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Being a looner living with roommates or parents

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  • Timid Popper
    • Jun 2012
    • 36

    Re: Being a looner living with roommates or parents

    It's really annoying when the people in the house are your adult children. I have a time window of maybe nine hours a week where I can play with balloons. I can have them about, because they're well aware that I like to decorate with them, but anything sexual has to be within that narrow window.

    Good thing my wife knows and accepts everything about my fetish, or I'd have no fun at all.


    • Golden
      Senior Member
      • Jun 2022
      • 189

      Re: Being a looner living with roommates or parents

      when I was younger, and it was youtube for me, it was eaiser to hide and clean up. Now that I'm older, I have balloons 27/7/365! unless my faimly comes over which is rare I see them then I take them down.


      • bwock
        Junior Member
        • May 2022
        • 11

        Re: Being a looner living with roommates or parents

        I gotta be very careful of when I decide to get one out for play, usually I wait until I'm home alone as I don't want to do it late at night just in case there's a pop.

        I really hope to get my own digs soon so I can at least indulge a bit more. It's a shame, I've got this huge inflatable dragon I'd love to actually be able to get out and inflate, but my electric pump would make too much noise and a manual pump would probably take me half the night just to pump her up, plus we got cats now and I don't want one of them to put holes in it either.

        So short answer? Kinda tough.


        • Bass Boll
          • Jun 2023
          • 37

          Re: Being a looner living with roommates or parents

          I live together with my family, and yes, it does not make things easier if I feel the urge for looning, but my kids are around. Maybe they already noticed that their dad likes balloons and inflatables, but I doubt they are aware of the sexual aspect for me, of that only my wife knows.

          Anyway, the kids have to be out of the house for looning, that's a must. Unfortunately I usually have to work when they are at school. This makes my home sessions quite rare events. Actually, looning became more or less the first thing on my mind on such occasions. From time to time I am ordered for a business trip, and balloons and inflatables are always in my luggage. There is nothing better than the serenity of a hotel room with a big balloon on the bed after a long day with colleagues and customers.

          Sometimes I dream of having access to a second, secret apartment halfway between workplace and home, a third space where I could regularly pass by to celebrate excessive solo sessions.


          • bubblesNdragons
            Senior Member
            • Oct 2019
            • 103

            Re: Being a looner living with roommates or parents

            When I was living with my family, I mostly stuck to mouth inflation, if I looned at all. My pump is very loud and the walls at my parents' house don't muffle sound all that well. Some family members already know but I still feel weird about looning under their roof.
            With roommates, I usually don't account for them if we have separate bedrooms. Otherwise I just wait for them to leave before I do any looning.
            *notices bulge*


            • Guest

              Re: Being a looner living with roommates or parents

              As an adult I've kept almost all my balloons sessions to myself. Except for the few that included my s/o. Before u had my own place I waited until no one was home. You can read most of my history in a post titled "my looner story" under the poppers section.


              • bloonprincess
                Balloon Cuddler
                • Oct 2023
                • 32

                Right now I live with my ex (she's my best friend still) and two other guys. Due to the living situation I still share a room with my ex. One of the guys is almost never home due to his job, and the other guy basically never leaves his room. So my window of balloony opportunity is basically whenever my ex isn't home. So every once in a while I'll get to have maybe an hour or two to have my fun, but then I need to get all cleaned up and put away by the time she gets home. Also I can't be too loud because I don't want the one guy to get sus. Sometimes I'll break out the pump, I figure if he ever asks wtf I'm doing in my room I'll just say I was vacuuming lol.

                In about six months the guy who usually isn't home is moving out, so I'll FINALLY BE ABLE TO HAVE MY OWN ROOM AGAIN! :3 Once that happens I get to be silly with my balloons whenever I want! 💙 And I plan on just leaving some of my balloons and/or inflatables out. My ex knows about my fetish so I don't mind if she sees them. But this year I've also apparently lost most of my shame, so if any of my friends discover how much of a freak I am by entering my room, I just don't care anymore hehe.