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Nail, pin and cigarette popping

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  • Blowitbig
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2016
    • 663

    Re: Nail, pin and cigarette popping

    I like cig popping if the person lights up and doesn't notice the balloons right away, but then realizes a bunch of helium balloons and casually starts to bust em,
    The bigger the better


    • AJK64
      • Jun 2018
      • 632

      Re: Nail, pin and cigarette popping

      Using objects always seems like cheating to me. I prefer the rougher aspects of balloon play, so seeing a man using his own body always seems like hes "stronger" if that makes sense. It's more intimate too using your hands, feet or butt to destroy balloons. I'm not even fond of btp even though that's involving the mouth as I think I like the person playing with and interacting with the balloons too. Even if a guy blows the balloon up and ties it off before instantly squeeze busting it or stomping it, that is sexier.


      • heliumsitr68
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2021
        • 318

        Re: Nail, pin and cigarette popping

        i actually like all three but sit popping is my fav .
        Popper ! I love helium balloons


        • Loonbuster
          • Apr 2023
          • 33

          Re: Nail, pin and cigarette popping

          Have always enjoyed fingernail popping as it can be very sensual and I love seeing my sharpened fingernails digging into the hapless Balloon. I also scratch the Balloons with my fingernails to see how much they can take.

          Anyone else into scratching their balloons to bust them?


          • TheOctopus
            Junior Member
            • Apr 2023
            • 4

            Re: Nail, pin and cigarette popping

            I've always hated smoking and I've broken up and stopped being friends with people because they smoke. It's absolutely disgusting to me and when video or image like that pops up, it kills my mood instantly. I don't particularly care for pin pops that much although I'm not against it but I really do like nail pops alot which is strange to me because I used to dislike it but now it's my second favorite pop method. I would say that they are overrepresented as that along with blow to pops seen to be the majority in my experience. I myself am not really a popper though unless it's someone else who's doing it so take my opinion with a grain of salt