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    Sharing My First Story

    ***Chapter Two Has Been Added - Scroll Down Below Comments On Chapter One**

    Hi Everyone! As a long time visitor, one of my favorite parts of this forum has been reading other stories. I’ve loved being able to see myself in other ‘s writings and share in the experiences other looners have enjoyed or created.

    A while back, I wrote a story loosely based off an experience I had with a girl I was dating years ago in college (with names changes of course). While I never shared my fetish with her, we did have a few balloon experiences together and I’ve always wondered if I should have been more open with her…

    The story does involve inflation, popping and sexual activities. It’s a bit long and I hope it holds everyone’s attention.

    I’ve only got one chapter for now, but can evolve into a longer tale if anyone is interested. I’m curious to get some feedback on my first shot at writing

    Nick & Emma – Chapter 1 – Blowing After Pop

    It was a cool fall day and Nick was sitting in his dorm room watching TV. He was about halfway through the semester and was already dreading mid-terms next week, trying to put off studying for long as possible. He was in his second year studying business and really enjoyed the on-campus life, finding more enjoyment out of meeting new people and partying than focusing on class.

    He had been casually dating Emma for about 2 months. They met the first week of the new semester in an art class. It was a General Education class for both Nick and Emma. She was a nursing major in her second year as well, but was very artistic and loved to paint and draw. Nick on the other hand couldn’t draw a stick figure to save his life, but he was immediately attracted to Emma’s strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She was about 5’2 with a tight, athletic body. Nick stood about 6ft tall and was athletic as well. He sat next to her on the first day of class and they hit it off right away. Over the past couple of months, they spent a lot of their free time together going to parties, getting to know each other’s roommates and of course enjoy some alone time in their dorm....

    Right as Nick was about to drift off into an afternoon nap, his phone buzzed. Emma has texted saying her night class was canceled and asked if Nick could take her to the local arts and crafts shop to buy some painting supplies. Nick had a car on campus, so he was always more than happy to take Emma places and run errands with her. She had such a sweet, bubbly personality that made Nick feel at ease and knew why she would make a great nurse.

    They drove a few miles to the store and walked in together holding hands. Emma grabbed a basket and walked down a few aisles grabbing a couple of small canvases and some water color paints. She loved to paint in her free time as a way to relax from her challenging nursing classes and her dorm room was decorated with several paintings she had done so far this semester.

    As they were shopping, Nick’s ears caught the familiar sound of a helium tank blowing up latex balloons.

    He was well-versed in the different sound a latex balloon makes while being inflated compared to mylar, since he has been afraid of balloons since he was a young kid. He remembers having a balloon he was given pop suddenly, and ever since the idea of randomly popping has terrified him to the point where he spent most of his childhood avoiding situations with balloons the best he could. As he grew into a teenager, Nick began to notice seeing girls with balloons turned him on. He loved watching a girl blow up a balloon or even just interact with one. The idea of someone enjoying something which he feared was such a turn on. Even though Nick was extremely outgoing and had dated several girls up to this point, he always felt extremely awkward in social situations with balloons and never dared sharing his feelings with anyone. Balloons were a major part of his sexual fantasies. He mostly enjoyed his own balloon time watching various videos he found online and blowing up balloons he’d buy as big as he could dare, but always too afraid to pop.

    As they walked up to the front counter to check out, Nick noticed the girl working the checkout had finished blowing up a few red latex balloons and was working on a “Happy Birthday” printed mylar. He was relieved to see the mylar being inflated now, since he wasn’t afraid of those popping. As Nick and Emma stood there waiting for the cashier to finish the balloon cluster for the customer in front of them, Nick noticed Emma’s eyes wandering over to the balloon counter. There were bins of individual latex balloons and mylar’s hung on the wall. There was also a little spin around display on the counter where you could buy bags of various colors and prints. Right before the cashier called Nick and Emma up to pay, Emma made a quick dash over to the balloon counter.

    Nick froze immediately. “What ‘s Emma Doing” he thought…”Please tell me she isn’t getting balloons…”

    Nicks feelings of unease increased when Emma grabbed a 3-pack of punching balloons from the spin around and came running back over.

    “Do you remember playing with these as a kid? Emma said brightly to Nick.

    “Umm..yeah…they were pretty cool,” Nick said kind of hesitantly, his brain still trying to process the fact his beautiful girlfriend was holding a bag of something which brought so much fear mixed with excitement to him right in front of his eyes.

    “Well I want to get em” Emma replied with a beaming smile.

    Nick just smiled back and nodded as they walked up to the counter to pay.

    Heading back to campus, Emma turned on some of her favorite punk rock music and was singing along happily. Nick on the other hand spent the 10 minute drive running through all the possible scenarios of what Emma had in store for those punch balloons.

    When they pulled into the parking out outside Emma’s dorm, she asked Nick if he wanted to come over and hang out with her while she painted for a bit. Her roommate Steph was also a nursing major and had a night class, so Nick knew they would get some time alone

    When they got back to Emma’s room, Nick plopped himself down on Emma’s bed and turned on the TV. Emma took out her new canvas and paints, grabbed her box of brushes and set up her desk easel. Nick was relieved to see she was getting ready to paint and had seemed to forget about the bag of punch balloons which ended up on top of some books on her desk.

    Emma began to paint what looked like the view from a beach on a warm summer day. Nick was enjoying watching SportsCenter while casually admiring the view of his beautiful girlfriend carelessly painting away.

    Nick’s relaxed mood changed quickly when Emma grabbed the bag of punch balloons and tossed them over at Nick.

    “Can you blow one of these up for me?...Emma asked as the bag landed on his chest.

    “Umm…yeah I guess...” Nick said in the same hesitant voice he used when Emma first grabbed the balloons at the store.

    Emma didn’t seem to notice Nick’s reservations and replied back with a bubbly “Thanks babe”

    Nick had no idea what to do. As excited as he was to watch Emma play with a balloon, he was terrified it would pop. Plus, he had always avoided blowing up balloons around others since in recent years blowing up balloons would usually end up getting him aroused.

    His racing thoughts were quickly interrupted by Emma adding “Oh and don’t be afraid to blow it up really big…I remember these get HUGE”

    Nick nervously dug a hole in the new bag with his finger and dumped out red, blue, and yellow balloons on Emma’s bed.

    He grabbed the red one and stretched the neck out a bit. He knew the minute he started to blow he would get an erection, so he quickly decided to lay on his stomach with his head hanging off the end of the bed, figuring that would hide what blowing up a balloon does to him.

    The bright red punch balloon had some resistance with Nick’s first breath, but his athletic lungs quickly pushed air in.

    Nick didn’t have as much experience with punch balloons as he did with regular balloons and now knowing Emma expected it to be huge was adding extra pressure.

    Speaking of pressure, Nick could feel the blood rushing to his penis with every breath he blew.

    Emma hadn’t been paying attention to Nick blowing it up, which was a relief to Nick not having one more thing to add to anxiety he was already feeling.
    He was about 12 big breaths in when he figured it was big enough.

    He took the lip from this mouth and began to pull the neck and tie it off.

    Right before Nick slipped the lip into a knot, Emma turned around and said “That’s not even close to being big enough”

    Nicks eyes bugged out a bit and before he even had a chance to respond Emma reached over from her desk chair and grabbed the balloon from Nicks fingers, pinching the neck tight to not allow any air to escape.

    She tugged hard on the neck several times and brought the already big punch balloon up to her lips and put in a powerful blow.

    All Nick could do was nervously watch and wonder what she was doing as she blew 2 more confident breaths. She then tugged the neck several times again and blew three more strong breath, one after another, after another without the slightest pause.

    He could see the latex beginning to tighten as the red balloon was close to transparent with the familiar lines of a tightly blown up punch balloon showing on all sides.

    Nicks state of shock continued when Emma chirped “One more should do It”

    Emma took the balloon from her mouth, tugged on the neck one more time and blew her most powerful and confident breath yet. Nick couldn’t believe she seemed to have no hesitation and fear about this massively tight punch balloon popping right in her face. One last tug made the neck pop out about 3 inches.

    “There we go!” Emma said contently.

    She tied it off quickly and put the rubber band on her hand. She punched in around a few times while Nick’s head was trying to catch up to what he had just witnessed, not to mention the fact if he rolled over she would certainly notice his now rock hard erection poking through his sweatpants.

    After a minute or so of Emma enjoying her balloon, she took the rubber band off her hand

    “Here, you can play with it now” Emma said.

    Before Nick even had a chance to respond Emma batted the incredibly tight punch balloon his direction. Nick could only watch in fear as the balloon drifted left from him on the bed towards Emma’s nightstand. He knew he couldn’t move to grab it because he would expose his erection, so all he could do was watch the massive balloon hit the top of the lamp on her nightstand.


    The balloon was so tight it popped instantly with a thunderous bang when it hit the light bulb.

    Several pieces rained down on Nick and he could feel the wetness on the shards from Emma’s powerful breaths.

    The sudden and loud bang immediately drained the blood from Nick’s penis.

    While Nick was still trying to collect his thoughts, Emma was as cool and casual as you could imagine.

    “Oops..” Emma said with a smile.

    Nick couldn’t bare the thought of having another balloon that big floating around like a ticking time bomb. Not to mention the fact he had already been so turned on by watching Emma confidently finish blowing the red one to such an impressive size he needed some relief.

    Nick quickly chimed back “It’s alright, my fault for not grabbing before it hit the lamp…why don’t you take a break from painting and come lay with me”

    Emma’s smile softened and she hopped up and jumped right into her bed with Nick. He held her tight, embracing her tight athletic body and perky boobs.
    Emma leaned in and started making out with Nick. This wasn’t a new thing after two months of dating. They had fooled around a lot and had done everything sexually together except for sex.

    Nick was so turned. While making out with Emma, he kept replaying over and over again her taking the punch balloon from him and so confidently blowing its bigger, and bigger, and bigger…

    Emma could feel Nick’s erection poke her though his pants. Without saying a word, she reached her hand out and grabbed it tight. Once she grabbed what she wanted she quickly pulled down his sweatpants and put her soft lips around his throbbing cock. She sucked and stroked hard, just like Nick liked it. She had blown him several times before, but this time felt different. Emma was stroking his cock hard while trying to suck the cum out as forcefully as she blew up the balloon.

    Nick closed his eyes and kept envisioning Emma’s strong, fearless breathes into the red balloon while she continued to suck and stroke his dick.

    It didn’t take long before Nick popped himself, exploding a colossal amount of cum in Emma’s mouth with such force it hit the back of her throat. Emma took a huge gulp and kept going, eagerly wanting to get every drop out and give Nick every ounce of pleasure she could.

    When she was sure he was empty, she took her mouth off his still swollen dick and kissed the tip. She then cuddled up in his arms, looked deep into his eyes and whispered “Looks like I popped a couple of things this afternoon…”
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    Wow what a great story


    • B2P12
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      That was a terrific story- and well written!


      • phenix
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        Awesome story! 👍🏻
        We are waiting for the continuation!


        • Scooter
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          This is really great! Would love to hear more!


          • BlowPlayPop
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            Really good. Definitely needs a chapter 2!


            • LoonerGuyRy
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              Thanks everyone for the kind feedback...I'll start working on the next chapter


              • LoonerGuyRy
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                So here's Chapter 2! I've written it to be a bit of a cliff hanger and will be working on the next chapter soon. Feedback is always welcomed

                Nick & Emma – Chapter 2 – Blowing Curiosity

                A couple of weeks had passed since Nick witnessed Emma fearlessly blowing up a punch balloon to it’s limit.

                He been back to her dorm several times and every time he walked in her door, he was hoping she had blown up another one for herself to play with, but he was always a bit disappointed to not see one lying around.

                It seemed like every time they fooled around since, Nicks mind continued to wander back to watching Emma take the punch balloon from his hands and so confidently blow it up so big. Just remembering her saying “That’s not even close to being big enough,” could turn Nick on in ways no one had before. He kept playing this scene over and over again in his mind and would always find himself wishing he could see her playing with balloons again.

                It was late on a Sunday morning and Emma had just gone back to her dorm to shower and get ready for her friends birthday party after spending the night with Nick. A friend of Emma’s from her nursing program, Steph, was celebrating her birthday and invited a bunch of her friends over to her apartment right off campus.

                Nick has met Steph a few times and was invited along to hang out. Emma said it was just a little casual afternoon hang out, and Nick could relax on the couch and watch football with some of the other guys.

                Everyone was coming over around 2, but Emma said she wanted to get there a little early and help Steph get set up food and such. Nick was always a little nervous when going to birthday parties since they could involve balloons, but he figured since it was a bunch of college kids the chances would be slim.

                When they arrived, Steph was in the kitchen putting icing on some cupcakes. Emma gave her a big hug and said “What are you doing, this is YOUR birthday…why are you making your OWN cupcakes” with a big smile.

                “Its fine.” Steph said, “I like to bake and the rest of the food is pretty easy, but if you want to help decorate a bit I’ve got some stuff on the dining room table.”
                Nick said “Hi” to Steph and she told to grab a drink and go make himself at home in the living room by the TV.

                He was more than happy to be able to relax and watch football, so he grabbed a Coke and found a comfy spot on the couch.

                Out of the corner of Nick’s eye, he could see Emma in the dining room taking some party supplies out of a bag. She hung a big “Happy Birthday” banner over the table where the food would go, and had put out some plates, napkins, and cups.

                Nick was enjoying his soda when he heard Emma say, ‘Hey Steph, want me to take the helium tank out of the box?”

                His heart sank deep in to his stomach hearing those words…

                “Sure, I got a bag of balloons here in the kitchen and a spool of ribbon should be in the bag,” Steph said. “Can you blow them up and we’ll let them float around the apartment.”

                “Of course!,” Emma replied back with excitement.

                Nick froze. He was sitting right in the center of the couch with a partial view of the dining room. If he moved down to the left, Emma and the tank would be completely out of his view. Down to the right, and he’d have a front row seat to watch Emma inflate.

                He knew he couldn’t pass up another chance to see his beautiful girlfriend play with balloons, so he slid down casually to the right side of the couch without trying to be too obvious.

                Emma unboxed the small helium tank and sat cross-legged next to it. Steph tossed a bag of balloons Emma’s way and walked over a spool of ribbon and scissors.

                Nick watched as Emma took the spool repeatedly pulled and cut a bunch of what looked like about 5ft lengths of ribbon.

                Emma then ripped open the pack of multi-colored balloons and dumped them out on the floor. They looked to be usual 12-inch balloons you’d find at the party store.

                Nick knew what was about to come…

                Emma grabbed a dark blue balloon from the pile and stretched the neck forcefully five times. She then put the lip of the balloon on the tank and pressed the nozzle down with force.


                The balloon sprung to life fast as Emma’s fingers confidently pressed down on the nozzle. The latex was stretching, and it was growing big QUICK. So quick in fact, Nick wasn’t sure if Emma was even paying attention to its size.

                As the neck began to expand, Nick watched nervously…convinced it would pop any second.
                Emma continued inflating right up until the entire neck was filled with helium, She quickly pulled the balloon off the nozzle and held it out in front of her at arm’s length. She had a cute grin on her face and looked very happy with her work, but seemed to quickly realize she had blown it up so big there was no uninflated neck left to tie.

                Nick continued watching guardedly from the other room and figured she’d let a bit of air out before tying a knot. Instead, Emma twisted the last remaining quarter inch of uninflated neck , grabbed a piece of ribbon, and tied it around to seal in the helium.

                “That’s perfect,” Emma said quietly to herself with a smile, seemingly unaware Nick was watching from the other room while Steph was still in the kitchen finishing up her cupcakes.
                She let the balloon go from her hand and Nick watched as it floated straight up and bounced off the ceiling a few times before it came to rest.

                He was convinced this balloon would burst the minute it hit the ceiling and even considered covering his ears. After a couple small bounced, the blue balloon came to rest and Nick could truly see how beautiful of a balloon Emma inflated. It was easily 16 inches in diameter and the neck alone had to be at least 8 inches long.

                As Nick blissfully admired Emma’s work, he caught her grabbing another balloon from the pile out of the corner of his eye.

                She took the yellow balloon and tugged hard five times to stretch the neck, repeating her same process from before.

                Again, she confidently put the balloon on the nozzle and pressed down, filling it forcefully with helium until the neck shot out to about 8 inches.

                She once again quickly pulled it off, spun what little neck remained to seal off in the helium, and tightly tied another one of the pre-cut pieces of ribbon around the little bit of uninflated neck that remained before letting it float up to the ceiling.

                She continued to repeat the same process…grab a balloon, stretch it well, inflate, twist, tie with ribbon , let go.

                Red, green, purple, orange, purple, yellow, blue, green, orange, red…all with the same distinct and forceful “WOOOSSSHHH” sound that only comes from helium filling a latex balloon.

                Nick was in a daze and couldn’t take his eyes off the now 12 tightly and overinflated balloons resting against the ceiling.

                They all perfectly matched in size and shape, so big and tight they were pretty much see through, all having easily 8 inch necks.

                Emma grabbed another, but this time when she put it on the tank and pressed down the nozzle, only a whimper of helium came out, filling the balloon to about the size of a grapefruit.

                She took the balloon off but held the lip pinched to save what little helium was it held

                “Hey Steph, do you have another helium tank?” Emma inquired.

                “Umm…no…that should have been more than enough for 15 balloons…” Steph said from the other room, sounding a bit confused.

                Steph then walked into her dining room and looked to see the massively inflated balloons floating up against her ceiling with strands of ribbon hanging down.

                “Holy shit Emma!” Steph screamed, “No wonder why you ran out of helium, those things are freakkng HUGE”

                “Yeah…well I guess they are,” Emma said back with smirk, sounding like she knew she has blown them up incredibly huge but didn’t want to admit it.

                “It’s all good,” Steph quickly replied. “Just tie them to anything you want around the apartment and you can always leave some just floating around too.”

                Emma grabbed a couple of the balloons by the string and began to take them into the living room. Right as she was tying one to the back of a chair, the doorbell rang.

                “Oh crap, its already 2 o’clock” Steph said. “Hey Nick, can you help clean up the balloon stuff while Emma finishes decorating.

                “Umm…sure…” Nick said with a bit of hesitation. He was convinced one of the tightly inflated balloons would pop and any moment, but didn’t’ want to seem awkward and not wanting to help.
                He jumped up from the couch and went into the dining room. The empty helium tank was sitting right next to the box it came in, with the spool of ribbon and the three uninflated balloons lying right beside it on the floor.

                “Just throw everything in the box and put it in my laundry room down the hall,” Steph shouted from the kitchen.

                Nick quickly loaded the empty tank into the box and tossed in the spool of ribbon and scissors. He then picked up the three uninflated balloons…red, orange and purple. His eyes took a quick look around and when he didn’t see Emma or Steph within sight, Nick quietly tucked the balloons in the front pocket of his jeans.

                Nick then took the box with the tank and the ribbon to Steph’s laundry room and returned to his seat on the couch. All he could do was admire all of the massive balloons his girlfriend had inflated. Emma had tied a couple of them to chairs and decided to let the rest others freely float on the ceiling in between the two rooms.

                While the couple of Steph’s friends that had arrived and hanging out and chatting with her in the kitchen, Emma sat down next to Nick and gave him a kiss on the cheek

                “Thanks for helping to clean up,” Emma said.

                “No problem, the balloons look REALLY nice,” Nick said in a semi-shy voice accompanied with what he hoped wasn’t an awkward smile.

                “Thanks!” Emma said beamingly, I don’t think they’re THAT big…but Steph certainly thought I went a little overboard,” Emma added her cute, giggly voice.

                “Well…they are pretty big…but I think they look cool,” Nick said, continuing to hope his voice didn’t show any signs of nervousness.

                Before Emma could respond, Steph called her into the kitchen to help set out all the food on the dining room table.

                As Nick sat alone by himself, he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful balloons his girlfriend had just inflated. He slowly slide his hand in to his pocket and instantly loved feeling the soft latex of the three uninflated balloons he had taken. As he continued to gaze at all the balloons Emma had blown up, Nick said softly to himself “I’ve got to find out more about this…why does she always blow them up so big…why doesn’t she seem to have a single ounce of fear..”

                His mind was made up…those three balloons in his pocket were going to unlock the secrets of Emma’s feelings. He just wasn’t sure when…or how…

                To be continued…
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                • FunLooner
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                  More please


                  • Strel0k
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                    I'd love to hear where this is going! It's inspiring me to continue my own story I started a couple years ago.


                    • LoonerGuyRy
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                      Thanks everyone . I'm working on Chapter 3 so stay tuned...

                      Strel0k Thats awesome! I look forward to reading yours when its done