaxes together. Alex screamed in her orgasmic pleasure as her eyes rolled up in her head. Mr. Stevens bellowed like a bull, “I’M CUMMING!!” The so tightly overblown green balloon couldn’t take any more of the thrusting and bouncing and exploded with a mighty bang as Mr. Stevens made an ultimate thrust up to the hilt, spurting into Alex’s snug pussy.
    As the balloon vanished, they bounced on to the bed and clung to each other, riding out the aftershocks of their overpowering orgasms. Alex was barely conscious from the pleasure, and it took Mr. Stevens several minutes to recover his wits after such powerful explosions—his orgasm and the giant balloon.
    They fell asleep and he woke in the bright morning when Mrs. Stevens shook his shoulder with her finger on his lips to remain quiet. “Got yourself a new looner playmate, I see,” she whispered, “I hope she can play some more with us and our balloons in the future.”
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    Very good story


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      Almost had a real Bed Buster there!


      • Please blow it up
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        Very well written!!!


        • Looner Greg
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          Thank you for the kind words!


          • RubberRider297
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            I agree! This was a truly wonderful story 😊! Oh how I wish I could have been in Mr. Steven’s place 🥲. AND Alex is around my age too (woo!) 😆🫠