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  • Nopops4me
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    • Jun 2015
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    N. Y. E.

    I know it's a bit early to be thinking of New Year's Eve. But I'm cruising from the 30th December, which means I'll be on board on N Y E. It is virtually guaranteed that there will be a balloon drop. Having never experienced one before, I'm wondering if those who have, can let me know what size balloons drop? Are they good quality balloons with loud bangs or cheaper ones not so loud? Does the 'razamataz' of noise mask to a point the sound of the balloons bursting? Have you experienced tight over inflated with necks forming or are they inflated to under rated size?
    Any guidance on these questions so that I know how I'm going to control myself and not give myself any giveaway signs possibly in my pants.
  • AJK64
    • Jun 2018
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    Re: N. Y. E.

    Professional balloon drops tend to use fully inflated, necked out balloons as they are easier to burst so less likely to cause accidents (slipping while trying to stomp for example). A balloon drop can be very loud even with music and crowd noise, so not great for a phobic. My girlfriend is really scared of balloons so tends to make herself scarce if there's a balloon drop. Going to the loo us a good tactic then return once its over


    • dawgbone818
      • May 2022
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      Re: N. Y. E.

      I've seen several videos on YouTube involving balloon drops on cruise ships. Primarily taken with someone's phone. Shouldn't be too hard to find if you search for them. From what I've seen there has usually been a band playing in the background but the pops still seem really loud. And from the videos I've seen there is lots of popping taking place. I would assume what ever doesn't get popped by the crowd is eventually popped by the clean up crew.

      If you're worried about "giveaway signs" I have those same signs just watching the video so it might definitely be an issue if you're right in the middle of it.

      Please share your experience once it's over.
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