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  • Loveballoons
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2024
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    Hi, I amd 43 years old, I started to masturbate with balloons since I was a kid , I discovered the pleasure with balloons.
    I am from MEXICO, a year ago, I asked my wife to fullfill my fantasy, to see her with balloons on her body, I took some picutes of her and I loved it.
    From time to time I use balloons with her to turn her on , I would like to share some photos here on the forums.
    She gave me authorization to share her photos, but not showing her face for privacy.


    • Eevee_Me
      Junior Member
      • Feb 2024
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      Hello buddy’s!
      My name is David and I have a huge fetish for inflatables!
      I am 24 years old, but I have had an inflatable fetish since I was a kid.
      The first time I got into inflatables was when I had to go to this one building. I think the woman was talking to my mother about concentration in school and how I can be more comfortable in class. And I was left in a room with a bunch of toys, one of them was those big exercise balls. I remember walking over to it and sitting on it. I saw that little peg thing that keeps the air in and I was like “oh what does that do” so of course, me being the curious child I was, I pulled out the peg, and the air started to escape. But instead of plugging it back up, I just ended up riding it down. And since then I’ve enjoyed riding down inflatables flat every-time I get the chance. And that’s my story and I like reading everyone else’s too!


      • LoonSphere
        Rider of the Big Ones
        • Feb 2024
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        Hello! Been a lurker for some time so I decided to finally say hi. Nice to meet everyone!
        I'm a bisexual male non-popper and have been a looner since childhood.

        As for the fetish, I've always been phobic of ballons bursting as a kid and (as they were deemed 'unpoppable') loved playing and bouncing on gym-balls: one day, while I was resting sitting on one after a long bouncing session... BAM! Dry orgasm! And I guess that was how I got the fetish.
        After figuring out how to replicate the mean of getting that pleasurable sensation again with gym-balls, I extended my playful sessions to beach inflatables and, when I could finally get big enough ones, balloons.
        Never been ashamed of the fetish but I slowly figured out it was something similar to what people do when they 'make love' so I kept it personal and private.

        So for toys I guess I like balloons (big ones) and inflatables alike, but I do still have a soft spot for gym-balls (still have the big one I managed to buy for personal satisfaction during late childhood).


        • LoonerGuyRy
          New Member
          • Feb 2024
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          Hi all! My name is Ryan and I’m a 38 year old straight man who has been a long time lurker and finally joined 😀 I’m a phobic semi popper who wants to work up to blow to pops and sharing my fetish romantically.

          I discovered my fetish when I was a teenager after being TERRIFIED of balloons from a young age after an unexpected pop from a free helium balloon I got at a card store. I’ve always been amazed when girls will blow up balloons as big as possible with no fear if they pop.

          I stick to mostly 12 inch loons you can get at stores but have blown up a couple of 17 inch TufTex’s and 17 inch balloons from WalMart and of course punch balloons. I can work myself up to get some decent necks on 12 inchers, (I’d like to think so at least) but get scared on the 17 inch and punch balloons and always seem to chicken out before the final blow.

          I can’t wait to be a more active member of this online community and continue my looner journey.

          Who wants to share a pic of a balloon they blew up today? Here’s a red 12 inch loon from a mixed pack I picked up at Target! I figured I’d add to my first post to get started 😀

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          • Ziggy
            Junior Member
            • Feb 2024
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            Hii, I'm *Ziggy* (my cats name<3) nd I'm pretty new here, haven't been a lurker for long.
            I'm a semi-phobic, semi-popper on a good day, I love balloon decorating and even do it a bit for some close friends and family on the side of my real job.

            Quite happy to speak to people hopefully about this


            • Maddie
              Junior Member
              • Mar 2024
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              I'm maddie, long time lurker. I'm a semi popper, but haven't been able to do anything for a while being at college. My parents were always watching me as a kid, so I've never had the chance to play with anything besides the 12in I could find at the store, but if I could have any balloon I'd imagine I'd like mostly 12-16in. I love s2p, never had the courage to intentionally do a b2p.


              • heliumsitr68
                Senior Member
                • Nov 2021
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                Welcome Maddie !
                Popper ! I love helium balloons


                • Ardov3275
                  Junior Member
                  • Mar 2024
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                  Well my name is Bobby, from the Northeast US. Have been a member of other forums, but life happens, so have not been active in those for maybe 15 years now. I am in my mid 50's, married. My wife is well aware of my fetish, and our love making usually involves a balloon or two. Although she knows I keep some larger balloons in my nightstand, she will usually just grab a 12 inch. I particularly enjoy it when she puts one between her legs, it lifts me up for an angle she likes, and I get to ride a balloon while making love. She also often will blow up a balloon while she is on top. Although balloons do pop, they usually survive our time together. If they are all squished and sweaty, they get popped, but if they are not they usually go into the closet for my alone play time, when they are more likely to be popped. Although there are times in which there are no balloons blown up in our house, those are few and far between.

                  We have also recently started to get away from time to time. 48 hours, at least, when the older child is home from college to watch the younger high school. We stay in state, or just out of state, find a nice hotel we can visit. First time we did this, the reservation page had an "extras" you could order for your room. So got the single rose, the bottle of sparkling juice (we don't drink much), and a dozen helium balloons. Of course we brought some from home also. The room only had one queen bed, designed for a couple, and was a hotel where they bring you to the room, show you how things work. Although never stated, I am pretty sure that front desk person knew we would be making love under that canopy of balloons. Quite a few of our balloons were popped that weekend, but I carefully untied the helium ones and deflated them for future use. Pretty awesome to be sitting naked on the bed, pretty hard, untying balloons, have your wife come over, and sit down and smile. No questions, she knew why I was saving those special ones.

                  A year later, at a different hotel, we had brought balloons, she had blown up many hung some up to decorate, others laying on the chairs and floor. As we were getting ready to leave the next day she pointed out we could not leave them. I agreed, but it was a quiet hotel and popping them would have not been good either. I found some nail clippers in my bag, and together we carefully clipped the necks of each balloon. One of us stretching it out, the other carefully cutting. Although I do enjoy the pop often, having my wife participate in destroying the toys that she knows turns me on, was a huge turn on for me. As she quickly discovered how turned on I was getting, she started rubbing them on me as they got smaller and smaller, only to throw that one away and grab another to repeat the process.

                  So that is a bit about me, and some recent times. Been "into" balloons for about as long as I can remember. Every girl I was serious with I told. Most were cool with it "you mean, if I blow up a balloon it will get you turned on?" Yep, probably. That is about all for tonight, will try to share some more in the future. But tonight, I have a night alone, and about 50 balloons blown up in my bedroom that will need to be cleaned up before my wife arrives home on Sunday.


                  • youforest
                    Junior Member
                    • Mar 2024
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                    Hello there,
                    There is youforest, Nonpopper.
                    I like Qualatex, Sempertex and Orangetex Balloon,
                    18'' is my favourite size.(Except Sempertex 18'', It is so hard - like a stone - when it came to the size, I suggest the Sempertex 24'')

                    I like soft balloons but not toooooo soft! and I am afraid of balloon pops (The sound loud and damage from being whipped by the balloon).

                    In my balloon I have,the Qualatex balloon is the best quality,Orangetex balloon is the cheapest and a most 90% of Qualatex qulity.(The Orangetex 18'' balloon can blow to 20'' and more when it no fresh).

                    PVC is also my like, I have some low price swimming pool toys, like Intex black whale and blue whale.

                    When I was youth, I got a balloon from a balloon seller, A man who sell the inflated balloon.I am fascinated by the balloon, It is so beautiful like a clear bubble, and the tauch feeling is so good, soft but not too soft, and have some reaction force.

                    I thought I might like it, and I was worried about other people knowing my secret, so I hardly pretended I didn't like it and tried to act normal.
                    But now my family already know about my fetishism and they all accept it.

                    Thanks for watching~ Hope you have a nice day!


                    • PurpleLooner
                      Junior Member
                      • Jul 2023
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                      Originally posted by Vicky
                      Re: Hello and welcome!

                      Hi everyone!
                      I'm Vicky (or just Vic) from Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. I've been registered here for ~2 years now but I was always too shy to post anything, so here I am!

                      I first discovered my fetish when I was about 12/13 years old thanks to an old gym-ball (which I still have ). There were earlier points of contact, but I never realised what it really was until then.

                      My main interest is inflatables but I enjoy balloons from time to time (non-popper). I have collected a few things over the years, from pooltoys to gym-balls and airbeds. Though my dream would be my very own bouncy castle, but that'll take a while.

                      I'm looking forward to being active here, sharing my experiences and talking to like-minded people! (and maybe even meeting up with some fellow German looners )
                      Hi i am from Germany too 😉


                      • Nick.giles1
                        Rubber Balloon
                        • Jun 2013
                        • 19


                        I have been a looner as long as I can remember. Just thinking back to the beginning, and I don't know where to start. Most guys kept porn under their mattress when they were growing up, which is incredibly cliché. I hid balloons there. Even punch balls partly filled with water. I was a dumb kid. I was found out by my parents when one of those water balloons burst. It was difficult to explain and an awkward conversation. The topic was only talked about once and thankfully never brought up again. Almost 30 years later, and it makes me cringe just thinking of it.

                        I remember a time of finding websites that I shouldn't have for my age. This was when the internet was basically just starting out. There was a progression from big boobs, to inflating boobs, to balloons. I think that's the best way to explain it. I found forums like the BEArchive. Artists like Inflate123, LVKane and a few others I can't remember. There were scenes from movies (Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, Willy Wonka, Leprechaun) that I watched on repeat. I really enjoyed reading the stories that were balloon related.

                        Balloons have effected my personal relationships. Getting up the nerve to share my fetish, only to be looked at in disgust. It made me never want to share out of fear. One woman I was very close to has urged me to seek counseling regarding my fetish. It wasn't all bad. There were a few women who would indulge me, even if they didn't understand it. But those never seemed to last. I have yet to meet a true looner woman. And that's probably for the best. I would be out ring shopping right after.

                        My personal philosophy for balloons is the bigger the better. I like all balloons, but there's something about balloons larger than 3ft. Maybe the fantasy that it could lift me into the air. I found the larger balloons when half inflated are much stronger. I'm very much a non popper, so stronger balloons are preferred. I'll pop if I have to, but that just feels like balloon murder. At any given time, I usually have a few large boxes of balloons ready to go. I seem to stick to clear and blue balloons. I don't think I have a preference, but that's what I seem to order. I have a dozen cloudbusters in a pelican case (for safety) waiting for the opportunity to be inflated.

                        I could list a few things I've enjoyed doing with balloons, and I'll try to keep it short before it turns into it's own novel.
                        Filling rooms: I've taken ads out on craigslist in the past looking for women to fill a room for me. I've had a few takers that turned out very well. I paid one $300 to fill the room, and she was very determined. She spent about 8 hours blowing up balloons non stop. I asked if she wanted to take a break, and she just said she wanted to finish. Aside from the money, I told her she could take as long as she wants and I'd provide any food or drinks that she wanted. I posted a time lapse video of her work (with permission) on youtube about a decade ago. https://youtu.be/4OMrBLORoMw?si=YZM19JdShymCkfkd and https://youtu.be/k1j1fzFJn-I?si=ReHZ6vE75mkmt-ZB Just being in the room once it was filled was a dream. The over powering scent of the latex was intoxicating. Turning out the lights, and you could see lightning bolts of static all over the room.
                        Trapped into a balloon cage. I had built a cage out of advertising grid wall. The kind of stuff you see in department stores that you hang hooks from. I bought large sheets that I formed into a cage (it wasn't cheap). The plan was to get inside the cage, and have "assistants" stick balloons through the walls, inflate them, and then tie off. I had a friend willing to help me, and she said that she had two friends that could help as well. The friends ended up backing out, but my friend was still willing. There's a few things I didn't think of. That I would have to stand the entire time while the balloons were being filled. Wearing socks and standing on cheap flooring for a few hours. It makes my feet hurt all over again thinking about it. I brought my portable compressor so it went faster than if she was blowing them up by mouth. It took about an hour before the cage started getting crowded. She kept adding them until I couldn't move. It was fantastic. The downside was I could only stay as long as my bladder held out. I was in the cage for about an hour (after being filled). She started a movie and sat on the couch as I was trapped. I could listen, but seeing anything other than a sea of blue was impossible.
                        Stuffing into clothing. Who hasn't stuffed a pair of balloons in their shirt and acted like they were boobs? I took it a step further. Tubing and a compressor so they would inflate larger and larger. Being constricted by the shirt I was wearing, they began to apply more pressure to my body. I've done it, and had a few women volunteer to try it as well.

                        This is getting pretty long, so I'll try to finish with more about me personally. I spent 20 years in the Navy and moved to Las Vegas after I retired. I bought a house and started a second career to fund other hobbies. The retirement check covers the mortgage and other bills, but I think I spent around $1000 on balloons last year. I have my own K sized helium tank. I'm always looking for new ideas of things to try with balloons.
                        I'll talk to anyone about balloons, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask.



                        • balloon245
                          Junior Member
                          • Apr 2024
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                          Real name Mark Occupation Information Tech specialist for the whole household former scared of balloons exploding has a in room balloon collection qualatex betallic balloons printed all over one side prints balloon handler for events my favorite thing to do. Non expoding ballon guy


                          • RubberRider297
                            Intimate Rider
                            • Apr 2024
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                            I’ve been a lurker for a few months now, and decided to join today. I don’t want to share too much about myself on the off chance someone knows me and finds out about my fetish (I know that’s highly unlikely, but knowing my luck it’s going to happen somehow). Anyways, I’m an 18 year old heterosexual male. I am a non-popper, and my favorite things to do with balloons is to blow them up big, hug them, kiss them, ride them, and more recently insert my you know what into them 😉. And when I’m done, I really enjoy riding them when they deflate. Balloons have always been a big fear of mine since I was very little. I feel like I’ve always loved balloons, even before I feared them. If anyone is wondering what triggered the fear in the first place, well let’s just say that I learned the hard way about how balloons are not indestructible. I’m still scared of them to this day, but I feel like I’ve slowly overcome the fear over time. That said, I am still terrified of popping them, there have been a couple of times where I’m about to, but I just can’t bring myself to do so, even while wearing headphones. I think I truly discovered my fetish when I went to a friend’s birthday party when I was little. All of the kids were given plastic water bottles with goodies inside, which included a punch balloon. For years the bottle sat in my closet, but eventually I would start taking it out of the bottle and blowing it up in secret. Eventually I discovered how good the latex felt against my skin, and soon after I discovered looner Alissa, and her marble balloon videos on YouTube. I think that’s when my fetish started to bloom, and things kind of went from there. I regularly check for any new clips from Studio Fuusen, Asian Looner Girls, and occasionally Club Steffi, and as for my own balloon play, I’ve gotten a little more adventurous during the past few months. I’m January, I was curious about something so I looked up “Wubble Bubble fetish” to see if anything came up, and that’s how I discovered this forum. I bought a pack of 2 Wubble Bubbles from Target, and they were absolutely wonderful. It took a little getting used to, but just seeing how big they could get was just so hot. And more recently, I ordered a pack of 8 black 36” Prextex balloons off of Amazon, and they have been fantastic. I blow them up super big whenever I have the chance, and I just have my way with them. Anyways, that’s really about it for my fetish life story. I joined this forum because I often feel the need to tell someone about it, but there’s only one person who I know that knows about it, and they’re the only person in my life I trust to talk about it to, so I though maybe I would feel better to get the stuff I need to get off my chest by being here with people who have the same kink as me. With that, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day/night, and that you’re all able to make this week a wonderful week! 😁


                            • temp893
                              Junior Member
                              • Apr 2024
                              • 6

                              Hello! I'm sorry if my username is kinda dumb, but I have never been able to decide on a username for my balloon-specific accounts on various websites. I had found out about this forum yesterday when, after buying my own set of balloons I was searching for methods to inflate them, and this forum showed up with a few suggestions a few pages down on DuckDuckGo. The inflators I got from Wal-Mart were... not really that good (I got a manual pump and an electric pump. The manual pump leaks the air from an attached balloon as you inflate it, and the electric pump, while it works, is very loud. (In my defense, I was going into this semi-blind.)), but with the results of yesterday's search, I got myself a bike pump and an aquarium pump and they are much better than what I had initially gotten. I have a few more questions, but I will ask them in the appropriate discussion channels.


                              • bigloonfucker
                                Punk member
                                • Nov 2023
                                • 54

                                Hi, I'm glad i can become a member of looners community. My interest of latex balloons lasts for about 30 years. It was when i started to go to school, i remember a grocery store on the corner opposite our school, where we went to spend our pocket money. Some bought only food, others drugstore (girls), but I started buying only red balloons. They came in 2 sizes, the bigger one was maybe like 24", it seemed huge at the time. I spent all my pocket money just on balloons even though they didn't turn me on sexually yet. At the time I couldn't find anyone who was as fascinated by them as I was, so I kept my hobby for a long time inside me (because for a long time the only forms of long-distance communication were written paper mail or a wired telephone, which only a few people owned. At that time, I would never imagine that I would be able to share my strange excitement anonymously (and that anyone with a similar hobby exists)...