Continuation of mystery. Have you ever seen a UFO? Or a ball lightning?

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  • Exaturbo
    Re: Continuation of mystery. Have you ever seen a UFO? Or a ball lightning?

    I have seen what be definition is a ufo, I have no idea what it was, but it wasn’t a conventional aircraft that we as humans would be capable of building.

    When I was a teen (in another lifetime) myself and my friends used to hang out near the local air base and watch the planes coming and going. As there wasn’t much else to do in the small town. One night we decided to go past on the way home to see if there was any night time activities. (There wasn’t this night) but while we were waiting, we spotted a point of light high in the sky moving fast, and then it just stopped. Note it didn’t slow than stop. It’s just stopped. Then it accelerated off in 90° to the direction it had been moving at a few seconds before. We watched it for the next 5 mins or so, doing all kinds of changes of direction. Stuff that no known conventional aircraft could do.

    It was too high up for us to make out any shape or colour, except for a white point of light.

    Unsurprisingly, we were noticed by base security, and made to leave the area. Even though we were on public land at the time. As we were leaving, we heard several aircraft scrambling. No doubt, the base noticed this light too.

    As for ball lightning, I personally have not, but my mother and her husband have seen it.
    Mum called me one night excitedly, telling me that they had seen something in a storm that they hadn’t ever seen before. As she was describing it, I knew exactly what she was describing. Ball lightning.

    I explained to her that it was a very rare natural phenomenon. And not many see it.
    They were both quite freaked out by it at the time.

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  • Continuation of mystery. Have you ever seen a UFO? Or a ball lightning?

    I'm sure that this summer I saw a ball lightning.
    I was at my Dacha (Russian name for a countryhouse)
    After a nice thunderstorm I went to the woods to smell this lovely air. Suddenly I noticed something bright in leaves. It was making crinkling sound and was slowly moving through trees until it disappeared with a HUGE BOOM. I immediately smelt the ozone in the air.
    I do not really know what was that, but it was kinda scary...
    Do you have experience of witnessing ball lightnings or UFOs?