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  • Cockneypopper
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2021
    • 26

    Balloon role play

    I had a sort of incredible/strange thing come over me last night …

    I received a lot of my balloon orders last night including some I have never purchased before. I done an order from balloon ace of some much larger balloons including the large “dolls” I had to inflate one straight away and I must say I am very impressed with them!

    I then proceeded to inflate various other balloons of 24”, 16”Q,18”Q and some others must of had 40-45 laying around the floor. Dragged in a mattress with my favourite bean bag to sit pop on.

    I started to sit pop a few quite slowly “I do like to make balloons suffer a bit before the bang” whilst i was hugging the large doll balloon!

    that’s when I have done something I have never done, I think I can blame the alcohol for this! But I kind of see the doll as a person and was interrogating him/her. I was actually talking to the balloon humiliating it while I sit popped all the balloons right in front of it! And after each balloon pop I was like “now are you going to talk!”

    it was a odd experience for me but I did enjoy it 😂
  • Depresso
    • Nov 2022
    • 36

    As a guy with an inflation fetish, I kind of lowkey imagine the balloons' intimate emotions when they get blown up and burst, so I don't find that too weird. Not weirder than just getting off to balloons anyways.