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  • 7balloon
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2018
    • 367

    This forum

    I just want to give an end of the year shoutout to this forum. And Vicci. I still have no idea who you are, except some kind of goddess of the new world.

    I'm glad that this started out as, and has been pure looner, no fakes or ad scammers or whatever 100%.

    And it's a special place that Japanese people and american people and german people and shit...iike 50 countries come here and all just have a great time. My question, what's your balloon like!!!!!!

    ending the year here and I'm happy about it. Glad to start a new year here as well.
  • Nopops4me
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2015
    • 505

    Re: This forum

    Yeah, this forum, a great place to be. A great bunch of friends, all been very helpful to me.

    What's my balloon like? Well, 24hrs ago - pristine in a plastic packet with its mates. 12hrs ago, fully inflated, they were very colourful hanging around or jostling around people's feet dancing with music. This morning shrivelled shards of latex destined for the bin.
    Oh what enjoyment they gave in their short life.
    What's your balloon like today?


    • 7balloon
      Senior Member
      • Dec 2018
      • 367

      Re: This forum

      Mine are a few bunches of really soft white 12"s in my room. All are overinflated.


      • Danniballoon
        Senior Member
        • Mar 2018
        • 539

        Re: This forum

        I agree, great forum

        I've had these Henbrandt balloons up in the bedroom for a couple of weeks and none have deflated or popped, yet
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        • Pastel
          Looner Skunk
          • Aug 2021
          • 150

          Re: This forum

          Really glad I found this forum. It makes me smile to see all of you being so awesome, and the people that just have balloons around their home casually I do admire that. I can't keep a balloon inflated for more than like 30 minutes because I am so so so freaking scared that they will pop for no reason.


          • Loonburster
            Junior Member
            • Jan 2022
            • 22

            Re: This forum

            Thanks Vicci and to EVERYONE who makes this forum so special, friendly and respectable. Happy 2022 to all.


            • AJK64
              • Jun 2018
              • 674

              Re: This forum

              Another shout out to the forum and everyone who helps make it the place it is x