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  • Bazzer
    • Jun 2024

    Gay Mature Popper

    Just saying 'HELLO' as I have just joined this great forum and look forward to contributing to the chats. I am a mature GAY bloke (often know as Balloon-Daddy) and love playing with balloons when I can. I live in the SouthEast of England and always happy to chat to Poppers and Non-Poppers alike. I also have a Tumblr Blog with Balloon related photo's and video clips.

    Cheers for now and let's enjoy our Fetish. BAZZER.

    PS - The attached photo is just for fun and is the type of guy I like to see playing with Balloons.
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  • JK_looner
    • Mar 2019
    • 33

    Re: Gay Mature Popper

    Welcome to the forum!

    Great pic! I've seen that video and love it


    • Bazzer

      Re: Gay Mature Popper

      Yeah, a great video; love it too.


      • AussieMaleLooner

        Re: Gay Mature Popper

        Hey Bazz,i can't respond to the message you left on my profile as i am only new.Sorry mate,drop me a private message if you like i should be able to respond that way