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  • Geoff Robinson
    • Mar 2024
    • 46

    I suppose one has to be careful blowing up balloons in public especially parks especially when parents and children are playing,
    If some parents phoned the police they may take a dim view of the situation.
    ( Using a balloonbto entise children)
    If ther was a fun fair and balloons no problem
    Out in the woods no problem.
    Just think about it before you do it and enjoy your balloons 🎈.


    • WindyBalloon
      • Feb 2023
      • 87

      I sometimes go out on a walk and bring balloons with me, and like to sit or stand against a wall and blow up a 24 incher.
      Most times I don't get much, though a few men who passed by stopped to comment on it, and they all liked my balloon a lot.
      Offered for them to burst it, but so far none agreed, but just liked the balloon. Did give them each a 17 incher, though.

      And yeah, when kids come along, the mood can change, especially when they see my big balloon and ask about it and want to burst it.


      • Guest

        got caught once blowing up a big balloon in the woods with my shirt off. That was a bit awkward xD


        • 9/11 did Bush
          • Nov 2016
          • 91

          I avoid it.

          Pole will probably be up by the time I finish up so I avoid it as best as I can lol.

          Any business that I carry out with balloons is in a room alone with no visibility from the outside world.


          • AlterPlatzer
            Senior Member
            • Jun 2024
            • 248

            Doesn't bother me a bit.

            I used to give myself a thrill walking down the street holding a helium-filled balloon. It felt empowering.
            It's OK to love balloons.
            There are as many differences in preferences as there colors of balloons. Accentuate what makes us the same and not what sets us apart.