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  • andrew_looner
    • Feb 2019
    • 65

    Originally posted by Salla
    What changes in those latex diapers when the size increases, for example from XXL to XXXXL? Do they stay on naturally anymore?
    For me, I noticed the largest one doesn't stay on very well - it keeps slipping.


      Punk member
      • Nov 2023
      • 71

      Originally posted by gregfletche

      You could try using a Super Wubble Bubble diaper. It's very soft and bouncy. I don't know how to shape it into a diaper though. I wasn't the one who thought of it
      I tried to glue that Wubble Bubble rubber, but i found out the material which the manufacturer uses for gluing is the rubber itself in heated state. That rubber is greasy (not only on surface, everywhere) so even when I tried to degrease rubber by alcohol and tried to glue with all possible cements, the result was unsuccessful. The only way to join this rubber is to melt again, but here ends my journey of joining tpr rubber