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  • Nopop53480
    Balloon Blower
    • Aug 2022
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    Need some guidance

    So being a looner has really only gone as far as regular ok’ latex balloons for me. But I’m considering getting a gift for someone after I heard them make a remark about a latex body suit they saw on Tik tok, and how it’s something they have fantasized about. I have no idea where to begin to look as far as sites or companies so I could buy them a gift card or whatever so they can figure out how the sizing goes and I don’t make a huge foolish ass of myself by getting the wrong thing. Please help!!!!
  • OnceYouPop
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    • Sep 2022
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    Re: Need some guidance

    I highly reccommend


    • Nick.giles1
      Rubber Balloon
      • Jun 2013
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      I ordered an inflatable suit from Latex Catfish. It was a made to measure. I needed assistance to get the extensive list of measurements. They have a video showing how to take them. .

      I ordered the "Mens Inflatable Blimp Latex Suit. I got it without the hood, gloves or feet. There were a few other options available. The suit is double layered, with the inner layer being thinner latex. As the suit inflates, it's supposed to apply more pressure to your body. It kinda worked like that. The torso inflated much more than the arms or legs.

      Sorry for not smiling in the picture.

      Lessons Learned:
      Poor Delivery Time: Beware ordering from Latex Catfish if you're impatient. It was 14 months before they delivered my suit. I emailed them frequently and they made excuses every time.
      Valve Options: The valve location and type is frustrating. It came with a Schrader valve. The kind you would find on a bicycle tire. It had the core removed, so it would free flow with the cap removed. The only problem is because it's so small, the flow was minimal. The valve was also placed on the shoulder making it near impossible to connect and disconnect yourself. The valve protruded about 2 inches and was very stiff. It stood out from the suit making it awkward to wear anything over the top. I ended up cutting the valve out and replacing it with a 40mm gas mask connection with a one way valve. Sourcing this connection was difficult. But the idea was to wear a gas mask, and when ever I would exhale, the suit would grow. I would recommend an alternate location for the valve, or even multiple valves. This would be better to order from the start instead of making your own modifications.
      Zipper Options: The zipper goes from the back of the neck, down around to the front. It's not a suit you can zip up yourself unless you have freaky jointed arms. I put a lanyard on the zipper so I could pull it closed like a wetsuit. I worry that the lanyard will pull and break the zipper, at which point i'd be trapped until I got assistance. Not something I wanna experience considering I live alone.
      Hydration: If you've never worn latex before, you need to realize how much you're going to sweat. Stay hydrated, but not so much that you're going to have an overflowing bladder. It's not convenient to go to the bathroom.
      Powder: Just like any other latex item, it's gonna be hard to put on unless you have baby powder to help. The baby powder helps, but gets everywhere and the suit needs to be cleaned and shined to have that reflective look. Another thing that may require some assistance.

      If I end up ordering another suit, I'd definitely go the more custom route. I would happily pay more to get the options I want. Hind sight is 20/20.


      • craggy2012
        Senior Member
        • Jan 2012
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        Yeah, shoulder valves on latex inflatable catsuits n such are a PIA as they’re difficult to reach if alone. I usually ask the manufacturer before committing to placing an order for any valves to be located on the fronts of inflatable arms, thighs, or down on the hip for leggings or trousers.

        You could ask for an inflation tube over a tyre valve if the item is designed to be a blimp suit that can hold lots of air when inflated. It’s just a one inch sized latex tube with a sort of flap inside it near to the garment. I use a regular inflatable hand pump with a corrugated flexible tube slid inside the latex rubber tube. Just keep hold of it to maintain a good air seal as you inflate it. Once inflated I wrap the tube around a regular balloon neck clip (Zibbi Clip) to seal it off. To deflate it afterwards just remove the clip and a gentle pull on the tube distorts the flap allowing the air to escape again with a massive round of flatulent rasping!