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Favorite Balloon phrase?

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    Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

    When with a mate I love it when he say 'LET'S BUST THEM AND FINISH THEM OFF'


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      Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

      I love when my smillied wife blowing the balloon and touching him says "It's very, very hard and will pop soon, should I go?" And doesn't wait for the answer


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        Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

        *handed me a tied fully inflated balloon
        "Help me to untie it, I want to blow more air into this one"
        "Why?It is already over-inflated, you continue to blow it may explode"
        "I don't care, better popped than not-big enough!"
        In Mandarin the last phrase is a rhythmic sentence:Ning yuan chui zha, ye bu chui de bu gou da!

        Other phrases include:

        *boys with hands over their ears, shouting "No more blowing! It's going to explode!"
        The girl said:"I want it explode, I'd love to hear the boom! I want to blow this balloon to pop by mouth, in purpose, I always do!"

        *In Spring Festival, as the fireworks had been banned, the girl feels boring:
        "I hate when it's so quiet during this time of year"
        *picking up a uninflated balloon
        "let's making some bangs with our lung powers!"

        *The girl humiliating a boy who is afraid of popping while blowing a balloon
        "Lv hai zi dou bu pa, nan hai zi hai pa", which means, "A weak harmless girl can do the popping, as a boy, you are such an coward."

        *A girl was told not to blow or pop a balloon, as a elegant lady should turn out to be weak, shy and timid,they should seek some brave boys to do such "hard works"
        The girl make a offensive reply:"Nv hai zi jiu bu neng chui qi qiu le? Shui gui ding de?!" Which means "In which rules it state that girls can not blow up balloons? I blow balloons faster than you guys! Bigger than you guys! And make them explode louder than you guys!" *Then she put a balloon between her lips and give it powerful blows...


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          Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

          Weirdly, the word "pop" is a turn off.
          The word "burst" or "bust" however is hot!

          The other week my fella said it was "time to break the balloons" and that got me horny as heck.


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            Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

            My favourite phrases..

            "Just one more" especially when followed by 3 or 4 blows.

            "Its not full yet" when it already has a neck.

            "Let see how big I can get this balloon"

            "Pleanty of space left in it" when it stops growing and gets tighter and tighter.

            "Do you want me to make it pop?"


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              Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

              Pretty much anything downplaying how close a balloon is to popping, like:
              "I think it can get much bigger than that", or "I bet it can take another few puffs" (especially when the balloon in question has a full neck and is clearly about to be blown to pieces).


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                Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                Favourite phrase?

                It’s up to your native language. In Hungarian language there are at least about 20-25 words /expression relates to “eliminating” a balloon. Some of them are playful, some of them are almost neutral, some of them are really harsh, aggressive. You can chose which one can best fit to your actual mood. In addition, the atmosphere of a sentence depends on the punctuation too so the situation you use them could modify the hidden meaning.


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                  Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                  'Burst all the balloons' or 'I'm going to burst it'. No one used the word 'pop' when I was a kid. When they had balloon games on TV it was always 'burst the balloons'. :-)


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                    Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                    My wife always says do instead of pop. for example shall we do that big blue one next. or do you want to go and get those helium balloons from upstairs and we can do them before we go out. love it.


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                      Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                      Something like '[doing looner stuff] is sinful and I will never ever do it but I want it bad, help'

                      or non poppers talking about how morally wrong it is to pop balloons.


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                        Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                        Originally posted by pinpopper
                        My wife always says do instead of pop.
                        It sounds like a sort of teasing :-)


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                          Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                          i love it when someone's watching me inflate and they say something like "it's gonna pop", but in a way that doesn't want me to stop, not in a scared way. also sometimes just the word "bigger" can do it if someone is encouraging me to keep blowing!

                          it's worth saying that the pleasure of these is x1000 if it's a non-looner saying it


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                            Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                            No Body can be uncheered with a balloon
                            Helium Tank


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                              Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                              "let's see who's gonna pop first."


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                                Re: Favorite Balloon phrase?

                                My wife drives me insane with her teasing:

                                “Oh such a naughty balloon, I think he needs to be punished”
                                “You know your the next balloon I’m going to play with, right? Watch what’s going to happen to you” POP!
                                “I’m going make you explode” POP!
                                “Don’t try to run away, I’ll always catch you naughty balloon!” BANG!
                                “It’s time for you to go POP!”
                                “Poor balloon” POP!
                                “Bye bye naughty balloon” BAM!

                                To me before the end:
                                “Don’t you want to POP and make me happy?”
                                “Go ahead Balloon Boy.... POP FOR ME”

                                After she defeats me and makes me burst:
                                “*giggle* “Poor Balloon Boy... I always WIN”