The History of Our Fetish.

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  • 7balloon
    One of the First Online
    • Dec 2018
    • 396

    The History of Our Fetish.

    So we all have a history. I don't mean personally, but collectively. A "Looner" didn't exist ten years ago. Now we are in the top 20 of fetishes online. (fetishes, not kinks). Almost every interview of someone that has come into contact with our fetish is either benign or interested on a scale between "sale at Marshals" and "the last solar eclipse for 40 years"

    I occasionally come across the Karens (they) that can't think outside of a shoebox, but everyone else is like, Okay, OKay, OKA?Y, whatever, OkaaaYYYY?

    But it's always okay.

    But anyhow. Just listened to a fantastic pod cast and this the best I can do is a the dear jazzie podcast about inflatables. He is here. I know he is. Just saying someone find it and post a usable link.

    And yeah, we should probably record this history. Because this Looner community is literally fucking history. THOUSANDS of people from THE ENTIRE WORLD are all together hanging out. For years.

    Don't care about anything about you except one thing.


    So let's start the history at 1950. To today.

    If anyone has the skill or knowledge to make this happend, make a excel spreadsheet or something so that we can chart our history. Mine would start in 1994 and discovering balloon buddies.

    Anyhow. That's my looner thoughts.

  • OneTrickPony
    • Feb 2024
    • 72

    Interesting thoughts overall, but I think you mixed too many ideas into one post going nowhere.

    First talking about a collective story, then "Karens", then something about a podcast and a link, then recording our story as a fetish history again, and at the end record our personal story?

    Sorry if I'm slow, but I don't really understand what you're trying to say/get here. If your plan was only to rant and say some random thoughts, sorry for interrupting, go on.
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    It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

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    • AJK64
      • Jun 2018
      • 754

      I am having real trouble following the post too. Sorry if I am also being a bit dumb


      • Looner Greg
        • Mar 2022
        • 30

        Please post a link to that podcast.


        • O'Dragon
          • Jan 2024
          • 96

          Yeah thoughts are jumping a bit all over the place. If I understand you correctly:

          1. Our fetish is more known today than 10 years ago and seemingly the majority of people are okay with it.

          2. there is a fantastic podcast about inflatables you recommend to everyone but dont have the link and ask if someone might have it and could post it here.

          3. We should start recording our looner history, how it got discovered, when was the first time loners met etc. We could use an excel sheet for that. And your fetish started 1994 with balloon buddies.

          4. Question if we feel funny wenn we see someone blowing into something.

          Question remains: what do you want to tell us ๐Ÿ˜„ ? Do you suggest to start recording our history as looners?

          And if someone finds the link to that podcast I am very interested as it sounds pretty good.


          • Felicity Fuxs
            Senior Member
            • Jul 2022
            • 100

            As I have stated to many I first heard of the term or word looner in about the early 1990's in a Sunday Mag article in a British tabloid newspaper being The Sunday/Daily Sport.

            I felt so relieved in many ways, that it's not just me that has a liking for balloons in this way, and that there are others of us in this world.

            Ironic realy, considering I was scared and afraid of balloons and also fireworks, before that thing called puberty.

            Still a few years before the internet took off in the early 1990's, I would look for pics of women with balloons, inflate a balloon myself and generaly hump it until climax, at times the balloon would pop before I did.

            Then with the rise of the internet, well oh my, what could I say, all kinds of balloon fun and not just that, but the many different shapes, colours and variety of balloons available almost in front of me on my computer.

            Long before Ms Crossdress was a thing as such, as Fireloon I did a couple of tv interviews and a few things for some magazines also.

            I tried to portray this in a fun, amusing and light hearted way to the outside world, and that to some, this is just a bit of occasional fun and most certainly something a little different in the bedroom as such.

            I have done Psychology, Psychology includes four major areas: clinical psychology (counseling for mental and behavioral health), cognitive psychology (the study of the mental processes), behavioral psychology (understanding behavior through different types of conditioning), and biopsychology (research on the brain, behavior, and evolution), just to perhaps try and understand myself and others in the world no matter what your kink or fetish say and perhaps what happened somewhere/somewhen in your life for this fetish/kink to happen.

            Most fetish's are generaly picked up pre puberty, although you are to young to notice or realise this and it's not until you get to puberty that you find something sexualy arousing or stimulating and these are perhaps some of your first sexual experiences, however, people can still pick up other kink's and fetish's a number of years after puberty also. Im into a little bit of watersports also, this didn't happen until about my mid 30's, but I just cant find the psychological link as to when and why, not that I mind, however this is only when im in a sexualy aroused state or actualy having intercourse as such, I actualy like drinking somebody's pee and I find this sexualy stimulates and arouses me more during intercourse and helps me climax more at times also.

            But almost immediatly after climax with pee play, I reach and gag alot almost to the point of being sick, and wash and rinse my mouth out loads.

            Anyway, yes, continue recording our history, and may we get many new members here wanting to find out and be a part of our community.

            Here's a couple of documentaries, long before Ms Crossdress was created, bahahaha.

            Arte 2012, was this realy 12 years or so ago.

            Les "looners" (contraction de "ballooners") ne se déplacent jamais sans leur pompe à air ! Ce sont les ballons, bouées et autres animaux gonflables qui font ...

            Also Paris Lee's Sex Show, 2016.

            Paris Lees explores the world of balloon fetishists, or as they're also known, looners. For some, balloons are the ultimate sexual obsession, and Paris is on a mission to find out what makes these people pop

            Other forum members I believe have done documentaries also, and have been well documented in previous threads, thank you.


            • cl23
              • May 2022
              • 42

              Ah, to not cross-post, in another thread i wrote down my personal story as a looner that also fits here:

              I've had a ๐ŸŽˆfetish for a long time but just lately my feelings & passion for them seems to have grown much deeper & much more intense. Want to spend more time close to them & am more reluctant to be away from them. There feels something deep inside of me that's pulling me in deeper & deeper with the balloons


              • 7balloon
                One of the First Online
                • Dec 2018
                • 396

                Yeah, sorry. Totally fucked up that day but I found a pod cast that seriously explained the history of the inflatable fetish on the internet. From cancer chemicals to SPH. Learned a lot. I will find it again and figure out how to post it here. in the meantime, Thanks to MS for posting their content.