I made a balloon popping simulator

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  • wildheart
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    • Apr 2015
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    Originally posted by Mutaloon
    I enjoyed messing around with everything. Even though I just end up popping the balloons. Excellent choice of popping sound btw.

    A suggestion that could be added would be to have a 36" balloon. You can have it be inflated via a pump similar to the 16" and 13" where it can be inflated until it pops or pulled from the pump where you can hold it.
    I was going to do a 36 inch, I just need some good reference to animate it. Could just do a static shape that increases in size. The ones with necks are much harder to do and if I want the ability to tie them, I need to make a separate model for each stage of inflation which is a pain for the bigger stuff.
    How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
    My website: loonerstories.weebly.com


    • Mutaloon
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      • Nov 2018
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      Here's a basic pump to pop video. I love these types of videos strangely enough.

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      Another one that has a image printed on it.

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